MIIEGO M1 and AL3+ Freedom Sports Headphones Review

Hello and today we’re going to take a
look at three sets of headphones by Miiego, the AL3+, the M1 and
the 3+ for women, designed for runners all the headphones loop around the
back of your head and so there’s nothing to connect to the phone, it connects via
bluetooth. There are controls on the headphones themselves, just on the right
ear, it comes with a small carry case and if you open that up you’ll find some
spare ear pads and a small net section to hold the USB charging cable that’s
also included. There’s a small instruction booklet to help you get set
up, very easy to use, the AL3+ Freedom Woman are almost identical to
the AL3+ but they have a shorter wire connecting the two
headphones together. The M1s are in ear headphones and they also have
controls on the headphones themselves, they also wrap around the back of your
neck but have a slightly looser fit. Carry case is included with these as well and
you also get a range of in ear tips so that you can make sure you’ve got the best
fit possible. Although I can test out things like sound quality I’m not a
runner so for this video I’m bringing in the professionals.
“Hi I’m Donna, I’m 46, I run on a regular basis. I’ve run 10ks, a couple of marathons,
I run without music at the moment.” “My name is Rebecca, I’m 44 years old, the
longest I’ve done it a marathon, I’ve done two marathons. I would really struggle to run
without music.” Mark: “You don’t use earphones at the moment?”
Donna: “No because I haven’t found anything that works. Mark “okay, and you and you sometimes have one ear and sometimes in ear?” Rebecca: “Yeah at the moment I’m
on ear.” Mark: “There’s 2 varieties you get to fight over.” R: “I’d prefer to try these.”
D: “Okay I’m completely every minded I’ve tried something like that and as I
say they didn’t work for me, so yeah I’ll go for those.”
With headphones picked I gave a few tips on how to wear the headphones and we got
them set up with the various mobile phones that they were going to be used
with before heading off to test them out. Now these headphones have the tagline of
‘you move and they don’t’, Rebecca and Donna certainly managed to put that
test. Along the way we picked up a third reviewer to give us a second opinion on
Donna’s headphones. Will: “I’m Will, I’m 13, I do 5k running and 200 meters.” M: So you’ve had them
affair about a week week and a half or so do you find that they stay in place?
D: okay, so when I started using the over ear they didn’t move at all, thought they
were fantastic, still fit the sound is fantastic however because Will and I have been sharing them what I’ve found is as
we’ve shared them they’ve become looser so I wonder if we haven’t done that
whether they that wouldn’t have happened. W: yeah they’ve become looser for me as well. At
the start they didn’t move at all and the sounds still great but now they
still fit for me, they don’t fall off, but I can feel that they don’t fit as well as they did. I checked in with the manufacturer on this point and they confirmed these shouldn’t really be sharing between users, but if you do find you’re getting a looser fit they can be tightened up again using this kind of action where you are bending the wire in on itself and that will make this a nice tight fit once more R: I’ve liked mine more as they’ve gone on in terms of how they fit and I think the first couple of
times I wore them I maybe didn’t put them in my ears enough because I’m used
to on ear ones, but now I’m more used to them they don’t move at all and I would
say that they perform really well on that. I’ve had to charge them one since I’ve
had them, but what it did was it told me that they needed charging and I think
that’s really clever and it didn’t tell me an annoying way just towards the end
of my last run it would say ‘battery is low’ and it says it probably about every
seven minutes and it was towards the end of my last run and so I maybe heard it
about four times and I got home because I’ve heard it four times I remembered to
charge it. What is good about these is the ease of being able to find the
button. I think with these you have to get a little bit used to them because
they have to meld to your ears perfectly and once you’ve done
that I think they’re great and I like… D: I like the little case
R: …yeah then you can just chuck them in a bag and they’re not gonna break, because they’re in a hard case like sunglasses. D: I’ve done some home work outs including lots of jumping, burpees, star jumps,
going up from upright down into like a plank position and back up, I’m doing
sit-ups and things so my head’s backwards and when you’re heads backwards
and the earphones on they don’t move so in those workouts I found them fantastic.
M: Do they sound good? D: I think they’re fantastic, in terms of the sound, not lost the connection at all from the phone and the sound quality is
really clear but also you are aware of other noises you not going to get run over!
R: yeah the sound quality is great, very good M: And you liked the sound quality as well?
W: yeah So while I haven’t been out running with these I have used them in day to day, just walking to the shops things like that, they’re very
comfortable with a great sound quality and you can still hear what’s going on
around you even though the music’s nice and clear. I hope you found this short of
useful, thanks for watching, I’ll put a link in the description below if you
want to know more. If you haven’t already please consider a hit and subscribe, I’ll
see you next time.

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