Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Opened Tonight Show with Dido’s “No Freedom”

-Thank you for doing
that opening for us. I appreciate it.
That was a Dido song. -Yes, and I´ve sang
that song before for the Happy Hippie Foundation when I did
the “Backyard Sessions.” That was a song
that I performed. Because I love that there
is no love without freedom. And I think about that
when these tragic events happen. What is music if we can´t go see
our favorite artists perform because we´re scared of violence or we´re scared
of losing someone that we love to go to a concert
or to go see a film? And I think that right now, you know, we´re supposed to
be the land of the free, but we can´t have freedom if
we´re constantly living in fear. So I think never bow down
to bullies. That´s what my parents
always said. And to stand up
for what´s right. And I think just
constantly share hope instead of encouraging
any more fear, you know? -Yeah, I agree. [ Cheers and applause ] Well said. Thank you. Uh, I listened to the album
this weekend. I had it streaming on Spotify. And I love it so much. -Thank you so much.
-It´s so good. Last time you were here, we talked about
how you were recording — I want to say frogs or birds. -Yes, that happens a lot. -And I was like,
“Oh, that´s cool, but you´ll never use
any of that.” -And I did.
-It´s in the first track. -Yes, the first track.
-Yeah. The opening is a river
that runs through my house. And there´s a frog,
Killer Angel Baby. And he´s now had
other little mini-frogs, so that´s like a whole symphony
of an entire family, an evolution of a family
that I got to witness and record without getting any sign-off
or permission to use. So I might be the first person
ever to be sued by a frog. -Yeah, that is true. Yes.
I know his attorney. And you´re in for it.
Yeah. He has a case. -Yeah.
-Mr. Baby has a case. -Yes, exactly. -Killer Angel Baby.
Yeah. Exactly. That came on, and I go — And I was listening
to just this beautiful sound, and then the song comes on,
and it kicks in. And it´s just you.
And it´s perfect. And it´s poppy. And it´s fun. And it´s, ah, well-produced. -Thank you.
-Well-written. “Younger Now.”
Can you explain what that means? Like, why “Younger Now”?
Why do you feel younger now? Well, I wrote this song, because
one of the first lyrics is, “Even though it´s not who I am, I´m not afraid
of who I used to be.” And I think there´s so many
times, maybe in everyone´s life, but I know in my life
where you start to run from who you´ve been,
´cause you´re like, “I just don´t want to be that
anymore. I´m not that anymore.” But now as I´m getting older, I´m getting younger
in the way that I embrace who I used to be a lot more
than trying to run from it. And I wrote this song because
I was dressed as a reindeer, as I would be —
it was Christmas — and I had on the blinking
earrings and the antlers. I was a full-on reindeer. And my mom goes, “When did you
go back to being an 8-year-old?” And I said,
“Well, I feel younger now. I kind of feel like
a 8-year-old. I feel like I don´t have
anything to prove. And I don´t feel like I need
to be anything but who I am. And it´s [bleep]
Christmas, Mom! And I´m dressed as a reindeer!
It´s not that weird!” -Up to that point,
it was a Hallmark card. Then it went off the rails
a little bit. It wasn´t, like, April.
It was Christmas. -Yeah.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -You have a great family. I´ve met every member
of your family. Different occasions, every now
and then, you´ll bring them. They´re going to be
on the show tomorrow. -Yeah, yeah.
-We´re gonna have a fun game. -Yeah, my mom —
I´m trying to get her to start being
my tambourine player. She´s got a sick rhythm. So I´m trying to get my whole
family to just tour together and be together all the time ´cause it´s so great,
making music with all of them. -You´ll be like the Osmonds?
-Exactly. -But my mom, like —
-The Brady Bunch? -She left to actually
go see Noah sing, but she´s, like, tone-deaf. She´s going to see this,
obviously, but she can´t carry,
really, a note. So we´re putting Mom on tambo
basically. Everybody can handle
the tambourine. -My mom can sing, like,
just sing with everybody, but she can´t, like,
really, really sing. And I remember when headphones
first were invented. This is how old I am.
That was a big deal. Headphones, like, that
you can buy, in your house, and we had her sing something. And it was awful. But she didn´t realize that
we couldn´t hear the music. -Right. -So it was just her
with the headset on. I want to say it was — Was it Rita Coolidge who sang “Your Love is
Lifting Me Higher”? -Yeah.
-And so she — And her headphones are like — ♫ Buh-bum-bum, buh-bum-bum,
buh-bum-bum, bum-bum ♫ And she´s like — And it´s just
completely silent in our house. -We should go to one
of those raves like that. You know they have raves — Do you want to go to a rave
with me after this? Are you scared? [ Cheers and applause ] -No.
-Anybody? Anybody? -I was just talking about
how I´m hanging with my mom. I hang out with my mom,
and we wear headphones. -They have these raves where all
you do is listen to headphones, so it´s like
a silent dance party. But one time, I made the mistake
of taking them off. And it just felt like
the worst decision. I´ve made a lot of bad ones.
But that one was really bad. Don´t ever take
the headphones off. -You question every decision
that got you to that point. -They hang
from the ceiling, right? -Yeah, and then you just jam, and you´re thinking you´re at
the best club, best DJ ever, but really
you´re just in silence. -No. That´s too weird for me.

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