Military Appreciation Month: Pat’s Run | Quicken Loans®

(“The Star Spangled Banner”) (cheering and clapping) – [Announcer] In five,
four, three, two, one. (air horn honks) Lane number one, corral
number one is under way. (energetic music) – Well, right now we’re at Pat’s Run. It’s great to be involved with such a wonderful community event. We wanna show not only that we care about the clients that we interact with, but, the communities that we’re in. – Yeah, so we got nearly 350 signed up. Everybody back behind me is all team members that did the run. – I’m here for the Pat Tillman Run. It’s my first year. – I’ve ran it actually every
single year since 2011. – This is my fourth year now, three years with Quicken Loans, my fourth year. – It is my first but I
hope it’s not my last. From what I hear, these make a shield, and I’m looking to complete the shield. Absolutely, I served in the
United States Marine Corps for about six years. What it means to me, someone like Pat to put down his NFL career and to commit to the United States Army, that in itself is inspirational. I’ll run for him every year. – Military families and military members for what they do and what they sacrifice, it’s just amazing, and Pat
Tillman is the perfect example. – It just feels good, you know, to devote your Saturday, your
weekend, to give back and be a part of something that’s,
you know, for the good. – I started the first one, back I think about 14 years ago now. It’s really been great to see
Quicken Loans get behind this. How much we’ve grown this since we started has been humbling to say the least. – Running with my brothers and sisters, I mean, you wouldn’t have to twist my arm, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice. To me this is a blessing. – Volunteering, giving, it’s aligned with who you should be as a person, and it’s who we are as a company. (energetic music)

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