Military Background: Olivia Talia

My name is Olivia Talia. I am a sergeant
of the Michigan Army National Guard, and I am a mortgage banker. There’s a lot of skills,
being in the military, that translate to working
at Quicken Loans, first and foremost, integrity. One of the ISMs that we have, “It’s not about who’s right,
but what’s right.” I think a lot of companies
are a little nervous with currently serving veterans. Fortunately, for me,
Quicken Loans is definitely not that way. When I first started working, I told my director,
I told everybody, the Army’s not something
I’m willing to give up and my director,
my regional vice president, even now, they’re like,
“We would never want you to give that up.” I decided to re-up for another six years, and then when those six years are up,
and I’m still at Quicken Loans, I’m going to re-up for another six years.
[laughing] So it’s pretty awesome being here. ♫[music]

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