Millennials and Boomers Make Money A Top Priority – Chase

Director: C’mon everybody, we’re rolling! Cameraman: Speeding! Millennial: Can you hear me? Audio Tech: Audio’s good! Director: Action! Boomer Jennifer: When I was brought up, I
was always told there were three things you don’t ask about. Money, politics, and religion. And you just never spoke about money. Generation X George: So, do you feel you have
a lot more comfort talking about money? Boomer Jane: I don’t have a problem talking
about money. Millennial Jennifer: So when you’re with your
friends, what’s easier to talk about, sex or money? Boomer Nilda: We talk more about money, but
sex does get in. Boomer Nora: We openly discuss money with
the kids, they understand the value of a dollar. Millennial Jenny: I think it’s important
to bring your children in on that discussion as early as possible. Boomer Caryn: It’s important, I think, to,
to teach your children about not only the value of money but how to earn money. Millennial Jenny: The last person I talked
money with was my husband. Millennial: My mom. Generation X: My wife. Boomer: My Daughter. Millennial: My friends. Millennial Jenny: There’s never a, “okay,
we’re done talking about money” Millennial Nadine: Most of my financial advice
has come from my fiancé through his financial planner, what he tells him. He talks to him a lot, and he creates a pathway
for me to go down. Millennial Voice Over Text: I think about
retirement all the time because I want to figure out how to handle my finances. Millennial Ashvin: Our goal is to buy our
first house before we hit thirty. Boomer Denise: I wish we would have been that
smart when we were in our twenties and thirties. Millennial Jennifer: I’m very open financially,
it’s a relief to know that, you know, you have some type of support. Boomer Diane: You are really smart about money. Dipti Kachru: I think, as individuals or families
think about their financial future, I think there’s an opportunity to recognize that
each of us are shaped by our experiences. Josh Palmer: The exciting piece of this is
having generations come together to learn from each other and talk about what their
dreams are and realize that each dream is different. Peter Wall: Millennials, first of all, have
to be given much more credit for being financially prepared than many people thought they were. And Baby Boomers are starting to look at that
next step in their lives to fulfill dreams and goals that have been put off for so many
years, as they tried to accumulate wealth for retirement. Alice Rodriguez: By talking to all of these
generations, it allowed us to really gain the insight and the empathy that we needed
to be able to provide really good advice to help these generations achieve their goals
and dreams. Boomer Susan: This has been a great conversation. Millennial Ashvin: It definitely has. Boomer: It was really great talking to you,
you know, we had a lot more in common than I thought we would. Millennial: Yes!

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