Millionaire Reveals How Much He Spends Per Month (OVER $100k??)

– All right, admit it, when
you come across the big car, the big house, like you see somebody that you believe has a lot of money. Like you wanna know what do they do. How much money do they make? And, even more so, how much
do they spend per month? Or, even better, what are
they spending their money on? So have you ever been curious to know what does a millionaire
spend their money on, well, if you have been, you’re gonna find out how
much that is right now. (Hip-hop music) What’s going y’all, welcome
back to the channel. So, I thought this would be kind of fun to show you a behind the scenes look. ‘Cause you see, everybody
has that voyeur personality. That voyeur trait. And it’s like, we just wanna know. Like, let us see behind the scenes. Let us see behind the curtain
what’s really going on. So I’d thought it’d be kinda
fun to wet that appetite that you may have, and show you how much does a
millionaire spend per month. And more specifically,
how much do I spend. How much does my family spend per month on our household, on our business. So, we’re gonna show you
what that looks like, and what I’m using is Mint. Now, Mint is not sponsoring this video. They are just a really
awesome free software. So if you’re having trouble budgeting and tracking your spending. Check out Mint, I’ll have
a link in the description that you can check it out. So I have synced all of my accounts, all my credit cards, all of
our bank accounts with Mint, and I am going to show you in one month where we spend our money, how
much we spend to the penny so if you’re dying to
know what that amount is well we’re gonna find out right now. Let’s go take a look. Okay, so there’s obviously
a lot of different ways that you can budget and
track your finances. Anytime you do something automatically using a piece of software,
an app like Mint, there’s really no other option. And this is not sponsored by Mint. I’ve been a fan of Mint. Although, I will admit I didn’t really start using it until recently. And when I started using
it I was just blown away on simplistic it was. Like, I knew it was probably simple but until you actually
open an account with them and sync all your stuff,
it’s just stupid easy. So check out Mint if you’re having trouble trying to budget and
track all your expenses. So that’s what we’re
gonna look at right now. So the time it’s recording it’s actually almost middle to late August. So I wanted to show you a complete month. So I’m actually going back a month and we’re looking at the month of July to see all of my spending. And if you kinda just look over
the top navigation bar here you can do an overview
of your entire account. You can look at your income. You can track all your income. You know, if you got income
from multiple sources you need to check out that video we’re talking about all the
different income streams that I have. Mint can track all of those. All assets, your debts,
you total net worth all that good stuff. And once again it’s all free. Now Mint is more like
expenses and all that stuff. I do love Personal Capital if you’re more into investment analysis and portfolio review. Especially me being a
former financial planner. Like I love Personal
Capital for that aspect, that app is also free. But right now we’re
talking how much I spend. Or I guess how much that we
spend as a family of six. All right so, gives you
a quick little graph you can see all the
different transactions. Like, we can break these down. But just seeing what did we spend. So, here’s a, let’s just
go head and start with the total dollar amount. So for the month of July I spent, or my family spent a total of $97,823.31. I’m sorry I’m just letting
that sink in for a minute. Because like, those are the things I do not take for granted. Like, there was time in my life that I was excited if I could
make six figures in a year. And then it gets to a point where I was supper excited when I could make 100 thousand dollars in a month. Now that was, there was some time between 100 thousand dollars a year to 100 thousand dollars in a month. So the fact that I almost
spent six figures in a month, like, I don’t know if I should be excited or like what in the world
am I spending my money on? So, just I’ll let you kinda like decipher how that impacts you. But for me, it’s just one of those things. Like, I seriously had to take as step back and just be grateful. Like the fact that we
could spend that amount of money in a month and we’re still saving and I’m not broke. (chuckles) All right, okay, so kinda break this down. So, looking at Mint, so once again you can do last break, it breaks it down like the total year, all time, all that good stuff. So, let’s look at the spending. You can go and break it down by category. Let’s see if they give you a
nice little pretty pie chart, we like pie chart. So if we kinda broke that down, 25% was towards business. So those were by expenses
for running the business. We’ve got 23%, or about 22000, or over 22000 for our home expenses. Other is just under 10000. We’ll look at those. Food and dining, only
spent under seven grand for food and dining. Shopping $7600, all right, okay. I’m curious to see if
that’s more my wife or I. We’ll find out here in a second. And taxes. Such a good time. So spending almost 10 grand
last month of July in taxes. That’s fun, thank you IRS. Appreciate you. And then, bills and utilities,
total of 16000 there. All right so, are you curious to kind of break this down? Let’s just get the business transactions kind of taken care of. So, the big one here is payroll. This is kinda boring. So, right how my business is set up I’ve got myself, and my wife
and actually my four kids are on my payroll. That is correct. So that is our monthly payroll. And yes, I do pay myself the most in case you were curious. But that is all done. My CPA actually takes care of all of that and all we do is basically move money from our business account
into our personal accounts. I’ve got a personal account set up for each of my kids as well. This is actually, it says AWM Settle. So for those who aren’t
familiar with the channel, I used to be a financial planner. Sold that business at the
beginning of this year that’s when everything got finalized. And this just taking care of
some miscellaneous payments that are coming through that haven’t been quite
transferred over to the buyer. So that’s just basically paying them what I shouldn’t of got. And just making sure all
the books are clean on that. So, that was kind of boring I’m glad we started with
the most boring one first. All right so let’s look at home. So we got a total of $22683, if I’m being honest
that seems really high. So I’m kinda curious
what that is all about but let’s kinda break it down. So of that we’ve got
$13500 in mortgage and rent which that just doesn’t seem right, if I’m being honest. So, some home improvements. We’ve got our nanny, house
cleaning and then other. Let’s look at this 13500
in mortgage and rent. And, we’ve got a, ah, okay
that’s what I thought. So, this what I like about Mint and also sometimes why it just shows you you’ve got to log in. So, for whatever reason, sometimes Mint doesn’t know
how to categorize things. So it is automatically categorizing some payments that are from using Zelle. I think it’s Zellie, Zelle, Zelle, Zeil, Seal, Zellie, know idea. It’s kinda like a Venmo, kinda like a, it’s a cash app. But basically these are
paying some of my contractors and also my agent that does
like some brand deals for me. So this technically should not be under the mortgage and rent category. I’m just gonna kinda move these over to let’s just do business services for now. And I’ll have to re-categorize that later. So that kinda makes more sense. I thought that was rather high. So, let’s move that over. Ah, okay. So that looks a little better. All right, so let’s look
at our home improvement how much we’ve got going on here. So we’ve got Lowe’s. So, just so we’re kinda clear. Home improvement is, this is my wife going to Lowe’s, Home Depot. I go there once, if I got there. Usually with her. My wife loves to do home decor. She loves to do home projects. It’s her therapy as she’ll say. So this is Lowe’s, Lowe’s, 26, Home Depot, Home Depot, and there was
a check written for 4000. And so, this actually,
those that don’t know, so we actually put a rock climbing wall in our home for our youngest son. Yeah, so we met a great
neighbor when we moved here originally to Nashville, he does a lot of woodworking stuff. So that was the initial payment. That is not the entire
cost for the rock wall because we’ve got so much
other stuff in there. But, that was a fun project for our kids. And just helps with our sanity
with like during the summer. So that is our nanny. We’ve got a nanny, we give her I think 25, 30 hours guaranteed just
to help out with our kids. It helps out with our sanity
when you got four kids, because four kids can
drive you a little crazy. For those that have kids you totally know what I’m getting. All right, so house cleaning. We do have a house cleaner that comes to our house once a week. I think it’s on Mondays. They’ll do a half, I
think like half the house one Monday and the full
house on the other Monday. And let me tell you, like a clean house will make your life and
your wife very, very happy. Trust me on that. Well worth the investment. We also have somebody
that comes to our house and does our laundry. Puts our laundry away. That’s like also a big one that we do. And then home services. So what is that? That is a good question. I’d have to look this up. I’m going to have to assume that this has something to do with, I’m actually gonna guess
the rock climbing wall. I don’t know for sure. So here’s, this is like
the one thing with Mint. So if you are writing a check what you would need to do
is go to your bank account and then try to find that check number and sync it up to see
what that is exactly. So that’s something I would need to do at a later time. What else we got here. We’ve got HOA dues. So that’s the community that we live in. We’ve gotta pay our dues
for our community pool and all that other fun stuff living here. And then lawn and garden
we’ve got somebody that mows our lawn and also we have somebody that will spray our lawn like the weed stuff. And for our pretty looking
grass and all that stuff. So that is our entire
spending in our home category. Let’s look at the other categories to see where we’re at. So we looked at business services. So that obviously grew a lot. You can see that moving over, adding, or moving the agent and some of the contractors
that we pay out. Let’s go to bills and utilities. $16000, so that also needs to move over. Why is that there? Okay, so what we have here. So we’ve got our, looks
like our mobile phone, our Verizon bill. We’ve got our energy bill, $23. This is also, electricity,
I don’t know the difference. Oh, I think one’s gas, other
one is I guess electrical. Got another check for $70. Oh, that is our internet bill. That’s our internet bill. So, we have internet, that must be our Verizon, our trash $28. And, this probably could be moved over. So, we pay off our credit cards, I think we send in like
two payments a month. We pay them off each and every month. For some reason it’s
being labeled under here. I do have a category for Chase credit card but that’s showing there. That probably could be moved over. But, kinda get the jest. Just kinda gives you good breakdown. Did I get everything? Make sure I didn’t miss anything. Okay, all right, boom got that. Got that, got that, got that. We’ll come back to other. Just one transaction for taxes. Thank goodness this is
not quarterly taxes. So this is just our, I think
this is just from our payroll. What we pay off, our payroll tax. Boom, yeah, that’s fun, right? Those were good times. We love taxes, taxes are fun. Let’s go shopping. 76 transactions. So the one thing I didn’t do here. So we have, what you’re gonna see here is, so Amazon Prime. Glorious, love you Amazon. Thank you Amazon, love you. I wish I could kind of breakdown what everything is here because what you’re gonna
see is a lot of Amazon. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon,
Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. You see a lot of Amazon. And some of these probably
could be business stuff. Because I do buy camera gear
all that stuff on Amazon. Got some clothing. Wife likes to go to Target. You got 232 here. Marshall’s here. See, millionaires like
we go to Marshall’s. Here’s Marshall’s, mostly for kids clothes if I’m being honest. Kohl’s, wife goes to Kohl’s. Like you know, we don’t go
to all the high end stuff. Todd Snider, that is me. They have this
collaboration with Champion. Champion’s like back,
apparently, my kids love it. So dad had to be kinda hip, so I bought some Tod
Snider Champion clothing. It’s pretty nice ain’t gonna lie. I kinda like it. All right, so more Target, more Amazon. TJ Max, all right there’s a Nordstrom, it’s only $65. Look, even went to
Walmart spent $65 there. I think that actually was an online order. More Amazon, some Dillard’s,
Dick Sporting Goods, Tillys, that’s a backpack. Nike, Campbell App electronics,
I don’t know what that is. More Amazon, Academy Sports. It goes on and on, and on. Some good stuff here, right? Lot of Amazon. This is my wife, I know this Evereve, I know that’s her. It’s some comfy type
clothing, she loves it. There’s a Groupon order. I think that was rock
climbing with my kids. I like to do rock climbing. Some more Groupon, take
advantage of some deals. Got my Audible going,
you know I love to read so I’ve got my monthly subscription there. My wife’s going to Joann
doing some home decor stuff. Some Micheal’s, some more Walmart. Athletic equipment, what is that? Oh, I know what this is. Oh, so this is the padding
for our rock wall room. Gotta have the pads and
make sure that it’s safe. That there’s, and I think
we had to buy temporary pads and she custom ordered
pads for the rock climbing. So I mean this thing, just a money pit but it’s cool, it’s cool. It is pretty nice. Like, if I was a kid I would love it. And actually all the kids
in the neighborhood love it. ‘Cause I’ve got like 12 kids over here usually on the weekends or
especially during the summer ’cause they love the rock climbing wall. Clothing, Nike, I guarantee that’s me. That’s actually probably some
Jordans if I’m being honest. Some more Amazon. And, Target, that’s it. Yeah, I don’t know who won. It’s hard to say. It’s probably about 50-50. I think my wife and I
did a pretty good job. We usually duke it out
on the shopping part. So, that’s 76, $7700. I’m just curious. I wanna see if I can do. I just wanna see how much Amazon. Like, how much did we do in Amazon. 241, is that serious. All right, so $1997.33 on Amazon. That’s not, that’s pretty good, not bad. Okay, okay. So category what else we got. The last one we had, Other. Food, let’s see how we’re
doing on food right now. I like to eat, ain’t gonna lie. Lot of groceries here. Let’s see what we got here. $4048 on groceries. For real, dear lord. Is this, wow. Um, that is not groceries. Okay, I know for a fact
this is not groceries. This $422.70 was my
custom cornhole boards. Correct, custom cornhole boards with the Good Financial
Cents Wealth Hacker logo. And that was a business
expense advertising, boom, taking care of that. Move that over. All right, so we’ve got that moved over. So we got Kruger’s, Publix,
Whole Foods in the area. We also got some Instacart,
so they do deliver which is awesome. And actually we’ve been doing
a lot more of the deliver. If we don’t do delivery, all these places like
Kruger’s has the click list where you can order the food then our nanny actually
will go pick that up for us. So that’s awesome. That’s a lot of food. I mean, we got four kids. You got me, I like to eat. So, moving that cornhole
board transaction over $3600 in groceries there. What else we got. Restaurants, so 17
transactions, $1590 eating out. We got some Franklin Juice Company, that is me, that is all me. That is my Acai, I just totally butchered that name. Acai, acai, acai bowls, acai bowls love ’em, super healthy. And they make ’em like from scratch. Like they are legit. Tito’s Mexican restaurant. I think we went there, $120, that’s how much it cost to eat. Family of six there. Franklin Juice Company again. That’s my acai, I can’t say the name. Jeff help me, help me here. Natures Ultra, I’m not sure what that is. Marco’s Pizza, look we do eat out. Some more acai bowls, that’s hilarious. Martin’s Barbecue, love me some barbecue. DoorDash, we do a lot of deliver stuff. Lot of delivery stuff. The Crag, that actually is, that is the rock climbing place. So I think we bought some
waters and some food there. I don’t remember spending, I don’t know what that’s all about. But, Jenny, that is ice cream. Bam, love me some ice cream. Some more DoorDash. See they got this cornhole. This is not, this is business. So these are my cornhole bags. This is not, this is advertising we’ll move that over, that’s good. And that actually is not a restaurant. I think that was something else. I’m gonna do personal,
health and fitness, therapy. You can just kinda move stuff around. Where do you wanna move that? Entertainment, amusement,
let’s do that, boom. All right, that’s taken care of. And, is that it? That’s all the eating out? That’s not too bad. Okay. Alcohol and bars, okay. Let’s check this out. That’s the House By Other what? I’m a little confused. I ain’t gonna lie. I
don’t know what that is. By other insured cash account. That, I feel like that
has something to do with one of my brokerage investment accounts. So, I don’t even know what the house is. The House Outdoor. I feel like that is not alcohol and bar. Maybe it is, I don’t know. Maybe I went off a bender
and I don’t remember. I’ll have to go and
figure out what that is. We’ll figure, I’ll have
to find that out later on. Fast food, five, really? Okay, let’s see what we got here. We got Shake Shack, mm. It ain’t In-N-Out. If you don’t know me then you don’t know I love In-N-Out Burger. But, Shake Shack obviously
is not In-N-Out Burger but we don’t have In-N-Out in Nashville. So that will have to do. Soar Adventure that is the climbing tower I did with my kids. I think we bought some
chips and stuff there. Chick Fil-A that is
definitely representing the Midwest and the South here. A little Burger King, Subway, some more Chick-fil-A. Love me some Chipotle. My wife actually delivered
me some Chipotle. See, I love me some Chipotle. And a little chips and guac, mm. I’ll be eating this when I
get done with this video. Got Sonic, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Arby’s more Frozen Custard. I promise you that’s not me. That is my wife and kids. There’s a Baskin-Robbins, I think that popped up. That’s me, I’m a hard
ice cream kind of guy. So, yeah that’s $500 in
fast food type stuff. I was, coffee shops? We got there Starbucks, Just Love Coffee. Yeah, okay, yeah okay. As you can see we don’t
drink a lot of Starbucks. I stop kinda drinking that. I was kinda surprised. So the one thing I didn’t see in here it had to be here. But, is like Jamba Juice. Because I go to Jamba Juice
like so much it’s ridiculous. I’m actually drinking that right now ’cause I love me some Jamba. Actually, I just saw this, Select Blinds, like that is not, that is not a restaurant that is blinds that my wife put up. So let’s move that over
to home furnishings. Sounds good, okay. So that helps out a little bit. Not bad. So we got, is that all in this category? Coffee shops, we got
groceries, restaurants. Okay, that’s, I mean here’s the thing the reality is that we
don’t eat out a lot. And that’s because we’ve got four kids. So, we do a lot of DoorDash, Grubhub, we had another local
company that used to deliver but they closed down. So, we take out, delivery,
that’s big for us. All right, now we’re looking
at the last category, other. 62 transactions for just under 10 grand. Let’s find out what this is. This might be some stuff that
hasn’t been moved over yet. So, we’ve Kids’ Footlocker. See that’s category kids, I think that should definitely be clothing because I’m sure that’s what that was. So let’s move that over. I’m still burping up that Jamba Juice. Did you hear that? Oh, excuse me. So good though, so good. So I guess you can do kids clothing. I don’t know, to me I
feel like that’s shopping. I feel like that’s shopping, clothing. If you wanna do a separate
category for that you can. Ethan James, that’s some gift that wife, we got a doctor for $92. Facial care, some stuff for my wife. This is our monthly tithe to our church. Toys, brilliant, see I definitely Dr. Axe, my wife just
getting some of her stuff. Got our gas and fuel. Some more Dr. Axe, some good stuff. Some healthy vitamins. Ah, here’s one. So, this actually is
our marriage counseling. I’m actually gonna do another video where I talk about this. I mean this is by far one
of the best investments that we have made into our
family, into our marriage. We see a marriage counselor once a week. Like it is a, it is one of our rituals. So $150 is well worth it. And we’ve been doing that for, we’ve been doing it for sure weekly since we moved to Nashville. But even before that it’s been like five, six years. Like we’ve been doing that. So, big advocate of that. Some miscellaneous fees. Some more marriage counseling. Our auto payment, I think is that mine or is that hers? I forget. $1000 a month. Not really sure. There is, see financial that is actually our lawn care. Let’s move that over because I ain’t got time to mow my lawn. I got other stuff to do. Like play cornhole. Because that’s a lot more fun. Home, where you at, home. Lawn and garden, get it,
get it, get it, get it, there is okay. So, what else we got there? Nothing like really stands out. Just fuel, the hair, the look, the hair? I wanna, 815 bucks. We’re gonna find out
what that’s all about. This is where all the hair
and beauty stuff goes down right here in this chair right here. Where it happens. All right, JustinTymeSports. That is not a charity, I promise you. That was definitely some sort
of kids, sporting equipment or something, I don’t know exactly, or the rock wall climbing room. Is that’s kids? Yeah, we’ll do kids
activities why not, why not. ‘Cause I know that’s
not a charity for sure. All right, Shining Stars Dance, that is my daughter. We, I don’t know if
that was a monthly thing or we just did a daddy daughter dance. Her first dance recital
was an amazing experience. I know I’ll be doing that many more years. But, having boys that play sports and that’s all I’ve been dealing with. Like the fact that I have a daughter now. And I got the dance. And
we did a dance together. That was a lot of fun. Looks
like we got a nail appointment. Definitely for my wife there. 46 dollars there. That’s our marriage counseling again. Attachment Therapy Partners this is actually for our youngest son. He does neural feedback therapy. That is a pretty decent fee there. 275 a month, that’s what we pay. We administer that in our home for him. And I could do another video
talking about all of that. We got our, what is that? Bank fee, $3, advisory fee, that’s the fees I pay for
my investment accounts at my old firm. You can see I don’t pay a lot
because I used to be the CEO. They better not be charging me too much. AMC, oh, taking the boys to movies. I wonder what movie that was. July eighth, have to look it up and see. Spiderman Home Coming, was that then? I can’t remember, good movie. The Crag, that was the rock climbing I did with the boys. Above All is a jump
park here in this area. A vending machine, that is I wanna say that was me getting a message at Above All, could be wrong there. Fireworks so that was our
July fourth celebration. Spent $654.31 on fireworks. Then, that was entertainment
for about 20 minutes. If you’re ever curious
how much fireworks cost and how long they go. Wild beauty, some more hair stuff. $137, this is fun. AllCornHole, this is more cornhole bags. (chuckles) I’m gonna put it under
business ’cause I like it. K and L, I don’t know what that is. So, sometimes like what I’ll do if I, it’s like $152.95, so let’s just kinda do a copy and paste. So, K and L. And what we got here. Oh, okay, okay, yep got it. So I’m gonna guess that
my wife bought a bikini. I wonder which one that is. All right, feel like I should not be here. Let’s go back. So, hey anytime my wife
wants to spend $152.95 on something like that. I mean you can, you wanna spend a little bit more you do what you need. You go girl, you go. All right, this is a cornhole,
oh, okay I know what it was. I bought some cornhole boards but then they couldn’t
do the logo I wanted. So then I got a refund and then I ended up reordering them again. So that’s what you’re seeing there. So we’ve got another auto payment. And I think that is my wife’s car. All right, so this is actually this is our health insurance. So this should be moved over. And, we have, I forget, insurance, bom, bom, bom, bom bom. Health and fitness. Health insurance, boom. So that’s 1562, that’s how
much our health insurance is. And if you want information
about our deductible, it’s pretty high. Being self-employed it’s not great but we got something. I got some kind reoccurring payment there. So auto payment, gifts. We know what that was all about. Enjoyed that. So, there you go. And, I think that kinda sums it up. So did anything really change? Still looking at $97,823.31
for our monthly expenses. All right, well I hope
you enjoyed this journey of showing you how much
we spend per month. And like I said at the
beginning of this video, it is a blessing to be at this point where we can spend that amount of money and we don’t have to think about it. Now obviously what you’re seeing here is the end result of over a decade, almost two decades of
worth of hustle, grit and a lot risk, a lot of failure. And I’m just too grateful
for where we are right now. But, I hope you enjoyed this video. I’ve got some other behind the scenes just to kinda show you what it’s like. I mean, there’s a lot of complexities that go to running a
multimillion dollar business. Obviously having a household like this. It’s a lot of fun. It’s also challenging. It takes a lot intentionality to make sure that we have enough
margin to enjoy the time that we have with our
family and with each other. So, any way, hope you enjoyed this. If you did, be sure to
give me and the channel and the this video a like. Give the big thumbs up. Be sure to subscribe. Until next time this Jeff reminding you that it’s your money, it’s your life and only you can make it awesome. Until next time, peace.

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