Hello. My name is Christianne van Wijk. On 10.10.10 I attended an Ayahuasca
ceremony. South Amercian Shamans
drink this mixture of plants to see through the veil of
illusion. What I was shown in my experience led me
to believe that humanity is stuck in a matrix. A matrix that doesn’t
just dissolve after death. It is one of the reasons for our endless
reincarnation cycle. It was hard for me to determine who or what
was keeping humanity enslaved like this. I was told by a guiding
voice to go back into my body and do the only thing I and the rest of humanity
can do: Expand our consciousness beyond the limiting boundaries of the matrix.
I decided to find out more about what is really happening behind the scenes.
Like who is running the show? And what humanity can do to break
free through the expansion of of consciousness. In the canonical bible
is Genesis chapter 6 verse 4 where it talks about the Elohim
which is a plural of Gods and Goddesses. One of the Elohim decided that he wanted to take the people apart
for his own purpose. And the Lord
appeared unto him on the plains of Mamre and
he sat in the tent door out of the heat of the day and he lifted
his eyes up and looked, and, lo three men stood by him and when
he saw them he ran to meet them from the tent door and
bowed himself toward the ground and said. MY LORD.
So, the three men appeared to Abraham and he recognized them as the LORD
the GOD, that he’d been speaking to previously. In chapter 17. So who are these beings? Well, I believe that
they are extra-terrestrials. A being, that was created out of the DNA of the Annunaki. Those who from heaven to
earth came. And the hominoids that were indigenous
to the planet. There are a lot of people who believe
that the old testament God is Satan. If we actually look at the mythology from many places around the world. Then humanity was created as a slave race. So, one might argue that somewhere still
in the DNA of humanity is this desire to still be enslaved. Technology has been
deliberately suppressed. To enable humanity to be actually kept
in enslavement. There is something
that is driving an agenda to keep humanity in a subjugated state. Who is really running the show? Voltaire’s comment when he said: ‘If you want to find out who rules you? Ask yourself who you are not allowed
to criticize?’ The whole issue of enslavement is a theme that runs right
through humanity’s history. As soon as you wake up and realize you
have choice… …is the first and maybe the strongest
‘AHA’ epiphany moment that you could have. They’ve been lying to you ever since you
were born and before that. I feel like I’ve got free speech but… …not real freedom. Yes and no. We’re pretty free to make whatever we
want of the world and our place in it. Pretty much. As free as we can be. Absolutely not. Probably not. The whole idea of property ownership. Owning a house and then be forever in debt
to a finanical institution. The evidence of what we see is very clear. And that is, that there is a power that is
very controlling. And people who are
drawn into that power… …become socio-psychopathic in their
behaviour. And their agenda is incredibly selfish. And the thing that
psychopaths don’t possess that normal human beings do: Empathy and creativity. If you take a religion… …when you read the story of Jesus. It’s a beautiful story. You read some of the stories in the bible. Beautiful stories. The story of Mohammed,
a beautiful story. They start of as spiritual directions as a good moral code. But what happens is,
they grow into monsters. It’s the same with businesses. You know when these business start out, they start out as ethical,
good intentions. But they turn into monsters. And one of the problems is that 5% of humanity have got a
psychopathic brain set. They can’t help it, that’s the way they’re
wired up. And these people are ruthless, they’re unemotional.
They’re devoid of emotion. They’re charming,
but they’re on an agenda. They will walk over everyone and anyone
to get where they want to get to. And they tend to accumulate in positions
of power. In corporations, in politics and in
religions. Corporate psychopaths: Charming and enchanting when you first
meet them, but are ultimately shallow and have
few meaningful long lasting relationships. They crave money and power and are
willing to sabotage, intimidate, manipulate, steal, defame, lie and cheat shamelessly without guilt. Throughout ancient history more specifically cultures have identified this kind of
thing that we now call psychopaths. They used to be called Archons. The native Americans called them
serpent spirits. And they were capable of taking possession of people’s bodies and minds and… …what’s so funny is that the modern
definition of psychopathy and all the desires and things they actually
want from people, is exactly, almost identical to what the ancient cultures described as either demons or or… … dark Gods or something of that nature. You’d be surprised of how easy it is to get away with things if you simply deny doing them. You know? That’s often all that people need. About roughly 30% of people will believe
everything that they’re told… …without needing any evidence. And about 30% of people will need a bit
of evidence. And incidentally that’s the 30% that
don’t vote. So you’ve got about 70% of people
who are complete idiots who continue to vote for people who are committing
scumbaggery and deny that they’re committing
scumbaggery. When you’re talking about the psychopathic
condition, they actually believe their own lies. And it’s been shown in studies with
lie detector tests that psychopaths do not actually
give off those signals. Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, movement of the eyes from side to side. Things that ordinary people who have
things like empathy, creativity, we can’t hide those things
without significant amounts of training. This is why cult leaders are
particularly powerful. They seem to be able to, not only
lie to people, but lie to them so convincingly,
that they will love being lied to. And they will give up the things that they
value most in their life, including their family, their wealth
and their resources, in order to become part of a cult. Now that’s an extreme example. But the exact same symptoms of psychopathy
you would see in any kind of religious crazed cult, you can see the exact same
kind of pattern forming with politics, and politicians. I was part of the team that was putting
together the resources that were used to deal with the oil fires in Kuwait
in 1991. That was a very significant trigger for me
in absolutely acknowledging that the way the world actually functioned, was not
as most people comprehend. Schlumberger was working in both Iraq
and Iran, during the Iran Iraq war. I mean Schlumberger prided itself in
not being tied to a nation state. It was a truly trans-national corporation. And so the fact that there were two
nation states knocking seven barrels of hell out of each other, well, it wasn’t really our
concern, was it? I mean our concern was effectively
providing the needs for the client company in those countries. And today I would sort of consider that
to be a borderline cognitive dissonance. You know, literally burying your head
in the sand to the reality of what is going on around you. Did you do that as well?
Yes. And in fact I used to half Jest
when I was recruiting people to work in the industry.
And I made the observation if you have any interest in geo-politics, then this
is not the industry for you. You literally had to put the blinkers on
and just get on with the job. When you’ve got a very healthy salary
check coming into the bank every month, which is keeping you and your family
in a lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed,
then it would seem that shutting yourself off from that reality, is a small price
to pay. But in reality it is a very big price
to pay, because really, you are effectively
part of the problem. You are effectively culpable in what
is unfolding. The bubble was burst, if you like, when I was traveling around the
southern oil fields… …with a military driver and some
other colleagues from other companies. And we were looking at the logistics
we were going to need to bring to bear to be able to deal with this unprecedented
fire strong. I mean it was six hundred and twenty odd
wells I think it was, that were out of control. What I saw was obviously a lot of
burning wells. But in fox holes around the wells were young Iraqi conscripts with bullet
holes in the backs of their neck. My observation was that, hang on a second, we’re supposed to believe that these guys
set wells alight and then jumped back in the fox holes
and shot themselves in the back of their neck.
It doesn’t make sense. So I happened to sort of think out loud
and said this is outrageous. Clearly something else happened here. And a couple of days later I had a
visit from a US military personnel with no markings on his fatigues. And he came up to me in the mess of the
Kuwaiti oil company’s offices in Ahmadi. And he knew who I was, he walked straight
over to me and he said: ‘You Ian Crane?’ And I didn’t say anything. He said ‘I been hearing you been casting
some aspersion… …about who set them wells alight.’ And I still didn’t say anything. And he said: ‘Boy, that’s the kinda
thinking that can get you in a whole lot of trouble and you best be keeping
your mouth shut.’ What I had seen, led me to believe
that the fires had been started by US special forces. And of course people’s immediate reaction
is: ‘Well, why would they do that?’ Well what would they have to gain
from that? Well, actually it worked perfectly. Because the whole objective was to
demonize Saddam Hussein and Iraq in the eyes of the rest of the world. And the reason was twofold: Number one was to keep Iraqi oil
off of the global market. Because Iraq was not part of OPEC. And the concern was that Saddam would
drop the price of oil and effectively undermine the whole global energy market. And the other part of it was that Iraq was
outside of the central banking system. The Rothschilds controlled central banking
system. And they wanted to force Iraq into
the system and of course kept Iraq out of the central banking
system right through until 2003 when Bush and Blair launched their
illegal war on Iraq. Name me a bureaucrat that is really
creative and totally changing everything all the time. They don’t exist. And if they did they were killed. Either that or they just don’t get
promoted through the ranks. One of the things throughout history
that you see that has been akin to the rule of
psychopaths, whether they be crazy Roman emperors or domineering
royalties and things of that nature which have gone nuts all throughout
history. History is just this long list of psychos
getting control of massive empires and then imposing hierarchical structures
so that everybody has to follow all these stupid rules the whole way down. And so that nobody even questions
the rules that they have to follow and they go out and follow the orders
of a psychopath who didn’t even come up with the orders themselves because he’s
not that creative! You know? And people wonder why the world is crazy? Imagine for a moment that I told you the
world is run by crazy people. Does it suddenly make a lot of sense
why the world seems so crazy? Yeah! And it gave me the opportunity to
have a unique insight into the corporate control of the US.
And the way in which the corporatocracy has the nation in
an absolute stranglehold. What psychopaths are really, really
good at even in the understandings of modern psychology. Is knowing exactly what you desire!
Exactly what you want! First meet ya and I’m going to tell you
this, that and the other. Everything is going to be so wonderful
and you never going to have to worry about it, I’m going to make all your
dreams come true! They got ya! Those who believe themselves to be
the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom.
Their definition of sustainability is sustaining their global dominion. So, essentially what’s happening here
at the moment, is governments are telling us what to do through
corporate controlled media and corporate controlled media is telling
us what to do through governments. It’s a vicious cycle where there’s a
pyramid. At the top of the pyramid there’s
a few people saying: ‘Hey, this is what’s going on.’
And by the time you get to the bottom you’ve got all these people that are
running around like headless chickens not knowing what to do. So if you turn off your TV and stop
listening to corporate media and start critically thinking about
everything that you read then you’re going to start stepping into the right
process. And this is why hierarchical structures
are really, really handy if you’re a psychopathic scumbag. Because, hey! If anybody threatens
your dominance, you have X amount of layers that you have to go through
in order to get to whoever is at the top. Everything that we see unfolding right now is actually very well documented
in a document that goes way back beyond 2000.
It was actually published in 1932. And it’s a document that’s called
Technocracy Inc. The earliest version that I have found of
the blueprint of everything that is unfolding now. To keep humanity literally locked into
a total control grid. Zbigniew Brzezinski actually picked up on
Technocracy Inc. Now I don’t know exactly at what point. But certainly by 1969. And I think his trigger was a report that
came into the public domain in 1967… …which was called the report from
Iron Mountain. Now we don’t know the exact origins of
report from Iron Mountain. We don’t know who participated in it. Some people dismissed it as a forgery. Well, let me tell you.
It was a pretty damn good forgery if it was a forgery. But it was presented as a think-tank
document. And the think-tank were tasked with looking at ways to
control large populations without having a threat of thermo nuclear
war hanging over them. So this think-tank was put together in
1963. In the immediate aftermath of the Cuban missile crisis. And this is the first reference by the way
that I can find to things like: Global warming, climate change, drought,
famine. All of which can be used as tools to control the population
as an alternative to fear of thermo nuclear war. Again fear. If you want somebody to abandon their
reasoning processes, to abandon their conscience. Make them feel afraid. On the physical plain they’re doing
a very, very good job of actuating their de-pop-agenda, aren’t they? De-pop-agenda is depopulation agenda
which is called for, prescribed and strategized for.
And has been for a long, long time. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t really mind as long as it’s
for safety reasons. If it’s for a good cause
then it’s alright. I don’t like it. I enjoy my privacy. It doesn’t bother me. I think it’s necessary. I’m not really too keen on the whole idea. We should have our own private life
and we shouldn’t have people intervening every step of the way. I think there unfortunately are people
out there who need to be monitored for the rest of our good. Fuck no! It’s bullshit! What New Zealand is doing, together with the other Five Eyes nations is to attempt to create a new structure of
civilization. And I don’t think that New Zealanders agreed to take part in such a radical, extremist project of putting all the foreign, at least, telecommunications of New Zealanders under a mass surveillance regime which automatically collects information on every single person. I think that’s an extreme bizarre, Orwellian future that is being
constructed secretly. We shouldn’t look at the Five Eyes the activities the National Security
Agency in isolation is part of a broader hegemonic agenda by this institution,
not by the United States But by these institutions that operate in an anti-democratic way and the networks of power associated with them. Coupled together with mass surveillance is an extra-territorial move to apply certain aspects of US law to as many countries as possible, So, for example, Why am I being investigated by a grand jury in the United States now for the past four and a half years now and some of my staff as well. How is that possible,
I’m not an American citizen.
We don’t have a company registration in the United States. Well, because we publish US government documents and that is the claim to jurisdictionality which these groups operating out of Washington are going to apply coercive force, to me and my staff in the rest of the world. Even if You trust this Government,
history shows, that when a government becomes empowered with the control of information, it will ultimately turn against its own citizens. So you know the part of this agenda is smart meters which are being put into your house, that will literally monitor, every single transaction, and it will monitor when you take the milk out of the fridge. Eventually it will monitor how much milk you use when you take the milk out of the fridge. So that you can literally be profiled through every single act. I mean, we think we are not predictable perhaps. And yet, these smart devices have algorithms built into them, for their predictive text based on your texting style. So when your predictive text comes up its using the history that you created to offer alternatives on the next word you might use. Now thats just something noddy like a smart phone. Imagine what could be done with that when it is put into the macro. The Prime Minister, in the words
of the New Zealand Herald, for the very first time, admitted that his government, had in fact, planned a program of mass surveillance aimed at New Zealanders. And I don’t make that accusation lightly. As a journalist, I understand that I can’t go around making those kind of claims, and maintaining my credibility, unless I have the evidence to back it up, and that it’s absolutely true, and in this case, I can categorically and with great confidence say that it is. I think and have been very honest about the fact that mass surveillance, is a serious menace, to all sorts of important political values. When I was doing this I would see the communications, of individuals,
from around the world. I could be looking at a system in Japan. I could be looking at a system in Germany. I could be looking at a system in New Zealand. And what was incredible was the fact that I could see records of the communications, of people around the world, from every country comprehensively. I think it’s some sort of internet fraud. A solution to something that isn’t particularly sensible, like many other solutions that we’ve come up with as humans, but don’t work. Problems with it are
somewhat over exaggerated. Just another get rich quick for a whole lot of unscrupulous miners, I think. I think it needs further investigation. People need to realise country
needs to be run like a business. You can’t get left behind in the world, if you want to make money, you need to use your resources. I have very negative feelings about that. Exploitation of unconventional gas involves, pumping millions of gallons of a mixture containing waters, sand and chemicals, at pressures of up to 15,000 pounds per square inch, into the target geology to fracture the rock and release the trapped gas. This is known as Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking. Approximately 40% of what’s pumped down the well
is actually recovered. Where that gas and fluids escape to cannot be totally controlled. This is my home up here on Crawbury Hill It’s been my home since January, when it was donated to me by somebody who saw me
doing a live broadcast from my tent on Barton Moss in Manchester. This is an
industry, the unconventional gas industry that has left an absolute trail of devastation where ever it
has been unleashed. Although it’s classified as novel industry
in the UK, there’s nothing novel about it because we have 20 years of experience
of this industry, from the US and Canada and much more recently, of course,
from Australia, and you know, the evidence of the damage, contamination to
water, soil, air, the impact on peoples health, is absolutely horrendous.
One well that has been drilled and subjected to a full frack, and that
was at Preese Hall, at the other side of the country, near Blackpool,
in 2011, and that resulted in two minor seismic events, one on April 1st,
the following one on May 27th, which resulted in some 80 properties being
damaged. Francois Hollande, the president of
France. He upheld the Presidential ban on Hydraulic Fracturing, that was imposed
by his predecessor, Sarkozy, but a Texan company, called Studeback, took
the French Government to court and tried to get
that Presidential ban lifted but the courts upheld
the Presidential ban. You know it doesn’t work. The only
thing that is proven, is that it causes horrendous contamination, of the water
table, soils, the air. It has horrendous impact on the health of the people who
live close by and those who live downwind. And this is proven? Absolutely, the evidence is irrefutable.
Eventually, what they will look for in the EU, is what they call harmonization.
Those countries that are opposing it right now, will be forced, potentially, to
allow hydraulic fracturing in their territory. The countries that are
strongest against fracking right now, interestingly, are the two countries at
the heart of the EU, and that’s Germany and France. Elsewhere, there is
enormous pressure, to get this industry, up and running. In the U.S. the water is
being sucked out of the Great Lakes, the great river system, and the great
aquifers, under the Western States. People who live in the Western States
are having their lives destroyed. In Australia, the Great Artesian Basin,
is being sucked dry, at a rate, six times greater than it can naturally
replenish. Here, in the UK, if this industry kicks off, within a
generation, the UK will be uninhabitable. This whole deal, of
demonising Russia, and using of course, the Ukraine crisis to facilitate this. The
whole Ukraine crisis, is of course manipulated. Totally Manipulated.
It’s manipulated by those, who believe themselves
to be the rightful rulers, of a planetary fiefdom. And The real target of this is Russia,
the reason being is that Putin has done an amazing job,
of course, of gaining significant independence, from the global banking
establishment, and now they want to try and destroy his economy. Russia, of
course, does export gas, into Eastern Europe, and into Germany. The US
unconventional gas industry, has drilled something, in the region of, half a
million wells, in the last decade. And now they have a surplus of gas,
so the US is desperate to find an export market, for this surplus gas.
And by forcing the EU to implement sanctions, against Russia, and stop
importing gas from Russia. What the U.S. is doing, is shutting off
that gas market from Russia, and saying, well, buy ours. And if a country, that is a trading
partner, of the United States, does not behave according to US standards, a
section 301 listing can be made, which impacts their ability, to continue to
work with the United States. It is a coercive form of listing, which
has forced many countries, including Sweden and European countries, to
aggressively change, their IP laws, and other culturally related laws, to
allow them to continue the type of access they believe they need,
to the US market. We are in a period of moral
entrepreneurship. Large corporations, are criminalising, what they
see as violations, for instance, infringement disputes, that were here
to fore, civil in nature, have been criminalised, so that the power of the state, can be directed
against individuals. It’s the plan that’s been actioned,
for the last 200 years or so. Gradually, now with increasing virulence
and efficiency, to A. Control everybody B. Get rid of a lot of people that won’t
or don’t. are useless eaters. Which was a term that was coined
by Henry Kissinger. You know, total global fascism. The one thing that everybody has in
common, is that they need water. They need fresh water. The fluoride that’s put into drinking
water, has a chemical, that’s scrubbed out of the chimneys of the Phosphate
fertiliser industry. So, it is a chemical that’s too toxic, to go into the air,
because it pollutes everything around it. So there’s laws in every
country, not to let the Fluoride out, escape out of the chimneys, so
they scrub it out of the chimneys and it gets washed out, into big holding
ponds, like You see in Erin Brokovich, and then it’s carted away into tanks, and
put into the water supply. The reason given, is that, they say it reduces
dental decay, but really when people look at the scientific evidence,
there’s nothing to really substantiate that. It’s never right to force things
onto people, when they don’t want it. And to put something into public
water supply, is a huge thing to do. In fact, You can’t do anything more
than put something into a water supply, because it affects everybody
and you have no idea how it’s going to affect people. How they’re responding
to it, what dose they’re getting. It’s not like prescribing medication
to somebody, on the basis, that they need it, and using a specific
dose. How much fluoride that somebody will get through, a fluoridated
water supply, depends on, how much water they drink. What about all the people with
Thyroid dysfunction these days? I mean, it’s such a huge growing disease.
Is that because we know now, that really low levels of fluoride, affect the
thyroid? There’s the stuff about the lowering of IQ. So I did an interview yesterday, with one
of the world’s authorities on iodine and the thyroid. We discussed things
like IQ. Something as simple as, the mother having enough iodine and
iodide, in her system, can improve the baby’s IQ substantially. If she’s depleted
in iodine, it reduces the IQ, by about an average of 12 points. Do you believe that fluoride in the water
lowers iodine? Fluoride in the water can be a very
dangerous problem. I understand from a dentists perspective, they
see benefits for teeth, but teeth are only a minor part of the body
and there are many other ways of treating that. The body needs iodine
to soak up the halides. Fluoride, bromide and the chlorides. Chlorides are in
cleaning products and toxins, like the agri-chemical type toxins. Bromide’s
in a lot of upholstery and carpets and things like that. And the fluoride, of
course, in the water. These are dangerous halides in the wrong
solution There’s something like 35 published
studies from China, India and Iran saying that, fluoride does lower IQ.
I mean, we know that bottle fed babies have, on average, about a 5 point
lower IQ than breast fed babies. People tend to think that it’s because
of the Omega 3s, this that and the other in the breast milk; but I’ve often
wondered is it because of what’s not in the breast milk? Because no matter how
much fluoride the mother has, she screens it out of the breast milk. Children exposed to
higher levels of fluoride end up with measurable declines in IQ. Not necessarily the
levels to which children are exposed to through water fluoridation. If it’s controlled and they manage to keep the fluoride level to what
is the aim in New Zealand. But the problem is once you start
fluoridating water, that is one uncontrolled dose of fluoride that a child
receives that can end up to be neuro toxic quite quickly.
If you’re a bottle fed baby, unfortunately
your fluoride dose can easily end up in an unsafe level if your
parents are making up your formula with fluoridated water. 10mg a day, for 10 years or more, will cause stage 2 or
stage 3 skeletal fluorosis. So you see people in India or China all
bent over with this disfiguring disease and they know that’s from too much
fluoride. Now the thing is because it’s accumulative, and the fluoride is
accumulating in our body, what about 5mg a day for 20 years? Or 2.5mg a day for 40 years?
The thing is, nobody knows. The first stage of skeletal fluorosis, the symptoms are exactly
the same as Arthritis. At the moment we have pandemics of
arthritis in fluoridating countries. There was a good study done in about 1995
which showed that it increased ADHD. This was a good study on rats, by
Dr. Phyllis Mullenix and she found that when they gave fluoride to the rats
prenatally they became hyperactive. You know when they were born. And when they were given it post natally
They became like couch potatoes. Water for health is seriously important
because it’s 80% of your body. All the thoughts,
the traumas and the toxins all go into the
water holographically. So that means they go into the water of
every cell in the body, not just the kidney, the liver, wherever. When they were using fluoride to actually experimentally keep people quiescent in
concentration camps. And they’ve known that it’s a carcinogen. They’ve known that the
treatments for cancer that they use; Chemotherapy – are themselves carcinogenic.
They’ve known that; they’re not stupid.
They’re just satanic. It’s quite dangerous not to have
them for children. I haven’t had my own children;
And I am quite grateful I haven’t had to
make that decision. I think you’ve just gotta go with the
medical advice at the moment… I come from a very healthy family of
people who haven’t vaccinated. It’s very important
that everyone should vaccinate their babies
and vaccinate themselves. The first one that got the first lot done,
had a really bad reaction and since then none of
them have been done. A classic example of the
demonisation process that can happen if you’re an honest Doctor,
is what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield. When he and his colleagues first presented
a case series of children who had been previously developing normally
then developed aggressive autism often with bowel disease. They said basically this is a concern,
we need further research to see if there is
a link between this particular vaccine and regressive autism
and bowel disease. If you’re a parent, you wouldn’t argue
with that. If you’re a multi-national pharmaceutical company who makes huge
amounts of money from an MMR vaccine and stands to lose a lot of money
if parents begin to believe it’s unsafe, you will argue. People who are familiar
with Dr Wakefield’s story will know that he lost his job at the Royal Free Hospital
in London. There was essentially a media beat up against him which accused him of
fraud and the pressure on him was so great that most of the doctors involved in that
paper recanted. Dr Wakefield refused to recant, because he said, and quite rightly
if you read the paper, I never claimed that the MMR vaccine caused autism and
bowel disease; I just said that it needed to be investigated. He stuck his heels in
and refused to be bullied and consequently he lost his medical licence. If we can feed more people,
especially in the areas where people don’t have a lot of food,
then that’s fantastic.It’s not natural. 50/50. It may save the world. I agree with that. Don’t like the idea of it;
I think natural is better. Well I do eat seedless watermelon and I’m
pretty sure that’s genetically modified! Why would we fight
what created us you know? GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms, the
Maori have a word for life force; the Mauri of things; and GMO is a way of
tampering with that Mauri. Essentially genetic engineering
is a process whereby a virus is used
as a carrier medium to insert genes from one species into an
unrelated species. You are actually tampering
with the genetic codes, You’re splicing in genes
where genes naturally and by a course of evolution
are changing, maybe perhaps you know you might get what they call a sport, in the
area of orcharding, which is like woah how did that apple get there? The tree
just by happenstance, by the very nature of its interaction with the environment
some weird quirk of nature has done this they’ve given us a new apple; no human
has tampered with it. Species barriers if you like have been historically and ecologically
well defined. You know, you don’t get hybrids between
tomatoes and flounders for example. Perhaps a gene from
a fish into a tomato; that crossing of the kingdoms
which absolutely by nature does not happen, we humans think
we are intelligent in playing God. You can patent genetically modified seeds You can not ever collect seed,
and save seed and grow true to type,
seed that comes from genetically modified foods;
they even put a terminator gene in
so that guarantees it; so, that means that
if you don’t have control of your seed source, you don’t have
control over your food. If you look at the funding of different
studies on GMOs you will find that those which were financed by industry tend not to show a problem,
whereas those which have been undertaken by an independent
scientist generally do show a problem. One of the most famous
of those was feeding rats on a genetically
engineered round-up-ready soy bean, the poor things,
I mean the photos are virtually unbelievable in
terms of the tumours that these rats developed. Animals that are fed with GMO corn or GMO
grain and not, they will automatically go to the organic or the non GMO;
they will leave that behind. So how does it physically affect us? It debilitates our life force,
our cells have a hard time absorbing it,
because it’s treated like a foreign body, which it is;
and so basically it’s illness causing and cancer causing;
and there’s evidence to back this up,
but the evidence is basically buried; not let come to light; and that
that does, those people lose their jobs. and maybe have
their lives threatened. So it’s very much in the
interest of big business that is funding and getting funded
and getting the buy in by pressure, from farmers who are planting
these things and once they plant it they can’t go
back again, the soil is contaminated, and the seed source is
going to keep growing that kind; so they are basically ruined. The suicides of farmers
in India that have taken on the GMO regime, at the expense of their own
traditional, hundreds and hundreds of years of crops, is alarming. You can connect the GMOs to the chemtrails
not a problem; you can connect it to the intensifying degrees
of radiation, you can connect it to the
suppression of all truthful stories that are meaningful in major
media, you can connect it to Fukushima you can connect it to the vaccines they are putting into
your little babies here. And these are the times we are living in.
Wild tumultuous times where we as humans have really upset
the equilibrium of the Earth. And you know,
as a responsive being our Earth mother is just wild! You camera man
when we weren’t filming, said; you think anything that’s classified as a
pest is a bit sad. Right? Anyway so they call things
a pest when there’s Human beings are a disease; a cancer
of this planet, you’re a plague. When you think in a linear,
just A to B to C way you can’t think holistically;
so we have lost our ability, and our
mental formatting, as a society to think
and see holistically. So it’s actually how
we view the world; and if you view the world
as a continuum, in a sort of spiral way and
a cyclic way, that we learn from nature by living with and observing nature, then there is no way you can not
think in an integrated way. So we separated ourselves off to cope and function
in this very fast track and very dysfunctional society. We separate ourselves
from that and so we don’t have the ability to think
common sense any more. How does that make you feel? The word that comes to me is tragic. Throughout my filming journey
I am starting to slowly realise that
the more we are out of harmony with nature, the more our minds
get trapped in our matrix illusion. As our minds get sicker, so do our bodies
and planet earth. Well illness is a state of getting out of
balance with the rest of the cosmos or the universe, which is very well designed and
architectured, it’s a highly intelligent living system. And if we work in balance
with that then we experience wellness and good health, if we swim against
the tide so to say, it leads to all forms what
we call disease or illness. Illness starts on a Metaphyiscal level;
some angst within the person deep down. Feeling of shame, guilt, insecurity, not knowing their place in the world.
Not knowing how to stand on their own two feet.
Then mental anguish, you know, panic, fear shame, guilt, uncertainty, anxiety, and then that eventually
will translate into some sort of physical illness.
So what we find when we treat effectively is that often as the disease heals,
we get an emotional catharsis. And so because I have seen
that so many times I know in my own self,
to really heal, we need to look at the
spiritual aspect of a person. A lot of my patients
were coming to me with cancer, having tried
all the conventional therapies, and nothing had worked for them
and in a terminal state. Generally I could give them some help.
Usually I couldn’t save their lives. It’s very difficult being the proverbial
ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We tend to have an ambulance at the bottom
of the cliff mentality. Which is extremely expensive and very
destructive to our social systems, and it also
means we are not looking after our environment properly. It’s reflected outwards;
it’s reflected outwards through relationships,
breakdowns of society and various ways,
it’s reflected outward and we damaged
most of our water systems of the world, we’ve damaged our air systems with pollution, we’ve destroyed most of
the worlds soil in the last 150 years. Our food is depleted in nutrition,
drugs through the mainstream system
are enourmously expensive to develop and they tend to create a lot of side effects, and in
many cases don’t work they only give about 2-3%
extra performance above a placebo effect, which is free. Things like dementia and
diabetes and obesity and things like that are just going out of control; the mainstream
system doesn’t know how to cope with
them particularly well. A lot of the medical system
was set up for the military; you’d understand
why military had a budget and the security of
nations depend on the strength of their military;
so they got very good at things like operations,
managing acute conditions, accidents,
things like that. It hasn’t changed much;
the mainstream medical system is not effective
with chronic disease. Dementia may well bankrupt the western
world if we don’t immediately start to deal with it more proactively. What’s causing this? Well it’s the imbalance of the hormones
This is why I spoke about Iodine in the thyroid before,
it’s actually a master gland and that helps to manage
and regulate a lot of your homone systems.
The other important thing in the relation to that
is the adrenal system. And that’s your energy and immunity gland;
and your adrenals control and regulate about fifty hormones. So between the adrenal and the thyroid
it’s actually really simple and very cost effective to
help people deal with the majority of their health issues. Then if you treat the
gut as well, because the majority of the cells
in the body are in the gut. 90% of the cells in your
body are bacteria or bacteria related cells and they are
primarily in your gut. Did you know, that there
are over one hundred trillion biotica called the
bionome that live in our gut. And they mitigate all cell metabolism. They are co-factors in
producing enzymes which break down our food.
And they are called good and bad bacterium that live in our bionome. Yeast and fungus; when a yeast turns to a
fungus, the next stage is a cancer. So when you’re eating
sugar and eating processed foods, it feeds not
only the Candida Albican which you get all these bacteria when you’re born which come
from your mother’s milk and when you come
through the vaginal passage. So caesarian kids might
be more susceptible to immune problems. The bionome creates the
chemical soup for all cell metabolism for nervous function and essentially for
immunity. And immunity is a huge topic dear to my heart. I’m getting tingles; but immunity is something
we inherit from our mum and what we get
from our environment by getting down and eating dirt
and being in with life, and we’ve been given
anti-life, antibiotics. That whole process
has been taken away from us. Diet; now I’m not totally
committed you know to a healthy diet because my lifestyle on the front line of the
anti-fracking community doesn’t actually lend itself to that. But it’s make the effort;
it’s stay away from the junk food; you’re
not going to find me at a McDonalds or a Burger King or a KFC
anytime soon. Watch what you’re drinking; even bottled water.
Some of the bottled water has fluoride in it.
But in terms of looking after your health we
are using natural medicine. Which are about prevention
rather than cure Which is why the pharmaceutical industry is desperate to shut them down. Stimulants like coffee
and sugar and processed foods and especially
dairy and wheat are so irritating to the gut lining. Look at a lot of reptiles
and they sit on a rock and they feed themselves.
They sit on a rock and they feed themselves. And that’s what
they do. That’s what happens to people who in general terms, whose adrenals are depleted to a certain level.
Then your immunity starts to drop and disease
starts to seep in. We treated hundreds
and hundreds of people for cancer and we tend
to be very successful with a lot of our programs,
which balance nutritional holistic programmes;
mind, body and mindfulness and things like that related; but I don’t think I’ve met a
single person with cancer who hasn’t had an
adrenal problem to start with. So again, you’ve got to understand how
the Adrenal system works. The fact that it controls
and regulates fifty other hormones, and it
has enormous impact on their ability to use
your brain effectively. And the types of way you
use your brain which are either at a survival
or thrival priority. Everybody’s got cancer; everybody.
Even a newborn child has got cancer. But the immune system
tends to take care of it. This is again understanding intelligence
behind the system that we live in. Nutrition is one of the key elements to healing the body.
But the body is actually a vehicle of consciousness
and it heals itself given the right environment. If you’re looking at
drug company’s motivations again you are talking about corporations which are established for the purpose of making money; and I remember
a famous quote I can’t remember who
said it but they said; “there’s more money
in searching for a cure for cancer than there
is for actually finding it.” And there are huge
numbers of drugs for cancer on the market,
many of them are very expensive the new ones are very
expensive; as the old ones get old of course
they are no longer patented and not so expensive. Tobacco companies would fund research
which was designed not to show a problem, and then publish it and then trumpet the
results loudly through multi media channels. You know, if You were to follow a busy
doctor as he makes his daily round of calls. You’d find yourself having a
mighty busy time keeping up with him. Time out for many men of medicine
usually means just long enough to enjoy a cigarette. And because they know what a
pleasure it is to smoke a mild, good tasting cigarette, they’re particular
about the brand they choose. In 1999, one in two thousand children were
being diagnosed with conscious disorders such as ADHD, Autism, Asperger. Last year, a survey came out, showed one in thirty children are now being
diagnosed with these disorders. They are erratic mind syndrome.
You can label them any way you like, but they are one thing; erratic mind syndrome. These
children are showing us something. They’re showing us, to stop being erratic,
of our own minds, and I’ve proven it in a few cases, in autistic homes,
where I’ve put certain things into those homes, and gave parents certain things to do,
and those children calmed right down. But I’m not calming the children down, I’m
calming the parents down. It’s nothing to do with the children, and everyone
offloads on, that the child’s the problem or this person’s the problem. You stick
a child like that in a mall, where all the mind is, and they start to flip out
and break down, and they can’t manage themselves. They’re labels, and the labels weren’t
there before, and it isn’t a disease. It isn’t something you can have. It
is a description of symptoms, that sometimes fits more or less, with
people. Yes, give them Ritalin. Give them
a drug, that will literally turn them into zombies. Anybody who shows
any kind of individuality, is effectively being demonised. These children that
are a bit more restless, are taught that they are no good. And they get E’s and C’s and D’s. Never A’s
and B’s. So we deliver them at twelve at secondary education
and the only thing we taught them was
that school sucks. Big time! I saw a graphic recently, which was a bar
code, and it was showing humanity’s evolution, of the tribe, through to
individuality, and then the loss of features, the loss of individuality,
into the pure bar code. And that’s exactly what is happening right now. Ritalin, or Concerta, if You have this
kind of personality structure, or this tendency, it helps you to focus. Part
of the medication, helps you to relax your muscles. Like me, I’m
also quite “I have thirty things in my head”. But two of them might be very creative, and different from
the rest, of the thoughts that you have. Like, OK, I have to get to the shop to
buy milk, but there also might be an idea for a better workshop tomorrow
for the children. So if you have many thoughts in your head, and you are restless,
and you can’t concentrate, on a boring task for long, it might mean,
I don’t say it always means, but it might mean that
you’re very creative. Home schooled kids, think a lot more
outside of the square, because they haven’t gone into a system at five.
And being told how to think, what to draw, what to write. They try to teach children how to read.
It’s never relevant to them. If You are very much interested in reptiles, You
never get during reading time, books about reptiles. Why? Because, if You want to
read, comics or reptiles or whatever. Then you’re reading, and you’re
practicing how to read, so why are we acting so complicated? The public schooling system, was created
by Prussia, pre World War 1. And they had a war with France and they beat
them resoundingly, and the French found out, that it was because the
Prussians had a public schooling system, which actually taught children
and tore them away from their parents, at a very young age, and then, forcibly
indoctrinated them, to love their country. The rest of the world saw, the resounding success, that the Prussian empire had,
against the French, and soon thereafter, every single major western country,
developed a public schooling system. And directly after that, World War 1
happened, the world’s largest ever war. Called the Great War, which everybody
agreed, was so terrible, and so painful to bear, and so destructive, that they
vowed, to never have another one again. And then, Public Education got bigger,
and later on, a guy called Adolf Hitler came along, who was very very staunch
about getting people into public education, about giving everybody, free
education, and teaching them to again, love their state, to the point where, they
thought, you know what would be a really good idea bro? Let’s have another war. They are curious, and they want to master
the world. They want to be king of the world. Because that is their age. Normally that is till You are
twenty-four. So why kill it? We have a boy who is trying to do the
same here, and they do exactly opposite of what they are supposed to do. So,
You know then, as a teacher, that they are very much aware of what they should
do, so they are very smart in that, but they do exactly the opposite. So, why
should that be? It is, the frame is too confined for the child. I, particularly for my children, I could
see early, that they were very creative. They were, thinking outside the square, they were, really in touch,
with the world. And unfortunately in a school system,
they have to work to national standards, which is put there, from a Government
and the teachers don’t have the space to explore with them, that kind of
teaching. Because they have to be able to read at six, and they have to
be able to do, this kind of maths. Which is just nonsense. You have people pressured into choosing
a career path when they are very young. Before they have got any life experience;
pressured into choosing a certain career path simply because it
provides financial security. Financial security to keep
well adjusted to the profoundly disharmonious situation we find ourselves in today within the
matrix we all collectively accept as real. And all that through a piece of paper
with a number written on it. Well money first was invented as a means
of exchange; before money came around people used to barter
for goods and services. If you had a cow you could swap it for
a goat or a pig. If you already had a goat or a pig, barter started
to get a little bit clumsy. Barter became precious metal. They started with gold which was a rare
commodity, and valued and precious. It was risky to carry
gold with you because you could get robbed.
So gold merchants set themselves up to hold people’s gold in
exchange for a piece of paper that says ‘this represents 20 pieces of gold’.
Over time the paper became more
widely used than the gold. Not many people came to pick up their gold
in exchange for the paper notes. Gold merchants decided
it was more profitable to print money and
put that into circulation. Over time pieces of paper
began to represent gold. It will say ‘I promise to pay the bearer the amount of $10.’ It’s basically a promissory note. Because there was only
a finite amount of gold in the vault, there could only be a finite amount of paper in circulation. The gold merchant realised he could make
money by simply circulating the paper. Say, I’ve only got 100 bars of gold in my vault, and there’s a
need for 150 equivalent items of paper money; so he started to
charge a premium on the money. If you want this money, you’ll have to pay
me a certain proportion. For example a business
man asked a merchant for money to buy another
ship for his trade. The merchant said sure, I will lend you
the equivalent of 100 bars of gold. But you will have to pay me for the
benefit of having that money. And the gold merchant
was making money, first off by printing the money
that represented the gold, and then by charging interest.
And interest back then was seen as a sin. In fact, the Catholic church
outlawed the charging of interest, calling it usery,
for over 1000 years. You’d be excommunicated
from the church if you charged interest on
the money that you lent out. And that’s where the
Jewish merchants came into their own,
because the Jewish merchants didn’t worry if they got
excommunicated from the Catholic church, because it wasn’t their religion. And so after a while the
church realised there was a certain amount of
money to be had in interest. So the excommunication curse was removed. 300-400 years ago,
the only person who could issue notes and coins
was the sovereign; the king or queen or the
government at the time. And that exists right now in New Zealand.
Only the government can print our money. The problem is that
money creation has now gone digital, it’s all electronic. And so while banks
cannot create the notes, the notes and coins in your wallet they only form 2% of the actual money in
circulation. The rest is digital money. And that money is created by the banks. The banks can create
money simply by typing numbers into a spreadsheet. So the banks decide where
the money gets invested And it’s very very profitable
for them to put a lot of money into housing,
because if you can’t repay the mortgage,
they will simply take the house off you,
conduct a mortgagee sale, and get their money back that way. In the 1960s and 70s, you could buy a
house and pay it off in about 10-12 years. Now, they’re talking about
paying off fiifty year mortgages, sixty year mortgages. And that’s the problem; people will be in
debt for their entire life. This young couple in Pembrokeshire,
they’ve got to demolish their beautiful little hobbit home, their
straw bale house. And in the Daily Express, they portray the tragedy of these young
people not being able to live on their own land,
in their own house that they built. It’s because the house
cost them £12,500 to build, and not £250,000 worth of debt. Because the system has got us in economic
slavery. We’ve been slaves on this island since William the Conqueror;
there’s always a system trying to milk us. The idea of a few people
or banks having control over our money supply, sounds ridiculous. Because they essentially
can direct the way the economy goes,
they will establish how much the cost of houses are,
and those that have that sort of power
will get very rich. And those who don’t, the money will be
sucked out of the productive economy, which is where goods and services are
produced, and siphoned off into the financial economy,
to pay interest and the like. So the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer. Even the middle class today is struggling
with the cost of housing, rent, etc. As soon as you deposit your wages or any
money it becomes the property of the bank. You are an unsecured creditor to the bank.
And the bank can do anything it wants to with your money. If the bank gets into difficulty,
you have to line up behind the secured creditors, which surprise, surprise
are mostly in the form of other banks,
and you will be lucky to see your money ever again. Now the banks can actually decide how much
money gets injected into the economy. And that’s where the problem comes.
Because money becomes scarce. And because money is scarce,
there are people who don’t have money, and there are people
who have a lot of money. So we now have what we call property
orphans coming into the market. They are children, young people, who will
never be able to afford to buy a house. Where does the word mortgage come from? I say ‘mort’ means death,
‘gage’ means grip. We set up positive money New Zealand.
Which is based on positive money UK And we say the government needs to issue
our money supply free of debt. Now that doesn’t mean to say there won’t
be a place for banks, banks will be there but their job is to act as an intermediary
between people with money to invest and people who want to borrow loans. They will no longer be able to
create money out of thin air and lend it to us at compounding interest. Currently the amount of money that is in
circulation is toxic; it has this debt burden to it. The way that the current system is set up
is there has to be growth in the economy simply to create the money to pay for the
interest on the already existing debt. Surprising thing is when you pay back your mortgage, to the bank,
that money disappears. Because the money was created from nothing
it returns to nothing. It has impact on the environment,
we are looking at deep sea oil drilling we are looking at mining in our national
park, fracking, and it’s ridiculous; we do not need to do any of that. There is more than enough
money to go around. So when you look at
money creation, not only does it have benefits
for the economy, but it also has benefits for
the planet as well. We would no longer be hellbent on trying to get more money out of a finite world.
More resources out of a finite world. to pay for the interest on money the bank
never had in the first place. And the national
government has refused to speak to us. Bill English has said
I’m not going to speak to you; we are following
world best practice. Global corporatists are
determined to subjugate each country through their economy. So funnily enough the only countries that are right now outside
this central banking control are Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran,
Russia, China… How about Malaysia? Malaysia is certainly resisting; I mean
like I said New Zealand was resisting and then an event was
created to ensure that New Zealand was pushed into debt slavery. The current system we have is the looney
system. Now, we are going down the same way that Portugal,
Greece, Ireland and Spain went. And you
know what happened then; The housing market collapsed. So we can
do nothing and wait for that to happen, and the results will be
horrendous, the world bank will come in and flog
off the remaining state assets we have, and we will be worse
off than we are today. The government of Iceland refused to pay
back or honour the debts of the banks; the banks got themselves
into the problem; the government of Iceland said
you get yourself out it. This is not the people’s responsibility.
Now that’s a very good place to start. In Ireland, they did the exact opposite.
The banks got the state of Ireland into all sorts of trouble, then the Irish
government bailed out the banks So the Irish economy is in tatters.
The banks should fall over if they make financial mistakes. Everyone else does. With our current system,
the reserve bank is meant to be the watch dog; that looks after our economy. But it’s doing an awful job. It’s one of those watch dogs that
watch the burglars come in, take all the money
and then the burglar pats the dog on the head as it walks off and says ‘good dog’. The Australian banks are
actually dictating to the reserve bank how much money gets introduced into the system.
There is little or no constraint on our Australian banks. And they are actually,
they have more control over our money supply than
our elected government. The outrageous situation
in Australia for example where Australia should be the wealthiest nation on the planet, because of its
phenomenal natural resources; yet the Australian people have the highest level
of personal debt on the planet. I think the monetary system’s
privatised and it’s all held by Australian banks that are in part owned by American
and British banks so our banking system already
is effectively what the TPPA require it to be;
owned by large corporate interest who tell the
government what to do. So take it from a
Canadian to tell you about free trade; a guy whose country now has foreign ownership up to almost 80%.
A guy whose country, and his countrymen, 36% of them believe will become a
part of the United States within 25 years. The trans-pacific partnership
is an arrangement that will take from you your sovereignty in a very powerful and personal way. They compressed all the financial data in
the world into this supercomputer. And they were trying to
find out who controls all the money; what controls everything; There’s 176 corporations
that control about 60% of the world’s economy. That means these 176 corporations control
the world economy. And the share holders
in this are something like 7 families, so 7 families control 70% of the world’s wealth, or 60%
of the worlds wealth, give or take. I think it was one of the
Rockefellers once was asked, “When have you got enough”? He stopped and thought about it and said
“Just a little more”. A lot of these people are
creating segregation for us through creating systems
created by the crown. The crown is a system that
controls our nation. The crown is our government. The crown is disconnection. The more we contract with the crown the more disconnected from that Earth and from each other we become. Unfortunately it’s become
about corporations. Such things as the TPPA reinforce corporate greed over people. Where whole corporations
from other countries can come to New Zealand and
sue us for future profit; loss of future profit, if we do things
that are against their philosophy, their corporate egos and their
corporate identities. As I visit all the people I interview, and hear their stories, I’m all
the more surprised why my interviewees often get branded
conspiracy theorists, by those who just want to stay asleep. If all this makes so much sense then why do
so many people not care? Why do you think it is that people find it so hard to … Because it’s true! People don’t want truth? No. People are very receptive
to honesty, however at the same time, they reject it. And they don’t value it. We are suffering. We are burdened. We are
heavy. We’ve been enduring many years of evolution. We have a lot of history under the bridge and under our
belts and on our backs that we carry around with us. Memories;
whether that’s DNA memory, whether that’s unconscious memory,
whether it’s the memory in the waters, we are storing our history. And that’s a lot of
weight to carry around. My own belief is
that we are in a boot camp. Planet Earth’s a bootcamp? Planet Earth is a bootcamp. We’re designed to come from a place of
unconsciousness, and become conscious. We’re designed to learn like a child. We are actually cosmic beings. I’m interested as a physicist
in plasma physics. I believe that, and 99%
of Physicists know, 99% of the Universe is plasma which is very low
density matter it’s non-atomic matter, it’s electrically
charged particles; and these particles are blown off by stars
into space and the space plasma is electrically active, and life is based on electrical activity,
so this plasma is much better for life, than atomic matter. So I believe there is a strong possibility
that space is full of these plasmic beings that are ancient,
and that they’ve actually, they are coming into
these atomic bodies, they’ve actually
created these atomic bodies, they are using water
which is very like plasma it’s got electrical activity,
and if you like in the evolutionary process,
I believe is directed by intelligence
and held by fields. And these fields are
electromagnetic fields. Which are based on plasma. You’ve got a
little tiny drop of water suspended, suspended as a jelly,
in protein, which is the cell. And you get the
electrical activity in that cell. Which in our case the cells are suspended
on sticks of stone, which we call bone. So I think that these, and this is what
the Cathars taught us, that these angelic beings, have actually
evolved us and brought us into being, we are those beings. You see, what I believe is
that we are plasmic beings, if you take plasma,
plasma is low density matter,
it’s invisible and it fills space, and that is the
definition of spirit. As plasmic beings I think we’ve actually
created atomic matter, I believe the same fields, the morphogenetic
fields, the life fields, behind life forms, which scientists like Harold Saxton Burr, Rupert Sheldrake, talk about.
These fields also hold the atom. I don’t think the atom’s that random.
They are very precise quantum states. If these bodies were designed for us to experience
life on Earth, then why did we design such a limited version? I’ve spent my life working on this vortex physics, and one of the
conclusions I come to is that the vortex which is the electron;
every electron is a whirlpool of light, a whirlpool of energy. But there’s no end to it,
it stretches into infinity. So these electrically charged particles, that make up
plasma, are infinite in extension which means
when you move one the movement is affected to the end of the
universe. So all knowledge is known everywhere in
plasma. You can’t hold secrets; it’s unlimited knowledge. Everything’s connected; by the infinite
extension of the electron. And this is one of the
things Einstein proved is the non-locality of electrons. So the thing is we’ve created this limited
state, so that we can be in amnesia. So that we can be in amnesia,
so that we can be in a situation of not knowing. So that we can be limited. Because there are certain lessons that we
need to learn, as divine beings, as god made man. Now the word human;
the word hu is Egyptian; It’s a hu-man, the god-man being. If there was only love and
light and that was it, and that’s all we knew,
and that’s all we were, there would be no humanity; there would be no journey, there would
be no point to all of this. When a person incarnates, they may decide
to put themselves on pause, meaning they don’t become aware of who they are really
and what they are here to do. They might put themselves
on pause in a sense, because they need to
become part of Wall St banking or whatever it is, and they are not meant
to become aware of what’s going on really until they get into
becoming the Bank Manager. And 2012 arrives,
they are in a nice position, they are on the inside. So how many hundreds of people in those positions all over the
planet have just awoken Or are about to wake up? You get your epiphany,
and you know that’s coming fast and thick for a
lot of people these days. For a lot of people, the gateway was
9/11. A lot of people woke up to 9/11. Not completely but they
woke up to the fact that their government was lying to them. Yet again, my God, and immediately closed
down. Because to go down that path, meant to continue to open doors,
to the real deal. Live in this current society, where people
get ostracized rejected and called conspiracy theorists for talking about
things that are outside of the norm, where people have this tall poppy syndrome
that prevents them from even having the motivation to express, let alone fulfill
the promise of original ideas. Can you blame them for
not thinking originally? Can you blame them for being ignorant? No. Because you don’t
get rewarded for being intelligent; you get rewarded
for exploitation. So you’ve got your ecology
and your economics under siege at the same time, and it’s no coincidence, because both of them are completely out of balance
with the creative solutions of the cosmos,
developed to allow humanity to live as it does. If you go up to a giant
pyramid and you think that’s a huge stone bro,
how am I gonna lift that? Do you try lift it yourself,
no, because it’s too big, you don’t bother. So, that’s where humanity’s at, they think
the problem’s so big they can’t do it. It’s like we talk about addiction; it’s
easy to say we’re addicted to alcohol, or addicted to drugs, or medication,
but there’s an addiction to struggle. There’s an addiction to being stuck.
And in a way it feels comfortable. Because it’s what we know.
We get trapped in what we know. So it’s easy to come
home at the end of a hard day at work and slump
in front of the TV after a couple of glasses
of wine, and to just blob out, and for life to
just keep happening. On and on it goes. We don’t really take
responsibility for getting out of that rut. Doing something different. That brings
us back into our more natural state. I’ve got this basket as an example.
The way this basket was made is that the weaver soaked these fibres in water before
weaving them. And then once the basket pattern had been woven, then it set solid
and keeps its shape. Now this is what happens in the brain.
In a young brain it’s almost like the pliable cane has been soaked and you can
manipulate; the dendrites; you can manipulate the pattern in the brain; and then what happens is,
as the brain sets as it grows older, you get a template
where you get a set pattern, and it’s very difficult it’s very rigid, you can’t change it.
So if you can get hold of a child and teach them, program them, whilst the brain
is pliable, then a pattern sets for the rest of their lives.
This is why the Jesuits say give me a child
from 0-7 and you can keep him for the rest of his life. As we get into be adults, and we have all
these problems that we’ve got to face and deal with, all the bills we’ve got to
pay and all the difficulties we have with coping with work and
extra time for this, and running children here and there. We are just stuck; it’s a treadmill we
can’t get off. We’ve got a whole system which basically sets people up in
terms of their socialisation to be compliant. The problem we have today is people are burdened down by debt.
They are in survival mode. And they just want to get through to
the next day. Human beings aren’t evil you know, we want
to be in harmony, the way our body looks for harmony, our mind
wants to do the same. It’s constantly thinking of systems of how can I bring it back. Are you willing to take responsibility
for your own thoughts totally? Regardless of who is running the show. For you not to take
responsibility for your own thoughts, is automatically giving them
power over you. The fact is that when you start to wake up and you want desperately
to go back to sleep you can if you want to but it ain’t gonna
do you no good. Once you start having a look at it,
It’s like a hologram; you take one little piece, blow it up and it’s
the whole fucking picture. Humanity has been taught that the mind is the dominant aspect.
It’s because we see that’s what is creating our outside world.
While the mind is a powerful aspect and it does create the outside world, but one of the biggest problems
with that is we’ve come to a stage now where we’ve created so
much in the outside world it’s time to revert back to the inside world. Bring the attention that goes out there,
bring it back here, and appreciate what’s been given to you. The mind is overloading with thought;
so the mind thinks so much. So for example, still the mind.
That statement is delusional. That’s an impossibility in science
for the mind to become still. Focus the mind; send it on a journey.
Put it in a tree. Create a mantra. My mind thinks it knows what life is all
about. What it is to be a human being. What it is to love another person. But actually really that
gets me in a mess. That creates a lot of problems.
The other side is to know what love is To know what life is.
To know what’s the truth. To know reality
because I can feel it. Because it exists because
I have something else which actually has the capacity to know; rather than to think that I know. One of the things about the human mind is
unless you instruct it to do something It does whatever it wants.
So if I’m moving along with my mind,
thinking a lot, da da da repeating my thought here and there then I go ‘hang on, I want to
stop that’ so I go and do something to stop that,
unless I repeat that stopping principle point,
the mind will just go back onto its same journey of externalising everything around it. So if you’re using
your mind only to create your external reality, in most cases your
expectation, you’ll have disappointment and things like that, a lot of this stuff
will arise in your life. But if you’re using
your entire being to create and you’re using your
mind as the channelled point of that creation, then
you will be a lot more powerful. An exercise I use particularly with our
21st Century Youth Program, is, what I get the youth to do is go and look in the mirror every morning, and the first exercise they do, they do it 7 times;
They go ‘I love myself’ I love you me. I love you, me. To bring awareness to the self.
To the all that is right here, expressed in this body, is something so unique so
precious, so magnificent, it’s worth humbling to; it’s worth coming home to. It’s worth recognising
and spending some time with. We’re brain washed; the system is a
brain washing system; it consistently brain
washes us all the time. The biggest aspect to brain washing is fear of course, but fear is
human element as well. So fear can never
be removed but it can be faced. The searching of the mind for knowledge
The searching of the mind for something that is real, that is true, that means
something, and that can lead us into very dark empty lonely greedy thoughts. Where does that thought come from?
Am I creating it? If I’m creating that particular thought or downloading it, where am I
downloading it from? And is that thought efficacious or evidential? Does
it have meaning, you know? So our free will is making
us choose this, in a way maybe not fully consciously, so is our journey maybe to wake up from that,
and we can say “hey no more?” Yes! Yes! Yes! So it’s a beautiful divine plan in a way? That’s right! So another good exercise to do is if you have a major problem, or you see a major problem within yourself,
is if you look for the other side of that problem… If i have a problem with, you, for example.
OK so I have a problem with you; now I can break that problem right down to
I have a problem with the way you talk, the other side of the problem is coming
from me, because I have that problem;
you see, so as soon as I identify the part of the
problem that’s within me, I will release my problem that I have with you externally. The paradigm of trying to understand life, the universe, everything,
with our minds, and understand all of creation with our minds
and understand the purpose of that and who we are,
with something very limited. To shift out of that and
move into a place of knowing of being, of is-ness,
of expanse, of feeling, of reality, in our hearts,
and let our minds catch up with that eventually and try and
figure that one out. But let it not be the master; let it not be leading us down dark
alleyways. As it has done. And empirical neurologists
are starting to question orthodoxy in terms of the brain function, the brain is considered as one organ; it’s not;
it’s two completely separate organs divided by the corpus callosum.
And the left brain, is acknowledged to be that part of the human physical vehicle
which provides us with the the antenna to interpret through the five senses. It’s the physical, imperical, material,
transmitter receiver. The right brain is a completely different
kettle of fish. I mean one hypothesis that has been put
forward is that actually we don’t retain any intelligence at all
within the physical vehicle. I completely resonate with that;
we are just receivers. What’s happening in the
main frame as it were. And emotions do get stored
I feel in the body, in the cells. There’s no question about that, because
the empirical evidence is there with transplants; where people who receive
organs from donors actually inherit some of the unique capabilities, capacities,
belief systems of the donor. I mean one
of the classic examples; I want to eat chips,
but you never liked chips. Now one of the classics is a lady from Canada who got the heart
of an 18 year old male. Because of her lifestyle when she was very
ill, she was very careful about her diet. When she came out of the anesthetic,
from having the heart and lung transplant, the first thing she
said was I could murder a beer and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I spent some time talking with a retired
orthopedic surgeon, and he said, Ian, anyone who works in
surgery knows that when you are giving people
massive blood transfusion it’s absolutely essential you keep them
sedated, because they go through massive emotional turmoil; as the foreign blood
rushes through their system. So the point of making this observation
is we need to unleash ourselves, untie ourselves from the bounds
of orthodoxy and be prepared to consider
something that orthodoxy considers to be completely crazy because they don’t
really know. So we know about the
heart a lot more now. It’s not just for
pumping blood, it’s a whole issue that relates to
things like compassion and consciousness and empathy. The cosmos is clever,
the body is clever, the more you learn the more you realise just how clever the whole system is. As I’m treating with Ozone,
there’s a very high probability we are going to overcome the physical illness; so what I say to the
person is as you recover from this you might want to start developing a new
mind set now, because I can tell you your physical problems are going to ease; so that’s not going to be
in your life anymore. But if you’ve got the old mind set, well, what’s going to
stop it just coming back. So start now thinking about how you want
to think about yourself, how you want to approach the world, and what your
philosophy of life is going to be. Grow into your higher self.
Become that for which you pray. People come and they expect a practitioner
to cure them. The way I see it, the body has an innate ability to heal itself given
the right conditions. A lot of people are
just degenerating because of the system we are in. What I think you’re
asking and what we’re enquiring about is
how do we pick ourselves up and snap out of that?
And the first place to go is nutrition. Grow your own food. Drink pure water. Surround yourself with
uplifting ideas and people. Get the issues and the tissues out.
Our bodies are lodging all our history or herstory in the very tissues of our body.
And talking about them doesn’t do it. You need to move that story, that energy, by deep breath work,
by going out in nature and connecting. Localising food is bringing food systems,
our food sovereignty our food independence back home. And home isn’t just
me with my little garden. My household. Home is my neighbourhood. Home is my
community. Home is my bio region. So it’s actually being interdependent with
our food, from trading, to growing, to seed banks and seed exchanges, to value
added products that add this other potential for another income stream.
To kids gardens in schools and learning through that, it goes on and on. Community gardens, open orchards, there’s a whole plethora of examples both
in this country and around the world. The momentum is
strong and it’s also a counter force to ownership, power, control. Chemical companies buying up small family seed companies,
terminator genes, GE crops. Taking the food commodity further and
further away from people’s reach. And controlling that
to control the people. So people in the city, it’s not just again
‘my apartment’ or my ‘suburban house’ or ‘my rental property’.
It’s our neighbourhood. What spare land is in our neighbourhood?
What tiny area have you got? Let’s take down the fence,
Let’s make a gate in the fence, Where’s the wild harvest areas?
How can we go and glean together on the outskirts of the city and make a
picnic of it with our families so that we bring back the surplus fruit,
so we add our labour to the farmers; it’s a much bigger vision. Start with sprouts. On your kitchen bench;
something living, a living food, you know, sprouts in jars is the
very first living thing. And a worm farm so that your kids can see you are feeding your
scraps into your worm farm. And a tiny little area that is a container garden; for the city people,
the rental people, a container garden. Gardens in buckets, gardens in baskets, gardens in boxes.
And you can move them around. Even much more advantage than
having a garden in one place. You can have them greet the sun,
as the sun moves you can move them. And the other thing is
join a community garden. It’s so nice to see how your face lights
up when you speak about this. What is this, what does this mean for you? Not only my face lights up, my heart is
almost exploding with joy, and delight. What it is, it’s a gift; it’s a gift from nature, it’s a gift from
the ocean, and it’s not predictable; you can’t say Oh I’m going
to go to that forest this day and I’m going to harvest;
wild nature, wild harvest is never predictable,
so it’s like a surprise. This kind of activity, you
have to surrender, because you cannot manipulate it, I can’t think ‘oh I want a
burger now, I walk to a snack bar and get a burger right there
and then; whereas this, you just have to
see what nature gives you in that moment. So it requires an amount of surrendering? I’m kind of really
tuned into the seasons and what is the surplus or
what’s the shedding of nature from that season, and what can be
used as a resource, with respect of not taking too much and leaving for others and leaving back for the
earth and the ocean. Everything you handle and everything you
use in your life, look at where does it come from? What’s its cradle to grave
analysis? Where’s it made? What about the people who have made it,
are they slave labour, somewhere in China or wherever, and how can you actually
create that thing differently? Have you got a local
person who can make it? Welcome to Streamsong!
The name of my home. I first of all wanted to make sure I used
as much local materials as possible. And natural materials, starting from this
particular site and then this land then Golden Bay. And I’ve achieved that. All of the clay in this home is excavated
from these banks, all of the stones are from Golden Bay rivers and quarry.
And all of the timber is structural timber from other farms, other forests and
Golden Bay milled locally. Building small; so this is really like a sleepout in a way,
it has an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor shower,
so it’s indoor/outdoor So it’s fully self contained really. I don’t see how you’d need more. That’s right. Visiting Robina has opened up a whole
world for me. To be shown how easy it is for people to make small steps towards a life more in harmony
with the natural ways. I decided to film some more people who
can give me insight into more sustainable living solutions. We’ve been off the grid entirely the whole
time we’ve been here; 24 years; And that’s a journey;
we started with solar when it was really expensive. Now look at it.
Anyone can do it. Well all the rural
people in this district take their water from tanks and rivers. We get it from our river. We planted too many
fruit trees; we’ve got food forests here and
we’re oppressed by fruit. There’s so much fruit
but we give it to the birds in a way – we also give it to our neighbours, and we ask them to come up. That is our solar water heater,
and everyone says that’s the best purchase we’ve made in our life, it was $2000 at the time, quite expensive,
but oh it’s just been so good. It’s a family size, we had solar for
many years, now for the last 6-8 years. This is a micro-hydro,
you can see the water coming out there,
I built a nice housing for it creates electricity 24/7 all night long.
It’s absolutely revolutionised our lives. I really recommend them; the water’s
then going into a purpose built wetland And you’ve got ecology happening there
I’ll show you the piece here; this is the Rolls Royce, this is a really
good model with very good bearings. When I came here
24 years ago as a city boy I’d swapped my house
that I bought when I was 19 in Hamilton,
and land disparity values meant that I had this 400 acres,
I had this river I was here by myself, I didn’t have a partner then; I was like ah;
I was ecstatic. I remember being on this stretch of river and just whooping for
joy that I was in nature and that I could have this place and not
personally, but be a part of it. Life on a rock shows how
healthy our ecosystem is. It’s a very good test. When you’re near a river,
pick up some rocks and look underneath them. These are the buckets that are part of
our toilet system. What you’ve got there is shit? Yeah, this is what it becomes. With the Sawdust, organic matter. This is already nearly done isn’t it? It looks like proper soil. Yeah. And there’s no smell. All the paper’s gone, there’s no smell. I mean if you want
I’ll hold it with my hand. It’s just like full of worms. I also decide to visit a lady called
‘Daring Donna, who has introduced a very interesting
gift economy initiative. We have created
this amazing project called the ‘Earth House’
which we have been running now for a year,
it’s self funding, and self resourced by a part of
this amazing community in the far away north called Peria. There’s a group of us
who have got together and said OK how can we work together and create something
that is organic, zero waste, alternative energy, based on gift, coming
from the heart, love and action. And this is it! The Earth House! Yeah, to me the Earth House is, I mean there are so many
different aspects to it. We all want to create something positive
in the world. There’s no dwelling on all the crap that’s going
on out there We’re sort of focussing
on what we’re doing. It’s very much a
community centered and based initiative. You know
a lot of the food is coming from our gardens,
we’re going for organics, We’ve got this wonderful cycle in which
all the waste from the kitchen goes into the compost, the compost
goes onto the garden then the produce from the garden goes back
into the kitchen. Rather than having a menu, we look at our
gardens to see what’s in there. So for instance, fresh goats feta, Janika
makes that from the goats down the valley. Carrots and beetroot from the valley.
Carrot dip all from the valley. Greenery from the people just out, that
are sitting out at the table. They grow all the greenery for us. Corn bought in, so the whole philosophy was
let food be your medicine. Cause I just saw it there. I’ve lived in the area for 26 years in the
community. Isolated community. So I’ve had to be very resourceful with
cooking and growing and what I have in my garden. so I’ve got a few ideas for some strange
vegetables we can use and things that are easy to grow basically. We are based on gift economy, which is
you give with great love from your heart whatever you feel to give. They pay what they want to pay, not only
that but everyone receives what they need. There’s no tables individually for people
to sit and eat on, it’s community. So people sit around and talk together
There’s no sort of separation. We’re not actually focussing on the
commerce of the enterprise We’re just focusing on the energy of it How everyone’s feeling. How we’re looking after each other How we’re heading into the future. I thought it was amazing to see all these
projects, to visit this small community here in Northland, New Zealand.
I realise that it takes all sorts of people basically, you know some people are really drawn to being in
the middle of nowhere, like up here but other people might be more inclined
to be with large groups of people in a creative hub, more of a city kind of
constellation, it would be great in the new paradigm if there was a solution for
everyone you know, we can’t just have one mold for everyone. We have to make space
for the authenticity of each individual. And one of the projects that I’m really
into is the ‘Venus Project’: How long will it take
to build these cities? I would say it would
take about approximately 10 years, to change the
surface of the Earth with multiple jigs and giant machines. Not brick layers, plasterers.
High tech systems – about 10 years. Garden cities all over the world. But
we’d have to level most of the old cities. And mine them for steel, glass,
whatever we can get from them. After we level the cities, we might keep
a few cities as museum cities. To show people what
people used to live in. To show the kids of the future what the
world used to be. Just as the pyramids have been preserved. This is inside a new city. This is where people live.
Flowers, Gardens… No slums. No street people.
No hungry people. Hi my name’s Andrew Buxton, I’m the
Co-Founder of the Venus Project designed with my partner Julita Wielgat. We started working for the Venus Project
two years ago to help them develop the physical models that Jacques has done
throughout his life, with Roxanne. Into 3D CGI for use in
future films and media. We’re also building up a global database
of scientists and technicians, engineers, architects etcetera. Which we intend to use at a later date if
any countries, or if there’s a global move toward a resource
based economies, that we’d be in a position to be
able to help build teams globally to begin the
design of the first cities. Based on sacred geometry, or
template reality, when nature’s doing its thing, then the best or most economic way
that nature combines units together is with twelve around a centre one. So this is some of
these shapes, based on the Golden Ratio, which is the source
of template reality. And what we’re looking at or talking about
before about the social structure in the twelve around one,
so we could grab one of these here and we’ve got twelve,
I’m calling them twelve departments or twelve aspects of a
community, and they just perfectly pack around a central hub like that. The Thrive group and
a number of other groups are beginning to realise
that a social structure needs to be,
for optimum success, following patterns of nature… …and this is the
prime pattern of nature. Basically, you’ve got
what you would call the farming, which would be like
the permaculture, one whole unit which would be
how to deal with animals and plants and growing and composting and everything that’s involved in that. Then you’ve got another
one which would be like urban and infrastructure,
which is like the Venus Project, where you’ve got how best
to provide all the structural elements to large numbers of people. You’ve got the healing
aspect with hospitals for everything involved
in birthing and dying. What can happen is that, that there
can fit in snugly inside this shape here Which is the same shape
but at a bigger size. And then same thing again.
This white one here is part of the hub. Not the whole thing,
but part of the hub. The one and that one packs in here and
once again you have twelve around there. So here’s Golden Bay, here’s Nelson,
here’s Christchurch, whatever. So you get another bigger version.
There’s 144 in this one. And it will materialise all the things
that’s in the Venus Project except in a much more economical way. If we are so busy trying to keep
our heads above water financially, then how can we start this change? We need to reconnect with each other and
reconnect with the Earth to bring about sacred reciprocity with each other
and the Earth so we can survive into the future to create a life of fulfillment
and prosperity for everyone. Universal basic income
is a living allowance of a yearly figure that is paid to every single individual on this planet.
And every single one of those people gets enough
money to provide the basic needs of society. Because we’ve evolved
into a form of society where people are
completely reliant upon each other and upon a system for survival.
So to access that system they need money. People can’t live as tribal people anymore
because there’s no access to land through segregation of lands through legislative
process and ownership. Provision of $12, $15, $20,000
a year per person, whatever it takes,
is what it takes to give people access to that which they need. They get creative,
they start growing their own food, set up community supported agriculture models. So people work within systems that they
choose to work in out of choice of what gives them prosperity
and what gives them success, sense of passion. Basic income is financed
from my perspective through transaction tax
so every day there’s multiple transactions on this planet.
Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars are transacted every day. So if you take a percentage cut of those transactions, it will
redistribute all wealth creating no longer
people reliant on benefit systems, no more sickness benefit, no more unemployment benefit, if you bring social systems in where people
are treated fairly and equally they will then care for their
environment more, and then the economy will boom. I believe you are working hard for
what you earn. You work hard then you get more.
But everyone should have a baseline. I think it would be a good idea. It’s hardly a scarce resource because it
comes off a printing press. Make as much as you want and
give it away. They need to because otherwise we are going to have all the
problems we have now, aren’t we? I would support that. Nah; wouldn’t like that. I think that could be something that we
should think about more. Needs a lot of thought how this can be implemented. But it’s worth
to think about it. In the last ten to twenty years
so many really switched on young people have decided to incarnate, so that’s a great sign. Whatever they’re doing, you can teach what they need to learn
though that medium. If they’re building a hut, you can teach
them maths, teach them about culture, you can teach them English, you can teach
them planning, resourcefulness… Yesterday, a few volunteers, pupils,
were working on emptying old cardboard… …from a closet to the
waste deposit downstairs. I asked the pupil why is it in a separate
container and he didn’t know, and I said try to figure out why that
would be, because that is plastic and this is carton. Why is that separate?
Ah recycling maybe, and I said OK can you make a presentation? He said I have an iPad, so he started
working on the pressi. And there was some spelling mistakes in it
so we sat and I admired the pressi and corrected his spelling mistakes,
and I said but you copied and pasted some information from Wikipedia, apparently about what is
paper and what is carton. And it had to do with
the weight of the paper, that was expressed in
grams per square metre. I said what is a square metre?
We tried to find tape so we could put a square metre. I said, what you have
to do Within your pressi, make some calculation exercises for all the children. The pupil is teaching the younger ones,
because he’s quite old, he’s eleven – teaching the younger ones
the whole arithmetic scene. If theyre learning about those things in that way, then
those things are meaningful. Whereas if they are sitting in a classroom
and they go 1+1=2, da da da da… Look how parents teach their children or teach their children?
Help their children. And master the world. And imitate and copy that behaviour.
Much more than, OK! We don’t wear shoes in here, so they slide
through these nice long corridors. I say first I say to them
maybe that’s nice to show on the game day,
because apparently your good at break dancing, so start
working on it. B. if somebody comes out how would
you react if you would collide? But if a child is running to his
classroom I’m glad. It would be great, if,
you know as part of the new paradigm
education for children that in maths lessons,
or physics lessons, they are starting to play
with these kind of things really. This is my own personal goal is to. That’s
why I’m building these is to get them into the local school system somehow. I’m going to say something very, very radical here; and
I’m going to speak it out. How it is true for me. One of the things I do is get seed bags
into schools. I have children become Kaitiaki, or caretakers,
of the seeds for their future generations.
And there’s a reason for that. Because as in many countries sharing seeds
is becoming illegal. Sharing and selling open pollinated seeds
is illegal. If that happens in our country are you going to break into schools
and arrest kids for having a seed bank? And their sense of guardianship of those seeds has come
through them growing them harvesting them,
drawing beautiful pictures on them, naming them,
they are totally ‘we are care taking for these seeds for
not just us but for our community.’ Adults have to come
and ask them for seeds. Children are way more clever than adults
give them credit for; children can learn really really quickly, and they model.
They copy. So schools, often, a lot of the brightest people
are held back by schools. Steve Jobs for example
dropped out, Albert Einstein is a good example;
Albert Einstein was considered by his professor to be a dull student
and nothing much would come of him. He couldn’t even get
a job as a school teacher the year he wrote
the theory of relativity. It’s an example;
same with Steve Jobs. He could never have done what he did with
the beautiful integrated operating system behind Apple if he’d stayed inside the
University, because he’d have lost a lot of the creativity and a lot of the drive because he would have
been required to conform. A bunch of templates,
a bunch of blueprints that everything else
including all the dimensions, all the consciousness, all the
emotional realms, all the mental realms everything, is all constructed on these templates. So the universe
is really a thought. Who did that? That’s the big question. Where do you
put the question mark? You have collectors of consciousness, so humanity’s a collective
of consciousness, eventually humanity becomes, what ends up being humanity,
becomes a unified humanity. And that unified humanity joins together
with other unified collectives… I will use a famous term, by the Ra
channeling source, law of One; “A soul memory complex is the way they term a whole
society that is unified.” So then you join with another whole society which is unified
from somewhere else and then you join together as collectives
of them. And the creative potential of those is
beyond any person’s imagination. But eventually, you create larger and
larger, longer lasting scenarios. We’re divine beings, IN physical
manifestation. I believe this being Satan.
Where does that word come from? Satan is an anagram of
Sanat; Sanat Kumara He’s the oldest
first born son of Brahma. This comes from the
ancient Vedic knowledge and Sananda Kumara,
is the second born. If you fit that
with the Judaic idea, Lucifer is the first born,
Michael is the second born. It’s the same story of the two brothers.
The older brother and the younger brother. So I believe they create the spectrum of
duality in which we grow and learn. We are tempted to be good by Michael, by
Jesus. We are tempted to be bad by Lucifer by Jehova. And, you know,
neither one is good nor bad. It’s like in Bali they have the checkered
white and black flag. Good and evil are a duality for learning.
For progress. In the perverse occult belief system
of those who think they are the rightful rulers of the planet, they do actually
have to tell us what they are going to do. And it doesn’t mean
to say they put it on the front page of
the most popular red top paper. But it means that somewhere out there,
the script has to be available. And then it’s
up to the individuals whether or not they go seek it out. So it’s to do almost with
this free will thing? Yes. What a gift! Oh I like that. Oh Wow.
Both shoulders. Oh wow. Part of the game here on
planet Earth is free will, free choice. So they cannot push it upon us; we have
to have known it before they do it, and then have consented by not stopping it? The three most powerful tools that these
entities have are all in our control. That is our apathy,
our abdication, and our wilful ignorance.
Cognitive dissonance. And in their belief system,
the most powerful tool there is abdication,
because abdication means that we’ve got a pretty good idea what it is they’re
going to do, and we choose, even though we know, to ignore it. Humanity is the hare sleeping under the tree, and the new world order
or the conspiracy if you want to call it and the
psychopathic scumbags are the tortoise and they’re
nearly at the finish line. They ave almost got everything they need
in order to dominate humanity for ever in an irresistible global dictatorship.
We’ve got the all the mass surveillance, We’ve got all of that. I think it’s wrong of
any politician to take away the public seat at
the table of government. And so you’ll simply have to trust us.
And you know what it’s not in the public interest to know about these programs. Humanity’s only just
waking up under the tree and thinking ‘Oh my God
I’d better get my run on because that tortoise is going to reach the finish line’, that’s where
we’re at right now. We’re really,
really far behind but we’re moving really, really quickly. The New World Order is really far ahead,
but their progress is slow. And their progress
is getting slower and slower They are having a
tough time right now, the people who want to dumb us down,
control and kill us. It’s not going according to plan. You either have constructive wave interference or
destructive wave interference. So destructive wave
interference cancels itself out. Scenario; Four bank robbers combine their
forces, to go in and rob the bank. And they achieve what they want to do by
combining their forces to do that. They get out of the bank, they each have
their own agenda, shoot the other one, and they take all the money. It’s
just how they work and how they think. So that’s destructive interference.
It cancels itself out. There’s no need to
even pay attention to it. It’s going to cancel itself out. We have the Julian Assanges and the
Edward Snowdens of this world coming out and revealing government documents and
people really like that kind of thing, because it has tangibility.
There’s an actual document. This actually happened; it’s not
somebody’s theory, this is real. And they have admitted
absolutely everything they are doing in this document. So therefore it’s really going on,
and only someone who refuses to believe it will be able to deny it.
And that simple refusal to believe
something that is really challenging to your
current world view and perception, that’s called
cognitive dissonance. I view my job as a journalist to hold
accountable and to provide a check on those who wield the greatest power. And
the way that is done in my view most properly is by scrutinising
and investigating the claims the government officials make, rather than just mindlessly and
uncritically repeating them. If you want to mindlessly and uncritically repeat government
claims you should go work for the government as
a government spokesperson Those that think they
are the rightful rulers know that humanity
is actually evolving this capability and this
capacity to extend their thought process beyond the matrix. So it’s got out of hand; the experiment
that started, grew and grew and grew; we’ve multiplied richly, and now we’re evolving to a point we’re
starting to remembe who we actually are.
So then the next step is, those that think they are
the rightful rulers, are doing something to stop this? Well they’ve been doing
this for quite some time but they’ve certainly accelerated the agenda greatly in the last 100+ years. People are waking up, the power of consciousness is huge; as soon
as people realise that they have the power, then the rollback begins
And it has already begun; there’s a huge push back going on all over the place, in every possible dimension;
And this is really exciting stuff. This is exciting.
Yeah, I know. The unfolding universe
is a real-time self consciously developing something, or rather. And so it wants to further that progress
so it creates fractal versions of itself; small ones, realising
that those versions of itself eventually
form together in groups and the potential
that those groups can then put in practice is as yet unknown. And that creates more beauty,
and so it goes on. At some point, in the past, on these
different planets, in these different solar systems, there came a moment when
there was an era, which was like the era of decision making and x number of people
from each of those places decided to go toward a more positive evolution.
Others decided to take a more negative tangent, and then a whole heap of them
from each of these places didn’t decide either positives or negatives.
So when they died they had to, or were attracted to come to another place,
another scenario, which was just sort of setting up itself so they
could re-experience that same sort of era or
that same sort of pattern… …over so many 1000’s of years
and they were attracted to come here and experience once again the opportunity to get to a point,
like 2012, where they could once again make a decision whether they were going to choose negative future or
positive future. Or not choose at all. And then if they died, they go elsewhere
and do the same thing again. This ball of clay which looks a little bit
dry, but just look beyond it, represents the all that every was,
all that is, and all that ever will be. It’s source. it’s from which everything
is created and derived. Everything is already in
this ball of clay. Everything that is, is this ball of clay.
And so because it wants to be creative, it separates itself and
does little experiments. So it says for instance, ‘Alright,
I’m going to play God, so I’m going to separate myself from this ball of clay, i’m going
to make myself into a God, alright. And alright, that’s cool I’m going to separate myself from this
source energy and I’m going to be playing human with a bunch of others,
OK? And so the role play we’re
going to do is worship. We’ve got GOD here,
doesn’t he look awesome? And here we have a human alright. We need a setting to play this on.
So we’re going to create a little ball and we’re going to call it planet
Earth yeah. So the game is that you’re going to live on this Earth and you’re going to worship me yeah?
OK cool let’s do that. And the other thing that we’ll do is we’ll
make sure we won’t remember. And the fun part of it is not only do we
experience this whole experience, but we have to go back to
remembering slowly. That’s what we’re going to be doing.
OK cool. So these humans, there’s heaps of them,
go to planet Earth, and they start experimenting with the feeling of worshipping. And this GOD
says OK I’m going to start feeling start feeling what it’s like to be worshipped, and lets see
what I can do with all the powers I have. So this goes
on for quite a few thousands of years, and quite a lot of these these humans
remember, quite a lot of them, it’s been way too long to remember. They don’t remember, they don’t know
anything anymore, they just walk through the planet and do their thing. Anyway
there comes a point where those that have remembered
will go home, they go back to the ball of clay And those that haven’t remembered, might one day remember and go back to the
ball of clay. Anyway, there’s an end to everything, right?. Nothing lasts
forever. So, GOD. Goes home. And the little human goes home. And so they all merge again
with the ball of clay. There comes a point where a new experiment
is going to be done, I mean there’s always thousands and millions of experiments
being done from the one source. Where this little piece says ‘now I’m
going to play God’. Now I want to know what it’s like to play god.’ And another
piece comes out and says all of us, we’re going to be humans now. And what’s so
interesting is that the one who was playing GOD before its essence
is also in this new experiment. So this is the new human.
Beautiful, right? And the new human has a lot of its essence
from what was GOD before. Because they come from the same pool of creation. And the one that is playing GOD now is
actually has the essence of a lot of the humans that had gone back to the ball of clay. So at the end of the day, we are all from
the same source. That means GOD is GOD but it means you are GOD too.
It means planet Earth is GOD. It means you are GOD, I am GOD,
the grass is GOD, um, the tree is, everything that you see around you. And so I am making this film right, and
the reason I am going off on this massive tangent here, is because at the end of the
day, when we remember, that we come from the same source, and we remember that it’s all
a temporary expression, an experiment, then we know that we are all GOD. And
that’s really hard for a lot of people to realise. It’s so hard in fact that
we kind of don’t want to know, because if we’re GOD then it means we have to
start taking responsibility for what we do, for our thoughts, our actions and
do we really want to do that? No. It’s been thousands of years that
I’ve been playing this part of the victim and the worshipper, there’s no way
I’m gonna give it up, you know? but maybe the suffering becomes so
bad at one point that you say OK I am so used to this suffering, it’s been thousands of
years that I’ve done this, I’m over it. I want to know what it’s like to not
suffer and to be empowered and to know that I’m a creative little GOD
expressed right now here. And that journey from that suffering place
to the empowered place is quite a hard journey. And it seems that on planet Earth
this is what we are going through right now. People are waking up, and people are
knowing and realising they have to start to take responsibility for their thoughts
you know I can no longer blame you and you and you for everything that is happening
to me. I am able to create my own reality. And that’s why I’m sharing this with you.
I’m sharing this because I want us to be empowered again. And whether you choose to or not that is
fine; but my wish is that we may come back to this realisation of who we are.
And eventually go back. To source. Ask a question, and know that it will be
answered. But you have to release. You can’t just say here’s the question,
give me the answer, I want it right now. You have to ask the question and then
just let it go. We’re at a point of conscious evolution
at a level never been seen before. We are in a unique period right now.
It’s almost like the evolutionary process has accelerated exponentially in
the last few years. The frequency of the Earth itself, and
the solar system, but the Earth itself is moving to a higher frequency. And those
that are attracted here from now on have to have a higher frequency than
those that could come here before. There is no point where humanity and
each individual isn’t peaking on their spiritual path; they always are; so we are
exactly where we are meant to be. How can I take a chip of that block. Take a chisel to it, knock off a piece, and be able to carry that
one little piece. If you stand up and want to be active
it’s fantastic, because you can have a national voice, you know. You can become
powerful. just through your own motivation.
That’s what we’re doing in this district and thats what the Earth
house is on the way to becoming; a very strong player.Nobody
can do everything; but everybody can do something. I don’t have the
power to punish the powerful; But you have the power to
play your card Exactly. And it takes seven people apparently,
statistically, to tell you the exact same thing that
contradicts your previously held beliefs for you to actually
want to change those beliefs. Never let it be said that a small group of
committed people cannot change the world. In fact is that’s the only thing that
ever has. We have to be guardians of our world. What it takes is me to step, you to step,
beyond your little world, your needs based me, me, me, give me mine gratification
and make a contribution. Whatever is your passion. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid!
Follow your truth! Even a chance of making a difference
in this world. OK, so my answer to that question is:
Everyones making a difference. Every single person on the planet is
making a difference. It just depends on what you choose to do.
I chose this medium.

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    [i] How Much Information is Stored in the Human Genome?

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    Meaning: The almighty Creator.

    Application: God is the all-powerful creator of the universe. God knows everything, creates all things and is everywhere at all times. It is the plural of "El". Genesis 28: 10-22 Genesis 28: 10-22 God Speaks Today (DHH)

    God appears to Jacob in Bethel

    10 Jacob left Beer-sheba and took the road to Haran. 11 He arrived at a certain place and stayed there for the night, because the sun had already set. He took one of the stones that was in the place as a pillow, and lay down to sleep. 12 There he had a dream, in which he saw a ladder that was supported on the earth and reached to heaven, and through which the angels of God rose and fell. 13 He also saw that the Lord was standing next to him, and saying, "I am the Lord, the God of your grandfather Abraham and your father Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land where you are lying. 14 They will become as many as the dust of the earth, and they will spread north and south, east and west, and all the families of the world will be blessed through you and your descendants. 15 I am with you; I will take care of you wherever you go, and I will make you return to this land. I will not abandon you without fulfilling what I have promised you. "

    16 When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought: "Truly the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it." 17 He was very afraid, and thought: "This place is very sacred. Here is the house of God; It is the door of heaven! »

    18 The next day Jacob got up very early, picked up the stone he had used as a pillow, set it on his feet like a pillar, and consecrated it by pouring oil on it. 19 In that place there was once a city called Luz, but Jacob changed his name and he gave him Bethel.

    20 There Jacob made this promise: "If God accompanies me and takes care of me on this trip that I am doing, if he gives me what to eat and what to wear, 21 and if I return safely to my father's house, then the Lord will be my God. 22 This stone, which I have set as a pillar, will be the house of God; and I will always give you, oh God, the tenth part of everything that you give me … HERE SEEES Love that God spoke with Jacob for the Promise that isolates his Father .. and speaks of the doors, and of the Angels ..eye since they are Angels of God, not FALLEN ..) THE FALLEN ARE THE REVEALED … I am watching a video And as EX ROSACRUZ I am not proud

    nothing. But God with his Mercy made me see all this is wrong in the eyes of Him. And I tell you about this concoction or potion (Drug) That opens states in the Mind (Abre Portales altering their consciousness

    looking for the meaning of things and this knowledge was forbidden by God to Eve and here we see that it is not good to do what it brings bad consequences since this invisible is more real than what is seen because of what is not seen he did everything the bible says … from the invisibe it is visible I hope I understand these laws) Colossians 1:16) For in Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible; whether thrones or domains or powers or authorities; everything has been created through Him and for Him this Drug Substance or preparation of stimulating, depressing or narcotic effect. Here we see the pharmakeia Galatas 5,20) Here it speaks of the Works of the flesh .and of the Idolatry .Adoration to others gods, and here we see these gods, in the demon potions that can be seen with this drug since they are invisible and are visible with this potion) until they position themselves of the People as it happened to Gadara Gadara speaks the Bible . Luc 8:26

    The Gadarene demoniac

    (Mt. 8.28-34; Mr. 5.1-20) unclean spirit) What is your name? And he said: Legion. Because a lot of demons have entered him. ) IS NOT A Tale … they are Entities. It is spoken by the book of ENOC .. Fallen Angels Genesis 6.. Read the Bible Search is not a story today they are on time .. there is a lot of information. In this regard the Vatican is wanting to unite the Religions are CALLED ECUMENISM .. And there everything is ALLOWED AND THAT IS SATANIC .. The Warlocks with God when God detests this .. .Deu 18: 9

    Admonition against pagan customs

    When you enter the land that Jehovah your God gives you, you will not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations.

    Deu 18:10 Let no man be found among you who causes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, nor any who practices divination, nor doomsayer, nor sorcerer, nor sorcerer,

    Deu 18:11 nor charming, nor fortune-teller, nor magician, nor who consults the dead.

    Deu 18:12 For whosoever doeth these things is an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations, Jehovah thy God, cast these nations out from before thee.

    Deu 18:13 You shall be perfect before Jehovah your God.

    Deu 18:14 For these nations, which you are going to inherit, hear the prophets and fortune tellers; But Jehovah your God has not allowed you to do this. and so to say all is well God is good and forgives us … so what we do .. GOOD IS GOOD THAT IS NOT GOING TO PUNISH FOR THIS WHAT WE DO … and here they are wrong .. since He said in Genesis 3,1 to 24 ) Gen 3:24 And he drove out the man, and put cherubim in the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword that turned on all sides, to keep the way of the tree of life. , Now who was Lucifer) the Cherubin Protector ..SI or not .. Come and that iso I fill you with ideas to Eva that you will not die, but on the contrary you will know and you will have Gen 3: 4 Then the serpent said to the woman: You will not die;

    Gen 3: 5 But God knows that in the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, as he who SEES HIMSELF CLARITO describes him as God.). Knowing good and evil.

     read it please. God put rules in everything that The Creo …

     This powerful Sonmifero that opens Portales EYE IS NOT A STORY AND IS OPEN) the mind and let enter entities which do not come out because the mind sets the White Amen.and it is like playing Russian Roulette. IT IS NOT A STORY WHAT IT SAYS THIS Lady is used by the SHAMANES … or WITCHES … WIZARDS … THESE ENTITIES DO NOT EXIT .. They are there they wait and they are not there but they are …) This is done by the YOGA and the people do not He knows that this activity is not for God at all … as demons enter the body. and then how do you get them out? This was brought by the famous bealtes on their tours to when they went to India and from there they spread this satanic practice around the world. They are gods they do not know … they understand me and that is why the word of God never came, look at the bible in facts of the apostles) they were not told to go to the east because to see) in the Bible there are Commandments and these were not known by this group of singers. English Beats Musicians who only they touched and they knew of these ARTS or their TRADITIONS. Other gods that do not know the book of the facts are spoken the Greeks knew much of all of them since they adored them. and they had their place in the squares to the god not known Acts 17; 23) but Paul in Acts 22 explains it well you adore EVERYONE.) ARE RELIGIOUS … it's the same and it has not changed. EVERYTHING CONTINUES UNTIL NOW what a pity See. But God is a jealous God, do not forget about that … because he does not share his Glory with anyone, since he is a CREATOR … OF EVERYTHING.

  • It is not a business … my dear friend. It is free salvation … it is for all who believe and what happens that the Catholic Church got into adultery that put the Bible at their convenience and put customs that are of other gods ..with his miter … and hence the Sumerians and their tables of the law speak and (confuse) and draw the tablets of God proper to the chosen people of God to His Own. And for that People is the Promise. no matter what they say, Israel is the People of God.) and of them is SALVATION) LIFE AND DEATH AND HERE come from these children of the Terror that were those who with their Allied WITCHCRAFT CONFUSED THE WORLD ..) IN THE Book of ENOC is all the Magical Arts Shemihaza taught enchantments and cut roots; Hermoni to break spells, witchcraft, magic and related abilities; Baraq'el the signs of lightning; Kokab'el the omens of the stars; Zeq'el those of the lightning; -'he taught the meanings; Ar'taqof taught the signs of the earth; Shamsi'el the omens of the sun; and Sahari'el those of the moon, and all began to reveal secrets to their wives.
    of which lucifer (Templars or knight.) For his glory so enter to dominate the whole world are these secret organizations (he got the Knights of Malta and Templar that all made a party .. I HAD Freemasonry = magic … esoterism … and here come these POWERS … FROM THE DARKNESS THEM THROUGH THESE Prizes that are the POWER .. THEY GIVE SOMETHING TO CHANGE As Satan said to you if you prostrate and love me I will give you. and these who did everything they see. And they did with this confabulation that is typical of the Jesuits that between truths and lies get everything for their purpose by their god Lucifer .. and they together with those who are the Masters of the World Rothschild family, like others like the Rockefellers are the masters of the world .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J81WMZPeCyY .Identity Crisis – by Jim Staley – Passion for Truth Ministries

  • . Lucifer Telescope on Mount Graham Part 1 where the Indians saw the Stars and communicated with their gods .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amigM1nk1xg and where are the DIMENSIONAL PORTALS .. THEREFORE are these today Telescopes . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5aM8M41lXU
     2nd Part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_96YFAEBjNc
    "The mysteries of Babylon" (2nd Part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amigM1nk1xg
     Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMjm6L2h3f0
     Part 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvt1eAeNFFw
     part 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ8Di6KAHvQ
    part 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7zSqPrSRbU
    part 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze_cwK6UJGY
    part 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dOW1Ww-4dc
    part 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8tsdNLYJB0
    I am seeing what it says about the spirit of the SERPENT. OR DRAGON … is LUCIFER … or ANGEL FALLED. John 3; 10 … LET'S GO TO STEAL KILL AND LIE DRAGON
    Term more used in RV-1909 than in RV-60. This is limited in the Old Testament to translating the Hebrew tannin voice, which means a very great and fearsome maritime being (Isa_27: 1; Isa_51: 9; Jer_51: 34). The dragon of Eze_29: 3; Eze_32: 3; Eze_32: 2 (representing Egypt) looks like the crocodile. The same word is translated as "sea monster" in Gen_1: 21; Job_7: 12; Sal_74: 13; Ps_148: 7, and "snake" or "snake" in Ex 7 Gen_9: 10, Gen_9: 12; Deu_32: 33. In Sal_91: 13 it must be "serpent" instead of "dragon".
    In intertestamental Jewish literature, the dragon is already an apocalyptic reality and that of Ap 12; 13; sixteen; 20 is a symbolic animal that seems to have the shape of a large winged crocodile. It symbolizes Satan and his representative the antichrist, as the incarnation of enmity against God, and recalls the struggle between Tiamat and Marduk of Babylonian mythology.
    The Hebrew voice is like that, that in RV-1909 and in some Catholic versions it was translated by "dragon", it is translated more correctly by "jackal" in RV-1960 (Isa_13: 22; Isa_34: 13; Isa_35: 7; Mal_1: 3).

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5aM8M41lXU Gen 1: 1
    The creation
    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    Gen 1: 2 And the earth was without form and void, and the darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters.
    Gen 1: 3 And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.
    Gen 1: 4 And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
    Gen 1: 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and morning one day.
    Gen 1: 6 Then God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
    Gen 1: 7 And God made the expanse, and divided the waters which were under the firmament, from the waters that were above the firmament. And it was like that.
    Gen 1: 8 And God called the expanse Heavens. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
    Gen 1: 9 God also said, Let the waters that are under the heavens be gathered together in one place, and let the dry be uncovered. And it was like that.
    Gen 1:10 And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering of the waters he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.
    Gen 1:11 Then God said: Let the earth grow green grass, grass that gives seed; tree of fruit that bears fruit according to its kind, that its seed be in it, on the earth. And it was like that.
    Gen 1:12 So the earth brought forth green grass, grass that gives seed according to its nature, and tree that bears fruit, whose seed is in it, according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.
    Gen 1:13 And there was evening and there was morning, a third day.
    Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and serve as signals for the seasons, for days and years,
    Gen 1:15 and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth. And it was like that.
    Gen 1:16 And God made the two great lights; the greater luminary to rule the day, and the lesser luminary to rule the night; He also made the stars.
    Gen 1:17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light on the earth,
    Gen 1:18 And to rule over the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good.
    Gen 1:19 And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day.
    Gen 1:20 God said, Let the waters produce living things, and birds that fly on the earth, in the open expanse of the heavens.
    Gen 1:21 And God created the great sea monsters, and every living creature that moves, which the waters produced according to their kind, and every winged bird after its kind. And God saw that it was good.
    Gen 1:22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.
    Gen 1:23 And there was evening and there was morning, the fifth day.
    Gen 1:24 Then God said, Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kind, beasts and serpents, and beasts of the earth after their kind. And it was like that.
    Gen 1:25 And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kind, and cattle according to their kind, and every animal that creeps on the earth after its kind. And God saw that it was good.
    Gen 1:26 Then God said, Let us make man in our image, c after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over the beasts, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.
    Gen 1:27 And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; Male and female he created them.
    Gen 1:28 And God blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the beasts that move on the earth.
    Gen 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant that gives seed, which is on all the earth, and every tree in which there is fruit and which yields seed; They will be for you to eat.
    Gen 1:30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to every thing that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, every green plant will be for them to eat. And it was like that.
    Gen 1:31 And God saw all that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and morning was the sixth day.

  • Unfortunately I own nothing,have no credit rating,nothing,curse or blessing?If I can pay I eat and dress if not I tighten my belt,if it's a leather belt that doesn't snap.

  • excellent information and inspiring ….until the part about the venus project and universal income which is nothing more than repackaging the old matrix into a new version of itself by the same controllers.

  • part of it is very true if you ask me but the last part about god.. that s a mistake . god doesnt need any worshipping. thats churches that invented that. ( and rewritten bibles). one good one = donald walsch, 😉

  • Who controls the world? The people who make up the lies and the same people who propagate and enforce these lies in schools and places of worship. Here's the truth you need to know, we were created by the super-human Anunnaki in their image because they needed a slave race. However, shortly after Anunnaki were defeated and ejected, in a galactic war, by Satan and his/her minions who then credited itself as "Elohim". This is what people are "worshipping". So now you know who calls the shots on Earth. And the reason everything is so seriously messed up: Through manufactured CHAOS the New World Order perpetually cycles because it feeds on humanity.

  • Never drink or eat blood because blood symbolizes life. this is half truth and half lies there is one God, pagan Goddesess are fallen angels and their seeds. I think this is it. The another matrix created by satan! Jesus is the only way folks there's no other way out

  • Truth bring Freedom ! What is Truth ? The Truth is that "man" is nothing but Illusion ! A Maya , That he comes from God and will return to God! As soon as you Know and understand this Truth , as soon as you see and feel it , you feel Free-free from all passions and ambitions , Free from suffering and Free to enter eternity!" Freedom is the nourishment for Spirit! Man Know the glory of Thyself !

  • Fluoride targets our Pineal Gland ! the seed of Consciousness ! Fluoride was first introduced in the Concentration Camps in Germany! Until 1945 it was classified by the WHO in the same class than Arsen !

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