Minecraft – FREEDOM

hey dad dad dad no hungry and mom said we could have ice cream as well lobster ice cream come on okay look your mother left to go run some errands and I’m putting I was put in charge to put you guys well you’re not a good do know you’re know we’re hungry and we can’t go to bed on an empty stomach you’re being a bad guy I want kraft dinner okay look first of all I’m pretty sure it’s craft but and in I don’t think we have most milk no but then you have to go straight to bed all right okay okay fine oh no no let’s just go down to the kitchen guys lon I’ll grab going crazy yeah it’s a mixtape come on what what my stomach is a mix tape you know dump mixtapes whatever you want man come on we smoked they say nothing it’s not water it’s not what it looks like before going to bed but here you guys go okay now it’s a cheese bacon roll I don’t want it no I don’t I don’t want it I don’t want this it’s steak it’s too big I don’t get you the bed and all nice and comfy up there all right my mom’s gonna come back she’s gonna chill me out good okay you’re a bad just because the last time I adult watch you guys come on oh nothing nothing don’t give it you know Big Mac oh no no no big man give it back moose bag your fullest you were gonna drink really old juice yeah it’s healthy no it was on the side of the fridge it’s probably been there for no no no moose Oh daddy I’m with a mom whoa look at this thing put it down look at it a shirt look shirt no no no I want to know no bad yeah if I play with the can I just go to I’ll go to bed okay I just wanna hold it this yeah yeah this is a neurotoxin what must it – what do you guys what do you guys buy on Amazon like you just this is what you with the invention of Amazon Prime you can easily order things and come to you in a really fast shipping day for a cheap price chart he’s being a bully again hold the gun there’s no get back here what guys if you don’t come back you just let me come and you split up really here get over here most most no no look I need you to go Oh back into the bathroom stay with you shark okay I need you guys to know that I don’t wanna get cleaned up I gave you your food okay you said your mom said I could also have ice cream no where’s my ice cream we don’t have any ice cream so I know that’s a lie I want the gun I want to go there wait no I’m going to that I’m going and go to the bathroom don’t trust I’m gonna flush myself down the toilet look at this oh man oh man oh man huh oh it’s not cool water breathing water breathing come on come on hey if you are going to try to do any tricky in any funny business I’m not gonna let anything happen here everything away what what’s it oh hi where’s moose what was it like where were you no no way hey wait what most I have a gift for you listen kids can’t put the gun down put the gun down it’s not a god it’s I forget you won’t be grounded for eight months if you don’t give me your gun shucks what’d you get – I found this in wanted I’ll give it to you I want to try it out I wanna try it out maze I don’t have any ammo for but yeah Wow no dad you can withhold fun no you don’t put the gun down no ice cream Hey look I found a knife where are all these weapons coming from what is what is your mother hiding from me what is this smells good I’m sorry oh no everyone gather around sorry talking okay okay there was a father who just wanted to keep his kids safe okay and then the kids started finding weapons in the house for some dark shark that that thing is bigger than your face okay forget that you just shot me okay all right here we go okay what is it what is it and the ending of the story is that the father stopped caring and gives moose the really old juice Moses lab presented what with the option does he want to just not care I’m so screwed I am so gonna get yelled at oh man your mother is gonna kill me oh geez oh geez it’s so bright miss look at me look at me get in here your brothers died I’m sorry moose are you gonna die I’m good I’m just gonna live yeah what are you doing I have to sneeze right here right that go to the other side of the room I want to throw you out now let’s be hiding okay okay moose get out of the oven no yeah you will not get any ice cream if you don’t get out your Reagan most innocent it is water where’s the water okay okay dad go to the other side of the room you ready yeah go on the laundry room I’ll throw it I’ll throw the ball to you you ready we’re getting out of here dude a letter you got it no way dude was up here to view bro listen kids do you really want your mother to just get mad at me is that what you want do you really okay yeah I’ll awesome dad Oh Cal hey come on kids let’s go back up to your crib okay I won’t even you know what no back okay I know you guys hate the best okay that’s that’s fine with me go upstairs okay you know you know what Jason for sure I just want some fresh air good no no not at all you know I just I want some I want some fresh air okay uh-huh and where are you where are you gonna go I I’m just gonna I’m just gonna run around here yeah hey sure would you like to come over here and drown with your brother no I want to die I clogged the toilet your mom’s gonna kill you bro yo shark Chuck Chuck yeah yeah yo let’s let’s baby let’s baby let’s leave it on just gonna think believe I’m look to mom I’m gonna tell mom that you shot us with a game yeah raise your voice at us please let’s get back get back what are you drinking just water well it’s such a lie give it back most nope nope what someone clean up just water take this take this dad you shot Chuck Jo did you find thank you the hide no I can’t find anything there’s nothing nothing really yeah basically taking everything you kids now let’s just go to bed all right just like you’re not Wow Chuck Chuck Chuck oh he’s good he’s good get away fine fine I’ll just go to sleep okay yeah it’s gonna get in the crib no I’m not I was you get in the crib you’re gonna get in the crabby or don’t like it make you get in the crime okay okay that’s what I’ve done okay now shirk I’m just gonna be played okay now now now moves moves I don’t want to be me okay so I’m gonna say this very kindly if you get out of this crib when I go get shark I’m gonna break your legs what I told mom yeah so shirt come on over here let’s go ahead and just go to sleep shark stop gloating about shark you jerk okay yeah fine you see I’m in the crib I’m in the crib all right no no no ha ha you can’t hit shot shot you can’t hit what was that hot shark yes yes yes I only got a hey don’t throw the milk um come on no no no listen guys stop guys okay here do you guys want food yes or no I’ll give you guys food no we’re not coming out I want food I want I want a Lambo oh yeah I want a Lamborghini and some bookshelves give me a Lamborghini ma you guys gonna get grounded you guys gonna go say quiet dumont mom’s gonna be mad at you forever yo straight to my room no hey hey say forget I saw you do this to a baker oh and out give it to me like I need your clock you got it the house what time in you are grounded what route it you’re grounded no I’m yeah I went so mom they blew bullying us all this time you know I haven’t been bullying you they have you have what do you guys up to where you guys going no I know that what what do you want a fight huh oh yeah no Chuck E Cheese for you guys what no I gotta make a quick phone call here we are you calling the Chuck E Cheese people because oh yeah hi this is shark yeah we recently helped right now I roll it was just a mistake I’ll call you back after goodbye I’m sorry hey for the record he didn’t hit you he shot you yeah you get it Hey listen I didn’t want I’m excited we had our fun man put the gun oh I didn’t have to do this what let’s mess stop man what you know what I’ll drink it I’ll drink it right now oh he’ll drink it jigs are old Oh Chuckie Cheese I’m calling I’ll Drive it over I’ll get Linda Linda listen nice women the gun down okay fine thank you ken moosa day at least go play with our pet lamb sheep sing yeah yeah hey party hey how you doing you read this huh where did you get that man well you know yeah you gonna stop me huh you’re gonna stop me all right I’m getting the car what should I get the car yo come on you get the car you gotta go Cirie’s you in the car okay come on come on buddy don’t – wait let me see looks like a spray can oh maybe I can spray paint the walls hey don’t don’t resolve all it’s our house man I have something really awesome and I’ll show you guys follow me look we got to move toys mom pick these up for you guys cool man Weber isn’t it’s a spray paint can see put it down no whoa whoa whoa you’re gonna explode look see look I’m gonna spray paint my name on the wall Sabre stop is going to ground you and you’re never gonna be able to the flames he’s busy trying to put the flames out man it’s gonna be okay Taber you are grounded by God ground me you won’t hey what’s up David we killed daddy daddy well it’s funny though that was good that’s good I like that let’s go three two one go hell I don’t get my new bullets in something that makes no sense told you man just just play it off here’s your daddy a 3 2 1 go yeah we killed daddy listen I’m calling Chuckie Cheese right now and you can do nothing to stop me why do you I told you man I hid the MU smoke in my pants hey hello hi char just I actually just I like to cancel the party that was scheduled Jeep is right now for tonight at 6:30 p.m. I’m sorry yeah thank you very much good night n1o you see what happens huh you see that well I’m so glad yeah he’s got a mom yeah you some mom I’ll give you some cheese and no no no moose come here I will call chuck-e-cheese back and won’t go for wool we’ll plan a party but you have to be good okay okay fine hey hey hey hey put that away right now I’m just go through that I’m cleaning the floor I’m clean I’m just I’m just before anything else go get her buddy no come on stairs it’s bedtime you guys are in a lot of trouble I will blow off the wall you have no bullets okay you are you guys done relax man are you done hey hey don’t shoot me it’s bedtime okay Oh fine that time right now okay listen you guys are know in the crib you saw hey you don’t you see what you did saber guys you see what you did man what are you really talking about the chandelier what Michelle you oh dude that’s gonna kill you man it’s okay okay I think that’s like he’s lost the screw holes just relax okay I got a plan I got a plan let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m never coming out this bathtub we gonna do huh okay wait actually technically dad guess what is he kind of he kind of wants us to take okay hey guys come on seriously all right all right I’ll call chuck-e-cheese and water well what a schedule party no in the crib in the crib not in my bed I’m staying until we can be friends all right all right I’ll give you a demonic battle ax if you sleep in the crib you know he’s got a he’s out of town but I kind of want that man there you go Joris now sleep in the crib come on guys come on key the show yeah that’s that’s an attitude oh I don’t know I don’t want to wipe so I’m just gonna go in and now it’s all clean everything you gotta really you’re gonna really shower in that or am I gonna get cheese from no use almost 100k put this into a thing and then you can make cheese out of it I don’t wanna make cheese come on guys let’s go please let’s go to the kitchen come on okay uh I want to go to Tommy’s birthday party Tommy oh it’s the it member yeah Tommy it’s our sharks invisible friend yeah right Tommy you got you have visible trace Tommy Tommy talking uh-huh yeah all right huh no bring it I want a hug from you bring it in all right dad are you I was hugging I was hugging so can you tell me a story tell me a story about your Vietnam War days okay so back in the word uh-huh I was telling me about this one but put it down it says Old Betsy what’s so special about all Betsy I bet she was a friend of mine and she was actually a dog she’s a dog just walk stomp or are you oh my god okay put it down in the kitchen oh are you serious Oh shark shark yeah give her that get rid of that oh my god why would you do that huh I feel yeah that stuff looks like butter yeah exactly are you guys seriously all right that’s it Chuck you gotta you gotta buddy I’m sorry you know what I found them around my carry I’m sorry okay yes yeah all right let’s go you must excuse oh yeah want cheese bun cheese okay what do you want what do you want you want you what what even would even okay come here here first you got some fruit okay it’s not for sure I need a highchair a new chair okay oh there’s no cheese don’t eat it don’t eat it don’t do it don’t do it it’s poisonous it’s what don’t do it come on buddy I’ll give you cheese all right get back get back hey Chuck get out girl what do you think you’re doing woody I’m coming other enough nope Shana do he actually seriously guys good getting here come on oh my god oh whatever I give you one job okay I’ll give you a few to just just go see on the counter okay okay on the counter top what’s hey Bert look up here come here nope nope nope nope oh my god you guys stay right here for your dad really oh do you see you’re a nice kid I like you know you’re a nice kid you know what oh my god oh I don’t think that’s how it works it’s gonna kill me sharks purposely breaking all the windows Oh God it was all saver didn’t know was it yeah all right who wants a baby bottle I wants it why do you want it yeah here you go buddy yeah come on meet me I want you gonna be are you gonna become I promise okay no funny be okay wait but first don’t do it don’t do it okay fine doing the bottle take well no it’s my box that’s it okay my bottle now mine now I want to I want saber and I want shark both of you guys I want you back in the shower okay why do you want to get a shower so bad you guys smell yes smell of shark smells like poop because he pooped a diaper on the toilet I don’t know that’s pretty bad we gotta go right now come on Chuck let’s go come on bro you got it yeah come on son come on over here yeah yeah get guys guys guys guys guys what are you doing what he done it what is this why would you what’s wrong nothing here nothing the computer can I take it what are you no no I’m going outside Dave what are you doing oh don’t you get sick saber saber what what’s up okay come on son son no I can’t I’m I would never do that to my own son okay bro I seized put it down put it down don’t you dare so but I’ll give anything you want okay anything you want dad don’t worry I got it oh my god short sharp dude you just do what did you say thought we were playing laser tag you’re on fire you are I’m tired oh I try to use Donna listen okay okay I’m ready to go to bed again nobody oh my god took everything that I have multiple questions what why are you wearing a moose onesie and why did you give me milk because I was raised this way okay but hey look what I found you should put that down what are you gonna kill your own brother you crazy man now you don’t haha okay makini there goes on the Smarty bookshelves okay knowledge okay then really nope get back in there get back in there okay okay mom to never ever let you have a TV okay no I’m sorry I’m going okay I’ll go to bed yeah I promise everything’s okay are we going to bed okay just we just do what wait would you just do I sniff you that is that’s weird that’s just that’s just weird okay I’m gonna leave you here I’m gonna go back downstairs and little bringing up some moose poop okay that sounds that sounds okay okay okay I’m get also bring some steak and then you can just just go to sleep okay okay hey weren’t cheeseburger instead yeah what’s the fries woman sees okay I got you I got you chocolate cake chocolate shake oh come on expensive that’s like five bucks small chocolate she may get a new stay there

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