Minecraft PS4 – Episode 21 – Cat Chase!

– [Zebra] What’s up guys? And welcome back to another
episode of Minecraft for the Play Station 4. And today we got a lot of
awesome stuff to get doing, in today’s episode (laughs) we’re doing, wanted to do some cool stuff. I couldn’t find the fish that I caught with this very first fishing rod. So I figured that we could go out. Before we do, of course, let’s give you and you some wheat. So that hopefully they keep
on working on more cows. We of course have the
baby calves over here that we birthed in the last episode. So hopefully, you know, this
leads to some good things. Hopefully, hopefully, I don’t know. We’ll come back and we’ll see (laughs). In the meantime, let’s go back out to the sea over here. Or maybe we should try to, ah nah, I feel like we’ll have better chances. Maybe this is just me being superstitious, but I think we’ll have better chances out by the sea more than we would the our little pond next to the cows there. So let’s try, just because you know, bigger ocean, bigger
room for fishes, right? Makes sense, so why
don’t we give it a shot? And we’re just gonna wait around
for some nice old fishies. Keep on hearing noises behind me, making sure I’m not gonna be attacked by a creeper or something. You can hear the zombie gurgles, oh well. But once we catch a fish, we’re gonna go up to that jungle
over there you can see. Ooh, aww, I thought I got
something there, oh well. And you know, this is
nice and calm, relaxing. We just got a few errands to do. I definitely want to build
up more farms this episode, hopefully get more animal farms going on. I need to remember what
other animals like, what other food that,
ooh, no, not quite, hmm. This is not being very, eh, that’s weird. It goes to the heavens, they’re
catching god fish. (laughs) Okay, let’s try this one more time. I usually try to use my
redicle as sort of like a pin point, so if it moves, I know. But it doesn’t seem to
want to move that much. It’s being a bit of a jerk, but I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out here and, ready, wait for it, take in
the relaxingness of fishing. Take it in and enjoy it. For when the fishes
come, we will take them. They will be ours, come on now. Give me the dang fish. Come on! (water splashing) There we go, we got one of them. Let’s try for one more. That one was relatively quick, I just sort of threw it in, and it immediately got caught. I mean this is a lucky zone, come on now. Wait it out, wait it out. Ooh, it’s jiggling a little bit. Jiggling a little bit. I think somebody’s sniffing at it. C’mon, we gotta get one more. Aww, the timing just wasn’t there. Let’s try it again. Oop, and there goes a second
one, that’s excellent. Okay, two should hopefully be enough, and if you haven’t gathered so far, we’re going to the jungle over there, searching for a jungle temple, ’cause that’s something I’ve
never, ever found in the game. And trying to catch a little cat friend. I’ve never caught a
cat in the game either. There’s a lot of interesting stuff that you know, we still need to do here. And a third baby cow
is here to welcome us. Hello third baby cow. Can we restock you guys
with love and happiness? Not enough, so there’s only one
that we could restock there. That’s okay, hopefully soon the baby cows do grow up to be happy, strong cows. Do we need to feed them
for them to grow up? I hope not, I hope they
just do it on their own. Either way, let’s go over here and cook up these two fishies, and hopefully that’ll be nice and helpful. And then, after that, like I said, I wanted to go out and start building more of what we see here. Maybe double fence this up? Because we had the issue
of cows sneaking on out, which is quite the annoying feat. So maybe if we sort of
double this up here, they won’t be able to get out as much. And that would be much easier, and then we can sort
of stack the farms up, and we can have more and more farms, and more and more efficientness. There we go, now our fishies are cooked. We can head on over to
the jungle over here. Now there was a jungle over
here that we slightly adventured right at the beginning of our adventure, but it’s not a very big biome. So I think we’ll have much
higher chances over here, because just even seeing
it in the horizon, you can see that it’s a
much, much bigger biome. So I’m excited to see
what we can find there. Just so you know, the biggest part is making the journey over,
so why don’t we do that? (Player singing) More adventuring by the land side. And hello sheep, I didn’t bring my shears, so you get to live with
fur for another day. And oh no, oh no, this is so bad. I didn’t want to do this, no! (laughs) No, no, okay, okay, okay. That way, what a jerk, he
just sort of attacked me. That’s not good. I didn’t bring any torches either so this, I don’t feel like right now is a good idea to adventure this, but I
didn’t even know this was here. This is interesting, a nice little cave with actual monsters in it. It’s something that we don’t
find super duper often. We still need to find some
type of a monster spawn, or a nice little dungeon
monster spawner thing. That is something that
we have yet to find. And wow, all right, that looks pretty big. That looks pretty expansive. So I feel like high on our luck now, when it comes to that kind of stuff. So hopefully we can get something interesting from that soon. Um, hmm, we’re sort of taking it, ’cause this is starting to
become the branch of the woods that I haven’t explored in this area. But it’s still worth doing so, now from what I learned
from my buddy Stealth in our Sneaky Strips Minecraft Let’s Play, is that when catching an ocelot, we need to be stealthy. We need to be silent,
we need to be careful. Because an ocelot can be
anywhere, they’re very quick. And you have to let them approach you. So, let’s hope we can do just that. We gotta remember that R3
not L3 makes you crouch. Hmm, so now we’re just
gonna be walking around, looking around, and enjoying
the jungle a good bit, because we haven’t explored it
too much in this Let’s Play. The jungle can sort of be a boring place, because there’s just a bunch of trees you have to sort of
annoyingly maneuver around. And it can just be sort of
weird and awkward at times, but it can also be a very,
very beautiful place, with little lakes in the
center of everything. I think it would be cool if
monkeys were added to the game. I feel like that would add
some depth to the jungles. In the meantime though, they aren’t bad. They have coconuts as well, which I have, ouch, no idea what
coconuts could be used for. I wonder if we could make chocolate cake? That’d be cool, but I’m not sure. And (laughs) odd thing
is, is you can still find pigs and cows and stuff like this guy. Ouch, but I fall all the time, so I need to eat more food,
and all that kind of junk. There we go. So now it’s just our
journey through the jungle. It’s pretty interesting. Me, I’ve been really trying to
step up my game with uploads, I’ve been trying to upload a little more of each and every series and
get it out a little more often just so that you guys always
have, like I don’t want to start doing the habit
that I had in 2014. 2014 was a really great
year for our channel, but it was also the year
of unfinished projects. And I don’t want this year
to be yet another one. That would be a pain in the bootie. So let’s try for it not to be. And one way to do that is just to get myself on a dedicated schedule. If I’m not on a dedicated schedule, what will start happening is I will new games will come out
that I will want to cover, so I stop doing the other
games I was covering, and I just can’t keep up with it all. And on the other side of the jungle, we do have way more land to cover. Maybe I should have brought
my map at the same time. I’m pretty confident I won’t
have that much of an issue. Hmm, (gasps) there you are my friend. I see you now, but do you see me? Please come here. And make me happy. Come here. Come here now. You can do it, oh man. This is gonna be a little bit
of a difficult thing to do, because we need to catch his attention without scaring him away. Where’d he go? Oh no he’s way off that way now. Stop, stop, stop. Stop please, I just wanna talk. I wanna be your friend, I wanna socialize. I want a new friend
man, that’s all I want. Hey, why are you going so far away? It’s funny because this
is just how cats act. They’re like slithery
and annoying sometimes. I mean, we have six
cats in this household. It’s Mook, Tom, Smoky, Don, Shawny and Brownie are our six cats. I’m not kidding you, you
can ask the livestream. I always talk about it on my livestreams. But, gosh this cat is a jerk. But cats are a jerk like
this, I find it funny. It’s like, it sort of strikes true. Stop it, it’s just like, as far as I go, he keeps going the same
distance, and dangit. And that’s the annoying
part about the jungle, is it doesn’t aid you with this. Now, now we’re getting closer now. We’re getting closer. Hopefully before nighttime
we can catch this stinker. Because he’s just, he refuses to. He refuses to come near
me, even if we crouch. Where’d he go? And they can hide so easy, because they’re only one block tall. And it’s just like, aww, I’m not gonna be able to do this, am I? And it’s just gonna be so frustrating. Just like, ’cause this guy’s a jerk. I don’t know if I want him as a pet if he’s just gonna do,
there’s another one! Okay, no, you know what? I’m gonna pick this guy instead. He seems cooler. But he just walks away, stop it! Why is it so hard for me? Ooh, he’s doing the chicken. Okay while he does the chicken, I’m gonna, hey buddy, hello. Now, now that you’re
here, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello, hello, I got food for ya. Whoa no, he’s just darting, you jerk. You jerk, stop, I want
you to come back to me. Please, before the monsters come out. Please, talk to me, dangit Garfield. You look like a Garfield to me. But I’m not gonna (laughs)
just to spite you, I won’t name you Garfield, if I do end up getting you (grunts). Maybe I can just, I’m gonna
get killed by a monster before I get the chance to, and it’s gonna be the most
frustrating thing in the world. Ooh, ooh, no, no,
please, please come back. Come back, come on. Aw man, this is annoying,
I don’t understand. What a jerk, even if I’m
like, staying perfectly still. He just refuses to, aw
man, this is annoying. I don’t even know if I want a cat anymore. If they’re gonna be this
annoying all the time, then I don’t know if I want one. Because it’s like, if I
stayed still, nothing. He just walks off, but aw,
this is sort of stupid. All right then, with
doing some researching, I found out that you actually have to have the fish not cooked, which is silly. Like, uh, it should be either
or, to be honest with you. That’s sort of annoying, but oh well. I guess we’ll have to
go back and get to the, back to the house and hopefully
not die on the way there. Like I’m betting that we will now. Sticking cats, this is, might
not be worth the trouble. But of course, it is for the achievement. (shouts) No, aw, now we’re
gonna have a hard time all the way home, I hate jungles so much. This is why I’m never living
in one of these things. Oh man (sighs) annoying,
annoying, annoying. Because if it’s not a
mountain, it’s a tree. And if it’s not a tree,
it’s another mountain, or a lake or something, and we’re on the wrong side of the
jungle, oh I hate it. (laughs) I’m the king of the jungle, but I don’t like it
sometimes, I really don’t. (shouts) There we go, this isn’t my kind of jungle I guess, I’m more of a fan of, I don’t know (laughs) the more African-style jungles
I guess you could say. Even though that’s more of a savannah. It’s okay though, anyways, let’s head back to the house or something, somewhere safe. You know, you can fish while swimming. This, I might have just found the new, (laughs) the new revolutionary move. Fish while swimming. That’s sort of weird, I’m sure I’m scaring away the fish though, so this
might not actually help me, but I want to see if it works. I’ll just keep swimming away. Not quite, let’s try it again, ready? (laughs) This is funny
I like it, I like it. Come on fishies, I’m not
swimming over you or nothing. There’s not just a Zebra
on top of you or nothing. It’s just, get the bait. (laughs) I guess not, oh well, we do have, enemies all over the place, so I’m still gonna head back to the house. Okay, and it’s daytime
again, hooray, hooray. Do we, we do need wood,
I noticed something that is annoying the butts out of me. And it’s that one or, I
think one or two of the cows got out again, so we aren’t
letting this happen anymore. I know we’re sort of like
interrupting our kitty quest here. But I’m sure it will be okay. What do need for, we need six. Why do we keep on thinking
we don’t need six for fences? It just sort of seems weird
to me, but here we go. Get all these on up, so that we can make all the fences in the world. Just like a whole bunch of them, as much as we possibly can. All right then, 42 works for me. I don’t really care, as
long as I can get some so that I can do a bit of this, because these guys really are
being royal jerks right now. It’s like, stay in your pen,
I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m a good owner, but no, apparently not. Apparently I’m just a stinky butt face. (cows moo-ing) No, no! I tried so hard on this. (Player whines) Come on, I’m having no luck this episode. This is disappointing me. All right, we have all
of this sort of fixed up. I’m so bummed out right now. I oughta go rebuild another door but, aw man, they just, the
creeper ruined that. Aw man, I was feeling so confident about all the cool stuff we
had going on around here. But now we don’t, oh well. I need to get more wood, so that I can. Hi Scruffy, you know,
your happy pooch face, it does bright up my
day a little bit more. It’s been a hard day
here out in Minecraft. So you, knowing that you’re
a happy pooch makes me happy. Okay we still need more sticks. Uh, doot, doot, and
then, doot, there we go. That should be good, so hopefully it is. Maybe we might save the ocelot adventure off ’til next episode. This is obviously taking
a bit of priority. They’re running around all willy nilly, so hopefully I can give
them a bunch of stuff soon, to help them calm down a bit. Right now let me replace
the dirt, there we go. And then pull it out, and then I need, this fence to be right where it, no, no, I don’t need the fish right now. You can see another one, he’s out there. He’s like, “I’m free, I’m free.” It’s like, “What a jerk,
I’m trying to give you,” “at least some (mumbles)
freedom from the creepers, “and all you want to do is “make fun of me when you get free.” It’s just like, nobody has respect for the Zebra, oh well. Then let’s do this. And then that, no, no, no (laughs) no, no! No, that was a dumb idea, no (cries). Oh, all right guys. I have forgiveness. Like I had to hit them,
because they kept on standing in a way where it was literally impossible for
me to place things down. Like, can I feed you,
and are you happy again? You’re all calmed down, okay, no you too. You too, you too, you, you, you, you. Follow me, follow me you jerk. Come on, come on, come on. Come on (sighs) dang, this is just, one of those down-on-my-luck
episodes, right? It’s just like, aw man, I feel so bummed out right now. We got cows leaving me. I’ve got those guys just
running around like jerk balls. You know? You run back in here, I don’t mind that. You just calm down, take a chill pill. Do me a huge favor and take a chill pill. But no, all you want, he’s just so, has such a high ideal about leaving. But it’s like, no, I
don’t want you to leave. There we go, I can’t believe they all just flooded out like that. I should have seen that coming I guess. Come on, buddy. I need you to, like dude,
you have one choice here. You’re either coming with me, or you’re becoming mincemeat. Okay? Okay. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this, but I have to. Aw man, this is, okay. Hopefully that acts as a little bit of a stress reliever at the least. And now you guys, you
jerks who just busted out. Like you, you can follow me, okay? Yeah, you know how to follow. Well at least you know how to do that. That’s good. You’re just gonna have
to slowly come with me. Slowly come with me,
come with me, come to the pen, I can’t think of
anything that rhymes I guess. Not a rhyming king, just
the king of the jungle. Okay then, see yeah we just
need to bring this cow back. It’s been an interesting
episode to say the least, I guess you could say. Let’s, ooh, ooh, ooh,
yeah, you, okay, ready? (cows mooing) Yeah, come on, no, no, see, why? Okay, he’s turning into mincemeat too. I am just about fed up
with all these cows. No, no, no, no, no, no. You guys are all gonna come over here, and then I’m gonna be like, and he’s like, “I don’t want fish, why
you bring fish in my face?” And then you. You are what’s making this
day so stinkin’ difficult. So come here, come here. Feel my wrath, feel my wrath, no feel my wrath, yes! Aw man, I feel so bad ’cause like, I had a connection to these cows and then, they were jerks to me, so
I had to like push back, and then they get all willy-nilly on me. You’re gonna follow me as well, and at least hopefully
we can make up for it by just keep on making more and more. And it’s just like, oh no, nothing’s gonna work out
this episode (laughs). You, you, you’re gonna come with me too. These two, and that’s how
we’re gonna make a game here. ‘Cause hopefully if he
regains his bearings, he can start following me. I can eat a fish real quick,
so I don’t run out of hunger. And you guys follow me. Slowly but surely. I think I can only attract
like one cow at a time. I don’t understand, maybe it can. Maybe that’s the big issue here. So let’s get you back over here, hopefully before the day ends, because that’s gonna happen very soon. I don’t want it to, but it’s gonna. Yeah, it’s happening, it’s happening. All right, so I wanna do this, and then I’m gonna do this. And you guys are all gonna come towards me like, “Ooh Zebra, you
have that nice wheat.” No, buddy, stop that, stop it right now! What the heck you stinking cows! Come here, come here right now. Come here right now before
I get all angry Zerba. And you don’t want me to
be angry Zebra, trust me. This guy is such a jerk,
he’ll go to the door, think about coming in and be like, “You know what, nah.” It’s just like, why do you
have to be so mean to me? I don’t understand, I don’t understand why this is so frustrating,
I feel like this is sort of poorly designed in some senses. ‘Cause it’s like, it shouldn’t
been this frustrating. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Finally, are you gonna work with me? You gonna work? Yes, finally, you’re in this stinkin’ pen, and you’re gonna stay there
for a little bit, okay? You’re gonna think about
what you’ve been doing. You’re all gonna think about
what you’ve been doing, okay? Okay, now I’m gonna come in here and make sure you’re all
happy with the wheat. Maybe I’ll spend the night
in here with you guys. No, I’d rather not, okay. Let’s head on out then. No, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. The door’s so hard to close too. It’s just like un, unreasonably difficult to
close the door at times. But anyways, let’s head back to bed now, because it’s almost nighttime. I’m gonna eat up that fish
because nobody else is. Apparently the cats are too picky for it. At least I have Scruffy. I mean, at the end of the
day, I have a pooch pal. A Scruffy friend, so should
I really be that upset? I don’t know. All righty then, now I got everything sort of figured out with the cows again. I feel like the least I can do is maybe get to work on a second
farm for other animals. Of course, like the sheep over here, or maybe the, or the chickens, or something like that. Just you know, right next to it, they can have some next door neighbors or something similar like that. Maybe that would be nice for them. Maybe they would hate it. I’m not sure, I’m not them. They have opinions. And how I’m gonna do this, is I think I need to sort
of fill out this lot, and sort of make all the land flat. So for now let’s do this. And then, see another cow up there? He’s all like, “I’m free too! “Take that Zebra, you’re stinky!” And I’m like, “I don’t, “I shower every day. “I shouldn’t be stinky.” But these guys insist that
I’m a stinky stinker pants. All right, and we’re just gonna, you know, give and take here. We’re gonna take the land here and put it back somewhere else. Just gonna landscaping is what it’s got. There we go and it’s, you know, flatten out the land over there so that, we know what to do with everything. And it can be nice, we
can just sort of have like a big plot of land dedicated to a whole bunch of animals
holded from different plots of plants, or, yeah. I don’t even know what
I’m saying at this point. Let’s just keep digging. I feel like this is
just about what we need. And we’re going to make it you know, the same size and length and everything. And that should be easy enough. So let’s just make it one space away, and just keep doing this. Fences can be easily just misplaced for whatever reason but this is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, okay. Oh, did I? Oh, you know what? I used a string earlier, and I was like, “Where did it go?” Here it is, it’s there, okay. So I can make trip wire. That’s sort of weird, okay, whatever. Two, three, four, wait, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, okay. There we go. All right, now this shouldn’t be too bad. Now, I just sort of want to
get the lay of the land down, so we know what’s
happening, what I’m doing, all that kind of cool stuff. And then the same thing here, okay. All right, now we just
need to do the corner work. It’s the same thing
here, I just do one here. Then let me get up higher
so I can see a bit better. Just like that, and then I
need to put one more here. And then, a bit of this, excellent. And now that should make it nice and easy. I can just do that, and that, and that, and at this point, you guys
should know the dealio. So I should probably be able to do this offscreen a little bit. I don’t know, maybe I’ll keep it onscreen. I’ll talk about what’s going on. You guys should be seeing this while I’m out at a little
event called Magfest. I talked a little bit
about it last episode. Still there (laughs) I pre-recorded
a ton of videos for it, so that hopefully you guys are
really, really entertained, and you guys are really
enjoying the videos. And like I said earlier in the episode, I’ve been trying to,
you know, fix my habit of not being able to complete series’. I mean, with Minecraft and
stuff it’s a little difficult, because it can technically go on forever. But that way, you know like, have ways to make it feel a little more complete instead of just dropping
it when I’m bored. In that sense, like with Minecraft, I’m going to get the platinum trophy, and get to the end,
and that kind of stuff. But for right now, our focus is just to you know, just go through
the game, try new things. A lot of the game is new to me, because I haven’t played in so long, ever since we started
playing on this PS4 version. And you know, just bring you
guys all along for the ride. And our daytime is still
good, so that’s good. So let’s… do the same thing again, once around. But I do have a lot of
big plans for the channel, and I’m excited to see you know, what ends up happening with it. So I hopeful you guys
been enjoying the videos, treat every one like it’s important, because they are. What you say is important. And I always want to get that idea across, that you are important to me. You are important in general. But I gotta go get more fences. It’s incredible how much
fences take up wood. I’m actually gonna have to go on another wood hunt here
sooner or later here. And that’s gonna be a pain in the butt. Let me take these, because I really really need them at this point. And I feel like I should
take out this dirt, just so that we have a little
more breathing room here. So it’s easier to manage, there we go. And then do the same thing here. And then, now we need
to put this fence down. Easily enough, okay. And now we’re finally making
some decent progress here. I love it, so it’s like
something went right in this episode (laughs). Hooray, one thing went right! And then, there we go. So now, the majority of the the most needed parts of the second fence, the second why am I, it’s not a cage, I don’t want to call it a cage, ’cause it’s not. I’m not trying to like,
I guess I am I guess. I don’t know, I guess it depends on your thoughts on farming. But it’s just sort of a
place, a pen, you can say. And then, oh man, quickly, ever so quickly running out of wood here. Let’s try this again. All righty then, I had to go around and, track down more trees already. We just had a recent episode where we chopped down a bunch of trees. But now we had to do it again. But that’s okay. I feel like soon hopefully, we can get a lot more diamonds, and really work our way through like that. And hopefully after we
have all the diamond stuff, it’ll be easier to handle
all that kind of stuff. Like it’ll be easier to chop down trees, it’ll be easier to get through mining, and all that kind of
stuff with diamond stuff. So that’ll be cool. In the meantime though, we just need to keep on placing wood. We need to keep on making progress throughout our little home here. And there we go, it is finally completed. Now I do not believe there was anything that I can, I have
in my inventory right now, that can actually attract any animals. I have some viewers
that have been very kind to put a little guides
in the comment section, saying which food and stuff
attracts which animal. I did see a chicken nearby when
we were building this thing, which I do believe is attracted by seeds. So let’s see if we can’t find him again. If not, I’m gonna end
the episode off here. Just let’s give it a second. Browsing the forest, but either way, while we’re doing this, I’ll say that thank you guys so much for watching. Either way, thank you
guys so much for watching. And I hope you enjoyed, bye, bye.

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