Minecraft World Trade Center Tutorial – Episode 1 (North Tower West Base/Overhang)

Hello I guess this is both a voice reveal and well, you probably already read the title, a tutorial on how to build my infamous Original World Trade Center complex. This is going to be in the Default texture pack because I want you all to follow along with perfect results. I’m gonna try and get as close as possible as I did with my modified texture pack, but I Don’t think I can get exactly there, so Today what we’re gonna be working on is the North Tower’s West facade of the base. So we’re gonna start out with four blocks placed diagonally. And this is where the facade is gonna be. So this is gonna be 55 blocks and distance from one of the white beveled corners of the tower to the other. WorldEdit is really handy in these cases. We’re using iron blocks; I feel like that’s the best choice for mimicking the corners of the twins which had a really nice white shine. 60; 55. Perfect. Then another one, two, three, four, and That’s that. We’ll see if we can get this in in 15 minutes because my screen recorder is Like, has a 15-minute time limit, 15-minute time limit, yeah. So three blocks in from the corner. You want to have double slabs in a 2×1 pillar. We’re gonna count to five And have another pillar. Count to five, another pillar you get the concept. We need four,five, Two, three, four, five, yeah. two, three, four, five, Three, four, five (I can sense myself getting irritating, lmao) Last one, There. We’re gonna take this up about 20 or so, I’d like to say. Maybe 21. 22, whatever… oops (indistinct). Okay. No. This is a bit short. 27. Yeah, that’s more like it. So, Now we’re going to create the windowsills that divide the concourse and the mezzanine. So just take iron blocks, Make sure this is seven up, and then on the seventh block you’re gonna add the iron blocks one block in and then also on the eighth block. It’s a Double, double layer, of floors. So, Once that’s done, which it will be, you know, in a few seconds, We’re going to fill in, Well not fill in, actually, just construct the tridents Also, sorry about my voice. My voice is usually not this ugly. It’s pretty ugly but Not this ugly. I’ve been kind of sick for the past few days, but I thought this was a good opportunity to make this video. Um so, Yeah, I feel like these need to be up a block higher. Sorry if you can hear my mouse clicking, I’m trying to get another one this one cost Well it did cost 100 fucking dollars, but oh well, that’s a waste of money considering its annoying as hell. Also just if I have any children under the age of 12 watching this, sorry about the cursing. Let me know in the comments below and I Can stop cursing because I normally curse, and, not normally, but Sometimes when I’m pissed which is not that often Actually, whatever, I curse. I won’t curse if you tell me not to. Are we clear about that? Good. So for the sake of realism we’re going to now add the Border for the Windows. These are large Gothic windows so first we’re gonna have The tridents, and then we’re gonna Do the windows I guess So they’re gonna start off with the top slab two and a half blocks away from the top here and then a double slab, top slab, double slab. Actually, we’re gonna have a full block here. Yeah that fits better; it’s a little steeper. Which is perfect because these are gothic arches but In regular old ones– we’re gonna do //stack 8 Hell yeah, eight! I noticed most people Didn’t take use of slabs and instead just went with it a regular pitchfork design Sure that’s good, but not as good as my design, so Actually, I didn’t make use of slabs in the original building there, so why am I even talking? All right, so we’re seven minutes in, I might have to combine the videos So in other words once the 15 minutes is up, I can just put it in my video editor and Combine the two videos by recording them separately and then Linking them together with a cool transition or something on the video editor; you will probably see that’s what I end up doing and I’m boring you to death now; probably want to commit suicide. At this point I don’t care! It IS my video; you clicked on it, so just live through it or fuck off! (not joking about this btw) Okay, so we just added these snow borders. These kinda look like white marble. very Not really, but kind of more than the other blocks. I mean more so than quartz because, This block has its textured pattern to it Mm. So just a lining of—actually yeah, just a lining of stone slabs? Yeah, double stone slabs. And now sea lanterns to provide floor and ceiling lighting for the windows on each level. Oh by the way this Isn’t default I’m sorry. I mentioned this was default earlier in the video. This is R3DCraft. It’s like an Ultra HD version of default, but it still keeps the authenticity of vanilla minecraft. That’s besides the point you can follow along on R3DCraft, or you can just stick to The default pack. I’m not judging because it was also gonna be pretty similar. Okay now we’re gonna fill in–actually–(nvm)yeah, now we’re gonna fill in (redundancy ftw) The glass So //replace 0 95:7 This is dark grey stained glass. So, looks pretty good looks pretty good…(redundancy ftw, part 2) It gets better but I mean, actually it can’t because of the fucking lines on this thing. Okay seriously yeah, I’ve gotta stop cursing. (Apologies in advance to sensitive people/children in the comments below) If it’s gonna be a problem then just let me know. Please. I don’t want to just have to continuously curse, and then my viewers are gonna get pissed off at me. I’m not keeping it PG So let me know. Anyway, so we’re just adding that top window lining which is noticable in the tridents of the Twin Towers. Now we’re just gonna make these, second more modern ledges… So we’re 11 minutes in–I’m…going to probably have to start a new video…. So when it reaches 14:30 I’m just gonna–do nothing in terms of building, so that way it won’t randomly cut off. When I’m in the middle of building something and then all of a sudden I realized 3 minutes of recording went to hell Okay, I feel like these are a bit low. Hold on one second I’m getting a call. (One credit report scam call later…) Okay, well I’m back So yeah, I just got a call. Sorry about that, turned out to be a scam anyway. So we’re continuing these fancier ledges which, in my opinion, look great. The twins, and I’m trying to replicate them as best as I can even Though I’m probably not doing that good of a job That’s fine, it’s fine There Okay So we have the windows complete. Now all that’s left is the porte-cochere. In other words, the awning. (for architecture noobs) In other words, that hanging structure which has a driveway underneath it. Yeah, I tend to use architectural terms. Is that a problem? I’d think you most likely won’t respond because you’re probably watching from 5,000 miles away. (that was a joke, laugh ffs) um So I’m actually gonna start this when we come back because my recording time is almost finished. It’s at nearly 14 minutes, and I like to keep things perfect. So…be right back! *Quick pause for you, but 1 week later……* Okay, so we’re back for this tutorial So today, we’re gonna work on the gridded awning that existed on the West facade of One World Trade Center. And, as most of you know, the day I’m recording this particular part of the video is September 11th, 2017. It’s also day of the upload. Sixteen years after the World Trade Center towers were attacked, so… I’m hoping that this first video serves as a proper tribute to that So we’re gonna start off this The outline of the credit ceiling or like the booth of Mmm. Let’s go shit, so I’m gonna stir like that Okay Tara Gee maybe we should do The actual awning first so As such for continues Do you Just try quick right now if I don’t like it, I’ll switch it out Not as bad as I thought actually So it was a gridded. Let’s go share 6×3 in terms of grids Skylights Sloped upwards to bubble to cap it off so You’re a really cool-looking though, I’ll be Kind of complex and not that easy to recreate perfectly On Minecraft because everything’s Blocks This fucking blocks I might have mentioned this earlier in the video but if you don’t want to see me cursing, please let me know in the comments below because I Don’t get any comments, I’ll continue With this but if you want me to keep it pinching, please let me know because I will definitely if you actually offends some people But yeah So just constructing this grid here you might have to pause the video again. We’ll see I Hope not because it takes such a long time to process the video so I was hoping to get this done as soon as possible so I guess we get world I did this There – now it’s done. Just can’t these songs Then I came slogging because of well Recorder and the fact that I have three Windows of Chrome open each with 100 fucking tabs Stood 25 for the redzone, I think that’s here it Yeah perfect nailed it and stack Damn it didn’t nail it So we got the sort of Lining the lip of the Morning majesty columns for it Third of the way through video So this space here is going to be There is one request I will ignore if I get it If someone asked me to use Shaders for the videos um you know you are not going skate. The wish because it’s already lucky enough Wow So it says it’s beyond 60fps, but it’s not Thirty-six yeah, that’s actually fps Just me do this Makes life, okay, there’s just one more time Just gonna add copper walls see I’m all about the detail. I need to have all of this in place In order for myself to be satisfied cos I hate anything to be dull or inaccurate or any of that I’m not against the whole make do with what you have concept because if you can’t do anything about it then I Obsess over it why am I talking about my preferences? This is supposed to be a tutorial and the dogs an autobiography? So we’re just adding these Colin Powell’s for it inside the awning as well just because It can’t be done Also we’re gonna add these torches which take illuminate the skylights In real life. Well they weren’t torches, but okay learning Yeah Perfection Okay So that was quick So there was a driveway here that was off the street We are going to make that but not now We’re not gonna make what string or any of the surrounding streets of the World Trade Center in this tutorial? We’re not going to make interior as far as I know Well as far as I know that’s what I should know actually But I might decide to change it if it’s not too much work, but if we do We actually do the interior um we are going to be only doing the lobbies And sky lobbies that is it nothing else I Am obviously gonna add floors to the towers So At the rate that we’re going it doesn’t look like this will be finished very soon, so We’re going to try and take this slowly, it’s my ticket eater or two three We’ll see how long it takes but kind of want to finish the whole context without getting up So here like a spur the real world trade center in certain areas and making horses adores to regular and She revolving so the central sealer Revolving in fact I call correctly and then these here off to the side with Just regular push pulled doors And charming in the floor high there’s iron bars in place So to make a revolving door just continue with the plus shape Jim told France And then just cap it off in the slammer That’s my way of doing the revolving door if you know like a better way, I all means go ahead Let’s make sure it fits even within this story Next it’s perfection Now just jungles Center he then just got some restaurant or just for the sake of Decor And That’s about it That is it for the day I’m surprised. I was able to get this ins me So we thank you all for watching, I know I recorded some sort of weird like thing so Thank you all for watching never forget 9/11/2001 Because today is the 16th anniversary and by this time of that day All the acts of terrorism have been committed both towers of the World Trade Center have collapsed and As of six minutes ago because now 5:26 p.m. Here in Washington, DC And size of six minutes ago Sigh well, I’m 7 World Trade Center Fell down But I’m sad to think back that the twin towers are no longer there and They like this tutorial may or may not be a proper tribute to Spreading my knowledge of both the twin towers with other people sure why not So thank you for watching

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