Missha The Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover Review- Edward Avila

hello um today we will be trying out this cushion which I'm surprised I'm just now doing up cuz it's been out for so I need to calm down for a while for a while the Mesha original tension pack there's like four of them I don't know I don't know why there needs to be four versions I got me one this is this the poor poor perfect cover it number 23 I've number 23 out of three shades the deepest one all the claims are in Korean but at this point we're just gonna see if it works and it looks great so that's what matters at the end of the day to be honest the packaging is really cute typical cushion packaging but you've got like this sort of double layer top that it's matter this one makes it easier to take it off so I don't know this whole Missha aesthetic is very like chungdam-dong hajima to me so be Noah that's just my issue it's my problem um I don't know if I should be worried because it's already like leaking not leaking but the products already coming through the net when I had the f2 house one it was completely clean I don't know it was sealed though so maybe they're all maybe they're all just like that I did review one other tension pack to the edge you toss one if you're interested in that I'll link it up here maybe if if I forget to please someone yell at me I'm assuming this is supposed to be the highest coverage one it know this apparently is the betta number one number one seller but like out of the four this is the most popular because we all have pores to cover apparently so let's do one side of the face first that's so weird you see that it's not it's still a little bit oily feeling like the netted house one was so I don't know if this is gonna be like a Matt this might be another do we finish one so we will see we'll see maybe it's just cuz of the formula that it's that way but it's not too much mmm that might have been too much according to several people this is like amazing cuz y'all I hate it I hate it I didn't really care for that dude house one but apparently I didn't start off on a good foot with attention was by starting off with that one I think younggu could told me that this one was like amazing let me lift up my hair there's some power for making bullshit alright so there's like one layer on the side of my face the color match is pretty good for me I'm like a Mack NC 2500 I still have this fucking STD looking thing so far looks really good um it looks very skin-like it doesn't look like I have anything on my skin at all um but the coverage is decent still a tiny bit of redness just up just a tad bit of redness here that I would want to cover up but for the most part it's pretty much concealed like the overall redness I can see my freckles a little bit on the tops of my cheeks but yeah it's quite a thin formula this doesn't feel heavy like the attitude how spandau one felt really heavy let me try adding a little bit more that looks really good oh it's really good I like that I have a feeling if you settle into my fine lines though because it's already settled settling some of my really fine lines under my eyes but I will add on powder anyway so that should alleviate that problem cuz I always powder under my eyes no matter what although the formulas in it really does seem like a little goes a long way because I didn't really need to push in there just like kind of tapped on the top oh shit we put it down my neck cos I've unevenness on my neck and this demon right here pretty good um the cushion no feels really thin feels like really cheap to be honest by me as long as it works right as long as it works my favourite isn't like I've said like three million times the pony effect one because it's a really squishy thick dough so it feels like I'm using like a Beauty Blender on my face you can't want to work on the other side oh and by the way the finish of this is like a demi Matt it's mad but it's not matte like a kite what is like a attitude house real powder cushion matte you really like really not drying but just like matte med you know it looks like skin matte like you know what you put them which dries are on you let it sit there for a while it absorbs into the skin it's that kind of matte you all right so I even out my skin tone on this side and what I'm noticing is that one here definitely I put some on here I'm on my blemish but you can still see it and I've got to this one is hyperpigmentation from a spot I had last week and then this one up here is an actual blemish and as you can see it doesn't really cover those of course I put too much on although spots let me see if I add a little bit more they come to them alright I guess but of a feeling because the form of skin is just gonna like wear off of the spot really quickly on a normal basis I would be covering that up with a regular cream type concealer anybody see that right there you see that right here already crease airing it's hard to get with with these with cushions it's really hard to get around the nose for me at least because my nose is so damn big the crevices around I know the really deep sole end up a little bit but it's doesn't cover it up like the way a concealer would so I would probably rate this at like maybe a medium to like going towards full but not like medium full if that makes sense if we're saying sheer is like 0% and then full coverage is like 100 it would be at about like a 65% I suppose already look at 70 overall the finish is really pretty very natural-looking very skin-like i pret to mention that all I have is just my skin care that's definitely a factor you wanna make sure your skin care is on line so that your makeup looks decent at least but for the most part it's it's alright I'm not blown away or anything but for what the product that it is it's pretty good especially compared to the fucking ad to have fun oh my god this one has more coverage and it's not heavy and sticky feeling alright so when you do the rest of my makeup I will add concealer under my eyes and powder just under here cuz I know it's gonna crease that I know it's gonna crease so I will be right back laughs I look dark under the eye it's supposed to be blush oh I done fucked up so with like the concealer that I put under my eyes and I did baked I baked just under my eyes um the skin is looking pretty good I would probably attribute that to the concealer and powder itself but you know we'll see because whenever I use a foundation I like it I powder my skin looks great all day but there are definitely some foundations that will like even despite the bake will fuck up so hopefully this shit does not do that so I'm gonna test this out and I'll see you in my next update right now it is basically one o'clock so all right this is how she's looking in natural de la page I really should have checked the concealer I was wearing it's too fucking dark shit but I'm doing hi I'm Edward Mila and I'm a beauty girl huh oh my god just gonna fucking bothered me the rest of the day oh my god that looks so bad okay I'm gonna get Emily a really light powder put that on top okay that's a little better a little better but this point puts so much powder on like what's the point in really testing out this product uh but it's okay we'll see how it worse throughout the day and then after that I'll test it out again for a few more days I'll give it a day via just this camera but for now it looks this is this is how it's looking hi guys it oh my god said it's Kate Oh potato hair it's Edward um 5:10 p.m. not that I need to like prove it to you it's I took a nap I fell asleep just woke up I've had for what four hours at this point yeah four hours four hours and it looks the same probably because I was baking hmm but around my nose you can see that it's getting a little oily what that telling me that that's oily if I did not powder to probably be like a little shiny epic a little shine tea at this point this update probably wasn't an important Oh fret dimension I didn't powder my neck you saw how I put a little bit blue concealer in so I put a little bit of a cushion there by that completely just rubbed off already so I think that's a testament to how would be on like unpowered skin unlike blemishes I guess because I feel like on my neck if I put makeup there kind of stays as the whole day doesn't really like move around that's just me that's just me it is 7:25 p.m. mom I was outside in the polls like it was windy as hell so much camera probably looks worse but in person it looks fine other words give me a little like really drives our tracking what it looks pretty good friends of Eddie I don't know L say this is fine oh it's much much earlier that on my fourth and right also lighted let it set for a little bit so it actually goes into a very matte finish not super driving I feel like mad rather than more like a Demi not so um yeah no she's back home it is 10 it basically 11 good God waaah nose hairs so blonde it's covering the numbers anyway it's 10 nearly basically 11 o'clock so now I know I baked under my eyes it and that really helps lon long get lunge longevity of my makeup however on the parts that I did not touch with powder mainly long here yeah long around here and also my forehead my boy looks fine honestly but along here it's starting to do like little one it's faded here um you can see where my red spots are too um it's starting to like break apart I'm quite like expressive and so I get lines across my face going this way let me see if I can let you zoom y'all in do you see this right here I really hope you can see that I don't know if you can see it mm-hm you notice am I the only one anyway it doesn't look that great basically it's doing what a lot of really matte foundations tend to do which is start to get really like right now it doesn't feel drying in fact it feels it feels like my skin's natural oils or start to push through which is fine I mean it's not oily or anything but it does that thing where because Matt found ages tend to be how like a powdery but that can end up looking like makeup all the skin.you I mean so it doesn't looks like makeup all the skin because it's starting to like look like it's sitting on top of the skin now of them I can't explain it it's telling into my smile line here yeah I mean other than like this area it looks totally fine so next time I would probably set my entire face with powder it lasted about as long as you know a regular foundation would um it's not looking as dry and cakey as it would have as I thought it would have been in this cold dry weather so it did pretty well around the corners of my nose where I tend to get really oily and where I didn't put that much powder to be honest it's like it's breaking down like it's not really there anymore just like at the very inner creases of my nose like several other foundations like the pony effect one the second once you came out with the gold packaging it's one of those foundations that need to be set for me at least for my oily skin it needs to be set on it because it looks like without being set it just lasts like a regular foundation would um nothing that mind-blowing but if you're only going to be out for a few hours then it's totally fly it looks great if you'd be out as long as I have which is about ten hours which I guess is considered like a long time I suppose that um it lasts alright so yeah it's okay that's all right and I'm not mind blown or anything hey guys quick update because I'm actually editing the video right now I tested the foundation for several more days and we'll one it didn't break me out or anything but – just like confirm from the first day I tried it it's definitely a cushion foundation whatever II want to call it that's for me being an oily skin person around my whole face I used to think I was like combination but I think it's generally my whole face you need to need to use a good primer or you need to set it really well powder or you don't over both alone it's – in terms of like wearability it's very average for some of course that's me with oily skin some people find the thing like it wears all day for them but that's probably more for like normal to dry see if you have normal to dry skin um I think it would be good because even though it's a I'm also notice that it's very matte and finish irise me a lot of the Clio kill cover cushion but it's not drying um has it always like very creamy in a way it's hard to explain but I think that's just been texture of it being like a cream under that filter thing so it's pretty good for any skin type but if you have oily skin I would Prime and or set with powders yeah and but other than that the coverage is still I still feel the same about I'll probably still use a concealer with very like stubborn blemishes that like are raised a little bit in that tend to like eat off the product or the product rubs off there is my little review of the Miche attention pact I hope you guys enjoy that if you have any questions leave them down below and I'll try to answer them and I will sue up in my next video Alki okay hi

39 thoughts on “Missha The Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover Review- Edward Avila

  • Question: im very self conscious about the texture pf my face. I have lots of scars and indentations from years of acne stuff.
    โ€ขโ€ข>>I noticed that you have a somewhat textured skin similar to mine.. any advice??
    –would you recommend a bb cream instead of a full coverage foundation??
    -i recently tried the new urban decay's foundation(all nighter) and it made my face look horrible!! It made all the scars look extra noticeable.

  • i have the 21 shade and it's for the moment my best cushion ever (i've got combination skin normal to oily…) and some scars and the coverage was just perfect! in few month (maybe 1 or 2) i try the laneige one…. the shade was the same or little bit different?

  • Ok i have a question and i may sound stupid but I simply do not know : Does America have cushion cream foundations? Once again i may sound like such a stupid person for not knowing and i could look it up but gIrL iM tOo lAzY foR dAt sHiT

  • This might be a weird thing to ask/say but Iโ€™m an NC20 in Mac, and I bought this same foundation in the shade 23 and I feel like itโ€™s a little too light….. mmmmmm is it just me or ……

    I love cushion foundations but Iโ€™m so confused when it comes to buying them online since I donโ€™t know what shades to get. Lol

  • This is the worst missha product probably. That thing become cakey as soon as possible and has a really powdery finish. And I have really oily skin but it still feels so dry like how

  • Does Missha break anyone out? I bought a perfect cushion thing from Missha and it honestly looks so good at the time and then the next day I have some cystic bullshit on my face and my pores look awful. (Definitely took it off properly too)

  • "I still have this f*cking STD looking thing."
    "And this demon right here…"

  • Just a suggestion, your contour is too dark, try not to contour all the way down because it looks like two straight streaks down your nose. Blend it well to look more natural.

  • ์ฒญ๋‹ด๋™์•„์คŒ๋งˆใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  • I'm obsessed with your contact lenses! it reminded me of solotica's topazio idk if I wrote it correctly lol please can ya tell me what brand and what's the shade cuz I'm loving it so much

  • im sorry im late but damn do u have the most efficient reviews ever, I came here expecting a 4 min video about trying it on and thoughts but u went the extra mile doing the check ins later on throughout the day and man do i appreciate the effort u put into your content!!!

  • Hi, I would like to ask about which is your favorite cushion because I'm thinking about buying one. I have oily skin and I break out occasionally due to stress. I thought about buying etude ac clean but I'm still undecided. Thank you

  • OK so I got this and I loved it when i used it but no joke I used it everyday on a very average sized face with very average application and it's been about 1.5 weeks and I feel like it's already more than half gone… wtf? Plus I can't refill it.. right? Wow not worth

  • I've been using this since October and you definitely need to set it with powder. I've found that it feels a little sticky to touch if you build up layers but powder helps with that. Same with you, I found that throughout the day it starts to have that "makeup on the face" look around the mouth especially above my lip where I have a scar. Also, even though you can build it up for nice coverage you still have to use concealer on blemishes. For me, I think it felt better on my skin during like October/November before the weather got so dry. So yeah just some comments to back up your review since my skin type is different than yours.

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