mistakes don’t exist

14 thoughts on “mistakes don’t exist

  • “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison.. One of my best 'failures' of mine was a company I tried to startup right before the dot-com bubble.. Learned so much from that 🙂 Thanks for the video and message!

  • Hey I have a question, 53,000 house with closing and getting around 650 a month back, is that a good investment? Thank you.

  • Awesome topic! Want to know how to be successful? Just look at history! I’m re-reading through “think and grow rich” and I love the examples used of Henry Ford’s life! Find learning opportunities and grow from them! It makes life very exciting for sure. Great content, Clayton!

  • I have made alot of mistakes too! Iv been following you for 2 years. NOW I HAVE 4 RENTAL PROPERTIES! You thought me how to build a business! Now I'm gonna build a YouTube channel too. Great upload and thank you again!

  • I would have been pationate about my 9-5 if my dream of being a doctor had come true. Alas I wasn't able to fulfill that dream. Guess I'll just settle for getting rich. So sad. 😁😊😎

  • Some people call them mistakes, we call them opportunities. Looking forward to the Ford video. Didn't realize how inspiring he was until reading Think and Grow Rich.

  • how to become a millionare…easy…. start spending money when youre already a billionare youll become a millionare😁😁😁😁

  • is it me or you look stressed and overworked…make a video about you enjoying life that will be fun..we appreciate what you do though

  • appreciate you making the mistakes for me, Lima One and Fund & Grow are great helpers, took years of research away. LISTEN TO THIS GUY PEOPLE. it is a little scary because we are taking on Business debt vs personal debt. the big thing one has to do is to keep it separated. Tenant will pay the business debt off. BRRR technique is a Gift to move forward in this career

  • The mistake is ‘eating lunch in the underground parking lot’. Any chance you have to educate yourself is a potential lost opportunity if you miss it.

  • I'm in Saginaw Michigan rehabbing a house this is number eight I think I've been following you Clayton for about 3 years I should have this done in another two months I've been here for 28 days my primary residence is in Palm Springs California Saginaw has a big change LOL

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