Mitch McConnell on Trump’s policies

OLIVIER KNOX: Donald Trump has backed things like– some of his signature policies included the wall on the Mexican border, mass deportation, birtherism. Are you worried at all that he is doing to the Republican Party. now what Goldwater did to the Republican Party by voting against the Civil Rights Act? MITCH MCCONNELL: No, I don’t think so. He’s said some things that I certainly disagree with, and you listed several of them right there. But the presidency is bigger than simply the president. It’s the Congress. It’s the people that you have to work with. It’s the policies that have been in place. I think more important is looking at the Republican platform here at the convention, which is very similar to the last Republican platform. We haven’t changed America’s right of center party. We are America’s conservative party. The Democrats are America’s liberal party. Donald Trump may differ from time to time on some of those issues. But fundamentally, if he’s elected, this will be a right of center administration.

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