Mixed reactions to new Campus Martius sculpture

now here at 5 there is a new addition to Campus Martius that popped up on Saturday and already drawing a ton of attention yeah let’s just say the reviews are a bit mixed JC : Thorpe is here to explain what it is and why it’s so surprising it’s definitely a talker well it’s art so you know it there’s oh it’s open to interpretation right at first glance you might think it has something to do with the techno artists deadmau5 at 2nd 3rd and 4th glance you wonder if it’s awesome or awful through the usual hustle and bustle of lunchtime activities around campus martius today we’re a lot of stairs double takes and pictures right in front of the Quicken Loans building what is this we just had to go and investigate yo guess is as good as our something I never saw before man it’s peaceful I would add some color to it there’s enough darkness in Detroit color color color color color motion making a Martian Mickey Mouse that it’s not Mickey Mouse man most people seem to be frightened by it and that’s what I think what it is is a 17 foot bronze sculpture called waiting by a New Jersey artist known as cause it was bought by the Gilbertson depicts a parent and child but its meaning and inspiration is getting quite the mixed reaction friendship with a child you know it looks almost Mickey Mouse like I think it’s from the TV show Rick and Marty it looks like like season 3 episode lights Spanish that’s very sad I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty is it relevant to us is it relevant to the city is it relevant even in the space in which is standing why is it here is the question they said making a Minnie Mouse started out in Sambo character so they developed it do you think everybody’s gonna understand it though not at first some people don’t be mad this is all conceptual idea now the good news is you’ll have a chance to ask the artists himself what it does mean there’s a viewing party from 6 to 8 p.m. tomorrow and the artist whose real name is Brian Donnelly a former it started as a graffiti artist by the way he’ll be there so you know get the chance to do just that and I talk to a lot of people had some widely differing reactions clearly well that’s why I would humbly suggest that that’s why it’s a success this is what art should do make people talk and that was another thing in the newsroom somebody said that exact thing I said that’s exactly right and it’s doing its job nicely done yeah cool all right

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