MLM Origins From Airplane Games To Looms

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at you today with another multi-level marketing video I guess it was just a
little bit interested in the history of multi-level marketing and where it came
from we know it was born out of the whole pyramid scheme scandals that
happened in the late 70s early 80s and the Federal Trade Commission slamming
down and providing guidelines about what’s a pyramid scheme and what isn’t
and what’s illegal to do and what isn’t and so I found an amazing amazing
podcast that is called the dream and I’ve only gotten through the first
episode so far but the first episode of the dream talks about sort of how
multi-level marketing was born out of the pyramid scheme scandals to sort of
be tweaked in a way that was a little bit harder and more nebulous to pinpoint
as being something that is illegal and that people were going to lose their
shirts off of and how they were able to sort of master that essentially
multi-level marketing was born out of a movement that originally wasn’t about
creating a company or selling anything or selling a service nothing like that
it was about a game a simple game that people could play much like gambling and
the people that got involved with it were a lot of times working people a lot
of times people that had really good jobs and were sort of in the middle
class or maybe even upper-middle class they maybe had some extra
and we’re looking to do something with it and it was about social networking it
was about self-empowerment and it started with something called
the plane game but this is the podcast called the dream and the dream does sort
of deep dives of different sort of multi-level marketing scams and schemes
and pyramid schemes and how they started and so the first one is called wanna
swim in cash and this is all about the airplane game and where it started and
it kind of profiles two people it started in the early 1980s again
coincidentally right around the time that Amway was you know getting into all
sorts of trouble and its profile two people one woman named man who was newly
divorced with three kids but she was a professional in the advertising industry
she’d worked in sales her whole life and she was sort of drawn into this exciting
world of the plane game and I’ll describe what that is in a few moments
but she basically used a lot of her work connections and her sales skills to
recruit a lot of people into this game and she was making a lot of money at it
and then it profiles another fellow who was in South Florida I believe and he
was basically somebody who was recruited into it through friends and through his
community and he in turn recruited other friends and family in his community not
business connections but people that he knew and who trusted him because he
really thought that this was a great and easy way to make money he didn’t see it
as a business opportunity in that sense because again it was sort of about
community and and self determination and self empowerment and almost I wouldn’t
say a spiritual movement it wasn’t a religious movement but like a self-help
type of movement where everybody supported each other in achieving their
wildest dreams and potentially achieving financial freedom a
cultural phenomenon was taking hold in new AG circles all over the country it
was called the human potential movement think of it as sort of a precursor to
the secret you know just visualize abundance and happiness and voila you’re
rich and skinny or whatever in that time in New York City there was a lot of
human potential movement groups kind of it was all about energy you know energy
out is energy in and and you get what you give and all of that you know power
of positive whatever in the midst of this movement sits an untethered man
riding this new wave of endless opportunity and along comes this
exciting concept where if you if you put a bunch of money in and you could talk
other people into joining you that everybody could make a lot of money and
it was all cash and was all fast and was all fun and very optimistic and exciting
this new thing was presented as a game called the airplane game as nan
remembers it anyone who was even tangentially related to the whole human
potential movement was abuzz about the airplane game parties introducing it to
newcomers were being held all over lower Manhattan the way she describes it they
looked kind of like literary salons with people giving inspiring lectures at
their bohemian flats in the East Village and a bunch of aging hippies sitting
around cross-legged rapt with attention there were stories about these people
who had come from California who took up residence in some lecture hall in the
East Village and these people were giving lectures on the new way of you
know making money while stepping aside from the establishment it took a minute
but being in that world eventually nan agreed to attend one of these meetups
and to learn more about this exciting opportunity the first time I remember asking you
somebody but wait a second how does this thing work I was trying to understand it
as well there is a pilot and there’s two Co pilots and there are passengers and
you pay to fly these were obviously not literal airplanes picture this people
would set up chairs in the shape of a triangle or pyramid with one chair at
the front that’s the pilot seat behind that person there were two chairs for
co-pilots four crew behind them and eight passengers in the last row those
eight passengers were the new recruits who put in fifteen hundred dollars a
piece as they recruited more people they moved up the ranks until eventually they
became a pilot themselves and took the pot then they moved on to another
airplane the chairs weren’t absolutely necessary sometimes these planes were
just represented by charts but the principle was the same so is this
revolving thing of you pay and then you wait and then everything moves very
quickly and you are before you know it like we’re talking about four days you
are you are a pilot that’s one woman’s introduction to the plane game in
Manhattan and I will just give you a quick cut to the chase I’ll give you a
spoiler alert as to how these plane game groups ended police say they were tipped
off to tonight’s meeting at this photographer’s studio on West 19th
Street four men and four women were arrested among them an actor in the
female owner of the studio about 75 people promoters of the scheme and
potential victims were present esta gators and police from the special
frauds unit made the bust at another location on 27th Street two other people
were arrested at a similar pyramid meeting news four attended to pyramid
meetings within the last week using a hidden camera we heard promoters of this
scheme open each meeting with this disclaimer investigators say the pyramid scheme is
one of the oldest scams around this latest version called airplane worked
like this each plane consists of a pilot at the
top to co-pilots underneath four crew members under them and eight passengers
on the bottom rung to enter the game as a passenger you must pay the pilot $1500
when all the passenger seats are filled everyone moves up a rung the plane
splits in half and new people are brought into the game like all pyramids
only the people who get in early get rich the ones who get in last just
before the bottom drops out lose yet one woman inside one of tonight’s meetings
disagree what I was understood to believe it’s um it’s an opportunity for
somebody to better themselves and I don’t understand the same thing wrong
with that promoters of this scheme sometimes use false telephone numbers
and phony names to conceal their identities at the same time they
portrayed the whole thing is just the game calling the money energy units and
these meetings private parties but after tonight for many people the parties are
over Alice look news for Manhattan so you can see that it ended in svi raids
and the like naturally I come out of the studio and start telling all the other
producers on our team about this airplane game and that’s when one of
them says that the airplane game had come up in their reporting – it turns
out one of our experts a guy named Robert Fitzpatrick you’ll hear a lot
from him this season he got his start in studying this sort of thing because he
had played the airplane game – I think it was a telephone call yes and it was
an invitation to come to a meeting that was going to be held in someone’s house
it was presented as just something new a movement an event it was quite vague as
to what it was and like thousands of others I was you know invited to to
participate when the airplane game reached Robert
Fitzpatrick in Broward County Florida he was a perfect fit Robert was a
self-starter founded his own trade magazine and worked as a community
organizer he got invited to play and the party he went to was just as
exhilarating as man’s but there was something more to it something sweet
neighborly wholesome even when you went in there was an immediate sentiment of
feeling an air of happiness euphoria welcoming there was excitement there was
a speaker people were reminded of their own goals in their hopes for a better
life and it was presented as a kind of system that enabled people to achieve
their life’s purpose like Nan Robert and his friends were heavily influenced by
the human potential movement and the airplane game to them it just seemed
like a logical extension of that way of thinking I myself at that time I had
been interested in personal development transformational types of programs this
was the 80s this was in the air so the human potential movement so this wasn’t
about again it wasn’t about a company it wasn’t about a business opportunity it
was sort of a more New Age philosophy of self-improvement and self-awareness and
that’s how people got wrapped up in this game so to speak and I found on
Wikipedia an explanation of the airplane game an airplane game also known as the
plane game was a style of a pyramid scheme active in the 1980s in North
America and it gives you the little graphic of how its organized the common
version of the system involved joining an airplane by paying a pilot to become
one of eight passengers passengers started at the fourth step from being
paid so that’s at the very bottom already on the airplane were four flight
attendants who were a step ahead and to cope
toilets next in line behind the pilot once a pilot collected $12,000 from the
passengers to retire the group split into two airplanes with each copilot
then becoming the pilot of a new airplane and taking half the
participants and promoting everyone a level bringing in new passengers sped up
everyone’s progression towards retiring as a pilot however the structure of the
scheme results in a participant losing the entire payment unless 24 new
participants join the scheme had spread from New York to Texas to California
then South Florida by early 1987 with police raiding meetings in all four
states and reports of more airplane schemes operating in Dallas in Dade
County Florida at least one recruiting session was reported with 1,000
attendees though common versions at the time required passengers to pay $1500 to
receive $12,000 as a pilot some airplanes were being run with $5,000
passengers any $40,000 pilot payout this scheme has also gone by the names
Concord and golden galaxy with similar names for the steps cash club Victoria
operated in the same way but with different amounts and the steps renamed
to club member committee member vice president and president
Crona club was a similar scheme with more complex payout rules as was a
so-called game variously called cosmic adventure flying saucer or flying
starship so that’s just a little bit of a background on what the airplane game
actually was the Sun Sentinel had an article published March 26 1987 entitled
pyramid scheme takes off thousands invest in plane game there are no super
savers in the plane game South Florida’s newest and hottest pyramid scheme
tickets cost $1,500 and while the pilot stands to make $12,000 most of the
passengers get taken for a ride lured by the promise of instant riches
thousands of people have invested in the pyramid game in hopes of collecting a
quick $12,000 return authorities said most have come away $1500 poor its greed
big-time greed said an undercover agent for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s
Office I don’t feel sorry for them a bit nobody’s twisting their arms on Tuesday
sheriff’s agents arrested six of the games organizers at a recruiting meeting
in Lake Worth seven were were arrested by Boynton Beach police on March 13 the
State Attorney’s Office also is monitoring meetings in Boca Raton the
plane game is illegal under Florida law it’s defined as a type of lottery anyone
caught playing the game bases a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail people
should know by now it’s illegal said Jack fries spokesman for the Palm Beach
County State Attorney’s Office but some of them don’t care what’s a thousand
dollar fine if you can win $12,000 most of those who play the game are otherwise
law-abiding citizens the sheriff’s agent said they’re mostly middle income people
from all walks of life he said they’re teachers nurses housewives car salesmen
but they all think they can get something for nothing the plane game is
a thinly disguised take off on the pyramid chains that have been around for
years the airfare is $1,500 players enter the game as passengers as the game
progresses they become crew members co-pilots and eventually pilots each
pilot is supposed to receive $12,000 when that happens the pilot is out of
the game and a co-pilot becomes the pilot the passengers don’t receive a
dime until they become pilots even then they don’t get their $12,000 unless
eight new passengers pay $1,500 for the new passengers to get paid sixty-four
more passengers must be recruited those 64 passengers won’t make money unless an
additional 512 passengers enter the game it gets harder and harder to fill the
plane as more people get involved said sheriff’s spokesman Joe Bradshaw you’re
taking a gamble that you’ll fill the plane before it crashes and sooner or
later it’s got to crash organizers don’t tell potential players of the hazards of
the game they also don’t mention the fact that for every person who collects
twelve thousand dollars eight other people have to lose their 1500 dollar
investment there’s only a few that make money one undercover
a lot of people are strung out on the way the majority of those finally just
give up those who give up don’t always go quietly some call the authorities we
have 15 people call up and tell us they got ripped off the sheriff’s agent said
that’s when we decided to investigate the disgruntled players help detectives
bust Tuesday’s recruiting session at a home on Mark Drive in Lake Worth among
the 30 people who showed up at the meeting were two undercover agents
posing as potential passengers the agents listened to the group leaders
pitch at this meeting the leaders had changed the name of the game to the
living workshop seminar they changed the terminology but it was still the same
game the agent said it was just a question of semantics after the group
was broken into sections the deputies moved in six of the organizers were
hauled off to jail where they were issued notices to appear in court
everyone else was allowed to go home no money changed hands at the meeting agent
said instead people who agreed to join the game set up secret meetings with the
group leaders at the secret meetings you’re supposed to give the
administrator 15 $100 bills in an envelope it’s cash only
they don’t take checks there are no innocent victims in the plane game the
agent said everyone knows the rules in advance they know what they’re doing is
wrong the agent said the leader stated over and over again that what they were
doing is illegal and they use code names instead of real names most of the
players are also aware that there are a lot more losers than winners in the
plane game the agents said they think they won’t be the ones to get burnt he
said investigators say the plane game originated in New York and moved to
California its roots in South Florida had been traced to Martin County
recruiting sessions attended by as many as 1,000 people had been reported in
Dade County while the most common game requires passengers to invest 1500
dollars a variation of the game charges five thousand dollars and offers a forty
thousand dollar payoff one guy has been through it nine times the agent said he
completed two $5,000 airplanes and seven $1,500 airplanes he made about one
hundred and thirty thousand dollars authorities have no way of knowing how
widespread the plane game is but one agent estimated that at least
1,000 pound Beach County residents are involved okay
here’s where you get to find out what this show is really about remember at
the beginning I said it’s kind of about pyramid schemes it’s actually about
something called multi-level marketing or direct sales or network marketing and
there are a lot of companies that work this way where you recruit someone to
work under you and then they hopefully recruit someone to work under them and
so on and so forth and they are legally speaking anyway not
pyramid schemes as much as one would like to classify them this way we’re not
allowed to not yet Robert Fitzpatrick is an expert in these sorts of schemes
that’s why we called him in the first place
which was what made it so shocking that he had been taken in by one you’re a
good person and aren’t good things supposed to happen to good people and
isn’t our economy supposed to offer this kind of opportunity these opportunities
don’t seem to be showing up in work hmm but they must be out there well here it
shows up in the real estate market mm-hmm more the stock market or I mean
there are so many other places where this kind of prosperity thinking mm-hm
and that is what we’re talking about here it is native to America it came
here from the Puritans this is what I spent five or six years tracing down
because I wanted to understand how in the hell did I not see this oh they cause like business networking
or I mean I just can’t even imagine anybody being hooked into any one of
these things anymore I mean what disguised as business networking or
something this entire fraudulent structure based
on the endless chain which is unsustainable mathematically impossible
was obscured by a simply a story about giving and receiving in multi-level
marketing exactly the same structure mathematically impossible unsustainable
and so on that will produce these massive loss rates is covered over by a
different story it’s the story that you are actually buying and selling products
that it’s a business called direct selling you’ve never been into a direct
sales company it’s kind of hard to understand but there is no comment out
there thank you beat it our guys are making triple and quadruple
the money you know your best friend that you’ve been best friends with since high
school and she’s struggling a little bit and you know her so well like call her
up we are building so quickly here and you can make some serious money and
anyone worth recruiting will also see it as a relationship let me say that again
I want you to hear me again anyone worth recruiting will seek joining you in this
business as a relationship okay don’t get too informative if they ask you the
informative questions like give them that information but do it in a very fun
relaxed uplifting way we’re at a ground-floor level people people are not
realizing what we have now and are not taking advantage of it I want you to
take advantage of this opportunity and be able to just fly with it if you
recruit others you’ll move up the chain and and indeed in multi-level marketing
it’s designed to transfer money from 99 percent to 1 percent you want someone
who will give it their all and stick around multi-level marketing has
codified into an actual business the deceptions the delusion
the manipulations that the airplane game introduced it’s amazing and it’s not too
good to be true it’s still based on a prosperity belief that we are entitled
to these good things that they can come to you through belief through confidence
and through positive thinking that’s just a little bit of history behind how
multi-level marketing got started and yeah in the 80s this airplane game and
the whole story and narrative around it that convinced people to get involved
even though they knew that the system was destined to fail and they knew that
at the end of the day there were going to be people that actually lost out the
story was was so vivid and so real and the immediate short-term success so
stunning that they continued to be involved and to share this system this
game with other people and get more people involved and continue to believe
that they wouldn’t be the ones that would end up losing out and the people
that were going to lose out we’re just so far down the chain unrelated to them
that it didn’t inspire sympathy or it didn’t inspire even any fear because
they felt that they were safe from it because they had already seen the cash
and they already knew what was possible and they felt that they had gotten in
early enough in the game that they could still benefit from it and that they
would get out when they thought that the system was about to crumble that’s just
a little bit of history I highly recommend this podcast if you are
interested in anti multi-level marketing stories because it’s very fascinating
they really get into a lot of things maybe I’ll make some more videos
summarizing some of these episodes if any of them seem to catch my fancy but I
just thought that little bit of history was pretty interesting because I did
kind of wonder well how did we go from recognizing pyramid schemes and all of
these laws against engaging in pyramid schemes to then this new permutation
multi-level marketing which seems to be pretty much the same thing it’s just
packaged a little differently and so this kind of is a bridge that sort of
led from one to the other there’s always going to be permutations of this sort of
thing for example just this March there was an article on the BBC News warning
over pyramid scheme aimed at the social media generation and so there’s
something else going around that was sort of somewhat similar in nature it
wasn’t about selling a product or selling a service or anything like that
and it was called the loom circle or the fractal mandala or the blessing loom
there have been a number of videos about this on youtube and i’m sure elsewhere
on social media talking about the scam hey guys to the centre by the time i
mean these things eventually collapse they don’t ever they’re called they say
here’s sue and here is her PayPal account pay $100 to it and you can get a
blue space you do it you have a blue space now you and everyone else in this
loom is working to invite people to fill the other blue spaces everyone on a blue
space pays $100 to the person on the center space so little by little the
space fill the room fills up and now the loom will split into two everyone will
move one space closer to the center the people who are on pink separate into two
separate looms where they are each on the center
and they take everyone on their side with them so Joe becomes purple lives in
Cal who are on green become Joe’s pinks and everyone who was on Joe side who was
on great blue no becomes green and everyone in this group work to fill
these eight spaces they promise you to pay they promise to pay you
eight times your money in 48 hours all you have to do the only thing you have
to do according to them is to invite eight people eating 40 turns there are
three different types and all right now this one of where you bring 1000 area
and get 8,000 of the $50 this first one second oh you can go up for the one of
two thousand and you get sixteen thousand or $50 like I asked all right
now you bring that in the ordinary purify its people and get more than four
thousand air $40 this is come some things we do to one people please do
know invest your money in this scheme yeah really getting caught up in this
loon shit aren’t you there’s no way that word sounds it even sounds sneaky loom
let me explain me all about loom is it’s a pyramid scheme a Ponzi scheme well
here’s how it works alright this is a loom board even saying it makes more
cute so sucks you up and says hey I could
make you a thousand and eighty bucks in 24 hours and you’re like would ya so you
sign up and so to seven other unsuspecting people that’s what the blue
squares up so that runs you 135 to everybody in the outside ring hey still
dough in the middle I skin pay as high def pays light-skinned angel X pay as
you get the picture and now that dildos got is pay everybody moves up a rank
little were you we’re now the square split into two so
now sixteen people have to convictive and then 32 and then 64 and then deuce
math it’s called a pyramid scheme it’s been happening for hundreds of years
it’s just repackaged and thrown on the Internet
stop asking me for one hundred and thirty five dollars this is sort of a
newfangled permutation and there’s so many out there like that
social media users are being targeted by scam which is leaving participants
hundreds of pounds out of pocket and remember this is from BBC News so we’re
talking about pounds here instead of dollars but it’s hit America as well the
pyramid scheme has been appearing in news feeds and circulating online over
the past week targeting people who may never have heard of them it’s the latest
in a number of get-rich-quick schemes which target young people under 30 a
scheme called loom circle or fractal Mandela has seen people promised one
thousand two hundred eighty pounds from a 160 dollar investment in America it’s
like put in a hundred bucks and you’ll get eight hundred bucks back it’s an
old-fashioned scheme which has been repackaged for a new generation what is
new is the target market the scheme asked participants to pay a hundred and
sixty pounds upfront with the promise of making a return of eight times that
amount what’s the pyramid scheme typically a
pyramid scheme you pay to join the scheme relies on you then recruiting
other people to join up and to part with their money as well for everyone in the
scheme to make a profit though there needs to be an endless supply of new
members in reality the number of people willing to join the scheme and
ultimately the amount of money coming into the scheme will dry up very quickly
pyramid schemes are not sustainable and are often illegal action fraud the
national cyber crime and Reporting Center said they’ve noticed a rise in
so-called investment schemes being advertised on these channels and people
in their 20s who may think of themselves as the most social media savvy are the
most likely to fall victim cyber scam expert Scott McCready told BBC Scotland
News pyramid schemes are nothing new they’ve been around since the early
1900s it’s just rescanned and remade for a new platform and a new audience we
don’t know how common they are because people aren’t coming forward and saying
it happened to them people don’t tend to report it because they feel a bit stupid
a bit silly but that’s not the case this type of fraud is prevalent
especially on social media and this 164 people had to pay in to get to the top
payout that’s about 10,000 pounds he needs to send to a fraudster between
64 people so it’s pennies for a fraudster to send back one thousand
pounds to one person because they’ve still made nine thousand pounds I feel
so stupid Sarah handed over 160 pounds after a
friend convinced her she’d received to pay out she didn’t research this game
before pairing with her cash but soon saw treats about the scam she said I
opened up my phone to messages from my friend just to say there’s this thing
going about called a loom circle she said she put money into it and it’s come
out she put in 160 pounds she got out one thousand two hundred eighty pounds
she said she had the money and it was legit not a scam people have made a lot
of money from it I’d seen a few people posting it on their Instagram stories
that’s how it was doing the rounds so I stupidly went into it put the money into
it and was added into a whatsapp chat where the icon was a picture of the loom
circle with people’s names in it the chat had maybe 16 people in it to be
added onto the circle you transferred money to the person in the middle of the
circle their bank details were on the top of the whatsapp chat the way it
looked in the buzz about it people actually thought it was working the
circle I was in once the person in the middle was paid it splits in half I was
moved in the circle stop moving less people were added in and I kept seeing
tweets it was a scam Sarah called her bank who investigated it as a fraud
because her money was still in the account she sent it to they refunded her
now she wants to warn others I’d never heard of a pyramid scheme I feel looking
back it was really stupid to join it in the first place but because people said
they got the money I believed it I just feel a bit in fled and really silly I
sent money to someone I didn’t know it looked like something real 160 pounds is
a lot of money if you’re a young person so people need to be more aware that’s
just to say that these types of pyramid schemes that really don’t necessarily
have anything to do with selling a product or selling a service but just
have to do with hey put in a smaller amount of money and you’re you and the
end will end up with a larger amount of money it you know it seems like a quick
and easy way to make money and they’re targeting younger people they’re hitting
up Instagram Facebook what without social media platforms to get
their message out because that’s where young people are and young people can be
really susceptible to this type of thing and it’s really just a new variation of
the playing game except now it’s taking place over social media you can do it
without actually attending parties you don’t actually have to meet face to face
with the people that are in your plane or in your loom circle in this case
everything is done via social media and that’s where younger people feel most
comfortable socially anyway doing things from the
safety of their own home online but it’s a false sense of safety and the people
reaching out to you are not out for your own good and they’re often lying about
the money that they’ve received they need more people in their loom circle in
order for them to even have a chance to keep rising up the ranks until
everyone’s paying them out so don’t be taken in by that either but all part of
the the same sort of scheme that you know you put in a small amount of money
and they’re gonna get something big out of it even if you are one of the early
participants and you do make that cash payout or get receive that cash payout
it means that down the line and pretty shortly down the line other people are
going to get ripped off and not get anything back from their initial
investment and that’s just not a nice thing to be a part of it’s not a nice
thing to be a part of when you’re the one losing your money but it’s not even
a nice thing to be a part of if you’ve root the benefits at the expense of
other people who got nothing so anyway let’s all be well aware out there of
these types of scams and again if you’re out there looking for a job and it’s
been awhile and you haven’t found anything and funds are running low you
may be susceptible to falling for one of these scams because hey who wouldn’t
want to turn a hundred dollars into eight hundred dollars very quickly and
with little effort but you’ll end up losing that hundred dollars and not get
anything back in return and again even if you did get the eight hundred dollars
it’s ill-gotten gains you receive from the world what you put out into it and
if you’re making money through illegal means or means where you know someone
else’s ripped off then it just doesn’t feel
good and I just don’t believe that anyone can truly prosper in that way at
least not for long you know sometime down the line you’ve got to pay the
piper for what you’ve done so I think that we should all be well aware not to
get involved in these scams and just there’s no shortcut you know I wish
there was if there was trust me when I tell you I would have found it there’s
no shortcut to making a living and finding a job and just doing that daily
grind Dan and day out and making your way through the world there’s there’s no
no easy way if something’s too good to be true then it usually isn’t true and
you’re just getting taken in so let’s all stay safe out there
during our job Hinds let’s not get taken advantage of during a weak moment or
times where our funds might be running low we got a hold tight and not fall for
these kind of schemes and scams so anyway I have a wonderful day out there
I’m thinking about every single one of you who’s looking for a job I’m thinking
of every single one of you who is going through an illness or whose child is not
doing well or if you’re in the hospital I’m hoping that you’re going to have a
good day today and that’s you stay strong keep the faith we can do it guys
so I will talk to you later bye

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