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I live in the middle of nowhere and in state of Pennsylvania and a small hick town known as Clearfield the only real business that we get here are hunters and people traveling to Penn State University so we don't really have much in the lines of actual businesses we had we may have a few local and chain restaurants along with Pennsylvania's largest gun shop but there's really no entertainment stores and many of us are under the poverty level along with that they're fill County is a very large it's square footage and spread out it's in the middle of the mountain ranges so it can take hours just to get from one end of the country County to the other end especially to those who live in the mountains it was winter at the time of this happening and there was a foot of snow on the ground and the roads were icy so it took even longer to get anywhere I live in the area of girden and Goshen deep in the mountains most of the kids I go to high school with are rednecks and hillbillies so many of them would poke fun of me if they knew I was a brony yep something you don't often see every day a redneck brony because there are many Hicks here there's not much one not confined in our local stores related to my little pony one would have to go all the way to Dubois which is in the far edge of the county where in order to get anything related to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic I was at the so called Clearfield Mall though you can't really call it a mall since it's just a Plaza with a glass hallway in front in an arcade I was at the Goodwill store I'm not living in poverty by the way I just go to the goodwill to see if I could find some really neat stuff like classic records or novels and I was looking through the used dvds section I came across a DVD case with no cover I looked inside and saw that there was a DVD inside label My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Princess Twilight Sparkle something seemed off about the label like it may have been off-center nevertheless I thought I might as well get it since I have a bad satellite signal in my place and can't always get the hub or internet connection and would always have trouble view in the season 3 ending any other way with all my parents annoying they're rather hate Kitsch too and wouldn't really understand not to mention it was only a dollar fifty I took the DVD to the counter where I was wrong out by an older woman who exhibited the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease I gave her the dollar fifty and she handed me the DVD she asked me if I was getting the DVD for his sister and I lied saying yes to her so she wouldn't ask me any more questions I've been pulled out of the parking lot with my red Dodge pickup truck what most people drive in this area and decide to head back home to Goshen as I got half way up the mountain a snowstorm started I lost my visibility I was used to the typical snowstorm but the storm seemed rather fierce luckily I knew where I was and I knew that it would only take five minutes of driving on Gillham Road to get to my place the storm got worse when I got a half a mile away from home so I pulled over and jumped out of the vehicle to get a bearing of what my location was when I figured out where I was which was by the old Gillingham cemetery I was just about to climb back in my vehicle when I noticed something that caught my eye it was a machine gun laying in the snow the kind that would be illegal for civilians to own not having any bits of snow covering which I found Oz and the storm had picked up and the gun shown no signs of being covered as if it was just placed there I took a look at the muzzle and notice that there were trace amounts of blood on it I was not worried about my own being I figured that it was probably being used to poach animals which we get a lot I was going to call the police but I had no cell phone signal damn Verizon so I just drove on after the storm calm down as sudden as it appeared I drove all it was clear I pulled into my driveway when the storm suddenly picked up again I ran to my house with my DVD in hand I unlocked the door and walked into my house I was alone at the time since my father worked at the petroleum plant in Clearfield well my mom worked as a pharmacist on French Ville I was treated watch my DVD without any ridicule of my family I ran for the TV in my room and pop the DVD into my laptop because I figured with this weather I would lose power at any moment now that this game to take forever to load I fear it might have been scalped and got a bad disc however it eventually loaded and the program started the DVD seemed to work rather smoothly now I watched all the episodes on the disc which included magical mystery cure games ponies play magical duel mystery on the friendship Express and less than zero I read about this DVD beforehand and knew that all the these were all in the episodes in the DVD well when I finished lesson zero a pop-up came up on my laptop flutter dot exe requires permission to the end from the administer to execute or something like that I had no idea what that meant so I just clicked yes from here things started to get rather bizarre on the bottom right corner was an interesting caption on aired episode 12 14 2012 it seemed rather odd the episode although it appeared to be animated with the lauren faust style seemed rather off the first thing Shawn was it a sad-looking fluttershy's staying into a mirror the scene depicted numerous flashbacks that showed so quickly I had to pause in her wine the time for wine at times what I saw when I played back still a disturbing the first picture was of a Twilight Sparkle and spike participating in a very sexually explicit activity appearing a screen shot on a game called double the fun the next flashback was a short clip of Pinkie Pie passed out in her own urine obviously drunk connected in the next clip was a rarity laying in a hospital bed well a doctor held a blurry mass of something in front of her I paused there and took a screen cap i pasted it into an art program and zoomed into the blurry object I used to a program to clarify the blur and when I saw the final result I was practically sickened it was a bloody Pony fetus with its head nearly destroyed and bloodied did rarity have a partial birth abortion and I continued playing and saw the rest of the flashbacks they include Applejack physically abusing a balloon and a manner similar to that of the Theron are extorts Mikasa and enemies rebellious and Rainbow Dash surrounded by dirty lab equipment I got a good look at the product around her and figured out that it was a meth lab and the flash like implied that she was a meth maker the flashbacks ended and I played the clip at normal speed again finished astounding music started to play the kind of music you would hear on Criminal Minds Fluttershy started to show signs of anger rage even the next thing I saw was a still photo of her and what appeared to be a Kevlar vest she held a rather looked illegal looking machine gun looking exactly the one I saw in the road earlier only animated in Laurens hostile she also had numerous machine guns Rowan's knives and handguns strapped around her she wore night-vision goggles I was getting very concerned why would Lauren Faust shown such demented imagery and violent objects on a kids show the next still photo was a fluttershy with the vest off and what I saw disturb me she wore a t-shirt with the words national selection written on it in black marker natural selection machine guns grenades knives what is this the first thing I thought was that it was the 19 the thought of was the 99 Columbine High School shooting after 10 seconds of that still photo it got back to motion fluttershy was shown leaving her house at night with her vest t-shirt gun and other weaponry it zoomed in on the floor where one could see her rabid angel bunny laying on the floor dead angel was gored and bloodied it was rather detailed but still done in the lauren faust style i didn't like what i'd fear what happened next and then cut to the theme song of the show it seemed rather normal but something seemed off I could tell the color was off and duller than usual and that the music seemed slightly flat fled enough to make me uneasy when I got to the end of the theme at the part where it said develop my television lauren faust a flash momentarily to a different name I had to pause for a moment and get a glimpse of the name what I saw horrified me Dale Vella for television by Shang whoo-chow and the typical font usually used as if officially made say mucho the Virgin Tech shooter I knew that it was that will be coming up in the episode couldn't be good it cut to the next scene it showed the Ponyville schoolhouse and students entering the building it seemed rather peaceful until the title of the episode came up flutter Lanza I could not make out the rest of the person only used up usually shown but I didn't care flutter Lanza is this some kind of sick joke it makes sense however on aired episode 12 14 2012 flutter Lanza December 14 2012 was a day that Sandy Hook massacre took place which is perpetrated by a former student in Adam Lanza I got a sick feeling in my stomach and got a good idea what I was in for as Cheerilee started up class with the door now closed she took attendance as usual the Cutie Mark Crusaders were during their usual thing while snails and snips sat there being stupid the door the schoolroom knocked cheerily walked up to the door who is it do I have a late student Cheerilee asked through the door it's Fluttershy state of the respective timid voice can I come in real quick I kept telling telling cheerily in my mind don't open the door don't open the door don't open the door run for your life however she tragically opened the door as soon as she left the biggest of sin Fluttershy started shooting at the school house killing cheerily first she just waved her machine gun around killing every student in sight she didn't aim in any pony she just waved like a mad mare there was blood and dead students everywhere except for the Cutie Mark Crusaders where were they litter size surveyed the room searching for the missing Crusaders she saw it moves into the desk it's a little slit at the bottom they cut to the CMC hiding for fear of their lives tragically they wouldn't make it Fluttershy threw a grenade under the desk and it immediately detonated destroying the desk and mutilating the CMC rather graphically it was a rather realistic explosion the sounds of bodies crunching and splattering was rather gruesome but it still looked at the lauren faust style animation I was grossed out but I didn't come close to vomiting since I'm used to seeing that kind of stuff I hunt deer during deer season and saw many graphic war movies I was still appalled though this was even animated faust wouldn't animate something like this but it looks so much like her silently it seemed cut suddenly cut to Rainbow Dash who is heading to sweet Apple acres to visit Applejack what she saw struck her and me with horror at the front gate Granny Smith lead ed in a bloody mess Rainbow Dash ran into the barn after realizing Granny Smith was dead for fear of Apple Jacks life her fears were confirmed she took a look inside of the barn and saw big McIntosh lying dead in a pool of blood his intestines were strewn about and his eyes were gouged out but what was really disturbing was the weight of the body but what was really disturbing was the body of Applejack she had everything big Macintosh had except all of her organs were pulled out on her back the words child abuser were carved into her flesh her face had a look of terror as if she was caught by somepony she did not expect Rainbow Dash expressed sorrow for her fallen friend was caught by fear for her own life was she next what was going on in the shadows Fluttershy entered Rainbow Dash turn and fear Fluttershy Rama – trembled in fear did did you do this a tear fell from our eye and a voice distinct from her normal voice a disturbing teenage male voice Fluttershy asked do you believe in God I remembered that this is a quote associated with Eric Harris and Dylan Cole built Columbine shooters and a voice highly uncharacteristic of Rainbow Dash resembling that more of a timid teenage girl she answered yes they go be with him let her shy screamed in the deep male voice she put the gun to Rambo – his forehead and pull the trigger animated brain blood and bone flew into Fluttershy Rainbow Dash was dead in her head destroyed I knew that this is highly uncharacteristic of lauren faust but i kept watching out of sick curiosity the next minutes sickened me Fluttershy carve into rainbows dashes flank crack-whore the sound of cutting flesh was highly realistic and almost let me throw up but I kept it down that'll teach that bitch Fluttershy spoke in her normal tone the screen went black I figured that this would be where and where she would normally air if the sick episode was actually to be released I paused for a moment why would Faust write this especially after the recent chain of school shootings this couldn't Ian could eat i''m pause the video and decided to continue the episode the next thing was of sugar cube corner pinkie pie's place of residence at employment Oh No but Fluttershy really kill off the cakes I shuddered but I knew I had to keep watching mrs. cake went to check up on the baby's pancake and pumpkin cake in the nursery room when mrs. cake entered the room the scenes skipped to mr. cake we was sitting in the kitchen drinking his morning beverage his calm drinking was interrupted by blood-curdling scream one that was marked with sorrow I've feared what would happened next mr. cake ran to the nursery and saw a horrible sight mrs. cake emitted is emitted as a cry of sorrow it panned to her front to her horror laying in front of her were twins dead they were tamed to a sickening shade of blue both of the cake started crying in sorrow realizing that their children were dead honestly this was sick and horrific I thought Lauren Faust would be sensitive to the fact that some viewers had lost infant siblings as SIDS am I wrong or is this not Lauren Faust but rather some sick copycat if that was not sick enough the next site was sick and almost any person including myself Pinkie Pie walked into the doorway she was limping and clearly unstable she stared at the cakes and she uttered in a sickly voice it wasn't SIDS pinkie then collapsed in the doorway and started seizing her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she started vomiting a foamy substance her eye started bleeding as she rolled around in the floor the cakes ran to try and give her aid but they were too late she stopped breathing and her heart stopped beating after a minute of seizing she was dead as a cakes mourn for her too the camera zoomed into the Ted the dead twins I paused and zoomed in on their faces what I could see was some slight bruising around their snouts now I'm no expert but I believe something like this could have been a sign that they were smothered the closet door opened and fluttershy popped out what fun is life without a little death I recognized that quote from the journal Dylan complet one of the Columbine shooters to continue fluttershy started shooting at the cakes it was real brutal blood and gore flew all over the room as the cakes breathed their last they were finally dead after taking about a hundred rounds in their bodies after everyone in the room except for fluttershy was dead she walked towards the body of Pinkie Pie she grabbed her knife and carved into pinkie's side drunkard she had solved a schoolhouse shot off the fat Apple family farm slaughtered Rainbow Dash and it's something to Pinkie Pie on the cake twins to kill them though it wasn't said what exactly killed them she shot up the cake parents I knew that there would be more victims I knew what she would go after the rest of the main six not including herself this left rarity and Twilight Sparkle along with whoever else would get in her way the screen faded to black and white font the message showed up I want to burn the world struck even more fear into me this was a quote from the Journal of Eric Harris I was sick to my stomach now but I had to keep watching a screen faded back to a bridge in the everfree forest there were no science to it so one could easily fall off on the side I saw something on the top right corner but couldn't make it out so I positivity and zoomed in without any editing I could clearly see that the corpse of Zecora hanging from one of the trees she was clearly lynched in a style similar to the actions done by the KKK school shootings racism lynchings what sick bastard got the idea to write this distortion of a children's cartoon a zoom back down and continued playing fluttershy came in rolling in a chair with cement blocks strapped to it who else was tired to have besides rarity I got a deep pit of sickness in my stomach I knew that fluttershy i knew what fluttershy was going to do this time rarity was still alive but already had the carving of her flank filly killer she was clearly distressed and tried screaming but she wasn't bound and gagged so no sound could come out fluttershy remember the gag giving rarity a chance to beg for her life please Fluttershy don't do this Bertie begged fluttershy ignored her the lonely mayor strikes with absolute rage this was another familiar quote used by Dylan called that for a poem he had written albeit Pony fide no no no no rarity begged I'm sorry for whatever I did to you please don't do this rarity was crying tears of desperation but Fluttershy didn't care she pushed the chair off the bridge dragging rarity into the river as she screamed bloody murder rarity sank to the deep depths of the river never to be heard from again I am the law if you don't like it you die fluttershy uttered an evil voice except it was calmer as she started stared into the river to watch rarity drown she then walked over to the corpse of Sakura it was clear now that fluttershy was the one that lynched her you disgusting zebra it was not a normal voice oh the evil teen male voice from earlier rather the voice of a southern middle aged man it sounded like it was cut off like it was for supposed to be more said I recognized the voice as Bob mo from the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird except the last racial slur was replaced with zebra it was certainly weird so Fluttershy is a murderer and a racist now who made this Sikh film the show cut to Twilight Sparkle's house some sinister stratum music started playing I knew the song as I played it for my junior year in high school band it was one of the movements from John DiMaggio sword of the rings symphony I believe this part was journey into darkness I could be wrong however I didn't exactly remember exactly however the camera zoomed into the window and the jump to Twilight Sparkle's bed she and Spike were screwing each other spike was humping the hell out of Twilight clearly getting it in he was pumping and body fluids were flying everywhere both were moaning and screaming as they pleasured each other the sinister music was getting louder and more suspenseful I knew something horrible was going to happen both of them eventually came but the actions they had performed were not clearly enough I was about I was all about siccing but what I had already seen I didn't know that it would get worse it did Spike Lee was lying on Twilight's bed and spoil it and Twilight climbed up on top of him and started to defecate on his chest what the fuck she was oh my goodness she was performing a even steamer I would just about threw up I knew if my parents were to walk in and me seeing this they would murder me so ashamed at what I was watching I continued watching in hopes that would just stop it didn't stop it just didn't after she was done she got in front of spike he started to urinate and she caught the steady flow of urine into her mouth I was fucking done with this I couldn't take this anymore I pressed the eject button on the disk drive but it wouldn't open the clip just kept playing who else has a present for spikey-wikey spike shouted as he finished urinating how about a Cosby sweater twilights replied holy shit how did this go from a twisted horror film to a horribly made shock porno Twilight made herself vomit on spikes chest now it was clear that she had eaten a bunch of fruity cereal the mess of vomit had multiple muted colors mixed in with the nasty color of the bile I came even closer to throwing up it seen some nasty shit before but this was more sickening than anything that they had ever gotten me to watch the music was building up I was actually looking forward to seeing the two of them die I hated Twilight now I wanted that whore to die scene changed what looked like a haunting scope it was looking through the window and was clearly aiming for spike when the shooter got a lock on Spike the shooter pulled the trigger shooter took off the scope and this camera revealed changed her reveal it was Fluttershy she grinned that evil grin to hers one down two to go the scene went back to Twilight's bed Spike's headed taken the shot in blood and brain matters flattops lettered all over the wall and Twilight her spell herself she stood in shock as she stared in horror she walks spike bleed who did this Twilight screamed in horror Fluttershy walked into the front door pilots house Fluttershy somebody just killed spike get some help call it shot at her Fluttershy ignored her she walked towards the bed and pulled out a knife Fluttershy what are you doing Twilight asked she backed towards the wall at the climax of the music Fluttershy just started stabbing the daylights out of Twilight Sparkle toilets screamed bloody murder she hacked everywhere in 12 toilets lungs filled with blood she stopped breathing in her heart stopped she was dead but Fluttershy kept on stabbing I counted up to 250 times of course she stopped stabbing I have a very good sense of numbers and was able to remember the each stab when I was paying attention to the blood and gore fluttershy calmed herself down she took the dive in car started carving at Twilight Sparkle's died by the time she finished carving her thigh read pedo whore I then saw fluttershy do something I had never seen her do before she stuck her hoof in the blood puddle and speared a smiley face on the wall of Twilight's bed I recognized that picture it was the exact match to the insignia of Red John from The Mentalist I wanted to see Twilight dead but not like that I came to the conclusion that this wasn't Lauren Faust who had made this I figured out that this was just some deranged psychopath who had learned how to animate just like Faust it was and made this disgusting cartoon however I was really worried for her what's he stalking her when we lose the animation genius screen faded out to black I knew this was in a real episode and I already run for 35 minutes when I faded black the scene that was of the crystal and screen was out of the crystal Empire what could be done now to make this episode even scarier camera change to a theater princess cadance and Princess shining armor on the top balcony they were chatting and viewing the performance of Handel's Messiah and they seemed to be really enjoying it the camera changed viewing back to the stage behind the curtain where fluttershy stood waiting for the right chance of strike she pulled out a remote with an evil grin on her face she pushed the button and a loud explosion was heard the people in the theater panicked everyone screamed bloody murder it was shown that the balcony containing cadence and shining armor who are viewing the performance had blown up and how the two Lula's were now splattered to the wall dead fluttershy jumped out of the behind the curtain started shooting like before at the schoolhouse she shot at everyone killing everyone in sight she would not kill everyone however like the school house a group of officers ran behind her and tackled her to the ground they successfully subdued her and arrested her for numerous counts of murder she was put up she put up a very little fight as she I carried her away rather she gave an extremely evil looking grin like she did not care this grin was no ordinary grin very similar to what that of the legendary smile she had over 250 kills and her whole rampage over 200 then being from the theater the screen faded out from black once more I was glad this maniac was finally caught but I couldn't help but feel sorry for those who had lost our families and lives in this rampage the black screen lasted for about a minute I hope that it was finally over it wasn't the screen faded back to what looked like a courtroom months have passed since the rampage and Fluttershy had pleaded guilty for murder she was now in the court for sentencing for a final cut comments she was going to prison for life the first Pony to come up to the podium was Princess Luna I was glad to see one of Equestria's rulers say where are my favorite ponies Fluttershy why Luna asked on the stand I don't know why you would do something like this seems so out of character for you I have no idea or to motivate you to do something like this she started to cry I bet you were abused by your fight your family perhaps molested by your father you had a horrible childhood if the ones who used to call friends turned on you and started letting their flawed natures control themselves I was appalled when I learned what Twilight Sparkle had done to spike these past few years taking advantage of a child I was astonished that Apple who never managed to report the abuse she faced in the hands of the family but why did you kill the rest of them why did you murder the victims of these monsters with them why her sobbing started to get out of control she gained her composure after a while perhaps a lifetime in prison will help you get rid of the hate in your heart why was Luda actually acknowledging the fact that Fluttershy was abused as a filly I thought that it was just an urban legend but now I wasn't so sure then again this clearly wasn't authentic so I had to think twice on it Princess Luna got off the stand not was Fluttershy has turned to speak her last lines this would turn out to be the most disturbing portion of this already fucked up episode Fluttershy went up to the stand she was in her prison outfit ready to speak the first thing that she did was remove our prison jacket what she wonder neath disturbed me beyond all belief she wore herself a white t-shirt and it bore the word killer written softly in the blood with black marker this is when things got very familiar to me what she said for last to me it really shocked me this is a message to the families of my victims the hoof that pulled the trigger that killed your families now klopse to their memory fuck all of you she said in another different voice resembling that of another male teenager I recognize that quote from something on the news it was a sentencing of TJ Lane the perpetrator of the Chardon High School shooting he wore the same exact t-shirt I saw Fluttershy wear and he home and he said almost the same exact thing I said fluttershy's speech was pornified however it sounded like the voice of TJ laying himself how could he have recorded this line for a kids show it couldn't have gotten any worse I thought that was until Fluttershy pulled out a handgun from her pocket the ponies of the courtroom fled the scene of for fear their lives except for the police they ran after her before they could reach her she put the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger the bullet exited out of the top of her head and she died immediately blood and brain matter poured from her mouth and a manner similar to that of the infamous Budd Dwyer suicide a random burst of static overtook the screen as she bled out after flickering on and off for a while the screen was overtook with an extremely loud static it stops suddenly and I saw the most disturbing image of my life in my lifetime it was a picture of Fluttershy bleeding out but her eyes were missing and her sockets were left to bleed this imagery literally made me wet myself I kept watching nothing in this was getting any worse however I was wrong the clip changed to another disturbing video clip it was zoomed in automatically all I saw was that looked like Fluttershy performing a disgusting act on somebody I didn't want to continue watching so I just closed my eyes it zoomed out even more and I could see more horrible things I was so sick by this I just wanted it to be over with it zoomed out to show the face of the one who was killing Fluttershy it was none other than Adam Sandy Hook murderer Fluttershy was literally being violated in the most horrible ways out of ten minutes of watching this the two mass murderers came in and this scene went to black and stayed there for thirty seconds was this so sort of some sick joke who made this I wanted to find that who made this if anyone slit their throat I thought the video was over but I was dead wrong once again this greed suddenly flashed in multiple colors it was the most evil image I've ever seen it was Adam Lanza once more but he had no eyes but only bleeding sockets and blood running down his mouth the image flashing over and over again and the different colors while the same time allowed blood-curdling screams filled the room at this point it didn't even sound like it was coming from my computer but rather surrounding me all over the room I covered my ears and fell over from there on everything went black I woke up three hours later in the emergency where my Clearfield hospital my parents were standing at my bedside what happened I asked my mother rather groggily I came home and saw you pass out on your bedroom floor I was worried I would lose you she said the doctor said that you had a grand mal seizure my father said does this mean I'm epileptic I asked the doctors told us even a stress-induced seizure apparently triggered by some sort of psychological trauma my father said they are called psycho psychotic non-epileptic seizures are peein in PNAS did something happen while you were at home alone my mother asked what was on the computer screen when you found me I asked remembering the DVD well when I called the ambulance I saw a message on the computer screen I was too worried about you but I had to take a look at it anyway it said something to the effect of this isn't over my mother replied what's this about something happened to my computer I said I found a movie at a goodwill and played it on my laptop and played very disturbing imagery that wasn't supposed to be there I think I might have bought a pirated film my parents embarrassed me glad that I was safe the doctors recommended that I would be kept home from school the next day this would end up saving my life my parents got a call the next day from my high school there have been a school shooting that left three soon its dead including the shooter who had killed himself I knew this girl she was in my grade she was a beautiful blonde and had those beautiful blue eyes she never talked with anyone and just blended in most of the time I never knew she had it in her to kill people the news reporters stated that she had been raped by a couple of male students about a year ago and finally decided to take a revenge on the guys I knew the guys they were bunch of football stars I honestly couldn't stand them there were womanisers and troublemakers but it still ignored them since there were valuable assets to their team the news also reported a pending invest but recent allegations by her older sister that the father had sexually abused her since kindergarten a press conference was held where it was announced that the shooter wore a bulletproof vest and carried many knives handguns and a machine gun it was also found that she was carrying a small plastic figure of Fluttershy and they searched her house they found large amounts of My Little Pony fan art art – which was shown by the press looked very authentic or foster than herself they also found a computer a series of flash animations made by the My Little Pony she made a My Little Pony animations that could not show on TV due to the graphic nature of the clip she made they did not disclose the content but they said that the videos she had made were extremely violent they also found that she had shrines daniel.rolfe devoted to school shooters such as Eric Harris Dylan Kaaba TJ Lane Sui hua troll and most in the most recent case Adam Lanza nobody in our school knew how disturbed she really was nobody knew that she would be the next school shooter and now wondered did she make that film I saw I wonder if she made that film and intentionally put a Goodwill store in town so a local would see it and hear her cries for help could she have been asking for help or was it something more sinister I've since burned the DVD I did not want to victimize myself any more than I already had by sending it to the police my parents never found out about what it was really on the DVD and they still don't know about my addiction of my little pony craft someday I'll tell them about being a brony maybe the whole school will maybe even the whole school but for now I have finals to study for I should put the past behind me if anyone of you know know anyone it has major problems and you fear they may do something like this please get help immediately so that we can prevent another Sandy Hook sore combines if this is you know that nobody is unloved there's always someone who loves you we've been mate area for the night but joy comes with the morning Psalm 30 verse 5 you

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  • This was the heaviest creepypasta reading I've ever heard ๐Ÿ˜จ. Most of the pastas I've heard are either a bit creepy, try way too hard to be taken seriously, are poorly written to the point where they're laughable or are just written to troll people. But this story…it started out as a typical lost episode creepypasta, then slowly eased it's way into disturbing territory, then completely went off the rails into something sick, and twisted and finally ended on a rather somber and depressing note. Much like the creepypasta Shadow Reader did about the guy whose friend is murdered by an insane Sonic the Hedgehog fan because he was making a fan game and refused to heed the fan by changing the voice clips for Sonic, this story feels really close to reality. I can totally see this happening in real life: a high school girl, who's a fan of MLP FIM, is sexually abused by her father and raped by some teenage boys at her school, makes a shrine to other known school shooters as well as some twisted MLP fan art and videos, and decides to shoot up her own school before killing herself because she felt like no one cared about her or the suffering she was enduring. And to top it off, she makes a twisted and demented fan made episode of MLP and puts the DVD in a store, hoping someone buys it and watches it to either experience what her suffering was like or see what she was going through and get her help.

    I could totally see this being shown on the news, like the Columbine massacre or the Sandy Hook shooting. That's what makes this story really scary: it doesn't talk about some fictional killer or monster and tries to make you believe it's real even though its clearly not, it instead scares you by talking about a scenario that has happened in real life or could happen in real life. So props to the person who wrote this for making the only legitimately scary creepypasta I've seen in years and props to Shadow Reader for perfectly acting out how any of us would've reacted if we were in the main character's position ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • This story was honestly hilarious with how pretentious it is. xD It tries so hard to be scary and brutal but it's just silly to me. School shootings, racism… then sex. With ponies. Nice try but sorry. xD

    Nice reading though!

  • Only once I'd like to see a creepypasta like this where instead of being horrofied or disgusted the OP is more amused by the crudeness and over the top violence with the "disturbing" part being something else.

  • I'M NEVER WATCHING MY LITTLE PONY EVER AGAIN!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • I found a DVD at my local GoodWill in Hudson, NC.
    I found a complete series DVD and gave it to my friend as a gift.

  • in todays episode of my little pony fluttershy kicks ass and chews bubblegum, and shes all out of gum!!!

  • 24:48 Wait!, Wait, Wait!, Wait!, Wait!, Wait!, Wait!, Wait! Princess Shining Armor!? Now Hasbro has a new idea for their toys!

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