Modi Comments On Communalism | Modi: No Tolerance For Religious Hatred

first the carboxy then love jihad the obnoxious remarks by his ministers and MPs churches being vandalized one after the other and I'm it's all of this the Prime Minister's conspicuous silence has indeed been questioned but finally in an interview to the American Time magazine marina Modi has asserted that he has zero tolerance for any religious hatred and the only holy book for his government is the Constitution of India he also said it was his responsibility to ensure the complete and total protection of all religious minorities political observers have questioned moody on this interview especially because he has chosen to congratulate Sania Mirza on Twitter wish people happy birthday but has not bothered to break the silence when the communal drowned in india was heightening india after all is a secular society where the azaan and the RZ have coexisted and which is why the right-wing rant should have been checked by the Prime Minister himself after all india voted him in for development and growth and not for religious reasons and the constitution that mr. Modi talks about reference to India as a secular society supriya shreenath ET Now New Delhi find us on facebook at / ET now and don't forget to click the like button you can also follow us on twitter apt ET now live to stay updated with all our programming keeps the subscribe button on our youtube channel by logging on to / user / ET now

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