#MomReacts Willow Smith "And Contentment" REACTION/REVIEW (from the album "The 1st"

everybody thank you for joining us uh this is track number three of willows new album the first this track is called and content men I don't do the introduction to willows album is called the first and now it's just a third drop we've done the first a second hope you guys wait and watch that if you happy click the link below it we will be go ahead take a clue had the description box and now we're just gonna jump in so we're her third track is called an contentment did you see happiness happiness oh happy nurse now she was ill pause the feelin that she gives me gives me a ninety five ninety eighty what is that song exactly Rand along that's on now the time and the time is now it's anyway it's rock right you don't know okay yes this is what she gives me that vibe so I don't know what kind of music they play in a household on the loudspeaker throughout the halls and the corridors and but um that's exactly where she gives that she's giving me that vibe from she may not have nothing to do or know nothing of Led Zeppelin you know what I'm saying yeah you're right you're right I can see the mixing note because her mama rocket you know I mean and I don't mean Craig I mean wrong I'm pretty sure she indulges and you know but I do think that she knows I've enjoyed too much where'd he know she can sing but when she Trang I I hate that word hey but I don't like it it gets tiresome she needs to say good sleep music my first good sleep music album I went sick today I be getting scared yeah you're right I'd be getting scared when she starts I think it sounds alright but let's keep see she reminds me of a confused Fiona Apple yeah I was getting the Fiona Apple vodka and cranberries like seriously seriously and it's like those are great – great – yeah but they but they ride their own wave and it's great that's why they were successful artists even though you know fans Damona know yeah you make your money you take a freaking break you want to yeah and but what I'm saying is that's the feel I'm getting offer her is more of an indie is that he's at the brophy word like an independent sale yeah and this is why you stay demoted I I hate it because you have to like you know know where I got song and then and then remix it a lot of new things like the in authenticity of the pub you know yeah but you'd be amazed how many songs sound crappy as originals and then once you get another producer a director on the track it's just like what army I think that's oh but with her her dad being a hip hop artist and her mom being you know I mean you know want to be rock artist it's like um you you would think that they both with their feet and you know their kids project just to see if they like from the looks of it from you know I don't think they're involved at all right I think that they they I don't even think they live in the same house okay so anyway there's no one just a caterpillar I hope later she says that she's a butterfly I know what this Sun would be really good at do you remember watching Reading Rainbow when you were a kid and and then you would like watch like the scenes of them like you know playing in the park or whatever and somebody would have like there and you know like there's streamers or whatever like this below either hey look I just set you up for a sidekick I hear like two songs three songs in this yeah she didn't even say in contentment again it was just a second line yeah all right well well you did you you did that um you know kudos to you and in your talent and um I have no idea what to say about that song I'm visualizing something honestly I don't even picture it on Broadway I just I don't know it's just a little bit like it I don't understand why she didn't call it happiness and contentment because first of all it's kind of a know known to name your song the second line of your song I thought she said happy nurse so worried about now this is where I get real real picky about mumble rap because this is what she's doing she's definitely mumbling I understand what you're saying because you drag on if you know what a run-on sentence is when you keep on word word word word word in the sentence never ends it's like you're doing that with one word happiness you could have she could have I'm just saying that's just an example it's like what he she's making some you know some lullabies here I'm not gonna knock it it's not I'm not knocking it but you turned your poetry into music and you're thinking it's okay to get away with it but that does not make you a great harvest that makes us wonder about is it really galaxies up here do you really think that you're on this playing alone and when I say playing I mean this to rest you're opening that she think you're I'm yeah just to okay look love you not in love with this okay moving right along Delta jothomas end description box below I'm going in this right here so how you trying to get no hate on this the girls creative okay for some high school projects that's what this is you know whenever you were in school they're like oh you've got jelly let's see what we can do with that and when the teacher pulls you back in the back and they're like this puzzle pieces and they're like mr. Rogers I really thought that willow had talent but I'm just at an inch with this it keeps bringing me stuff and I don't know what to do with it this is what happened I'm sorry that they didn't have the balls to come up and tell you did this wasn't going anywhere how many tracks are on this 11 okay we've heard three I'm really hoping he gets better from here your hair I'm not I'm not gonna hear this on the radio no one is you're not even hear this on soft jazz rock and roll you're not gonna do it you might you might not you might @midnight @midnight and this is gonna wake somebody else up out of the sleep they thought they was gonna get so they continue this is songs without any pauses this is and then mojo Jay how about that it's a short she brought her diary to reality with them what wait wait you're right that doesn't make any sense no seconds nah just stop picturing wolves howling at the moon I'm seeing Coraline hmm I told you she's singing to herself in the third person my heart is breaking broken don't make a sound this is why you never know okay okay well so what do you give this how many stars you know from one to ten how many sorry I just wanted to hear something you get a half star out of five I give it a three out ten would I get a three outs in guess you like play it and stop it because it could be put over something like a video another video yeah I'm you know yeah whatever leave this video like thank you guys for watching listen to me try it's like this we have the whole album to do so I'm just thinking will oh just you know accept advice from outsiders collab with other people not make him it I'm saying okay I'm just saying leave all the people that actually have a name alone collab with other people of this music genre I think that she's a big figure she thinks that she's a cluster of one bright star okay I'm just saying when you have an ego that big these are kids that walk around on rags and don't have anything but a persona that's it people like what you're wearing they don't care nothing about when you open your mouth FEX okay thanks you're a walking serious commercial they just want to see what you're wearing this is a roast and a half anyways thank you guys for watching subscribe leave us a like please we'll see you guys in the next one [Applause] [Applause]

3 thoughts on “#MomReacts Willow Smith "And Contentment" REACTION/REVIEW (from the album "The 1st"

  • Sounds like your mom was that one girl auditioning for the high school talent show that was told she has a lot of talent.

  • i don't think you guys are even trying to understand the message she has to convey. but ehh okay to each their own. personally, i think the whole album was filled with wisdom, as the original critics stated.

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