Monday Diplomatic Service LIVE | Major 1 Ministering | Pretoria Show Grounds | 03.06.2019

believes in a certain way some photos we read a script yesterday which says a foundation and we also already scriptures to do with the destroy the Foundation's now and also spoke to you to say it is not enough to say I am a born-again and adorning the Levellers I told you that's a wrong move around speech and the wrong saying because there are three types of sufficient three attempts observations and these officials are one submission of the spirits salvation of the soul and the salvation of the body and that we read the scriptures yesterday all the salvation of the Spirit I mission to you to say when one is born again or one is served or has received Jesus it means his spirit is itself when you die you're going to go to heaven because your spirit is ratalie God but the Spirit is not enough without two uncle's which is the body and the soul this too can influence the spirit to live according to the will of God in your body itself when your spirit is a saved it does not mean your soul the other meaning Islam and imagination bless a british-based make systems yes what are you stuff that your boyfriend or your girlfriend it was not because in the [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] now you will no longer live according to the body so your spirit not by the body you're thinking made by the body but by your spirit we are crucified it is saved first step of salvation second is your soul you saw or your mind is not yet served it is being served that's why after receiving Jesus you keep on thinking evil is being saved because it is not just thinking it is your soul so the only way to save your mind it is the renewal the Bible says be transformed by the renewing of your mind so when you evil mind is coming in you you see in the name of Jesus I can't be thinking this so that is renewing renewing you are being transformed you are your your mind is getting transformed by renewing it by thinking godly things very fusing evil to draw in your mind if being born again meant even your sobbing self then after receiving Jesus from that day you're going to be thinking if oh nothing so if you center like this and adorable um you see you see no no how much had of God I can't be thinking it is so that's that's where you you now the Bible says and the flesh was against a the spirit and the spirit against the flesh these are contrary to each other did I hear that so they bless of battlefield it is your mind so in your mind is a place where your spirit and the body fights and one wins and one loses so your mind is being saved hello now then we have your body your body is not your body is not what your body is not saved yet and it will not be now your body will be saved on the day of rupture the purpose is when our motto body will put on what immortality the corrupted body who put in the seed which is not corrupted now from that moment there'll be no hunger no what just so you're bored a self so when you're born again don't be deceived I don't know nothing can happen to my body I'm a child of God no no no no no no no no no no it cannot only happen if your spirit is active and you have allowed the Holy Ghost to dwell inside of you and you keep on but it's a warfare every time every moment the enemy is coming to bang on your body because he knows you are the your body is the only temple where your spirit is dwelling so if the devil can remove the temple that is no you so this were the enemy is coming with the diseases sicknesses on man on humankind in order to remove the temple and terminate your life or your existence on earth I hear say-so your borders Unseld it so no better spell oh I would shout of God and I wonder why all problems with me I've been typing and I've been living in church and I don't want what's going on with me no okay I know what's going on what's going on is your spirit is okay with God but now going to give you a responsibility to take care of your body and he gave you power and it gives you spiritual gifts he gives gift he gave you men of God prophets so that when your body is sick you can meet a man with a gift of healing to hear it now it doesn't mean that your body no no no no oh I I was healed and I was a sick again you will be sick again in fact tell me Jesus rose rose rose from the dead ways he died again [Applause] so much snow that your board is your body so this is what is a power of healing so when you come over here I will lay my hand upon it to be healed and the sickness will come out of your body but that doesn't mean that this offer when you're sick again you pray again you take the oil your knightress of that disease is not out of your body because what we are doing we are watching over the temple of God your body is the temple of God so we are watching events where the enemies drag we select back when it comes in our body we remove him when he enters we cast him out we call it deliver us summon us say yes [Applause] so that's what the enemy is doing so the enemy comes in and then he he comes in to possess you so he takes over he takes in charge he's now the ruler of your body now when he takes over you it may be in a particular way because the devil only sees your body as the dwelling place remember that their fathers would stay in water that their believes in blood demos demos love living in broth because they are spirits with that form all right you to your spirit has no form that's what God made a human being and put the spirit inside now the devil says well I also need a form that's why he comes in people and possessed him so that he too can have what a form now so the reason why we are dealing with issues here and topics what happens is the devil when he enters in a human being when they say we'll be leaving in blood that's why when Jesus was casting a demon demon said don't cast us out rather command us into the pigs because pigs got blood the palms when the demon was an Audi they go on the trail and when they leave in the trail and they stay and the Bible says that say let's go and check in our house they come again that's why I can deliver you today and next week we'll come again with you the same demons because they're out nothing is over like I was delivered Alleluia they come to check the Bible says they come to check now when they come over and they see that you are not serious with your deliverance they go and invite other friends this term around the Bible says they were how many friends seven and not just said but more weekend than before then your kiss becomes worse cebula I was delivered and my situation is actually getting worse and worse I went today and he prayed for me and my stall is a hand listen sit down and listen to me I want teachings you must grow fast learn how to protect your delivers learn how to preserve your deliverance but if you don't know you don't know now watch this so when man is served his abode is not what is what served it's not that's why after coming from the Ottawa ceiling Jesus not being baptized you see you're an emotional person you should get hot if you oppose what I'm saying now what is preaching is a false doctrine okay get yourself to come to me or pinch you let's see if you'll not feel the pain our pension USA no no no no I was assailed but when on the day of rapture when our bodies would be what served according to first Corinthians 15 from verse 15 when our bodies are what are saved that moment even if it's someone who shoots you you want to die because your body is saved there'll be no disease there'll be no sickness because your body will be saved but now your body is not it's only a spirit so it's important that man of God major one every time he should keep on saving your body hope in your body when there's trouble we remove the trouble another when it comes we remove it another one comes we'll remove it we break with this moreish we cast out any demonic interference until the day of Jesus Christ you know what Paul said he said and the devil sent a thorn in my body not in a spirit is the devil sent a thorn in my flesh in my body so though Paul was a man of God self yet his body could be affected because he is a boarder was not redeemed so a spit itself that's what the bomber says one B you filled with the Holy Ghost thus the Bible says do not get drunk with why rather be filled with the Holy Ghost because your body is a carrier of your spirit now if your spirit is served God is in your spirit and you are in God God is the spirit you are a spirit and spirit in a spirit it makes one spirit that's where the purposes if you remain in me I will remain in you you should ask anything you should desire or you shall be given to you because I and my father I want and you and me one if you abide in my word my words abide in you for you and the word becomes now so if God is in your spirit if God is dwelling in your spirits if God is dwelling in your spirit and your spirit is dwelling in the body it means your body is the carrier not just of your spirits but your body is a carrier of God that's why it is called the temple of God because his dwelling is sad his living is sad he is running inside he is ruling in size [Applause] so how do we do it this I will tell you each semester is if you want to keep your body you know any chance for the Holy Ghost to keep away things out of you don't just say I'm through the Holocaust no no all the terms bu filled with the Holy Ghost speaking times be aware don't act subconsciously your subconscious must not be there and make you forget who you are your consciousness will not sebastio subconsciously because your spirit must be aware you must all the terms be aware that you h re watch this watch this watch this because this is why Christians that don't understand you see you just okay amateur and then you forget sometimes the moment you are forgetting that's the time the enemy comes and strike you should always remember you should always know all the terms I told you in the morning speaking tongues bring in the Holy Ghost wherever you go pray in the Holy Ghost yo man you know when you speak in tongues the purposes for he who speaketh in an intense and defies himself to edify means to report to edify means to rebrand you may have a bad branch but when you add if I will speak in tongues you are rebranding yourself you are rebranding yourself if they said you are poor you are rebranding yourself you are not apply you are rich you are applying yourself summer – I see sit up a moment so on you when you speak in tongues you are making this body this body to be part and parcel of the spirit of the inside [Applause] did you hear that so each time you bring the spirits you I hope being you are helping your body do you hear that you I hope you want that's what spirit few people split few people it's impossible for the devil to defeat them because you will find not bless in their body but the question here is this so the fact that you are spirit filled the Bible says and the devil came to test Jesus we know orders solid right but do what the Bible says they are the Bible says and the devil left him for a while not permanently but forth it came again and this is Jesus not you I'm talking about Jesus the devil came again and you are not Jesus even aluminum there is nothing like Geo's us yet the devil want that ever came again to Jesus never came again oh oh this is the Son of God I'm talking about he he's not just a mere man but the devil came again to check you come again to it so when you are born again don't be deceived let your bother – I have sinned so many bottom Oh a spirit is born against who just say I'm born again and they don't engage in the spirit affair they die benefi deaths hear me you can die in the presence of Jesus do you know Peter was sinking in the presence of Jesus where was Jesus tell me wealthy and what was happening to Peter imagine how many people's businesses are sinking now yet Jesus is inside do you know the boat was sinking when Jesus was right there the stop almost took the boat down when Jesus was actually sleeping in the presence of Jesus you can face the storm the trick is knowing what to do so when Peter was sinking there was a trick do you know what he did he called out for help that's the trick when they were about to sink you know what you did Jesus the world my heart so the trick is no matter how you face no matter what you're passing through your body was true face all these forces of darkness the trick is speaking praying in the Holy Ghost for intervation let me take into this now what what is the secret okay now what are the foundations how can how can a foundation affect somebody spirit-filled a man of God even like myself if I have not handled my foundations I can be a great man of God powerful prayerful yet evil foundations which I did not handle can affect me I have seen men of God being affected by foundations which they did not handle that's why I first dealt with the foundations in my life before engaging myself in a serious ministry let me tell you let me tell you this the Bible says and the devil left Jesus fahan which means he came back when your spirit filled the devil comes to check if fans are still filled if he goes he can't enter another day he comes again he goes another now the question is what makes him that devil that demon to keep on coming to check it means there is a set in a background that demon has to do with you and your family no no no did you hear that what what makes this particular demon that was cast out why not other spirits why this same spirit where does the speed of failure where does the spirit of profit where does the spirit of anger why is it following you now and again when we thought now I'm having a breakthrough I have got a financial breakthrough things are moving before you know it back to square zero the demon has hit you again the question is why and this this spirits keeping following you and trust you me they are not a lot look at you actually know the areas you are having a problem no matter how you rebuke them no matter how you cast them out they keep on following if it's a sickness the disease keep on following if it is a fear fear keeps on following if it is lust keep on following if it is anger keep on following if it is poverty keep on following if it is if it is any type of any demon or spirit information no matter how you rebuke and when you rebuke really the demon comes out goes for a while but what is making this same spirit following you there is a covenant that the spirit us with your blood and we cannot deal with this problem in the surface we must also deal with this problem from where the covenant was made because you are just a victim of what happened years ago you didn't hear this so you are spirit filled I mean you are born again okay I stand and I grow with you demons can't enter inside of you because you're so full of the Holy Ghost but the question is but why do they keep on coming to check why you why this demon that was out why is Jesus saying it will come again to check if you keep on coming why why that's a question why find out there is a foundation in some way you see there's a foundation of this relationship there is a what there's a foundation what you don't you know so spirit telling you you know to some people what I'm saying out the devil gonna say you cannot remove me I've been in this family for a long time you have had that right when I'm casting demons not well you can't cast me I've been so praise be to God for speaking demos some of you we don't manifest your ways and this does who manifest they confess but you have a big team or it was bigger demos don't talk they know if I cast him out they already out standing outside so I attached to this vote demon after I remove my hand the end again whether they are hiding out or they're hiding in I command [Applause] and then you must understand a warfare you see I really had Christians who just live like nothing is happening spiritual really do you know what's playing all right now when the devil looks at you and your great future he's trembling he knows what you can do for the ministry he knows what you can do for this world here's the I'm gonna finish him before he arrives there I'm gonna finish her before she arrives there but praise be to God for having a major profit around oh yes hear me and the spirits oh yes trying to stop you from achieving your draw here I rebuke the demon retina are you sleepy sit down a moment can I continually attack now watch now so you now understand the soul the soul is served or will be served or is what praise be to God it's the most intelligent change I've never seen yeah so watch watch this all right here so your body I'm trying I'm trying to remove all interferences that are trying to intermingle with your body you see they're coming into your affairs into your business session up into your life your your private life and your family and trying to come in between and cause confusion and frustrations I'm trying to deal with that spirit right now – it's better now watch watch this now when we are dealing with the such type of sensitive topics I said before what must one do you ask pretty few you pray by this problem your problem yeah it doesn't manifest in the name of a demon it manifest in the name of what a problem so you keep on having a financial problem according to you it's a financial problem but according to me it's a spirit I'm telling you wait and – we are done with the Foundation's you'll see how man they will begin to come in a bank account see according to you according to you is an issue of you know disappointment after another the support according to me it is what a spirit of disappointments this disappointment another disappointment why why are you always forward by disappointing why you are blaming a woman you are blaming a man for disappointing you yet the real cause is your foundation there is something on the foundation the dangerous part of the foundation is that you say the bloating but you don't see the foundation we are seeing you but people can't see the foundation it takes eyes or the spirits to understand so as I say what can one do James what can you do you are spirit effulgence and you pray all the times but you have that problem that keep on following you I mean it may be financially may be spiritual it may be no what can you do to stop so the only way to stop is to make sure when that spirit is out whether to do with the delay or anything when the spirit is out it must never come again so how do you do that it is just following the some spirit to the foundation what agreement is there that's what the paper says what code is there you must understand the agreement because the illegal agreement spiritually that those demons are having with your family there was an agreement some of you your own father went to the spirits and provoked them and made a covenant with them there's some legalities they didn't just follow your family there were some agreements there are serious patterns now you are just born and unfortunately just to see also find the children that's a problem you have you are seeing yourself and your children but when the God is dealing with your family he says I'm good of your forefathers so God looks at your forefathers that's a problem God doesn't deal with you he deals with your generation then he says I am God of your forefathers they lose it the forefathers I do what she pass over them now you are born again praise be to God your spirit is saved and you're waiting for rapture gonna go to heaven but there's some issues that are not totally and that now your body must handle their issues which your body must what if deliverance was not necessary Jesus could not do deliverance more than healing in the Ministry of Jesus he did more deliver us than hearing a prophecy [Applause] where you are you think too fast very fast but vanity your thinking is not even hopping we are still broke with all that thinking citizen you can make a plant and ally and everyone will believe you because of how you talk and how you think very deeply you accrue action [Applause] but-but-but what is your thinking a dream for you I'm telling you I'm telling you some of you you can leave their house as if you're going to wait and everyone is believing for three years that you are waking [Applause] now watch I want you to know one thing right if your foundation is not destroyed no matter what you build we must handle the watts as I said the whole month of June I'm not doing any prophecy I'm reversing with the last year June remember last season it was a matter what it was a month of prophecies I was not teaching no preaching it was do the prophecy I was just coming you know just you come you come you come and one wants to come professor make them a line line and I start yes prophets the whole month and edited prophecies but this time around June God has taught me now deal with deliverance watch me you people you need more deliverance and prophecy so allow me to because you see you see with a topic of prophetic destinies you will not build your destiny on evil foundation no no no no not on a faulty foundation so we must deal with these topics how can you born again keep on having the same issue same problem same problem same problem same problem same problem no no no no no no we must find out what is the cause because Jesus does not deal with the fig trees he deals with the roots of fig trees the purposes and the Figtree drive from the roots not from the leaves but Jesus deals with the root cause what is causing poverty what is causing sickness what is causing failure what is causing a delay Matthew 7 verse 26 to 27 one two three go read do it again do it again better this time around [Applause] well stop there but anyone who hears his sayings and I mean of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand hmm 27 and the rain descended the floods came all those are demons and problems and the winds blew and beat on that house and they fell and great was its a fall this is exactly your business this is exactly your marriage this exactly your relationship this what happened with your job your foundation was wrong you were built on in on a faulty foundation what you are was built on a wrong foundation when asuma thing came and hit it now as I'm speaking you lost your prayer life you are on a plane like before you lost your vision for God your love for God you actually some of you lost your marriage or your relationship you lost your business it was already there there was an opportunity but you lost it because it was a belt on a for the foundation now in the book of some Zeta 2 verse 5 there is a wonderful scripture now I want you to see the scripture with me right now just give me a verse some Zeta 2 verse 5 they do not you know right we together or they go ring now the Bombers say that don't even you know they don't understand the reason why they are walking in darkness it is because they're moving in unstable foundations now if the Foundation which yup you're on you're born right you're born and and you're growing up and there is a foundation in your family of delay now can you imagine with a foundation of delay when you are coming up with a big proposal big business project what what's gonna happen with it you cannot build a mansion only that foundation of sands you have tried it you keep on looking nice and the folly there are several types of foundations the most famous ones are three foundations in the construction is a slab foundation where you use what is a basement foundation there's a scroll foundation and the foundation is not a built a foundation is laid you you do on the foundation so whatever you are trying to do you're building on a set in the foundation but if the foundation is sand no matter how you may come here and and pray and pray also be looking at you before we know it you are not in church and the church is no longer a place for you to be anymore there's so many people here they come so with the revival praying and speaking in tongues and loving Gordon before the night we are going down down down down because they received Jesus and they didn't prepare the foundation you see and their father's putting them back in the devil escorting them back and they're going slowly you see that disadvantage of Jesus to those who are not serious is one he says I cut them off like a tree now the problem of a tree that is cut off is it does not dry someday so when your sink green leaves to around this but you are still coming to change your soup rain you think I'll still alive you were cut off long time ago we are just waiting the day you gonna drive I'm telling you you keep on praying Oh hallelujah but actually yourself you know that there is no spirit you yourself from your heart you know there is no life there is no spirit nothing you are now just like always because oh no because people don't know me I go to church you also hear us moving around about you and God having a serious business it's not there there is no love of God there is no reading the Bible wake up in the night to pray there is nothing it's a game now you are cut off waiting for what but there is a hope for a tree that is cut it may what it may shoot again so God is giving you another chance to shoot again I'm sensing God is giving people a second chance I received a good plan okay go plan on your own foundation it's nothing oh my god me and my partners we are having your business hallelujah praise be you even came and testified I have a testimony Alleluia my I'm from Limpopo Alleluia let me honor the grace of my spiritual father measure we have now won a contract of 40 million a wrong foundation we went to home these are going these are going nothing is happening do you know why the project God has given you but the problem now it is you you are built on the wrong foundation it's no longer God going to give you going to give you God opened doors for you he gives you everything you needed but the problem is it's failing to stay because you are built on a wrong foundation can I destroy these foundations [Applause] can I break this foundation to its nature but are you aware what's gonna happen when I remove this for nationals are you aware what's gonna happen oh yeah do you know what's gonna happen when I break the furniture the spirit of repetition oh yes would not follow you again I received what is a spirit of repetition same problem again and again that's a spirit of repetition you see I applied for job last time they didn't even call me for interview they didn't pick me this time around I apply they don't pick me you apply here they don't pick you a spirit of repetition you had a project here I didn't wake up with a project here no working here not working here not this one not working a spirit of what repetition oh you made a blunder here spiritually here a mistake another mistake oh I'm Trentham Endemol spiritual life I'm trying to be serious now another mistake a spirit of what repetition now if there's a spirit of repetition it tells you that if that spirit of repetition has put a name it could be failure it will be delay it will be angered you to be whatsoever spirit why are you having repetition there is legality and agreement what you don't know between your bloodline and that spirit so how do we do it we now come and destroy we D God mariko person take if I receive we destroy the foundation and evade the purposes under and and and nobody can lay another foundation which was already laid which is what Jesus Christ which was already laid and the purposes and the church was built on the foundations of what and apostle's as I told you as a prophet I can come here and beauty or lay for a foundation because prophets and apostle's have the power and capacity of laying a foundation the bama said that don't understand they don't you know they are walking in darkness because they are built on what unstable foundations unstable therefore intentions that disturb also don't think it would be stable you'll be I'm praying I go to church I speak Oh what but nothing's changing in my life it's not you it is wear your belt do you understand I'm trying to say and I told you the Bible says in in in sums 11 verse 3 is as what if their foundations not foundation which means there are several foundations in life if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do and that's the total of a delivered on Friday and on Sunday taps of foundations I'll be dealing with each and every one financial foundation marito fondant NR be picking one and take through it how it works how you can walk out of it and deliver you another day I take another foundation walk with you three how the devil works in travail and – I'm done when we finish we will now go to July the mouth of the Holy Ghost she's – no I do you know why because that term now will just be you know creating now no demons no foundations no one who just been showing in the Holy Ghost yes no foundations the foundations are destroyed no more delays no more poverty or anything oh yes some hallelujah oh yeah I you see in those Sopranos I receive her soon that I see Rakosi predators I receive it ana-lucia Manama received iesous Dada da cidade de carne asada Reda I received major area mat I receive Jesus I give you pray Rosaura Deaconess Andi Emma IRA see we find a division of divinity we break every foundation we approach every foundation snuff a moment listen do you know Jesus to be born do you know how Jesus was born gone was so serious with the Foundation's Jesus Jesus foundation do you know how he was born he looked at the foundation the man responsible as a father he must be from the root of David not anybody the woman must be a vision Jesus looks at foundations whatever are you here turn 11 next this serious with the Foundation's this is oh praise be to God I want I want you I want to pursue my career you want to pursue a career yes but if you are not dealing with foundations instead of you pursue your career your career pursue hey before you know it's actually it's you now will be defeated by the Korean foundations I'm tell it's just about foundations you'll find people who are not even in church and living a better life and are wondering why why why go to church and look at you ain't not smelling in them even at the matter not to me I don't admire myself Wow when I grew up on polygamy John tell us of I'd me myself when I grow up I want to be like myself [Applause] I'm telling you you must understand how life works is very important to have this information your spirit your soul and your body we are not dealing with your spirit here we are dealing with two things your mind and your body yourself this is fine present be to God yourself keep your salvation alone I am NOT interested I am interested in helping you to to redeem you to help you walk out of that mess the purposes of you build a house on the sand no matter how beautiful they may be but when the wind blows it will fall so you're building a company on the sand you're building things on the wrong foundation harvesting deliver me profits I won't see this people I'm not saying I wore my foundation to be checked listen no man if all men of God and women of God listen to me don't rush into a ministry journey if your foundation is not your man it's so dangerous for me do you know Jesus do you know what happened to Jesus Jesus was God when he was born he was born God but actually the father may be sure that he works for 30 years don't rush [Applause] you'll find yourself wasting our time on foolish things find ourselves Western a time on a foolish stuff foolish things you rushed you don't have a foundation you must make sure you put your foundation first solely by foundation I put a strong foundation of your faith strong foundation of your calling as for me ours no matter how the wind may blow now no matter how hard it may be one thing I'm sure what am building will never fall [Applause] do you know why there is prayer on the foundation there is fasting on the foundation there is the Word of God on the foundation so in the wet brush whoo whoo prayer as a word up the building tight the work of good words up the building tight fasting what's up the building tight and I feel I feel like the bitters gonna fall and I'm like oh what's going on Oh after wonder who baboon oh it did before we keep on the moving and if people like he's gonna fall hey come and watch you come and watch them like you're wasting your time boo boo boo oh you're wasting your time the foundation was already once very strong it's very strong I'm telling I'm telling you I'm telling there's a strong foundation you must understand this we are sitting what you are it's built on something and tonight I want to help you every spirit oh yes but keep on following you all the times oh yes because of spiritually Garrity's oh yes this spirits could be the spirits of failure oh yeah listen if you know you're here oh yeah and you try to do something each time and try to do it oh it does not stand at the force oh yes then you a direct question I'm talking to if you are here tonight whether spiritual or financial loss or physically or your business or or anything but each time you try to achieve you'll find a sub back to the law then I'm talking to a red pestle oh yes and I want you to rest up your hands if it is you and be very serious right now because God is about to set you free you're gonna go home free for free I receive send the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus so again in the name of Jesus the name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus every give a foundation affecting my life [Applause] spirituality porosity righto Sheilah Andre la la la la la la la guillotine in Ossipee a lo cierren eligibility porosity to elegy in trachea to say la ilaha illa Allah to Allah – Sibylla key Rondinella key rural kia kaha zoological ability in regular reality [Applause] in Jesus name hey man now for after me my father my father you are the chief commander of the defense forces of heaven you as a stumble feet and pray son Angel Michael to come and fight on my behalf let him destroy every case that stands as a hindrance to my prophetic destiny [Applause] in the mighty name of Jesus cross c'mon you angel my call to destroy every case that stands as a hindrance from a prophetic destiny I want to finish my prophetic destiny every hindrance to my prophetic destiny I got my doubts in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord my father my Mecca as a race man has let every evil foundation from my bloodline affecting my household and me be broken right now let every evil work spoken against me in the name of Jesus instead of as I pray in Jesus name hello my telephone ah as I pray every workers are vetting my business affecting my company my company I repress it to decrease I replace it I replace it with the blessings I replace it with blessing let my profits let my profit they did multiply between to multiply let my finances let my firmness increase increase let my account let my cow receive divine favor receive divine favor for it is written for it is written with long life you shall satisfy me you some professional attire borrows Ibaraki nirupa ricotta is a local rocky yatta yatta yatta yatta kappa yatta yatta yatta yatta yatta yatta yatta yatta kappa Russa he burrata burrata bazooka rocket Erika we call ronique aqui Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta Yatta nigga his new rubbish in Jesus name Amen in Jesus name a recipe he'll say in the name of Jesus Jesus every evil match every evil ma all my family on my family a Mac of stagnation of stagnation in macro failure in mark of failure a Mac of rejection in mockery gesture a Mac of sickness in mark of sickness we arrest be deleted you deleted right now right now in the name of Jesus Jesus you demonic difference the only difference for my foundation on my foundation you should no longer have your world you should know [Applause] in the name of Jesus amen was a hand so for spirit or spirits help me today help me today arise for me arise confront powers blocking my success say you sway of deliverance you sweat of deliverance cut down the tree of my family affliction that we are formation in the name of Jesus or of mass preacher for the mature one go further right now right now begin to deliver every family member wherever they're moving wherever they are sleeping receive a deliverance deliverance from family kisses foundations Russian hands in the mighty name of Jesus I receive my deliverance tonight I receive my deliverance tonight now as Rosa has at resonance begin to meditate which area you want deliverance just and quiet begin to meditate begin to think which area which area – I need deliverance just res enhance your resonance resonance resonance which Elliot is a foundation is it a foundation or profit is it a foundation of failure disappointments rejection is it a foundation to do with a spiritual problem is it a foundation of anger lust disappointments fear depression what foundation is rise God cannot build a big thing on a foundation of VA on a foundation of Faria we must deal with this foundation on this foundation of rejection this foundation of drugs this foundation of abuse this foundation of poverty right now God is dealing with it God is through with it the Lord is moving in our midst now as well as upper hands as well maybe teton will be singing this song my shot is hallelujah as God is moving in our midst breaking every kiss breaking every foundation our shout is my shout is my shiny solid when you moving in this blade when you tie Jane not me my shout is a lily gonna sing out my shout inside when you're moving when you movie these bleep wicket a chick when it's a need not be all of my shout [Applause] ah [Applause] rancer hence Russia hence also hands those are hands gonna have the same as God is delivering you right now to God Bashar is hallelujah Cena is happening right now it's happening right now it's happening he's moving in our midst he's moving in a bloodline he's moving he's delivering people this setting your family free once again singer signals see it out I'm see things coming out of your family right – now the Lord is moving as a mighty wind delivering your family right now my [Applause] listen hey let's sing it out I'm see deliverance is happening in this place in the name of Jesus in Jesus name as a recipe hands where you are the Lord is moving in our midst the Lord is touching in our midst the Lord is setting you free they company that youth you try before and nothing works this time around is gonna work this time around is gonna wake it was because of the evil foundation but this time around things gonna work for you your children are be delivered right now I see there is a power moving in this place God is moving in this place I received sorry corporate ego this is a puff deliver now look at me look at me look at me that's the puff deliver us that's it that's it that's it that's it that's a power of deliverance that is set in free people you wanna see the power of deliverance that's the power of the Living us that's it that's it that's it that's it that's it that's it the power of deliverance wherever you are receive your deliverance receive your deliverer Maricopa rosante hey Freddy Gosha peroneus Ave Maria survey rocoto so Brandi goes Rosa has frozen hands wash your hands with hands wash these there's so much power of deliverance tonight [Applause] is the power of deliverance see they're slack of the spirits there's a life for the spins the Lord is setting people free it's a power of deliverance [Applause] priscila the river so everyone is power of deliverance deliverance teck teck teck teck teck teck teck teck teck teck power of the novellas is tough is tougher deliver us this power sums up our servers of power there is so much power of deliverance oh yes it's moving it's moving it's over there it's moving that's it its power of deliverance wherever you are as a what is I leave is it to you I receive receive where everyone founder shall be broken up beep rockin now rockin now rockin now every foundation be rockin now he say the name of Jesus oh Jesus miss you don't need this foundation you don't need it you don't need it can have this line here this line can I have all this one here quickly fast break in from the shows we are breaking in for foundations your business cannot be on that foundation make a line quickly I just hope them you cannot afford to have whatever you're having on the foundation this foundation must be broken some say it must be broken now now say the name of Jesus name of Caesar you need God to create a new foundation for you oh yes IDO serega mondo Siddaramaiah see I am a super-ego I received I am a super ethical I received an OC Amada I receive hiya she abandoned you know Jesus é minha Masood oregano piracy mera Rico Parra nigga suivez she is so prodigious Oprah at convolution – solution open hearts open hearts opener have subpoena subpoena has open hearts Lindo Santana gasps ooh daddy I am a surah DRT a low serum Endora Nino see Amontillado side round Lord I'm ocmi me Emma no see ammonia the Lord is building a new foundation on you a foundation of your ministry a foundation of your calling or you have foundation on your business oh yeah have foundation on your property oh yeah have foundation on your prosperity oh you have no nation on your head oh yeah a new foundations being led oh I am laying a foundation of crust I receive which is already laid by the prophets and apostle's named Brooke here my foundation on you now as I deliver you a new foundation iris which is Jesus will be laid upon you I receive your deliverer I receive it they know more semantics oh I see ellos llaman basura de [Applause] tsuya peridot their sous la dia Parana see no Masuda diga que cosa brandy Rossiya pea-soup Rodriguez I am or save money go yes Yamato but I've also they saw they saw Manso recoverable man sonic America Maiasaura nigga and so touch this storm as you touch this is star oh yes the Lord is establishing a new foundation on you Rondo chica Parra look at me I'm breaking foundations oh yes look at to me touch touch new life new from day no most every study with me Jesus cries Kabbalah Seto grano same Pranita SOVA losses I receive may bracket to predict Oh syndicate an iris city also hosts hosts hosts but Tata Copernicus you see I'm seen people being free walking out of cages people tonight are walking out of cages I receive people to another walking out of em make a higher swing ever watching me from a set you free I assume I set you free the name is Sibylle Murano some predicament on pancetta mono so predict Osama men also predict or pteranodon been dosia mando cinta Caparo Lamas or a DNR idea me no soprano Lucia carrot a carrot a carrot a aparadha me no so plan ago siapa grano see Amado sent a querido Londo see a Monday Reno see Aparna mezzo laser lens oh hey Cara Dias Renee Renee Renee azulon a MARSOC Anita Matos vara Reynosa plan ago Padilla Padilla Nino Sopranos deliver nastily Venus deliver us deliver us dilemmas deliver last day Corrado see Apollo me no see a burrito a new foundation is coming on you I receive your company new foundations can do Harris living abroad sexo business supreme I hire see men sora de comatose Shyama reno osya Polynesia Nicosia Sara diga me no Shyama Dacia Cano Andalucia Yamato Hey Chikara diga there is the name of pop or the name oh yes biess the name of Jesus at the mission of the name of the law oh yes every knee shall bow oh yeah every time sacrifice joy that Jesus is law oh yes to the glory of the Father oh yes looser hands of a war and served on me I receive my deliverance Irasema deliver us from the foundation from any forces in the foundation of any position the foundation foundation receive America so praça dos menos e upon ego may cause us already God Jesus Jesus 0c Ibaka Rossiya they know Shyama anand Osito Tatara vara Shibuya mockito cheetah animals see about additi ah Meno see Amari dou T coronium hace para kako naso chronic Oh me so see a parody go menos Attica para ver la Doce takapa righto brain stop rocket or shot AJ predict or miss or Anika means eradico we see a mondo xie nicosia perrito nice Alikhan perrito Cesar ana-lucia particle fly soul and waked up coming up on here and this dog was moving and I saw you upon a horse and the horse was moving from continent to another continent and the Lord said to me that as a ministry is putting upon you plus I will sing a place la casa para Koshien man I'm talking to you right now Nino CMS's Inanna eco Prairie go see Amanda llamando Nino SIA Perico Shyama s Tekkit Jesus Solana Sol la Sol la Sol maka Perico where are you where are you where here we are here tonight foundations up in destroy ISIL Vasya mantra piezo rocket Allah make an addict o maker and ego hey Sora Nagappa sueded a mess Radhika Sato Coppa recopa so take a burrito hey see Amado SIA hey so Cobra Nicosia man la raza Davos Jesus is moving in this place is very every foundation is being destroyed i receiving masonry kopaka that requires Masseria pedido diapason take a prodigal she saw Jay so if you can believe it if you can believe it oh yes receive it now if you can believe it receive it now receive your deliverer make up our eco recipe hence after me Irasema deliverance set for seven times Irasema deliverance I receive my deliverance I receive my deliverance I receive my deliverance I receive my deliverance i Lisi [Applause] Jesus is moving in his flesh IRA see there's an anointing that is breaking every foundation I receive that has been resisting all these years what are you waiting for wherever you are oh yes I command that phone – ah oh yes that you are trying to put a business show here but you cannot see profits at all oh yes you are trying to apply for job oh yes they can't pick you at all oh yeah you are trying to get married oh yeah it can't happen at all you are trying to see promotion oh yeah it can't happen at all make a Rito so planning days I see there is a spirits of God there's a spirit of God is the Spirit of God the spirit of God that's what any for us that's what Olivia I received you can't believe it I believe receive it even if you can't believe it suddenly receive it I receive your seats reserved me ready go see Apollo Rondo see Amado sighs rocket–oh Shyama hey joe sacco plan ago i receive me no see Amanda Rene's real mushiya Aramis IDO Hanna fancied OhLaLa Macedo me no son toca pratico say take a bra Mesa pratico razor razor Laser laser Rocco sort of radical blackest maker Anika Shante Nazr oh I am seeing an opening in the spirits see there is an opening inner spirit is civic means hola so da caparica see Maiasaura Tito surprised if you believe believe that foundations are being removed foundation of properties being removed I receive donation of rejection experiment or nation of fear is the reminders for nation of last spring remove highest nation of not succeeding is being removed higher a foundation of profit is being removed receive receive deliver asana see Mercer has big enough thank God big in the present begin to worship Him they go to thank him begin to worship Him begin to honor him they're gonna praise him begin to worship begin to press because the press press press press press press press begin to worship Him they get to worship Him begin to worship Him begin to worship Him begin to worship Him begin to worship Him bring it to worship Him begin to worship Him bring it to worship Him [Applause] Valley costs of medical supply data animal C&E dosa Tata Jesus Christ iris recipe henge everyone thank the Lord for deliver us pray for your family deliver us Reza has lesser hair tsukada do so by de cosas man soup radical there is a move of the Spirit there is a move of the spin there's a move of the spirits wrecking every chair breaking every yoke wrecking every chair you're free you're free you're free you're free breaking every chain in the name of Jesus Londo sedan Tiko tako soap Radhika Meadow Soprano Center Cape Rinaldo rakia Sauron Branagh commandos Renea Moscow Brady goes Rouge Ogando Sobrato Petra Supra anusha soap Radhika ray amano-san take a pentagon mentorship Rodriguez window heart of Rhodesia delivers upon your family now now now may result of Copenhagen Mesa praça de dos mega-deal cornea suivez main – so for all shall be said for all shall be delivered by the law for all shall receive the delivery suyus na tattoos tattoos tattoos Mesa Braca douche deliverance is coming upon a family you see the reverse is coming upon your family hired to bend Osaka Prady goes there goes the nine through the Holy Ghost deliver us power power some of the power may know someone named Enoch Jesus Christ of Nazareth setting the captives free for there's not another better way to describe how some is our God oh yes the force over the throne oh yes and the power of the Universe oh yes that what's the vasa believe in his name oh yes the Son of God Jesus it's working in you right now breaking every chain oh yes directing every foundation see for the Lord says all shall be delivered for the Lord says tonight or shall be delivered the Lord says all – not shall be delivered this is the word of the Lord this is the one of the Lord Rosa has loosed her hands was a hands thank you Jesus that's watching on the TV stay connected to remember or text it I hope to see on Friday as we're continuing foundation deliverance series IBC on Friday and IBC on Sunday and you will never be the same as I said don't miss this foundation of programs you can miss anything but not this month of June it's very paramount for your life it's very important for your company very important for your own business and your own children and your own career it's important that we deliver you from any evil for the foundation the enemy has put a lid for you now where you're watching me stagnated to remember attempt the gun is to speak in today wherever you are you can take a seed and so on behalf of yourself your company or business your family and say this is a seed of my four nations that must be destroyed then must be removed that they must come out in the name of Jesus and everybody who is right here in the overflow or who is right in this room you can also raise up your seat wherever you are and say this is my city for me Foundation but my furnishes in my family must be destroyed as a race on my seed with faith with the faith by faith and I believe and hope that today as a resume see angels of warfare shall rise and the Giga fights and begin to scatter or the enemy's reciprocity everyone you are watching me you can dress up your hand as will be sowing a seed to net right now on the car number movie on the screen and say after me having a father I provoke they are nineteen of the Holy Ghost to destroy any foundation that is making me to be living this life that is making me to be a sinner that is making me to be a failure I provoke the naughty of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ where everyone think for watching God bless you I hope to see you love you aunt shall are wherever you are 22nd of June 2019 annual international partners day calling all partners on major prophets a publisher II ministries PS BM it's time for the first ever annual international partners day get ready for a breathtaking event this exclusive black-tie event will be held at the prestigious Stanton Convention Centre in Johannesburg come and be part of the fine dining experience with a profit of our time amongst others the program will include for the first time ever the launch of partnership membership categories and membership cards the launch of online partnership registration system and major one presidential awards for outstanding partners and partnerships staff to spice up the events will be performances by Swasey uh Nesmith praise Peterson many more a major one record artist if you're already a partner of PSPs

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