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(Background Music) Pam Codispoti (Narration on and off screen): We’re here tonight to talk to two terrific authors who are experts on… how women can manage their time and make choices so that
they can have a successful professional and home life. We hear all the time about this notion of
“having it all” and “work-life balance.” Is that real? And does it even matter? Laura Vanderkam (Narration on and off screen): I was interested in this question, as a mom myself, how can I make all the pieces of my life fit together? How can I raise my family?
How can I build my career? How can I get enough sleep? How can I go to the gym? That sort
of thing. It is possible to build a fulfilling career,
and have a full personal life; that you don’t have to trade those off for one another. Woman 1 (Narration on and off screen): The balance is crucial because when you’re working twelve hours a day, you don’t have twelve hours a day to work on your relationship. Woman 2 (Narration on and off screen): I’m really killing it at work, I’m putting
in the hours, and my personal life suffers because of that. Pam Codispoti (Narration on and off screen): Laura, you’ve collected some really interesting time logs, over a thousand days, in lives of women earning over a hundred thousand dollars.
It’s fascinating. Laura Vanderkam (Narration on and off screen): We have this image of the harried female executive, and I had them keep track half hour by half hour. What were they doing? It turns out, um, that women who earn six
figures, the average work week in my study was forty-four hours a week. I mean, think
about that. Farnoosh Torabi (Narration on and off screen): I like to share how modern women can manage their money and also their relationships in the event that she is the female breadwinner. Pam Codispoti (Narration on and off screen): Farnoosh, what’s your perspective? Farnoosh Torabi (Narration on and off screen): I don’t think that society, or my parents, or even I was prepared to become the breadwinner in my marriage. There is actually nothing
wrong with being a female breadwinner. It’s a completely, um, winnable dynamic.
For women too I think, um, it’s… very empowering. Yes, it tends to be more divorce. Yes, tends
to be more infidelity. Yes, sometimes she’s overwhelmed and he
feels emasculated. But I also interviewed countless couples who
are completely happy and… and… um, at peace with this dynamic. Broadly, the book is also about just how to
manage your money and your relationship in any kind of financial dynamic. Um, it’s
really new rules for a new generation. Don’t worry about what your husband’s
credit score is before you get married. Figure out what his values are around money. That’s more important. That’s really what’s
gonna ultimately steer you towards a dead end, or a bright future with him. Laura Vanderkam (Narration on and off screen): Time and money are both limited resources. Uh, the good news, is that you can make more money, but you cannot make more time. I think many women have not yet internalized
that money is a tool. And if you earn money, you can use money to make your life easier. Farnoosh Torabi (Narration on and off screen): Maybe you wanna outsource a few things, you know. Invest in your money to get a third party to do things like house-cleaning, or
book keeping… It can go a very long way to freeing up your time so that you can invest
in things that are more important to you in the long run. Woman 3 (Narration on and off screen): You can have it all. And that’s a really,
exciting thing. And there were a lot of women here tonight who exemplified that. Woman 2 (Narration on and off screen): Tonight’s event definitely helped improve
my personal, financial well being. Pam Codispoti (Narration on and off screen): Be both present and content with the choices that you make. There’s no formula for success, there’s no one right answer. And that will
lead to, I think, a happier life.

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