Money Mistakes To Avoid While Paying Off Debt

I’ve got a confession that I just want to own up to right now I have made so many Stupid money mistakes throughout my life and because of that I want to share with you some things that I’ve learned from those mistakes So that you don’t make the same stupid money mistakes while paying off your bad debt Like I did and just a little side note. The last one is my absolute favorite. You can actually start utilizing Immediately after watching this video when I tell you that I’ve made mistakes I have led tens of thousands of dollars just slip through my dirty little Fingers like it was nothing now a few of those mistakes weren’t preventable but most were trust me But it’s not the fact that I needed that money to fill some empty hole that was inside of me It’s that I wasn’t even looking at the money Like I should have as a tool to create a life that I really really wanted a tool for freedom to do whatever I wanted Whenever I wanted without anyone being able to give me permission and that’s why I created the whole debt free Blueprint process to teach you about this sort of thing now enough talking Let’s get into the money mistakes that you should avoid while paying off your bad debt, right? Yeah money mistake number one is thinking and hoping that everything is going to work itself out having to take action when it comes to some things is really annoying if it’s something that you Don’t want to do or don’t have to do right now It’s kind of like even though you know that replacing that headlight or the blinker in your car is an extremely easy fix if you’re anything like me then you really really want to put it off for as long as possible until We get pulled over and then you’re like, ah And then you’re forced to replace it now I will not confirm nor deny Whether this has happened to me before if you think that you were student loan or credit card debts are going to pay themselves off Anytime soon without making it a priority then you were dead wrong Trust me when I say that you won’t think too much of it until those times pop up over the next 10 years Or you want to buy something or go spend the money to go somewhere But you can’t because you’re still a slave to the stupid debts that you’ve decided to keep around forever. And then Just like when you got pulled over for not fixing your headlight, you start cursing at yourself You’re going to start cursing at your debts that you still have when in reality you should start cruising Yourself for not handling the problem sooner now I’ve got all kinds of resources out there to help you prepare Yourself for paying down your debts how to pay off your debts and how to budget and manage your money I’ll throw some things down below to help you out if you need but finished watching this whole video first Please money mistake. Number two, I do that right? Yeah It is not maximizing your income when you work for someone else Because you’re probably worth more than you actually realize Now a bump and income sure would speed up the process of paying off your debt wouldn’t it if you’ve never seen the movie? Goodfellas, there’s a great wine in that movie. That sums this one up perfectly ready for it You pay me. Okay, so I’m not suggesting that you walk into your boss’s office and say this. Okay, you’ll get fired right away I promise but you probably deserve to be paid more money and you’re actually getting paid right now Stop for a minute to think about all the knowledge and experience that you have your current job I’m waiting because you’re probably pretty valuable. I’ll give you another second How about you will argue into the current job you’re in I’m a firm believer that almost everyone is worth more than they actually realize Whether it’s a your current job or the value that you could create For other people doing some sort of a side hustle a good way to put yourself in the position to say You pay me without actually saying you pay me is by subtly taking on specific types of work and gaining more Experience and knowledge in those areas to where you’re in a position to force their hand into giving you more money It sounds a little shady I know but it’s not let’s stop to be clear that this could of course backfire But at least you’ll know whether they value you or not if they don’t and that should be a sign of What your future looks like if you decide to stay with that company and if this is the case Then it’s time to dust off that resume and start fielding offers for some more money now I’ve been testing out some theories of how to position yourself in such a way. You can get paid more money So if you’re interested in those types of things then let me know in the comments down below and I’ll create some specific Specific videos just for that this last one is saying yes, too often. It’s either a hell Yeah, or a no this idea stemmed from a great book. That is a quick read called anything you want by Derek? Siver’s in this book Derek talked about how he created this method when he felt overcommitted or too scatterbrained We can apply these to ourselves when it comes to our money mistakes We over commit to buying too many things Before we start focusing on paying off our bad debt what happens once we commit to too many other things it makes it way more difficult to commit to paying off your bad debt We eventually never make any headway on Paying down our debts because of this if I asked you if you wanted to be out of debt right now Would you say hell? Yeah, I’m going to assume that you’re not in your head Yes Or you probably wouldn’t be watching this video Do the same thing before you buy something or even think about committing to something that will cost money if it’s not a hell? Yeah, then it’s a note and if it is a hell Yeah that ask yourself if that hell yeah is bigger than your debt free hell Yeah, if it’s not then it defaults to an immediate no or hell No, I’ve actually found some benefit in doing this when I go out on dates with girls It’s probably saved me from I don’t know a handful of divorces and maybe an estimated five children Make sure you pick up your free copy of the debt free prep work But while it’s still available links down below you filthy animals. Thanks for watching. I’ll talk to you next time. Adios

4 thoughts on “Money Mistakes To Avoid While Paying Off Debt

  • I so agree!! Been there, done that! So glad we learned from our mistakes, some people don't. Great video Jarrad!!!

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  • I'm so glad you brought up maximizing your income. I've found that a lot of women are unwilling to ask for the raise because they're scared or have fooled themselves into thinking they are unworthy. I'm of the mindset that it never hurts to ask. The worse they can do is say no. It's important to know your worth and be willing to move on from a company who does not see your value.

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