Monumental Crisis in christianity Part 1

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morning there YouTube world Facebook land want to come to you and just let
you know that there’s a monumental crisis and Christianity as we know it
today there’s a big massive crisis and Christianity and basically but this is a
William I manage basically the prosperity
gospel it’s the belief that God’s primal concern is for believers to be healthy
and wealthy now if Christians are sick or suffering or poor it is because the
sin or the lack of faith but basically that moves is kind of get along anemic
there and there’s been some really bad failures and say you can pretty much
tell them because all these prosperity losers are starting the renounce their
prosperity gospel faith such as Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyer of course if you
look at the catchy hen yeah kind of published a book out there exposing our
all this fraud that’s going on but the New Age movement is at the belief system Eastern influence that emphasizes
universal tolerance and do what doing what feels good which like a moral
relative contends that the man is divine and it
can create its own reality in eternity like a legalism on the other hand like
that improperly use of the law described in the scripture that tribe Danny obtain
maintained salvation we also also poor judgment of fellow Christians
for not adhering to one’s own ideas of holiness rather than encouraging them to
be like Christ or Christ like upon obeying God’s standards as explicitly
explicitly outlined in Scripture I like the hyper grace movement the
overreaction to legalism resulting in abusive web God’s grace believers find
themselves drawn to milder and hyper grace movements of because they are
looking for some kind of freedom not just from legalism but from God’s
standards whether it’s pretty much sad if you look at it now and a type of
horror type of perspective the emerging emerging church it’s a movement that
claims that claims to be Christian but it employs that cultural yet sensitive
are methods to make the gospel more palpable to postmodern culture but Jesus
vibe is treated much more as an allegory or a narrative rather than that
true event particularly concern the inclusive approach to various systems
and emphasis on emotions over absolute truth and the true no ssin that there is
no hell judgment or need burgle forgiveness the imaginary emergent
church movement also glorifies honesty and compassion but without repentance
sir so what can we say to our teaser which I probably pulled like I have
article from charismatic news the if you look at all these type of movements a
types are here cease epidermal cell regeneration Carol ISM hyper not Callum
celibacy charismatic heresies so sleep false repentance and faith healing
health and wealth and prosperity gospel if to bear them baptism post the
tribulation and pre-prep rapture heresy and one that I kind of take it off like
like wildfires the new Apple awesome episodic refrain nation which is it is
nothing more than prosperity gospel on steroids and it’s like I like to
probably cover that and then the entire new video as of course he got lordship
salvation you got lifestyle available losing salary Senhora da deca limited
atonement er and modern of religious liberalism as with repentant heresies
sabbath-keeping speaking tongues transubstantiation there which is I come
from the Roman Catholic Church you see all these heresies they are not of God
and another things like the true gospel is not really being preached today which
is a huge reason why you have this enormous amount of false convert
conversions and a today’s gospel there’s no repentance basically one usually when
someone phrase the prayer they don’t understand and some sorry excuse for
some preacher comes to you and say if you believe in Jesus and pray like and
that’s it that you’re you’re saved uh these are just huge counterfeit
conversions as wine we like to feel like a worldly and sinful things are going on
in the church today fake Christians are seen like legalism to everything yeah
the bosk on the false comm nerds are not willing to die to saw they love taking
God’s name in vain by the way they live God words God’s word means nothing to
them and their lives that goes to church for all the wrong reasons many times
people will go to a conference and lean thinking that I’m saved or like those
people start to walk to Christ but instead the continued of the true
yeah then they never started in the first place and it’s only uh was only
emotion just emotions so yeah we need to stop playing Christianity and go back to
the real truth many people who believe they are children regard ours all
they’re all going to hell don’t let it be you how do you know it is you liking
all these people if you go like the Luke chapter 14 verse 36 not 26 to 30 if you
come to me but will not leave your family you cannot be my follower you
must like I love me more than your father mother wife children brothers and
sisters even more than you love your own life
whoever night carried across that is given to them when they follow me cannot
be my follower and it’s like basically if you want to start build a building
you must first sit down and decide the how much it will cost you must see how
like much money you’re going cause the finishes job if you don’t do that you
might begin to work and but when you like not be able to have enough to
finish the job and you could add like finis everyone will just laugh at you
and he was so all the man man began to build but he was not able to finish so
they follow away as soon as life but Jesus life mrs. Earl I thought he messes
up the life and they want to keep or get into the when you get into trials and
persecutions and then they’re gone and going down further my god
you know number three you think John first John chapter two 1819 Little John
and does the last hour just did you have heard that the Antichrist is coming and
so how many antichrists have already appeared as him appeared this is how we
know is the last hour and though they left us but they were
not part of us so if they been part of us they would have stayed with us
they’re leaving made it clear that none of them was really part of us I was like
as I love the world they don’t want to separate from it even in their prayers
it’s all about me and my worldly desires and then number one God doesn’t answer
that their so-called like selfish prayers they get bitter and say things
like God does answer their prayers and then and then become angry and start
last now maybe I end up and some may just a kid self-righteous you know they
go off the riders and to start their own kind of called and was first John you
know they loved the world you know things in a pattern in the world if any
man loves the world the love of the father is not in him for all that is in
the world the lust of the flesh and the lust in our eyes
and pride of their life this is not of the Father but of the
world and the world passes away and the luster are really pure but he doesn’t do
the will of God abideth for ever and the thing is like a lot of these people they
just twist Scripture that is justifying sin you know now look to second Timothy
chapter four through verse through three and four for a time is coming when
prayer on people will no longer listen the sound and wholesome teaching they
have a foul their own desires and look for teachers who will tell them whatever
their itching ears want to hear they will reject the truth and chase after
myths and false converts stand up for Satan and until God shut up because they
condone the things of the what God aids such as all sorts of sin and if you look
at psalms 119 and one of first one o for your commandments give me understanding
no wonder I hate every false way of logic you know things like they don’t
really bear any fruit they bear no fruit they have no repentance and no
brokenness over sin or the price that has been paid for them
they will not turn from their sin and worldly ways they become arrogant and
arrogant and self-righteous and like even and what says in not Sirkin
Corinthians no first Corinthians chapter 15 verse one through war now I will
remind you brothers of the gospel I preached you which you received and
would you stand and by what you have like a being saved if you hold fast to
the world I preached to you or preached the word not preached to you unless you
believe that in vain for I delivered to you as of first importance what I also I
also received that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures
that he was buried and that he was raised on the third day in accordance
with the scriptures going back like a second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 1
through 17 now concerning come that coming to the Lord Jesus Christ and are
being gathered together to him we ask you brothers not be quickly shaken arm
and mind or shamed either by in spirit or a broken word or his spoken word or a
letter seeming the beer from us to the fact that the
day of the Lord has come let no one deceive you in any way for that day you
will not come unless the rebellion comes first and the man of lawlessness is
revealed and the son of destruction who opposes and exalts himself against every
so-called God or object of worship so that he takes his seat in the temple of
God proclaiming himself to be God do you not remember that when I was still with
you I told you these things what would do what we do we see in those are these
type of days happening the strength going on in America the problems in the
Middle East problems are number on all the cars
overall so I’m gonna be closing out and probably make another to powder of this
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