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This week on TGC News, the purge is here,
a new suppressor company and a new high end carry piece.
Welcome back to TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care
about, My name is Jon Patton. This week’s first story is about wilson combat. For those
of you that might be unaware, they specialize in high end 1911’s and they’ve just released
a new double stack 9mm called the EDC X9. As you can tell by the name, they’re intending
on people carrying this thing. Let’s start with the basics. It’s got a 4” fluted
barrel, a single action only trigger system, a rounded rear on the grip, some nice G10
grip panels and a bunch of what appears to be functional slide work. It also comes topped
with a fiber optic front sight, some really aggressive checkering on the front strap of
the grip, that matches the slide work, and has that nice angle crownd on the barrel.
And of course being a doublestack, this thing holds 15 rounds of 9mm in the magazine. Its
gorgeous, really. I’ve shot A LOT of different handguns and 9mm 1911’s still stand near
the top of my list for guns that are just fun to shoot. And being that this is made
by one of the premier 1911 builders… I can imagine that it would fall right in line with
that. However, the MSRP on the EDC X9 is $2895. Not surprising but its priced way out of reach
for most people. Is the gun worth it? Probably. But a $600 brand new Glock 19 holds the same
amount of the same ammo and that is the way most of you guys will be looking at this.
What does it do that my affordable carry gun doesnt. Well I think the answer to that is
that the fit, finish and overall quality are on an entirely different level… but to sling
out 3 grand for that priviledge… I don’t think so. I mean, I would it hold my hand
in public. It will be really interesting to see how these high end gun companies start
to stack up as we enter one of the biggest slumps in the gun industry that we’ve seen
in years. What do you guys think? Would you ever spend 3 grand on a carry gun? Or would
you put that towards something else? And in the rise and fall of giants news, the
gun industry is hurting. There’s no better way to say it. Companies across the board
are feeling the results of the buying panic disappearing overnight when Trump got elected.
The purge is no longer coming… its here. From December to January of this year we saw
an 800,000 drop in the number of background checks. And as a result, we talked about Colt
last week laying off people and that trend continues with Remington and a company you
may have never heard of called Howell Munitions and Technology. We’ll start with Remington.
They just laid off 122 people at thier plant in Ilion New York. The CEO made a statement
about this hopefully strengthening the competitive position of the company but I mean, dude I
can tell you right here what would help you more than firing people. Make something that
people want to actually buy. Either way, Remington is a big company and will most likey survive
this bump in the road but continued law suits, recalls and boring guns won’t help their
cause. Now the other company I mentioned Howell Munitions and Technology. A somewhat unfamiliar
name to most of you but they are the parent company of a bunch of others like Ammoload,
Xtreme Bullets and Freedom Munitions. According to an article published by a local news website,
an unknown number of employees have been affected by these temporary lay offs. They are apparently
in the middle of a two week shut down and employees were told “You will be contacted
by your supervisor with exact details regarding your return”… I’ve been through that
kind of stuff with a former employer of mine that those situations never seem to end well.
The reason for this? A “softening market”. Like I said guys, the industry is hurting.
Now, how can companies survive? How can they power through this? Well honestly the companies
out there will have had to run well financially before… but now is the time to innovate,
now is the time to step out of the box and try something new to stand out. And on top
of that, marketing. These guys will have to go out of their way to educate, and win over
customers to make sure they buy the “right” brands. No longer will companies be able to
survive just by being on the shelf at a gun store or having a passive approach. Side note:
if you guys want to hear a deeper discussion on gun industry marketing, please let me know
in the comments. For now, I will say that these lays offs, and companies tightening
their belts, is not going to stop so if you work in the industry, and you’re watching
this right now… batten down the hatches.. The storm is here.
And on hashtag Not A Review, the segment where I take a product and give you guys a hands
on spotlight, we’re taking a closer look at a new suppressor company called GSL Technology.
They’re based out of Michigan and came all the way out to my range here in PA to spend
the day shooting with me and giving me the run down on their line up. One of the biggest
things to note about them is that theyve actually been in the business for making suppressors
for a long time. You may notice some really distinct similarities between their brands
and another suppressor company. I’m not going to stick my face in a beehive so I won’t
get into why the two companies are so similar with certain aspects but the point of me telling
you that is that they’ve got years of experience backing up their line. So first up, we shot
a few rounds through their 22 can… its lightweight, has decent sound, and is relatively affordable
with an MSRP under 300 bucks. Beyond that we shot their 9mm can on a Lionheart pistol
and the thing that stood out to me about that one was consistency from shot to shot. Sometimes
pistol cans have a really distinct first round pop and this one was more consistent across
the board. I also took a look at their 556 cans… they offer their rifle cans in QD
and direct thread models with the direct thread having a really interesting locking system.
Its essentially a spring washer kept in a housing on the back of the can. They tell
me that this is intended to have consistent tight lock up every single time you mount
it. I’ve never heard of anything like this on other direct thread cans so I thought that
was pretty interesting. They also do a couple user servicable models in the 556 cans which
utilizes an adapter for a ¼” spanner. To be honest with you, I don’t really see the
point of that because rifle cans typically don’t need to be cleaned out or anything
so that was a little curious to me. I guess if you had a baffle strike that would be a
great way to fix it. Beyond that we start getting into the 7.62 and .338 cans. The 7.62
models I tried out had decent tone and the .338 was actually really impressive. I shot
it without wearing any hearing protection and didnt notice any pain in the ears at all
like you can get with some bigger calibers… If I had a 338 that might be in the running
to live on my gun. Now the MSRP’s on the pistol cans are around the $800 mark, the
rifle cans hover between there and the $1000 mark. Overall the GSL cans are pretty consistent
with other cans on the market as far as value goes and because theyre new but not new to
making cans, I would absolutely trust them to hold up over time. If you want to learn
more about all of these, hit the link in the description to head over to
To see more product spotlights, check out the NotAReview playlist on YouTube.
This week’s friendly fire question is from Ron Reed Jr. who messaged me via
and he asks “do you think with the modern advances in ammuntion like the xtreme defender
bullet from Underwood and the super fast super light bullet from civil defense that the FBI
ballistic protocol is out of date for newer ammo” This is a really interesting question.
The base answer is sort of… I dont think the entire thing is obsolete but I do think
the interpretation of results with some of the newer ammo is out of date. I would have
to get with a proper ballistician for this but I’ve sen those lehigh and underwood
bullets do FAR more to a real flesh target than they did
in gel… Not only that but Ive heard the argument that a temporary stretch cavity in
a pistol cartridge doesnt matter… but the basis for that argument is from a paper published
in the 80’s and my question to an actual expert would be that the target doesnt have
any bias to a certain weapon the round is fired from… so how can a claim like that
be made if the cavity exists. I think we could certainly update the protocol… but the core
of it which everyone uses to compare things … the penetration depths… I think thats
okay. I just think we have a lot more new concepts that warrant deeper discussion these
days and the FBI would be wise to fully understand whats happening.
Now my friendly fire question to you guys this week is that same great question… since
we don’t see TN Outdoors 9 doing a ton of videos these days… where do you get your
info on ammunition? Let me know in the comments and If you want your question answered right
here on the show, you head over to and go to the friendlyfire page to send me
your questions!

100 thoughts on “More Layoffs, New Cans and a New EDC! – TGC News!

  • I think that we are seeing the burst of the bubble here. A lot of companies were created in the gun panic times and I think we will see the pruning of those companies to just those that have made an impact and have innovative firearms. In 2020 when the presidential race starts up again we will see the same panic buying, and if a anti-gun president is next we will see the gun buying trends we have seen under Obama.

    I think that the temporary stretch cavity is relevant because it shows how much pressure is being exerted inside that cavity. Pressure is often the real killer as it ruptures organs and tissues causing failure and bleeding. Typically I have to watch 4-5 videos on the ammo tests and then try to find some articles on it just to find the consistency between them.

  • Sorry if someone said this earlier but that's not the CEO of Remington. George Kollitides stepped down as Remington CEO over a year ago…

  • And no one could see the slowdown coming? Give me a break. It was fait accompli is trump was elected and they should have prepped for that. It was years in coming.

  • lately we've seen many shelling out $3K on their Glocks to get custom upgrades by the likes of .. Salient, Agency, Zev,, etc. I'd rather buy the $3K 1911 any day… If I had the money of course… and my wife didn't divorce me for it.

  • maybe if Colt stopped making "Limited Production" runs on amazing rifles/pistols at ridiculous prices for what you are paying for then they might be better off.

  • Ammo info: my own tests at my local gun range. I cast my own, load my own, and just started a video series testing cast HPs.

  • Hey Jon! im super new into the industry (still inside my first year) and would really value your input into some of this decline we are seeing. Thank you and Adam as always for putting out such an awsome program!

  • If I had the money for that pistol I would spend it on other things for sure. Maybe a new Sig, but probably food, gas, bills etc.

  • what will it take to get firearm commercials back on mainstream tv? I see them on cable outdoor channels but why not on basic channels?

  • The industry is not hurting guys, it's simply deflating from the massively over-bloated result of being slammed by unprecedented previous demand.

  • lol TGC Tool. I get my ammo info for Ammosmith, Rexreviews, also what ever review I can find. for defensive carry ammo, I use what my local law enforcement uses. It is as close to as-good-as-it-gets, that I need. If I am invalid in a shooting, and go to court, my ammo selection will be defaceable.

  • OMG! I just realized!!! You Got the REBEL ALLIANCE Symbol carved out of your BEARD!!! ROCK THE f… ON DUDE! l LOVE IT!!!

  • i dont think ill ever pay that much for a gun ever its not worth it when you can buy a glock and do the samething or half a dozen glocks sigs hks s&ws or rugers

  • If the opportunity arises I would really like to hear your thoughts on the OSS flow through suppressors.
    It looks like a great product but there are very few videos or articles about it other than from the company it self.

  • Maybe if Freedom Munitions didn't take 2+ weeks to ship ammo that is "in stock" when ordered people would order from them more.

  • Ammo info you say… check out ShootingTheBull410 on Youtube and Lucky Gunner's database

  • lol the gun industry is hurting…better put out a $2800+ 1911. That will generate some sales, right? Guys….guys…

  • TheGunCollective Ammo Info: , under the 'Labs' link at the top of the page, you can find handgun and rifle ballistic charts and gel tests for most commercially available rounds.

  • great video. I think a break down on gun marketing, and the business side of things would be cool…I'll watch it anyways. I also think it would be cool if you could incorporate some non gun gear in your videos, such as knives, flashlights, etc. maybe show us your EDC knives and flashlights that you like


  • Tfbtv just hired a guy on their show and although he only put out a few videos (because he is so new) for them he seems pretty damn knowledgeable about it.

  • I get my ammo information from myself with extensive testing and using multiple different software to predict situations and then back those up with field testing. Cutting Edge Bullets are what I shoot the most which are machined and I can tell you that everything I've shot and seen shot in person (literally 100's of big game and dangerous game) animals is extremely impressive.
    As another comment to the "gun industry decline" I agree, on a commercial/common on the shelf companies are not doing that well but those of us in the full custom market are up to our ears in business. I personally see more and more customers on a daily basis coming to the custom built market to get exactly what they want/need. I can't speak to any other shop but with my shop they get more for their money this way rather than buying something box stock and then bringing it to me to spend a lot of money to make it the way they want it. Rather they are starting from the ground up with exactly what they want. More importantly I spend the time to fully interview the customer to make sure that their wants and expectations truly meet with what they're asking for, most of the time what they come in asking for isn't what they truly wanted because of miss information from other sources. All my barrel suppliers are extremely backed up filling orders as well which also indicate the surge in custom building as of the last 6-12 months.
    One more thing, I also noticed as a dealer that I'm not doing as many NCIS checks but I am transferring more guns but more and more customers have Carry Permits which allow me to skip the checks. I'm starting to believe that using the number of checks done isn't that valid of test for sales performance.

  • Time For Firearm Companies to start to lower their Prices.. They have been able to sell at MSRP for almost 9 years.. Time for the consumer to get a break..This also goes for Ammo and accessory manufactures…

  • Gun industry marketing? Why don't they do outreach programs to get more people buying firearms to defend themselves and why don't they promote more competitive shooting events? If I was the CEO of a firearm company, i'd do that.

  • some jihadist is coming after the printer of those targets. remember what happen to the cartoonist and the newspaper that carried those Muslim cartoon jokes?

  • Want advice for Remington? Build a good product!
    They had a great chance with the R51… and their lack of QC blew the opportunity.

  • I wear a $12k watch….where a timex would do the same thing. This Wilson isn't for the least costly way to do things. I don't mind folks saying they wouldn't buy it for $3k but when the mindset turns to "it isn't worth it" i habe to cry foul. It's worth what the intended market buyer will pay for it.

  • Better to have a 3K carry gun than a 3K safe queen. If you're going to pay that money, keep that baby with you and make it worth it. Don't just lock it away. That being said, I'd still with a $500-$600 glock. Hah

  • I am glad people aren't buying guns in record rates. Time to do something with the industry, make better stuff at reasonable prices. No more charging whatever they want, gonna have to fight for sales again.

  • Lucky Gunner Labs has the most in depth ammo testing i've ever seen

  • Both Colt and Remington had it coming to them. Most of us knew they were going to be teetering on bad times. Just about every company has a wonder 9 out now. You can't get away with putting out random crap for easy money anymore, like Remington has been doing with their garbage pistol lines. On the other side, you can't get away with putting out strictly limited edition overpriced jam-o-matics like Colt has been doing for decades. The rest of the market has finally caught up to them and are putting out better products, with easier to find parts and third party support, at more affordable prices. It doesn't take a marketing genius to figure out that both Colt and Remington were bound to have problems.

  • for your question, in short, no way in hell would i pay 3K for a pistol that's not a collector's item and further, there is NO amount of fit and finish on this God's green Earth that would be worth 3K in the first place. this is for people with more money than they know what to do with. should have named it the tiffany model!

  • if you were shooting a 338 comfortably without ear pro and it was their gun and ammo, i wonder if it was reduced load?

  • I don't think "Remington" had fully recovered from it's down the toilet quality when Freedom Group ran them in the ground along with all the other companies they bought using the Remington name. Shame on Cerberus/Freedom Group

  • is doing some good testing with different ammo. New video just went up on barrel length effects on performance of .38 and .357.

  • I consistently get ammo info from 22Plinkster, IV8888, Hickok45, Military Arms Channel, and by googling a specific round, or specific use, on you tube.  Thank you for the information you are reporting.

  • Layoffs are cause Remington & Colt suck. Your right, make something someone wants to buy.

    And the atf taking a year to get a can back to people is why those sales have died. People aren't going to wait that long, we all say fuck it.

  • Australian CT units are looking to replace their Glock 19 in favour of a higher calibre in light of recent terrorist events. I can't fault the logic either – anything under .45acp is not going to take down someone on adrenaline or performance drug highs.You can certainly ask the FBI that after the Miami Shootout. Worth noting if you wanna change up EDC during a heightened terrorist threat level.

  • Local PD's after action reports on shootings that they have and get from state other area PD's after shootings. Great source of real world results.

  • I think you need a 3-5 hundred dollar gun and a the rest into ammo and training. at the end of a day i would rather have an ugly gun that i can use than a pretty gun that im not too proficient in.

  • I would like to know more. Is there a projected decline in ammo cost? And what have you heard about the release of the CZ P10 C?

  • If I made the kind of money to afford the WC 9mm you're damn right I'd buy it. The reason, because I CAN! It's top of the line and worth every penny, IMHO.

  • EDC?! I'll pass. If I'm looking for an everyday carry gun in 9mm I'll pick up a Kimber Micro 9, which I just happen to own and carry. As for Colt and Remington, low quality that's gone on for some time has taken me elsewhere permanently

  • yes I would spend the money on the Wilson… if you are gonna protect yourself an others and can get the best then why wouldn't you? it's worth it!

  • The industry is NOT hurting people! Stop with all that BS. All that's happened is panic buying is long gone.

  • Just waiting for mine to be built. Brands like Wilson won't be effected by the slump of firearm sales we are in right now. It's in a niche category with a target consumer who have disposable income. Totally stoked to run this thing through its paces of a few thousand rounds in upcoming classes.

  • You said you think FBI protocol testing and interpretation needs updating in some cases. That brings me to a question about use of more common sense testing mediums.
    Question preface –
    I'm sure you're aware of a YouTuber, firearms instructor, retired USMC & USA marksman name Paul Harrell. Paul uses what he calls a meat target composed of a sandwich of pork steaks to simulate pectoral muscles, followed by pork ribs to simulate the human rib cage, then watermelons or oranges to simulate lung tissue and completed with another layer of ribs, etc. He uses either four layers of t-shirt material, denim or a leather jacket front and back to simulate seasonal clothing backed by 50 layers of fleece blanket as a backstop.
    Anyway, I find his ammunition testing using his 'meat target' makes more sense to me than any gel, FBI specification or not. It reminds me of the tests conducted using goats and pigs years ago when the world wouldn't catch on fire for using animals.
    Question – What do you think of ammo testing using common sense targets like Paul Harrell's meat target and are you aware of anyone else doing it?

  • Sounds like he owns no Wilson's.Yes I did spend 3Gs on a CQB.I have no other gun that evens come close to the quality and function.Many other fine guns will do a great job but nothing I have found works as well as the Wilson.Yes a luxury but a beauty to shoot and I think it will improve the accuracy for most of us.

  • Carry my EDC X9 every day and have run two 1k round classes with it so far.  It's performed better for me than any other pistol I own including my ZEV/Agency Glocks and Robar M&P's etc.  LOVE IT and it's worth every penny to me.  Wouldn't miss the $3k one bit if I had to use it to protect my family or myself.  My score for the X9 is 9.5/10.  Highly recommended!

  • I'd love to hear more about gun industry marketing and how it all works behind the curtains. Since you offered, yes! Please do more videos on that. Thanks!

  • A gun is a tool if you break 1 you should be able to through it away and get another… can keep that Gucci crap….anyone who would pay that much probably drives a Porcshe ,or a Ferrarii!

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