MORMON ENLIGHTENMENT πŸ’— What is Freedom Day! (Crystal & Sean Escobar)((Postmormon))

Hey M.E. Family, wanted to get on here and
tell you you know there’s a lot of people in here that are new to the group
and probably don’t know what a freedom day is or why we even talk about it or
celebrate it or encourage people to do it so first of all what is a freedom day
freedom day is when someone rather than just passively going inactive in the
church slipping away hiding it’s an opportunity
where you know someone basically takes it upon themselves to publicly proclaim
that I no longer a Mormon I’m no longer believing I disassociate
myself and gives them an opportunity to say why rather than having people make
make up all kinds of assumptions and conclusions about them it’s a way that
they can basically be understood and explain themselves and some people do it
really strong and and you know like take a really hard stance on a lot of
different things that didn’t work for them and some people take do it very
tactful and and passively and and basically just tell people you know I
love my time here and I’m grateful for it but I’m moving on to the next chapter
of my life and so forth and so really it’s just for me it’s the difference
between just kind of going away quietly which is what the Mormon Church wants
you to do and the difference between you know taking a stand and proclaiming what
you you want your truth is it’s called freedom because the church no longer has
power or or a hold on you it has no power over you you see and so some
people would disagree and say that well that’s not necessary just live your life
and and just do what you want anyway you don’t owe an explanation to anyone and
so forth and so that’s where I personally take issue with that
statement because if people don’t want to do it they don’t have to do it that’s
okay but to pretend like there aren’t real issues like you know the church
doesn’t have the highest teen suicide rate
highest rate of gays committing suicide you know women’s inequality child sexual
abuse no financial transparency whatsoever to pretend like these issues
are not real and to just say well I just I just don’t think that I want to say
anything I just want to find you do that but don’t judge people that that want to
make a difference because as far as I’m concerned you know there’s a real
problem going on and I want to see some change around that and the way that I
see change around that is by people speaking up and we have this platform we
have this microphone it’s like the church won’t give people the microphone
in in church so you’ve seen people going hijack sacrament meetings and fast and
testimony meetings and share their truth but we don’t have to do that because we
have this platform social media the internet we have a way that we can share
our beliefs and our truth and and we can do that in a very peaceful way and we
can make a difference and it is making a difference my opinion is that these
freedom days will be the church’s kryptonite I mean it’s it’s gonna it’s
gonna hurt him bad because people will say things like well you know I always
believe the truth claims of the church and then I became aware of you know such
and such resource or such and such a resource or such and such information
and and boy it’ll open up people’s eyes and people will stop like one person
said recently to my wife crystal that she said I didn’t want to believe that
you had a reason to leave and I judged you I judged you harshly but she said
but you opened my eyes and I actually in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but
think wait a minute there’s a lot of people leaving and do they all do they
all know something I don’t know and that is what got her on the road to her own
you know truth crisis and and her own you know freedom so guys I hope that we
can inspire more people to to do this these freedom days you can do it how and
when you want on your terms and your language but I really believe that it is
going to be the the number one thing that car
as change in the church I believe that wholeheartedly I believe that change
happens from the bottom up not from the top down and when people say well you
know the Mormon Church changed this to change that change that was all
revelation bullshit it wasn’t revelation polygamy wasn’t
revelation the blacks in the priesthood wasn’t revelation none of its revelation
it’s all social pressures political pressures and if you want to see change
it will happen from the bottom up why did they change the November 15 2015
policy why did they revert why did they make a fool of themselves why because
the backlash from their own members was so significant so severe they couldn’t
they couldn’t silence them and so they had to conform the Mormon Church had to
basically I mean they never apologized which they should but they didn’t but
they had to basically you know they had to eat humble pie and and change it and
so you want to see changes like I do around one-on-one interviews child sex
abuse gays committing suicide inequality bigotry you want to see change more
freedom days more and more and more freedom days imagine if everyone in this
group posted a freedom day that’s a lot of that’s powerful so I’m putting it out
there you

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