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Hey there, everybody. This is Brian Dvorak coming at
you from Clovis, California, and I wanted to talk with you a
little bit about Clayton Morris Invest. So, I was a little bit worried
about my future, my retirement, and whether or not I was
going to have enough money to continue to live
the lifestyle that I wanted to live when I retire. And so I started thinking
about getting into real estate as another way to
supplement my income. However, I quickly
realized that that’s really not the right thing
to do in California, because things are much
more expensive here. So I knew I wanted to
invest in real estate outside of California, but I
didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know who I could trust. Fortunately, I heard
about Clayton Morris and Morris Invest while I
was listening to a podcast. So I went to his web site, I
downloaded his freedom number worksheet, I took
that step initially. Then I signed up to have a
conversation with Clayton and I was able to talk
to him on the phone. He answered all of my
questions and was really great. I want to tell you
that I was able to, just a couple months after
that, purchase my first property through him out of state. It’s a great return
on investment. It’s a duplex,
giving me 20% ROI, and I’m really excited about it. I feel like there’s this huge
weight off of my shoulders now that I’ve done this. And I’m looking
forward to continuing to buy more and more
properties, as often as I can, to get to my freedom number. The other thing that I
was really excited about was, the process of actually
purchasing the rental property was seamless. Clayton has a great team that
does all the work for you, and they know what
they’re doing. The real excitement, too, was
finally convincing my spouse. Once I got that first renter
check from this first property I invested in, getting
that runner check and kind of
completing the circle, my wife was then convinced
that, hey, this works, we need to do more of this. So now she’s on board, we are
ready to buy more properties. If you are thinking about
this, don’t think any further. Contact Clayton Morris,
contact Morris Invest, and start getting going on this. You don’t want to wait. So I want to thank
you, Clayton Morris, and I’m just super excited and
looking forward to a continued partnership. , Thanks again bye.

11 thoughts on “Morris Invest Review

  • hi i am interested in investing in real estate too , but i would like to know why wouldnt you just buy the deals you find for these people instead of selling it to them , thank you

  • What does he charge for facilitating the deal? Does he charge management fee? Or is the $50K he advertises per house is an all in price? Thanks.

  • I just booked a call but it wasn't with Clayton. I was hoping to talk to him. It said someone else..

  • Hi Brian, good to hear some one from the area bought from Morris invest also. I just bought my first investment property from them and management company is looking for tenants. Nervous but excited.
    Angel from Selma ca.

  • Thank you for your post! I've been burned so many times therefore I'm very leery about who I can trust when it comes to investing!

  • UH OH. Be super careful on this. I've been a real estate investor for 27 years and one of my rules is dont buy any rental out of state from a third party. Im from Clovis. Good luck.

  • Hello: Is everything still going well with you and Morris Invest Team? Did you purchase more homes and is all well with your investment in his company and team as of July 2019?

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