Mortgage Match Game

– These websites say that
it’s easy to refinance our mortgage, but it
looks pretty complicated. Do you have a better idea? – Actually I just read
about this credit union. (ding)
– Well Pam, we’ve got Jim’s answer, we just need yours to make sure we’ve got the match. – Okay wait, how did you get in our house? – Where can you refinance
your first mortgage loan with no points, no cost, and no fees? That’s right, they’re on the house! – Um, Pacific Service Credit Union? – Jim? It’s a match!
(dinging) Hey, good job. Alright, here you go. Jim, what’s the worst meal your wife has ever cooked for you? – Well this–
– I will hit you with this card. (audience gasps and claps) – This is awkward now. – [Narrator] At Pacific
Service Credit Union, we’ll match you to the
perfect mortgage loan, from credit cards to auto loans and free checking to mobile services. Pacific Service Credit Union is your alternative to big banks.

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