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Oh! Motu & Patlu’s house is locked. Motu. Patlu. I was just coming to meet you. Look at my new car! How is it? Wow! Congratulations! It’s a very nice car. I am giving this car to both of you. Long live! Thank you!!! May god give everyone a neighbor like you!! You are a great person, a kind person,
a rich person and a good human being. What rubbish both of you are speaking? I am giving you my car to guard it!! What? Guard it???? Yes. I am going out for some work and will be back by evening. It is a new car so I can’t leave it just
like that. If it gets even a single scratch, there will be thousands of scratches on your on faces. Did you get it? We understood. Patlu, come and sit inside, it’s so nice. Patlu, come, let’s take it for a round. If the boxer comes to know, then even before one round is finished. Then he will finish us! We will not get another opportunity to drive
such a car. But. Forget the “but” and “don’t” just
think that without the lord’s will even a leaf does not move. Look the engine has started. Whose will? Gods’ will. See the car is working properly. Whose will is it? It is God’s will. So then what can we humans do without God’s will? Come, lets us take one round and come back! I don’t know why but I’m getting the feeling
that this is going to be the last round of our
lives! Ahh! Ha! Smell!!! Come, let’s go and eat some hot samosas. First, park the car. There is no place here. What’s this uncle? Are you driving a car or a bullock cart!! Come on let’s have a race! My cycle is far better than your car. Keep quiet and go away! Haha! My cycle is better than
your bullock cart! Let’s race & check it out. Try it. Come on. Come on. Ok. If that is what you want. Let’s race!! One. Two. Three. Haha! Haha!! Yay!! No, Motu. Don’t race. What if the boxer sees us? It is a question of our pride! Any fool cannot make fun of us and get away with it!! Long live!! Haha! Big deal. He wanted to race. The police has come. Haha! Police? Let them come! The police of a thousand countries are behind me. But to catch Motu is not only a difficult
task. It’s an impossible one!! The police of a thousand countries are behind you. But why? How did I not know? Ohh! I was just saying aloud the dialogue
like a film hero!! Stop the car. Chingam is behind us, why are you running? I will see them now. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Impossible. Haha! I have caught you! Now tell me why did you both run, on seeing me? We did not run, we were just driving around
in the car. Ok. Then you two were over speeding; you were driving faster than necessary. You will be punished for this. Come on, give me 300 rupees. 300! 400! 400! But. 500! So, uncle. You paid the fine. I had told you, my cycle is so much better
than your car! There is no worry of over speed limit
nor any danger of paying a fine! Hmm! Go away quietly from here or else I will beat you. Because of you, I have suffered a loss of 500 rupees. Hey! Why are you getting so angry? Come, I will make you eat hot samosas and
sweets. Come. Come. Really? You’ll give me samosas? Yes, yes! I will. Ahh! You are such a good boy. Come on, let’s go quickly. Quickly, get us three plates of samosas. First, clear your previous dues then you can have more samosas! This boy is buying the samosas for us.
What is your name, son? Sonu. I am your tiny little Sonu. What a lovely name! No! No! I will feed you with my
hands. You don’t get your hands dirty. Ohh! God has stopped making good little
boys like you these days! Aaa!h! That was lovely!! I don’t trust this boy at all. I hope he is not setting a trap for us. Why are you suspecting a little boy? Children are supposed to be another face for god. Give me fifty rupees. Sonu, son, give the man fifty rupees. I don’t even have fifty paisa with me! What? You had said you will feed me samosas! I am feeding you samosas! Have the last samosa. I told you not to trust him! Now suffer!! I don’t know why god creates kids like you. Uncle, let go of your anger and worry about your car. Look! Your car is going. Hey! Stop! Stop! Hey! Stop! I will not let you get away with this!! What can you possibly do with one samosa? Give it to me, I’ll eat it! Hey! Stop!! Hey! Stop! Thief!! Stop! Otherwise, I will not spare you. Brother thief, please stop. This is the boxers’ car. He will kill us! Patlu. Be careful. Oh! So you rob cars wearing a police uniform? What do you think? You won’t get caught that way. Now come with us to Inspector Chingam. You called and I am here! Chingam Sir! He tried to steal our car! It was parked in a no parking zone. You parked your car in a no parking zone,
the fine for that is 300 rupees. Again three hundred! You have already taken 500 from us! 400. This is daylight robbery! Are you running your house with our money? 500. Sir so take this. 500! So uncle, isn’t my cycle better than your
bullock cart? I can park it anywhere. No problem! You. Go away from here or I don’t know
what I will do to you! If you hit a little child in front of the
Inspector, then he will put you in jail! Motu, let’s go. Today is just a bad day. Motu, I cannot push it alone. Wait, I will also come. See, as soon as I pushed it, the car started. Who is driving the car? Hey, Patlu! Stop it. Come fast. Come fast. Run fast. Motu, quickly jump on the car. I asked you to jump on the car Help. Help. Motu, do something or the boxer will finish
us. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach! You have a stomach or a bottomless pit? Motu, the boxer is going to take apart our body parts exactly like this. If you get saved. Then pick my body parts carefully. And if you manage to escape, then quickly take my body parts to Dr. Jhatka. Let’s quickly put together all its’ parts. Yes, if the boxer comes before that then we
are finished!! Oh!! You two were cleaning my car. Thank you. You are very nice people. It is our duty. After all, if a neighbor doesn’t help a neighbor then, who will? Come, I’ll take both of you for a long drive. No thank you. Long drives are not good for our health. You carry on. Motu Patlu. I will not leave you alive!! What have you done? Stop!

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