Move Over, High Line: Vessel Is New York’s Hottest New Park

You’re working on vessel which is part of a billion dollar Hudson Yards development What’s the value of a structure like that in such a commercial area the whole project is made from an assembly of infrastructure? It’s made from pieces of staircases and landings But of course it’s the way in which they’re arranged together that make something that holds People and invites people to move around it meets dwell eat a sandwich take a photograph read a book that is almost like a new piece of three-dimensional public space that’s lifting the public off the ground and the idea behind that is very simple to have a small footprint on the Ground to not use up the valuable public space But then as the project grows and moves up it gets wider it gets bigger it has more capacity and so Many many people can enjoy it and use it so how tall is that’s all going to be it’s its total height above its Footprint is 150 feet and it’s almost exactly the same Dimension of it’s at the top of its crown which is 150 feet We really saw our challenge as being a piece of strategy as opposed to a piece of art. That is passive that people look at Afford take a photograph of but then fundamentally forget. We really tasked ourselves with coming up with something that felt phenomenal unique magnetic in its presence, but actually fundamentally useful

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