Movement Mortgage Supports Dramatic Growth and Boosts Efficiency with 8×8

Cam Lawler enterprise applications
director for movement mortgage started in 2007 has grown rapidly to
become the fastest growing mortgage company in the U.S. one of the reasons
we went with 8×8 or multiple reasons we went with 8×8: Scalability, it
had to be able to manage our growth we need a call reliability and call quality
our salespeople are on the phone on a regular basis we n eed mobile
capabilities because everybody’s working from their cell phone these days and
because we have such a small IT staff ease of management really played into it
as well. At the end of the day the employee experience is key from the
beginning of our company we say we exist to love and value people and that
includes our employees they are the face of our brand
everybody from sales to operations they’re the ones dealing with our
borrowers they’re the ones dealing with our realtors so if we can provide our
employees a great experience we know that they will provide our customers a
great experience as well.

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