MSNBC's Harris-Perry Doubles Down on Communist Ads: Fox News Women Respond

Americans will always want some level of inequality because it's a representation of meritocracy people who work hard and sacrifice and save their money and make major contributions we think that they should earn a little more and they should they should have more resources and that's fine but we also however have to have a floor under which nobody Falls and if you're below that especially if you're a child and you're below that we are not going to accept that you do have the right to health care and to education and to decent housing and to quality food at all time well that is a brand new ad from cable network MSNBC put out today in the wake of fierce criticism that has been leveled against the host shown there and this latest ad that host seems to double down on what critics have called a socialist viewpoints they put out these little vignettes of their hosts arguing for left-leaning principles and she put out one the other day that took a lot of fire in that one you could hear that she's talking about how those who sacrifice and work hard they should earn a little more that's what she thinks they're entitled to but that there should be a floor well the thing that got all this started was an ad that she put out a couple of days ago arguing that children in this country don't really belong to their parents and instead calling for the larger community to take charge here's that we have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we've always had kind of a private notion of children your kid is yours and totally your responsibility we haven't had a very collective notion of these are our children so part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities once it's everybody's responsibility and not just the households then we start making better investments today and I written piece she doubles down those are her words on that assertion and makes no apologies for it joining me now Monica Crowley who's a radio talk show host and Kirsten powers who's a daily beast columnist both are foxnews contributors Kirsten some of the left's say this is no big deal it's no big it's no big whoop that we would say the community would help a family raise a child but is that what she really was arguing in that piece well I think probably the problem that some people have with it is the collective you know reference to the collective and and to say that children don't really belong to their parents I think it's a pretty provocative thing to say I certainly do believe that the community plays a role I think we do pay a lot for education actually I don't have children and that's not an accident you know I I love my friends children I love my nieces I you know I try to be as helpful as I can but they really aren't my responsibility they're the responsibility of the people who choose to have them if if one of my friends decides to have five children that's really not my responsibility I will help out as much as I can you pay your taxes so on yeah exactly but you know look I pay taxes for schools and I don't have children in schools so how much more am I expected to do really I guess that would be my question that's what I want to ask you Monica because Kyle Winfield and the Atlanta journal-constitution comes out with a piece today that's very interesting talking about this quote collectivist rant and he posits that she is completely inventing the notion she is arguing against saying there's never been any dispute that of course the community also cares about children and that's why we pay taxes that go to education and that's why the United States pays more for education than any other country in the world according to studies cited therein and and so he says she's setting up a false premise because it's really actually consist more consistent with a left-leaning belief that what we're doing it needs to go way beyond that yes that's exactly the point Megan that she's actually laying groundwork for a far more radical idea I mean there are two really disturbing notions here first that a child is a piece of property to be owned and controlled by the state rather than raised by the parents and the second point which I think is a bigger and even more disturbing one if there can be a more disturbing one is that this is what status do and this is how they think they're always trying to socially engineer us into what they sell as a utopia but which actually has no relation to you a utopia at all but which is really all about government power and control over you your family and your life so they have always been and we've seen this throughout totalitarian systems throughout history they're always trying to move you from the individual to the collective from individual freedom to mass enslavement and away from religion you know about shipping a secular state not always not always trying to move you from the individual to the collective because when it comes to the issue of abortion miss Perry does not believe that it should have anything to do with the collective she believes it is completely the individual and that is a hypocrisy of hers that some have pointed out in the wake of this debate in her piece quote doubling down that's her term on this assertion that you know our kids belong to the communities and not to the parents today she says the following Kirsten on the on the abortion issue we agree that kids are not the property of their parents their lives matter to all of us okay so she says kids lives matter to all of us well she found herself in hot water not long ago for the following clip that was played on that Network and I asked you whether her detractors are gonna believe that she actually believes babies lives matter to all of us on our uterus model Nancy you know they have a little further life oh oh no that might be bad I seem to pop open the fertilized egg this would constitute a person right and the sunset of of constitutional rights should come to this look I get that that is a particular kind of faith claim it's not associated the science but the reality is that that if this turns into a person right there are economic consequences right the cost to raise a child ten thousand dollars a year to $20,000 a year when you're talking about what it actually cost to have this thing turn into a human why not allow women to make the best choices that we can with as many resources and options instead of trying to come in and regulate this process this thing she says that she's holding a model of an embryo right well first of all she said so many things that are so important in such a short amount of time it's not true that the only people who oppose abortion oppose it because it's a faith claim there's plenty of scientific reasons to oppose abortion primarily it is a human being that is a scientific fact it is alive that is also a scientific fact now it will also turn into a human unless something happens but most of the time it turns into something that looks a lot like the three of us eventually so you know I think is more troubling though is that she she sort of makes that argument but then sort of pushes it aside and almost as saying whether it is a human or not a human women really should decide that because it could be too expensive it should be a mother that's not that's not a moral argument like don't go to this whole thing about how you know it's like is it make your argument linear it's a human we don't care people should be able to end the life because it's too expensive I mean that is essentially what she was saying but she kind of went around of like trying to also kind of prove that it's not a human even though the holding up the little thing that doesn't prove that it's not a human human but to come out now Monica and say you know this is a quote we agree that kids are not the property of their parents their lives matter to all of us this thing this thing right referring to human beings as pieces of property now we've bought an entire civil war Megan to make sure that human beings were not considered property by the state or by anybody and here's this woman I mean the double standard and the hypocrisy here which is talking about abortion and referring to a human being as a quote thing and kind of laughing about it there she's saying well the woman there should be no state intervention here the woman should have the right to choose what to do with that thing except when that baby crosses over and that baby is then born then the baby is no longer your thing it belongs to the state I mean this is really radical thinking and like I said Megan we have seen this throughout history and totalitarian regimes where they go in and actually take the babies they wrench them to try to abolish the family to make the state the number one entity and that you are all in service of the state and worshiping the state that's what we're talking about here this she is not only a Cable News host but she is a professor at Tulane University and that that is her belief system so we let it stand or we let it fall or rise on its own merits panel thank you thanks thank you

37 thoughts on “MSNBC's Harris-Perry Doubles Down on Communist Ads: Fox News Women Respond

  • 1) Sperm + Egg = Baby Human. It's alive.
    2) If you are going to have sex, you need accept the fact that you are taking the risk of having a kid. If you don't want a kid, A) Don't have sex or B) have safe sex and be prepared for it fail
    3) She wants us to give up possession of our kids and our responsibilities to them for the collective community, and yet, we should be able to kill them?

  • #NotAlwaysNotAlways… YES ALWAYS Megyn Kelly!!! That is the end goal of these EVIL Statists. I am getting extremely SICK of these Liberal SCUMBAGS trying to "debunk" points raised by just simply throwing up their hands saying "Not Always, Not Always" as if that is a valid argument to the topic of discussion, which has been speaking in generalities the entire time…

  • That "crossing over" is THE POINT. By the way, China went to one-child policy when the UN told them they had to reduce their population in order to have any hope of reaching the UN's development goals. The USA wanted to send birth control but the UN was touchy about this and it didn't happen. No one was happy about the policy in China, but in hindsight no friend of China's would wish double their current population on them, as China suffered extensive overfarming already (big reason why the Yellow River was dammed up was to stop the unpredictable and deadly floods caused by so much upstream land being too hard to absorb precipitation).

  • Change public school funding from property tax to state income tax and fix the potholes while you're at it.

  • It's good to see some people that don't fall for the "people are only against abortion for religious reasons" bullshit argument. Brava!!

  • lol funniest parts definitely when she says "make your argument linear" am i right? like as if everything is so simple in can be reduced or paraphrased into the easily digestible content that these correspondents are calling for. issues are complex and can't always fit into the perfect narrative arc. other funny part is when the blonde woman says "we fought a civil war so people wouldn't be property" it's like 1) u didn't fight it and seeing which way your views lean, I'm not sure you'e be arguing against people being property 2) what a big difference between speaking conceptually about people as objects, property or just ideas in an abstract reference to a collective conscious or whole vs. tangible property in which people actually were slaves living brutal lives often dying for nothing. it's just so funny haha how these arguments will never matter because they refuse to recognize the validity of other people's narratives. and we have three news heads who all agree with each other and can't decipher conceptual ideas with tangible realities.

    ok the other part that is so smart, sexy, soft, subtle, strong, stupid aka worth my time aka funny aka i should get some breakfast soon u kno what im saying. the other part that is ridiculous is in certain histories and in certain cultures and by certain I mean plenty as well, kids we're raised by communities. that's where the notion of "it takes a village to raise a child" – i don't know bout ya'll but in my own experience we've lost that mentality through our obsession with individual indulgences masks as freedoms. It seems Harris-Perry is just calling for a reconceptualization back to a former ideology of raising the youth. And seeing these reconceptualizations reflected into policy. I see no reason for panic as their tone suggest, people will all make up their own minds on such issues. loved this video, can't wait to see more! 🙂 🙂

  • I'm definitely going to have to disagree with Monica Crowley, people in America should not have freedom, sorry too many christian nutjobs. I should have freedom people like me, but conservatives should not.

  • no the reason harris perry is such a moron is becuase when she states that kids belong to the larger community she was, either intentionally or not, quoteing a guy named Boulder Von Schirach. For those that don't know Schirach was the leader of the hitler youth. yea really radical thinking, harris perry is just proof positive that liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Republicans should just shut up about abortion. I am with you on so many things but it is none of your business. You dont give 10 percent of your income to the local orphanage 100 percent of the time do you? There are already so many unwanted kids and especially black kids and you want that number to explode. Stick to freedom, personal values, fiscal conservatism, and the other good stuff. Stay the fuck out of the bedroom and womens bodies.

  • Melissa Perry and Melissa Click should have talk show where they discuss how much they love the Constitution and the bill of Rights..

  • This was tried on some of the more extreme (read: Communist) Israeli kibbutzes, where children were literally taken from their parents and raised "collectively." Didn't work.

  • This is her platform. Take away from hard-working non-poor, and give to the lazy "poor". Everyone misreads her "our kids" comment. She clearly states "responsibility" in the "communities' children" . She wants you to take responsibility for the single mother's 9 kids, not give your kids away.

  • Right wing though : we believe that all our power should go to protecting that fetus, but once they are born, fuck that kid, none of my taxes are going to support him or her.

  • re: taxes for schools. Well I hope she doesn't mind paying for that. Would she prefer uneducated people? As for "your children don't belong to you". ok fine. we own her DNA. where are the samples?

  • This woman is so creepy! This is so disturbing to me. How can this be happening to us??? MY kids are MY responsibility. Hasn't it always been that way? I don't feel responsible for other people's children! They want to brainwash our children! This is exactly what happened in 1933-1945 Nazi Germany! This isn't supposed to happen in America— we are no longer 'Land of the Free'. God will judge this nation. You must open your eyes people. You must see what is happening all around you.

  • Only Megn Kelly would complain and see as sinister and a problem that another commentator states people especially children should be protected from poverty

  • The Family vs State argument is the Individual Freedom vs Communism argument. How can anyone listen to this MHP creature, and how in the hell is she even employed in the American media.

  • Megyn doesn't like Melissa ,you feel and hear that although she doesn't know her. She say this thing because in the moment this Thing will turn into a human being. It is a Thing.


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