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okay teachers with their first ever murdered soul suspect live stream numero uno then we playin with Elektra today on murdered soul suspect for around an hour and a half and as we'll be playing this probably every Saturday til complete which should take a month or less as my guess from the time it shows online so I'm gonna be using the true achievements full completion guide for going for a thousand gamerscore and tonight if we atleast complete the first mission we should gain well over 100 and just for reference for everyone on 525 from the next achievement video if we can get a hundred fifty K on the dot so I'm have to be careful at Forza as well tonight since I'll be unlocking like 200 gamerscore or more but the plan is to play this around 9:00 and tomorrow is the sims at noon I'm guessing that'll be the game plan rest of schedules on the site minecraft is a currently up in the air as I might cancel to finish off or is it already on just making sure we're good to go I don't know if the music's copyrighted but it usually doesn't matter too much trying to McMaster what is that first one here go ahead and start that new game should be looking intro I'm guessing Salem Massachusetts a serial killer is terrorising the normally sleepy grow up on the streets you start thinking you're invincible nothing can touch you he never really lose go to arrest some freak find out you aren't as invincible as you thought I'm to make it official no Connor you're under arrest for the assault and battery in Vincent Coulter guilty on two counts of grand theft auto on the indictment of birds grand larceny and assault with a deadly weapon let me take it I can't have my sister marrying some punk right you do oh yeah I do know Julia Julia your family war felonies like badges of honor they think this new badge covers all that up your fucking criminal you need to slow down right this is crazy I didn't know better so you actually want to die turn around you're under arrest oh man I survived that stay where you're hard they're back I'm coming back up the right to remain silent copy so we just can't control back we're gonna follow everything just checking the guide real quick I like Sherlock Holmes in the sense of third-person damnit not even moving it's stuck watch it lady no no no no no there you still I can fix it I just get back in my body and then maybe you know Oh really strange there you come on someone had to hear that glass shatter [Applause] that seemed like a fun way to attract attention we got someone get zak bagans here you're gonna have some EVP get back get back it's worth doing that's what they was it Ronin I can't believe it I can't believe I found you Julia if I never see you again you look good if you look better I would give anything to be there with you for us to be together again but what oh no no not again not you if you're not here where are you the other side of the bridge aah what what bridge where you are is a prison or a bridge it all depends on how you see it either way where you are isn't safe do you hear me we need to get you across the bridge you need to move on God is that where you are don't worry about me something about your life isn't finished yet we don't have much time think what about your life feels unresolved I don't know figure that out go Julia left me once and it destroyed me please please don't leave me again what see each other again love just save yourself no no Julia don't leave me Julia damn it hello there's an Anna the street outside the Regal apartments bleeding he's been shot send an ambulance he's not breathing my friend says he's not breathing I can't feel a pulse today there's broken glass everywhere it and a lot of blood this is bad yeah I'll stay on the line until help arrives David can you hear me lady please damn it hey you hey can you hear me come back still sir now running ahead and uh follow her apparently czar goes to the object Durr waiter sprint area it's like Sherlock with the weird sprint button definitely way smoother controls you got that go hey why did you run it gets old giving councils to the new ones don't take it personal running through walls making things appear you you look like you've been here a while you must know how this place works then yeah works this place isn't hard to understand figure out your gifts and maybe you won't get trapped here wait out out to the crew gaming what is open chat and a spare tomorrow you know mcmaster about the minecraft so we will start from the top of the question list and go right down it blaming gifts your strengths in life are stronger in death they become powers here some power is unique some common possession influencing people manipulating the more fragile of ghostly objects to appear or disappear strengths become abilities door just hit me but I'm passing through other stuff what is it with this place I thought I'd be able to walk through everything we can't enter the buildings the people of Salem have consecrated safe through an opening an open door or a window but once inside walls and doors hold no power over us you'll know the ghostly objects we can't pass through by their blue glow it will all seem logical in due time we got our first clue ghost abilities be shy who are you looks like you've been here a while me I'm just someone like you but hear me when I say this is no playground you can rob yourself of your future or others can do it for you I'm sorry I don't understand what you're talking about how could I rob my own future you're here to resolve something you don't resolve it you don't leave don't worry that's pretty common common that's crazy what do you mean others can steal my future demons they were once like us but lost themselves they can never move on now and exists only to consume those lingering hair those like us i getcha so I need to figure out who killed me and stop him that's the way I can get out of here well that's good luck to you wait wait there's more I need to know be careful out there you never know what's waiting around the corner here and it's a little bit creepy crew you want to see creepy you got to watch like outlast and stuff like that and you'll know what a true horror game is least from my perspective so how do we do trying to check how this game works Oh give me a second guys we got the clue unfinished business daemon –thread trapped here ghost abilities side cases we got five out of 14 passed through possessed investigate reveal remove pretty sure we got everything we're supposed to so we're trying to go back to the street this will hit a street okay you could clarify it a little bit better those people no offense there's a it's really on their back in the town what a little cutscene seeing your own body lying on the street it's like looking at a mirror you don't want to see but can't turn away from and that's when you realize you no longer know which ones real and which is the reflection the answer Chad missed the intro he short story he was a cop he went to raid someone's house and they threw him out a window and then came down and shot him and that's how he died a great idea Baxter tampered with the evidence back up who needs backup you shouldn't try to be one of us man you were one dumb son of a bitch sir hey hey just give back taking them statements what yeah I'm the stupid one but this is not your scene lieutenant just pay your specs and move on collation yeah every time I see but it is my case so tomorrow it'll be my case and the next day until we catch her you'd do well to remember that sergeant look I'm just following captain's orders here you know the procedure when a family member is yeah take all the time you need Artie I lost count of the times I wished you were dead you do me a favor conman tell Julie i'ma say she knows racks she knows I need to find my killer's trail before it was called so I'm gonna start our investigation here's our first achievement the death wish of a shady man became a ghost amid a strange girl need to get my eyes on Stewarts no bad see what they've learned did you see the man I saw him he killed that man in the street and be nice to know what they're talking about I gotta see if they found any leads that I don't already know about perhaps we need to clues respect tell me something it's one second yeah I'm trying to make sure that I don't ruin the entire run in the first section here so anything for badges verse there's no no don't give me one second guys because I actually has a guide open for true achievements one second so you don't want to stand on demon portals I'll kill you you know like the events catch you they will kill you did not get hit by ghost train it will kill you good enough let's go to walk overview well I don't think we need three bad girls on everything for all the achievements so I guess we could just move on as I highly doubt there was a recent save I'm just gonna see so what's this do well I guess I'm not that far in should we find out this way we can understand how it works if we miss something because apparently there's no actual save it's reload from last checkpoint so I guess the goal is to not miss anything and you can friend me to answer chat on I'm on I'm Xbox and uh yeah I got that little battery achieved the other day gifts and you might have seen the video so we were back here and right at the beginning of the investigation so I'm just gonna start with number four again I understand how the questioning worked so I accidentally just selected something without realizing there we go that's the correct way to do it my dispossessed and we can achieve it I'm pretty sure see what the next one is there's no cheating yet it's for completing the first investigation so my bad but uh see use a peak to view the bottom blah blah blah I'm gonna walk over to the body what a night huh Robinson yeah crazy unbelievable I don't get what was even doing here asking for it a witness called then saying you saw the Bell kill rent they're building one on response disregards orders from back up next thing you know no Belko trying to see if we can make him surprise angel wings and then beby beby BAM you were seven to the chest you ain't like I really have no idea when to quit do you Baxter if I take a look at those tattoos is all that gangland prison crap it was more criminal than cop who live like a thief he had died like a thief he was still a badge dickhead so it's possessed we're quick to answer Chad a unfortunate item doing parties while I'm live but you can feel free to check out our club I'll invite you to it after the stream and that's how you can request to join streams and then now you'll be able to join party at that point when you join a stream yeah I saw that man annoyed outside looking up at the top apartment on the fourth floor I think Misha get the achieve Oh this was this first and then conclude investigation then we get it sorry about that we're just learning how the game works I came here for a reason there it is damn I saw some clues that's my way in it's closed fantastic here's my chance I just need to follow Stewart into the building we enter the pool room yes and I was a demon oh it's just you anyway you're supposed to ignore him for now and go to the pool room which is just a laundry room so we're just walk through the door so let's go over to this cloning object discover reveal in locked in gamers who and we got collector one so I'm guessing we got it because let's collect the artifact I'm gonna walk through the wall the other side of the pool table is it this one here it is so the other says I'm going to see they're leaning against the wall where their merchants speak to just wanted to make sure so I pause there first what's lost is my body I know I got killed right here and I know it sounds crazy but but I feel a lot better if if I knew where my body was are you a detective or something you might be my only hope yeah I'm a detective any idea who did it that might lead us to your body I know they were old people and I know they lived in this apartment building other than that everything is hazy but I was doing a lot of drugs at the time it sounds like you do need a detective I'll see what I can find out from any older residents of the building mysterious murder honey they can probably hear you talking through the ceiling I hope they do every time we visit jennifer's I see it's the same weird characters that other lady on the second floor she changes boyfriends like she changes sweaters my goodness I know that upsets you dear staring out the window what goods that gonna do it was their achievement mind-reader that girl collapsed like paper when grace hitters I still can't believe she died it happened so fast I've never seen grades of crazy before it must have been the lack of sleep thank God it's all over I can finally watch TVs in peace finally some peace and quiet Oh Tyson's how can anyone see this music blasting like that I think she was on drugs water was so tired he could barely stay awake for the five miles of told us to drive to Smith requiring I couldn't believe he was able to find a pair of wire cutters average night the reason their music has stopped now we can finally sleep so right now we're connecting the dots connect this is pretty much like Sherlock in a little bit of a different way so everyone knows you've got the old woman secret the old man secret of mysteries murder surprisingly I think one of our Sherlock Holmes videos has a few hundred views it was that one when the gardens that was ridiculous my grace couldn't take the girls partying anymore so she killed him and robbed her husband into helping to dump the body and right now we're just going backwards turns out the reason you can't find your body is because it's not in the building it's that Smithwick quarry about five miles out of town oh well why'd they do it parties were keeping them awake at night they finally got too tired and snapped I I thought they were just being unreasonable I didn't know they would do this thanks for your help you have no idea how big a relief it is just knowing no problem you know I never really liked cops and they were always giving me shit telling me how I was messing up my life we never saw eye to eye on things but you really came through for me probably should have listened to what they were trying to tell me maybe then things wouldn't have ended up like this thanks again you're getting achieve in a moment just real quick shot the chase our newest moderator feel free to talk to him in chat and unfortunately crew were not accepting any more requests for moderator we only have J smoke who we've had for like a year and then we finally added in a second mod there's chase for future reference since you asked people that become mod usually 18 plus in subs for over a year and participate in our actual live streams probably at least up to three times a week so people that we trust very well so unfortunately people that aren't around very often most likely won't get the spot but we'll announce when we have an open spot in the future but thanks for your interest anyway just hung those electrodes kind enough to read me the guy that saving a lot of time on like Sherlock where we just had the pause constantly unfortunately did so much information plopped into a document is like reading a book every time you did a mission Hey how the hell does it come back did I do that hey hey come back those notes aren't for you great looks like some sort of code or something I made it up to the fourth floor before the police caught away the evidence so after the cutscene we want to go to 2b which is right here trying to find a clue right now but is this it there it is I was weird that was hidden in a way we haven't seen yet to find it we're gonna to be to the bitter enough Hey you enjoy scaring kids this little girl cost me everything it was supposed to be a simple achieve an interrogator what do you mean she's just a kid they don't matter what she is her daddy Oh too much to the wrong people she was just an insurance policy is that where you come in a simple snatch-and-grab after everything was settled up I'd let her go I'm guessing it wasn't so simple that may be but she always me now and I ain't leavin till her debt is paid cut your losses it may be a while don't worry I can wait I'm good to ask him all the questions but I guess that's all you can ask all right what's next place your bets and help thunderation pull up your panties gentlemen and throw in some chips neat [Applause] I'm pretty demon let's like the predator from the Hellion movies when me looks like the alien action not the predator there's my friend ah where is it it's like some Dante's Inferno crap right there show the Fred checking we escaped and demons approaching executing and all this other stuff the thanks chase for the numbers that's how you take care of the demon and you have chase we hit 1.2 k subs I think it was like 12:01 I saw earlier so appreciate all the new subs seems we have a few people watching as well post in chat for shout outs and chase can help answer any questions you guys got any think about the TGS clubs or anything we got brews on TV what do you want I don't know there we go so there were three B in the kitchen there isn't the corner hello treatment collector ten achievement poltergeist okay folks I need you to keep your distance from the scene here Royals you seen that little girl that lives here she turns up you come find me got it damnit when long gave me a gun what was the killer doing here in the first place what did I miss the killer is an enigma to the police and a lurking shadow in my own life if only I can keep joy from harm I would do anything even push her away if it meant pushing her to safety there we go look at the ground not the window they're hiding they are watching their phrase dancer chase or quick there's achieving order a game just popped for humor score but uh since we're ghost any of the people that look like normal AI can't see us but if they're glowing like we are they can see us kind of we're on the other side per say hello from the other side sir is purposeful searching so searching killer and hiding with it turn around pretty much chase exactly trying to solve our own murder mystery but we're helping other people on the way bestie me from the other side that's my character right there again is asking why this dude looks like you straight outta watch dogs anyway I'll know the heck he was on but some kind of adrenaline so that's what I walked in on was he after the girl what she go and we gotta find these tenants if they're still alive should get this vote of a Rex for that Amber Alert father do you have anywhere that I could say just of course dear the church is always your hair out the 1 no gun me down on the street and you didn't even check for witnesses like you're untouchable that girl is cheap it one of us I need to find her no won't kill me but I still hate Heights I hop right into the next mission which is called Church as we just complete the first one today everything died for me facing Baxter hated the guy I think the hate was pretty mutual Ronan was a little rough around the edges but Baxter isn't exactly mr. cuddly yeah you don't think he I mean a fellow cop or anybody in this job I'm surprised less every day about what people are really capable of are you sure we're going the right way guys Jesus is hard to find so you can't really see him yeah yeah really close but we got it I recently went to where as I suspected we had him there it is let's cover remove a cheese pop let's go in here real quick oh my this isn't right I don't even know how I got here listen I don't know if there's anything I can do but it looks like you could use some help I don't know how I got here or even where here is I can't remember what happened to me why am I like this I'm sorry to tell you but if you're here it means you're dead we knew it look I'm in a similar situation now I used to be a detective let me take a look around and see if I can find anything that will help you make sense of all this yeah I don't even know where you'd start is there anything you remember it doesn't matter how small sometimes the tiniest detail is all it takes mom I remember lots of people in this rowboat everyone was scared I keep seeing the name my hands him that's a start let me see what I can do this is wrong bitch her body was never recovered was she doing I'm ants one of those were yeah getting a certain spot there we go No it will be deeply missed you are hero to us all looks like a memorial of some kind I'll bet people left more than just this around here finding that stuff and said went down she wasn't a victim she was a hero she saved a lot of people before her row boat sank she needs to know how much she meant to them did you find anything that name you remember the mono Hansard turns out it was a steamer ship that sank right outside of Salem Harbor if it weren't for you a lot of people would have died you're a hero if I saved everyone then how did I die no you didn't save everyone but you were trying to your row boat capsized I can't swim so I must have drowned I'm sorry no don't be thanks to you instead of fear and sadness I feel pride if it weren't for you I would never have known thank you from the bottom of my heart I'm glad I could help she even amnesia Oh Julie find peace clerk of 2005 thing gamerscore no one made me smile like you did Jules picture at the beach when you're running away you need a sanctuary a place where nothing bad can touch you but you can never escape the questions they follow you everywhere one sec guys I'm just like get around that wall somehow someway Tennyson you don't look on that way stand on that and you die I'm pretty sure so so gonna run the over again and on the other side of it we have this there we go this is a dead bird one promise I never regret it there knows about 16 minutes left gonna try and slam this out I don't know if we'll be able to do it but is most as much done as possible where is she wasn't there a clue about the church in the apartment fathers you have anywhere that I could say just car steered the churches always you're there I think we have an old adage you can stand for as long as your life staying in the Attic I'd better go check it out this place is so cold tonight the attic must be up there those events okay oh yes sir Electra's over here reading instructions on like some tedious tasks to get rid of the demon I just walk in and take them out this whole wedding says Signum it's a statement crying don't you have any pride for this town actually I'm from Weymouth my family cheering possessed the cat this is awesome you should just make a game like this in a song how you chump apparently if I just run all crazy and some weird loop it works I don't know Angie Brian is my boy but I worry about his family here it's just the chilly Oh game seriously the hell was that some reason I just like automatically started just tossing me about there she's finally gonna finish this out and that'll be it for tonight guys until the next stream which is for those final co-op stream and then NHL 19 always lose my keys what I need to leave how can I get through to her goddamnit if you ever possessed me again oh oh you have no right to jump your unfinished hold on i'm tracking now my killer okay someone who was seconds away from attacking you about an hour ago and if wait a minute you can see me and here holy shit you're a medium well I ain't die the luckiest guy in the world I just found the perfect little helper what is it with you guys in my family helping the cops do their job is not some some privilege it's a trap I'm not your employment your partner or your friend I don't owe you anything you owe me yeah yeah I get it you're tough okay but you're not tougher than him you saw what he can do he's coming after you or someone close to you whoever he wants dead is lucky to still be alive now I know what I'm doing and you can help me stop him all you have to do is answer some questions look I'm sorry what happened she was horrible and you you saved my life so what do you want I was murdered trekking that son of a bitch to your place so why would he be looking for you that freak was probably looking for my mom not me I'm a nobody invisible my mom and I tried very hard to keep it that way everybody wants to be noticed you know looking for your mom what does that mean she's like me but she found a way to make a respectable living off of what we can do living that probably turned her into a target so where's your mom kit probably dead she would never just leave me without saying a word never I don't know where she is I know the bail killer had something to do with her disappearance him showing up tonight just proves it if he killed her why would he come back to her place I don't know look assuming the worst never helped not one real quick shot that Jordan was welcome to the stream fine why don't you look there because of people like you always asking for help trying to connect one last time with your loved ones or a resolve some crazy problem I love my mom but I can't live in one place for too long are people like you will find me too easily I wasn't how much either growing up I know that's rough hi hi what were you doing at your apartment I live there Sherlock well I used to whatever my mother has been missing for a few days I I don't see her that often but she never just disappears not like this respectable thing yeah hey you might know her she was working the bail killer case with the cops as a contract psychic a profiler very cute Jen ring any bells I found this in the apartment tonight mentioned something about some Bell killer book and it's in her handwriting Belle killed her book she was a profiler it's probably the book she kept all her case notes in that would be at the station really have you ever seen my killer before tonight do you have any idea who he is you cops are so hard up on clues that you're actually asking people if they know who the killer is you know I get why you need so much help I'm not asking people I'm asking the witness whose life I just saved you're not safe alone you need someone watching over you as cops find missing people I found you and I can help you find your mom your problem is now my problem too no wait don't get me wrong you saved my life and okay I can't pay that back but your problems are your problems and mine are mine they are they are good luck you're gonna need it have a nice afterlife wait a minute don't go yet just stop for a second will you we're on the same side if your mother's involved we need to work together work together what are you gonna do you're dead I'll let handle it just leave me alone I bet she knows more I can't let her get away there's gotta be another way down so everyone knows I'm looking for the priest it was vacuuming in the hallway we found earlier I don't know why I'm having so much trouble finding it he was definitely around here somewhere the heck the hell was the end the upstairs so we can only go in through this door so we're having trouble getting into cutscene the trigger I'm pretty much already out of time where the hell this is you'll find this cutscene we would be done trying to change there's a vacuum anyway the vacuum in here none decided not on the other side the hell I'm glad we died because the games bugging out anyway so we'll see what happens no cutscene yes we'll just try running around ran right into the portal we're on the final stage of the entire damn mission so that's the can jump through the open window Korea read this with us head through the open door behind you and walk back to where the priests vacuumed for another cutscene Prime Minister damn dude's not there if it fails this time I'm just gonna call it and we're gonna go ahead and do this next time so I'm missing a show I'm trying to watch already let's go game I'm gonna take the long way just to see if it makes the game happy in some way or another bigger this way the wrong way of course even so soon dear I'll be back be careful damage so we need the priest to take us back across we might have been on the other side like directly across that's why we didn't find this so it makes sense now but first is confusing hold against the vacuum then we're going to possess him and walk back across what's gotten into you so you guys know thinking about you might be standing on a demon portal right now so some others can be activated to track demons the hell is that come on seriously he's not even looking at my direction it's one of those games it was like robes covering his eyes but I'm a spotted him Holloway step pool she see he was distracted and he spotted me from like behind there so I don't know what the hell going on guys just bear with me like what I use this track I guess is tracked in and work I don't really know what the hell happened oh what the hell very good well now we know we can do it from hidden though damnit now what once we get the final chief here that'll be it for today you gotta go miss sorry like ten minutes all I'm trying to watch but at least we'll get your wrist where'd she go Jeevan makeshift sanctuary 24 gamerscore found the witness and learn what she knew yeah she's head of the police station to steal some book she'll blend in my lair do you know her mother worked for the belief fine don't tell me push once we're at the end of this cutscene I'll make the save so I'm gonna let it roll out so we don't lose our progress station the station and the distance a Frankie can control any movement I'd say we're about a third to fourth on the game as of today expect three to four streams for this game is my guess from what I've read online this is what we're gonna end at though thank you guys for watching we're officially be like in sub 10:45 since I'll need the time as I walk my puppet like 10 o'clock movie Forza and then at a 115 will do NHL 19 that's it for tonight again Sims 4 is a minecraft tomorrow minecraft so the subject to change if I want to finish out for is if we can thanks for watching like and so peace out you

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