Muslim Brotherhood Influence Reaches White House

before President Obama departed for Israel earlier this year he took time to consult with Mohammad majeed majeed has reportedly become a trusted administration advisor on issues ranging from immigration to counterterrorism policy White House officials have praised majeed organization the Islamic Society of North America orissa as a pillar of the American Muslim community but according to one analyst isness agenda is anything but mainstream we also know from the Muslim Brotherhood's own documents that this is a Muslim Brotherhood front where they stated explicitly in one of their 1991 secret memos Ryan morrow works for the Clarion Project an organization dedicated to exposing radical Islam he told CBN News that internal Muslim Brotherhood documents captured by the FBI name is nuh as one of 29 American Muslim organizations with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood the Brotherhood gave birth to both al Qaeda and Hamas it's also easy to tell what the Brotherhood's agenda is because they've told us in their own documents which is they said that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad and eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and most importantly they say they want to do it at the hands not just of the believers the Muslim Brotherhood supporters but at the hands of the unbelievers us esta bien in 1982 in plainfield Indiana a founding member sami al-arian was convicted in a US federal court of conspiring to support the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad Abdul Rahman al amoudi also worked closely with ISNA for years he's currently serving a federal prison sentence for funding al-qaeda despite its radical roots ISNA has expanded from its Heartland base to the power corridors of Washington DC the remarkable thing as many of these founders who've been implicated in terrorism cases named as unindicted co-conspirators and terrorism cases are now being can are now consulting with the Obama administration investigative journalist Patrick pool says isness founders were even given a tour of the White House in March 2013 when it was closed off to the American Pope like they were meeting with senior White House officials including the head of the Office of Public Engagement who said that is no was the primary Islamic group that the White House does their Muslim outreach through it wasn't long ago that the US government had a far less positive view of this nut in 2007 federal prosecutors name the group as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history the focus of that trial was an organization called the holy land foundation its leaders were convicted of funding the terror group Hamas a holy land foundation was spun off of asana and here we have the United States government going into federal court saying these are bad guys they're supporting terrorism they're a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and then as soon as they leave federal court these are our outreach partners that outreach includes a role for dis nuh in shaping America's counterterrorism policies ISNA president Mohamed majeed is a member of a homeland security working group on quote violent extremism is now also participated in a 2012 review of FBI counterterrorism training documents the bureau agreed to purge documents that ISNA and other Muslim groups found offensive or Islamophobic pool says the Fox is guarding the henhouse we see a repeated pattern from FBI reports from Department of Justice evidence in these terrorism trials the that groups like ISNA and their Muslim Brotherhood fronts they're here to Islam Assize America ISNA did not respond to CBN News as request for comment as for the Obama administration its relationship with ISNA continues earlier this month is the officials met with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the latest attempt at peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians the White House is not embarrassed about this relationship they publicly brag about the relationship and the fact that they're going to continue it and it's not just the White House where it's nuh is making inroads the group's interfaith office meets with Christian and Jewish groups around the country and an instant a leader even spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year Erick Stakelbeck CBN News Washington

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  • I highly doubt this information is correct. Oldest trick in the propaganda book….to say we have leaked documents …lol

  • Obozo has become blatant in his hatred of America and love of islam. I hope Americans are ready when the shit hits the fan. The fact that I can't get guns in Canada because Americans are buying them all tells me that they are.

  • What's wrong with the Secret Service? Why don't they strike when they see American enemies in the White House?

  • Congrats for re-electing the Muslim brotherhood implant in the white house for a second term!

    Enjoy this fucktard for another 4 years!

  • Once the Muslim Brotherhood in America (Ikhwan) document was entered into evidence at the Holy Land foundation trial DOD/JCS Shariah/Islamic law expert Stephen Coughlin wrote an analysis on the Muslim Brotherhood plan on September 7, 2007, ANALYSIS OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD'S GENERAL STRATEGIC GOALS FOR NORTH AMERICA MEMORANDUM. Go to the Investigative Project on Terrorism website and review Coughlin’s analysis and then ask yourself why hasn’t the House & Senate held hearing son it?

  • The plan to destroy us can be purchased online at Amazon for only $5.00: An Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America (Center for Security Policy Archival Series) by Mohamed Akram (Author), David Reaboi (Author) , Frank J Gaffney Jr (Preface).

    I suggest CBN and all other media begin making it known this plan can be purchased and recommend voters buy copies for all of their politicians to read and ask they to hold hearings in the House & Senate.

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