Must-See Sites in NYC

(upbeat music) It’s time for Ask Wendy. (audience cheers and applauds) Come on. Hey Wendy, how you doing? How you doing? I’m Robert from Amsterdam. I’m visiting New York for the first time. (audience cheers) You won’t believe it, but I’m very afraid of heights. So, I’m here to conquer my fright. And my question to you is, which building should I visit, The Empire State building or the Freedom Tower? Are those my only two choices? If you know of something else? A tall building? Yes. A tall building. Okay, I would say go to the Empire State Building and I’ll tell you why. The Freedom Tower is newer and it’s taller. No history? Yeah, a lot of history behind it, but if you’re scared of heights, as I, Go to the Empire State Building where there are more areas where you’re enclosed. It’s an enclosed area. But go down to visit the Freedom Tower. But go up the Empire State Building. (audience cheers) How long are you in New York? For one week. One week. Who did you come here with? With Peter. Oh, with Peter? Who is Peter to you? My boyfriend. Of course. (audience cheers) We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)

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