Must Watch Dimash Hello/ Introducing My Brothers(Nu Covenant) to Dimash

what's up family the Love Train I know y'all have never met the group my group called New Covenant this is us right yeah yo what up my boy Chris my cousin Chris is my brother Michael and Willie man shut off the water yeah he probably gigging somewhere when I shout out to my brother Willie so I still wanted to do this because I got a surprise for you guys I got a surprise for the Love Train that's well um guys I'm uh oh yeah we were not shaving well I really all really cut my hair anyways but no-shave November guys all the guys well I think there's guys and girls guys and girls and girls don't shave either yeah yeah I think yeah they don't shave either so no save November from another of us another oh but I got a surprise for you guys I got a surprise for the Love Train I am going to love it about to go to London hold up hold up I'm going to let it this week because I want you to get on the show you don't say I want you to get on a Love Train and talk to the Love Train and I had a surprise you guys are together at one but but but the crazy part is it gives even better guys I'm gonna see that I'm gonna see this dude that is like literally 100 like one of the best things I've ever met him I like her in my entire life this dude come on dears you know what I'm saying demas the boss yes do it dears I got something for y'all because I love y'all I got something for y'all I'm gonna have my brothers react to damash first time today I love using it such as deep we're going to have a good time um listen I am I'm going to London ah VIP tickets to go see the bus so guys oh you are you guys ready for my brothers to react to dommage first time come on I know y'all let's get it so guys we don't have a lot of headphones so it's gonna be a solo reaction for my brother Michael first I haven't watched the hello either mm hello to March 2018 but we're about to definitely do that you know a million yeah over a million views yeah this do is big time guys dears get ready for this Michael are you ready for this well let's get it Bobby nice yeah nice voice oh wait is this my song Betty White Jason kiss your lips a thousand times I sometimes see isn't he unique informal my cans hidden I can see you never cuz you know just what to say just what to do and they want to tell you so I love you I love ya nice voice growl level Wow my gays lucky me I sometimes see you [Applause] that was cute to get that base that's the singer phase right there fill in that music fill in the music right there [Applause] we got raining [Applause] [Applause] that's right [Laughter] air rifle event everybody billeted [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thing bro I like the moss [Applause] [Applause] Wow [Applause] whoa all of them amazing graces [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he always do the lovely daughter [Applause] [Applause] see [Applause] okay oh wait we want it we want it all I got oh oh oh my water enough [Applause] [Laughter] they do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's like another world I was like yo blue when I first did my first reaction of I literally was kind of losing my mind dude you don't know what's in it you know that's my song so that's the first thing it was like so he started thinking like hello yeah or maybe this is like our original the thing here is I do this Lionel Richie and he just oh another meeting like this dude and speakers well English but this time because like I've seen his journey I've seen when you first start trying to sing uh oh well you can tell yeah they're always English's dommage do shoutout to you brother Cole I had so much butters this ah guys I want to tell you we still have tickets okay okay okay okay shadow shadow can you stop no we still have tickets in London so you guys whoever still think about going to London yeah it's a few tickets left go get those tickets dommage in London I think it's going to be on Monday policy does do live so guys it's New Covenant you can follow us on Instagram or you can follow us on Facebook on go tell us Instagram Facebook Twitter is Twitter New Covenant underscore a new covenant and you covenant we got a single out I know a lot of y'all checked it out I appreciate that if you haven't checked it out it's called the most interesting man it's an amazing song you know a we can't sing high like some us but we also sing what our heart saying cuz that dude you get you can tell he's singing with his heart and yo we do the same thing to sing with our hurts man I loved must I had to show my bros nowadays damash safai they're part of the deal I'm super happy I'm glad you guys seen this I'm glad my brother's seen is yo yo we gonna talk to you soon no I'm gonna talk to y'all in London

39 thoughts on “Must Watch Dimash Hello/ Introducing My Brothers(Nu Covenant) to Dimash

  • Я из Казахстана и мы смотрим ваши реакций и мы гордимся Димаш лучший он наше солнышко😘😘

  • I've been Dimashfied too. I got here from an Adam Lambert video. Someone commented about Dimash and here I am. Love you guys. I am riding the love train too.

  • Yes my brother that dud Mr Dimash can really Hit Highest Notes Thank u for Analyzing so Nicely this Exceptional singer ( thank god for Internet 😀) Mr Dimash can hit very very high Notes He also have knowledge of music 🎶🎶 he have a Opera Style voice very very Beautiful. I have never heard any man to be able to hit those very high NOTES 🎶 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Mr Dimash should be from another Planet 🌍 😂

  • Marc, you are The Man! Well, right behind DIMASH who we all know is the real deal The Man. If you have not heard Dimash hit the WHISTLE note then do a search on DIMASH WHISTLE, because you have not yet heard how high Dimash can take his voice. It is not a pretty note but the only singer I have ever heard hit the whistle note is Marian and do not think she can anymore but a singing coach did a reaction to that note and when he hit it his reaction was,

    "Oh my god he is hitting whistle and he can not only get to the whistle but he sustains it clearly and I have never heard anyone sustain it". I think its the last octave before only a dog could hear this dude. Jealous, I have not seen a concert in 30 years but I would crawl across glass shards to hear Dimash. Hate to tell you this last thing but also search DIMASH RAPPING and DIMASH SINGS Michael Jackson. It is out there so come on, search and get you some of that and really get it POPPIN!
    In the same genre of HELLO take a listen to ALL BY MYSELF but prepare yourself for runs you could not dream of in this world. ENJOY DIMASH IN CONCERT! You are my favorite reactor. 61 year old in Alabama thinks you rock. Now to see if I can locate any of you guys music. Peace…

  • Ванга : И придет на сцену сходство Майкла Джексона помоему это Димаш

  • Димаш вызывает высокие и чистые чувства . Я так горжусь земляком !))

  • Зделайте реакцию на Жанар Дугалова. Еще одна звезда Казахстана

  • Primeiro que Lula não deu entrevista, presidiário da depoimento, segundo e só no Brasil que ladrão quer bota o juiz na cadeia, terceiro a criança que ele viu comendo lixo foi na Venezuela, continua mentiroso.

  • О чем мечтала его мама когда носила это чудо под сердцем..
    Золотой мальчик…

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