MUST WATCH: Police Chase In Dallas, Texas

Wh’s goi to haen nex righ. Fox ten news alert. Absolutelyight take a look live pictures coming in we do have a police chase — In the Dallas fort worth. Metroplex and the this looks like there’s already been a lot of damage done to this car the crazy part about it is this if I’m seeing this right it looks like the hood has flipped up. Open Candace covering most. Of the driver’s window while this guy goes. Been down freeways in the Dallas fo worth — You’ll see here I think in just a moment as he swerved around tr. There is a police officer who is in hot pursuit of them rights in s an officer that tried to lay down the spike strips are in their it sort of looked like. Wow it’s really picking up now he is going faster it is difficult to estimate until he goes by somebody who’s operating in a normal highway speed but Mike you’ve got to believe he’s twenty thirty forty miles an hour over the speed limit as he travels right now. And that whole hood is gone past the crazy part of it is for the left open on him. Yeah you can pray in even tell you doesn’t have. Great vision there as far as the car there has to be some debris right in front of the two maybe yeah. We if the flipside here maybe if he turns around does any kind of a you turn will actually get a chance to see him because you would have to believe right now. The only way he’s even able to see what he’s doing is by leaning out the driver’s side window with [inaudible] Yeah. And you know so many times we see these police chase and like you were saying you know they got the the police helicopters above you got police right behind the individual so why do they keep going when they when they know eventually. They’re going to get caught in really is just I thinkt is Ryan . . Their last moments of freedom really — I actuly. Like in other look athis guy. Points difficult you know when u’re runng the new helicopters younow beuse your oiously you can s rht ere the areower linesn the aa. u’reusylying or a busy ey on any oth. to keepn Aerialraffhat ght ben your rion n we see to ficers. Who are — Right up against this guy every department s t oppornityo se their own gdelines i ter of when you an mite yeah.eyou do wo whe — Itareou ian aa safe are you doou ithe officer feel there’s a direct threat — To others lives What’s goi to ppeni- a crime my whole. Grain one okay did. The UAE did the you in and we’re now look at this learning from our fox for us sister station there in Dallas this is a robbery suspect are you go that’s what I was going to say I mean I frequently. Somebody tried to pull a robber. How is he seeing where he’s going Mike that’s the part that I just don’t get yeah this is? Michael it he’s able to see what’s and now. It’s flipped up on top of them there. Somehow he still drive in — Someone wrote and then another all right everybody we get a better quality feed and we’re gonna take that right now so this. One is the better quality that we’re getting fro – Fox four right now there in Dallas your taken just a really Really showing us this chase happening now and as you can see as he’s making no effort to try to stop right now yeah. All right so frequently it’s a stolen car or in some other type of crime the guy committed the guy thinks he can make you get away he realizes he can’t. Handle the smartest thing this guy could do right now would be to put the brakes on a get out of the vehicle put his hands up comply with offics commands and bng this whole thing to a conclusion. It looks like he’s got enough to the freeway off the in — Tarrant county and this could be more of an opportunity now for the police if they were. To have an opportunity to go ahead and try to get a pen. Maneuver I know you want to see that kind of you don’t want to do it on the highway that’s too easy yep. See it is the other chopper’s there as well — No doubt the police there are continuing to keep a track — From the aerials as well. All right so — Now he’s getting into these inteections The yeah ty su do You ow eeciay r ncee h our sittion o yeargo Wher y speeds got off the two oh two on rural road across the Tempe town right in Tempe and then just plowed into this lady’s mini van ? smh u tha guy by the ways back ithe wsow ithis cour cas fos Buhere a g w’s h to court and headed to pron. Nooubt abo it – mean tt is a s’s tha could be fatal to him. Or to others — And this again i picehase happenin ithe DFW area [inaible Interestinthe tthereill be no ay mnteresting that Ses likehe dgn andnnw lifoia wre y can cov. Half o the metro are there of greater Los Aeles on this partular one we’re not seeing Yeah landmar te buding yet – Th would identify specifically whic par of the DFW are Daas forhen we’ talking about. But clearly you got millionsnd millns that’s tt is auall when yet Dallas with forork it a larger metro area even than ours — folks — got all even morel — There in ts Dallas area wh are u probably have hed about it. And frankly I I mean this guy ri rllys a ty’re so lest selfish of that part because not on arehey ttin thehe Riinghe les othe officers wh soany ople yore an intersectionhe g just pl. evybod or wchin leng us chas in Dall Tex so u’re bbery suspect right now leading the chase right now. And it’s been going on for the last five or six minuteso ‘veeen veri itor y yep all right- You would be very very rare or even here in the height of yo canee the leaves are off abut As they are in some of thei cold. And police have been in purit of this fellow for a while looking at just a little constructions of nursery the only one lane to get through take a loocoulthis possibly . Yeah. Know. About for a minute there might be an and more. Yeah that’s that was okay now yeah some traffic is gonna is gonna go over the median right now. Goes over the median now on to the wro side of traffic then goes in Texas laughter Mary. Risky stuff that this — Suspect is doing we’ve been seeing on going in and o of las dartinin and out right now the Ronnie is at least it’s during a time where it’s not like rush hour there. Is eleven o’clock eleven fifteen there in Dallas now so. Not too many people as it would be a rush hour situation yeah he just cross those railroad tracks of your job is joing us within the last about four five minute. He approached — One road where there was a big old freight train right in the middle road block and all the traffic and the next thing you know he does a quick U. turn. I mean he is at some points right now he appears to be above the speed limit but not as dramatically as he was a little while ago there were some moments there. Where I think if you had a radar gun on in my keep probably would have been in the? One ten one range it was just a how fast he was movement. dot know how he’s able to see I so well. th wholeot of od. wn It looks like it’s causing some What happens here is the chopper tries again though — Location locked now from the address there but yeah we’ll take a look everyone does. It is completely gone or on the wind shield zoom. Yeah that’s the crazy part of this. Something like that yeah it just seems like the only way he would really know unless he’s uses some kind of G. P. S.. Home phone — Is the to be looking out the driver’s side window he has not ruled out window down. At last check right now looks like here okay is he going to b. There you go this question heavily advised everyone. Now they’re going through a wooded area here in the backyard of a looks like a residence in three people get out there on route right. And so you got one guy I don’t know how these guys think they can out run an officer. I mean if you see most police officers lot when I look at this guy [inaudible] Yeah. When the house you know? Two hundred yards in and before you call out or I see plenty of law enforcement officials at the gy. These guys are in very good shape and they take it personal out that they’re going to stay in very good shape. And these guys thought well maybe if we had often three different directions and one kitchen the about I got news for you you’re all going to get caught you’re all going to probably end up going to prison and ride it was like pacman but real life and they all. Got enough yes. Mike that’s exactly right take a look here another you’ve got now the tactical team. Seymour Ming into place that got the one guy down right in the driveway was this the neighborhood — Was there a specific reason they pulled into the neighborhood today no old people who might have been in one or two of these homes — Was this an area they were familiar with their took at random boys so fascinating to watch these guys fan and I mean you look at how quickly. Those — Swat team members are. On a cold January’s day there in the Dallas fort worth area and the of move they are really hard I mean look that they got the canine there they got the tactical resources as well and looks like they still just the that one more — Person outstanding at this moment — Yeah they definitely are moved across the scene across this. Year. Yeah I got walking him back right back to the squad car. You — Sir or are it’s gonna be awhile before you have any taste of freedom that’s for sure. As the book yeah cuff yeah they book yeah. And the next thing you know these guys are going to be facing the date front of a judge And would I would bet the the vast majority of the time — You know they’re not looking at any kind of a bail situation they’re gonna be held. Pending trial at least for a while all as a result putting the all those lives arrest all as a result. Of these three guys. You know that’s one of the great great reasons I love news now Potics right before this andbou. then this came up and we go right to it yeah that’s exactly right I mean — The the behind the scenes so you guys know that Mike is constantly monitoring all the different fees we got folks that work with us on our Simon Dastagir folks at fox. Take a look here they’re in a pretty good tight in the insurer on this guy right here. Has — They’ve got a soft. Sure they’re talking to him right now. I think it Aqib. Exactly and then these down on the ground — Right now is they make sure there’s no — Not a situation here where there could be additional weapons that they might not have been aware. Well that was a great four or the police there looks like nobody got injured there that we we saw during the chase so that’s the best. Case scenario for the police again the three bad guys and nobody heard in the community. That’s amazing really when you think about it because there were some times that he was sitting SP that was really. Frankly I just crown there we go all right Ryan thank you so much for being part of it here. Police chase wrapping up in Dallas Texas go with it all right here in the beauty of live television and breaking news more news now coming up next

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  • The hood is not flipped up, he opened it this way so the engine get better cooling so he can drive faster without overheating the engine. Smart guy…..

  • yo vivo en dallas y me gusta ver estos program's. aveses me da miedo ya me asaltaron una vez unos morenos con navaja en mi cuello y da tanto miedo fue en ocklif ya nunca fui

  • Telling you that TX doesnt play. They have this damn habitual law that Carrie's a minimum of 25-life! Doesn't matter what your charges are. If you've been to prison 2-3 times b4 they will enhance you to the minimum 25yrs! My friend only had drug possession charges. Been to prison twice because of it. His dumb ass was leaving out of Dallas county. Which was a big mistake by the way. He went into the redneck ass county east of Dallas Kaufman county. He got lit up by a state trooper. He was so spun out that he floored it, thinking he could out run them in a shitty old Honda Civic. Well he got caught. They enhanced him to the habitual criminal. Remember he only has drug charges. They give him the minimum of 25yrs. But here's the kicker, because he was going over 100mph during the police chase. It made his charge aggravated! So now he has to do a minimum of atleast 12yrs before hes even eligible for parole! In reality he will probably end up doing 15 on that 25. If he didnt run and just got caught and got the 25, hed probably only do 4-6yrs and get out on parole. It sucks too, because he wasnt a bad person. He just had a major drug problem with dumb ass meth out of all things. Just had a child too. Yeah TX isnt playing with your ass anymore. All you Cali folks that moved down here, be careful. Or you'll be a part of the biggest prison system in America.

  • Every chase video seems to have a numb skull reporter giving the play by play! They ALL come off like idiots!

  • Only the top of the windshield is obstructed by the hood. But I don't expect these idiot reporters to realize that. These two guys are like Abbot and Costello.

  • What a Stupid Ignorant Idiot!!! Just the fact that he is Speeding In Traffic Ought To Be Enough To Warrant Killing These Idiots!!!

  • Why do three morons always think they can out run a radio or a chopper in a 10 year old honda civic????

  • When is someone going to teach these cops how to drive on a chase and end it quickly with on one getting hurt. The cops drag these chases out for such a long time putting hundreds, if not thousands, of lives in danger. They have cops strung out for a mile behind the culprit which are not helpful, especially when the front cars make no effort to stop the bad guy. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • If that is rural area those cops need to be doing a better job lol. I mean i dont like making things about race like they do but we all know who builds societies and who destroys them…

  • Do these two broadcasters share a brain between themselves..?!?! Wow.. I don't know how this driver is seeing where he is going, he must be using GPS or something.. duhhhhhh LOOK AT THE HOOD YOU DIMWITS, IT'S ONLY COVERING THE UPPER HALF OF THE WINDSHIELD. THE DRIVER OBVIOUSLY STILL CAN SEE OUT OF THE LOWER HALF..!!!

  • Marshall Dillon would have put scally wags like this in jail in five minutes instead of chasing them around the neighborhoods for hours on end putting citizens in danger on our streets. No wonder cops get no respect anymore. It's not a car chase, it's a game of follow the leader.

  • atΒ  10:50Β  am I the only one thinking about WHY there is a 'tactical team'?Β  …and is this the start of the UN agenda 21/30 training?Β  Military in our police depts.Β for when all hell breaks loose.Β  GOD bless the united states of America, all of us.

  • Too bad there is no option to download the voice of the reporters regardless of the volume of the video ….Wedont need their dumb opinions …. Let me see and I will decide my opinion .. This is part of the brainwashing of the masses in all media

  • This stupid driver is indeed causing harm to other people and never mind for himself as he deserves what he was doing

  • Reporters: how can he see?

    Car: has only half its windshield covered

    Bruh….. how dumb you gotta be? You can still see the windshield πŸ˜‚

  • 4 months ago ;-; "and also how did he even drive without seeing?and it’s a windshield not a drivers window" πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  • Wow Dallas, rank amateurs when it comes to covering car chases, watch how the big boys do it in LA, we're number 1.

  • Commentator thinks most police officers are in great shape, every time I see a group of them that have caught up with the suspect, most look really fat and would risk a heart attack if they tried a 100m sprint.

  • never ceases to amaze me just how incredibly stupid news anchors are… as long as they are reading what's written for them of the prompter, they can conceal their low IQ… but as soon as they are live, on their own, they show how dumb they really are… morons

  • never ceases to amaze me just how incredibly stupid news anchors are… as long as they are reading what's written for them of the prompter, they can conceal their low IQ… but as soon as they are live, on their own, they show how dumb they really are… morons

  • Tough luck when I know that STU isn't calling the play by play on a chase. This would have been a doozie for him. But people the SWAT at the end is called OVERKILL but I'm just saying this for the TAXPAYERS . Wow, what a lot of $$ with the salaries and gas included.

  • Na usually they keep running to eat or destroy drugs they have. Or waiting for a friend to park in a parking garage and help his escape

  • These reporters talking about how healthy cops are, please, I live in Dallas. Half the force is in awful shape.

  • These announcers are morons. The cops look as stupid as the criminals running after nothing. Way to communicate lol

  • When you watch these videos, you should run at a lower speed. The commentators sound enormously intoxicated.

  • They all think they will get away and 98% get caught at the end of the chase the other 2% get caught later

  • I think the point is the driver could not drive looking out the rolled up drivers window. It leaves the gap at the bottom of the windshield to navigate, which I think is remarkable in its own right.

  • I wonder if one of these were caused cause someone told the driver to run and no matter what the driver still gets arrested

  • These Fox assholes are some dumbass, vacuous motherfuckers. One doesn't run from police to "delay their last moments of freedom". They run to prolong their last moments of freedom, and delay their first momemts of captivity

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