My body, my choice….freedom of expression.

Hey everybody, so today I just wanted to
share some of my thoughts. On valentine’s day i went to a Planned Parenthood rally,
and you know it would have been nice to see more people there. There was still a pretty good turnout, but you know I went because there are a lot of people
that you know when they think about Planned Parenthood, they go “oh Planned Parenthood=
abortion” like there’s a automatic one issue that is like primarily focused on
and, so I went and I went because Planned Parenthood in many states provides trans
inclusive healthcare, and I don’t think a lot of people know that there are people
who do hormone therapy through Planned Parenthood and so you know I went as a
trans person advocating for Planned Parenthood because there is a real need
for trans health care you know there aren’t very many doctors who are
educated on trans issues, and I’m pretty sure that in some cases I’ve been a
doctor’s like first trans patient, and it’s always seems really
like it really seems like the doctor is uncomfortable and you know that doesn’t
necessarily make me very comfortable but anyway I also wanted to share my
thoughts on something else you know like one of the big chants and big things
with Planned Parenthood and rallies like that is “my body, my choice,” and you know
as a trans person my body is regulated. My
ability to make choices about my body is regulated, and I’m gonna use a
comparison. I know that this comparison isn’t very good, but
I’m going to use it to illustrate a point. You know to
different trans people transitioning means something could be something
different to them but for me personally transitioning is a form of
self-expression, and I think about it I think about other forms of
self-expression specifically forms of self-expression that involves expressing
yourself through your body and you know one of the first things that comes to mind
is tattoos you know like as a person I could go and get a tattoo of a beard on
my face obviously I don’t want to do that I want to grow a beard and you know
be able to make choices about my facial hair but when it comes to tattoos
tattoos are a form of self-expression with no limit on that freedom there’s no
limit on the freedom of anyone to get a tattoo and you know I like tattoos I
agree that there shouldn’t be a regulation on tattoos however it’s just
really weird it’s a really weird topic to think about because I think about it
and you know like and again I don’t think that this is the best way to
compare what transitioning means to trans people I really don’t
um because you know like gender dysphoria is a medical condition it’s a
medical condition but when it comes to the regulations on transitioning I think
it’s a little bit ridiculous you know before i could start my transition um I
had to go see a mental health care provider and you know the mental health counselor
had to write me a letter. That I took to my doctor it’s one
of the only medical conditions where you can’t just go to your doctor and start
treatment and you know I think about it and I’m like I like tattoos I think
Tattoos can have a lot of meaning to people who get them i personally don’t
have any tattoos right now but it’s a little ridiculous because you know
people can get tattoos of whatever they want um whatever they want a swazitka
because I saw someone once had a tattoo that like 420 on their forehead
and you know I I think I understand where this this is coming from this
whole okay you need to see a mental healthcare provider first it’s coming from a place
that assumes that if someone starts transitioning eventually they might
decide that it was a mistake or that they might regret it but I think that
that comes from really transphobic place A REALLY
transphobic place you know imagine if you want to get a tattoo. okay you
want a tattoo for whatever reason and maybe someone you love died and you want a
tattoo to remember them by so you go and you see the tattoo artist, and the artist knows that you want this tattoo so they say “yeah great i’m willing to do
this for you but before you can actually get this tattoo you actually have to go see a
mental health counselor in case you know just I don’t know you might regret it we
want to make sure that you’re okay and making this decision about your body ah
so yeah sorry I can’t do this yet um and just imagine having that additional
obstacle and that additional hoop that you would have to jump through um
because that’s what trans people have to do and you know the mental health
counselor you talk to you they might try to talk you out of this tattoo that you
want or you might have to see them multiple times before they decide to
write you a letter that says that you can have this tattoo and it’s just kind
of like a little bit ridiculous um and you know when you consider it when you
consider trans people okay you can search gender dysphoria which is a
medical condition some some symptoms of that condition can be depression and
anxiety and depression and that anxiety it stems from living in a transphobic
society and in a society that tells us that we shouldn’t exist um and there’s
just because it’s ridiculous but soon as we want to start treating this medical
condition our mental health is immediately questioned
um it’s immediately questioned you have to go see them first um
and you know I think we need to move away from that you know I think as a
community I think it would be good for our community to move away from this
especially when you consider that suicide the likeliness of someone who’s
trans committing suicide is a lot higher than someone who’s not trans and it’s
just an additional obstacle for us i
can’t honestly say that I know statistics on how many people trans
people transition and then regret it. I don’t. I wish I could have started my
transition earlier. I wish that there wouldn’t have been interferences in my
transition, but it also makes me wonder you know not too long as though
homosexuality was listed in the DSM and being trans it still has this weird tie
in the DSM um and it would be great if we didn’t have that tie um it would be
great because i am a it really makes me wonder how many trans people end up in
the hospital or receiving mental health care when their problem isn’t
necessarily a mental health problem but it’s gender dysphoria it also makes me
wonder about how many trans people have been diagnosed with a mental
health condition when really mostly what they’re experiencing is gender dysphoria
and the symptoms that go along with that from living in a mostly
transphobic society and you know like I don’t know the answers to these
questions but these are just things that I think about and you know it’s just
ridiculous and again I don’t think that comparing transitioning to getting a
tattoo is really does does what transitioning to trans people means
justice I don’t think this comparison really does but I just wanted to give
you a different way to think about it um because and one way my freedom to
express myself through my body is unlimited like there’s over the tattoo
of anything anywhere on my body and just be like okay here’s my money just do
this for me um but when it comes to transitioning which is a really long
process that you know if you start transitioning and you decide that you
don’t want to you can stop um it’s not necessarily permanent and so it’s just
like why is it like this why is there a limit on my freedom to express myself in
this one way but not in this other way if it I really do think that the answer
would be transphobia but you know institutionalized transphobia but anyway
I just wanted to share my thought about that about regulating people’s body
and why is it that there are no regulations on people with freedoms to
get tattoos but there is a regulation on people with a medical condition to treat
their condition um that does involve self-expression and the freedom to do
that so it’s just my general thoughts if you have any thoughts or opinions on
this matter feel free to discuss them with me um but they’re just my thoughts

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