38 thoughts on “"MY COVENANT WITH DEMONS" – Magicians Secret Tricks Revealed!

  • Amen thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for exposing the root cause of my problems in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen.

  • I am not one to take any side of religion because I believe religious Dogma will eventually bring about the end if the world. That being said I also believe this testimony and deliverance is strong medicine for those besides myself that often experience dark thoughts and activity. Be careful of what you wish for because Satin wants Heaven to be a ghost town and praise Jesus for his sacrifices for us mere mortals.

  • Oh! The Great One! The Power that Rules East, West, North and South! Wind that blows and no one gives you direction! Distance is not a barrier! May your Seraphim's arrest the situation. If you did it for this brother this particular case is not escaping your hand in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  • I want to thank God for useing man of God TB Joshua to heal deliver me and my family thank you Jesus

  • Pay back the money and take the responsibility sir. Your sins will follow you down to your grandchildren. Write it down brother! It's funny how you keep on blaming the demons, and you remain innocent, how ironic!

  • Amaizing testimony. Love you God, thank you for your love. God is love, it never ends…

    God bless this family & also Profet TB Joshua & his family, as well the Scoan in Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen!!!

  • If this occultic man had had a church, he would have been called prophet Ngubo,

    For he can perform magic, and ignorant church goers, would call it miracles.

    This is what TB Joshua and his occultic Wiseman are doing, and people call them men of God, they are not.

    In fact TB Joshua is a thief in the temple of God. He will suffer in hell fire.

  • There was a day
    I did charms in native doctors house l buy the things already
    To collect money for people
    The day the native doctor say l should come collect the charms
    God make away for me that day
    That day is the day l travel to Europe
    I know the things are still there
    7years ago now
    When l reach Europe l still call him
    Am in Europe
    I call again to do charms for me to make money on time
    Since that day
    I have been facing hell
    My life never been the same
    Since l start watching prophet tb Joshua
    I know all are been broken in Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight in Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight
    I'm deliver

  • MUNGU YESU KRISTO na DAMU ya YESU KRISTO iniwezeshe ni fukuze kila shetani mapepo majini ushawi ufumu wanabii waungo wote washidwe kwajina la YESU KRISTO wa maji washitwe kwajina la YESU kilapori kila kila kia kilahali ishidwe kwajina la YESU nitakua nanguvu zakutoa kila kilitcho kinyume na mapenzi ya MUNGU amena naamini yatatoka yote kwajinala YESU KRISTO

  • God is power by the mission in name of the Lord every knee must bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Lord

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