MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER | Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom #5

(WAPOK!) TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE! And welcome back to Attack on Titan Eren punched himself in the face like a big loony bin. And now he’s sitting on the ground with a big giant rock behind him. That we have to go and slap him in the face. To wake the fuck up, go carry to the whole in the wall. Aaannd then everything will be hunky dory. Sooo can I get anything from youu. I don’t think I can buy anything new yet. … No. We can’t buy anything new yet. So let’s see if we can upgrade or something. I might’ve actually done it. No no no. What do I need to upgrade you? B-Grade Ultra-hard Steel and B-Grade Steel. *tsk* I’m not able to buy those. I think I might’ve actually upgraded already though and then saved it and then turned off the game. I’ve no idea it’s been awhile since I actually sat down and recorded I hope I remember how to play. (reading what Ian is saying) (reads what Mikasa is saying) Yeah yeah yeah let’s do it. I’m all set Ian! *salutes* Let’s do it! *Reads the character bio of Ian Detrich* “A soldier in the Garrison Regiment-” I put a great deal of faith in Ian as well. That’s very cynical. Where’s the positivity in this world of doom and gloom. ‘Fraid so. weird armin noises Armin! HOY! Eren has been defeated. No he hasn’t he’s still breathing he’s fine. Let me get myself some friends. Woah Jesus Christ. There a Titan cominga. You guys ready to fight. Uhhp! Uhhp! Uhhp! yahoo! Yes! I remember how to play, Complete Subjugation! God where am I going. This is weird there’s only trees around here. YEEEEH KAW Ahoyst! YUH COIY She had a multi attack. OK! Going around. HAAUH – PERFECT YES We are doing all right now! Baby~Its a hard ride now. What the fuck are you guys sayin’, will ya shut up. WAAA-HOO Noice! I have to back and help Eren. (speaking in Japanese) I dunno’ what i’m saying… Sorry Defend Eren, I got it! I caan do anything when I got ‘all’ my friends. Dude, you should not be standing so close to that fucking rock. Is that as many as I can have? I think so. Onwards fellows! Lets kick thine booty-holes!!! SEVUS!?!? Niice fellas! A-are you with me? You fucking better be now, cuz’ I’m going in full trottle at this lad. HA-HOOE NO! WRONG PAR- WRONGPART!! MIII-KA-SAAA Kill him. Just a like-a that! I don’t need any fucking health HUP WHOO-HO-HO! YESss! This game is AWESOME!! Defend Eren Well I wouldn’t have to fight him, If he wasn’t such a big fucking goober SEVUS! DAT was nice, fellows! We’re not getting all the items out of them, But at this rate I just want to fucking kill them, and be done with it I like that, when you fly along, if there’s not enough, OK! We-we’ll attack this guys arm If there’s not enough To… cling on to with both wires Did I get it!? I fucking did! If there’s not enough to cling on with both wires, It just fires one wire and you just swing around That’s really cool! That’s a nice little effect. Something that, like, it’s tiny details Like that, that I did not think that this game would have (tries to speak Japanese) YAAH, let’s do it! WAH- Hahahoo I don’t have time to listen! Shingeki no kyojin! (attack on titan’s japanese name) Yeah! Oh! I have to go help Jeen! OOO-WAH-HU-HU! Get ’em! Nice Jean were you freaking out? Were you about to shit your little pants? I bet you were! Its ok though Bro we’re here! Complete subjugations all around!..You OK? Cool Are you ok? (gibberish speaking) Can I have some upg- can I have some replenishment’s. Supplies available where? Over here? Let’s go help Conny! Conny’s my boi! He got little no hair. WA-OO! Yup I agree with “everything” you just said. I’m going to even pretend that I understood it. HUP HUH! Man I’m getting good! I’m kicking the ass of Titans. Have you ever kicked Titan butt hole there like this size (gestures the size off Titan ass) Oh hello huhuhu. Conny are you OK now? Ar-are you, are you OK okay I think he’s fine. Maybe you’re all right. Nothing wrong with him. Did we get him yesss. Thank you fellows. Conny you good? k. I’m gonna have to help Marco. YYEEPP! Got him. LOOK AT THIS SHIT! Kick the shit out of everything. I’m doing it faster than the game can keep up with The game’s like hey you have to help him, oh you already helped him that’s fine And go help that dude. You did that too?! HUP Wher-where am I going next. Why is there a blade in a tree? I cannot get up to that tree. Uhh hello? Kay lemme replace my uhh, my little gas canisters here. Marco I helped you! Do you have some more people that you need help from it’s okay Marco when people bully you Don’t just stand there and take it Well actually I’ll leave it up to your own digression because sometimes these things are harder Marco spotted carrying out a plan, what is he doing? (speaks Japanese) WOOH! Together with Marco, eliminate the small nearby Small Abnormal. (looks around) Mission Success see… I’m even better at the game than the game knows. I’m going this way Marco, fucking wasting my time. I think you only do the side missions to get your right triggered event. Thing Let’s go heellp Rico? Is that your name? Think so. I want the double air dash. I don’t have that. (speaks Japanese) We did it. Aaand we did it. Aaaand Excuse me but! I DID IT! Superior Subjugation?! Awww it was the best i’ve ever done though 🙁 where is she? Yeah it was Rico Traps ready Got it! Eren ran wild and went down before lifting the boulder God damn it Eren! what did we tell you? Dont go down before the boulder! i dont want to go for his legs! I didn’t mean to do that! There we go Complete? yes! what are we doing now? Escort and protect Armin. ook Armin wanna keep up with Mikasa that would be great! i need new blades. yeah. cause i have zero- or i have shitty Subjugation now cause my blades are all blood and fuck ARMIN!! here he is ah-ima go back and get this gas canister though, if that’s ok Hello! (jacks adorable laugh) I got knocked over HUP! oh fuck yeah we just fucked him up! no! the neck THE NECK! (jack’s ‘are you serious’ face) i was clicking the thing to go to the neck And it wouldn’t go to the r-r-r neck! ‘k’ lets go Armin! what would an army of Armins look like? Wee! ohh, its so fluid i love it! Armin you still with us? The rest of my Squad is with me! Armin is Not squad goals (poor Armin) do i really have to go back and escort him? cause im not going to do that ah-ugh-ah, i’ve had such an urge to watch the anime again as well hah and its all- its really weird being back from pax To record episodes to, cause im not.. b- I was only away for a week and its so weird to actually sit down and record videos again like to start-or sit in front of a camera and play a game i don’t know, its like an. its like riding a bike, except i forgot how to ride the bike can i stand on the rock? YEA! *high pitch voice* EREN! WAKE UP! are we good? yes! i did it ohh, dont do it! (jack making cringy yet adorable face) hah just stabs him straight through the leg or something aww badass (keeps making cringy (and adorable) face) cool technically everybody was, heh noiice! Eren~ go on say it… we know you want to say it! noo? Fuck! i fucking told you he had an eight pack! dudes ripped as fuck! there it is. hahehaha Hi! Count how many times they say Eren in this, its ridiculous oh wait, i actually have to do it? ohh ok you where waay farther than this a second ago! Jesus Christ thats an big rock Hoolly fuck-nuggets right! their we go! agh- eren get yer action man ass out of my way Huuuip what the fuck did i just do? almost noth’in argent request whyy does she need my help? *waves air* she’s fine (speaks Japanese) WEEEE! HEHEHE! k, im just going to be fucking proactive about this and kick the shit out of everything oh crap.. i missed cause i wasn’t focused on his neck YEAAARNG! …this time i am Mikasa the fucking monster kick’in the shit out of everything Oh its the little blonde one OH its so cute! (like you jack) your legs are Mine bitch! …and your arms cause i need those materials.. And your neck! YAHA! are we good? Where’s Eren? fucks sake, hes all the way back here Eren could you move faster with that giant bolder on your back? where the hell is Annie? She keeps showing me fucking smoke signals, or whatever but i have no idea where she is That’s not Annie over there Eren you good? ima Naruto my way out of this Thats AWESOME looking Look at how big that rock is Aww badass ok my jobs done imma just sit back here and wait i kill the titans way too fast and Eren didn’t lose any health how many titans are just going to automatically show up all of a sudden Yess! aw their we go but you know what i have here we go team! Everybody attack! kick the fucking shit out of them Everybody together! Foocus! KUAAH god of mighty, hes not dead yet Niice Man that makes you feel all powerfull Eren’s just standing there like “you guys-you guys done?” (jack makes an grossed out face) …ohhh Ricos back That’s not helpful she’s so fucking badass! what a butt (hehe, he said butt) *jack claps silently* Fucking did it. (LIKE A BOSS JACK) You’re the one who was all cynical and fire up a red one earlier. I wanna see Eren like, walk of in the distance just his fist like in the air. In Titan form. (jacks adorable laugh) Come on Come AW HAUGH HA HAUGH I GOT IT! A-S-S *jacks adorable laugh again* I got my A-S-S rank Aww the best one huhuhu Nice did I learn anything new? WARHORSE has been added woo Mikasa has aquired a new skill Focus? That’s useful I guess Fourteen-thousand holy-nut-balls Uhhh rare metals yes I needed those and B-Grade Ultra-hard Steel. Yeah I think I might have enough to upgrade my stuff. A new costume for Levi is available? Do I get to play as Levi? *claps adorably* My fav My boi My bae My Levi Please oh I love him so much i love Levi (i do too, he’s fucking baddas) Hes the coolest! He’s also an acrobat. Which is pretty cool. Mikasa and Levi both have the same last name. I think. Wasn’t it explained they were like one of the last lineages of the Japanese families, or something like that In the uhh anime. Those are the ones we want. Yeah Levi and crew These guys are the best chapter 2 wings of freedom that’s the… *gestures the Scout Regiment logo* The display on their backs The wings of freedom Commander Erwin Or Commander Eyebrows as I like to call him *giggles* *whispers* There he is I love Hange as well Oh maybe that’s why they were talking about having horses Cause I get a horse now Oh Ohh there it is His signature move. Oh i love him Can i marry Levi? please?… YES! This place is oh yeah he’s also very ummm… like germaphobic He hates germs your character is now Levi thank you Look at that swagger Look at that swagger Jaeger *adorable laugh* Okay cool. Maybe I can upgrade stuff now AW SHIT I have no materials I shouldn’t have sold my blades at the start 🙁 I don’t have anything that I can use 🙁 If I kept my training stuff I could have reinforce the ones I have Okay let’s see… Blades.. Okay there’s nothing here Letss…. Increase this.. Wait I think I might *fucks up on words might be soon when I get like new scabbard and new omni direction gears so I don’t know if I should upgrade this yet or wait I’ll wait a little while Yeah because I think new stuff is coming ‘Cause I did remember seeing a screenshot of Levi before the game come out because the game has been out in japan for months and months since the start of the year Do you remember seeing a screenshot of Levi with gigantic blades So I might wait for that because that might be soon if I’m playing as Levi now Hello! Oh I love Petra! I keep saying I love all the characters but I’m just remembering who they all are *adorable giggles* Well Le-Levi and Mikasa are my two favourites Oh like Erwin as well He’s commander because He might be stringent and he might be strict but he does what needs to be done *imitates Levi* Woahh Levi is fast Ahh he has a spin attack! That are the bad assness Fuck yeah he’s awesome! WOOOHH! He goes so far! *Reads Levi’s Tricks* That was what I was trying to do There it is! He is so bad assness! Get off me! Come on Levi get the fucking leg(?) out *imitates* I didn’t do it? Ah he doesn’t have Mikasa’s like lots of attacks thing Aw man that sucks! Mikasa has like chain attacks that Levi doesn’t have I thought he have it as well Yeaa Superior Subjugation :/ *tsk* Man that sucks Attack the nape! Wait what do I ha-have a timer for? Oh balls I have to subjugate titans in a f-t timely matter *imitates* I MISSED! No I didnt Why are you telling me that I missed when I didn’t miss YEAHP! Oh shit What happen?! Oh god DON’T KILL ME Got him Superior? Yeahhhh Maybe I should have upgraded my shits Okay Can I have all the stuff Thank you~ I love you~ You make me feel good~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I have three blades so I’ll replenish and then Alright change and then replenish You only have a minute and a half left! That’s not good! Get it NIIICCE! That’s what you need to be doing as Captain Levi! K. Maybe I should be helping my dudes Because then I have more people to help me attack And things will go better but I’m running out of time Oh no my timer’s gone Maybe I did awesome Thanks game Appeciated This is a cool area though It’s very open and circular I- I think I missed with that did I? and- and then my fellow helper person lady Petra, came over and did it for me *giggles* If anybody asks, I did it! Okay? If anybody asks, “Who did it?” “Jack did it! Of course” Need an extra member Nice! Wait Isn’t his name Mike? But it is like Miche there Who knows Niiicee! That was a fucking cool YEAAUUP! Ohhh Mike is S rank! Holy crap! Got it! Wait what do I do? *giggles* core forces have arrived on the battlefield wha… how are titans just spawning out of nothin? i was just just here and there was no titans (super saiyan over nine thousands) heaAAA!!!!!!!!!! i also realized as well if i miss an attack and i bonce of them i used to think i had to hit the ground fully to restart it but all you have to do is dash and then you can restart so i learned a thing there are more titans than expected arnt there always shut up phone nobody cares WEEEE ^-^ yep THANK YOU GUYS! SO MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS EPISODE! IF YOU LIKED IT PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSSS! and HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND! *WA-POSH … WA-POSH* BUT THANK YOU GUYS, AND ILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES *jack screams* IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO!!! *epic outro music* i was here It’s been a while okay, it’s been a week I’ve been away at a convention yelling at other people. For quite a while and a lot of travelling and a lot of no sleep and everything. It’s a big wide mad world. Cut me some slack. At least I make some funny outro.

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