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Oh Hey, sorry, I had auto-jump on. What’s up?! You have Q’s, I have A’s, so let’s just Auto jump into it. “Was it easier getting your second degree? I’m thinking about going back to uni, but I’m worried I’m not gonna have the motivation like the first time around.” I should clarify as well. That made it seem like I got two degrees I didn’t. I left College the first time if you don’t know I’ve been to college twice As I famously said in that super drunk video I did But I went to college the first time for music production and I left after two years because I just I couldn’t keep up with it for various different reasons I’m not going to get into now But I went back then to college a second time to go do hotel management and I went in thinking that it was going to be an easy degree to get and I wanted to just get a degree to my name cuz I was originally gonna go teach English in Korea at the time- that didn’t end up panning out, thankfully- but I when I went back and did it the second time no it wasn’t easier to do, if anything it was harder to do because the motivation to do other things was much stronger than the motivation– because I went into it for the wrong reasons I went in just trying to get an easy degree, rather than going in for something I was super invested in. Uh, and then the first time I went to college when I was super invested in music, the course was a little too vague for my liking, It didn’t get into the specifics of certain things more, it was just like a catch-all to do all these different things, so I got really bored of it really quickly. So I’d say matching the right course for you With your passions and with the stuff that you’re motivated to do anyway, that’ll make university life a whole lot easier That’s not that in and of itself is not an easy thing to do But if you can marry those ideas together, it’ll make it a lot easier But for me, the second time through college was was not easier. I ended up doing it more out of stubbornness and Commitment to actually finish it the second time rather than rather than it actually being an easier thing to do But the one thing that I’ve learned out of my experiences going through college is to not be afraid to ask Your fellow classmates for help. The first time I went through I wasn’t able to do it I felt dumb and I didn’t ask my friends and my classmates to help me learn certain things more and that killed my motivation even further and then the second time through There was stuff that I I just wasn’t doing that asking others to help me do would have made it a lot easier So just help is there in college if you needed whether from your classmates or your friends or your teachers or the college itself? So don’t be afraid to just reach out. “I’ve learned a lot through therapy but through your experience with it-” This is very hard to read for an Irishman- “I’ve learned a lot through therapy but through your experience with it Is there one thing that stayed with you until now?” I haven’t done a super extensive amount of therapy So I shouldn’t speak like any sort of authority on it. But something that stuck with me in my brief experience with it was Fixing my life balance. It- that was the big thing that I realized that was completely off The reason that I was getting burnt out and frustrated with my work Was because I wasn’t doing enough in my spare time to really fulfill me outside of my work the reason that I was getting burnt out and unfulfilled in my personal life was because I was surrounded by a bunch of negative energy and my perspective on things was just completely off, My goals and my aspirations and what I actually wanted to do with myself was off, so getting my life balance in check was a huge thing for me. It’s still not perfect I still overworked sometimes and then don’t work enough some other times and sometimes I don’t do- uh I want to say I don’t do cool enough things in my spare time But sometimes doing completely nothing at all is what you should be doing So I just don’t have my my pieces in the right places sometimes but it’s a lot better Now than it was like a year/ year and a half ago So trying to figure out how to take more time for myself trying to figure out how to work not more, but more efficiently and doing it in a way that’s a lot more fun now but also in a way that achieves a lot of the goals that I want to do So just getting that all together in a better Timeframe management system has worked out a lot better for me. “Who do you prefer me or God?” Let me ask you this, Satan. Has God done a face reveal? No, has Satan on Twitter? Yes. Has God liked or retweeted any of my stuff on Twitter? No. Has Satan? Yes. I can’t wait to see the headline: Jacksepticeye is a satanist *laughs* “Would you ever consider another tour but adding a meet-and-greet aspect?” For the original tour that I did for the how did we get here tour, I Really pushed to try and do a meet and greet for each one of them. We ended up doing the VIP Q&A sections like- I can’t remember the time frame it was before the show actually started, like an hour/ hour and a half and I did that for like 40 minutes/ 45 minutes, and it was a It was just a special little thing the VIP people got to come to early and ask the questions if they really wanted to. So you got your seats early you got some merch as part of that package, so I Really wanted to do a meet and greet as part of that as well But when we actually sat sat down and did the numbers for it It was way too hard to actually figure out the time logistics of that It would have been either less people like 25-50 people for the VIP then doing a meet-and-greet, and even that was hard to do Because I want to give people the time of day I want to be able to stop and actually talk for more than five minutes with each person and actually listen and chat and meet and actually get to know each other, at least just a small bit, because that’s the point of a meet-and-greet for me. I’m not really a huge fan of the whole like ‘hey, hi, pictures, sign, go,’ because that feels a little too militant a little too clinical for me I like chatting with people but to do that it would have taken just a gargantuan amount of time and we got in Like that morning sometimes for a lot of the shows so like 10:00 11:00 a.m we would get in we’d load in at midday or 1:00 and then they spent all day setting everything up doing sound checks and then by like four or five o’clock we were ready to Go and then 6:00 was when the VIP would start So it was just too hard to figure out the time of all of that and you need to give people time for lunch time For dinner time to just break away and not work them all day. So I would have loved to, but its’s really hard to do meet-and-greets when it’s not just all everybody in one room. And then it kind of feels like it defeats the purpose of a meet-and-greet so the Q and A session was a good like, sort of middle ground for that but hopefully you understand where I’m coming from. “Sorry if this is too personal. How’s your mental health been? Been- er, doing anything to maintain stability?” It’s doing pretty good. It has its days where I wake up like even today I woke up and for some reason I was just miserable I don’t know why. Maybe something I read something. I saw something I did Could be any number of things, but I was just kind of sitting here in a funk and I was like man, I don’t wanna do anything today. Um, going to the gym and working out in general has been a huge help for that because Going I can workout at home. I have the equipment here to do that and that’s fine But I like the aspect of like going out and doing like a communal thing I like being around people and Just kind of feeling like I’m part of society and not sitting at home all day alone even even when Evelyn’s here it’s still- like it’s isolating. I like being out in the world, I like being part of society- (meme-y) ’cause we live in a Society- So going out and going to the gym for like an hour each day whenever I can Gets me out of the house it gets like a workout going which is great just for your mentality as well and it gets chemicals flowing in your brain and releases endorphins and all that kind of mumbo-jumbo But it’s really good for you and it increases your health in general But another aspect of that is that people don’t realize how good for it is for your mental health. So, I’ve been trying to do that, and anytime stuff kind of gets to me, I’ve- I’ve been learning to pull away more, like if if I read a lot of stuff online about me- I think a lot of people in this position do because stuff just, you- you get knowledge about stuff people are saying about you in general. Most of it is completely positive and most of it is great, but every now and then you get those things that’s just- it’s just horrible. It’s just stuff written about you that’s not true. It’s all speculative- people are just so mean when it comes to online culture when they want to be because they think you’re not able to see it and sometimes some of that I’ll catch wind of some of that and it just completely ruins my day. Um, and some days like it gives me like huge swells of anxiety in my chest to even like interact with some of this stuff. But I have been learning to like okay if stuff is getting to me okay time to back away time to go do something else and time to just- heh, be me for a few hours and trying to like separate work from personal life has been a huge thing as well. So it’s- it’s an ongoing thing. It’s not something that anybody has figured out. You don’t just go like ‘that’s it! Mental health figured out! I know what I’m supposed to do day. I know how to maintain it forever’ because Nothing lasts forever Nothing that works now will work all the time and not anything that works for me is gonna work for everybody else so it’s a constant thing that you’re trying to figure out and I’m I’m thankfully on the higher end of it and I’m doing much better Especially considering how I was this time last year or like the start of last year, so I’m happy about that “Have you officially become a Minecraft channel now?” Yes, and it’s amazing *laughs* All I want to do is play Minecraft there’s times like in-between recordings where I’m just sitting here like Farming like looking for diamonds and getting rocks and adding little knickknacks to all my houses and my buildings everything. It’s wonderful It’s great minecraft is awesome. I don’t know why I took me so long to play it. “What inspired you to start interviewing celebrities?” I don’t know if I say I was inspired to do it It’s not like I woke up and was like, yes, I want to do this This is what I want to do with myself now. It was a happy coincidence of when the Ryan Reynolds one happened he followed me on Twitter before that and Then I I guess because I had been talking about Deadpool a lot. Deadpool’s like top favorite superheroes him and spider-man are my two favorites and then I was talking about Ryan Reynolds a lot cuz I’m just a huge fan of his and I have huge respect for what he Does and just him as a person so all of this kind of coupled together? Got wind of the studio who were doing Deadpool and they’re like it might be fun to bring you in You play Deadpool on your channel. He plays Deadpool in the movie Let’s put you guys together and play Deadpool and talk about some stuff so because that one happened at all is The only reason I’ve been able to do any of these other ones because that one happened and it went so well Then other people are like oh, that’s fun we can like tap into the YouTube space through me and the the audience that we have here and Talk about the movie and promoted in that regard and I as a happy byproduct of that Just get to meet some of my favorite people and in one of my favorite professions, so it’s been it’s just been wonderful It’s all a bunch of happy coincidences and happy Look of the draw type of things that have happened so I’m trying to make the most of it and I’m just really, really fortunate and happy I get to do it at all. I am trying to pick the- the people who I have interest in though They have come to me with other people in the past and been like you want to interview this person for this movie And I’m like, not really I’m sure they’re great I’m sure the movies great, but I just don’t really have any personal interest in it And if I don’t have a personal interest in it? It’s harder to sit there and actually just do it for the sake of a video So all the ones I’ve done so far are all people that I’ve just had a huge fascination and respect for. “Ever thought of getting a pet dog, I-R-L, that looks like Sam from your minecraft series?” Yes, I’ve wanted a dog for so long! I’ve- the reason I made the name Sam was because I said that was going to be the name of my dog in real life if I got a dog And I’ve been wanting one for like three years now, but I do so much traveling so much work. I’m to-and-fro all the time and stuff isn’t Set in stone all the time That it would be unfair to get a dog right now would be unfair and the dog would be unfair and me It just wouldn’t work So whenever I have the time and whenever I’m settled a little bit more and I’m not working constantly Then I will definitely get a dog because I love dogs. “What’s gonna happen when you stop playing minecraft?” Bold of you to assume I’m going to stop playing minecraft. “Is cereal just soup?” No cereal is not soup! Let’s look up the actual definition for soup. ‘Soup definition: a liquid dish typically savory and made by boiling meat fish or vegetables in stock or water.’ ‘A substance or mixture regarded as resembling soup in appearance or consistency.’ I mean in that regard, I guess it kind of resembles it in appearance, but not really… ‘A liquid dish typically savory and made by boiling Meat or fish or vegetables in stock water.’ That’s basically what soup is cereals not soup. Can’t wait for all the comments where it’s like ‘well technically-‘ “Is the earth flat or a circle?” The earth is a cube. It’s one giant minecraft block and we all live inside it. “What’s your least favorite question to be asked by the community?” Where’s the green hair? Are you gonna dye your hair green again?? Are you ever gonna dye it green again? Are you gonna dye your hair any color again? I remember when you had green hair and that was great that was the best time ever are you gonna dye it green again *fades out* look I get it the green haired period on the channel was when the channel was booming the biggest had ever had so the most amount of people who had eyeballs on the channel all at once was during that period and During that period also came with it a few series That were encapsulated in that one period of time and that’s when the most talked about the jacksepticeye channel was happening So I get why most people want more of that they want more of that period, that era, that green hair, because to them thats when most people found the channel, thats when most people were watching it So that’s what most people equate to what the channel actually being but at this point I’ve had my natural colored hair longer than I’ve had green hair on the channel, please Stop asking. “What’s been the most burning question? That’s my question.” “Where’s the green hair? Are you ever gonna dye your hair green again?” “Favorite animated film that wasn’t made by Disney?” Bold of you to assume that my favorite animated movie would be a Disney movie Which it’s not my favorite animated movie of all time is now enters the spider-verse Because it is phenomenal. It’s a master class in animation Storytelling pacing. It’s so good. It’s character development. It’s amazing I love it so much and it filled me with so much passion and motivation and Just sheer joy watching it. So I love that movie have you ever had a dream that you um you your you could you do you wants to you so yuo do so you wants to so you could do do so what you do you’ll do you could you wants to you could, you wants to you coud do so you could do so what you do anything? “What do you miss the most about Ireland and what do you miss the least?” The thing I miss most about Ireland is kind of the Scenery and the landscape because Ireland’s a very old Type of country, it’s super old it goes way way way back older than most other countries in the world and you can see it as you walk around the towns. Everything’s like, stone and cobbled and grassy, and everything just feels very primordial in Ireland. It really feels like you’re you’re grounded to the earth When you’re in Ireland and for the longest time I didn’t appreciate that because I was young I wanted to do or I wanted to do more of a technology in YouTube and everything And Ireland’s not the best place for them. That’s what I miss The least is the isolating element of it in regards to the type of work that I do It’s sure some of it is there but everything else that was going on with my job and everything I just felt like I was alone in Ireland doing this type of thing back ages ago when I lived there, of course, I’ve There’s much more Irish youtubers doing it now and more people rising to prominence and it’s much more of a career there People are kind of wising up to it but in regards to like technology and internet type of culture, Ireland still kind of feels like it’s it’s kind of slower in that regard It’s not making the advances which works with benefit because it’s also some of the stuff that I love about Ireland and now that I’ve been away from it for a couple of years I I really want to get like back to my roots and learn more about the culture and the history Of Ireland because I don’t know any of it. I don’t know anything about like all of the troubles Ireland went through I don’t know any of their like battles. They’re Like freeing ourselves from British rule and any of that stuff and that’s all Fascinating stuff to learn about and I want to learn more about my culture and my history and the people of Ireland so Maybe sometime I’ll take like a venture back to Ireland and do like road trips and actually see more of the country properly with more of an open mind to it. “I know you talked about being interested in acting, Is there anything else in that field that you’re interested in directing writing, etc.?” All of it anything got to do with making? Making movies or making shows or making whatever sketch comedy or skits. All of that type of stuff is fascinating to me I love how stuff is made I love seeing the inner workings of things. Any of the projects I’ve got to be a part of in relation to any of this type of stuff, It’s just been great to kind of be there and see other people do their job and how it’s put together And while I would love to pursue acting more going forward and I fully intend on trying that at some point ie in regards to writing I love Really good writing in anything, but I don’t think that I’m the person to do it. I don’t have any sort of practice in it I don’t think I have the focus and the discipline for it because I just kind of I’m of an ideas person I have a million different ideas, but I’m not good at putting them into writing And I’m not stubborn enough to think that I can write all of the ideas that I have So I usually delegate it to other people who are much better at putting my ideas into fruition and I just like working with other people anyway, so I I definitely would like to get more into to like, directing and writing and just acting out stuff in general I have some projects in mind that I’m trying to do that does incorporate some of this stuff So I really hope that I can talk more about that stuff soon Do you prefer sarcastic questions or serious ones asking for a friend? why not both one of my worries about doing like Videos like this is that I don’t want it to get bogged down in super serious stuff all the time I like mixing and matching stuff I like having a nice pace toward a nice few jokes in there or then on the other side of it we actually have some deeper questions, some thought provoking Questions. So everything is welcome. Do you dip your french fries and ice cream? Yes 100% yes milkshakes ice cream it is Absolutely delicious to do. So is there a game coming out that you really want to play? I really want to play death stranding and the Last of Us – those are kind of the two that are on The top of my list right now I’m really hoping they announce a blood-borne two at some point because I absolutely love it and I really want more of that in my life, but Death stranding. Yes that comes out in November. I’m really excited to play that I I’m a little apprehensive about it because we don’t know too much about the gameplay element of it right now And I feel like it might let people down in that regard I think people are expecting a little bit too much From this game. I still think it’s gonna be good but knowing Kojima, it’s gonna be very story heavy It’s gonna have a lot of cutscenes It’s gonna have a lot of dialogue and a lot of story exposition and the gameplay aspect of it I’m hoping just supplements that very well, compliments it very well but we’ll see. Last of Us II is gonna be phenomenal but I think that’s gonna be next year so Whenever that happens, I will be doing a full series on it because of how drastically YouTube has changed over the years Would you still say starting a youtube career? Worth it for those who want to give it a shot Would you give the same advice for it? As you have given three to four years ago? That’s a very good question Contextualizing it from like now versus back then I still think I still think it’s absolutely worth it Of course, I this is the most fun job I have ever had and I can’t imagine doing anything else of my time It’s such a pure creative outlet and sure there are frustrations With algorithms and demonetization and copyright strikes and people be mean on the internet and all that kind of stuff But the positives of this job and the positives of doing this completely far outweigh any of that stuff. Those are annoyances and grievances and get in the way sometimes but Day to day doing this as my job is just pure creative freedom and I love being able to do it and I’m very fortunate to be in the position that I’m in where I can just try a Bunch of stuff. I know when you’re starting out Its much harder, but I’d still say a lot of the advice I’d given in the past rings true now, maybe with some slight changes like obviously doing the stuff you’re passionate about doing the stuff that you know a lot about Doing it for the right reasons and just trying to have fun with it are also really good pillars to start off a YouTube channel With I wouldn’t say that those are the only things to start off with because you do have to be smart about it. If your goal is to actually Make it a career and you really want to work at it and really want it to be your job You need to get good at learning how to read the data from your channel. What works what doesn’t work Just try to understand all of that because that can help you gear your stuff- You don’t have to sell out you don’t have to turn into mindless stuff and do only the things that are popular There’s a way of marrying your ideas with your passion with the data that’s there and putting them all into one Funnel and making it go further than it normally would because for a long time I also had that Opinion like three to four years ago I was very staunchly against like no don’t click bait and don’t do this and don’t do that and it was a very like high-and-mighty Attitude like I thought I knew better because I was doing it for different reasons when you can do YouTube for whatever reason you want reason you want. If you want success out of it, there are ways of doing it and you shouldn’t really be made to feel bad for wanting it to succeed. Just because somebody else is doing it for those reasons doesn’t mean that it’s horrible for you to want to do it in that reason. As long is you’re not hurting anybody then just do whatever you want So I’d say just jump in, try it out, give it a while It does take a while for anything unless you have a completely insanely original unique Thing where it’s just gonna explode overnight which no one can predict No one knows what that is, because if you could everyone would be doing it but just jump in, give it a while, Try not to get it in your head too much about comparing it to what other people had at this period, at this time like oh this person was doing it for so and so years and they got this far and I’m been doing it that long and I haven’t gotten that far different strokes different folks not everything that everybody does is always going to be comparable to each other so just give it some time. Again, as long as the passion and the fun is there, because For me it was because I was bored it was because I was lonely it was because of all these different factors, and youtube was a great outlet for me to able to express myself to be able to express myself, to be able to show people hey, this is me, this is my personality this is what I like to do, do you like it as well? Like come on in, let’s have fun. Um, and I think that that’s at the core of what youtube is You can still do it for like you still do it in a completely business Aspect but the communal aspect of it to me has always been the strongest pillar for my channel So I always wanted to try and keep that alive and keep that going. Also Sorry, this answer is going on way too long. The video is way too long, but Another thing is to not be afraid to adapt what you’re doing to what YouTube Necessarily needs right now That’s also looked down upon every now and then as well because if people change and they mold their content to a different form Just trying to adapt to what YouTube’s doing It’s not a bad thing to want your stuff to still succeed and want it to do well But sometimes you have to kind of like change what’s going on in certain ways You don’t have to change completely you can if you want but you can change certain things to kind of go with what YouTube is favoring more now. And people, people get hung up– It’s the same thing with the green hair and the happy wheels and all that stuff because people knew the channel most back then So that’s the happy little bubble of the thing that they know, and anything outside of that could be scary and changing and whatever But I can’t be that you can’t be the same thing you are Three years ago on YouTube now because the platform has just completely changed and morphed so many more people doing it YouTube wants different things the algorithm changes so just moving and shaping and Going with that While also keeping your morals intact I think is a perfectly viable thing to do as long as you’re aware of it that it’s happening But that’s gonna be it! POOF All the questions are gone. Thank you guys so much. I love doing these Q&A videos. It’s nice to just reconnect, it’s nice to just be one-on-one and chat about stuff and actually have you guys have input in the videos and see what the burning questions you guys have. A lot of them end up kind of being the same questions over and over again, but it’s still just nice It’s nice to have these types of videos where we’re actually having somewhat of a conversation and getting some sort of opinions and thoughts out because I think that’s nice to To ground the channel a bit more and have this like nice central hub of the community Like I keep saying to have that there and keep connecting back to it and you can branch off from it But as long as I remember to come back and relate back to you guys and just chat. It’s always been nice But thank you guys for watching and maybe we’ll do another one soon. Who knows. What are your burning questions? Let me know in the comments below. Bye! It’s hot in here. Are you hot in here? You’re not even in here.

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