My life as a Muslim In Canada, Secularism and freedom of religion

Hi my name is Abdullah Sameer and I am out
here in the wintery cold Canada to tell you a bit about secularism. What is secularism? Secularism is actually separating the church
and state, meaning the mosque, the temple, the church does not get involved in politics
or ruling or laws of the government. By having such laws, we have freedom of religion,
freedom of expression, and we’re able to live our lives without worry about being persecuted
for what we believe. I was a practising Muslim for 15 years here
in Canada and I never had to feel scared to show that I was a Muslim. I used to have a big beard, and I used to
pray at the office, I used to tell them openly that I was Muslim and I don’t drink or eat
pork or certain activities I could not be involved in – didn’t want to work for any
bank jobs, and this is for religious reasons. Canada protected my rights as a Muslim not
to be discriminated against. I was able to go for friday prayers, to say
my prayers 5 times a day. I wasn’t scared that because of my religious
beliefs I would be discriminated. Secularism allows societies to grow. If it’s not for secularism, we would be stuck
in the dark ages. If you look at Galileo, he challenged the
idea that the sun went around the Earth and because of that he was persecuted by the church,
they put him in jail and threatened him with torture. Why were they able to do that? Because the church and the state were closely
linked. It should never be that way. If you allow such things, you will end up
with sunnis persecuting shias like in Saudi Arabia, or in Iran there’s shias persecuting
Sunnis, or you’ll end up with state sanctioned terror against minorities, a situation in
Saudi Arabia, or even in Israel where the Orthodox Jews didn’t want to allow Christmas
trees in the hotels because it went against their religion. Secularism protects and allows minorities
including believers and non believers both to express themselves and say what they want
and to live their lives without fear of being harmed for what they believe. On top of it, I was free to promote Islam,
I had an islamic website and I was promoting it, and I wasn’t scared I was going to go
to jail for that because I was allowed to talk about stuff like that without fear of
being persecuted, whereas in some countries you can actually be tortured, like in Saudi
Arabia some atheists are being sent to jail and lashed and whipped for doubting Islam
or for criticizing any Islamic theology. Who is to say which version of Islam is the
correct one? What if your particular sect doesn’t agree
with some of the practices of the other sects? Does that mean you are allowed to persecute
them? Of course not. Here I am, I wanted to make this message hoping
for a better world, a world where people are free to live their lives the way they want
without persecution, how we can criticize scientific ideas and not worry about religious
dogma getting in the way. Stem Cell research is another thing that is
being blocked in the states because of religious values and secularism and a strong division
between church and state helps us to avoid such things. Anyways thanks for watching, take care, bye.

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  • You mentioned Sunni and Shia but there are hundreds of religions and their variants. They can't all be right but they can all be wrong. We must use logic and reason, if we can. Leave religion to the clerics, not government.

  • One problem with secularism is we also allow faiths that don't want secularism. Saudi funded mosques & American fundamentalist evangelical churches. What to do?

  • when you say that you were Muslim for 15 years. You said you were born Ismaili. Ismailism is a sect of Shiism right ? Or don't you count Ismailism as a part of Islam.

  • I wish more muslims thought as you do. This is the enormous divide that will engulf western civilisation. Those that want muslims to embrace secularism and those that don't think it's possible and therefore become actively hostile toward Muslims. I have no idea which way is the correct way. Naturally, all we want is a life of peace and goodwill. Good vid anyway 🙂

  • Congratulations on finding your way out of the religious ghetto. All the best to you, the rest of humanity, and our planet.

  • I agree that secularism is the way to go.
    However, it's incompatible with Islam since Islam instructs to fight for it until there is no fitna. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, but I am certain that a talented imam could not convince many that they were wrong and that they need to cut some heads to comply with the Quran.

  • Muslims are so outspoken about having their rights as Muslim protected in non-Muslim countries.
    When will those same Muslims ever work towards protecting the rights of non-Muslims in their Islamic homelands?
    Or is it just a one way street where Muslim lands are unlivable for Kufrs and the world should offer the welcome mat for Muslims?

  • The funny thing is, our head of state is technically Anglican, and we have no official separation of church and state, in Canada (we have freedom of religion/belief for individuals, which helps, but is not quite the same thing)… and yet, we put it into practice naturally, far, FAR better than they do in the USA, a country where they very explicitly state in their constitution that church and state are to be separate. The things going on in that country, in spite of their constitution, are absurd.

    In Canada, we're just not so tightly wound about preserving any strong religious identity. At least, not on a government level. I can live mostly freely here, as an atheist (barring maybe making it noticeable in business relations. I know other atheists who keep it quiet, to avoid losing more conservative clientele). You'll still get individual Canadians who are very xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc, and think that Canada is supposed to have a very white, Christian identity (more of the older generation, maybe some of the younger people if they're from smaller communities and not the cities) (tell that to the First Nations and Inuit people >_>). But, on the whole, that backlash is less intense than in the USA, and it's not bolstered by wingnut politicians who think the same way. Canada is far more open to "live and let live".

  • How to solve the problem when there is a clash in a secular society between different religions or religious factions like for example, Christians celebrating christmas but for some reason Jews and Muslims gets offended and desecrates thier religious values for some reason?

  • just out of curiosity how many scholars or teachers that are experts in Islam and its teachings have you interacted with and spoken to about the contexts of certain subjects in Islam? or did you come to a conclusion yourself?

  • The Bible of the Northern people is called " the Edda". It says :" One day the humans are educated and smart enough, that a God is no more needed!!! We nordic people do not believe in a murderous, betraying, fear-mongering, women-hating God. No place in Europe must be made for Islam. We are also very critic to Christianity . All Lunatics!!!

  • If it wasn't for atheism and the natural progression towards it in the West, then secularism would really be under threat.

  • Abdullah, your wife is muslim now so quran says muslim women aren't considered married to non muslim guy, have you explained this to your wife?

  • Go teach your lesson of secularism in Saudi Arab, Iraq, Iran, Islamic countries etc. Muslims cry when they are in minorities and crib about secularism but when they get in majority, they crush all non believers in Islam and throw away their rights. See Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh. You name any muslim country and result is same. Ask yourself "Why any Islamic country is not secular??" You will get your answer. Peace!!

  • OK i am Mongol, Italian, Jewish,Moorish,Arab,and Viking, glad to help out here, you will really really love me, cut & cuddly …

  • i just remember age 5, yep dad showed me the best way for tooth removal was with a pair of rusted pliers & cotton gloves, then he says good now you're a man, now go to that mirror over there and look your self in the eye & say dog you don gone and do it, of which after is followed up with some peppers, spices & salt, this kind a reminds me of that on a different platform …..

  • i just remember age 5, yep dad showed me the best way for tooth removal was with a pair of rusted pliers & cotton gloves, then he says good now you're a man, now go to that mirror over there and look your self in the eye & say dog you don gone and do it, of which after is followed up with some peppers, spices & salt, this kind a reminds me of that on a different platform …..

  • wahabism salifism people who want shariha law shouldn't be allowed to exploit secularism just like nazi ideology isnot allowed

  • Where is democracy in your counties go black your land and make your countries Islamic to democracy Canada give you good life and you people's want religion's law's in My land thAt is land of the natives we don't want live in your Islamic countries why you come here we natives don't want Muslims in America Canada and other American countries and Australia and New Zealand too your mullahs want to destroy this land we natives respect all other religion's but not Islam this is a killer rapist religion so go back your sharia Islamic countries you have more then Islamic countries we natives don't want Muslims in our all American countries we want safe this land

  • A. Sameer , Every religion have doubt. you just try to find a single religion on witch you can trust or you can find your ans. , most of people left Islam coz of Islamic restriction. Religion is a weapon. just check out the religious history.

  • Those within Islam will always attempt to dominate. Why do you think that throughout Islam's 1400plus year history its always been at war within and without. Now Wahhabism is the dominate form of Islam, if it dominates the world as all present indications say it will, your brand of Islam will be wiped out and you would be killed as an a Apostate.

  • with all due respect, state funded catholic schools, tax breaks for monotheistic nonprofit organizations and not polytheistic or atheistic ones and most recently M103… to pretend that Canada is Secular is asinine. Just because they're not Saudi Arabia, doesn't mean they're actually Secular.

  • Let be real. Your religion needs to reform from within. Eastern values don't coexist with Western values. Your religion doesn't let you assimilate with our constitution. Only when you are the minority's will you play nice. Once you feel you have the numbers and support you try pushing your religion of peace. I think you need to stop the victim card and reform your religion. I don't mean any harm but this is my opinion only. Stop blaming us for your short Cummings and take responsibility for your religions actions. Stop giving support to the people that preach and poison the youth with this idea the platform to do so with the mask of religion.

  • Canada is a shit
    hole. Canada can piss off. Canada would not have squat. Canada is
    lean on us down here. If not for the cheap whiskey they make the F
    with Canada.

  • very simple……Mohammed..was a military genius…. using religion (which he invented)..was able to loot and conquer many countries…under the guise of spreading.."allah"'s wishes… !!

  • If only all Muslims were like you, there would have been no Islamophobia but there is smoke when there is fire, however good work.🙂

  • Secularism, evidence based. The willingness to change laws and change attitudes and adapt when new, and more compelling evidence presents itself. The willingness to evolve. To pursue truth based on facts and data. Freedom of, and from religion. Protection of minorities and freedom of the press. Rule of law. To turn about a phrase – The wind may enter my home, the rain may enter my home, the sun may enter my home, but religious authority may not.

  • Ok, I have been to three Islamic States, they were aweful, vile, and made me sick! From what I witnessed, Islam is a cancerous ideology!

  • Hey crazy Sameer, Who told you about persecuting if you are in the religion ? nobody persecuting anyone doesn't matter what religion people follow . but, its good to follow the right path not wrong path. you are lost in this physical life . you can't convince yourself which way i should follow . sometimes you jumping one place to another thats i call mental problem and there is no cure for those type of people who are lost and leaving the right path and exiting in wrong road. thats what happened to you.

  • bro… in canada which state muslims live mostly..? i mean i have a plan to move to canada… where should i get masjid easily…?

  • If you live in Toronto, I would love to meet you, I have some doubts and would like to get clarification, thanks

  • Brother !! Your talk was well 'n' good .. ! So is there any opportunities that I can work there in Canada ?? Would be very thankful if you helped me out😊

  • How to believe/trust?. How to believe what books/people say or write?
    Firstly, we have to find which religion is truth/true/right. How? We
    must have same definition or meaning of the truth/true/right. We must
    use same method to determine the truth/true/right. Believe => claim =
    test/check = see. This is normally practice by everybody when we
    buy/accept something/good which is expensive from other people(we see or
    we do not see).

    Example: We want to buy a black pen(can see – evidence) in the shop was
    created/produced/manufactured by Marker(do not see) cost around 10K USD.
    Producer/Manufacturer(do not see) claim, It is a black pen written on
    the pen. The salesperson(can see) also claim, it is a black pen. Outside
    (can see), the apparent is black in colour. Inside(ink, can not see),
    we not sure, it is black or blue or other colour. So, we have to
    test/check it. Take white paper and write to it to confirm it. It is
    black. When I see, it is black. It is true/right. I believe/trust it.
    So, I buy/accept it without any doubt. Same as how An automated teller
    machine (ATM) work. Think. Must key in SAME number/pass word(only owner
    know the pass word). If you do not want to test/check, it is up to you.
    It is your money. It is your life. Free will. Our life is only one
    chance given by god(can not see). When we die, we see the truth, we can
    not go back in this world(can see). It is too late. I obey what Allah
    say in Al Quran surah Al asr (The Time) 103(30): recommend one another
    to the truth. I want to get mercy from Allah. If everybody can see god
    and his power, there is only one religion. No free will. Have to ask
    permission, when want to do something. have to get approval
    first.Everybody fear to god. Everybody have to obey the command/law/rule
    from that god only. No arrogant people/man. Why arrogant? because
    healthy, wealthy, rank, ancestry, clever. Like babies – no arrogant.
    People/Man become humble. like plant, bee, animal, moon, planets, sun,
    stars – because they see and believe that god and his power. TAQWA. For
    sure, this world is peacefully. like working, if our boss is in the
    office, everybody become good people.

    Our faith is very expensive.Please open Al Quran Surah Al Hujurat 49:
    6. O who believe! If a Fasiq (liar-evil person) comes to you with and
    news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and
    afterwards you become regretful for what you have done. Please open
    Bible John 4:1. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test to see
    whether they are from God, for false prophets have gone out into the
    world. We test and verify the claim/message words of god from Bible (can
    see), Torah (can see), Al Quran(can see), and other religion books(can
    see). We must get/see same result(claim=test/check=see) or not. God(can
    not see) create man(can see – evidence). Man worship god. Question: How
    is god create man? What Method? God create man from ground
    dust(Torah,Bible, Quran) or man rib(Torah, Bible,Quran) or woman
    only(Bible,Quran) or Nutfah(mix drop of male (sperm) and female
    sexual(female egg cell/ova) discharge)-Quran, 1440 years ago, they did
    not see it, but now, we can see it by using electron microscopy. Or
    other religion books or other book?. We do
    testing/experimenting/checking to verify it, by using these method to
    create man. Everybody can test/experiment/check, verify and see it.
    Which method can create/produce man?.Answer: The claim/message/words of
    god in Al Quran is truth/true/right.

    Conclusion: Certainly, we can create man by this method (claim by Al
    Quran). Certainly, Al Quran is truth/true/right. Certainly, Allah create
    man. Certainly, Man belong to Allah. Certainly, Man have to obey Allah
    rule/law. Certainly, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was the last prophet sent by
    Allah to us. Certainly, This religion is truth/true/right. So, we have
    to believe/trust it . Please, read Al Quran and think. Find and use
    knowledge to make wise decision. You get the answer. Sorry, my English
    is not very good.

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