My most profitable finds – Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales

all right so decided to make this video because recently I just found something that broke my personal record I found this in a goodwill sitting on a shelf the lady had just put it out that is not a typo that says 99 cents that's so much I got this for brand new sealed Super Mario Kart his original price 50 bucks there it's in excellent condition had like a out-of-body experience when I saw this because I just could not believe like the amount of concentrated luck to find something like this and no one else snatched it up yet is just crazy impossible this game alone is worth about let's see here one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 200 bucks just like this just loose now if I were to ship this off to VGA video game authority to get it graded and put an acrylic display box 600 and 900 easily and I'm guessing this would probably be up in the nine hundred dollar range because it's just in such great condition I mean there's no denting there's no creasing there's no anything really it's just it's amazing I still kind of like don't understand and kind of still soaking in that I found this at a goodwill like this is just crazy it's like a Holy Grail I don't think I'll ever get that lucky again then you guys of course know amazing tater showed it showed that in a video earlier one of the Game Boy games I've been looking for for a while found that at a garage sale got lucky in a lot of other games that one alone I got for a dollar so that's worth about one two three four five one two about 120 even after fees and shipping and stuff off eBay also a pretty good game puzzle game there's nothing I found people I did not even know these came out at the time r2d2 giga pet you thought you had a cool gigabit no this is probably the best giga pet ever made look at that how freaking cool is ahead right the little art DZ at the top there and there's the screenshots if you want to call him at every look gig this is so cool i found this at a goodwill for less than a dollar because it was on sale it was like a 25% off day it was $1.00 so it was like sending five cents pretty amazing so there's that I'm gonna keep this one though I know these go for about 50 bucks but I would not let this go for anything less than 70 probably just because it's so freakin rare you know it has another thing I got really excited about when I found it found this at a goodwill for 4 bucks this is the PG 50 and this goes for about 50 to 70 it's really popular with the circuit bending community it's got the ROM packs here let me see if I can open it yeah there you go so you slide it in lock it in there's a bunch of these that are interchangeable that you can buy these are loan stuff for like 20 sometimes because people collect them got just like textbook 80s style here is what that is and the reason why these are so popular is because they have the cord kind of helper on the side here it's like an extra keyboard it's really cool it helps accompany you with cords so you got like c d e f sharp a flat all kinds of stuff and then you even have diminished Staind you have all the different denominations of chords and then you have one key chord which remembers what you push and of course you got all these buttons here get the LCD display there and you can see the keys they actually displays it was one of the first to display like that and playback rhythms start select recorded what you play transpose you can move it up and down a scale just an awesome keyboard one of my favorites so there you go yeah this video is not to brag or anything I just think it's interesting to see um finds like this to see what are kind of like the home runs that people find just out about buying and selling really cool stuff I wanted to make this like a video response video where people could post their stuff but unfortunately YouTube decided that they don't want to do that any longer so now we can do that but um thanks for watching guys subscribe all that goodness see y'all after the new year

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