My Next Big Money Goal – Another Income Stream? House Hacking?

So I’m debt free, saving, investing, living
on less my means and building wealth, but what’s next? today we’re going to talk
about my next big money goal so the best thing about paying off debt
is the ever present ever urgent goal you get to see the number go
down every single month mark the progress get closer and closer to the
finish line but what about after debt freedom how do you not just fall back
into the bad overspending habits that got you there when you’re not actively
working towards something mean I rolled straight from becoming debt-free into
funding a big hunking $10,000 emergency fund I was scared for like three years
straight while getting out of debt knowing that I only had $2,000 and a
couple of sinking funds standing between me and financial ruin
so I added a couple of hundred dollars into my regular budget to provide a
much-needed breather from always telling myself no and I threw the rest at my
emergency fund getting all $10,000 funded in just nine months I started to
feel like I could breathe then $10,000 it was a big enough cushion for me to
not have to worry about like a hospital stay a crashed car or a happier job
seeking if I were to find myself suddenly unemployed that breathing room
left me with time and mental space to research investing and to start putting
a lot of my newly free that money they’re investing it’s fun but as I’m a
set it and forget it type of investor it doesn’t require much mental real estate
after you determined where you’re going to invest so I’ve got my auto drops on
now and my brain space is once again free to start dreaming about my future
what’s next I want to get into real estate but not a big house in the
suburbs with a big ol yard and room for lots of kids or anything like that I
specifically want to get into a little bit of house hacking I’ve been reading
about landlording the risks and benefits of home ownership and how to build my
wealth using real estate turning it into another stream of income so my current
dream is to save up and purchase a multi-family home ideally a duplex
triplex or four Plex and live in one unit and rent or Airbnb out the others I
live in a college town with a ton of tourism and if you’re close enough to
the University you can make bank short-term weekend rentals slightly less
work and slightly more steady income would be to run out to a single tenant
at a time applying their rent to my mortgage and aiding and me paying off my
home faster the ideal way would be to pay off the place quickly purchase
another home leaving both units of a paid off duplex triplex for four flex
netting me income well I did that same thing with something else I never
considered buying before in any of the places that I lived even though people
had told me that rent King was throwing away money it’s not by the way just
because I was a not in that financial place to do so and B I couldn’t see
myself where I was living long term in any of those places because real estate
is one of those things that appreciates with time usually I wanted to wait until
I was somewhere that I could see myself for the next 20 or 30 years I absolutely
love College Station Texas and I can see myself in this area in the current job
that I have for many years this could change but I’m happier here than I have
been anywhere else and all signs point to this being a long-term place for me
so what are the potential downsides here well first I mentioned that I’m in a
college town and the closer you get to the University the more expensive things
are even in the next town over a duplex or even just a single-family home can
easily run a quarter of a million dollars or more I make about 50 grand a
year between my businesses and my day job and that’s way out of my budget and
plug those numbers into a mortgage calculator and I’d be coughing up over
$1,500 a month in mortgage not even counting property tax or insurance and
that’s too high a percentage of my income the goal is not to become house
poor or have to worry about not having a tenant I want to be able to cover the
full mortgage myself without having to worry about it
by the way Jacobs income isn’t factored in here because we’re not married and we
haven’t combined finances his financial goal right now is to pay off his debt
he’s incredibly supportive of my money goals but he and his income isn’t a
factor in me achieving them if we get married
will change but until then I’m trucking along on my own financial goals which
right now includes home ownership and landlording there’s a chance that I
could get a foreclosure or a bank owned property for a pretty decent good
discount as in someone couldn’t afford their home and Bank had to take it over
which is a sad situation but it traffic lis changes the price in my favor it’s a
very competitive market here and I am far from the only person interested in
real estate locally rentals are a huge business here I’m hoping to save a 40 to
$50,000 downpayment while my expenses are really low and snag a really good
deal when one comes up ideally I pay about half the price down in cash and
make a very reasonable mortgage payment but based on the fact that I want to get
a multi-family home that might not be as realistic so are there flaws so this new
plan and dream of mine abso-freakin’-lutely I probably haven’t
even thought of at least a dozen alongside the million that I have and
honestly this type of thing isn’t as easy as paying off debt paying off debt
was a very clear simple thing and there’s practically no risk associated
with doing it you’re always going to be in better shape when you don’t have
student loan debt or credit card debt then when you do I could buy a home in a
neighborhood that is headed downhill or needs a million repairs landlording can
be difficult and you have to be on call for emergency repairs costly appliance
replacements and pick the right people to rent to to begin with where they
could trash the place or not pay and then you have to evict them and that’s
expensive I could decide that I hate managing properties and decide that it’s
not right for me or there just could be not enough money in it but that’s okay
if there’s anything I’ve learned on my money journey so far it’s patience I
will have to be patient to save up eternally patient and discerning to find
the right place despite any real estate agent or mortgage people pushing me to
like go in on one I’ll have to be patient to learn all the ins and outs of
owning and maintaining a home no fortunately studying is what
favorite things to do and because this isn’t just a test
I will inevitably fail at multiple things along the way but through failing
will likely learn a lot of new skills and hopefully they won’t be devastating
failures I’m going to learn a lot of new skills through this for instance I was
in kind of scaling the type of renter who will call a management for
everything including a clog disposal or an off-track closet door even attempting
to fix those things myself would likely cause greater problems but Jacob is
super handy and can do those things himself and I’ve been learning from him
and that will likely help a lot in I’m not having to hire out small fixes which
I’ve heard can practically bankrupt new homeowners there’s also good old handy
YouTube this is a dream a goal and I really think that having one of those is
key to get in and staying good with money having something to hold up when
you’re considering something but you don’t need a K I want this new accent
chair which is pretty but I don’t need or I could put that $200 towards
something more tangible than generic investing like the dream of home
ownership and turning that $200 into something much more valuable one day
there are a lot of things about this plan that I already know are going to
drive me crazy mostly the lack of control over what is available on the
market at some point almost already happening I will kind of get house fever
and my judgment might not be the best but I will be reading a ton of books and
hopefully taking all of you along with me during this and most of you guys have
gotten to know me over the years and I mean really cautious person this is not
going to be a quickly checked off goal we’re all gonna have to be a little
patient so the first step towards this is going
to be saving a freak ton of money because the bigger the downpayment the
better and I’d really like to avoid PMI I already have some money going into
some investing funds that are optimized to return profit in two to five years so
it’s invested differently than my long-term investments like for
retirement I’ll be adding extra money made from budget girl and my other side
puzzles which I plan to ramp up again towards that fine each month to watch it
grow this is also a really fun great opportunity for me to kind of get my
scorched-earth sense of like urgency and like drive back because during the past
year I’ve kind of just been living and there’s nothing wrong with that at all
but while I’ve been speaking to a budget I have been just kind of doing my thing
normally there hasn’t been some big goal that I’ve been working towards like I
said something that I can hold anything that I want up against it and decide
whether I want the thing more than I want the dream which really got me
through the debt free journey and I’m really excited about because I’m
currently making more money than I technically need to live and I realize
how privileged I am to be able to say that and I’m putting 40 percent of my
income towards investments I have kind of gotten soft I haven’t really had to
hustle or I might see an opportunity to like flip something I see it a garage
sale and I just won’t do it cuz it’s too much work but now that I have something
that I’m actively trying to like pile up money and the sooner I pile up money the
sooner I’ll get to do it to go for I feel like I’m gonna get some of that
hustle back I’ll be adding that type of money and any extra that I can
accumulate towards the down payment fund and hopefully get it funded more quickly
than I anticipate tips and tricks and maybe the lessons you’ve learned the
hard way because I am not too proud to learn from someone else’s mistakes I
also want to know what’s your big honking money dream is what are you
working towards right now it is so important to have goals I know I’ve lost
a lot of people since becoming debt-free because it’s not thing is interesting to
watch someone just live below their means and save goals are motivating for
us all to watch other people achieve them and to live our own lives that way
and I really appreciate your support as I was figuring out what my next dream
was I’m honestly so excited about it if you’d like to follow me as I work
towards this dream subscribe it’s going to be fun and I’m going to
start sharing with you how far I’m progressing along on my down payment
goal I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to do that yet
but perhaps it will be over on Instagram and I’ll share maybe monthly how much
I’m able to put towards the house goal and how close I am at getting there all
right thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I really
want to know what your next big hunk and money goal is and I hope you can see how
excited I am about this alright I’ll see you guys next time bye you

100 thoughts on “My Next Big Money Goal – Another Income Stream? House Hacking?

  • Don't forget to put aside money for repairs. Its a must for all home owners but even more so for a landlord because stuff happens and by law you only have a certain amount of time to make repairs varying state by state. But I think your plan is cool. I know lots of people who buy homes to rent out in other cheaper states, and do pretty well. They just let a management company take care of it.

  • This is exactly what my husband did. He bought a duplex and lived in one side. It has been great for us on so many levels. When we got married and he moved into my house we rented both sides out which was really great. Then my son was at the age to move out on his own so he and a friend rented it. My son became very very sick, Lyme disease, and is unable to work. So he lives in one side and isn’t able to pay but we are still renting the other side out. It’s such a great idea!!!!

  • Hooray!! I love the idea of house-hacking with a multi-family home. Hope you find a great option once you're ready!

  • Sarah, I am so confident this new goal will be accomplished. I love that you have something new to work towards. I know people that rent out properties. They hire a mortgage company to manage the renters and the rent. This takes a lot of pressure off them. I am excited to see what your next year brings.

  • I am working on 2 things. I am 60 percent there of saving 20 grand in addition to paying cash for my daughter's college and home updates.

  • You go girl!!! Can`t wait to follow you. I will be debt free in jun 2021. After that i am saving up for a house 🙂

  • Check out my last video – on how much YouTube has paid me for 5 million views over the past 5 years — YT income is one of the ways I'll be funding my next goal, so if you watch it, you'll be funding my dream!

  • I am still paying off debt (my husband's debt) but we at this time sold our house in Jan. And been with his parents….. we need to find our own house! Going crazy!

  • My husband and I own 13 properties free and clear. I am a retired teacher. Lived a frugal life…never went without. I love nice things but always buy used. Life is good…God is good.

  • Wow, that is a big goal. Good for you. I work in social services helping clients with eviction prevention. I, in doing so, work with lots of landords. It is amazing to me how many of them cannot fill out a pay or vacate notice properly. My advise would be to learn all the local, county, and state ordinances and laws around rental property. Know what the rights of your tenants are. Also, based on my mom's experience as a landlord, I would build in an inspection clause in your lease agreements. This way you can address any problems with tenants not maintaining the property or that are damaging the property. You will also need to be able to evict people even though they are having a difficult time, a tragedy, or have financial circumstances beyond their control. Stick to your guns and don't let tenants rack up multiple months of back rent. I see this often and it is a lose lose situation.

  • My goal is to pay my flat in 5 year, I had a 25 years morgage and If I do pay it in 5 years, I will pay it in 11 years. After paying this flat I will save money to try to buy a flat to rent, in Spain mayority of us live in flats in by cities.
    I am sure you are going to make your goal happened.

  • Goals are key to keeping you motivated and focused. They're also great for pulling together as a team and learning about one another 😊 I'm glad to see you fired up again and look forward to walking this journey with you! Our BIG goal is saving enough to buy a home outright. It's achievable only by living extremely frugally. We can do it! Xx

  • Good goals! After my parents divorced, my dad bought a condo. Lived in it for 7 years, and then bought a townhouse. Rented the condo out to cover the mortgage on that, and just paid for his mortgage on the townhouse. (Both 15 year mortgages). In 7 years, the condo was paid off so he continued renting, but now the rent on that was covering the remaining mortgage on the townhouse. He bought a house and then rented the townhouse. The rent on the townhouse covered his mortgage for his home. There were issues as he had special assessments a few times with the condo and townhouse, and some drama over paint colors, but this worked well for him. I think the idea of a multiunit home may be better if its stand alone because then you are in control of many of your issues and decisions from paint color to when to reroof. Go for it, it sounds like a great goal.

  • I purchased a two family exactly 5 years ago for $214,900. I put about $78,000 down and paid it off March 1st, 2019. My tenants pay $1,300 in rent which is fair market value for my area as it’s walking distance to downtown, within a half mile to the local university, and completely renovated. I live on the other side and now live mortgage free plus make extra money once the property taxes are paid off. In addition to that my boyfriend pays me $500 towards his rent as I don’t believe he should live here for free. It has been the best investment and I’d love to buy another one with him so he can have an investment too. Go for it girl!

  • I'm excited to be a part of this new journey for you. I'm still in BS2, but my long term goal after debt freedom is to do the same thing. You have been helping me through paying debt, so I'm excited to see the tips and tricks to house hacking!

  • Depreciation on our rental killed us. If we sell we have to repay that money in taxes. The high cost of insurance, taxes, and repairs was also a shock to the system. We lost a lot of money.

  • I've loved seeing you live a fun life being debt free, but I'm excited to see the hustle side of you again! I would love to do the same at some point in my future, so it will be nice to learn from you before I get there. I'm so excited for you!!

  • I'm still working on BS3; should be done by end of 2019. Starting next year I'll increase my mortgage payments and max my retirement savings. My big goal is to pay off the house well ahead of retirement. I don't plan to move again so I want to get my home paid off as early as possible. I look forward to watching your continuing journey as you become a real estate mogul. Go Sarah Go!

  • Find a local real estate investment group to connect with. I got my real estate license back in Feb of 2018 and I worked with an agent who was learning RE investing and he told me that a lot of properties that are bought and sold in investment transactions hardly ever make it to the real estate websites that most people look at e.g. redfin, zillow etc. You might be able to find a good deal with the right connections. Good luck. 🙂

  • A video on how you are investing for growth in 5 years would be very interesting. This was an excellent video! One of our big money goals is to have a bridge retirement investment account to access before 59.5.

  • Can’t wait to watch you meet this goal! Your home is an emotional money matter. So many people will sign their life away on their dream house thinking it will make them happy… myself included. I grew up in a trailer so owning a home is something I dreamed of my entire life. I did buy before I’m out of debt (but bought modestly in my budget). It was a major setback on my debt snow ball but we’ve got our focus back on our debt and are ready to slay this beast!

  • It is a GREAT idea to start hoarding money for the down payment. The next market downturn is coming – so save for the time when there will be a flood of properties and not as many buyers, it will be here before too long. Just put as much you can away as quickly possible. How about picking a dollar amount, you mentioned $50,000 and start sharing how that is going like you did with your fully funded emergency plan, so we can support your progress?

  • This may have been mentioned but why dont you keep a tag of the amount saved on your titles, like you did when paying down debt.

  • Oh what fun! Here is my 2 cents worth (and I am sure you will try to invest it,,, lol) The way you are about security, and cushions etc, and if you can keep renting at the great deal you got right now, don't buy unless you have 50% down. I don't think you will be happy otherwise. ( And a sizeable repair fund to go with )

  • Hi Sarah! Loved this video! I feel like we are both in very similar points in our journeys. I also have a serious boyfriend, and although we do want to get married one day, at the moment we are both working on our own money goals 🙂 I just purchased a condo a couple of months ago putting 45% down, and I can't wait to venture into more real estate once I save up some more money for another property. It's so interesting, and a great way to make some extra money, if you chose the right property and location. Good luck Sarah! 🙂

  • Gahhhhh this is so exciting! I just love following your life!!🧡🧡🤗🤗 In a totally not creepy, non-stalker way of course!😅😅 Watching your wealth building story is just so inspiring! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fellow College Station-ite here! The market is so hot and is always increasing in values so you're pretty smart to invest in a rental property! I recently bought a fixer in Bryan after looking for about a year – excited to keep making it my own! Best wishes that you will find something great and can't wait to see your journey 🙂

  • Big life changes here. I have 15K to pay off and am saving 1k a month to buy a car with cash. I should be debt free by 2022 with a car. Next goal is to save for a vacation for my brother and I to celebrate freedom.

  • This is also my goal one day. I always wanted to own property. Once I am debt free and have my 3-6 month EM in place. This is something I am going to look into. I’m all about building generational wealth!!!

  • I’m new to your channel—thanks for this video. It’s given me lots of inspiration. Good luck on your goal and I’m looking forward to your updates. 🙂

  • Our goal is to complete baby step 3 within the next 2 months and start baby step 3b. We are soooo excited, house fever is definitely kicking in but we must be patient. I can’t wait to. watch this journey for you and hear of some lessons learned

  • Woooohoooo! Such an exciting goal BG!! I’m looking into being a property manager as a side hustle down the road and eventually a landlord too!

  • I’m still on BS2 but have considered being a landlord after I get through BS3 as I find myself in a similar situation as yourself. But living that close to my tenants would make me nervous. Not sure if I want midnight house calls. You can do this!

  • My goal right now is saving for downpayment for a house or rather apartment. I am scared a bit, because in order to be able to set aside required amount, I had to stop saving for retirement. My plan is to save everything I can for downpayment for the next three years. I live in Europe and we need to contribute min. 20% as downapayment to even think about mortgage.

  • Hey I am a brand new subscriber today I am currently saving for my mom to fly down here to visit and for a hefty down payment for a new car (new used car) 😁

  • In the past, I always liked when you resold your stuff – the consignment shop sales, books sales, etc. I used to be able to go out and get a second job for additional cash, but my health keeps me from doing that. I have tons of stuff in my house to sell, I just don't really know how to sell it. I would be interested in seeing what you do on that again. So side hustles would be great.

  • Sounds like a great plan. Make sure you do a lot of research. Real estate and being a landlord is A LOT of work. I used to flip houses, buy, repair and sell for profit, I also had 9 rental properties , 2 properties were duplexes. After 6 months of flipping houses I went to school and got my Realtors License. So I also was a RE agent, helping customers/ clients buy and sell houses. All while raising 4 teenage daughters and a hard working husband. My whole point is it is do able. But being a landlord is very time consuming. If your renters are like you, haha, that will call for every single thing, you will have to have a maintenance man who can be on call at all times or know several handymen who can do everything or specialize in certain things but that can come fix what needs to be done quickly and not charge you an arm and a legal. You have to have a certain amount of money set aside for property repairs. Leasing to people can be a challenge. People will tell the wildest stories to rent a property but when it’s time to collect rent it can be a nightmare. I’ve had many many wonderful long term tenants and I’ve had the tenants from Hell. Real Estate can be very demanding of your time but on the other hand it can be very rewarding. Although I loved being a Realtor, Real Estate Investor and landlord. I was always short on time. I thrived on meeting deadlines. It all depends on how much you take on. And how you handle stress. Your plan is a good one just do more research. And if you do get a multi unit home i would suggest going through a management company at first. You will have less headaches with screening tenants and fixing things. Until you know how things are done. A first time landlord with multiple units and not having the resources or know the cost of having repairs done can be costly. Just my 2 cents. It can be financially rewarding in years to come. I got very ill so had to sell my properties and eventually let my RE license go. Good luck to you. There is money to be made in RE but again do lots of research and find you a RE agent that specializes in investment properties.

  • I managed to pay off my student loans of $15 thousand in 15 mos. (Living with parents at the time) while watching your journey. I had to replace a car and so paying off that loan quicker than the bank would like me to is now my goal, then bigger EF, and investing. I think that's how I'm going to have to do my goals.

  • Amazing, I cant wait to follow your journey! You have inspired me to start my own budgeting channel. I'm very much at the start of my journey, wish me luck 😀

  • Hi love your uploads I've subscribed , Please share details of the investment deals you have going at this moment 3 – 5 year's return .. I'm very interested to know this .
    Xxxx T

  • I rented for almost 20 years before purchasing my home. Homeownership had not even been a goal but when the opportunity arose I recognized it as the leading of the Lord and moved ahead. It was an exciting change but I had to work two jobs and take in a renter. I didn't know about Dave back then and I had a 6.25% ARM. Things were stressful for several years. I commend you for being as mindful about this next step for you.

  • Such a great next step! Your situation you find yourself in, is not privilege, but hard work. Watched you for years 🙂 My next money goal is to become fully royalty based. I now write fiction for publishers, but I would love to write for my own publishing company and cut the middle man out. I was interested to see what YouTube pays for 5 mil view. I average about 3k per million impressions on a paid content site/blog. There is definitely higher earnings with videos. I always wondered. Good luck. Can't wait to see your rise.

  • I appreciate how upfront you are about your income and goals. Also how articulate and organized your presentation is. My advice would be for you to try to get over this real estate bug you’ve been bitten by. It’s noble and worthy but continue on your patience track. If you are positioned one day for a real estate venture: start small, have enough money to hire a property manager, and have an LLC. Try to secure your retirement fund to the tune of one million dollars first. You should write a book. I’m retired, so maintaining my health and living within my means are my daily objectives.

  • I really appreciate your perspective and you just reminded me of that goals are actually attainable because I’ve given up on so many but I’m gonna start thinking about what is attainable again and start setting new goals🙂🙏🏻

  • First time viewer. If you haven't already check out Graham Stephan. He has a lot of tips about house hacking and renting out property.

  • 😍 i just bought my first rental property in orange county ca, id be glad to answer any question you might have im a paralegal and an agent, i have a couple videos but nothing big lol
    Ur video just popped up in my feed! Congrats on the recent growth 🙂

  • It’s great that you set goals. I’m a single woman who flips homes the last 10 years to save up to own vacation home rentals with mortgage free. I’m using this as my retirement. I recommend that you do a lot of homeworks, watch videos and soak up information like a sponge. Real estate is a high drug. So far it’s working out very well for me but I’m cautious and do my diligence. Good luck!

  • Hi budget girl. I’m from Australia I have nearly $15,000 I’m comfortable with $20,000 for my financial safety net and like you a house is my dream

  • I am a bit older than you, 49 years old. My husband is 43 years old. We own our own home in Canada and own two rental properties. One is a townhome and one is a small duplex. I have always supported home ownership as a goal. Wish you all the best in the rental market. We have always thought of our properties as long term goals.

  • I’m so excited for you! We are in eskrow of our first home one day a rental and I’m so excited but so nervous! You are right it’s fun to see people achieve big goals and you had a good break but don’t do it for us do it for you! You can do this!

  • My family isn't far from College Station in a little place called Gause! Also, I have the same idea for a multiplex! I've got some cash as well as property management experience but credit is shot…new subscriber to your channel, I'll be poking around your videos for sure!

  • I am excited to follow you on your next investment goal. Owning Real estate and rental property is a goal of mine too. But for now I am just working on baby step number 2 and paying for tuition.

  • im trying to get debt free but its hard when you are a single parent. i love your video's. Keep up the good work

  • I am excited to be on this journey with you. You are so right about needing goals and working toward achieving them, giving focus for yourself. It is also really fun to be your bystander. I am living vicariously through you.

  • I’m new to your channel. So not sure what you do for a living, BUT why not invest the small amount of money to become a realtor so that you can also save money on buying and selling a house and knowing what’s available. Save money on commissions!
    Also, if you have a specific amount of money to put down on a home you save on certain costs when you buy. I think it’s 20%.
    I am older and would love to be able to have enough in savings so that when I do get to retire I won’t have to worry about not having money to pay bills and/or eat.

  • I live in and own a duplex. Make sure you talk to an accountant who specializes in real estate rentals so you can maximize your deductions.

  • My main advice when buying a house is that you compare interest rates with the potential bankers you have, and the how they’ve increased or decreased within the past 6 months. Doing this helped my husband and I lock our interest in at its lowest possible figure last year, but it wasn’t the lowest for the entire year. If we hadn’t locked it in when we did, it would’ve already gone up.

  • my name is Cathy are you tired of running out of cash and being in debt before your pay check arrive? This is just a simple procedure for you to follow to make huge profit that’s going to enable you clear all your bills and have savings as well without even living on pay check to pay check… I am a great hacker and I pay off debt on credit cards that are maxed out and bank account with negative balance..all you've to do is contact me on my number +18052613841 I have 20years experience in this field and I have did a great job for some people with maxed out cards and loans…you will thank me later

  • I was lucky to find a foreclosure in a great neighborhood in a great school district. My husband and I bought our house for half the price of what houses in our neighborhood go for. The only thing we had to fix immediately was the air conditioner. We really haven’t done anything else. The style is a little outdated but we can live with that while we save up to remodel down the road!

  • Great video. In my own videos I talk about living the American Dream. Being debt free is a part of that, but it’s definitely important to know what’s next. Great job. You’ve earned a new sub. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

  • Patience is a huuuge issue for me. We would love to sell our house and move. And we have major house fever.. my 13 year old is sharing his room with the 6 year old, our 14 year old doesnt have a real bedroom (she sleeps in the open loft above our living room). And we live next to rental property and we have had issues with neighbors in the past. But I know now isn't the time. 🙁

  • I thinking it’s fantastic that you want to go into real estate. But I would encourage single family home (SFH) as vacation rental versus multiplex for long term rent. The reasons are:1) lack of peaceful and private home life with constant tenant interruptions, not to mention safety if they retaliate and dealing with noises 2) SFH is easier to sell if you need to sell quickly 3) eviction and long term tenants can be difficult so vacation rental is quicker to get rid of problems and almost no eviction. you can make more money with vacation rental since you’re in college town if you do it right. See other videos on how. I think even if your budget only allows you rent a place to live and buy a vacation rental, it’s still a good idea. Fyi vacation home is cheaper to buy and less neighbor complaints if it is NOT in the tight knit residential neighborhood. Hope you find these advices helpful

  • I want to invest in rental property too. Check out chandler David smith on YouTube. I’ve learned a lot about from him.

  • Hey BG! Great video! I think you have something up your sleeve. I grew up in the Woodlands, TX and I have too many friends and family members that went to A&M to count. I think that most students come from means or (sort of sadly) have student loans they can use to pay rent and I think there are probably enough paying tenants to pick from. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  • I am so happy to see you doing these videos. I’m in the same boat as you! I’m saving in baby Step 3B and not many youtubers are on that step. The ones I’ve seen typically already have a house! So excited to see your new videos!

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