My Real Secret To Financial Freedom At 26

Listen, you know that I became
financially free at a really young age. I’ve made multiple videos on exactly how
I did it. But today for the first time ever I’m going to actually share the 3
psychological shifts that I made in my mindset that are the real responsibility
for why I’ve been able to create all this wealth. If you have all the how to’s
and you don’t have the right psychology, it may not work. So today’s video is to
finish giving you the rest of the equation. There’s a lot of people that want to
know how I achieve my financial freedom at the age of 26. And the reality is I’ve
made so many videos for you documenting my systems and my how to’s and how it’ll
happen. Today’s video is going to be different. Today I want to give you the
real reason. You know, we always want to know how something worked and give me
the steps and give me the sequence. Today, I want to give you 3 different
things. I want to share with you 3 things that you may not expect that are
the real reason for the success that I’ve had in my life. And that I’ve been
able to sustain and level up and call… If I could go back in time and had a time
machine, these are the three things I would share with myself to say. This is
what you need. This is your formula for being successful. So, I want to break it
down and help you understand what its going to look like and what its gonna take
for you to have the level of success that you want in your life. So, might
surprise you. The first thing that you need is pain. What? Yes. I’m going to break
your legs. Now, I’m not talking about pain. I’m actually… it could be better
summarized with this word: Suffering. The reality is most of us respond to pain
versus motivation. So, there’s a lot of people are like, “Oh, Kris. I want to make
money so I can help my parents. I want to make money so that I can take this trip.
I want to make this so I can have this car. You know, I want this lifestyle. I
want freedom.” You know what? In life, we do not get what we want. We get what we need.
And the reality is we will always feed our pain. We will not always get what we
dream. And so, you take a look at the difference here between pain and
motivation. In my personal life, if I didn’t have that moment with my wife
where first my dreams got dashed to pieces when I got told I was too dumb to
become a doctor. Like I just finished taking this organic chemistry class for
the second time and I got a worse grade. I got a c-minus. The first time I took a
got a C. Like that was really disheartening but it wasn’t until I
actually sat down with the administrator of the program that just said, “Kris,
please, please, please let me talk you out of this. Your brain does not think in
science ease. it’s going to be 10 years of science for you to be who you want to be.
You’re going to hate it.” And you know what? They won that day. They convinced me to
drop out. And I did. And that wasn’t really what was the real pain point. That
made me scared for my future that made me nervous
and questioned a lot of things. But it wasn’t until a couple of days later I
was coming home from work and I met my brand-new wife… I was married young. I was
fortunate to find her like the third day of college. And after we had only been
married for a few months, I remember coming home. And it had been a hard
difficult day. But apparently a much harder day for her. Even when I put my
hand on the doorknob, I energetically just felt like something feels weird,
something feels bad. It’s like there’s this dark, ominous energy and when I came
in to the hallway, my wife was standing under the only can
light. And I remember she was not just actively crying but her cheeks had been
stained with tears. And I thought someone had died. And I felt I just had a crappy
day but she had a crappier day. I said, “What’s wrong?” And then she proceeded to
tell me something that I didn’t think would have triggered this level of pain.
She said, “Tuition is due in 3 weeks and we can’t pay it.” I thought “Probably
going to have to go into debt.” Which was the worst thing in the world to my wife. But
that’s not why she was crying. She said, “Kris, we have rent due in 5 days. And
we already spent her paycheck.” And I could start feeling the fear coming up.
But I didn’t know if that necessarily explained the tears. When I saw that my
wife was crying because she then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t
have money to pay for the groceries and she came home empty-handed. She had never
bounced a check before. I realized my wife was crying because I had failed to
provide the most basic need that I promised to provide.
Frankly, my wife was hungry. We only bought 5 days of food at a time. You
talk about my pain. My pain is rooted in the fact that I couldn’t provide after
working full time the most basic needs. That right there fueled me. I swore that
day. I swore in my anger, my frustration, my sadness, my smallness. I swore
I will do whatever it takes to never have to feel this way again. This is not
going to be my life. This is not going to be my destiny. Pain has served me way
more than my dreams. You know, vision boards and the fast cars and the freedom
and that nice lifestyle it all sounds wonderful. But you know what? When going
gets tough, we’re willing to ditch our dreams.
We’ll never ditch our needs. So, you have to find a way to tap into your pain. What
drives you? What’s your pain? If you don’t have a why, what’s motivating you and if
it’s not linked to pain, I give you a very, very small chance of success. The
second thing that I had that to determine my success was right here.
Number 2, I had the discipline to do this really weird thing called stick
with it. My stick-with-itnesswas crazy because it was driven by the pain of my
wife’s tears. In fact, that bothered me so much that four and a half years later
after we were financially free, I was walking on the beach with my wife
celebrating retirement. And I was waiting for that moment when she’d say, “Kris,
you’re finally enough. You made it. Thank you for providing. Thank you for making
all this money.” But to thank you really didn’t come that way. It was me disturbed
in my soul inside wanting to feel validated and I couldn’t find that
validation. Until later when I got my hands on this information I decided that
I was enough. No, my stick with that discipline was my very first mentor said,
“Kris, for you to make all this money in real estate?” He said, “Listen, you only need
to count to 10. 1, 2 homes. 3 homes, 4 homes. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 homes. A million. 10 homes, a million bucks. For me it was 25 homes,
1.6 million dollars because I had to split things with my partners. But the
reality is real estate, you do very few times and you make a lot of money. That
is really really really cool. But it requires a stick with it because you’re
not going to get rewarded day one. Most of us are trained that we have to get
immediate gratification to stick with something. And you know what? Real estate
is not going to give you that. My game plan, I had to stick with my game plan
for 14 months . I had to get a couple extra credit cards use them responsibly
find a way to save up 5 grand. Stay at my job so I could get a 2 year history.
That was my plan. For 14 months I felt like I was doing nothing but
money and working. Before team months later I bought my first house. And a year
later that led to my second house. And 6 months later, my third. And a year and
a half later 25 homes. It was this exponential curve. For most of you,
you have to jump through a hoop to get that first deal and it’s not going to
happen tomorrow. You might be able to do it in 2 months versus my 14 months
with the new technology that I have access to now. But nonetheless, most
people are lacking the stick with it. So, you’ve got to become a die-hard. By the
way, if you really are diehard, you have got to come out to one of my live events.
My live events are life-changing. I’ve designed them based on everything that
I’ve learned so that you walk away not just with motivational rah, rah. But with
a million-dollar game plan knowing exactly step by step what you need to do.
And the event will give you conviction, to maintain that energy until you get
that first deal so that you can have your stick with it factor. The third and
final thing that I feel like led to my financial freedom. And by the way, after
this, I’ve got another video that I’m going to share with you that’s going to
actually show you that how I did it. Becuase if you’re watching this and you’re like,
“Okay. Kris, I’m getting all of the psychology of success. But what did you
do to make the money then? That’s the next video. I’ll recommend that shortly
up in this corner. What I want you to know is that the third thing I had to do
to affect my psychology… And this one is going to be weird. But you have to magnify…
Like a magnifying glass. Magnify what works. Which means there’s a thousand
things that look like they can bring you success and only a dozen of them work.
When you find something that works, you have to find a way to stick with it so
that you can keep playing the game. You know when I found something that worked
in the game of real estate, I bought this house and I’m like, “Okay, it took me 14
months to get here. How long will it take to do again?” And the bank said, “Wait 12
months. Once it seasons, you can pull some money out.” So, I dutifully kept on my game
plan. I waited 12 months, went to the bank, pulled out an $18,000
line of credit use it as a down payment to buy my next house. But then after that
I did my next one 6 months later. And then I got faster and got faster, faster,
faster and then it just started popping. I had to stick with it but then guess
what? I didn’t deviate from the plan. By the
way, if you don’t have a plan, then you need to find a way to get your hands on
a copy of this book. Those book I actually give away to
people for free. It’s called straight path to real estate
wealth. This book has created millionaires. It is the best… This is going to
sound arrogant. But this is the best real estate book I’ve ever read. And I’ve read
them all. And I wrote this as a how-to manual to make your first and next
million dollars. And so, I wrote it with you in mind.
I wrote it over a decade ago. I just updated it. This book has created
financial freedom for a lot of people. There’s a link below in the description.
Get yourself a copy of the book for free. More importantly, if you don’t know how I
actually made my wealth, there’s a video popping up over here in just a second
that video is actually going to show you exactly how I retired by the age of 26.
With my financial freedom, I went back to work but not as a you know an employee. I
started my own companies and I started changing lives and helping more people
and doing the things that brought about fulfillment. Because achievement without
fulfilment is one of the great failures. So, yes. I’m going to show you how to make
money in this next video. But then you have to learn how to live in a manner
that will produce the fulfillment that you’re really looking for. Listen, I want
to thank you for watching today’s video. You’ve got to find your pain. You got to
find the discipline. And then you got to magnify what works. If you don’t have a
gameplan, get a copy of my book. Join me at one of my events. You’ll develop the
stick-with-itness an attitude that’s gonna change everything for you. And
other than that, check out this next video. This video will actually walk you
through exactly what I did to make my first millions of dollars. I hope you
enjoy it. I thank you for being subscriber to the channel. If you do me
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