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Hi, welcome back to SugarMammaTv, your financial coach, creator and counselor. This video is all about me, which sounds really odd and bad but I wanted to explain to people about why I’m so passionate about sharing my messages and sharing my advice to you and how I fell into the industry and what financial honing and independence means to me. So, my story is I went to Macquarie University and was studying commerce and majoring in economics and marketing and I didn’t really have any idea about what I wanted to do when I finished Uni but I worked. I had a part-time job working at Greenwood Plaza and I was a bar girl and I used to make quite a bit of money in tips and I used to work really long hours. I’d come home at sort of three o’clock in the morning, 4 o’clock in the morning, and I used to put all my tips into my bedside table, and I’d come home stinking of cigarettes and sticky from beer and spirits and just dirty, exhausted and I just basically collapsed into bed and fall asleep and I’d throw you at the tips into my bedside table and not really think anything of it and then one day when I was procrastinating. I was studying for exam or working on an assignment. I decided I should probably see how much money I’ve saved up in tips and I noticed that all the tips were really sticky and dirty and their own sort of small denominations and it was actually adding up to be quite a was quite a large amount of money from a sort of volume perspective it took up quite a bit of space. So, I didn’t really know what to do. So, I took it to the bank and I talked to my local bank where my parents do their banking and this is before the privacy act had come in. So, probably I don’t know maybe 14 years ago. Anyway, I didn’t know what to do. I just thought okay well is taking up all this space, I’ll get the five and ten dollar notes that are all added up convert it into a hundred dollar notes and just at least it won’t take up as much space in my bedside table and I’ll just bring it home and work out what to do with later. Anyway, took it to the bank and hands are all over and they added it up and they said that they needed to take my driver’s license and a copy of my driver’s license and I didn’t think anything of it, handed them my driver’s license [and] gave it back to me and had me back my money which ended up being quite a large amount of money [and] all in hundred all notes and off. I went home didn’t think anything of it put the Money back in my bedside table, and you know [carat] continued on with my day anyway that afternoon my dad came home and Came home screaming for me. [I] was in big trouble and he said he’d been at the bank and they asked whether they he had a daughter and did his daughter have a large amount of cash and What the bank my dad happened to have seen the same bank teller who knew him? That afternoon and she told him about all this cash that I had stashed away Dad went absolutely mental at me for two reasons. He said one if we get robbed [all] that money is gone It’s not covered at under insurance and then the second thing. He got really angry at me [about] was Why was it sitting in my bedside table? It wasn’t earning any interest wasn’t growing in value? It was just a complete. You know a waste of my precious time so literally the next day my dad took me into my personal local bank, and we deposited the money together and within a week I had put made my first investment and I was really excited about that. I didn’t really understand what it meant I got a whole pile of paperwork in the mail and and then a couple of months later, I received my first check which was my first dividend and I didn’t have a clue what to do with it, and I took it with my dad and said I’ll What is this? I didn’t even know what a check really was and My Dad said well It’s a dead end you [wrote] some income off your investment. You know you’ve gotta go and deposit it into the bank I said well, what am I gonna do with it? I really need it because I you know was I work part-time And I was studying and you know I didn’t really need the money said well, you’ve got two [options] You can spend it watching three options. You can spend it. You can save it or you can reinvest it and He said if you [reinvested] the income you know Probably you know continue to grow and get bigger and bigger And I kind of got excited about that and thought that was really cool, so I bank the the [cheque] and then I continued then decided to continue on buying investments and and continue on reinvesting that income and that’s how I Got into investing and I start to realize wow. This is money. This is my money working for me I’m not physically having to do for an ending forward and Obviously the time [is] that you need my living expenses were really low but I started to get an inkling of the potential of this of this passive income this dividend income coming in and How cool it was and that it was covering helping cover some of my living expenses so that Then kind of I guess I had an aha moment as oprah would call it, and I realized this is really powerful [I] want to be able to show other people how to do this and How to create this for themselves [so] from that point on I decided okay? I want to become I want to get into the financial services industry and and show people how to do this for themselves and so [while] I was studying university I continued on working part-time but Working as a bar girl And I also worked part-time for a financial advisor as an assistant And you know studied my advanced diploma in financial planning at the same time? So I really threw myself into the deep things I wanted to absorb myself into as much [information] as much information as possible so that’s my story of how that how I fell into the industry and how I started investing and I’ve been investing pretty much You know since that moment where my dad made [me] make my first investment [and] you know one thing for me? Is that drives me is security? [I] remember as a child I used to hate it when my parents would fight I used to get so anxious and I’d stop [I] wouldn’t eat for days when my parents were fighting and you know often you know fights as between most couples are often about money and So for me you know if life is so stressful as it is life is messy things happen [people] get sick you know Marriages end you know You [have] to move you lose your jobs if you can [over] remove one major stress out of your life Life is going to be so much easier so for me teaching people and showing people how to create realistic financial independence and And peace for themselves is I think a [very] valuable gift, and I think it’s something that can really free up your Energy and your [time] and allow you to focus on the things that make you happy in life And give you a sense of security and a sense of fulfillment and happiness So that’s what I’m all about That’s my passion and this is why I do what I do and I and I love what I do So thank you for watching Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I’ve got lots more videos coming out soon And you can follow me [on] Instagram at sugar Mama TV And you can like us [on] Facebook as well, so thanks for [watching] I’ll speak to you soon ciao for now. Bye

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  • Canna, thank you SO much for these videos! I am much like your younger self, working as a bar girl in the states, shoving my money into my drawer until I can find the time to deposit it!
    Even though I would say I'm pretty good with my money and always save, i often feel anxious due to the inconsistency of my income. Your videos not only inspire me to be independent and smart, but inspire me to reach my full potential with my money so I can feel secure and confident no matter what kind of salary I have. I also love your other video where you talk about "money as energy" and what not; REALLY changed the way I view money. Now I spend more mindfully!

    Please keep the videos coming. I found your channel from Chloe and I'm so grateful I did!! Thank you so much :)!!

  • Hi guys, I will definitely be doing lots of videos on where and what to invest in however because there is so much information to share I can only do one video at a time. It is also important that my subscribers have a good foundation of knowledge before embarking on an investment portfolio… This video is coming I promise xCC

  • Can you give some advice on investing while on a small salary? And in what order should one do things? Savings, then investing? Both at the same time? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Hello Canna! I just subscribed to your really awesome and helpful/educational channel!! And I want to firstly say THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time in your life to share this knowlage with all us! I know that you have talked a bit about investing and buying shares.. I wanted to know if you could share how anyone planning on doing so can go about starting and preparing to decide weather or not to invest in shares or how to choose where the money should go? If you can share some advice on this part of the topic, it will be much appreciated. Again thanks a lot for this channel, and I look forward to seeing all of your upcoming videos! Chao! 🙂

  • My dad unfortunately remortgaged our house and gambled away the cheque a few years ago, leaving my mum struggling having to pay off the mortgage (will have to do so for the rest of her life, probably), bills, and financing myself and my younger sister on a daily basis. I would love to know how to start making my money grow so that I can build a good future for myself and show my younger sister how to do it too. Loved watching your videos, you are a wonderful role model Canna and I really needed this wake up call in my life right now. x

  • Super happy to find you! I live in New Zealand, and have been looking to start investing, but have no idea where to start, most places I have tried you need to invest huge amounts of money. Where as I would like to start with say 2,000 dollars, is this even possible ?? Many Thanks Elaine 🙂

  • Hi,
    I totally agree that financial independence is a good thing. It is something that actually all human beings should have.
    Unfortunately not everybody is able to invest and to make a living out of it.
    And still – when you say you're "money is working for you" isn't there in fact somebody else who is working for it?
    I suggest to establish a global basic income so that every human being on earth is able to "free up his energy".
    What do you think about it?

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!! I'm from argentina and as a makeup artist ir really difficult to be financially independent. Thank you!!

  • I recently read an article about investing money into your superannuation before putting "extra" money into your mortgage. Are you able to shed any more light on this? Thanks!

  • Hi, Ive been watching your videos and they are extremely helpful. I have a few questions. How much money did you invest the first time? what is a good amount to start with? I would love you ask you more, What is your email address?

  • I play your videos in the house like a radio podcast 🙂 I get notified each time you post, so keep the good advice coming. Love ya.

  • There are so many wonderful videos on youtube but one thing that always bugged me is when people are making informational videos, trying to help people and they are vague when it comes to money. I understand that some things are personal but I wish sometimes when people are doing these videos to help subscribers that they wouldn't be so vague. Why not mention how much money was on the table, how much money you ended up with when you receive the dividends. I have always felt as a subscriber, when the channel shares the total story, it makes me feel more connected like we are one in the same on the same journey, but when the channel does not share certain things, it is obvious that you are being vague and it makes me feel like I am just part of your online business; a customer.

  • Your story is so inspiring and its so great of you to share your knowledge because so many people have no idea what their earnings can do for them. I actually am thinking about becoming a finical adviser so i can help people aswell 💜

  • This is really interesting. But how do I know in what I should invest and if it is save? I'm from Germany, I don't know if that makes it different, but a lot of times I could see in the news that people wanted to invest, something went wrong, because the bank counselor made a bad job and all the money was gone. I would love to invest and make more money with it, but how can I be save? I couldn't handle loosing all of it.

    I could get capital-forming benefits so I could do a building loan contract, but  I would have to wait 7 years to use the money.

  • WOW you are one smart woman! Thank you so much for this video. I spent the last two hours watching your videos like seriously. I-thank-you!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I stumbled upon ur videos today while being home not feeling well due to a lot of reasons u mention… I feel inspired watching your videos and ready to take action by being thankful for what I have and utilize the positive energy to maximize / attract spiritual abundance…. I'm really looking forward to your upcoming videos.

  • Wow … a true inspiring story …. A message in which I would like to spread too I feel everybody need financial education in there life … keep it up love it

  • Love your videos so much. I graduated from MQ Uni as well but in accounting degree. Can you please do a video for financial planning in 20's, 30's & 40'+? Really hoping you can reply me. 😘

  • Hi C, I have a question. You say that you completed your Advanced Diploma whiles still in uni. However, I know from personal experience that you need to have done your Diploma of Financial Planning first. I'm confused, did you complete both whilst still in uni? That is a massive workload! Thanks for the clarification. I really love what you are doing!

  • I found you on Chloe Morello's channel! Honestly, I had been thinking about investing in shares for such a long time (normally I put all my money in Term Deposits) and this was the FINAL push! Glad to say I bought my first share parcel @ age 21 :)!

  • Hello Sara! I am so happy I found your channel! I was wanting some advice on Roth IRA accounts because I have heard so many great things about it. What is the best online bank for savings?

  • Money is not the most important thing in our lives, but as you say, good financial knowledge and planning allows people to live a more comfortable life, and have one less thing to worry about. Keep up the good work, and thanks I appreciate it!

  • What gets me is how in school year 12 english is compulsory, which is stuff like 'what is a post-modernist reading of this text?' and frankly pretty useless, but basic personal finance isn't. A lot of people would be better off if someone walked them through how credit cards and compound interest works, or even basic budgeting & tax returns. I think you kind of mentioned this in another one of your vids, people end up learning from their parents and getting into the same bad habits.

  • Dear Sugar Mama, I have something to tell you:
    I am Herbert and I am from Vietnam. Now I am having no jobs and I am living on my own expense.
    I think you are very beautiful and I want to date you.
    Could you tell me how to achieve that dream, please?
    Thank you very much

  • I'm currently 15 year's old. Born in the middle class (or so they call it) but I'm very interested in building financial freedom at a young age. Your video is very inspiring. I'm currently gathering money so I can be ready for my first investment by the time I'm 18. I have one question tho….
    What should I first invest into?

  • Cheers to you, Sugar Mama! I think your channel is a great service to not only women but to all. It's quite surprising how little channels there are dedicated to empowering people financially. Too many would show you how to spend your income or reduce your assets and be stuck the same income bracket. I'll subscribe just so I can support! Cheers mate!

  • Hi Sugar mamma your videos have really excited me to start investing as soon as I can! One thing that has been on my mind a little is the potential for a long term investment to result in no real payout due to the possibility of early death. I know it is a rather morbid thought but I would like to know your thoughts on this.

  • I think its funny how you start off by saying that you were working 'part time' but then go on to say you were working 'really long hours'!!!
    Which is it then?? 'part time' or 'really long hours' because to me they both can't both be the same thing!
    I also wonder how if working 'part time' how did you managed to make so much money in tips?
    Did a short skirt have anything to do with that???

  • Thank you for doing what you do. Great info & it SHOWS that you love what you do!! ❤️👍 Im an avid watcher & you've taught me So much about finances & minimalism & Im very grateful!!!! Blessings!!!

  • I was scared to watch this video because I'm afraid to find out I'm very bad with money….but it's really down to earth to watch ! Thank you

  • those who are rich can invest a lot investing for financial freedom therefore cant be an option because the rich money printing elite can always enslave the poorer parts of their pyramide system

  • I enjoyed watching your video and look forward to others.

    I specialize in the alternative asset space whereas our agents and advisors from across the country offer their clients a number of different options as to how they can earn higher rates of return with limited downside risks an also tax incentivized strategies via IRC that were enacted back in the 60's which have never changed and probably never will.

    Could you imagine offering some of your high net worth clients an opportunity to write off 100% of their investment capital and still average an estimated annual return of 37.5%???

    Or, receiving annual returns of 8% and 9% paid to you on a monthly basis and only tie your funds up for 12 months at a time.

    Well this is exactly what we do and we would love the opportunity to have a chat with you or at least be able to send you some information so that you can get familiar with our investment platforms.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Ken Morris
    (818) 927-1095

  • What a lovely story. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon one of your videos and have not stopped watching them since. Thank you so much for doing these videos, it is so HELPFUL for someone like me who has zero experience and knowledge in investing. Again i am extremely grateful for all the information and videos you provide. I also love that not all your videos are not about money or investing and extra love the videos with your pups in them. Thank you thank you thank you. I always anticipate new videos from you and re watch all your investing videos over and over because its really useful information 🙂

  • Learning to invest will ensure you will become financial independent. If interested, see my channel on investing with chart pattern. Not selling anything. Just sharing from my investing journey

  • Dividends is a very small tiny fraction of what investing is about. Having a good financial plan with an investment strategy is cash cow that will get you out of the rat race and into the land of financial freedom. It is worth your time and energy to learn investing for yourself and becoming your own financial advisor and money manager. That is true financial freedom.

  • I wish I wasn’t mostly living paycheck to paycheck but I’d love to start investing. I have a very small amount I’m able to save but I’m hoping to improve on myself.

  • look ,,my only obsession in life is getting out of the rat race , Im pretty sure you are familiar this term..I Know money isnt everything but sure it is FREEDOM in all the sense of the word ..nothing like having CONTROL of your own life..Im only 24 but this topic is my main concern , even invested in my own digital library ,composed mostly of finance and money audiobooks and courses..its hard to come by people with the sufficient awareness of this topic …glad to have find you,,and even more to share my collection with you..

  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "how to become financial freedom" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ferapt Freedom Fanboy – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

  • you were so lucky to have a father who was knowledgeable and cared to teach you. What did he do for a living? Why advanced diploma instead of CFA? THanks for sharing your story

  • Hi Canna! I just love your content on investing and becoming financially secure!! I first heard about you on Clever Girl Finance. I am very interesting in learning more about investing in the stock market and would like more information about how to start this process. Your Youtube channel has much information on investing in the stock market, but I would like to see future content(maybe you have it already) on how to decide which stock to pick (what to review to make wise decision) and how to read and understand the annual reports, etc. If you have this information on your channel already, please share the link. Thank you much!

  • Everything happens for a reason. What a great story and how wonderful that you've made an amazing career for yourself! Congrats!

  • Wow I love your story. Thanks for sharing. I also used to work really really hard so thought about the way to make money with working less.

  • Tips? Earning tips? Ok, I’m confused. Tipping is not cultural practice in Australia. I’m shocked you earned tips! I don’t tip unless I am travelling in North America. I figure every in other country (that’s not North America) the boss pays the staff, and it’s none of my business to be paying them. Can Australians please weigh in – am I suppose to be tipping in Australia?Fair wages in this country always made me think I was free of the stress of tipping. I admit I hate the concept of tipping – it’s not my job to work out how much to pay people, or pay them directly – that’s their bosses job.

  • Smart money moves. Only thing I can comment on is the fact you had so many part time jobs. Pretty girl perks

  • Hi sugar mama, I’m a young guy, fit body, golden tanned skin, want to be your sugar man baby. Let me know how I can get in touch with you so we can make an arrangement !

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