My Titleist: How Justin Thomas marks his Pro V1x

Yeah I just put four red dots around the
number. I guess I do red for Alabama. I went to school, there so I choose red for that and red numbers, I guess. But yeah that’s how I mark it, right there. “How long have you been marking it that way?” Um, I used to change a lot with how I marked it,
but I probably have done this since college, so maybe four years or so, something like that. And I don’t know, I guess I don’t play with too many guys that mark it like this, so I’ve just been keeping it going. “Good, so do you line up your putts on the green in any certain way?” I do, yeah. I just line them up right down the right down the Pro V1x and I’ll put a black line sometimes – that I kind of differ on, but usually I don’t, I just line it up like that. “And what about for your tee shots?” Tee shots, I just throw down, however. For some reason if I’m hitting them well
one day or one certain way, I’ll do it. But usually just however it’s down, I’ll hit it like that. you

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