My UnFranchise Freedom Platform

it sounds like okay so everyone can see
you and I can hear so I’ll get started yeah okay so basically here we are a
franchise and we call ourselves the unconscious business so basically we are
powered by ecommerce and as the tagline here it shows that we convert our
existing spending into earnings so tomorrow if along the way I mean you
there’s anything that you like to clarify or what just pass me here okay
so basically here we are known as a market Malaysia also referred to as shop
comm so here we provide interpreters with an ongoing system whereby we can
become a financially dependent independent as we grow our business
together so basically I mean our model here is we provide consumers worldwide
with a better smarter quicker and also more efficient way to shop so here we
have revolutionary technology and also here instead of in control being
monopolized by big corporations and all that
here we are powered by people power so in a way we are creating the economy for
our future so all of us here are just everyday people just like everyone over
here and for information the global economy is rapidly changing so as you
can see here four major trends are taking place creating one of the
greatest opportunities for those of us who position ourselves ahead of this
trend so I mean over here we can see that I think maybe you have seen some
stalls also about retail stores closing down
collapsing and also there’s a rise in the online sales I’m oh no you’re
familiar with any online sites yeah like like sharpie what’s up all right okay
good so this T you are you are in the right direction so basically I mean la
serda and show people they both are good platforms it’s just that I mean like we
don’t get paid like when we shop on lazada or sharpie but over here in a
while I’ll show you how we actually get paid over here on our platform and also
over here we are one-to-one marketing we actually replace mass marketing I mean
like mass marketing is like what you see in like in in in those past days you see
TV commercials laughing right top and bottom you know so those are a form of
mass method mass marketing and also pastry now it is the rise of
entrepreneurs as are compared to like job seekers so here our unconscious
business we are both like a franchise and also at the same time we are unlike
a franchise so here we are like a franchise because we are systemized we
are standardized and we are uniform and then we also have a proven management
system we’ve got marketing tools for professionals like ourselves we have
standardized training and also we’ve got products and services which are market
driven market driven is basically like if you’re familiar with search engine
optimization and all that basically our platform our company has done all of
that for us so we need no longer spend extra time to do that and also here
because of the franchise value excuse me we are more visible and basically we
have a stronger branding all right so that’s the portion of those
which is right your franchise and also on the other hand we are unlike
the franchise because as you can see here we don’t charge any franchise fees
or royalties for us we have minimal startup expenses okay like for example
I’m sure in terms of franchise you will know names like McDonald’s 7e probably
came out you know even nowadays you have the newer one family mark and all that
old town what do you think is the stand up costs or franchisor death I mean
easily it would be like six figures seven figure like that so I mean like
for us we are not such because we have a minimum startup expenses and so we’ve
got potential tax advantages we do not have any large monthly overhead and we
have no territorial restrictions what do I mean here is like let’s take for
example okay tomorrow if you have a 7-eleven in p/j Petaling Jaya can your
friend or your other business partners open another 7-eleven in that proximity service five kilometres
yeah basically I mean that’s that’s the point lock they if there is a boundary
day there is a distance that separates the franchise lock so that is the
conventional franchise but not in our case okay and also here we can do this
on a part-time basis and also it’s flexible with our hours and our
lifestyle and I cannot find anything else with as little risk as what we have
over here already so basically I mean the unfriend Chai’s market America were
founded in 1992 that’s a good 27 years again we are coming to coming close to
the decade so basically we are global brokerage and internet marketing company
and we specialize in one-to-one marketing so global product vocal range
basically means we do not manufacture our products but basically we get the
best product from the fast manufacturers or the interest of our people so in this
context our products don’t go twist because like if a company
actually produces manufactures their own products the fear of that is that
product goes out of trend so in our context our products don’t go out of
trend because let’s say if we have product a ok product a was trending for
like maybe one or two years like that then on the third year product B came in
so when product B comes in and product B is the water is riding the train riding
the wave and if in any case product is not riding the train away basically we
switch over to product B so I mean we don’t have any liquidity issue in them
and also basically today you need internet to market not just business you
need internet 250 market yourselves market yourself looking for jobs and all
those kind of stuff so basically one-to-one marketing is people
approaching people talking to each other and basically this is where we build our
business on our relation with each other so our hypothesis in Greensboro you know
nine states currently we have about a hundred fifty people globally employed
so our operations are in Malaysia US Canada Australia Taiwan Hong Kong UK and
also Singapore and also if you’re wondering here what is this
PPP it stands for Better Business Bureau so we have one the torch award for two
zero one three and two zero one eight and basically we are a plus rated law
so this is a very high recognition this is a very high ranking that we obtain
from a body okay so we move on to over company sales and unconscious owner
earnings so this is the estimator accumulated retail sales
so here the figure here is actually 36 billion yeah I will spare you the
details and all but basically I mean like we have thousands of an franchise
owners which is basically a slot because of our franchise owners and basically
our weekly earnings are between thousand two to twelve thousand ringgit and yes
it can go more than them okay so today we have got over 500 and franchise
owners they have earned beyond a million dollars in commission and also we are
adding new million dollar earners every month so to date the total and franchise
owners Ning is actually 18 be reading it class that’s a very big number right and
as you can see the trend here all the way from 2001 2000 2003 so on and so
forth basically here the number is increasing on a yearly basis have you
have you ever seen any other business with this kind of a projection tomorrow
no basically I mean it seems your opinion business so you know that for
most people for most businesses I mean yes even if the revenue increases in
five years in ten years that will be usable by their drawdowns and drawbacks
and etc yeah but this to me here we pick the chart we beat that record so
basically by default all of us we are born into a 45 year plan so without
knowing you know 95% of us will spend depending on and what age you start to
work okay-y basically 95% of us who spend 45
years of our lives making the 5 percent successful so Eddie
the default is at the end of the day 5 percent would be financially fit and
then 100 minus 5 that 95 percent would be financially struggling would still be
working or somewhere rowdy you know going to shoot God and SH Allah if you
go Ameen right so this is the conventional work path or tensional
career path so the 45 year plan okay III don’t really want to ask this question
but anyway I presume that most religions today in in fact most people around the
world would have student loans credit cards car loans and even mortgages I
mean if you buy a house I mean nowadays it’s seldom people buy a house on cash
alone okay so if you bring up the topic of financial security you would actually
need to save three hundred thousand ringgit means like you must have three
hundred thousand ringgit in hand in your bank account in your fixed deposit to
actually earn an extra of one thousand ringing a month and that would be based
on a four percent fixed deposit rate but I mean we all know that our current FTE
is about slightly just more than three so here some people talk about EPF
employment Provident Fund the not so happy news is that more than over 68% of
EPF members age 45 has got less than 50 thousand in the EPF savings so basically
I mean like we are going into a into an age of I even even those who are
supposed to have been retired or pension who need to come back into employment
and into workforce so that was the 45 year plan
so basically here what we are proposing to our friends to our partners and also
to our context see the value of what we have here we are proposing the two to
three year plan so basically here is a plan for our own financial success
whereby we can have additional income we reduce our debt we can find freedom to
our college fund early retirement financial security and
also this adds potential tax advantages we also basically this can be used to
pay for our mortgage our car payment and also it serves very well as a back-up
plan ultimately we want to create a residual
income so here we are a product or each company after this I will show you our
web page our web portal so we’ve got hundreds of exclusive products and also
services we don’t rely on rely on the sales of any single products of this
mystery this is a multi-billion market and we our company beasty identifies
market driven products and we like as mentioned earlier we eliminate the
burden of manufacturing so this allows our company the flexibility to move if
the market trend market demands because basically we know that for
business to thrive we must go with the demand and supply
principle so here as a product Rockridge company we we diversify into health and
nutrition healthy lifestyle program shopping annuity brand we have age
management products you’ve got cosmetics for CDs personal care for all genders
and also home and garden for all people with houses and gardens and also we are
an internet marketing company we partner with stores around here in Malaysia just
just to bring up a few names like like DIY
Malaysia Airlines MSI G about the booking so I’m pretty sure that you grow
up without that and you are familiar those names those names they are our
partners thoughts so we have our exclusive products and
empower customers there is no cost register and also our
customers can earn shop points tomorrow so far okay all right great so we move on to
shopping annuity so this is a revolutionary concept whereby we help
people to convert our existing spending into earning we are not telling people
to spend more no I mean we understand the economy’s situation as it is now so
we are not telling people to stand more but whatever that you are already
spending make it your income to our platform so basically all of our
purchases from our partner stores and the macro Malaysia they are all trapped
so when you or anyone that you leave to shop online you get 100% for those
purchase so I don’t think there’s anywhere else that gives you a hundred
percent credit for purchases that you have given leads to so broke on the left
you’ve got a forty five year plan you continue to trade your time for money I
mean don’t get me wrong I am NOT saying that going for a job is wrong no I’m not
saying that but basically that is what it means
yeah oh you would like to look forward to a two to three year plan whereby we
invest about eight to fifteen hours weekly we make a thousand two to twelve
thousand ringgit a week it can go more than that and also recreate a residual
income so tomorrow your choice is left all right mm I own this all right okay okay but
I’m almost okay so my suggestion is pasta take both take
both so basically I mean you know you have a job to basically fund your
franchise so I mean that’s the beauty of it we do not require people to come come
come in full-time you know we understand that basically this this franchise
platform is for everyday people like us we don’t have to be superstars we don’t
have to be heroes we don’t have to be top performers we just need to be
ourselves and that is the beauty of it so let me show you how these two three
year plan works so it’s a simple step one to five we apply we create we
qualify we activate and we teach we manage and support and we repeat the
process again so it’s very very simple and straightforward
so here the application part we have sales representative and also we have an
franchise owners yeah publicity for all of us we highly
recommend an franchise owners so as you can see here as a non franchise owner
you’ll be able to earn retail profits with our exclusive brands we have global
meeting training and seminar for us to be better businesspeople we have our
very own shop calm personal sites that bears your name
we have additional websites to market your business we have an franchise calm
management reports that shows you how much you are earning daily how much
you’re earning weekly Hommage earning monthly and also and
and also here we get a chance to participate in a compensation plan and
we earn up to twelve thousand ringgit in goodly commissions for a business now I
should let me show you what does it mean so here our own franchise on
substitution it includes this week this guy that we called getting started guide
our own franchise menu our own franchise owner magazine training and seminar
audio training our management reports coaching and mentoring by experience and
franchise owners for information I was personally coached and personally hand
held by mr. Johnson thank you and also mr. Alvin
they are basically my seafoods and also we would have our man shop comm website
auto body shop calm but chemical calm and also we will have other additional
websites which later I’ll show you so step two we create PV PV basically is a
business volume so BV is the point value assigned to exclusive products to
calculate our earnings so as you can see here we’ve got half a nutrition we’ve
got a healthy lifestyle program we’ve got cosmetics and we’ve got skincare and
also for your information cosmetics maybe for ladies yeah but skincare is
for both gender it’s not isolated to women only and also here we have
personal care we’ve got half a nutrition we’ve got skin care skin intelligence
common garden by stem alright so just now was PV business volume this one is
internet business volume alright so if you are wondering what’s the difference
so internet business volume is basically the point value assigned to any of our
partner stores so basically this panel stores we can buy online or we walk in
purchase like what we always use used to do so come on will you see the logos
here can you point out any logos that you are familiar with hello oh ya komaru you are familiar with
any of the Lobos here yeah yeah most of them Wow okay
you beat me flat because when I first came to know about this I was only
familiar with 50% of it but since you know most of them you are already way
ahead of me okay so we move on to ways to create business volume and internet
business volume so this is basically by our personal use and shopping and also
by customer sales and shopping and also one-to-one marketing so here when when
we convert our spending and our final stores will shop points and also
basically here we are I mean like on a monthly basis we have others and
reorders online so basically I mean like what we mean by phone video our spending
to our earnings it’s like this day I mean like on a daily basis weekly basis
monthly basis and we use shaver we use deodorant we use to face we use some
clocks and also tissue wipes so basically I mean these are necessities
it’s not something that we buy extravagant over okay so step three is
to qualify so to qualify our Business Development Center BDC to be see that a
BDC is actually a business unit okay so we qualified with 200 fitness volume
which opens up both your left to excuse me
your life and right mmm business volume and also internet business volume based
ii you treat them as benkler so to make it easier for comprehend for
comprehension purpose this will be your savings account and this will be your
current account I mean we keep the understanding that we so once your
business center has begin to qualify with 200 PVS it will begin to accumulate
BV and ipv4 from Neff and also your right side just like that
okay so here we also have this pasta program okay
whereby afterwards our elaborate to you what is uh actually half in it so for
the FASTA program we have the fast start kit we have one which is basically the
general one the general kit here and also here we have the motive cosmetic
kit by Loren Ridinger so most of us take this one however we do have ladies and
also professional makeup artist who actually prefer the cosmetic past a kid
so basically here Carrboro let’s say zero zero one is yourself and you
sponsor your partner and you place one qualified on franchise owner mark on
your left and also you place kit on your right so basically here on you re
qualified to make commissions so the next step is you teach manage and we
support our team so here we apply create qualify and activate so same as yourself
mark and Kate would be duplicating what you do so mark has got Megan Sarah and
week in each team and kid has got Kevin and and then in her team okay ultimately
all these contributes to your earning okay so like in this case we we I mean
we we go more like on a mentorship program okay so let’s say like I’m over
here and then this will be your yourself and you for mark and Kate there
okay here before leads to people yeah in style basically like how I know you how
I got to know mr. Johnson how are we going to know mr. Johnson you know that
that that kind of process yeah so basically here gray indicates people
then a person is sponsored by yourself okay so here let’s here basically as you
can see here you can only sponsor one partner on your left and also another
partner on your right if you have a third partner you cannot sponsor your
partner here or here okay so basically if you have a third partner by the name
of Matt or Matthew you need to place Matthew over here on the left side of
your business center so as you can see here before Matthew actually came into
the franchise Megan Megan was already there Chris was already dead Chris was
introduced by Megan and then in that chronology you introduced men into the
into our franchise business so when Matt comes in and Matt gets the fast fat kid
he makes a purchase and basically Matt gets two hundred business volume Chris
gets two hundred business volume megan gets two hundred ma gets two hundred you
get two hundred I get two hundred up to the top and all the way I will get gets
two hundred Johnson gets two hundred of all the way all the way so this is what
we mean here by one hundred percent credit so tomorrow if you ever seen
anywhere that has this kind of business pay up let me know no no what is this
yeah I’m most of them just some yeah you you are right basically I mean they only
go by one percent to five or to the highest I saw was twenty percent that
that’s about it but here I mean our world credit is being paid a hundred
percent all the way to the top so I mean this was the thing that really caught my
attention when first story so there was your left and
now on your right let’s see by the time that you introduced Erica into our
franchise and Erica is placed below Ryan below and and then is okay so it’s the
same thing Erica gets two hundred ryan gets two
hundred and ma gets two hundred K gets two hundred you get two hundred I get
two hundred and everybody else get two hundred so basically this is what you
mean by a hundred percent credit and also don’t forget since the process is
such excuse me when I reintroduce another franchise partner by the name of
Dave and the met it’s the same each and every one of us will get a hundred
percent credit all the way up yeah so our tracking systems such as daily to
infinity the system tracks purchase and sales made by us our customers and also
our whole theme okay and as mentioned we receive 100% credit for all volumes
generated in our organization so this is a further example okay just now was the
fast start so now let’s say Ashley over here you you do not know you do not even
know Ashley personally but since Ashley is in your organization when Ashley
purchases these products okay basically aloe juice the brown sugar shampoo and
also our isotonix everybody gets paid all the way up same here with mine when
my purchase the probiotics the deodorant and also the toothpaste everyone gets
paid basically in your case you get paid both on your left side and also your
right side okay so a disclaimer here is income levels here is for presentation
we do not intend to represent the income of typical market Malaysia independent
franchise owner and also they are not intended to represent that any given and
franchise owner will earn income in that amount so we need to know that our
success here in market Malaysia who depend upon the amount of hard work
talent dedication that ourselves our team and also the contribution from our
customers because we we are business we are literally cheap business we are not
anything that has to do with money game we are not money laundering we are none
of them we are legit online and offline franchise powered by e-commerce ok so
this is how our Commission’s are earned on this one business volume is tracked
daily and permissions are calculated weekly ok so here when you have like
just now by now you are different we are already familiar with PC and IP V so
here when you have an accumulation of 1200 BV both on your left and right you
will get 1200 we get ok so the process repeats itself when you accumulate
another thousand thousand two hundred you move up to 2400 you will get another
thousand two hundred get and also the process repeats itself when you have two
thousand six two thousand six on both left and right you get another thousand
to link it so we are coming to this is what we call one cycle so basically when
both your left and your right VV touches five thousand each there is
an additional bonus of two thousand four so all in all you get six thousand
ringgit okay and basically it depends on your business group your business team
turnover from yourself your team and also your customers so this six thousand
ringgit it will come in initially they could take a longer time maybe a few
months then eventually you will have your six thousand coming in a month and
also as you as you as earnings grow you can
also earn 6,000 weekly okay so basically I mean here is that was the PV okay
which is the phone in blue now I’m last rating to you the IBV
which is the phone in green so basically your BV is like your savings account
your ibv is that your current account okay your account simple none and your
account semester so basically you earn 6000 from PV and also 6,000 from IPV
that could be your potential earnings okay so all in all you have a potential
earning of 12,000 ringing per business center okay so uh what do you say to
that come on Rupe it’s amazing
okay okay I thought I told you I’m speechless myself I went I went
speechless for for for a few minutes yeah literally literally Alvino tell you
also that Daisy no okay let’s move forward so basically I mean the
frequency of you getting a Commission’s the frequency will increase as we
progress with with the business and also you can have you can also qualify for
management bonuses in this way each time you or any PDC on your left or right
sales organization completes the business volume Commission cycle in the
same week you receive an additional two thousand and four hundred ringing okay
so let’s say in this context I mean you you’ve you’ve let both mark and Kate in
such a such a food really yeah so basically here when ma
when you have five thousand five thousand on the same week ma 5,000 5,000
and also here or an invent 5000 5000 left and right you get an additional two
thousand four so as you can see here and then pen is not even your direct sponsor
they actually brought into the business by K but N and bends effort actually
contributed to you and also it has contributed to themselves so basically
you in this in this example you are not only an inter of thousand but you are
actually learning 14400 per week for a business unit so
that is your potential earnings so if you take our calculator you times before
there so you get a month fifty over thousand wicked that has to be good or
good that’s fine so here you can actually also earn more
income okay I don’t know if four thousand ringgit is enough for a week
Romano four thousand get enough are we okay okay but let’s say let’s say you
know later when you know I mean like you are for yourself you’re single now so
that’s you be enough but let’s say later you know you already gotten married you
know you’ve got five kids no ten kids you know up to you so maybe that tiny
bit icky like oh now I want to increase my income okay so just now you saw one
business center right here at the center but actually each of us we have
business center – and business as the tree however these two business centers
these two business centers with a will only be activated after we have maxed
out we have get the maximum earning for our
first business center so the moment your business center one gets the maximum
earning okay business center – is the center tree will kick in to action okay
so what do I mean by that okay so if you remember the structure
Wolfman and Kate were on your left and right respectively okay in in the extra
scenario man is actually under your second business center K is actually
under your business center so basically for your second business center 50% of
the job is already done come meaning on Mac side when you are building your
first business center this 50% of the work is really done so basically to
tableau your earnings you only need to build this side of yours mister center –
okay so basically in this context and more that’s work
okay now for business center tree same process the side of Kate is already done
so what you need to do now is just to kill John sight so the same thing
applies less work more earnings so that is the beauty of our franchise business okay all right so basically I mean let’s
say if after this you still feel that I pro-treaty business centers earning top
coat McDonough bro I want to earn some more okay it’s okay you can do that no
problem you can open your fourth Business Center
right here with connector to Megan okay so basically I mean you just repeat the
process build the team help the team and basically I mean your business your your
business earnings and revenue would increase in that manner all right okay
so maybe you are thinking oh this is wonderful magnificent excellent
fantastic but maybe in some part of you is at you thinking can this work for me
but keep in mind we are also thinking could you be the right person for our
franchise so I mean here it works both ways because we are here to work as a
team and basically that is the key word for us to succeed in this franchise
business now there is one guarantee okay if you don’t try anything everything
will stay the same so currently in your situation bro how
do you feel I mean like at your current current
situation your parent state now are you satisfied with where you are or you feel
that you have got potential that that you would like to move forward
just sometimes currently I’m not earning something I’m pretty Restless all right
my parents too cool that’s wonderful that’s wonderful
so 50 here as you can see here we got a few steps here we scheduled up a
follow-up appointment and we get your questions answered okay whether it be
online or we meet up in person and also it would be best that you try out some
of our many many products and also we have you registered as a customer so
that you can learn your shot points cashback and also you give our
unconscious business a trial run we will show you everything that we know okay so
that’s the presentation site here and okay let me share with you the the other
screen so you can see what our web portal is like okay just one second I need to change my
sharing screen okay blue you can see my screen yeah
all right cool so this one is our Malaysian port oh yeah
as you can see here hold on so basically I mean when you we have English Mandarin
and also bahasa okay so basically here this we have our categories our products
and services categories and also by the time you have this auto your name will
be here and also you can add two cuts the things that you are going for and
also you can add yourself as a shop as a shop consultant with your name and also
your mobile number here so basically as you can see here and also on top here we
are actually welcome partner store this is our partner store programs so for
those stores that are interested to partner it was the guy sitting over here
for more details and also as you can see here our customers and also our our
franchise owners we get to headshot points okay so here you can see our
future partner stores I’m sure you know MSI G and Faro even mr. DIY here we also
have a fully booked luxury escape and there’s a plenty there’s plenty more
okay so this one basically is clothes that one was food and okay I think this new store that just
join us so we have our tuning tools as well we
have our gift panel stores these are basically our final stores which are to
travel to a vacation holiday and these are like these are our exclusive friends
okay then you saw just now okay health nutrition skin care
cosmetics weight management personal care etc okay so these are our hot new
products here these are our summer favorites so thanks to the Hayes it’s
really a summer here now if you will figure out I mean yeah okay all right so
this T that’s about that one okay I brought by the way before this have you
ever thought about marketing leisure on franchise or any of these never before
okay alright so who do you think that this is a new brand and old brand or no
a strong brand a well-known brand or what what comes to mind
it’s only me it’s all new are okay now let me show you basically what is the
recognition level okay of our Pena okay so you just take a just check it out desperate housewives Eva Longoria i Peter there’s no sound perhaps you can
send the link to camara later so he can worry so happy we can have a word a word
or two from Johnson so mr. Javed guys so what do you think um a rule so what
are your thoughts tomorrow nice really again having it’s all new to
me I’m trying to process a good thing can I you’d like to have a presentation I’d
like to have this slides presentation from everything is pretty transparent in
our business in itself what of what you just saw what was the name one thing
that you really like about a business offer that it’s the Commission business
and then we get like hundred percent from those who bought it never seen and
something yep that’s why I mentioned just now at the start of this that we
are in the technology called eight well this business is all about sharing it’s
a sharing economy so it’s based on consumption so at the end of the day
every household is consume stuff and this business is based on helping others
to find a better way to create a will that we can all leverage each other’s
shopping Johnson is just basically post a couple
of unprejudiced presentation happening in kale will basically leave that with
you and Peter to make an appointment to coordinate and a particular time that
you guys are suitable and we also got local seminars and one thing that we
like you were doing this but your particular distance that you’re doing is
to find and educate people through universities we emphasize on education
very highly in this business the company has basically successfully converted 500
Plus millionaires in the company itself so with individuals that are earned in
excess of a million dollars the Commission they get to be part of a
million-dollar Club so all these people come from various backgrounds some are
NASA scientists all the way down to bus drivers and legal secretaries and so on
so it’s not about your quality of your study or you’ve gotta be superhuman to
basically succeed in this business all you need to do is to have a hungry drive
and most importantly you are willing to follow and be coachable by the business
partners that are there to help you succeed so there’s a lot you are very
lucky to be in Malaysia where there’s a lot of training programs that is
happening very regular compared to different parts of the world so count
your blessings then you have come across as serious my recommendation is to for
you to basically understand a bit more about the business get a pen and paper
and start writing down questions and work along with Arpita and especially
when constants in fact that i’ll see you guys in october i’m eating our border
leadership school so hopefully you might be able to join us then all right camara right
okay so Rita you can send the link to camera for the presentation PowerPoint
right my suggestion like Alvin said we
actually have form of business presentation as a system like a
franchise right we standardize everything so there is one coming up on
Sunday in echo city as a 2 to 3:30 p.m. and there’s another one coming up on the
20th of September Friday Friday night 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Phaedra Hotel
in in the city so which which one would suit you better coming up with a date ok the Sunday this
coming Sunday 15 of September 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. or the next Friday 20th of
September Friday 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. you know as a business system when you
say the business plan the first time you will see something different but when
you see the second time and the third time then you then you can have more
understanding and able to ask good questions right and then we can well
then we can do a good Q&A answer all your questions and if you think if this
is something for you you want to partner with us then we can talk about how we
can partner so each one which business sorry presentation time beta value
Sunday or next Friday definitely in the hunt this week on the
sunday poppy next week I’ll try to make it actually is actually by a Malaysian
her name is the polling chen she migrated to the US and she started the
business in the US and the she’s making I think thirty six thousand US every
four weeks she she been traveling she came to Australia Siam here she is doing
a local same enough for the Perth team on Sunday and then she will travel to
Cairo and the two locals Amina and that business presentation on KL this will
also will be a good opportunity for you to evaluate the business in depth
because she will be at the locus amoenus she will be talking about how to do the
business so it’s a when you want to partner with the business system right
the most important investments is to invest some time to find out how the
business is done and that the local semi-nice about how the business is done
by a very experienced i’m franchise owner so I highly recommend you if you
want to really look into the business really have a thorough understanding of
the business before you decide you know whether you want to partner or not those
two events are definitely very important so on that note I’ll leave it to Peter
if you can coordinate with camera about the event right toward Dixon so you need
to travel give you how do you do yes I so that put Dixon by the beach
so to you do you come to Kay open but I think for business this make it need
magnitude you know it will be worth to you the trip it just comes to come to
evaluate it properly okay so I think we’ll coded the night thank you Peter
did a great job and I think you came a rule for your time and I think I
definitely see you when I when I’m back in KL looking forward to that yeah okay
all right nice do you have a good night all right thanks everyone
Thank You Johnson thanks tomorrow thanks our wins thanks MA
good night people have a good rest and enjoy your weekend to catch up then
probably our our set up a what cept you it’ll be an easy way for us to
communicate okay great okay everyone have a good rest tonight

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