Nannerl Supports Freedom of Speech without Ridicule, Harassment or Threats of Violence

Nannerl Supports Freedom of Speech without Ridicule, Harassment or Threats of Violence Hello you can YouTube friends Before I read this I want to encourage other creators who are struggling Right now that’s a lot of us. I Want to encourage anyone who’s brokenhearted? That if we give our we give our hearts to him he’ll he’ll heal our hearts So so that’s a promise. He did it for me. He took my broken smushed up heart That had been run over and stomped on and chewed up and spit out more than one time It and it’s healed now, and it’s wonderful. I want to encourage people who are sad and This is very difficult because on this platform we’re dealing with people who behave like children And it would be very easy just to run away and I Want to unite with other struggling creators who want to remain on this free platform, which is what it was supposed to be That We can come together fight together pray together and Take on this force which is in the spiritual realm It’s the unseen world And it’s very ugly It’s very ugly But as we encourage each other and support each other we can we can continue with his guidance. I hope that made sense Because of the seriousness of this prayer as I as I posted in the comments on the on the last video I will be reading from a script’ I Try not to do that many people just they they hate it If you read from the script, they just don’t like it. But a lot of people read from the script So with that, I’m going to begin this I’m asking those who Want to join me, please? Join me. I have some Christians. I have some really good strong faithful authentic Believers they’re loving and kind They’re loving and kind they have tender hearts. It’s because of them that I continue to do this They’re not the only reason I do it that it certainly helps. It certainly helps. I want to thank all of you You know who you are. I try to acknowledge each and every one of you and I truly love you and Just to tag on that last Introduction I have to I have to pray for myself as an Individual and also with all of us as a group, but I have to figure out how to love This platform love the people who created this and who run it We’re still called to love them and not and not fight that can behave like the world So I need to address that on a daily basis. So I’m handling Myself in a dignified manner as a daughter of the Most High God and not and not like a child So with that I’m going to read this prayer that I wrote this afternoon Dear father God in Christ Jesus In utmost respect we approach your throne He promised to be present where two or three are gathered we are watching the foretold come to pass a wicked generation that loves the darkness more than the light as Promised the wicked will become more vile Those desiring. You must choose you deliberately to increase in holiness the chaos gibberish and perversion of YouTube is worsening daily You will hold accountable those who misrepresent and lie about you Some of us can discern the truth from the lies Your name has been exploited to promote every perversion from the promotion of self smut porn sets and the destruction of children Until adults stop watching and subscribing to these channels we are complicit Children are being exploited for views we will unsubscribe from these channels if we love children and if we love you as Believers we are being suppressed Manipulated shut off and striked out Many have been deleted with no explanation We are being watched Targeted bullied mocked and harassed some have had death threats I’ve had threats that my dog would be shot. I Have been called every vile name you can think of and names I haven’t thought of Does this fit in with YouTube’s Community Guidelines Persecution is at hand on this platform YouTube Some of us have left that is what they want Some of us will stay and fight exercising our rights and uphold Upholding your name until the end, please Strengthen and protect us keep us learning your truth and establishing ourselves in truth as The time is short May we magnify your name and give you honor and praise may we love you with the entirety of our beings Sacrificing our wills to follow you. May we desire all holiness And goodness more than ever before in Jesus name Amen. I Want to close with good night Thank you for tuning in and watching If it’s if it’s nighttime have have a beautiful night have a peaceful night Get a good night’s sleep if it’s daytime have a beautiful day I’m glad that I got to take

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  • Hello and good evening.Thank you my loving sister.😌💙🌊☀️🤲🏼yes,we claim our given power to be shielded to overcome all obstacles in Your Name.AMEN.Rest well now.Full and loving protection.

  • Ezekiel 36:26-27 (KJV)
    26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.
    27 And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.

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  • Interesting title!! Grabbed my attention! Great topic too. We are always happy to see and watch you!! ❤❤❤

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