NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas

gave proof through the night that our flag
was still there oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet
wave O’er the land of the free
and the home of the brave?>>Drivers climbing into their cars, 43 of
them, about to take on 400 miles, from speedway. When we come back we’ll fire the engines.>>>Waking up to rubber, smoldering fire and
sauce, I was there, cheering on the drivers you love and booing the ones you don’t, watching
them battle the bad track in NASCAR. You can bet I was there, escape reality for a weekend
talladega.>>Welcome to NBC’s coverage of NASCAR’s sprint
cup series racing from Kansas speedway. Let a’s go trackside to Mike Massaro.
>>Jeff Gordon LED over 200 laps this year and yet to go to victory lane. He said earlier
this weekend he feels like his team is peaking, communicating better and executing better
and feels like he has a natural tendency at the racetrack one that has got him to victory
lane three times. Kelli?
>>Kevin Harvick is confident coming T Kansas with good reason. He’s finished first or second
in three of the last four races and has a good starting spot. Kevin Harvick qualified
fourth.>>How treacherous is the Kansas speedway?
Five minutes after Brad keselowski qualified on the pole at over 195 1/2 miles an hour
on Friday he said his hands were still shaking. He knows how tough this place can be. Despite
that he says he’ll be aggressive all day long.>>Carl Edwards had a good race last week
but couldn’t guarantee him movement into round three. He has a good shot at a win today.
He qualified second fastest and got the best pit stall on pit road. Let’s get 42 other
race cars started here at the Kansas speedway.>>Race fans, it’s time for the most famous
words in motor sports, here to give the command star of NBC’s “Truth be told” Acor mark Paul
gossler.>>Drivers, start your engines!
>>Drivers still have a chance at a championship. They know what it will take for them to advance
a win at Kansas.>>>The championship is going to be harder
this year to win than it ever has been.>>The chase into round two, how does this
ramp things up?>>As you whittle the field down and there’s
less drivers involved those drivers become more and more competitive.
>>Such a white knuckle experience.>>You can’t miss a single moment because
you never know what’s coming. You never know what’s going to happen next.>>Gano will win
and advance to round three. Kevin Harvick has been able to keep his championship hopes
alive.>>Everybody realizes how important every
lap, every moment really is, you get yourself every point that you can because it might
matter in the end.>>400 miles averaging almost 190 miles an
hour a lap at Kansas speedway, the chasers definitely know the pressure that stands in
front of them as they try to advance into round three. We want to look at the starting
grid up in row one, Brad keselowski and Carl Edwards. Brad keselowski’s first win with
team penske came at Kansas in 2011. We’re only two hours away from his hometown
of Columbia, Missouri.>>Row two, Kyle Busch starting along defending
champion Kevin Harvick.>>Row three, Denny Hamlin won in 2012 and
Jeff Gordon three-time winner tied for the most.
>>Lane four, martin Truex Jr. Runner up in Kansas but LED the most laps earlier in may.
>>Row five is a two-time winner in 2015 Kurt Busch and starting alongside Ryan Newman who
won here at Kansas in 2003.>>Row six, Matt Kenseth who has 32 points
to make up, Greg Biffle a two-time winner here.
>>Back in row seven, P Menard and Joey Logano.>>Row eight Dale Earnhardt Jr. 19 below the
cut line but finished third in may, started alongside Ryan Scott making his first sprint
cup series start in Kansas.>>Row nine, Tony Stewart and Ricky stenhouse
Jr. Finished in the top 13.>>Larson finished runner up in this race
a year ago.>>Row 11 Jimmie Johnson, three-time winner
here at Kansas starting alongside David Ragan. Row 12, arik amerola and Kasey kahne.
>>Row 13, Austin Dillon off a seventh place finish and Clint bowyer, hometown boyer, Kansas.
>>A.J. Allmendinger and Jamie Mcmurray, a hometown race for him.
>>Row 15, Danica Patrick she finished seventh in may, and Justin auergarg.
>>Sam Hornish Jr. Is the 2006 indycar winner at Kansas.
>>Row 17, we have David Guillen aside Matt Dibenedetto.>>In row 20 we have Cole Whitt and Jeff Burton.
>>Whoastarting 43rd, will Kimmel making his second start this year. Let’s see if we can
tune up Kurt Busch’s number 41 car, chat with him.
>>Hey Curtis, in the booth here are you with us?
>>10-4, I got you NBC.>>You and your team are in the middle of
the championship battle and all the pressure that topples along with it. Tell us what you’re
most concerned of going into this race.>>I’m just concerned that everybody’s having
fun. There is a lot of pressure that comes with all this but most importantly it’s the
teamwork and the camaraderie and the enjoyment and that’s what we have on the Haas automation
team. Tony Gibson is great and we love him and done a great job. Want to Thi everyone
at Stuart Haas racing. Want to finish well today so in talladega we have less stress.
>>What unique challenges does this racetrack offer compared to other race tracks?
>>It’s a mile and a half, hard tire, the starts are treacherous when you have cold
tires. When you have hot tires restart is a little different, you can be more aggressive.
This is a long 267 laps today.>>All right man, thank you for taking the
time to give the fans some insight. Have a good day.>0-4, you got it.
>>Not only do we talk to the drivers, we ride along with them. Jamie Mcmurray will
be carrying one of the on board cameras, he has the halo 5 on board camera, he starts
28th. Dale Earnhardt Jr. In car camera will start 15th today. Matt Kenseth is the Toyota
on board starts 11th. In row four, 78 of martin Truex Jr. With the sunoco on board camera. Starting sixth with the aarp in car camera
is Jeff Gordon making his final start at Kansas. Kevin Harvick has the outback steakhouse on
board camera, he will start fourth. Also in row two with the sprint on board is Kyle Busch
and starting up front with the Ford on board camera is Brad keselowski. Gorgeous day in
Kansas City, Kansas. Our aerial coverage provided by our partners at smithfield. Strategy definitely
big when you come to Kansas speedway. Want to look at today’s sunoco fuel strategy. 267
laps as Kurt Busch just told you. Pit road speed 45 miles per hour and the fuel window
55 to 58 laps.>>That is a huge topic of conversation because
of the Goodyear tire we have the speed continues all the way into a run so the trek for these
race teams stretch the fuel as far as they can to try to get that all so important track
position.>>One of the other factors that the drivers
are already concerned about is the wind here at Kansas speedway. Here was the 4 on the
radio.>>We got a wind shift today. It’s pretty
strong. It’s going to be a head wind.>>That’s going to be good for one, turn one,
not too good for turn three.>>10-4.
>>The key to that is the wind shift. That’s the first time we’ve seen the wind blowing
in that direction. One of the big challenges at this racetrack, the wind changes and you
wouldn’t think that the wind could move a car that weighs over 3,000 pounds but you
heard Jeff Gordon say it’s going to hurt you on another racetrack and help you on another.
>>He knew it was going to help his turn one, hurt turn three. Now it’s important for Alan,
15 laps he has to remind his driver about the wind.>>The pressure of importance ramps up when
we talk about Kansas just in front of talladega. Look at the win percentage by chase drivers
in each of the remaining tracks. Kansas 73%. Talladega 55%. They don’t believe, the drivers
don’t believe that that’s a racetrack you can go and think all right, I have to win
this. I could go out and win it. Brad keselowski I think surprised everyone last year being
able to do it.>>The draft is the great equalizer, gives
everyone an opportunity to run well and race car drivers want to be in control completely
by themselves. Talladega they don’t have the luxury.
>>Getting ready to drop the green flag. We heard Kurt Busch say cold start is treacherous.
>>We have the coldest starts going to be and the first start for the race. Great crowd.
Everyone on their feet as the field’s 43 strong 2×2 come to the green flag. We’re under way
racing in Kansas. One of the other characteristics very evident with Kansas speedway is multiple
grooves, drivers already on the first lap running right up against the wall, and on
the apron.>>Denny Hamlin a big run past the back straightaway.>>Brad keselowski already with a half a second
lead, battle for second between Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. Carl Edwards in the 19 on
the top, teammates as they have the 4 of Kevin Harvick running just behind him and Harvick
able to clear the 18 of Kyle Busch. He takes third away. Kyle Busch drops back to fourth.
>>That was the perfect example of the multiple. Before Kevin Harvick would have been stuck
behind the 18 in single groove but he was able to carry the momentum and it continues
as he closed in on the back of Carl Edwards in the 19.
>>Can two cars park together at a track like Kansas to try to catch up to the 2 of Brad
keselowski?>>I think they were together because if you
get behind somebody and push them down the straightaway that can protell you and the
car past the one that you’re trying to pass. You get hurt behind a car in the corner but
on the straightaway you can push somebody to help you. I don’t think helping is part
of Kevin Harvick’s plan. He wants to go to the front himself. Carl Edwards almost missed
the bottom, he was two or three off the white line. Kevin Harvick needed the fresh air in
the front fender and he’s gone.>>Kevin Harvick has taken second away from
Carl Edwards who drops back to third.>>Joey Logano picked up eight spots already,
up on the wall past the guys on the outside. One guy in the race that can be extremely
aggressive today they already know in the next round can he go for it and doing it right
now.>>It’s a perfect example of how he does it,
Joey Logano gets down in the corner. You see him getting up a little bit of speed on entry.
Watch how much more he carries on the exit and Denny Hamlin on the 11th.
>>Side by side the 20 of Matt Kenseth and 78 of martin Truex Jr. Kenseth running the
low line has the advantage, will take the position away from the 78. Ryan Blaney is in the 21 chasing after the
11 of Denny Hamlin, wood brothers fielding the 21 car for years and years since the inception
of NASCAR. Now a young driver, Ryan Blaney just 21 years old out of Hyde point, North
Carolina, and Blaney running in the top ten running seventh. Just behind him, 78 continues
to drop back, martin Truex Jr. Trying to hold his position as the 24 of Jeff Gordon closing
in. 41 of Kurt Busch just in front of martin Truex Jr.
>>Jeff Gordon 11th. He started the race in sixth position so he’s lost five spots on
the early start. That’s not the direction they want to be headed in.
>>Just a few behind the 22 is running the top of the racetrack and making ground, currently
plus nine positions, yet he’s the only guy at the top of the racetrack. You think the
spotters would be chatting that up explaining to drivers Joey Logano is making time. I don’t
see other cars trying to run up against the third group. Look at how high Joey Logano
is, a completely different lane.>>Field starting to spread out now. Some
drivers moving toward the front early, some falling back. One thing about the 22 you need
to be careful we talked about how hard this track is on the Goodyear tires. Goodyear brings
a durable tire. You have to as a driver pay attention and take care of it. If he’s the
only guy running the top he’s blazing his own trail putting down his own rubber.
>>When you don’t have that rub otheren the racetrack the track is more brazen, you’re
eating the tire off. You have to be careful running the high groove. It can lead to excessive
tire wear.>>Brad keselowski since the drop of the green
flag has LED. The former sprint cup champion out front in kansas.we’ve already invested
over 20 billion dollars and 23 million hours.>>>NASCAR on income something brought to
you by sprint, proud sponsor of the NASCAR sprint cup series and by Ford. We go further
so you can. Brad keselowski has a two and a half second lead over second place Kevin
Harvick, but Kevin Harvick we’re hearing may have an issue. Kelli?
>>Kevin quickly made his way from fourth place but come over the radio a couple times
reporting a possible issue.>>She’s going to blow up. I feel the vibration.
>>They say all the wheels were torqued before the race. He says it sounds okay from his
>>You heard Rodney Childress saying it sounds okay but the crew sprung to life as soon as
Kevin came over the radio.>>Rick here is the problem. Pit stop you
can change tires. Other than tires there’s little to nothing you can change during the
race. Kevin Harvick, Rodney Childress will see if new tires fixes the vibration. Harvick
being a veteran behind the wheel, knows the difference between the wheel
and the drive line.
>>If it is something that itself won’t break sometimes the vibrations can cause something
else to break. We start the a 400-mile race, 267 laps, if
something vibrates all day long it can break something that’s not causing the problem.
>>We’ve seen it with shifters. You’ve been a part of that, Steve, with your driver, Dale
Earnhardt Jr., from a year ago. We’ve seen it with Jimmie Johnson, the vibration causing
the handles to break off.>>You never ask me about my good stuff.
>>That’s not true. We celebrate your good things.
>>You’re right, shifter handles, mirrors crack, fall off the mount, so many things,
plus when a car is vibrating it’s hard for the driver to feel the tires.
>>It takes away a lot of the feel. It’s important the drivers feel that’s who is giving information
to the team, how does the car need to be better, where do we get to be why, all the information
is how the crew chiefs make changes on the cars. You add the vibration it’s difficult
for a driver to get that feel.>>20 laps in. Let a’s go to pit road. Marty?
>>Brad keselowski started first and still first. LED every lap of this race is afar.
It’s built loose the longer he’s run. He’s adjusting the track bar, something the driver
can reach to help the handling of the race car. His teammate locked himself in last week
and Joey Logano, Brad keselowski trying to follow suit today, Dave.
>>Marty, several drivers in this race were in yesterday’s XFINITY series at this track,
300 miles worth. Carl Edwards was not. We checked with his spotter who looks out for
Carl, are they moving, did they move to the high line yesterday and they got a feel that
yes, they did all throughout the day, he’s working there as he is now.
>>Plus in the 41 car up to seven, talked to his crew chief and I think we’re okay,
and he said it drives pretty well, for some reason we don’t have the raw speed. Kurt said
he’s got plenty of turn in the front and a little loose in the back. Mike?
>>You know, Kelli, back in the spring Denny Hamlin struggled here at Kansas. In fact, he crashed so much, in fact, they’ve
made significant changes to the setup. His crew chief Dave Rogers told me there’s no
spring or shock on the car that’s the same as it was in the spring. Has it made the difference?
It appears to be the case. He’s run the bottom line as you see there. Although he’d like
a little bit more stability when he runs high they’ll try to tighten him up in the center
of the corner when they come down pit road. Rick?
>>Thank you, Mike. Brad keselowski out front has about a second and a half lead over Kevin
Harvick, who might be dealing with a vibration on the wheel of the Ford, still turning laps
over 30 seconds here at Kansas.>>>NASCAR on NBC is brought to you by bank
of America, life’s better when we’re connected, and by nationwide, nationwide is on your side.
Cautions come out, crash at turn two, new leader in the 4 of Kevin Harvick but that
is the 26 of J.J. From Phoenix, Arizona, brought out the first caution as he got up into the
wall.>>Got a hole if you want to come down.
>>It’s leaking water. It’s leaking water.>>The pressure that these cars —
>>It stopped.>>– Put on the right front tire going these
speeds on this racetrack we’ve seen right front tires blow before here in Kansas.
>>And it’s continuous speed. Lot of race tracks drop the green flag on the restart,
you take off and really fast and slow down. At this racetrack you don’t slow down. It’s
the continual pressure on the tires.>>You take a look up against the wall already,
you see the 26 of j.j.yehlig he’s riding the wall. The day ends quickly for him.
>>We got into the wall with him.>>New race leader is Kevin Harvick, after
saying to his crew earlier that he felt a vibration, he was able to get by the 2 of
Brad keselowski and here they come on to pit road. Mike?
>>Matt Kenseth coming down pit road saying he’s tight in traffic but overall pretty good
with the race car at this moment. They have to work on the right side and try to free
him up with an air pressure adjustment, four-tire change.
>>Kevin Harvick reported vibration but said it must have been the splitter because the
balance is good. Two tires for Kevin Harvick.>>Brad keselowski went from the lead to third,
Kelli, the last few laps of the run, air pressure adjustment.
>>The four Goodyear tires on Joey Logano’s car had an air pressure adjustment made. He
will be fourth on pit road. Rick?>>Already pit strategy playing as we look
at the race off pit road brought to you by Geico. Harr Vix, truexx Jr. Taking two tires
only.>>>It’s time for the drivers to take what
they’ve learned and play it all out on the track, to trade pain with racing’s biggest
names, battle them for every inch of ground and let the checkered flag fall where it may.
It’s time to make some names. It’s go time.>>>Race two of round two, under way, the
chase is on and early on it’s the 4 that’s flying here at Kansas speedway. Kevin Harvick
the race leader. You can get your news results and highlights delivered to your inbox, subscribe
at The 26 of j.j.jaelig put fluid on
the top of the racetrack. They’ll continue
to clean that up. The 4 of Kevin Harvick complaining about a vibration early thought something
was either going to burst with a tire, maybe something on the engine, drive line. This
is what they had to say on the radio just moments ago.
>>The wheel weight had spun around.>10-4.>>Basically what happens like your streetcar
tire the race car tires need to be balanced. How they balance them is Goodyear after they
put it on the balancer tell them where it needs weight and clip-on weight gets hammered
on the lip of the wheel. Sometimes they fall off, this one didn’t fall off but under the
unbelievable loads these cars are going, the tires are spinning the wheel, just the weight
itself cannot be clipped on tight and it can vibrate and be 180 degrees off. Instead of
it helping the balance of the tire it’s the opposite, making it much worse. That’s what Ronny Childress was telling Kevin
Harvick. We’ll go back green and see if he micked it.
>>At 200 miles an hour it makes a big difference.>>33 laps complete to the Hollywood casino,
400 Kevin Harvick in front.>>>Cleanup continuing, fluid on the track,
so the track surfacers are taking care of all of the fluid put down which the 26. While
they’ve been driving around the track there’s communication between driver and crew chief
of the 4.>>It vibrates instantly I thought it was
going to blow up. Never got any worse, it stayed the same.
>>It may not be the wheel. It’s probably more the splitter than the wheel, not sure
but the tire and the wheel definitely spun.>>Let’s look at what they’re talking about.
>>They’re discussing the splitter the blue area on the front of the car. This is the
splitter on the race car, an important aerodynamic device. Near is the relative term here. You
don’t want it to touch the racetrack because it’s picking the front tires up off the ground
and you can’t have it inches above the racetrack, talking fractions of an inch. As a driver
you felt if you get out to a perfect distance on a smooth racetrack like Kansas the air
going underneath that can move around and about tough so severely that it feels like
a vibration to the driver.>>Exactly right. That is a very, very firm,
hard piece of material and when it hits the racetrack, it will make the car push but this
is a very, very smooth racetrack so you’re able to hold that splitter height pretty much
the same distance from the racetrack all the way around this racetrack, so if the air is
going underneath it at the right height ads you said it makes it buffered, makes this
huge vibration, you can’t tell why where it’s coming from, you cannot feel it in the front,
the back. You know the entire car is vibrating.
>>If you ever drove down the interstate, one person in the front open their window
a couple of inches and the pulsing in your head, man we need to open a second window.
Thatleviates the pressure. The pulsing you feel with the air turns into a great vibration.
That happens on smooth track. Rough track the car is bouncing all around but Kansas
one of the smoothest tracks we race at.>>They’re continuing to clean up the track.
The reason it’s important is because of what happened last week. Drivers were complaining
they didn’t believe the track was completely clean of fluid on the track and that’s what
caused they thought other cars to get into the wall, Justin Allgaier in the 51 put down
fluid and with the track, went to clean it up a lot of drivers didn’t think they got
it cleaned completely. Jamie Mcmurray had an issue. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Drifted up the
track, good into the wall as well as the 2 of Brad keselowski and the 18 of Kyle Busch
also involved. Sam rnish another one. The most vocal at the end of the race was 18 and
81, both mentioning they thought NASCAR and the track hadn’t done enough to clean the
track up completely.>>The 18 and 88. So here’s the way it works.
NASCAR has spotters on the racetrack, they send people on the racetrack to look at it.
They find oil, they put the speedy dry, the oil dry. You the it down, that soaking the
oil up. On top of that the drivers look and they view and if they feel like there’s something
on the racetrack they call it in, they let their spotters know, spotters repeat it, NASCAR
is always listening to the drivers. The drivers can say hey I’m seeing something that you’re
not. That’s what happened in this CAS well. It’s still on the racetrack. So the team and
NASCAR work together in these situations>>While cleanup continues we’ll take a quick
break and be right back to Kansas speedway.>>>We’re superimposing the red lines across
the track to let you know where the restart zone is, the control car which is Kevin Harvick,
he has the opportunity to restart this race in between those two lines. Kevin Harvick,
martin Truex Jr. Making up row number one, pace car two by two behind Harvick and Truex
Jr. Green flag back in the air, we’re under way.
>>A little surprised, outside lane. We thought perhaps it could be a bit of stain or fluid
but carried momentum off turn two>>They say two by two for the lead. Harvick
on the outside, martin Truex Jr. On the inside. 78 right up against the white line, through
three and four.>>Taking right side tires helped the cars.
With the warmer left side tires there’s instant grip. The cars behind them have to wait for
the left side tires to heat up.>>You saw kchb kchb Kevin Harvick drive,
that was not a problem with the car, just a little bit of the oil dry on the racetrack.
>>Just a little residue. They bring a jet dryer and try to blow it off or vacuum it
up but still a little bit of rescue is on the track. Kevin Harvick checking out on the
78 of martin Truex Jr., Joey Logano runs third. Carl Edwards and Brad keselowski the top five.
Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Ian Blaney of the top ten.
>>You saw Joey Logano he went way to the top at three and four. Is he going to have
the nerve to do that one and two if the racetrack still has some speedy dry? We’ll see what
the decision is, back to the bottom. He wants somebody else to be the first one there.
>>You saw how much of a gain martin Truex Jr. Got there. Great example of protecting
your position. He rolled in, got to the bottom of the racetrack as he did at three and four,
shutting the air off to Joey Logano. Behind them Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards in the 19,
Brad keselowski in 29 and Kurt Busch in the 41. All looking for clean air in their own
corners.>>Look at the 55 and 1 just moments ago.
>>Restarts are crazy. Three wide, David Ragan in the middle, Jamie Mcmurray on the top. 55 gets loose, has to chase it up the racetrack.
55 in the middle of those two cars, they are directing it onto your car to make the down
force when you’re in the middle. That is not the position you want to be in. It takes your
car out of the racetrack, loses all grip.>>First caution that came out for j.j.yeley
gave one driver the advantage of the free pass that was Cole Whitt in the 35. He was
scored a lap down, the highest scored car so he got back on the lead lap. There are
36 cars on the lead lap. Especially for the chase drivers, every position on the track
is worth one point. And you only have two races remaining in the second round to advance
into the third round of the championship, you’re trying to gain as many points as you
possibly can.>>The 22 continues to work at top of the
racetrack in three and four. You see the momentum he’ll have. Martin Truex gives the 22 the
outside lane, then down here the 22 as you mentioned doesn’t go all the way to the top.
He runs the middle of the racetrack. He’s yet to venture up to that area where the speed
dry was put down. Impressive run through the middle of 1 and 2.
>>22 of Joey Logano takes the second position away from martin Truex Jr. Kevin Harvick still
has a little over a second lead over Joey Logano. Dave?
>>During the first run Joey Logano came from 14th starting position to second by the time
the caution was waved. Todd Gordon told me one of the things that Joey understands very
well about this racetrack, the offset he called it between practice and race time because
when you practice, you don’t practice the high line. You don’t get to do that until
the race. Understanding what your car needs come race time to run the high line. There
he is again, it’s an important factor. Joey gets it.
>>Joey Logano car on the move, trying to close the gap between he and Kevin Harvick.
>>He’s far behind him. Watching Matt Kenseth, he worked himself back up to third position
and of all the cars that are here Matt Kenseth is probably the same driver that feels they
need to win the race. So many points back because of the wreck he was in last week,
the lowest running chase contender is in 18. Everybody you’re racing in the top 18 these’
who they are. With that many points out you’re not going to point race your way back into
that this race. You have to find a way to win one of the two races. Matt Kenseth and
his team in my opinion need to win this race more than anyone else in the racetrack.
>>You mentioned Matt Kenseth, how about Joey Logano? He has closed the gap now all over
the back bumper of the 4 of Kevin Harvick for the lead. Logano running the higher line.
We’ll see if that prevails here in Kansas. He has the momentum as they come out of turn
number four. Looks as though Harvick will give him the high line. Logano takes the lead
away from Harvick.>>Better race car or better tires? Joey Logano
put on four tires, Kevin Harvick right side tires. I believe right side was the call.
I was shocked to see only the 78 and the 4 take two tires. Now perhaps the crew chiefs
are taking notes because Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth are the fastest two cars in the racetrack
with the four tires.>>They’re doing it in completely different
ways. Matt Kenseth glued on the bottom of the racetrack. Joey Logano is much, much higher,
so two cars running almost the same but the drivers are driving too completely different
ways.>>You mentioned Jeff not wanting to run the
top of one and two, excuse me, Matt Kenseth, looking underneath Kevin Harvick, definitely
has a fast race, can easily compete going down to turn three. Seems like Kenseth is
really rolling on the bottom.>>Joey Logano wanted somebody else to if
igit out. Jamie Mcmurray went up to the top. You see the dust and the debris coming off
the race car, loses grip, up into the wall he goes, that is the concern. You see here
on board with him. He lifts early, trying to run the top, you have to commit back to
the gas but right here, there’s no grip. He gets in the dirty area on the racetrack and
into the wall he goes.>>And continues on as we see Kurt Busch now
the 41 trying to get by the 2 of Brad keselowski. After leading the first 28 laps of this race
he’s fallen back to sixth. Kurt Busch took the lead from him. Jl yl has a one-second
lead over Matt Kenseth, running second.>>>Today’s aerial coverage provided by our
partners at smithfield foods. Biggest mover today presented by sprint, Jimmie Johnson,
14 spots already he has made up from his 21st starting position. Jimmie Johnson into the top ten already, stop
in at sprint and cut your rate plan in half. Bring in your Verizon or AT&T wireless bill
and turn in your old phone.>>Jimmie Johnson making a pass around keselowski
and you just don’t normally think of jooimie Johnson and his team not being part of the
championship battle this early in the chase, but he and his team still have a lot to race
for. Lpeople don’t know this, the top four are based out of the last four but everybody
else that made the chase they can race themselves up as high as fifth in points.
>>The top four positions will be determined at the last race of the season, in homestead,
so wherever they finish, whoever finishes in front of everyone else is the champion.
They don’t have to win the race. They have to finish in front of the other three. But
then the other 16 drivers or the other 12 as it be, they’re all fighting for points,
just like they would in a Normal season, and they want that fifth position. That’s the
highest they can finish through points by not being in the championship when they come
to homestead.>>Jimmie Johnson and hadis team eliminated
in the first round that doesn’t mean they can’t finish fifth. They can finish as high
as fifth.>>Kelli?
>>I asked crew chief Chad knause. That. He says we race hard for our fans and sponsors.
We had a couple of rough years but a top five in points would be a big accomplishment. Jimmie
says the car is a little bit snug through the center.
>>Around goes the 14 of Tony Stewart. The caution will come out. Doesn’t look like a
lot of damage to the car.>>Just a flat tire. Has to be careful to
bring that car back to pit road. Slow as he can, to not let the tires tear apart and tear
some fenders up.>>He already went a lap down, the leader
wept by him throughout that spin. The key don’t make this any worse. Do not
damage the car. You’ve already gone a lap down. Probably won’t go two. Be careful, smooth
and slow.>>You heard him say “Driver error again.”
Take a look at what happened.>>Bottom of the racetrack, nowhere near the
speedy dry we have been talking about. Just gets loose. Car never quite spins all the
way around. Maybe he does. I think he — still wide open in the throttle. You can see completely
sideways but in today’s cars years ago that car would have spun all the way around but
today’s cars they make so much side force being the air blowing on the side of the car
it’s hard to get them to spin all the way around. No damage to the car but four flat
tires.>>So the 14 making his way on to pit road.
Watch a live stream of every sprint cup series race, combined with additional camera angles,
interactive driver stats, track information with NBC sports live extra, available on your
laptop or tablet, smartphone and connected TVs. NBC sports live extra brings you closer
to every race. We brought you closer right there to the spin from Tony Stewart, which
brings out the second caution. Pit road is closed, and so they will go around one more
time before the crew chiefs have to make the decision as to what they will do. Matt Dibenedetto
will be receiving the free pass. Each caution the driver that has scored highest of the
lap down drivers is eligible for the free pass if they don’t bring out the caution.
24 of Jeff Gordon in his final start from Kansas had this to say on the radio a moments
ago.>>Everybody around me lapped it down in there
and like it’s got tons of groove. I don’t know where they’re finding it because I can’t
find it.>>10-4.
>>Grip at a supremeup in Kansas entering turn one and turn three at about 200 miles
an hour.>>Make the situation Jeff Gordon says he’s
not awful, running where he wants in the 19th position, if you want to look for the rest
of chaser, they’re 12th on up other than him, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. You look
at the grid, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is in trouble. Matt Kenseth recovered but a ways to go.
>>The race started, Brad keselowski was eighth. Currently sixth as they run. As you mentioned
no driver in the chase wants to go into talladega having to win. Year ago Brad keselowski was
in that position, and amazingly was able to get to victory lane and win at talladega to
continue to advance as pit road is now open and they’re on their way to you, Mike?
>>Matt Kenseth from the second position comes down pit road. He said the car has been a
little bit loose in traffic and they’ll try tighten him up with air pressure adjustment
and four times. Kelli?>>Jimmie Johnson says it’s a four tire change
for him. Kevin Harvick said he was way too loose.
>>Joey Logano four Goodyear tires, sunoco fuel and slight chassis adjustment, very fast.
>>Carl Edwards won the race off of pit road, Brad keselowski second. We’re going to tell
you why that’s so important when we return.>>>The race off of pit road was won by Carl
Edwards with a two-tire stop. He beat Brad keselowski off of pit road also with two tires.
Brad keselowski won the pole on Friday. Normally the pole winner will choose the best stall,
which is pit stall number one. That’s where Carl Edwards is, and he was the second best
in qualifying, but the reason Brad keselowski wasn’t able to choose pit stall number one
is he had four children warnings from NASCAR. Once awe cumulate four you lose your ability
to choose your pit stall in reelrelation to where you qualify. Was that a big deal on
this pit stop?>>I don’t think it was. The 19 beat the 2
out easily but as the race develops that first pit stall is a big advantage because you have
such a shorter distance to go to the end of pit road. So the penalty for Brad keselowski
ended up being a huge gain for Carl Edwards and that can make a difference as the race
winds down.>>Kevin Harvick in the 78 maybe not the best
on two tires. Four tires who take two tires. See how they end.
>>Carl Edwards on the inside, bred brd on the outside and we’re back to racing at Kansas.
Another clean restart for the field, and a good restart for Carl Edwards. Ryan Blaney
in the 21 also in excellent start as he moves up to second. Matt Kenseth moves to third.
Keselowski who started on the front row, back fighting for fourth now.
>>Ryan Blaney a young driver. Carl Edwards one of the sport’s greatest drivers.>>He was watching Edwards in front of him,
Kent Seth moves to the inside and he’ll take second away.
>>Unbelievable learning curve. Think about this experience the 21 of Ryan Blaney young
man, riding a partial schedule, learning more about these types of race cars, racing with
Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, Brad keselowski. This is, class is in right now. He’s holding
his own and doing a great job. Every little move he gets shown he’s learning more that
he can apply.>>Those drivers you mentioned they’re all
champions of this sport. And now the 20, making the move on the outside. Matt Kenseth takes
the lead away from his teammate.>>I’m surprised to see the four-tire advantage.
I didn’t see it coming based on the XFINITY race yesterday and baseded on practice. I
did not see four tires as an advantage. Right now looks like you want four tires.
>>The leader is the 20.>>New leader the 20, Matt Kenseth. Here comes
the 4 of Kevin Harvick. Harvick gets by the 19 of Carl Edwards. So Carl Edwards now falling
back 21, Ryan Blaney moving to the inside of the 19, are they going to be three wide?
Joey Logano on the outside.>>Carl had a problem into turn three. We
to check up big time and slow up everybody and they just split him. He probably got it
in the corner. He’s on two tires. We heard when the two tires are put on Kevin Harvick
early in the race he got on. Makes me wonder.>>You see smoke on the racetrack you think
something happened within the track but there’s a bus that caught fire outside of the racetrack
and the smoke has not caused an issue for the competition yet, but just wanted to let
you know if you see the smoke in the background that’s a bus outside of the racetrack.>>Hope everyone’s okay.
>>That is just as they come out of turn number four just behind the grand stands. Now the
48 to the inside of Carl Edwards. Jimmie Johnson moving to the front, Jimmie Johnson after
starting 21st, continues to move up. He is sixth now as he’s gotten by the 19 of Carl
Edwards, so has the 41, Carl Edwards continuing to drop back. Dave?
>>It’s not a good trend for him on the last run he went from third to ninth on this run,
from first dropping back. Obviously they did not change the left side tires and Carl just
radioed in, I think the left one is done.>>I think that’s a good point that not only
is the 19 on two tires but perhaps also a car handling issue. I look up the field, Ryan
Blaney and Brad keselowski while they’re not excelling on two tires they’re running fourth.
The 19th has an handling issue I’m assuming the left tire in front is the tire he’s complaining
about. It doesn’t have the momentum.>>Battle for second, Joey Logano. Going to
the outside by Kevin Harvick. We continue to mention two tires versus four tires. That’s
the strategy some of the teams are employing. If you say two tires that means they just
took two new tires to save time on pit road to get back out in front of the competition.
>>History says you don’t need four tires, all you need is two. If a guy is changing
four tires on pit road you change two, you’ll gain that track position so all these teams
that have done two are doing that based on history at the racetrack and based on practice
and yesterday’s XFINITY race. To this point it hasn’t work like it’s worked in the past.
>>Matt Kenseth out front trying to win his way into the third round.
>>Matt Kenseth has a lead over Joey Logano, Logano locked into the third round with his
win at Charlotte a week ago. Kenseth if he’s able to win he would lock himself into the
third round as well and sleep a lot easier as talladega looms just a week away.
>>Talladega looms for everyone that doesn’t have a win, because if you’re behind, you
look at talladega — if Matt Kenseth is not able to win but cuts his points to a 15-point
or 20-point deficit, talladega is an opportunity for Matt Kenseth. If it goes bad and five
chase cars crash he can make up a ton of points. Talladega can be nerve-racking if you have
a cushion out an opportunity if you’re on the outside.
>>I thought it was kind of funny the way Kurt Busch answered the question about the
stress going into talladega. He said a good finish would make it less stressful.
Didn’t say he’d eliminate it completely. As far as Kenseth is concerned he came out of
Charlotte at the bottom of the chase grid, 32 points below the cutoff line. Kenseth said
earlier this week he doesn’t feel like he’s in a must win situation, but as crew chief
Rayson Ratliff may have a different view. He said mathematically I know we don’t need
to win but in my heart I feel like we probably need to win one of the next two races to advance.
They are on all cylinders today, loaded for this race, trying to get to victory lane and
they look good so far.>>I said all week we heard Matt kensetit,
Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Kurt Busch talk about it. You don’t have to win a race mathematically
but in my opinion you must win races. To get to the homestead to be a championship contender
you have to be a car that can win and win when it’s a must and that’s where Matt Kenseth
is right now.>>That’s what NASCAR wanted, winning holds
more value. Time for today’s subway fresh take.
>>Here’s the 31 car of Ryan Newman. So far today the car has not responded. On this stop
he took on right side tires, resumed the race in fourth, has fallen back to the tenth position.
If he’ll be the 2015 champion and move on to the next round they have to get their cars
responding to their adjustments. Marty?>>When I asked Dale Earnhardt Jr. Last week
about the new chase format where drivers are eliminated every three races, he says fans
I love it, as a competitor it’s stressful to be in the middle of especially when you’re
below the cut line like we are. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has been struggling with the car on new
tires that won’t go, too tight. They made it better, this one much better, restarted
20th, now they’re in 12th. Mike?>>Jeff Gordon is going in the wrong direction.
He started sixth and faded beyond the top 20. He’s been struggling with the balance
of the car throughout the course of the day. They made several adjustments on pit road.
At one point they put a rubber in the left rear spring. The next time down pit road they
took a rubber out so they’ve made significant adjustments but they haven’t really helped
Jeff. At one point he said we didn’t help the front. All we did was disconnect the rear.
>>Jeff moments ago you about jumped out of the booth. What were you looking at?
>>Kyle Larson a dirt track race per. Watch how loose he is and how long he’s loose. Continues
all the way off the corner so that is around, normally you get that loose and that loose
around the corner you come off turn four you spin out but he did a great job of maintaining
control.>>We’ve asked Kyle Larson before, you’re
a dirt track racer. You like to happening the right wheel out on the dirt tracks, does
that give you an advantage? He said absolutely not. It scares me to death when the back end
does come out on one of these cars because it’s not supposed to. Kelli?
>>Keep your eye on him, because Kyle Larson thought he had a right rear flat. We expect
him to come down to pit road. They’ve kept him out there as they continue to mopper but
that’s something to watch for.>>It wouldn’t surprise me if he has a tire
go down. He got really loose, and since he’s done that he’s continued to back up so this
is a difficult situation for a driver, what do you do, when do you pit? If you pit and
there’s nothing wrong you feel terrible, you made a mistake. If you don’t pit and the too
irblows out that’s a mistake, too. Driver puts a car on pit road, takes the tires off,
nothing wrong. That happens a couple of times, gunshy and you don’t want to pit.
>>Jeff Gordon looking back on Kyle Larson who is running a lot lower line than he was
earlier when he was up against the wall. The 2 of Brad keselowski still in the top ten.
Here’s what he said moments ago.>>30/30 on Dylan, 10 back to him. 20 to stay
in front of him.>>I’m just trying not to back it in the wall
here, guys.>>As a driver, I’m trying just to not back
it in the wall.>>You heard the spotter say he ran a 30/30,
behind him is 30/20. In the 30/20 he’s saying I can’t run a 30/20. I’m trying to keep from
wrecking this thing. If I try any quicker I’ll back it into the wall.
>>Marty?>>Guys Brad keselowski pit at tight condition,
it’s worse in one in two than three and four. The race team worked so hard over the last
week. They went directly from Charlotte motor speedway after we ran there on Sunday to Phoenix,
tested three days there, came straight here to Kansas. As Brad told me this week as of
today, that’s 10 out of 12 days that he’s been in the race car he said honestly at points
during the Phoenix test I was exhausted. Jeff, I’m curious from a driver’s standpoint and
from the team management standpoint, is that good or bad that the driver is in the car
that much or possibly a bad thing that they’ve been there and too much, don’t get enough
rest coming into a critical race like Kansas?>>It’s always a balance between the two.
You have to get enough testing time, when NASCAR allows you to test you have to take
advantage of it because that’s how you get better as a driver and better as a team. However,
if it wears you out it’s like a basketball team with the football team practicing too
much. You can practice too much. The only way to get better in the sport is try things.
>>Kurt Busch looks to get by maybe a little bit run down number 2 by Brad keselowski.
Matt Kenseth out in front after last week, struggling at Charlotte, and having big problems.
He’s out front at Kansas today.>>>Welcome back to Hollywood casino 400,
Matt Kenseth out front P Matt has LED 34 laps, the most of any drivers. Brad keselowski has
LED 28, Kevin Harvick 21, Logano has LED 17 laps. The 18 of Kurt Busch moments ago talking
on the radio about different places to run and how his car is handling. Listen.
>>Trying to get anything going, anywhere but the bottom and I can’t. I’m too loose.
Loose everywhere. Started down high especially here it’s tight, too, on the start.
>>A.J. Allmendislow on the track. The track bar, Kurt Busch is going down inside
the car it’s making the car looser which is the opposite of what it should do.
>>47, slow, down onto the apron now or near the apron coming through three and four and
making his way on to pit road, but this might be why he got so slow.
>>Trying to get around on the outside and obviously got around the sixth and just got
high leaving the cosher and got in the wall. Seems like he’s mad but did he do something
wrong?>>Hits him a couple times on the front, first
gets him loose but he’s not done. He keeps checking him, finally lets the 47 go but around
goes the 42 of Kyle Larson and now the caution comes out. So while the couple drivers had
a difference of opinion with each other, the 42 of Kyle Larson who thought he might have
a right rear tire going down earlier in this run.
>>I got a flat.>>Spun around and says he has a flat. Looks
like the left front is down on the 42. The right side tires look up. The left side, the
left front looks like it’s flat. He was running 33rd. Things weren’t going well for the 42
team.>>We saw how loose he was. We showed it at
the one replay. It was lap after lap after lap he was that loose and he finally couldn’t
hold onto it anymore.>>Drivers and car control the young man can
drive a loose race car as fast as anybody. What you gain with a veteran driver more than
just understanding the races, they understand it’s the weekend and that’s the area that
Kyle Larson is going to learn over this year, next year and the years following. What do
I need Friday and Saturday to get myself a great car Sunday? While can he drive a card car fast and drive
an average car better than it needs to be driven a bigger part is helping the crew chief
and the crew put a fast car on the racetrack having a good plan and understanding what
they need to practice.>>The monitor has Kyle Larson two laps down
to race leader Matt Kenseth. He was on pit road to get the new tires put on the 42.
>>Two tires on two different occasions haven’t panned out. I’m shocked. I agree with Jeff
it’s typically a two-tire racetrack but I expect everyone to take four tires.
>>Mike?>>Matt Kenseth comes to his stop on his pit
box and tried to tighten them up last time down pit road. He said it was better that
run. When he got into that traffic it was tight and clean air.
>>He said he needs a little bit more grip, going to be a four-tire change for the 48.
You see Kevin Harvick in the 4. Wet air pressure adjuster to tighten them up. Four tires.
>>Logano four tires as he has all day, sunoco fuel and wedge adjustments and more turn to
the 22 who can still block someone from advancing to the next round. Rick?
>>Big pit stop for the 20 team, top four hold their position and see the race off pit
road.>>>NASCAR on NBC is brought to you by Toyota.
Let’s go places. Sprint, proud sponsor of the NASCAR sprint cup seires is and by Progressive,
preparing rates to help you save. Now that’s Progressive. Gorgeous shot of Kansas and the
midwest. Mike Massaro, the 24 looked like he came back on to pit road again.
>>He did. It’s been a frustrating day for Jeff Gordon. It got worse. The pit stop didn’t
go smoothly and they didn’t get all the lug nuts tight and the left front tire had to
be tightened back up.>>This is the advantage of having Jeff Gordon
in the race car. Veteran to this sport he’s won all his championships over a season long
battle, what that means is he understands that you’re never out of it, so with 155 to
go, while he hasn’t had the start of the race he was looking for, we were talking a minute
ago you circled the laps to go. You believe he has that patience if they can get the car
better can he recover.>>He’s smart enough not to get the car in
trouble. As we talked about before this is still a point race. If you win you advance,
but you don’t have to win. If you’re not having a good day, find a way so what we talked about
with Larson, Jeff Gordon has it. Find a way to take an 18th place car and get in 12th
with it.>>You mentioned points, let’s look once again
at the race off of pit road. Kenseth, Johnson, who is not in the chase any long E longer,
Logano, Harvick, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch. We have to remember that each spot the drivers
take is a point that one of the chase drivers is not going to get and each position is worth
a point.>>Exactly. And here’s Matt Kenseth, we talked
about him. He’s in a hole. He needs to win a race most likely to advance. Guess who he’s
racing to win this race? He’s racing a six-time champion Jimmie Johnson who is already out
of the championship. If you get eliminated in the playoffs in football
you’re done, you’re watching the game and NASCAR you’re still racing and you can impact
what happens in the next round, so if Jimmie Johnson goes on to win this race, and I know
it’s still 154 laps to go, and Matt Kenseth finished second there was an opportunity that
Matt Kenseth would not have taken advantage of and moved him into the next round.
>>Jimmie Johnson the 40-year-old out of el cajon, California, running second. He’s won
at this track three times before. You can enter today for your chance to win a 2016
Ford f150 plus vip to NASCAR championships week in Las Vegas. See the 16 drivers who
qualified for the playoffs, live on stage after the lap, sponsored by Ford and sprint.
To enter go to NASCAR Kenseth chooses the outside line on the restart.
Behind him Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick.>>The restarts have been getting more and
more aggressive not just in the front row but we mentioned the longer restart zone how
that affects the cars back in the pack. Row four, five, six and seven it’s an accordion
effect. Two, three, four wide on some restarts using the track and the apron here at Kansas.
>>Coming into the NBC sports restart zone. Green flag back in the air. Kenseth waiting
until the very last moment to get back on the gas.
>>Remember there’s no rule of waiting until you go past the second red line. The rule
is if you wait that long, if he doesn’t accelerate to the second line there’s no penalty in that.
>>They’re side by side for the lead as they go into turn three. Kenseth able to get in
front of the 48. Kenseth leading at Kansas, Jimmie Johnson runs second, Joey Logano, Kevin
Harvick fighting for that third spot. Harvick on the outside. Logano on the inside.
They continue to stay door to door as they go into turn three. Logano surges ahead, has
the advantage, he’ll take third.>>You talk about Jimmie Johnson possibly
winning a race and knocking someone out, guess what? Joey Logano can do that same thing and
Joey Logano can go win this race and try to put Matt Kenseth in a tough spot. You don’t
want Matt Kenseth in this, he’s won five races this year. You don’t want him in the playoffs
going into the next round so Joey Logano can win the race, maybe this pushes him easily
as the championship contender out of this race.
>>All the drivers in the top five as they’re running, champions, the sprint cup series.
Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch. The only one that’s not, Joey
Logano, he’s running third.>>You see farther in the pack Dale Earnhardt
Jr. In 11th, facing with teammate Kasey kahne. Martin Truex Jr. Recovered, had two tires
earlier, lost track position. Now four tires trying to move up the field. Even if you don’t
have a great car Dale Earnhardt jr.’s strength this year he found a way to get the good finishes.
He came off of Charlotte with the bad finish, he needs to get that consistency back and
he has the ability to do it.>>The question, is that enough with the problem
in Charlotte two consistent finishes in talladega enough is with so many chasers in front of
you running to the well.>>That’s the reason why they’re in championship
contention because week after week, they run well. They run in the top five, win races.
>>They did and where do they win races? Where we go next week, so this week is obviously
a track he said he’d like but next week there’s no way they can’t have that circled on their
calendar. Everyone looks at it as this race that you
can’t control your own opportunities. You have to use other guys and draft. The 88 has
shown he’s won two out of the three, so perhaps next week is a better opportunity.
>>Back to pit road for updates, starting with Kelli.
>>Kevin Harvick started fourth, running fourth now. Research has been a big point of contention
in recent weeks and Kevin Harvick didn’t like what he saw in the last one.
>>How long are they going to let the 20 get away with that, slowing down like that?
>>Kevin had been way too loose on his previous set after they made adjustments, now he’s
saying it’s better so far. Mike?>>Kelli, Denny Hamlin started fifth and one
point faded beyond the top ten. He’s struggling with a loose race car. They made a significant
adjustment down pit road, put a half round of wedge in the left rear and the car has
gotten better. One of the biggest concerns keeping up with the changing racetrack, he’s
moving towards the front.>>Martin Truex Jr. And his team were the
underdogs in the chase, currently 11th and they struggled with track position all day
long. They had a slow pit stop on this last stop, made several adjustments and took their
time with the car, finally going forward.>>Carl Edwards LED by the two-tire strategy
he had, that’s championship point but he lost positions and fell back when they came down
pit road they made an adjustment to the 19. They had a slow pit stop the crew admitted
and lost more spots. He restarts 19th. Battle for front.
>>Battle for third between Logano and Harvick. Logano holding the spot, Harvick looking slower
for the 1 of Jimmie Mcmurray. Sam Hornish Jr. Looking to the inside. Just not up to
speed yet for the 1, not holding the speed that he had earlier, not like Matt Kenseth
out in front in Kansas.>>>Tomorrow Dan Patrick talks with the sprint
cup series race winner from here at Kansas speedway. Don’t miss requesting the Dan Patrick
show” weekday mornings 9:00 to noon on NBC sn. Is the is the has about 0.8 of a second
lead over Jimmie Johnson. We heard Kevin Harvick make a reference to the restart and Matt Kenseth.
We want to look back on the restart. One of the questions I’d ask the two of you is have
you gotten so good and I say that as a driver, have you gotten so good that you can play
games now when you start, have Jimmie Johnson great at this racetrack. Are you trying to
get him to jump? We look at the restart and it looks like Kenseth goes late in the box
on the restart.>>He does go late in the box. Playing games
on restarts is nothing new. Matt Kenseth does not do anything wrong. 51 miles an hour, he
accelerates before the end of the line so the way gains are made when you accelerate
within the zone. Matt Kenseth was 100% within the rules but you don’t go at the same place
every time. Try to surprise a guy around you.>>Kevin Harvick thought the 20 slowed down
but what we’ve seen over all the years, as you get there, everybody creeps into the zone
and gets faster. Matt Kenseth stayed directly at 51 miles an
hour for the entire length of the zone. He has every right to do that. I don’t think
he’s playing games as much as he’s a leader and wants to stay the leader into turn one.
>>He has that advantage being the leader. Understands rules and use them to your advantage.
>>The rule is when you get to the first line the leader can go. He can’t go prior to it.
Once he gets there, can he go. If he doesn’t go by the second line, then the flag starts
the race. So he could come to the end of the line and not go. The only thing he can’t do
is he can’t slow down excessively in the zone.>>Earlier we saw Jimmie muck Murray get up
high and get to the wall, there was speedy dry and perhaps I thought that the track wasn’t
completely where it needed to be. This is is a different replay of the same situation,
Jimmie Mcmurray battle his race car. He’s very successful and not enough grip in that
race car. That’s why some days just don’t go like you had hoped and currently in the
23rd position, still in the lead lop.>>You watch at home wondering why would you
do it again? Because he’s faster there. You have to go where your car is faster. He needs
to run the top but when you run the top you put yourself into jeopardy and hit the wall.
>>Austin Dillon running a similar line up against the wall, in the top five. Matt Kenseth
still your race leader. Jimmie Johnson runs second.while>>>Matt Kenseth in front of Jimmie Johnson
by a second. Joey Logano, Kevin harvick,’s din Dillon in the top five. Kenseth even trying
the apron as they go across the start/finish line. Let’s go through the field brought to
you by sprint.>>The apron is pretty much the line Matt
Kenseth worked on throughout the weekend during practice, where he likes to run. It’s working
out well. He LED over 70 laps so far, feeling good about his car especially in clean air,
although he’s been getting a little bit loose over the course of the run. Kelli?
>>Jimmie Johnson, I asked the crew chief if they’d like to win one? He said it’s not
even about winning, just about finishing. We haven’t had a clean week in the last eight
weeks. He’s running seconded. Remind the 20 is in a win to advance position.
>>When the 22 came down pit road there was a little damage to the inner shoulder of the
right front tire. Joey was told it looks similar to the right front that came off our car last
year when we won.>>Kevin Harvick second in the chase standings. They made an air pressure and waenlg judgment.
He says he’s a little bit too tight out of two.
>>Can you become a better driver overnight? Yes, if you see data. The only time is between
sessions downloaded on their computers from the electronic fuel injection system. Austin
Dillon after the XFINITY series race his crew chief told me he’s driving different today,
maybe one of the reasons he’s in the top five.>>Kurt Busch they didn’t make any adjustments
last time he came down pit road. Now he’s saying he’s loose up top, tight on the bottom.
He has a little bit of vibration. Just reminded the guys to tighten up the lug nuts next stop.
>>Talking to the crew chief for Kurt Busch this morning he said the most frustrating
part about finishing 20 at Charlotte they had the top two speeds. Rather use our millibegan
at talladega coming up. He has it a full lock turning left taken goes straight. Now one
of the fastest cars on the track. Gotten much better.
>>When Ryan Newman got into the turns Friday the back end of the car wanted to come around
him. The crew chief told me we’ve adjusted for that over the weekend. Today he has the
opposite problem.>>Denny Hamlin is consistent what with he
said over the radio, loose, loose, loose each and every run. They’ve made several weblg
adjustments. It hasn’t improved the car that much. He’s having a difficult time getting
through turn three.>>Kasey kahne having a nice run in the tenth
position. His crew chief said we had speed lately. We need to finish in the top ten and
that’s where he is, the car is loose and gets looser the longer he runs. Martin Truex Jr.
Trying to make forward progress, tight in the center. When he tries to carry speed through
the center is when the tight gets magnified. For Dale Earnhardt Jr. They have struggled
all day long, loose ends tied off. Like a broken record. Moment ago he said I
don’t like it right now, the car is would too loose. For Brad keselowski in 13th he’s
asking where everybody is running if it he can move up to the top and save time. Right
now he’s struggling with a car that’s tight in the middle of three and four.
>>Ryan Blaney tested back in September and because of that, his creigh chief felt they
came off the truck extremely strong to begin the weekend and had high expectations. He
ran inside the top five much of the early stages of its race. He’s faded a little bit,
the car is getting twitchy over the course of the run.
>>Ricky stenhouse Jr. Finished 24th but looking forward to coming back because their cars
improved greatly. He’s on plowing tight at times and now saying I need to carry more
speed in the high groove in the turns.>>Running inside the top 20, a solid run
but expecting to run inside the top 15, the car just a little bit too tight right now
and losing the nose.>>On this run, first report was loose. Close
that out. Then he was tight, cross that out. Since then he’s picked up two positions on
the track.>>It’s a difficult week for the 15 car. In
practice they struggled on Friday, made it a little bit better on Saturday but did not
see the gains they were looking for. Although this has been a refreshing run. Clint bowyer
says the car is good. They didn’t make any adjustments last time down pit road.
>>A little more speed over the last few weeks Greg Biffle in the 19 position. They’ve gotten
aero packages. Biffle has been struggling with bad vibrations on the last two runs.
This run no vibration, just a little bit tight.>>Alan gustavsson said we had some speed
during practice but it was not consistent. Speed not necessarily the only problem the
24 has encountered today, they had a problem off pit road with a loose lugnut. They have not been able to dial it in.
>>Great information, you guy, all the way through the top 20. Matt Kenseth out in front,
he continues to lead. Pit stops are coming up.>>>Fourth caution of the day comes out. The
3 of Austin Dillon, he blew a right front tire, a lot of damage to the right side of
that car. He’s behind the wall and in the garage. Pit road is open. Mike?
>>The leaders will bring them down, the leader Matt Kenseth on pit road. They’ve had a clean
day on pit road so far today. Looking for another one. Matt has been happen. I with
the race car especially at the end of that run, just an air pressure adjustment, four
tires and fuel.>>Jimmie Johnson said he was feeling a vibration
in the right front. They’re going to make an air pressure adjustment. Four tires for
the 48. The 4 of Kevin Harvick said his drive was neutral on entry but tight off on both
ends.>>A little free run in the top for Joey Logano,
four Goodyear tires and sunoco fuel loaded and he leaves. Race off pit road, Kenseth
holding position, so does Jimmie Johnson, Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick. Kurt Busch
makes up a spot as did Ryan Newman and Denny Hamlin. This is the reason for the caution,
Austin Dillon right front tire down and into the wall.>>>Very tough result for Austin Dillon and
the 3 team after running in the top five, right front tire goes down into the wall hard.
They’re in the garage working on the car trying to get it back out on the track. The most
laps LED today presented by sprint, Matt Kenseth already LED 85 laps. He’s continuing to add
to his laps LED. Follow on Twitter now for a chance to win an autographed hat from today’s
victory lane. And Mike Massaro caution up with Austin.
>>They’re going to work on the 3 car as Austin stands and observes. It appeared to us that
it was a tire issue. What could you tell?>>We were a little tight in that run and
I was just kind of catching everybody in front. They worked hard on it and I’m proud how we
raced. What a bummer. I don’t know if we ran over something for what. Showed a little heat
second run but not that much. It’s just carrying lot of speed and blew a tire.
>>Heavy right side damage and they continue repairs in the garage.
>>Just a matter of tibefore Austin Dillon gets a win in the cup series. The speeds coming
in row number one.>>That’s exactly what we talked about. Matt
Kenseth had the opportunity to accelerate everywhere in that zone. Much like you said,
Jeff, do it different every time. Last time he was late. This time early in the zone.
He accelerates out.>>He still has Jimmie Johnson right to his
inside, as they go into turn three. Little bit of a bobble by the 48 and that allows
the 20 to move by.>>That’s all aerodynamic, the 48 trapped
on the bottom with a 20 had-to-his right. The right back quarter panel you see the momentum
lost by the 48 going to cost him three spots.>>Kevin Harvick in second. Joey Logano to
third. Jimmie Johnson falls back to fourth. Kurt Busch running fifth. Past the half way
point, only 107 laps remain from Kansas. Again you win if you’re a chaser, and you advance
to the next round. Joey Logano won at Charlotte last week, and he will advance to round three.
Now Matt Kenseth who had troubles in Charlotte, finished 42nd because of damage to the car.
Now in a position where he could win and advance.>>We talk about how fast this racetrack is,
Rick. On the restarts, one and two really is a wide open corner, you go down to three
and four, side by side with guys trying to carry momentum. The last time we saw Jimmie
Johnson on the bottom, Matt Kenseth on the top. You watch the replay from the on board
of Kevin Harvick, look Jimmie Johnson gets loose and right side, how it takes the air
off the 48, very, very hard to drive. Luckily he catches it.
>>He saw it going on and lifted off the throttle to give Jimmie a little bit of room. If he
would have stayed on the throttle he would have mowed Jimmie over. You see a car get
loose you have to respond from behind.>>Here comes Joey Logano, trying to find
a way around the 4 of Kevin Harvick. He’ll run the high line through 1 and 2, momentum
on his side and Logano gets to the outside and he’ll take second away.
>>Look at how much speed he carries down the back stretch off the top. This is why
you run the top. Kevin Harvick gained a car length on entry. Joey Logano back to the gas
much earlier and carries a ton of speed, probably the same in turn one.
>>Chaser Dale Earnhardt Jr. Thinks he has a loose wheel. He hases to come to pit road.
He was running 21st, he’s going to continue to fall back and lose a lap.>>A slow pit stop as well, Marty. He said
he had a loose wheel, didn’t really say which one it was. Reportedly immediately he had
a bad vibration and had the problem at Dover as well. They had two of them there, they
got one after the race went caution so it’s a four-tire change here for the aa car, critical
laps and time being lost here on pit road for a chaser already below the cut line.
>>Absolutely, he has a bad race in Charlotte. If he follows it up with a bad race in Kansas
it will be a must win situation for him. We look up the racetrack he goes. Dale Earnhardt
Jr. Thinking he had a loose wheel.>>They did the right thing coming on pit
road and doing four tires and staying in the lead lap. If you don’t know which wheel tire
is the problem you have to change four. If you only changed two an didn’t guess right
you have to come back and that hurts you more. He’s currently one lap down, not that far
in front, Matt Kenseth sees Dale Earnhardt Jr. He knows he’s racing Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Matt Kenseth will run as hard as he can to put him another lap down because if you get
a chase guy two laps down, that’s very, very difficult for him to come back and beat you.
>>Currently running in the 27th position at the top of your screen, Dale Earnhardt
Jr. In the 12 point position, 36 points behind, that basically makes talladega a must win.
36 points over the next 100 laps.>>If there was anybody that went to talladega
in a must win situation you would say a person with the name Earnhardt is going to do well.
>>There’s no question. Junior has the most confidence when he goes to the superspeedway
races. He has confidence in himself. He believes in himself. He knows he can win there. The
problem is, there’s 42 others that can win in talladega, not necessarily 43 cars here
that can win but there’s 43 cars that can win at talladega.>>Matt Kenseth continuing to lead at Kansas,
95 laps he’s LED already.>>>Not the homecoming that Clint bowyer wanted,
Kansas native, hard into the wall and he’s out of the car and getting into the back of
the ambulance. Take a look. He was running 16th.
>>He gets loose right there and ends up overcorrecting. Hits the wall really hard, hard impact.
>>Right along with Jeff Gordon.>>I hit the wall behind.
>>So hard as a driver when you had to turn the wheel back right, if you don’t you’ll
spin out. When you turn the wheel right and the front tires catch this is what happened.
Not turn the wheel to the right is hard. We’ve seen race car drivers do this and every tire
is different. When you turn that wheel back to the right the left side tire sometimes
digs. This is a different tire than we ran last week at Charlotte. Every tire behaves
a little bit differently. When he got loose he got the wheel turned too far to the right,
hard impact to the wall.>>Continue to applaud you drivers, amazing
what you will attempt to do. Clint bowyer did climb out of that car under his own power
and walked to the ambulance and you have to remind people also of the fact that the safer
barrier they’ve been continuing to add that all the way around tracks. They added 3,200 of safer barrier here at
Kansas feedsway. He did hit the safer barrier. Even hitting the safer barrier the cars as
we mentioned carrying speeds over 185 miles an hour through the center of the turns, that
was on exit of turn number two, hitting a wall that hard is incredible. The nerve that
you guys have, so amazing hit there for Clint bowyer. He’ll if to the infield care center,
get checked out and we’ll keep you updated on that. Matt Kenseth still in front, Joey
Logano, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, they were on pit road on lap 156, so
they opt to stay out, few back a little bit further have opted to come on to pit road
LED by the 2 of Brad keselowski. Keselowski running 11th when he made the decision to
come on to pit road. Mike?>>Jeff Gordon has had a handful of a race
car throughout the course of the day. They’ll try to make air pressure adjustments and a
four tire change on the 24, already complete, Marty?
>>Brad keselowski said his car was much better that run, but felt loose. Powell brought him
for a wedge adjustment and air pressure adjustment to tighten up the car a little pit.
>>Carl Edwards said we’re going the right direction. His crew chief says we need to
do the opposite of what everybody else in front of us is doing. We need track position.
Hopefully four tires and adjustment Carl can drive forward from here on.
>>Rick, I like that strategy. Do the opposite, find a with a I to go to a track position,
maybe new tires. We’ve seen them more valuable at Kansas.
>>Track cleanup continues. We’ll be back.>>>Today’s aerial coverage provided by our
partners at smithfield foods. We want to take a look at the mobile one performance factors
for today’s race.>>Four tires versus two tires, came in the
race thinking two tires is the way to go. So far four tires are better than two.
>>What is not surprising the restart hot topic amongst drivers and way to get an advantage,
and pit mistakes continue. Dale Earnhardt Jr. A loose wheel, other teams complained
about loose wheels. Some lucky with caution, some haven’t.
>>You mentioned restarts. We heard from the 4 team and the driver of the 4, Kevin Harvick
say he thinks that the 20 is slowing the field down or maybe brake checking. . Is what they
had to say on the radio moments ago.>>Have they said anything about the brake
checking on receipt starts?>>They were showing it on TV pretty clear.
>>It’s the same car, when he’s leading he slows down.
>>You can see it big time on TV.>>When they mentioned that, we’ve shown on
the pointers that it doesn’t look like he’s rolling through the restart zone, that there’s
any slowing down but pace car speed, as they’re rolling around the track, pace car speed is
55 miles an hour. So the last one that we showed the speed was 51 miles an hour that
they kept through into the restart zone. So he does have a point in the fact that they
are slowing down a little bit from the time that the pace car comes off the track.
>>That’s right, NASCAR is not going to make a call because you run 51 instead of 55. If
you change your speeds a great deal or while you’re in the box, if you get in the box,
51 and go to 45 and accelerate, NASCAR may to make a call. I don’t think NASCAR will
call you if you slow down from 55, 54, 53 to 51 miles an hour prior to being in the
box.>>As the field approaches that first line,
everyone is anticipating what’s going to happen. So the energy through the field just increases.
The whole field starts to creep. It’s not row one. It’s row two, three, four,
five, they start to pick up speed and almost looks like the leaders have slowed down.
>>The reason for the most recent caution was the driver, the 15, he’s out of the infield
care center with Mike.>>Walked out, that was a very good sign but
a heavy hit. How are you?>>Good. I was just, you know, I was following
Gordon there, started to catch him back and I went in and he kind of tooing my line away.
I tried to pull down and as soon as I got some air it bit and turned me and I probably
should have just spun to the inside but I thought I could save it. Guess what? I did
not save it. It hit hard.>>It’s great to see you walk out under your
own power. That was a hit that took our breath away.
>>It was a hard hit. Gives me a wake-up call you know, but I was actually, you know, we
were having some fun doing a little better than I actually thought we were going to,
but just disappointed. I’m frustrated, you know, you always hate to have something like
that happen especially at home.>>Disappointing Clint bowyer. Rick, we’re
going green.>>Two by two once again and NASCAR couldn’t
use the superimposed lines on the track or the pointers that we put in when they make
decisions. We’ll watch once again as they come into the destart zone, green flag back
in the air. Side by side. Joey Logano on the inside, Kenseth on the outside.
>>Kenseth, chose the 22 chose to push the 22 right past the 20.
>>Will he be able to hold onto the lead? Logano trying to go back to back with wins.
Logano out in front of Matt Kenseth.>>Matt Kenseth trying to push the 22 of Logano
versus helping someone to win the race and advance himself in, is that part of the strategy
on that move? I don’t know. But you need to think about
that a little.>>Definitely strategy being played by everyone
involved with these teams.>>Logano is in. You can’t knock him out of
the next round. He’s in. If you can keep Matt Kenseth a guy that you think could win this
championship, if if you could keep him advancing that’s what you’re going to do. Smart thinking
by Kevin Harvick to help the car that’s already in the chase.
>>Joey Logano in front of the field, Matt Kenseth running second. Harvick third, Jimmie
Johnson fourth, Denny Hamlin in the top five now. 21, or 20 cars now on the lead lap running
20th is Jamie Mcmurray. Outside the top 20 is one chase driver that’s Dale Earnhardt
Jr. One lap down running 23rd.>>It’s a battle back where he’s currently
one lap down trying to get back in the position.>>There’s thed back in traffic with Kyle
Larson moving to the inside trying to take that spot away.
>>You mentioned running for the lucky dog is sometimes hard for the lead. You’re doing
it in traffic.>>You have to race all the guys, half way
through the field, there’s aerodynamically your car drives terrible. This is the best
race of the weekend because this is their life, their entire race is trying to be the
first car lap down and you have to race so hard. It’s the only way you’ll get by someone.
>>Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is being told by T.J. Mayors the 51 is a bogey. That’s how we dig
out from the hole.>>The 42 of Kyle Larson is three lap down.
They’re not racing for position. He does need to get in front of the 51, if he wants to
get into that position for the free pass. You know Justin Allgaier doesn’t want to give
up that spot. He wants to get back on the lead lap.
>>You saw the 4 and the 88, they have not tightened that car up and he’s feeling exceptionally
loose.>>Battle for the lead on the right side of
your screen. Joey Logano trying to hang onto it, and Matt Kenseth trying to regain the
lead in the Hollywood casino 400. To the bottom of the track goes Matt Kenseth.
>>One thing so difficult as a race car driver you don’t want to go in the corner and be
in the same line as the car that sits in front of you. You have to guess right now, where
is the 22 going? Going to the top? If he goes to the top I want to go to the bottom. If
he goes to the bottom I need to go to the middle. It’s difficult to anticipate where
the car in front of you is going to go. It’s such an aerodynamic disadvantage to be behind
him. You want to be offset just like he is right now.
>>Logano stays up high. Here comes Kenseth looking to the bottom of the track. Side by
side for the lead, as they come to the start/finish line. Kenseth has the advantage as they cross.
Now as we go into turn one, surge by Logano on the high line.
>>Matt Kenseth disadvantage because he’s on the bottom of the racetrack. He can’t enter
the corner the same angle that you want to enter the corner. Getting into the corner,
there’s a car on the outside of you that slows the center of your corner down because the
angle of attack is off.>>Logano moving up the racetrack, almost
up against the wall. Momentum on his side and the 2 of Brad keselowski I believe just
hit the wall.>>You can see the right side, it’s hard to
make out on the right rear tire wrinkle in the sheet metal. He was running tenth. Remember this car got four tires on pit road.
He got loose, get in the corner and had to chase it up the racetrack. That’s something
we saw see as the race wears on and the wind is blowing into turn three so that makes that
condition worse, the wind is blowing down the back straightaway. As the cars enter the
corner that makes it looser into turn three.>>While these two continue to race for the
lead running side by side allowing Jimmie Johnson to close the gap. The more those two
run side by side, the better it is for the 48 of Jimmie Johnson to reel them back in.
And once again, they’re going to go side by side for the lead. Logano keeping the momentum
up on the high side, he continues to lead at Kansas.>>>12 lead changes already presented by sprint,
part of that Matt Kenseth, Joey Logano two battling for the front of the field, stop
in at sprint and cut your rate plan in half, bring in your verzor or AT&T wireless bill
and turn in your old phone. Once again we could have another lead change. That time
of the stripe Matt Kenseth the race leader so that makes it 13 now. As that number increases,
Kenseth in front ofgano once again.>>The last part couldn’t have been a better
place for Matt Kenseth.>>Great job, buddy.
>>He’s trying to get the momentum. He knew we to run the middle trying to use a pick
to complete the pass.>>Logano drops back to second, his teammate,
whom he saw the 2 of Brad keselowski get into the wall, Marty, what’s happening with that
team?>>Since then he told the team I was trying
to get you a little bit more. It won’t stick, Paul. He said I didn’t want to run that line,
meaning that high line but I knew I had to try it. They have checked out the car, they
say there’s a little damage on the right rear but nothing too bad. Since then the handling
of the car has been tight. One thing they have talked about, Jeff you brought it up
a moment ago the wind that’s picked up a bunch here in the last 30 minutes or so, that really
pushes these cars into turn three and wreaks havoc with the cars where Brad keselowski
is right now.>>You’re exactly right. That’s the worst
part of the racetrack in turn three, where the teams had the most issue. You tend to
get loose, the back of the car wants to pass in front of the car and then that wind makes
it that much worse. That’s going to continue to be a problem all day long.
>>I agree that there’s not a lot of damage for the two, but the concern is that right
rear quarter panel is extremely sensitive and out there in the wind, you’re leaning
on it in the corner so if you damage it, it will make the damage. Another car that damaged
his actually we are talking about the lucky dog race, the 51 of Justin Allgaier and 88
of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Were battling it away. Made contact with the wall that allows 88
to get by him. Not a heavy contact but enough to damage the 51 that puts the 88 currently
in the lucky dog position.>>And now Earnhardt Jr. Needs a caution soon
because Jamie Mcmurray is not that far from the leader.
>>Only 68 laps to go from Kansas. Kenseth back out front again. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Still in the free pass
position. He is the highest scored car a lap down, he runs 21st, there are 20 cars on the
lead lap, running 20th is Jamie Mcmurray. Matt Kenseth still out front, has almost a
two-second lead over Jimmie Johnson running second. Joey Logano has fallen back to third.
Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin the top five. Kurt Busch, Kasey kahne, Kyle Busch back in
eighth. Marty?>>Hanging on to eighth right now, Rick, because
a little while ago they made a brush with the wall, slight contact. Kyle said he thinks
there’s oil in the top groove of the racetrack. You see him down about a half groove from
the top lane. He’d love to run against the wall but thinks there’s oil up there so he
can’t afford any more and can’t afford any more contact with the wall.
>>Now this is one of the longest runs we’ve had all day, Rick. I didn’t know what was
going on with Kyle, but he kind of ran him behind that lap car. Lap 207, 208, looks to
be four or five more laps the leaders come to pit road for their final required stop
from fuel. There will be a fuel window for as much tires meant today coming and going,
two versus four it will be interesting to see the strategy they play out in the last
of the race.>>Matt Kenseth has a 1.8 second lead over
Jimmie Johnson. Joey Logano almost four seconds behind Matt Kenseth. Logano was battling with
Kenseth for the lead, he has fallen back and lost pace for Kenseth. Matt Kenseth in a perfect position to advance
to the third round of the chase playoffs. Win would do that for him, after a bad Charlotte
race, where he finished 42nd, put themselves in a hole and now the opportunity to advance
with a win here at Kansas, where he’s got a ways to go. This is a very important stop
for all of these teams, green flag pit stops are important anyway but so much on the line.
Matt Kenseth really in a position where a win is almost needed as far down as he was
after Charlotte. Now he’s in a position where he needs his team really to rise up and have
a great pit stop as we get close to the green flag stops.
>>I’m going to contradict you. If I was the crew chief for Matt Kenseth I would be coming
down oh my god, I need a solid pit stop. I don’t need great. We don’t need fireworks.
We can’t afford to looze a wheel or a major mistake, a pit penalty, equipment out of the
box. We have a fast enough race car. We’ve seen Matt Kenseth consistently drive his car
to the front. Let’s not work so hard that we’re trying to keep the lead, let’s just
make sure we come once and once only. Mike?>>You know, Jason Ratcliffe has not climbed
out of the box to pat everybody on the box but I did see coach Gibbs checking to make
sure everything is okay. Kenseth LED the most laps today. This is exactly the run they were
hoping to get trying to rebound from a disappointing Charlotte. They’ve been feeling like their
car is better at the end of a long run. Kelli?>>Kurt Busch fifth in the standings, now
sixth. The vibration was the right rear wheel ring that moved. Cars going the wrong way
after the last adjustments they made, just too tight. They’ll fix that on pit road.
>>Martin Truex Jr. Sent out a tweet earlier this week, he said “Those don’t see it but
we’re still here.” They love being the underdogs. The team to
root for and you love underdogs, root for the 78 team of martin Truex Jr. You see him
coming down pit road now. He said the car is still too tight, just chattering the front
and the harder he pushed, he told Cole burns his crew chief the more the front end wants
to chatter. They’ll come down pit road as we talked about, critical green flag stops
for all of these chasers, they’ll take on four Goodyear tires and air pressure adjustment
trying to loosen the car up for the 78 and also that wedge adjustment one round in the
left rear. Kelli?>>Kevin Harvick said we no rear grip up high
and too tight on the bottom, both ends of the track, going to make a wedge adjustment
and air pressure adjustments. Four Goodyear tires and sunoco fuel but might be a last
sort.>>Matt Kenseth’s only concern is the first
five to ten laps on a new set of tires, when the car is tight, he said. After that, pretty
good. Four-tire change for Kenseth, a full load of refuel as well and air pressure adjustment.
Denny Hamlin on pit road as well, has been a bit loose throughout the course of the day.
Bit loose is better than it was early on when he was really loose.
>>The rear tires of the 22 car will make changes and they’ll choose them that have
a circumference that’s greater on the left side as they wait on the fuel to pack it pull.
>>41 car will go back on adjustments they made before, they fixed the wedge, put air
back in the tires for the 41 and it was a four-tire stop. Jimmie Johnson in the 48 consider
said he was a little bit snug in the front similar to the last, the four-tire stop as
well for the 48. Rick?>>And the 4 of Kevin Harvick may have had
some equipment leave his pit stall.>>We just talked about this before the stop,
solid stops. They were close on fuel, the gas man tries to get every last drop in, he
loses control of the gas can, comes out of the pit box. That will be a penalty for the 4 car, a costly
penalty.>>That will mean he will have to come back
on to pit road. Just heard, have to do a stop and go.
>>One thing I love about Kevin Harvick, though, you didn’t hear, he just responded. What do
we have to do? You have to come on pit road. This guy has the fight to try to do it. Right
here pit road, at a tough entrance, good transition to a flat. This is going to cost this team
at least a lap on the racetrack.>>78 of martin Truex Jr. Also with an issue
on pit road, an uncontrolled tire for martin Truex Jr. He has to come back to pit road.
That rear tire gets away.>>Steve, it’s all about not making mistakes
at the this point. They’re spread out a great deal. If you have a little bit slower of a
stop it doesn’t kill you. If you have a really bad stop and penalty that can be real trouble.
You have to understand the situation you’re in, sometimes it’s calm, and smooth. Look
at this. Mike.>>Jeff Gordon a three-time winner here at
Kansas speedway has not had the handling on the race car he would like. Still searching
for grip. Four-tire change and air pressure adjustment and sunoco race fuel for 249.
>>Out front Ryan Blaney is leading as we go NASCAR nonstop.
>>>Back in the Kansas speedway, 224 laps in the book. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Leaving pit
road. Unfortunately they did not get the caution they needed. They were in the free pass position
for much of that run. Junior saying the car is still way too loose. They made a wedge
adjustment and air pressure adjustment. Dave?>>Carl Edwards pitted off sequence earlier.
He had 18 more laps than the majority of the field to work with. He’s been on and off of
pit road earlier. Four tires and slight chassis adjustment for a car that was a little free
overall.>>That can be good sometimes but sometimes
too good.>>It’s difficult with the high speeds. The
faster you go a little bit snugger you want to be. When you’re free on a fast racetrack
it’s difficult.>>About time for Paul Menard to make his
way, he is the race leader. Matt Kenseth running second and Kenseth came to pit road on lap
214, about 11 laps ago, so when Menard actually comes to pit road, Kenseth will regain the
lead. We mentioned earlier that the 4 of Kevin Harvick had an issue on pit road where they
had equipment come out of the box. He came to pit road to serve the stop and go penalty
but when he was on pit road we saw this, his shifter handle in his hand.
>>Remember at the beginning of the race complained about a severe vibration at the beginning
of the race. We talked about what could happen because of the vibration. You even mentioned
the shifter handle and here it is, he throws it out the window. Doesn’t need it anymore.
He had the carbon extension, probably a one or two inch steel piece still in the shifter,
makes it very hard to shift but still possible. We have to watch why he did a good job on
and off pit road. Restarts are harder.>>He was able to get it in gear. The fact
the shifter handle is off but still part of the shifter itself by the transition he was
able to get it in first gear. You’re right, it will be hard on him on restart. He was
able to get on pit road and that’s a good thing for him.
>>Marty, what’s going on with the 18?>>Rick, a lot of things happening quickly,
potential problems for kyleusch with the engine.>>I think we’re blowing up. P 0, 98, it’s
300.>>They’ve had some debris on the grill. They
had it on the last run, trying to get the car to cool down a little bit. He says the
pitch of the engine changed a little bit, but right now lap times look okay. Drivers
are very smart. You guys are smart, aren’t you, Jeff, sometimes you pick up on something
that might be happening well before it happens>>No questions. You are in the race car long
enough you hear things, smell things, understand what’s Normal and not Normal. Typical race
we’re having today, what we had the last several months. . Is not o’til it’s over.
>>38 laps to go. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Running 23rd, needs a good finish here, before we
go to talladega.>>>Just 32 laps to go, Matt Kenseth still
in front of Jimmie Johnson. Look at the chase grid. Joey Logano with a win a week ago, advancing
into round three. Matt Kenseth your race leader, could advance if he’s able to hang on for
the next 32 laps. Guys that have moved down that list, all the way down in eighth, the
4 of Kevin Harvick because of issues on pit road. Kelli?
>>He pitted from the fourth position but because of that violation, he had a stop and
go. He’s down in the 19th position right now and on top of it, Kevin saying out of control
loose right on the bubble to advance into the next round with one race to go. Marty?
>>Brad keselowski actually martin Truex Jr. His car has been chattering for much of this
run. They finally have gotten it better. The problems for them, the penalty they had earlier,
they’re now back in the 20th position and not in a position to get the three either.
Lot of ground to make up. They finally have the car handling right. Now they don’t have
the track position that they had Earl whier in the race. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Said the car
was made much better but they are two laps down and 21st position and to boot they also
have what he thinks is the right rear that may have slipped and spun on
the wheel on pit road last time. He says he
has a bad rotation in the right rear.>>We heard vibrations, drivers hoping to
advance into the third round of the championships struggling at Kansas.>>>NASCAR nonstop Justin Allgaier the 51
brings out the caution, for the sixth time today, running right up near the wall, back
in, comes out from behind him and into the wall he goes.
>>You see how loose he gets, end up getting to the wall, caution comes out for him, sets
up an interesting scenario. All the guys can make it from here on fuel. You got to remember
if everybody likes that pit, that allows Harvick, Truex Jr. To stay out. They’ll be in front
of the leaders when they come back on the racetrack. It will be interesting to see who
stays and who comes.>>Race leader was Matt Kenseth coming to
pit road, bringing Joey Logano with him.>>Jimmie Johnson stayed on the racetrack.
>>48 of Jimmie Johnson stays out. Mike?>>And Matt Kenseth is in along with his teammate
Denny Hamlin. Hamlin saying his car has been free on entry. They’re going to make an air
pressure adjustment, four tire change and four. Matt Kenseth four tires as well.
>>Kurt Busch said he’s loose on exits, four Goodyear tires and on his way.
>>Joey Logano’s 22 car was free the whole time, air pressure and tires to make the car
a little more snugger.>>And the race off pit road, Matt Kenseth,
Joey Logano. Remember, Jimmie Johnson stayed out and Ricky stenhouse Jr. Got the free pass.
We stanonstop. We’ll be back for the restart.>>>Just a magical place. Everybody in this
place can shoot you up and spit you out in a hurry.
>>It’s the price you pay.>>Big rig behind you, the big one.
>>>NASCAR playoffs continue next week with the ultimate wild card race in the chase,
sprint cup series racing from talladega presented by quicken loans, next Sunday, coverage begins
1:00 P.M. Eastern on NBC sn with NASCAR America. Who will survive in advance and who will be
eliminated from championship contention? Brad keselowski had to win a year ago. He did.
Now drivers could be in that similar situation. The 48 of Jimmie Johnson stays out. The implications
of that? Drivers couldn’t do the wave around. Particularly Kevin Harvick and martin Truex
Jr. Chase drivers that needed to get that lap back.
>>It’s being called by Jimmie John son and his team, thinking they can stay out and win
the race. The implications Harvin and Truex lap down.
>>Eye an Scott took the lap. Big race now to be the free pass, up front, Jimmie Johnson,
Matt Kenseth making up row one. Green flag back in the air! Older tires on the 48, new
tires, newer tires on the 20. Kenseth will take the lead as they come out of turn two.
Three wide, Denny Hamlin on the outside. Kyle Busch in the middle of the three wide situation. Kasey kahne in the 5, on the bottom of the
track. Trying to make the bottom work. Johnson following back to third, Kenseth and Logano
one and two. 19 laps and counting. Now just 18.
>>You talk about it, Jeff, the battle for the lucky dog, really heated up. Kevin Harvick
is in the position, martin Truex Jr. Won it. With 18 to go if there’s a caution they need
to get back on laps. We try save the points, they lost with pit mistakes under green.
>>You remember the first car that is one lap down where the caution comes out, he will
get the pass around me but he can pass the leader that will put him back in the lead
lap and with only 14 cars in the lead lap that is a tremendous gain.
>>That’s if a caution comes out. Here’s the battle now. Martin Truex Jr. Looking to the
inside. Marty?>>Martin Truex Jr. The 47 of A.J. Allmendinger
know that we’re racing for the lucky dog, that is a tight battle. They reminded him
you must get by the 4 car and Truex might be able to do it on the back stretch.
>>Down the back stretch the 24 and the 19 in front of them as they’re trying to race
for the lucky dog position. Truex in front of the 4 of Kevin Harvick but again it will
take a caution for that to pay off for martin Truex Jr. Now just 16 to go. Matt Kenseth
trying to punch his ticket into the third round, not have to worry about going to talladega
and fight his way into the third round.>>Who is also not worried about Matt Kenseth
leading the race, he has Logano coming, chopped into the lead a little pit. It was almost
a second this time by it’s a half a second. The 22 is working the top of the racetrack.
We see two completely different lines, two very fast race cars, shows a multigrooved
racetrack, different ways to get around here.>>There was a half a second the last time
they were at the stripe. This time by 14 laps to go. Logano doesn’t want to give Matt Kenseth
an opportunity to advance to the third round with a win. If Logano could get in front of
him and win this race, Matt Kenseth will have to fight back in, based on points. Logano
on the high side continuing to close the gap. It was 0.2 of a second last time by.
>>When did Matt Kenseth get off the bottom and go up and try to block the 22 line? Letting
you know where he’s beating him, you got to make that decision as a driver. Matt likes
the bottom of the racetrack or he wouldn’t be at the top. The problem is you’re going
to give up a little speed when you go to block the 22. There he goes.
>>0.015 of a second separated the two cars, Kenseth tries to take the line away from Joey
Logano. Logano is on his back bumper. Logano to the bottom of the track. Kenseth stays
high as they work their way through three and four. Logano trying to pull even with
the 20. Battle of chess all the way around this mile and a half track.
>>Joey Logano knows how tough a competitor Matt Kenseth is. We to race against him all
year long. He knows he was one of the favorites moving into this for the championship. Joey
Logano’s goal right now? Not let the 20 advance.>>This is Matt Kenseth’s championship. This
is his opportunity to put himself in position to win a championship. If he doesn’t win he
may not advance. He has to race the next two laps as if it’s the last race and this is
the championship. Mike?>>Jeff, I talked with his crew chief Jason
Ratcliffe this morning, asked what Matt may have learned yesterday that can help him today.
The XFINITY race he finished second to teammate Kyle Busch. He told me he learned how the
car reacts in certain situations and most memorable when he got past and gave up the
lead. It will be interesting to see if he’ll learn
anything from that to hold off low Ghana.>>This might not have been an opportunity
for Joey Logano if they didn’t have the late caution. The laeft rear tire was damage, “Coming
apart” according to crew chief Todd Gordon. Clearly Joey to race for the win.
>>You talked about the race yesterday, Mike, this is identical to what happened in the
XFINITY race. Matt Kenseth was leaving and his teammate was trying to run him down. Matt
had to block on the outside and Busch won the race. This is exactly that scenario and
the question is, did Matt learn, is he able to apply that, these are completely ditch
cars but the situation is exactly the same.>>Here’s where I see the 22 can’t run the
bottom. He can only run the top. Matt Kenseth isn’t good at the top of the racetrack, sometimes
I can Rick it’s not about where you good, take away his line.
>>Kenseth back to the bottom of the track as Logano stays up against the wall, this
time eight laps to go.>>Look at how Matt Kenseth’s steering wheel
every time he moves that’s input into the front tires. He has to catch the back of the
car, turn the front of the car. There’s a lot of work in that car right now.
>>Through the middle of the track, Kenseth sawing on the wheel, trying to stay in front
of Logano.>>Takes his head up, looks in the mirror.
>>LED by two and a half.>>Match him straightaway, corners, focused
and paying attention to his line. As he gets the straightaway he looks in the mirror to
see if that corner worked really for him. Did he catch me? The next corner you do the
same thing if it worked.>>Every corner entry is a chess match. The
middle, the top, where is the 2 going to be? The spotter tries to help. At the speeds they’re
carrying he has to commit when he gets to the corner. He can’t wait for the 22 to make
a decision.>>Under seven laps to go. Closing in on the
final nine miles of this race.>>You see how hard, you can hear the throttle
and Matt Kenseth having to get out of the throttle, you saw the wheel input. Matt Kenseth
the 22 is quicker no question about it. Matt has to work hard to go to the next six laps.
>>Even with six to go there are three cars just in front of him on the back stretch that
will make the line more important. He hases to decide when will I enter and catch the
cars and how do I get around them.>>Stale aerodynamically you get help being
behind them. Matt Kenseth enabled the 22 to catch him.
>>Here comes the 22! He’s closed the gap, all over the back bumper, slower traffic and
around goes the 20 sideways in front of the 22! Caution comes out. The 22 was all over
the back bumper of the 20, as they entered turn one. Joey spun me out and lifted my tires
off the ground.>>It all started in turn four when Matt caught
the lap cars. Aerodynamically it pulled the air off Matt’s car. He was the first one to
the lap cars and that allowed Joey to catch him.
>>We mentioned the lap traffic you see here, Matt Kenseth gets tight. He knows the 20 is
coming so he tries to block. He goes to the apron, he knows the 22 is come up, he comes
up to block him, a big block on the 22 and the 22 drives it, catches him in the left
rear quarter panel. Matt Kenseth a great save to stay off the wall but the damage to the
points and win has been done. His chance of winning today is over.
>>Matt Kenseth had to do everything he could to block him,aiting for his championship.
You can’t blame Matt Kenseth for trying to block.
>>Hang on.>>When you make that decision, I agree a
must decisionhe had no choice. We saw last week with Carl Edwards and Dale Jr. When you
drive defensively, you give the guy behind you the opportunity to make that decision.
He gets into the 20, right, wrong that’s racing. These two can disagree about it, they’ll have
to talk about it after. It started with the 20’s defensive moves which were required in
this must win situation.>>He was in position to win, Matt Kenseth,
around he goes in one and two and Kenseth’s chances to advance to round three may have
just gone up in smoke.>>There’s no question that Joey Logano could
have lifted and cut him some slack but I’m sure Joey felt he blocked him and that’s why
he didn’t. Mike?>>Jeff Gordon just off pit road, quick stop
for him, four tire change and fuel.>>Carl Edwards is on pit road, he’ll get
four tires and fuel as well. May as well, doesn’t really matter at this point to give
up any track position.>>Dave, we have been watching that battle
for the free pass, you see atop of your screen the lucky dog, martin Truex Jr., who got it
at the fierce battle with Kevin Harvick, he comes in, takes on four tires, nothing to
lose, the last lead lap and see if can he make some progress, he’ll restart 15th.
>>Joey Logano on the radio, just moments ago, about the incident.
>>Yeah, you were there. In the left lane like he should have, nothing would have happened.
>>You blocked too many times. I get it, man.>>Copy. You know the deal.
>>Yes, 10-4. He blocked you once, second time he got you.
>>There’s always going to be two sides to a story.
>>Three really.>>That’s their side.
>>Yes.>>That’s the 22’s side. Going into turn,
coming out of turn four is where this all really started they were catching the traffic
but going into one is where the contact was made.>>Again, Matt Kenseth had to block. If Matt
Kenseth didn’t go up the racetrack the 22 gets on the outside. Lap cars on the bottom
of the race car. The 22 had the advantage to get into the corner if he was on the outside
of Matt Kenseth. Matt Kenseth had to block. Like I said, this is his championship. This
race is his championship and he had to do anything he could do to try to keep this lead
and win this race.>>A win and you advance. Everybody wants
wins to be the most valuable thing. They now are and this is what you get of it. Joey Logano
knows Heys to keep the 20 from winning. Matt Kenseth knows he’s in a must win situation.
Without a doubt the 22 could have let the 20 go but if he does that he completely gives
up the win. I think they’re both in the right for the block and the aggressive driving,
Matt Kenseth isn’t going to like that but they have to discuss it after the race. I
would have done the same thing in either position. If I’m the 22, you block me down the straightaway,
I have a run on the inside I’m here and going to take the position.
>>He is in the next round because he already won. This is the opportunity to win a race.
Winning races is special. You don’t get a chance to win races every day. You can’t blame
him for being aggressive. Steve, those drivers did what they thought they needed to do. I’m
not sure anybody did anything wrong. Joey could have cut him some slack and Matt could
have not blocked him.>>Joey Logano won this race a year ago, Matt
Kenseth was trying to win it to advance to round three. Here’s what they had to say on
the radio.>>I was clear and I checked and pulled up
in front of him and lifted my rear tires off the ground.
>>So that’s the other side of the story. This will be an attempt at a green/white checker
finish, the first attempt and they’re going to turn the lights back on and go around one
more time as they are two by two. We’ll have three attempts at a green/white
checker finish. We want to finish the race under green flag conditions so if they don’t
get back to the white flag if a caution comes out before the white flag comes out, they
will try it again. They’ll do that up to three times. Now you have Denny Hamlin and Joey
Logano on the front row. Joey Logano is the race leader, he will be the control car that
will come into the NBC sports restart zone and will have their first attempt at this
restart. Take another look at what took place between the two cars. Earlier jol jol big
run down the track stretch moves off to block the run. With still quite a few laps to go
that was an opportunity Joey Logano had to try to make a run. Advance a few laps later,
once again blocking as we mentioned a must. The 20 has no choice. Look how it worked the
first time he gained the lead. This time the 22 gets to the left rear and the 20 gets spun
out.>>Denny Hamlin won in round one to advance
to round two. Now Denny Hamlin trying to win in round two, to advance to round three. Hamlin
will be on the inside, Logano on the outside. They make up row number one as they come into
the superimposed lines on the track for the restart zone. Green flag back in the air!
Great restart for Joey Logano. Now he wants to get all the way back to the white flag.
The importance of Joey Logano not only would be a win, but being able to stop another chaser
from advancing with a win, locking themselves into round three. Logano coming out of turn four, across the
start/finish line, white flag in the air, one more time around! Final lap from Kansas.
Joey Logano with 12 career wins, his 12th came a week ago. It solidified his position
in round three. Now playing defense, making sure someone else doesn’t lock their way into
round three, coming out of turn four, Logano is going to win again in Kansas!
>>All right, guys, two in a row, that’s how we do it!
>>Awesome job, man, awesome job. Good job, everybody. That’s the way to get it done.
>>Joey Logano doing everything he can to make sure his competition has to work harder
to get into the third round. Matt Kenseth LED 153 laps today. Kenseth will finish 14th.
Denny Hamlin second. Jimmie Johnson third. Kasey kahne a top five, finishes fourth. Kyle
Busch is fifth. We saw that impressive burnout a week ago in Charlotte and he duplicates
it today. Now is Joey Logano the hottest driver in NASCAR?
>>No question. Round two, doing what he needs to do. We talk about a win and you’re in,
well, how can you avoid it? Someone else getting into the chase, I guess he’s 2 for 2 so far
in this round.>>Talladega looms a week away and everyone
without a win, all 11 of his competitors, in this round will have to fight their way
into the top eight positions. There are seven spots left, will it take a win to advance?
Seven point their way in behind Joey Logano. Logano wins, we’ll see him in victory lane,
when we come back.>>>Hoe Gano in victory lane, Kenseth not.
Let’s hear from the driver who was running for the win.
>>That would be Matt Kenseth, who LED the most laps this afternoon, but 14th place finish
to show for it. Obviously the signature moment was the incident with Joey Logano, what can
you tell us about that?>>Yes, hard to drive a car with the rear
tires on the ground, so I was moving around the best I could. Joey was tighter and faster
in short run. We were so much better in the long run. I could get up the top and get around him
and catching two lap cars and great it in front of him and he lifted my tires off the
ground and wrecked me.>>What will talk to Joey about in regards
to this incident?>>I won’t talk to Joey. I don’t have anything
to talk to him about really. You make decisions every day, you make decisions every minute
behind the wheel. To me strategically it doesn’t seem like a great decision for him but it’s
the one he made and how he wanted to win. I race him with a ton of respect. I’ve been
one of his biggest fans, social not anymore but I always was so it’s a shame, I’m glad
the car is not wrecked. El with el get on to talladega and race him there.
>>Matt Kenseth has his work cut out in talladega.>>Direct to victory lane and Dave burns.
Joey Logano steps out of his race car, a little bit of damage on the front end but nothing
to be worried about, the contact with Matt and trip to victory lane his second in the
row in the second round of the chase, Joey. How will you remember today?
>>Man, the fun race. What a great Pennzoil Ford, these guys were good on top of it, couldn’t
be more proud of what we’re doing, you got to thank shell and Pennzoil, aaa, Coca-Cola,
Roush motors, a big motor racetrack, they brought the big theme and just proud of what
the team is doing.>>Describe your role as the second place
car in the closing laps.>>It was good, hard racing. We were racing
each other really hard and you know, I felt like I got pinched twice down the straightaway
and he raced me hard, I raced him hard back. That’s hard racing, the way I race. If I get
raced like that, I’ll race the same way. That’s just how I’ve always been and always be that
way. I couldn’t be more proud of this team to be in such a great position going into
talladega, makes this feel good.>>You have blocked some people from victory
lane here today, including Matt. How do you feel about that strategy wise going into round
three, the third race in this round?>>The fact that we’re the only team that
can relax right now is going to pay big dividends when we get to martinsville. Everyone else
is a little bit nervous. Our goal is still to win the race even though we move to the
next round. Our goal is to win the race and try to get some guys nervous for the race
next week. That’s some of the strategy to be able to do that today like I said is more
proud, these guys work so hard and Todd Gordon is a freakin’ genius. Fun to drive the car.
>>Obviously Matt disagrees how this went down today. Did you consider it a good move?
>>I didn’t think it was a good move when I hit the wall. I’m sure we’ll talk about
it. I felt like hey I got it twice, I wasn’t going to put up with it.
>>Good news for Joey Logano he is in victory lane, win number two in a row in Kansas and
two in a row in this round.>>All smiles for Joey Logano. Let’s look
at today’s Coca-Cola winning moment, as Joey Logano takes home the checkered flag. That
first block by Kenseth, and then getting into turn one as Kenseth goes around, Logano continues
on, and captures his second win of round two. The only driver secured into round three,
so we heard from both sides, obviously Matt Kenseth said we a ton of respect for Joey
Logano prior to this event. He’s going to thing that his opinion. Logano saying if somebody’s
going to race me aggressive I’ll race him back the same way.
>>Matt Kenseth did everything that he had to do. He had to block Joey Logano. He could
not allow Joey Logano and any one of the times that Matt did block him, that’s what he had
to do. If not, Joey Logano gets on the outside of
him, and gets by him. Now, Joey Logano has a decision to make. I got blocked. What am
I going to do about it? Am I going to say it’s okay, I’ll try to pass him clean or try
to push him because I felt like I got pushed? Those are the decisions you have to make.
Joey could have lifted. He made the decision, he said I felt like I got driven dirty so
I drove Matt dirty. He felt like he drove Matt the way Matt drove him
>>Matt Kenseth doesn’t claim he didn’t block Joey Logano, Joey Logano will not claim he
didn’t push Matt Kenseth into the corner and ended up spinning out. Matt had to protect
his position. He did that, the best he could. Joey Logano he’s a competitor. He drives his
own race car for his own team. He’s not worried about Matt Kenseth or anyone else. He made
the decision entering turn one that he was going to move the 20 off the bottom and take
that position. Matt Kenseth spun out at the bumper of Joey Logano but neither of them
are going to back down from what they did on the racetrack. That’s what I love, I love
the respect for the sport to not say I didn’t mean. No, you meant to. They’re the best drivers
in the world. Matt Kenseth knew what he was doing when he blocked and Joey Logano knew
what he was doing when he chose not to let up and run into the back of Matt Kenseth.
Joey Logano is in victory lane. They’ll continue to disagree. This is why you tune in every
Sunday to see the best drivers do what they do.
>>Two drivers aggressive in the closing laps of the finishing of the race. Ddenny Hamlin
was with Mike Massaro earlier.>>Is seemed like the car really came there
at the end. What was your day like overall?>>It was an interesting day for sure. We
definitely fought our car early in the day, just couldn’t do anything, got battled back
in track position. It was so hard to pass, and we just fault the car and we made it better,
we had some good restarts, the pit crew picked us up a few spots and next thing you know
we’re trying to battle for a race win so great day for our FedEx express Camry. Never been so disappointed to be second in
Kansas. I would have taken second before this weekend started.
>>With the last restart what was it like for you?
>>The 22 went early, right at the beginning of the zone. I had a hunch he was going to
go a little early, but I just the gearing wasn’t quite good enough to get me a good
launch there in the 22 was able to clear us and that was pretty much it.
>>Nice run.>>Thank you.
>>Denny Hamlin brings it home, second in Kansas.
>>Jeff Gordon spent much of the day frustrated with his race car but at the end of the day
it’s a top ten. I don’t know how you got up to a top ten finish. That car was a handful.
>>Same way we got to the chase and round two, we grind it out, extremely proud of the
team for never giving up and fight so long hard, having solid pit stops and trying as
hard as we could. We qualify really good with the 3M Chevrolet and optimistic but boy, we
really struggled in practice and hoping that today we’re going to hit on something but
we never did. Just really struggled with the front grip and every time we tried to get
it to turn, didn’t have much rear grip, so we just struggle. We held onto a lead lap
which I don’t know how, but we did, great job on that, and then at the end having to
take two tires and have a pretty good restart and I thought we were going to get, I thought
we had the two car at the line, he said he beat us but all in all, a never give up effort
and somehow we pulled off a top ten.>>Seven points above the cutoff you said
seven points doesn’t mean a lot. You never know, seven points could get to you round
three.>>Every point means something. It just doesn’t
mean anything as far as our approach for talladega next week. I’m real confident in our race
cars and our race team and excited about our chances at winning there. I just don’t like
the chances of being in a wreck because they’re usually high. We’ll go and approach it, where
we’re going to be aggressive and race hard and we’ll just see where the points end up.
>>Scrappy Jeff Gordon and 20914, somehow finished tenth today. Dave?
>>Tied with Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick, Brad keselowski albeit with a cold today.
You bounced off the wall. How was the car after that?
>>Actually I thought it was bet per. It was a long day, like last week where we weren’t
very fast but as a team like Ford, our team worked hard to get through it and we just
fought and didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot any more than me driving the car, came out
with a top ten. We need to be winning races and we know that, but we’re not in the worst
of positions to go to talladega and have a solid day there.
>>The pit stop you were forced into, did that make any difference today?
>>I don’t think so. It was a good story line. We weren’t fast enough to hold the first or
fourth positions to pay dividends.>>You won at talladega before in a crucial
moment. Can you do it next week?>>Yes, absolutely. There’s quite a drivers
that could win there, I think we’re one of them but we don’t have to win. We need to
have a really good day so that’s important to remember.
>>That’s the mind-set going forward for Brad keselowski who needs a really good day. He’s
only seven points ahead of the cut line, and that means seven positions, and seven positions
could be within 0.01 of a second when you go to talladega. We look at the unofficial
results, Joey Logano another win, impressive win, and if I get my numbers right his fifth
win and that ties what he was able to do a year ago as far as in his season. Ryan Newman
just outside the top ten, another one of the chasers, Kevin Harvick, ending up a lap down,
he was 16th, but further back in the field another chaser that will be struggling and
need to have a big finish when they go to talladega next week. Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’s
done it before, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has been able to win at talladega. He won the last
two restricter plate races in 2015. Austin Dillon after running in the top five
ends up 41st today. Biggest story, as we look at the grid, with just one race to go in round
two, Joey Logano with two wins, continuing to close his competition out.
>>The one thing we learned at Dover is no one but Joey Logano is safe. Remember Jimmie
Johnson had a 27-point cushion going into Dover, mechanical problem, eliminated from
round one. While they look like the better cars in second, third and fourth, 13th points,
13 positions could be one green/white checker at talladega so nothing is out of possibilities
at this point. The one thing we know, Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Matt Kenseth, two cars that
mathematically may not be must wins but reality is, one of those cars will probably have to
win to advance out of round two.>>Remember talladega last year Kasey kahne
coming off into position to transfer into the next round, he got passed by three or
four coors, went from being in the next round to being out. That’s how quick things can
change.>>Great crowd here at Kansas today. Jeff
Gordon referenced the finish. Thought he was able to outdo the 2 of Brad keselowski, right
at the end. This is how close it was for the ninth spot. Almost, well it was a photo finish,
the finish for those two. Keselowski went down almost to the grass to get the ninth
position, and Jeff Gordon. Jamie Mcmurray, Dale Earnhardt Jr. They tied for the bubble
position. One point.>>The position.
>>That’s all they need. And Kevin Harvick a tough day for him, he was with Kelli moments
ago.>>It was a pit road violation that hurt Kevin
Harvick today, that on top of the missing shifter handle there at the end. What will
be your takeaway from the race here in Kansas?>>We’re luck why Toi come out of it as good
with our Budweiser Jimmy John’s team. Lot of things falling on and off and we the go
to have a good week at talladega. It could have been a lot worse and everybody kept digging.
>>What was the challenge of the missing shifter handle particularly on the last restarts?
>>Really hard to shift from second to third, just because there was nothing to grab onto
for leverage but in the end, car vibrated all day, lucky something else didn’t break.
>>Kevin Harvick now fifth in the chase standings.>>Som Kyle Busch comes back to finish fifth.
At one point you thought you had an engine issue and hang problems.
>>We kept fighting and kept trying to persevere through everything thrown at us and guys did
a good job today. I was trying to run the top like those guys and I slipped in the oil
that was over there off of turn two, didn’t cut my exit enough off the corner. I didn’t
say enough about everyone on the team. Adam Stevens and the guys on pit road did a good
job repairing the right side and making good adjustments all day. I about got us behind
there but late in the going I must have had an exhaust brake or something that laid down
the power. I was hoping it would go green and we’d salvage a seventh but with the restarts
there, we were able to get a fifth out of the thing, so real proud of the top five here
at Kansas and in case everybody wasn’t sure, Halloween is coming up. Grab your m&marx’s
products for Halloween and give out to all the little ones out there. Looking forward
to my first Halloween with my son.>>Overcoming a lot of obstacles today. Kyle
Busch’s team finished fifth.>>And the treats today being handed out to
the 22 team. Joey Logano wins again at Kansas, wins his second race in a row. We’ll hear
from more drivers when we come back, including Dale Earnhardt Jr.>>>NASCAR playoffs continuing next week,
the ultimate wild card race in front of us. Sprint cup series racing, talladega, presented
by quicken loans, next Sunday, coverage begins at 12:00 P.M. Eastern on NBC sn with NASCAR
America. Who is going to survive and advance and who will be eliminated from championship
contention? We know that Joey Logano is surviving and he is definitely advancing into round
number three. How about some of the other guys who had great finishes here today, though?
>>Obviously Jimmie Johnson not in the chase, he’s third. Kasey kahne fourth and Ryan Blaney
in seventh, really good run.>>Brian Scott comes home 12th, and Ricky
stenhouse Jr. Continues his streak with the 13th place finish. I know that’s not exactly
what they wanted but the right direction.>>Three Roush cars in the top 20.
>>Let’s hear from Dale Earnhardt Jr. With Marty a couple moments ago.
>>What a crazy day for Dale Earnhardt Jr., the loose wheel is what’s echoing in your
mind now. From the car you didn’t have a lot of choice, did you?
>>Yes, I was pretty sure we had an issue. We had a lot of wheels shaking, tires shaking
because the wheels spinning inside the tire. Every set for one didn’t shake. It shook but
completely different thing when the wheel was not tight. We came in so quick didn’t
beat up the wheel to give us an indication of what it was. I know we need to come down
pit road, we had a fast car, just never really had good traction and got behind and we didn’t
come here to take top five. We need a win. We had to try to go out there and win and
got behind.>>Obviously now that puts you in a situation
in talladega, you need to win next weekend. How confident are you? You’ve been able to
dictate pace at the races before.>>.>>You woontd’ rather be going anywhere else
for the races. That’s a good opportunity for us even at daytona. We can go to talladega
and do the job, a little more room to be aggressive and make the moves you need to make and I
got the car, my car won the 125, third in the 500 and one in talladega and one in daytona
so it’s a good enough car. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else if it’s
a win and you’re in deal.>>One thing Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will not lack
for next week, confidence, going to talladega.>>Earlier today crew chief Tony Gibson said
the 41 was a sixth place car. You bra you the it home in sixth. How successful was the
day?>>It was a good battle. We’re a very good
team doing good things. Can we be great and finish great? That’s our next step. I have
to thank Tony Gibbson and everybody at shr. We’re really gelling together doing the things
we need to do to advance in this chase and thanks to Haas automation, monster energy,
Chevrolet, all of our great sponsors. It’s fun running strong and with he know we can
do better, the threshold we need to cross over and here we are going to talladega with
a plus next to our points situation to get through the next round. Happy for the guys.
Wasn’t quite a top five today but just as good.
>>That plus that you talk about going to talladega, you’re third in the chase standings.
How does that affect your approach to the superspeedway?
>>Really, only plus 13? That’s unbelievable. I would hope we could be 25. You can’t get
a spot on anybody and can’t give up a spot, plus 13 is not exciting. You kind of deflated
my bubble. I thought a fifth and a sixth is good in this round. It is not.
>>That’s how close the battle is.>>We’ll look at the grid, he mentioned 13
points, that’s just 13 positions. Guys are right there at that cut line, six points separating
martin Truex Jr. And Kyle Busch right at the eight spot on the point standings.
>>Just so tight. Wall the drivers look they’re going to be shocked how tight this is.
>>Matt Kenseth looked like he had done all we do to win in advance and move in. Joey
Logano they get into a little bit of contact on the front stretch going into turn one.
Joey Logano gets into his rear bumper, around goes the 20, cost hum a win or opportunity
to win. Definitely going to hurt him moving to talladega.
>>So Matt Kenseth who thought he was going to advance with a win at Kansas, that all
changed right there. The sprint cup series playoffs continue next week from talladega.
The field will be cut to eight drivers in the chase for the sprint cup. So the pressure
is on. Joey Logano celebrating another win in round number two, an amazing win at that.
So he is the only driver to win in round two. Coverage starts for the talladega race with
“NASCAR America” at noon on NBC sn, and that will be a great one. Coming up next on NBC,
your local news, except on the west coast, then at 7:00 P.M. Eastern, 4:00 pacific, “Football
night in America” followed by the patriots and colts on Sunday night football.
>>>Coming up next on NBC sn, post race coverage from right here at Kansas speedway. You don’t
want to miss that. Congratulations to Joey Logano, winning at Kansas.

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