NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire

♪♪ gave proof through the night that our
flag was still there ♪♪ ♪♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner
yet wave ♪♪ ♪♪ O’er the land of the free ♪♪
♪♪ and the home of the brave?>>>A picture perfect day in new England. The drivers
climbing into their cars. 43 warriors going to battle. Who will get to victory lane? Everyone
loves the picture I posted of you.>>>Welcome to NBCSN’s coverage of NASCAR
sprint cup series racing at New Hampshire. A lot of story lines, a lot of pressure building
as we enter the second race of the chase. Let’s go trackside now with Marty Snyder.
>>One of the big topics this week has been can Kevin Harvick make it to round two without
winning for the next two races. There are several ways to make it to round two. I can
promise you this. We want to win today. As he told the media we’ll be aggressive. Everyone around us knows how aggressive we’ll
be in pursuing the win today, Mike.>>I feel like I’m taking a rock to a gun
fight. Those are the words of Clint bowyer during a frustrating moment during practice
this weekend. This morning it seemed like a reversal of attitude. He was smiling and
joking. His goals were serious. He said we know we need to win. Something he’s done twice
before in New Hampshire.>>12th place finish at chicagoland has Dale
Earnhardt, Jr. Just ten points above the cut-off line. But the team is off to their best start
in weeks, 11th place. Qualifying effort was the best in the last five races. The crew
chief says they have more confidence headed into the race.
>>Carl Edwards fist race with Joe Gibbs racing in July said he’d never had speed like this.
Put the car on the pole then and again today. He has a car to help get points to advance
and win to advance to the next round of the chase. Let’s go track side for the command
to start engines.>>The moment has arrived for the command
to start the 42nd series race on this beautiful facility. To give the command for the sylvania
300, please welcome senior vice president and general manager of special lighting, Julian
Dench.>>Wow, New Hampshire! I wish my dad could
have seen this. Truck drivers, start your engines!>>Crank it up. Make sure they have it back
up.>>The engines are fired up. It’s the second
time we have been to Loudon New Hampshire this year. Who will end up in victory lane? The green
flag is next>>>It’s chicagoland speedway and it’s the
first race of the playoffs. Drivers on edge.>>Around goes the 47. And Denny Hamlin also.
>>To the outside wall.>>It’s Hamlin that will win in chicagoland.
>>Race for a championship is the biggest thing anybody could ever do.
>>That really gets it.>>Loudon is probably my biggest concern.
>>New Hampshire is a difficult racetrack. It’s very challenging.
>>Kyle Busch will win at new Hampshire.>>As a racer gets fewer and fewer the pressure
builds.>>Now we enter the second race of the chase.
From Loudon, New Hampshire, new Hampshire motor speedway. They call it the magic mile.
Who will find the magic today after 300 laps? Up front in row one, Edwards and Harvick.
Edwards swept both poles at new Hampshire this season.
>>In row two Kurt Busch is a three-time winner here and Brad keselowski.
>>In row three Jimmie Johnson starting alongside sophomore Kyle Larson looking for his first
win.>>Back in row 4, Hamlin and Logano. Logano
won the race a year ago.>>Row 5, Newman and Jeff Gordon with his
789th consecutive start.>>For row six two Hendrick racers, Kasey
kahne and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.>>Row 8 we have Aric irola.>>Kyle Busch won here in July.
>>Paul Menard. 14th in points. Four points behind the bubble right now.
>>Row 11 we have martin Truex who has ground to make up after last week and Danica Patrick.
>>Row 12, Jamie Mcmurray. Top five finishes in two of the last four races.
>>Back back in row 14. Clint bowyer, a two-time winner here. Needs to find victory lane today.
>>Row 14, we have another three-time winner. Tony Stewart.
>>In row 15, Sam Hornish, Jr. Alongside A.J. Allmendinger.
>>In 16, Mo fit and castle. Brett finished 33rd in July. The only time he’s started in
New Hampshire.>>Row 17. Gill land and Bayne.
>>Back in row 19, Ryan priest.>>And B.J. Mcleod.
>>Row 21, Jeff Burton and Jeffrey Earnhardt.>>Back in row 22, starting at the tail of
the field will be Tim hill. We’ll see if we can chat with one of the drivers. As a matter
of fact, the only driver who won in the chase in 2015 Denny Hamlin.
>>Ten any has Burton in the booth. With us?>>10-4.
>>The pressure is off after last week. How does it change your strategy for today’s race?
>>It really doesn’t for the most part. I mean, I still want to win this week. We’ve
got learning to do for Phoenix for sure. I think that’s been a little bit of a struggle
for us over the last couple of years. Anything we can learn today that will apply there,
hopefully will pay dividends.>>Good luck. Have a good day.>>10-4.
>>Today we have seven cars carrying cameras for us today. Clint bowyer starts in 26th.
Row 13. He has the Toyota in-car camera. Kyle Busch starting in row 9 with the sunoco on
board. Starting in row 5 and starting tenth in this, his final new Hampshire race with
the aarp camera is Jeff Gordon. Larson with the linksis in car camera. Starting sixth.
Jimmie Johnson has the sprint on board camera. Kevin Harvick starting second with the out
back steak house on board camera. A gorgeous day here in new Hampshire as we look at the
aerial coverage provided by our partners at smithfield foods. It will be a great shot
up here especially on re starts with the drivers fanning out into turn one.
>>A closer look at today’s track facts provided by G.E., we have to if cuss, of course on
the iron man. G.E. Track facts covering Jeff Gordon. From 1992 until today, 789 ski starts.
What an incredible streak.>>One of the things that makes that incredible
is you go back in time, think about the cars. They are safer today. You don’t hit as hard
as you used to. He did it in a time when you had big impacts going quick. He had to get
in the car many days when he didn’t feel like it but he made it happen.
>>I was fortunate enough to work form+/h and with Jeff Gordon for years back in 19
95 and I have seen the tough hits. He was always ready to get fwhak the car.
I applaud him. Thankful to work with him. It’s a special day.
>>A true iron man in Jeff Gordon. This is his final season in the sprint cup series.
Let’s look at today’s sunoco fuel strategy. 300-lap race. Just over 300 miles. 317.4.
Pit road speed. They have to slow it down to 45 miles per hour. The fuel window, 82
to 88 laps. This always ends up being a fuel mileage racetrack.
>>It’s not if you can only stop three times. Everybody can do the race on three stops.
It’s the last pit stop that matters. We have seen it time and again. People stretch the
fuel on the last stop to get the important track position. See if they can get their
car to victory lane.>>A week ago, guy who is had a difference
both on the racetrack and off. Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson. On the restart, Kevin
Harvick was up front. Row one. 48. Went to the inside. Ended up cutting the left rear
tire down, the 4 of Kevin Harvick into the wall. They spent 57 laps in the garage before
he was able to come back on the track. After the race a little bit of a difference between
the two drivers. Prerace show. Harvick didn’t want to talk about last week. Jimmie Johnson
said I’m ready for the race today. So the two focused on what’s taking place now on
the track and the biggest thing when you look at the 4 team, they are not in a must win
situation. But they are in a must do well situation for the next two races.
>>I think the goal here is simple. Don’t make Dover a must win. Come to New Hampshire.
Have a great solid day. Top three, top 5. Finish. Tonight put yourself in position where
the only way to advance is to win at Dover. If everything goes right perhaps they will
win. Don’t throw it out the window trying to win.
>>Every team will find themselves in trouble. Find themselves needing to have a great race
or great last pit stop or restart. Can they shine when pressure is on?
>>Perfect day here as the sun shines down on the cars. Temperature a little bit better
than we have seen over Friday and Saturday’s practice in qualifying sessions. A little
bit different of a scenario for these drivers as they get ready to take on the track for
300 laps. Pace car makes it to pit road. Now Carl Edwards. On the outside. Harvick on the
inside. Green flag in the air. We are under way. Carl Edwards will lead lap number one.
Kevin Harvick tucked in behind in second. Brad keselowski, Kurt Busch, Kyle Larson.
The only chaser now is not in — or in the top ten — only nonchaser up there is Kyle
Larson. He’s been strong throughout the weekend. We look for big things for him for the remainder
of the chase. Now looking to the inside. That 41 of Kurt Busch trying to get by the 2 of
Brad keselowski.>>You can already see what makes the track
special. You can see the 41 trying to run a little bit below the two below the white
lines. The banking falls off. As Kurt Busch tries to make the pass. When he’s low he’s
on the flatter part of the racetrack. Less banking. It’s difficult to make the pass.
>>Progressive banking here. The New Hampshire motor speedway. There are
multiple grooves. It’s just there is definitely a preferred groove here around the magic mile.
Top of your screen as the names scroll across, you will see the yellow bar under the names
of the drivers in the chase. There is one driver who has a green bar under his name.
That’s deny Hamlin. He has already won in this fist round. He will advance to the second
round.>>We talk about qualifying on Friday and
how important it was to make the start of the race less stressful. We have the 78 of
martin Truex. Back in traffic, trying to battle it out and see what makes it tough is you
talk about it. He may only pit three times, have a few shots to make the car better. With
a short amount of pit stops today, the further you can be in the front the bigger advantage
it is. Starting back in the middle. You’re more likely to be in a wreck. You have lost
track position. You have to find a way to get it back.
>>It’s harder on the equipment. There is no way to relax. Clint bowyer has to look
into his mirror.>>Great shot off the front bumper of the
15. This shows you the multiple grooves. He dpoe goes into turn one. You will see how
flat the entry is. He’ll look to the inside of the 14. Look for air on the left front
fender. You see the left rear of the 14 catching the paving seam and how flat the exit is.
Makes them difficult to maneuver.>>One of the flattest racetracks we race
on. Clint bowyer, what a great shot it is from the front bumper.
>>You see how important it is to get off the corner well. You heard how long he was
getting in the throttle. The 14 of Tony Stewart was getting away. See if Clint can take advantage
down to the bottom. That’s where he’s got to go. The hole is opening up. Still the 14
got a good run. Able to pull him down the back straight away. Clint trying to put pressure
on him. Keep trying to get to the bumper. That’s all
you can do. You have to keep going, hoping the guy makes a mistake.
>>Clint bowyer back in 26th. Trying to make the moward the front. There is another guy
closer to the front.>>A little closer to the front. Not much
closer. 22nd now for martin Truex, Jr. I talked to them about starting back today. You can
talk about this. We’ll have split strategies at New Hampshire. He said what we hope for
is an early caution. Everybody pits. We’ll stay out. At some point the 78 team has to
get off strategy from everybody else in order to gain track position. It would be tough
to pass your way from 22 to the front.>>It is tough to pass. But at some point
every car on the track will be in traffic. Because just like Cole told you when he needs
split strategy without a doubt there will be cautions where a percentage of the field
pits. Maybe it’s the top ten. The top 15. If you’re the leader, unlike the place where
you put tires on you are not guaranteed. You have to have a car that’s good in traffic.
They made an announcement today they will switch to Toyota. Starting in ç d82016. A
manufactured change for the furniture row team. They also announced that martin Truex,
Jr., would be back in 2016, running for a championship.
>>There are a ton of mechanical aspects. A big undertaking for the team.
>>A drop of the green flag it’s been Carl Edwards in front. He LED the first 11 laps. Jeff Gordon making the start today. Puts it
at number 789. Nearly 23 years in a row. Starting all the races.>>>The race is on for the lead. Harvick to
the inside of Edwards. This is the last four laps Kyle has been applying pressure to carle
Edwards. The left rear quarter panel. How do you pass here, Jeff?
>>It’s tiff cult. Harvick gets a good run in the corner, through the middle. Harvick
trying to make the outside line work. He’s one of the few people I have seen it work.
Trying to make him have more speed down the straight away by making the corner a little
bit longer. He can go straighter and be in the throttle sooner. Carl is running his own
line. Even here, the 4 will get up to the number. Carl Edwards in the 19 should have
a much straighter shot off the corner. Carry the momentum.
>>Harvick was able to be in the lane. Charged a little bit harder than the 19. A new leader
in New Hampshire — Kevin Harvick.>>The 19 just got past Harvick. The crew
chief said we don’t have to win today but the incentive is to block it from the 4 car.
If they are to win the championship they have to go through Harvick. If they can keep Harvick from winning and
advancing they would.>>He said he was feeling good about the car.
He said it’s hard. You can have a car that feels good in practice but the track always
seems to change during the race. It’s up to you to make adjustments. Jimmy saying he’s
snug under throttle and loose in. Running 5th now.
>>New Hampshire was never Matt Kenseth’s best track. He started 13th today. He’s moved
up. Then to Joe Gibbs racing in his races at New Hampshire. He’s been a top ten in every
race. A little forward progress for the car that yesterday wasn’t like they would like
it. Several changes on the 20 car. Obviously the changes were in the right direction to
keep us moving forward. He’s collected three victories here. He feels like he’s just a
little bit off in speed compared to the four car and the 2. He feels it’s definitely a
top five car. If they make the right adjustments throughout the afternoon they could be a force
to be reckoned with. Rick?>>Thank you. Points continue to be an issue
for everyone. Trying to get maximum points. Do you notice something about the 19 car when
the 4 got by him?>>Just in front of the left rear corner the
quarter panel is wrinkled and it was smoking. See a little bit of haze and smoke. A little
bit of contact maybe. Right there. On the straight away with Harvick. He has a tire
rub. I don’t think it is enough to affect him but last week he cut a tire. They are nervous about this right now. Year
lettering off the left rear of the 19 of Edwards. SHAR Vick has a one-second lead over Kurt
Busch who moved up to second. Keselowski is third. Towards dropped back to fourth.back
to fourth>>>Kevin Harvick has a two-second lead now
over Brad keselowski. One of the favorites throughout the weekend. One of the strongest
cars. Now we have heard on the radio the 24 of Jeff Gordon not happy with the handling
of the 24. Here’s what he had to say on the radio.
>>Trouble here, guys. We have no front grip and low rear grip.
>>Stay with it. We’ll get it.>>Guys, since then he said on the radio still
tight from the corner off. The big problem is 3 and 4 for Gordon, the exit. He said he’s
gone up. Alan said we’ll put a spring rubber in the right rear. It’s already attached in
the car. They have to slide it in there. The spotter said hang on. We’ll get you fixed
up on the first stop.>>I always say it’s not what they say but
the emotion in which they say it. Jeff was calm. Gave good feedback. You heard Alan.
Hang in there, we’ll get it. That’s a crew chief knowing we are 32 laps into a 300-lap
track. Jeff doesn’t like the handling and you don’t want to take that lightly. You’re
still 12th. He knows there will be multiple strategies, the track will change. That’s
the difference between being able to climb down off the pit box and get a water and the
guy trying to put together corner after corner.>>We are only 34 lap swos into the race.
This is one of the fastest races that the sprint cup series runs.
>>It’s one of the fastest. The problems for the crew chief is around 225, 240 decisions
are made on when to pit and when not to. If you do it incorrectly and the field pits
against you and you are behind on fuel and track position that’s a lonely feeling. The
world may not know you’re in bad shape, the driver may not know. But as a crew chief you
know you have given up the opportunity to win the race.
>>One truck driver that’s more comfortable than the rest has to be the driver of the
11 Denny Hamlin who won last week. Automatically adving into round two. 34-year-old out of
Chesterfield, Virginia.>>You heard when we talked before the race
started. They had things to learn. Every team has to decide if the race can continue the
future.>>Into the wall is Aric Alberto tomba — almirola
and the caution comes out.>>Was running 16th. Any time you see a car
up against the wall like that you normally think a right front tire goes down. Especially
after a comment like what we just heard Aric say, that hurt. Probably didn’t have warning
as to when that was going to go on him.>>These long straights if you have a problem
with the right front the angle of impact is tough. You don’t hit head on but the angle
hurts. You heard him say it hurts. Doesn’t surprise me.
>>There is a lot of fluid coming from under the car. Let’s see what happened.
>>He’s already in the wall. You can see he obviously had something go wrong. Where he
is against the wall, nothing he can do. He’s along for the ride. Gets up against the wall.
I always describe it as the wall eat it is car, grabs it and won’t let go. We saw his
window net down, a sign that he’s okay.>>You mentioned the track and design is like
martinsville. A true paperclip. Straight away. You see Aric at the end of the front stretch.
The car starts to turn, goes straight at that point. Gets into the wall. It’s the angle
of the impact. A big round track like charlottele though you’re going faster you have a wide
entry and you’re running parallel to the wall. Here you are running 90 degrees into the turn
one wall. When you have an issue the angle is high which doesn’t make it better.
>>That’s a good sightseeing Aric get out of the car, gingerly. Out of the car now he’ll
make the trip to the infield care center, a mandatory trip. They have to get out of
the car and they take an ambulance to the infield care center and they will be checked
out. Pit road is open. We have 37 laps on the tires.
>>Everyone is coming. No doubt to me everyone is coming for at least fuel. Right side or
four tires? If we are 5th to 15th there are four tires on it.
>>Took Kevin Harvick. He comes to the pit road as the leader. Exit rear grip is the
big concern. Takes two tires.>>Two tires as well. A quarter turn out of
the right here. The car is too loose.>>A little wedge for better fire up. For
Edwards he’ll get four tires and the a pressure adjustment. Harvick is first on pit road.
>>Look at the race off pit road brought to you by Geico. Hamlin makes up four spots with
the tire change.>>>Getting ready for our first restart from
New Hampshire motor speedway. Take a look at the NBC restart zone. The lines we put in there. Like the first
down lines in football. They are not on the track. That indicates where the lead car or
the control car which is going to be Kevin Harvick, he has the opportunity to start at
that fist line. Coming out of turn four. And he has to start by the second line or the
flag man will then throw the green flag to start the race. There will be pointers that
will come in as well. This is all information that we are giving you, the fans, to be able
to watch and see what takes place on a restart. When NASCAR review as restart if there is
a question they don’t use the NBC start zone lines or the pointers that will indicate speeds.
That’s all information we use at NBC. NASCAR will use different data when they determine
if someone has jumped or not on a restart.>>Why are restarts a topic of conversation?
The reason is there is a huge advantage to being the leader. He wants to control the
pace. You want to be the first one at turn one. Everything is a competition T. Restart
zone is talked about because everybody wants to use it to their advantage.
>>Two by two. Going around one more time before the green flag.
>>So what NASCAR asked the leader to do, he asked the leader to keep pace car speed.
Try to keep the pace of the car as you’re going. When you get to the line, you can go.
You’ve got to go by the second line. Before you get to the line, you are supposed to keep
the pace of the car. Not supposed to slow down. Not supposed to
speed up.>>As well as the pointers indicating speed
as we
come up on our first restart. Harvick as the control car. The lead car gets to choose inside
or outside line. He chooses the outside line. Here at New Hampshire motor speedway. You
see the speeds. Right around the 45 miles per hour number that the pace car was taking
them around the track. Green flag back in the air. We are back under way.
>>It will be interesting. The top four cars, Harvick, keselowski, Hamlin and Kurt Busch
are on two corners.>>Here at New Hampshire when you say a two-tire
change you think maybe just the right side. Here they can change left as well.
>>Right there looked like they all changed right side tires. At some point if track position
dictates you can only take rights or lefts, sometimes left is the only option.
>>Jimmie Johnson trying to stay on the inside of the 11 and 88 down in the flattest part
of the track. Edwards behind him.>>Trying to catch the 88 down. He want it
is 48 below the white lines. That’s where the banking falls off. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Did a good job on the 48. Kurt Busch, deny Hamlin. Our first caution
came out when Aric almirola went into the wall. Kelli?
>>He’s out of the care center. That was a hard hit. How are you feeling?
>>My pride’s hurt. Just disappointed. I don’t know what happened. It’s really early in the
race to blow a right front tire. I don’t think that was it. Something happened in the right
front. When I got to turn one, it didn’t turn. I hit the wall hard. Disappointed for smithfield,
Ford fusion team. We had a good car. We were running 14th or 15th. The track was kind of
changing. It seemed like it would come our way. They bought him to pit road to look at
the car. He goes back on the track. They are nervous there might have been fluid coming
out. The caution comes out.>>He did a good job using the road course
in turns three and four. He didn’t oil down the whole track. Good smart Missouri by him.
>>The left front was knocked in a little bit. It was a power steering leak and that’s
the problem here.>>You think, golly, that had power steering.
Be a tough guy and drive the car. When you set up the race cars you think you will have
Pou steering. The air pressure, cameras, all the things in the front end are built to have
power steering. When you lose it it’s difficult to turn the cars.>>Pit road is and was open by the entrance.
Nobody came. We’ll go to commercial break. We’ll be right back.>>>Welcome back to the sylvania 300. Aerial
coverage provided by partners at smithfield foods. You want to get news, results and highlights
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Fastest lap time presented by sprint. 50 laps in. Kevin Harvick with the fastest lap time
at 28.643 seconds. Stop in at sprint. Cut your rate plan in half. Bring in your Verizon
or AT&T wireless bill and turn in that old phone. So the 40 of Landon cassill brings
out the second caution. A lot of drivers mentioning there was fluid on the track they thought
they were hitting. Here’s the 18.>>That’s where it started. LE where he will
low is out.>>Found it.
[ Laughter ]>>Kyle Busch. Ale little light-hearted there
with the found that fluid that was on the track. So they have put the speedy dry down. Speedsorb
on the track. Got the fluid taken care of. Now once again they are 2 by 2. Kevin Harvick,
Brad keselowski making up row number 1. Kurt Busch, Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch,
Matt Kenseth, Kasey kahne and Carl Edwards are the top ten.
>>Came back quite a bit on the restart. Lost a spot on the restart. He’s all the way back
in 10th.>>Taking a closer look at row 1. You see
the speeds. Harvick the is the race leader. They come into the zone. Harvick back on the
gas. Green flag back in the air. Jimmie Johnson not able to hold it
down on the track. Johnson will stay in front. Kyle Busch to the inside. Teammates fighting
for position. Just behind Matt Kenseth, the 19 of Carl Edwards. Slid into that spot. Three
wide into turn 3. Four wide now. Doesn’t work here, does it?
>>Got out of the throttle. Allowed the 78 room. Smart move.
>>Almost up against the wall was Larson. He had help there from the 14 of Tony Stewart.
Not giving him room out of 4. Now martin Truex, Jr. We see smoke. There
may have been contact between the 14 and the 42. I believe the smoke is coming from the
42. We’ll take a look. Maybe coming from the 14 though. The two were close as they came
out of turn 4. Might be the 14. It is.>>Looks like damage perhaps on the front
fender of the 14 where it pushed in against the tires a little bit. It doesn’t take a
lot.>>Talking about the left front fender of
the 14 looks pushed in.>>Tire rub.
>>Yeah. Left side.>>Left rear quarter panel. They’ve got a
little bit tight. They are going down the back stretch. You hear Tony make the comment
I have been hit on both sides. So bumping and banging early on. We have completed 57
laps.>>That’s a great example of how difficult
the restarts are here. Next thing you know you’re three wide. It happened so quickly.
Now you have a decision to make on the next corner.
>>The thing that’s clear in our minds as racers and fans of racing is a week ago, Kevin
Harvick had a tire rub. You both mentioned, risk versus reward. Do you stay out or get
it fixed? Does Tony Stewart need to be checked so he doesn’t cut a tire down?
>>There is one big difference between last week in Chicago and here in New Hampshire.
We talk about how wide and flat the corner are. The car doesn’t move much. It’s already basically down against the racetrack.
When he’s down in the corner the car doesn’t travel much. There isn’t a lot of deflection
or load on the tire. At Richmond — Chicago, there is a lot of deflection and the tire
rubs more. Here it doesn’t rub as much.>>Saw the 48 get by the 1 #. A higher line.
Saw it on the restart. Now the 88 of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Also will go by.
>>Way up against the wall was the 14. Of Tony Stewart. It’s the left front he has an
issue with. We mentioned a tire rub turning into more.
>>It’s difficult for the teams to make a decision. The driver can smell the tire rubbing,
see the smoke. But you don’t know how much damage is being done. It’s such a difficult
decision.>>As awful as this is, it will be less of
a penalty than pitting on the green. It goes flat on the straight away allowing a great
miss by Larson. Allows the 14 not to get into the wall. Now he can pit under caution and
not lose a lap. It’s risk versus reward. Fortunately went down in an area Tony Stewart didn’t have
more damage happen to the car. Short of anything underneath the car coming loose because of
the flat tire he’ll be fine.>>This might be initial contact. The 78 and
the 14. There was a little bit of smoke already there out of the right here. Left rear, excuse
me.>>That’s what makes the sport hard. You have
to understand what size track you’re on, the negatives of the track. Everything is a judgment
call. You can’t use a rule of thumb. You have to understand the position, the risk versus
reward whether to pit or not.>>As they all go by, a lot of the lead lap
cars go by the entrance to pit road. Strategy being played early. Marty?
>>We talked about split strategy. Gordon. You see the two tire change for Gordon. He
said the car feels like it’s on the splitter, especially early when he’s aggressive with
it. Mike?
>>Clint bowyer has been loose throughout the course of the day after making adjustments.
He felt it was a little bit better. They will do a two tire change, right sides only.
>>Paul Menard and the 27 car in need of a good result. He said tight in the center.
Working to try to help. That’s only making him loose. It was a two-tire stop for the
27.>>Jeff Gordon first to hit pit road with
the lead lap cars.e lead lap cars. Just changed two tires. Their pit stall is
toward turn 4. That’s a difficult stall to be in.
>>That’s the tough part. Alan has to make a decision. He doesn’t have time to change
it. What surprises me is cars down pit road do as well. As I came off four tires would
have had to be the call.>>Right now all 13 of the top 13 spots, chase
drivers as we get ready for the restart. Harvick on the outside. Keselowski on the inside.
They drive into turn one. Kyle Busch. Way down. Almost on the apron. At the left side
tires below the yellow line as they go through one and two. They are three wide down the
back stretch. Entering turn three. Kyle trying to hold it all the way down. That’s pretty
impressive. They remain three wide through the center of the turn before they separated.
Kyle Busch drops behind the two he was racing. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. And Hamlin just in front
of him.>>You may wonder why the Kyle Busch run down
there. You can’t run down there once it goes green. The cars are going slow. They don’t
make any grip. The tires don’t make grip in the corner. Kyle Busch has hung a left and
got on the apron, tried to make the pass. It was worth a try. The pace is so slow. The
tires don’t make grip.>>Do you consider this a short track, Jeff?
>>100%. I know it’s one mile. That’s a big track. This race is a big short track. Long
flat corners. Everything about it says short track.
>>We have seen bumping and banging. The 18 of Kyle Busch had this to say on the radio.
>>It’s tedious to make up an inch. You get a lucky break through a corner if you can
make up an inch. Just maintain.
>>That’s why you have to do it on restarts. It’s so important. You have everybody in one
bunch on a restart. You could make up two, three starts. That’s why everybody pushes
hard.>>You see fenders pushed in. You just can’t
be patient. If you worked and got those inches you can’t give them back. You have to push
the issue. Like here we see the 88 and 11 of Hamlin racing. They will continue to fight
into the corner. The 18, he wants them to battle T. More they battle the more he can
take advantage.>>I’m surprised by this. I guess it is a
good thing. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. The radio we listen to on Friday and Saturday, didn’t
not have any faith. It seemed like in the car. Didn’t feel like the car would be worth
it at all. He already worked up into the top five.
>>That’s New Hampshire. This track changes so much from Friday morning. The practices
are at hard times. The track is cool. There is rubber on the track. It’s different from
the race. Some drivers understand it and can remember the last time they were here. Some
drivers, the patience level is to short on practice.
>>You have Jimmie Johnson in fourth. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. In fifth. We haertd about Jo
Gibbs racing. They ran well last week and again this week.
>>We sawle Kasey kahne showing strength early. Last week as well as here in new Hampshire.
Right now Kasey kahne running 18th.>>Jeff Gordon wasn’t happy with the car.
He was still running 12th. He pitted all the way down in 21st. We won’t know if that worked
until the next caution comes out. If it comes out quickly, maybe they can stay on the track.
They pick up the spots. If this goes green for a long time the strategy may not have
been the best thing. You don’t know until the next caution comes out.>>6, 7, 8, 10. Hamlin trying to stay in front
of the 18. We’ll go to pit road. Marty Snyder.>>Kevin Harvick. Childers asked him how was
it and they said took off nicely on the run. I asked Rodney this week about what happened
in Chicago last week. Especially post race or with the poor finish. He said we always
focus forward. A good example was Tuesday. Everybody showed up at 6:00 A.M. Worked until
8:00 P.M. That night. The entire shop was empty exempt for 14 guys surrounding one car,
the 4. Rodney said that was a cool moment.>>The 2 car of Brad keselowski runs second.
Freer in and off the run. Qualified fourth on Friday. Quick to credit Paul wolf for the
set-ups. He said, I don’t know. I credit the driver. No matter what configuration the car
is in. No matter what the rules package Brad runs well. He takes care of tires and the
brakes all day long. Kelli.>>Jimmie Johnson, when I talked to his crew
chief they said they need to most work on new Hampshire. This is the weakest track.
He said we were off in the spring, did something we shouldn’t have. He said the last three
weeks we have had fast cars. Just haven’t finished it off. He feels like it’s a culmination
of things they have learned over the summer. He could use help turning in the center.
>>Kurt Busch needs to roll the center better. His only complaint about the car now. Like
so many others he had an interesting race since the opening round in chicagoland. Afterwards
he was disappointed. It seemed he was only ten laps away from victory. He and the crew
chief embraced for what seemed like two minutes. Tony Gibson said the conversation was to try
to reinforce the positive. Get Kurt to look at the big picture. Not be
disappointed they lost the race but positive in the fact they came away with a solid finish.
That’s the goal today. Rick?>>Thanks, Mike. A lot of different goals
on the track. One goal for that driver is to have a better finish than he had a week
ago at chicagoland. Right now he’s out front. He LED 55 laps but as you flashback to chicagoland
after the hole they got into. Kevin Harvick is going to need a big finish. Keep the momentum
up that he’s built and have maybe a signature day here in New Hampshire. Harvick has LED 61 laps. Continuing to put
cars a lap down. Burton will be the next to go a lap down. As we look at the points as
they run for the chase grid. Harvick moved up to 12th based upon points. But of course
if Harvick can continue on and win the race, that advances it right into round two with
the win. Win and you advance.>>That’s what Clint bowyer would be hoping
for now. He’s at the bottom of the list. 35 points back. Clint bowyer, the slowest of
the chase drivers running 22 now.>>25 of the points is due to the penalties
that NASCAR imposed that you have to appeal. You have to see the outcome of the appeal
to see where it put it is point position. That makes it hard for Clint and the team.
They have to understand where we are at. They are 35 points down now. If the appeal goes
their way, even that doesn’t move into the top 12. They have to be looking for more speed
out of the 15 car.>>Better handling, too. The car is loose.
Bowyer has said the front end feels like it’s giving up on him a little bit. It’s interesting.
You talk about the penalty situation with the team. I have a little conversation with
Billy Scott this morning. He looked at it two ways and said, look. If we win the appeal,
we are only a few points back. We can play the points game. We lose we are in a must
win situation. He said he’s in an awkward position, not sure how to approach it. He
hopes to win. Needed a solid result. They knew they would have a hard go of it. Menard
said this is probably the worst track in the race. It’s been a challenge for us. His crew
chief said, well, this is probably our third worst. We have run here better than we finished
for a variety of reasons. He said the car was good on the short run. They need to be
better in the long run. It gets tight in the center which Paul Menard is dealing with now.
>>Kelli, you’re right. They are the two slowest chasers now. They are struggling, outside
the top 12. They are in a hole right now. They’ve got to dig out.
>>Paul menard,s the thing about the guys is they have to use the 31 approach. You really
can’t look at where they are running. You have to wait until the race is over. The team
runs 15, 18, 19. Then out of 12. They have done a good job using strategy. I’m not as
concerned about the 27 as I am the 15.>>The 15 is a concern. I understand Billy
Scott is a little concerned about whether they will or won’t have 25 points. If they
run outside the top 20 it won’t matter. There is a reason the teams make the chase. Look at scoring. First through 12 are chase
drivers. Mcmurray and Gordon 17 and 18. The simple fact is I know they want to win and
they have to. They have to run well in the top five. This is one of Clint’s best tracks.
To come here they have to be disappointed outside the top 20.
>>We talked about it before the race started. The goal is to go to Dover in a position where
you don’t have to win. Go to Dover where you can have a reasonable finish. The problem
is these guys running 21, 22. They are not good in points. Everybody is ahead of them.
You continue to lose point IFS you can’t find a way forward later.
>>Two guys in the similar predicament are Jeff Gordon and Jamie Mcmurray running 17
and 18.>>Let’s talk Jeff Gordon. We talked about
the two tires. They got the splitter off the ground. It worked. Gordon restarted 25th.
He’s up to 17th. Gordon talked about the speed they found and said I feel we haven’t lived
up to the potential this year. Everybody wants to talk about a turn around. I call it living
up to our potential. Jeff Gordon going forward since the restart to get another shot. Mcmurray
struggling more. I talked to him this afternoon before he climbed in the ka. He said we have
been very good here in New Hampshire. Back to back top fives in the chase race at New
Hampshire. He said this weekend we have just missed it. We tried Larson’s complete set-up.
It didn’t work. He said, I feel quicker than I was the last run. They are back in the 18th
position now. Not making a lot of progress.>>Frustrating. Even though we still haven’t
hit the one-third mark of the race. We are still under a hundred. 91 have been completed.
We are on lap 92. It’s a fast race. Two cautions slowed the race. Kevin Harvick set the standard. Harvick had a good car all weekend. He has
almost two-second lead over second place Brad keselowski. Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt,
Jr., Kurt Busch the top five. But with Harvick’s car as dominant as it is earlile in the rr
the guys running poorly and need a good finish?>>We saw how quick they can change. It’s
great the lead lap. The goal is to be where Kevin Harvick is. We are only in chapter two
or three. Points only get paid one time. The last lap. Even though Harvick has a great
pace. It is exactly what they need to do. It’s still 207 opportunities around the track
for it to go wrong.>>Right. Kyle Larson, the highest scored
nonchaser now. We have Larson and Patrick. It is the playoffs. They have worked to make
the playoffs. The 42, everybody has circled to win a race this year. He’s run well. Currently
13th. He wants to run higher than that. He’s the current highest nonchaser as well as Danica
Patrick. Competing ahead.>>It’s a good run for Danica Patrick. Running
in 14th. That’s a solid run. Did a good job on restarts. They need something good to happen.
They need a race. They need to finish where they run. They need to try to finish 14th.
They ran 18, 19, 20 but finished 30th. They need something going right into next year.
>>Speaking of next year that’s what this is. The team of Kasey kahne. This is a team
expected to make the chase at the start of the year. They have to use the final 8 or
9 races to find what they need for the team moving forward into to 16. Jeff Gordon passed
the 51. Up to 17. There is a lot of rumor mills about where the 51 may end up. Jeff
is doing a great job in the car today.>>Four nonchasers to the top 18. Swref Gordon
currently 16th. Harvick up front.>>>NASCAR on NBCSN is brought to you by sprint.
Toyota, let’s go places. By dditech home loans. All chase drivers in the top 12. Follow miss
sprint cup for a grievance Cho win an autographed hat from today’s victory lane. Kevin Harvick
has now LED 81 of the 102 laps complete as we pass the third of the race pass the 100
lap marker. Harvick continues to put car as lap down. Sam Hornish junior. 29 seconds a
lap. The tire fall off with the tire wearing out at a track like new Hampshire, we mentioned
sometimes harder tires don’t fall off or wear off as quickly. The lap times aren’t falling
off as dramatically as we have seen at other tracks.>>Thing about Jeff Gordon where he pitted.
He went back and is taking this long to get back to 16. There is obviously not a big advantage
to new tires.>>One of the interesting thing is how the
drivers watch the lines of other drivers on the track to maybe figure out if there is
a faster line around the track. We listened to Brad keselowski. Here’s what they have
to say on the radio.>>29-18. 28.80 in front.
>>I couldn’t tell you a part of the track we run different. Maybe we run a little higher
in the center one and two. Not noticeable on three and four.
>>That’s Brad asking for lap times as he tries to look for things. He’s trying to find
a place to put the car. Looking at Kevin Harvick, his line. He’s trying things. The only way
to know when you talk about a tenth of a second is get a lap time. You can feel the car is
better, feel it drove better but it went slower. As you move around the starter is giving you
lap times. The faster is car is no matter what it feels like that’s what I don’t want
to do.>>It’s interesting. Brad keselowski, there
are three cars that are the class of the field. Harvick, keselowski and Jimmie Johnson. Harvick
put a three-second gap between he and keselowski. Keselowski has about a three or four-second
gap between himself and third place Jimmie Johnson.
>>Keselowski is looking for a different line while he’s running very competitive laps every
time around the track.>>Every team here is looking to optimize
the run. Every run. The key is to run every lap as fast as you can. You’ve got to find
your rhythm. What works on corner entry into one. How does that affect the exit of turn
two. What you do affect it is middle of the corner, the exit. You have to find the rhythm
that makes your car go as fast as it can go. Keselowski is the fastest as he’s looking
around. He’s also finding lap times. Harvick was in lap traffic. Ran a 30.55. Obviously
he was caught up in traffic.>>But the different lines, keselowski must
be finding the right line. That time he was the fastest lap. Kevin Harvick continuing
to work his way around the ma swrik mile. Trying to work his way into round two with
a win.>>Should we be surprised that Harvick has
outrun the last five times. They have come back to finish in the top five. Kevin said,
we are a team that focuses forward, never back. A lot out of the front windshield.
>>If he looked back you would see keselowski. The gap is maintained. Paul said we came to
the weekend thinking we could find more short run speed. We never found it. Not bad. The gap stays
about the same. The two is in good shape.>>Jimmie Johnson running 30. Turned 40. He
completed his first century. A 12 # 0-mile bike race. Just over five hours in the rain.
When I talked to him he said he was a little bit sore but mostly it was mentally challenging.
Swrj saying he’s better off working the track car. Behind him, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Started
11th. That was their best qualifying effort. They did something out of the box. He said
we need to see it more than once. He said there is more confidence the Dale. He said
it is a different mind set coming into the race.
>>Jason asked Matt Kenseth how the car was. He said, not bad. I can’t go anywhere. He
said, I wouldn’t change much. They told him a moment ago we are about 11 laps. So lap
130 to come to pit road.>>He needs to be tighter on entry. His crew
chef chief said we have caution on the track.>>We have to go to the garage. Throttle’s
stuck.>>That brings the caution out. Instead of
waiting for lap 130, everyone will be hitting pit road now. Running 30th. Already had been
put a lap down. Straight to the garage. Alex will take the 7.
>>I thought I heard him say the throttle stuck. That’s a horrible feeling. You lift,
the thing keeps going. Not a good feeling.
>>Turned into the
garage stall. Most of the teams cleared out the equipment. Once the race starts. Now with
the caution coming out. Bayne was the highest nonlead lap car. Even has run long enough.
It’s full of fuel. Really start thinking about adjustments. As we close in on halfway you
don’t want to spend extra time on pit road after the stop. Now is the time to make adjustments.
>>He got tight in the center. The longer it went. The track bar just inside the car
didn’t help much. Quarter round and right rear going in to loosen the car up a little
bit.>>Jimmie Johnson pits from the third position.
He never won here during the chase. He said he’s a little bit free. Overall the car is
good. Four tires for the 48 and his teammate Dale Jr. He said he needs to cut the center
better. Good balance. Four tires and a track bar adjustment for
the 88.
>>Brad keselowski got four tires. He was a two-tire taker on the first run. He got
a slight airplane adjustment for a car free at the end. He’ll be in second. Rick?
>>Thank you. A two tire taker. Not easy to say. You see the race off pit road. A look
back at Alex bowman. Hard right turn. Into the wall, the 7 went. He’s in the garage now.
We are under caution.>>Early in the race trying to push the 48
below the white line. He’s not able to do it. Keselowski ran up the racetrack and took
the line away from him.>>Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Running third. Matt
Kenseth, fourth. Jimmie Johnson running out of the top five. Here comes Kyle Busch on
the outside. Three wide down the back stretch as they get ready for turn three. Denny Hamlin
on the inside of the 48. Hamlin moving back to the front and the 48 with a big bobble
there. Now three wide on the outside as they enter the front stretch.
>>Right in front is Kyle Busch. LE it may not seem like much.
Look at the other mess.>>I think Kyle Busch, more than anybody when
you get to the start/finish line you can advance your position. Good run on the 22. Turned left. Not done
there. He was down to the bottom of the racetrack. All four tire. Now he’ll get next to the 11.
That’s a great example of how you have to be aggressive on the restarts. It started
early. It started way before they got to the corner.
>>Luckily the pit road wall ends where it does. Does a great job right there. Stops
the car. Gets a turn. That gives them the acceleration to stay under the 11.
>>Sounded like he shifted.>>He went through one and two in third. He
kept it in third gear, didn’t go to fourth until the back straight away. Good pickup
Rick.>>Biggest movers. Busch, Larson and Dylan
in advanced four positions. Lost a spot to Hamlin.
>>We’ll make a student out of him yet.>>I just keep hanging out with you guys.
I’ll get it.>>I’m sorry.
>>Kevin Harvick, Brad keselowski, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. They are the top three. Kenseth, Busch
and Hamlin. Surprisingly we mentioned the stat about Kevin Harvick leading over a thousand
laps since his last win as we see the 55. David refwan, unscheduled pit stop for Reagan
on pit road. About 11 laps since we were last on pit road. The driver second to 11 have
all won a race. Brad keselowski in front of the # 8 of Dale
Earnhardt, Jr.>>I like what I’m seeing out of the 88 today.
Good on restarts, long runs. This is what the team needs. Any of the Hendrick cars we
spoke about. This is the run they need. They need a little bit of confidence. They need
to feel like, we came, we had a chance to win. Again, we are getting into the meat of
the season, the part of the season where you can win or lose a championship. You need to
be your best now. They are stepping up as the chase has started.
>>Hamlin gets by Kurt Busch. He will take the spot away
to move into the top 5. Kelli?
>>Hamlin with the win last week. When I asked his crew chief what it was like he
said on the way here it almost felt unfair.>>>Kevin Harvick LED 123 of the 145 laps
now. That’s a dominant car today. Jeff Gordon is trying to bounce back from maybe a little
bit of strategy played early on.>>Strategy and adjustment. We have reported,
talking about the spring. Trying to pass Danica Patrick. Gets into her
left rear, moves her up and goes on by. With 150 to go. Needs adjustments. Running in on
the lap times.>>The problem he’s got is there are only
three guys behind him in the chase. He’s running well. Running 14th. That’s not horrible. He
has to find his way forward. Everybody in front of him to get himself into the top 12
for the next round.>>You were talking about it. He’s tight for
Gordon. Spring rubber in the right rear and out of the left rear. Trying to get the 24
better. I think the frustrating part for Jeff is that he’s passing the same people over
and over again. Came in 15th last time. Now 19th. When you pass the same people run after
run it’s frustrating.>>Yes. That was passing you. I can tell you
that. They did what they had to do. The car is fast. They have done the things they needed
to do to get the car to drive well. Just needs track position. I think he gets it and he
can compete with the front-runners.>>One of the big stories has to do with the
41 car. Not necessarily performance on the track. But what happens off of it. Tony Gibson
was hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy. I spoke with him. He’s doing much better.
He pointed out a potential silver lining from that. He said he wasn’t in the shop most of
the week. He said his engineers stepped up in his absence. Took over control of what
needed to be done before they got to the track. He said that helped groom them a little bit
for the potential future career has crew chief. He thought that was a great idea because it’s
helping him built depth. He also knows it’s important when team members step up in the
playoffs.>>If you have to. Everyone has to raise the
level when we get to this part of the season. This is the playoffs. There are only ten opportunities.
When the playoffs start there are ten opportunities to shine. Ultimately you’ve got to do it in
three race segments. You need great race it is fist three if you want a chance to advance
to round two.>>Race teams are like football teams. You
will hear like the driver Jimmie Johnson. Deny Hamlin or battling here. There are so
many people top to bottom within the organization that make the cars successful. Engineers.
Mechanics, pit crew and back at the shop. Fabricators that build the cars. It takes
a whole organization to be successful.>>When your crew chief comes in after having
emergency surgery he’s not going to listen when you say I’m tired, my ankle is hurt.
That’s leading by example. I’m here. I’m doing it. Everybody else can, too.
>>Denny Hamlin got by for the fourth spot. Hamlin, though he already has a win and is
going to advance into the second round he’s still pushing hard as he works toward the
front to get a little bit closer to Brad keselowski who was talking about the handling of his
number 2 machine.>>I think like right where I let off the
brake the car has turn. It’s got to do other things to get it to turn that are making me
free. When I let off the brake. That’s where it’s the most.
>>Driver, what do you hear there?>>Good feedback. He’s saying he didn’t need the rotate. Anything
they have done to make the car turn better hurt his rear grip. They haven’t found a way
to make the front end work without sacrifice somewhere else. That’s the hard part about
the track. The corners are lock. They last forever and they are flat. When the car doesn’t
turn it’s hard to get speed that you need.>>This is one of the stats I had in my notes.
Understand the order of operations. That seems silly. Entry is the most important thing.
The driver can’t get into the corner the way he wants to. You’re always tight in the middle.
Then it seems to be free off. Instead of trying to fix it we had success by turning. Let the
truck driver get it off. You have to have it back from the driver. If not you’re just
guessing. That gets you nowhere.>>Harvick is out front. The fasts turn last
time by deny Hamlin. He must be the man on the move as he gets closer to the top spot.>>>Caution is out. Kyle Busch into the wall.
Now he’s behind the wall and in the garage. He’ll have to do a lot of work to the right
side of the car. Especially the suspension on the right front. The right front wheel
locked up as he went into the garage. Take a look.
>>Obviously there is a right front tire down. I don’t know if he ran over something or melted.
You can melt the inside edge of the tire. I’m not sure which it was. Certainly looks
to me like a tire going down. One here in July. There is an issue at new Hampshire.
Mart write? Kenseth said the track has taken it. Top left. Four tires. Harvick, the leader
took two on that stop. Kelli?>>Hamlin in the 11. The lower left there.
Said it fired off better but he could use more center turn. Adjusting the track bar.
He’ll get four tires.>>Sunoco fuel for Brad keselowski. He took
two tires to try to speed up the pit stop and get track position. There was another
car coming by he had to slow down for. The big story is Kyle Busch in the wall. Now
in the garage.>>Carl Edwards, pit road penalty removing
equipment from the box that puts him at the end of the line for the restart. Pace car
makes it back to pit road. Harvick, keselowski. See their speed at they enter the restart
zone. Two by two headed into turn one. Outside line
has worked on the restart for Kevin Harvick. Three wide as they come out of three and four.
A gas can was removed from the 19’s pit stall. That’s why that penalty was assessed. Three
wide going into turn one. Jeff Gordon in the middle. Once again, Gordon in the middle,
three wide. Justin allguyer in the 51. Been a little bit of a thorn in his side today.
>>This is what we talked about. Jeff Gordon is in the chase. He has every right to race
the track. That’s what’s different. What’s different about the playoffs is it’s not just
chase cars on the track.>>Here come two chasers working their way
around the track.>>Jimmie Johnson behind the 78.
>>78 of martin Truex. Did two tires to gain track position. Everybody around him is on
four. He’s on two.>>Kevin Harvick. Kurt Busch running fourth.
Kasey kahne rounding out the top ten. Now Jimmie Johnson on the inside of the 78. Swrons
will try to take 6th away from martin Truex, Jr. Lower line prevails. He takes the spot. Here’s
Hamlin. Two tires not working out for martin Truex, Jr., this time. Logano next in line
to get by. He continues to fall back.>>Truex pitted. He was running 11th. The
goal here is there is not a pick up spot obviously. The worst case scenario, don’t fall further
back than 11. They came out in fourth by putting the tires on. Just tonight get further back
than 11th. You would have gained by doing this.
>>The other strategy and adjustments made to a car we have to look into a similar situation
was Jeff Gordon who pitted when he was running 12th. Made adjustments to the car. They fell
back outside the top 20. Worked back up to 16th. It’s still been a loss with the adjustments
they have had to make.>>That’s what happens. We talk about the
decisions the crew chief makes and forget them. This was a decision made over a hundred
laps ago. They are still behind because of it. It’s quick sand. The more you struggle
the deeper you go. Like Edwards. They had equipment on the last pit stop. Had to go
to the tail end of the field. That penalty will be hard to dig out of. They only take
right side tires. You see at the back of the car the gas man trying to stay plugged in.
Get as much fuel in the car as possible. Towards leads and goes over the white line. That’s
the penalty. The compound penalty and mistakes after they were told they had a penalty the
19 lose it is fuel. They didn’t come back in to get left side tires. I think it was
just a mental mistake. Let emotion take part. They didn’t take left side tires. They should
have completed the four tire change. They had to restart 26th. There is work to
do now. The whole didn’t have to leave. It was like out of bounds in football versus
soccer. Just a little part left the box and that was enough.
>>Outside the pit box NASCAR owns. None of your equipment can. That’s for safety more
than anything else. Why is that a penalty? We can’t have parts of pit equipment leaving
the box. Another car could hit it. It’s really a black and white call. Unfortunately it didn’t
take but half the dump can to penalize the 19.
>>The a wedge wrench goes out on the racetrack that’s a potential danger for everyone. They
don’t want equipment leaving the box. That’s the reason for the penalty. We continue to
watch the 78 of martin Truex, Jr., fall back further.
>>He’s battling, fighting hard. That’s the fresher left side tires with Kasey kahne.
You see how much better it turns on the corner. He was able to get the power down. He has
position on the 78 at turn one.>>Right now the gamble is worth it. Again
if he falls back past 11le. Consider it wasn’t worth it.
>>Kasey kahne, running 10th. Trying to take the 9th spot away. Ricky just behind him,
just outside the top 11. Harvick leading in new hampshire>>>Look at our Toyota driver update. Matt
Kenseth, one of the best Toyota drivers in third. Denny Hamlin 7th. Carl Edwards with an issue on pit road running
25th now. Kyle Busch running 40th now after hitting the wall and they are in the garage
continuing to work on the 18th. How does that affect the chase grid? We look at the 16 drivers.
As they run, Hamlin with the win will be up top. Harvick right now hovering right around
the cut line in 12th. Of course if he wins he goes up and that adjusts everything down
to where Jeff Gordon would drop down into 12. You see Clint bowyer, 28 points below
the cut line. Kyle Busch already four points below the cut line. Because of the issue he
had on the track today.>>This is why this is so stressful to the
team. Isle bush and his team, they are having a good day. They’re not doing anything wrong.
Thai not running great but they are running well with a good chance to make a good finish.
Your entire season can change. The teams know it. Harvick has dominated the race. The race
isn’t over. There is a lot of race on that to go. Anything could happen. He can go from
what looks like a sure win to being completely out of the playoffs.
>>Harvick has locked up the points for most laps LED. 161 laps LED. Nobody can beat him
for that honor. There is only 116 laps to go. Brad keselowski, Matt Kenseth and Kurt
Busch. Jimmie Johnson, they are the top five behind Harvick. Hamlin has taken the spot
away from Jimmie Johnson. That’s the top five spot. Battle for 5th tied between the three.
Hamlin, Johnson and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Racetrack seems to be changing. Does the track bar adjustment inside the car
these drivers have help them win a track starts to change and in a run, can that help them
with the handling of the car enough that it doesn’t have them falling completely back
and out of contention?>>The problem is everyone has that adjustment.
It’s not just advantage over your competitors. You have the adjustment. It depends as you
see here, a great battle between teammates. You have the race each other yet stay off.
You don’t want to bang fenders, leaving one with a flat tire. What that track bar adjustment
does is if the set up allows the track bar to adjust the balance it can help. We have
heard today drivers say moving the track bar hasn’t helped. Try something else. The set-up
doesn’t allow track bars to be a big help.>>Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Moved past Jimmie Johnson
for sixth. Hamlin has fifth. The 88. They work past the 23 of Jeff Burton. You want
to go through the field once again. We’ll start with Marty Snyder.
>>Kevin Harvick said today he LED all but 23 laps. As you mentioned, already locked
up the bonus points leading the most points today. The number 23. 23 races, believe it
or not, since Kevin Harvick and the team were in victory lane. Ten second place finishes
this year. Able to get win number 3 in the column today.
>>Brad keselowski in the last eight races here in new Hampshire motor speedway. An average
finish, 4.75. Clearly the second best car on track today if they can just keep it under
him. If anything happens to Harvick; the 2 is there. Good run so far.
>>Coming into the chase. Kenseth said it is easy to stick with what worked so far. We saw a lot of speed. Harvick today to Chicago
last week. We have to be developing it at Joe Gibbs racing. They did it today for Kenseth.
They were not going to practice yesterday. They have made the car not only better for
the start of the race but better throughout the race.
>>Marty, Tony fwib son told the team this week he doesn’t want them to look ahead. Don’t
even look at Dover. Concentrate on New Hampshire and get max points. So far biding his time.
The car isn’t perfect. Near the front but can’t get there yet. The car has been loose.
They adjusted the ride height. The car has been better but he can’t make it to the front.
>>Denny Hamlin’s spot, secure his crew chief. They said they would absolutely do something
dramatic to go for the win. There is a caution now.
>>The caution has come out. We are hearing debris in turns 3 and 4. Coming from Naser
ka. 191 laps complete.>>Nobody can make the fuel. You have to be
thinking about that. What do you do now to put yourself in position. Do you take right
side tires here and dare take them again? We saw the 78 of martin Truex. Much like he
was there. The gamble didn’t have a big win. It wasn’t a loss. It goes back to the pit
stop for the 4. We saw the two put on right side tires. Everybody else put on four. Do
they have to put on four and everybody else put on two? We’ll find out.
>>That’s the question. While the 78 didn’t lose spots he’s sitting here.
>>Hopefully not what you want to help your car turn. It’s not in it anymore if that was
your spring rubber. Now the 78 is staring four tires in the face. He almost has to take
four tires. This will hurt. There will be teems that take right side tires here. The
majority maybe will and that hurts the 78’s track position.>>Kevin Harvick, Brad keselowski, Kenseth,
Kurt Busch and Hamlin the top five. All in line as they get to pit road and head your
way.>>Kenseth has a stall, the car too tight.
They will make an adjustment here and air pressure adjustment. As you predicted for
Harvick, the leader will be a four tire stop.>>Kurt Busch’s team has gone to work on the
chassis several times but not this time. Four tires, air pressure and fuel.
>>Well balanced. He’ll get four this time. But a little adjustment.
>>Six cars in front of Kevin Harvick, the race leader. Off six spots. Kenseth wins the
race.>>>36 laps for the team to put the 18 back
with a on the track. The McDonald’s who are you Lovin’? As we ask the experts up here.
>>I like Harvick. He’s been dominant today. Took four tires. That gives him the opportunity
to take two on the next.>>I think the guys in front of him take two
again also. All depends on the restarts Kevin can get.
>>Now out front, Kenseth shows the outside line. Green flag in the air and we are under
way. Closing in on 200 laps complete. Lap 197 way down to the bottom of the track and
on the apron was the 4 of Harvick.>>That’s a new groove. I have seen low. That’s
a new low. Unbelievable. All the way down to the grass. Now Truex has to have that option
as they go three wide into turn 3.>>Very congested through three and four.
>>Talk about two tires versus four. The two guys that have four tires are the 2 and the
4 car. The race could be happening now. If the two stays in front of the 4 everybody
else comes in. These guys can take two. They have to take four later then the 2 could
have track position on the 4.>>You have to understand who you are racing.
When it comes to 103 to go the crew chief tells the driver who must you get in front
of. Who is on our strategy?>>Tony Stewart falling back. Did some pit
strat by the to get up into the top ten. Running 8th now. That can hold onto the position.
Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Logano, keselowski the top five.
>>The other concern about having to pit or losing the track position is you have no idea
how the car drives behind other cars. This is the first time really with the exception
of the first 30, 40 laps Kevin Harvick had to pass from behind. This is the first time
he’s been in the situation.>>Of course with the lap times.
>>48 smoking out of the back.>>Smoking.
>>Left front tire must be down. Jimmie Johnson looks to have cut a left front tire.
>>Coming off the left front tire.>>Said it’s flat, take care of it. He was
third. Another chaser with issues.>>Left side. Get ready to pick the car up.
>>There is no inner liner here. They have to get the car and lift it to get the jack
under it. That’s the big concern. This has to be an efficient stop.
>>Only three tires.>>Back it down.
>>In front of you.>>They took two tires last time around. So
positive, high on his crew. It was a left front for Jimmie Johnson. He saw the smoke
and radioed it back. Immediately told him, of course, to bring it to pit lane. A quick
stop to get those fresh tires on the left side there.
>>Jimmie Johnson making his way off pit road and back to the racetrack. He was able to stay on the lead lap when they
crossed the start/finish line. But now Jimmie Johnson falling a lap down as Matt Kenseth
was able to get by him.>>Jimmie Johnson’s goal now is to get all
the way back as far as he can to be the first car one lap down so as the caution does come
out he can get the free pass. That’s Jimmie Johnson’s race now. He has to focus on that.
>>27 points. Third to 30th in the last 60 seconds. Jimmie Johnson lost 27 points in
the chase.>>That’s how quickly it can happen. We mentioned
at the top of the show. Things happen quick. Kenseth, race leader. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,
Brad keselowski. Kevin Harvick worked his way up to 4th now on the four-tire stop.
>>You talk about cars that handle good and handle in traffic. On the last restart —
>>Into the wall is the 10. Coming back down the track. Danica Patrick. Looks like the
55 of Ragan made contact with Danica as she was coming down the track. She gets the car
re-fired. Looks like she’ll try to drive it back.
>>All the blue foam on the track was the 55. Peeling the door open. Probably the right
side. Looking at the 55. That’s the energy wide.>>>Welcome back to new Hampshire motor speedway.
We are under a red flag condition. After Danica Patrick got into the wall in turns one and
two. Then contact made between the 10 and the 55. David Ragan trying to avoid the 10.
Got into danicarick and tore right side off the car. As she was getting out we heard radio
communication. This is what she had to say.>>31 just totally took me out. I get it.
I get that he was, woing hard to pass me. It’s not like it was first ten laps of the
race.>>You see Danica. She’s expecting Ryan to
be — well, where the 24 was. She expected Ryan to be lower than he was. As you said
these entries are wide. You try to get the guy under you to be as low as you can. Danica
thought Ryan was going to get him more room. To be honest, I don’t know who was wrong or
right there. It’s one of those things. I know Ryan newsroom didn’t do it on purpose. He
thought he was where he needed to be and she thought she was where she needed to be. Wrecks
happen.>>Does Ryan think he has room to the left?
Did he think Jeff Gordon was there? Jeff was to his bumper. Does he think he’s giving the
10 room? It’s a judgment call. That’s short track racing. That’s how quick it happens.
>>Dade Ragan trying to take the lowest line down. Is that a situation, should Danica have
locked up the tires?>>She hit the wall. Could have had a problem
which she doesn’t have brakes. When you hit hard things get broke and sometimes the cars
don’t have brakes.>>You see the cars rolling. The 22 rolls
the 11. The crew chiefs are saying we have run 204 laps. The brakes are hot. What they are going to
try to tell the drives to do, the pace car is rolling off. Continue to let the car roll
a little bit. Don’t let the pads sit against the brake disks. When you have a red flag
everything cools down. We talk about the brake vibration. This is another track you can get
it. After cooling that can be a bad problem.>>It was just six minutes we were under a
red flag condition. Cars are rolling again. The track cleaned in turns one and two. The
opportunity for teams to make it to pit road won’t happen this time. Pit road is still
closed.>>My stomach is in knots. We mentioned earlilier
the fuel window is around 33 to 38 laps. Here we are at 96. Next time it will be 95 laps
to go. I don’t know why it is about Loudon. We always have a caution at 90, 95. Now it’s
easy to be aggressive, go for the win.>>How much will you go for? Are you willing
to stretch fuel? If you run out of gas as we have seen people do, Jimmie Johnson lost
27 points with a flat tire. If you run out of was that can cost you 20 points.
>>Just out of the care center is David Ragan.>>He’s okay thankfully. Certainly a heavy
hit. Didn’t look like you could avoid it.>>That was a hard hit. Thankfulle to the
NASCAR safety initiatives. Everything is good to go. We had a rocky day in the Toyota. Had
an unscheduled pit stop, a loose wheel. Got the lucky dog. Felt like we got back in rhythm.
I saw the 10 car wrecked. I was hoping and I thought she would hold onto the brakes and
maybe not come back down the track as quick and violent as she did. If I wouldn’t have
hit her she probably would have hit the inside wall. I’m good to go. I wish she would have
held onto the brake.>>Hit road is open.
>>Who will we see? LE.>>If you’re Edwards running 14th, stenhouse
in 15th, why not pit?>>Trees haven’t changed colors yet. Today’s
aerial coverage by our partners at smithfield foods. Biggest chase mover from sprint is
Clint bowyer. Fwaned a lot of spots. The goal is to keep them. Don’t give them up. A lot
of people have four. To make it work, keep the track position. Jeff, I’m frustrated.
I’m frustrated by pit decisions. I look down and see Paul Menard. That was a great pit
decision to be in 19th. You see on the chase grid. Can he stretch the fuel to the finish?
He’s three points to the good. He’s short on fuel. We talked about the 27. Not showing
the speed to win. Great gamble for the 27. This is what they need to move them through.
>>The longest anyone has gone. The longest between stops has been 83 laps. We have 91
to go.>>We may get a lot of caution and that saved
Paul Menard. Field in line. 2 by 2. Kenseth and Earnhardt. Green flag back in the air.
Kevin Harvick passes the 88. Makes second.>>Junior department get the good restart. Did it hurt the 2 car?
>>The 2 of Brad keselowski was all over the back bumper on the restart. Looked like he
was starting to push him. 4 car goes from 4th to second on the restart. Martin Truex,
Jr., outside the 41. Harvick to the inside for the lead. He’ll take it away from Matt
Kenseth. The caution comes outment.>>There is the yellow.
>>The 34 of Brett Mo Moffitt. Saving fuel. If you had come to pit road what an opportunity.
Hindsight is 20/20.>>If you don’t have a winning car.
>>Get everything we can. Come on.>>That’s a big break for Jimmie Johnson.
You have to race the car you have. You have to decide if you don’t have a winning car,
get off strategy. A lot of teams have the opportunity. They squandered it. We’ll see
if it pays off.>>You have to pit now. Fuel only. They are
on four tires. You have to be willing to gamble. Surely they will pit this time. With that
the lead.>>Sam Hornish was the most efficient on the
restart. All the leaders will come. The guys that pitted will be the leaders.
>>You will see a lot of fuel. Maybe tires.>>He stays out. Strategy being played by
all the chasers. Made the call for Kenseth to stay out. He has to stop for a second for
Larson. Kelli?>>Dale Earnhardt, Jr. In the 88 has been
dealing with cars tight in the center. Working the track bar. You will see the quick
two-tire change for the 88.>>Keselowski cleanly out in the 2. He didn’t
have anyone blocking him. He’ll be fist off pit road.
>>Just behind him, Kurt Busch. Then the 4 of Kevin Harvick. A close call for Harvick.
Logano is coming off pit road. The 42 of Kyle Larson was just coming into a stall as Kevin
tried to leave his. Close call for the 42 and the 4.
>>>Two by two again. Strategy is huge here. Kenseth chose to stay out. Hamlin will restart
second. Greg Biffle. Tony Stewart fifth. Trevor Bayne
and Cole Whitt in the top ten. A change of fortune for a lot of the chase drivers. They
dominated the top ten. Even the top 12. Now we have five that aren’t chasers in the top
ten.>>The whole key is when you were on pit road
last. Underneath the names at the top of the screen. That’s off the field. Some deciding
to pit. Some to stay out. Now Harvick and the faster cars work through the field but
do it cleanly without damaging cars.>>So important for guys to recognize the
situation they are in. Brad keselowski. He’s got himself off traffic. Without a doubt everybody
has to pit. Harvick, Kyle Busch. Don’t anything foolish to take yourself out of the opportunity
to get a good finish.>>Greg Biffle. Last stop on lap 206. Fenway.
Hoping. He thought his car was good in race trim. He’s attacking Mcmurray. He knows he’s
better on fuel. The reason he wants to get by him, the mirror will be bigger. The longer
we run, Kevin will continue to move traffic.>>Here is the strategy. In my opinion, battle
for the lead.>>Deny Hamlin takes the top spot away from
Matt Kenseth. Hamlin goes back to back to win the first two races of the chase. They might stay out. They hope this thing
goes 45 laps. They will come to get tires and the tires will be an advantage. Does anyone
stay short on tires? Every gamble is a good one. The cautions will determine which one
is the right one.>>.>>Now we can make it.
>>He said we will do something dramatic for the win. We aren’t here for an easy top ten.
I asked him would you consider doing anything to help a teammate get a win and he said absolutely
not. It was actually Matt Kenseth’s philosophy. He said you help the teammates out and it
costs you something.>>Kenseth and rat cliff didn’t stop. Biffle
make as stop. We’ll check the conversations.>>.
>>That would have put it.>>That’s you, man.
>>Okay.>>What was going to happen is we weren’t
going to have a lot of conditions.>>10-4. Hopefully we’ll run long enough to
burn up the tires for everybody.>>That was the theory of why the 20 didn’t
pit. They thought if they did it would go way too far back in the field. And burn the
tires up, too. Trying to come up with the flag.
>>I hear disappointment in Matt’s voice. He said, oh, shoot. He knows he’s seen how
the race runs out. The big question, is it Kenseth and Hamlin? I look at Greg Biffle.
He can make it from lap 206. Keselowski though is at lap 212. It is a question now of how hard you want
to run. Keselowski has got to be up on his horse. Running as hard as he can. He has to
force Greg Biffle to feel the pressure coming.>>I will disagree. I’m sorry. Biffle got
206. Keselowski on 212. Keselowski is fast enough. He should ride. Stay fuelled. He can
put pressure on the 16 of Biffle later. If I’m the crew chief on the 2 you have to save
me enough fuel in case it go S green. The 16 is in trouble. He can’t go if a far. You
have to focus on this being a green flag run. If you can make it, you’re going to win the
race.>>Teammates fiegtsing for position there.
Kevin Harvick has 7. Kurt Busch 8th. Hamlin won in chicagoland a week ago. Already locked
up a spot in round two. Trying to do it again. Chase for the sprint cup continues live from
the monster mile. The fist elimination race. From Dover international. Saturday, XFINITY
series. Coverage at 3:00 P.M. Eastern. NASCAR is on NBCSN. Welcome back to New Hampshire
motor speed way. Hamlin continues to lead. He’s now LED 11 laps. Moments ago, Mike was
able to talk with Danica Patrick.>>Danica rolled the car back to the garage
but you walked to the care center. Are you okay?
>>I’m fine. I definitely got hit enough to knock the breath out of me for a second. To
be honest I went because I have been wanting to get my carbon monoxide checked. I thought,
I have time now. I’m fine. I feel fine. I got hit. And when I got hit by the car, not
the wall it seemed like the worst of it. It’s such a shame. We were really having a good
race. The car was decent. We took two tires on the last stop. It was definitely a little
bit too loose. I was waiting for it to come to me. Newsroom is always super fair. I know
he was working to get by me. It sounds like maybe Jeff got into him or something. It’s
that time of year. It’s the chase. People are racing hard and. Maybe Jeff couldn’t see
where he was in relationship to the 31 and me. Still I didn’t get the good end of the
stick.>>Glad you’re okay.
>>Thanks.>>Danica Patrick out of the race.
>>Kevin Harvick now trying to reel in the 2 of Brad keselowski. They are on a similar
pit strategy. They came in lap 212.>>In my opinion when I look at the race with
68 to go there is a lot of water downstream to change the outcome. These are the two I
think the oh focus needs to be on. Keselowski and Harvick. Both pitted at lap 212. Both short on fuel
from what we understand. But they are racing each other. They are the cat and mouse game
of how hard do we want to go versus how muchle fuelle to safe.
>>They are six laps short. He has not asked Harvick to save fuel. Harvick get as little
bit faster every lap. This could be the battle for the win. These guys will have fuel at
some point to make it to the end. Yesterday in practice, Rodney at the very end of the
run asked Kevin Harvick to give him fuel saving laps. They know what the number is. If they
can get by the two here and go into fuel saving mode they know the number they need to hit
to save the fuel they need to make it to the end. Good strategy yesterday in practice.
All set up then by Childers and Harvick.>>The problem trying to get by the two car.
The longer you go running hard, the harder it is to save fuel. Harvick is really good
at saving fuel. This is a gamble. Do we think another caution is coming out? If they think
one is coming out, Harvick and keselowski need to be running hard to gain spots. But
if the caution doesn’t come out they need to have been saving fuel, waiting and just
saving fuel. This is a big gamble being made by people that are going to need the points.
>>Who wants them to safe fuel? Greg Biffle. He’s looking up going, y’all should be saving
gas but you’re catching me. Save gas. Great move. You should give Greg Biffle the opportunity.
He’s running third. It will be hard to hold off the other two. Great position for the
race team.>>So many times the racele has come down
to fuel mileage. Once again the top three now in a different strategy than the next
two.>>>Last stop you saw the 51 of Allgaier.
Ninth caution of the day. Heads spinning. What strategy do you use? Kenseth on pit road?
Hamlin on pit road. He’s got more lead lap cars coming at him.
>>Kenseth said the car has taken a big swing. He said it was looser this one. Four tires
for Kenseth. Gets Mcmurray here as well. Said the car is too tight in traffic. Mcmurray
with four tires leaving pit road.>>Hamlin in the 11 said the track is freer.
He was working the track bar. Air pressure and a wedge adjustment. Sunoco fuel for Hamlin.
>>Four tires for Logano. They haven’t had the best handling car all day. Gave themselves
the best rubber they could for the end of the race.
>>You can see everything as we continue NASCAR nonstop with new Hampshire motor speedway. We mentioned how important restarts are. This
one might be the most important.>>This one could determine the winner of
the race. See the 16 of Greg Biffle. He stayed out. The lane the 16 of Biffle take wills
determine where keselowski starts. We know for a fact that Kevin Harvick will start third.
He will be on the inside line. Which line gets moving? You can do everything right.
We know Biffle has not been as fast as the other cars. That’s Harvick right behind keselowski.
That’s what Harvick wanted.>>Greg Biffle on the older tires. There was
a wave of cars in the 212 area. The two fastest today if not the three fastest between keselowski,
Harvick and cur Kurt Busch. Hamlin was leading the race. He chose to get tires. He has 25.
Will they pay off in the 55 lap run to the finish?
>>More on the four.>>An interesting twist. Childers wanted Harvick
to pit that time. He thought two tires would be better. He was watching the monitor. It
was delayed. By the time he said pit, pit, pit, Harvick was past pit road. They are trying
to make the fuel stretch, seeing if they can win the race.
>>Points are very important as we look at Kyle Busch. He fwans two more points because
the 10 and the 55 off the track. 2 by 2 once again. Biffle, keselowski making up row one.
Green flag back in the air. The 19 of Carl Edwards. Can Biffle hang on and stay in front
of keselowski. He does. NASCAR is saying the restart is under
review. They will take a look at the restart. They were coming into that restart zone. Lap
212. Carl Edwards to the inside of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
>>All over the back bumper of Greg Biffle. Biffle will be pushed hard by the 2 of Brad
keselowski as well as the 4 of Kevin Harvick. Biffle has to go the longest on fuel. With
just 56 laps to go. Already the engineers, crew chiefs scratching their heads. How much
fuel do we have. How far can we go. That will slow them up. They will lose the momentum.
You could see Harvick making it three wide.>>The 2 being posted . The 2 being posted.
Big, big implications. There for Brad keselowski and the chase.
>>Restarts have been a hot topic of conversation.>>What do you want me to do here, Paul?
>>Brad asking for what you want to do. 26 cars on the lead lap. Brad keselowski will
be shown the black flag.>>Kevin Harvick has the information. He’s
not pushing the issue. He’s holding back.>>Again, this is a good opportunity for Harvick
to save fuel. Like you said. He knows this information. He doesn’t have a lot of pressure
from bush. He’s able to safe more fuel here and try to attack the 16 later.
>>On pit road. Another one of the chase teams is the problem.
>>There the 2 makes the left turn to pit road. Will serve the penalty for the restart
violation. Biffle cont keselowski. Accelerated quicker. Greg Biffle staining the tires. A
loft oh question marks. The red lines and the pointers are ours. NASCAR doesn’t look
at that when they make the decision.>>We are not NASCAR. They say the 16 didn’t
want to go yet. That’s the call they are making in the tower. You’re the driver, Jeff. If
keselowski went bf the 15 of Biffle. You have to make the call. You don’t want to make the
call. You want this stuff to happen on the racetrack. You see Harvick for the lead. NASCAR continued to see while. Drivers saying
don’t make us make the call. Harvick to the inside for the lead. Greg Biffle trying to
hold on as he runs the higher line. Door by door now. Harvick back does Harvick have to
conserve fuel? Sfm now that Kevin Harvick is in front of Biffle he can. He has the best
car. He can safe as much fuel as possible. We know the 16 needs more laps. This is a
time Harvick can save fuel.>>Harvick out front. Biffle second. Hamlin,
Kenseth, Kurt Busch the top five. As we go NASCAR nonstop.>>>Welcome back. Kevin Harvick in front of
Hamlin as Biffle drop dropped back to fourth. Kenseth running third. The fastest car on
the track is the 11 of tenny Hamlin who came to pit road on lap 239. Not a fuel issue for
Hamlin. He’s going very hard now.>>He knows the 4 is in fuel konss vags mode.
He has a win in the bank. Nothing to lose. He’ll push the 4 as hard as he can. At some
point Harvick has to decide if I have saved enough fuel to hold him off or do I continue
to save.>>Even before he took the lead from Greg
Biffle, has to start saving fuel. He’s in fuel saving mode getting around the 16 car.
Once he got past him and saw the 11 coming. Rodney said you know the 11 will run us hard.
Keep him behind you and stretch the fuel. It’s been since March since he can do what
he can to keep it up front.>>I think part of the decision is based on
what they feel they have to do to transfer to the next round. If they came in just completely
believing they have to win in order to transfer. Then you do one thing. If you analyze and
say, bowyer isn’t running well,le Kyle Busch had problems. Keselowski is a lap down because
of the penalty. Do you say second or third is okay, good enough to move into the chase.
All that thought process goes into making the decision.
>>How difficult is it when you have the apple out there. Kevin Harvick know IFS he win it
is race he advances to the second round.>>Also knows if he runs out of fuel he has
to win Dover. Like Steve said, don’t leave new Hampshire knowing you have to win Dover.
>>Jeff, remember, he told us in the prerace show there are ways to get to round two. We
don’t have to win to get to round two. All they need here is the on three finish. He’s able to keep in the 11 and the 20.
>>This battle now taking place between Harvick and Hamlin would have been a three-car battle
if it wasn’t for the restart penalty that Brad keselowski suffered.
>>He was confused because when he got word he was going to be black flagged and had to
make a pass through penalty he was behind Greg Biffle. He said how do I have a penalty
when I’m behind the guy. That’s not when the call was made. It was made on the restart.
Now his spotter is trying to direct him through traffic. The car in front of him is a last
car or was given a number. The car is worth oh point. Brad came out 25th and lasted a
lead lap. Everybody he passes now is a point toward the championship.
>>Keselowski on the lead lap running 24th. Now there are 25 on the lead lap. This is
a battle for the lead. A battle for second now.
>>The drivers have been telling NASCAR we want you to make calls. They feel like they
want the rules and they want to have to abide by them. If not it’s free reign for everybody.
The problem is when they call on you. Then you feel like, I didn’t do it. There shouldn’t
have been a penalty. The drivers push the restart thing. It’s gone on and on. NASCAR
said, you know what? Enough is enough. We’ll start penalizing.
>>Hamlin is in a difficult position. He has a teammate behind him. His teammate has run
him down. If the two of these cars battle side by side, that will put a little gap between
them and the 4 of Kevin Harvick. And make Harvick have the opportunity to not have to
run as hard. Hamlin wants him to run as Har as he can so he can get up there and win the
race. He’s got Kenseth behind him. So he has to work hard to keep Kenseth behind him.
>>We know caution can come out. Logano consistently runs some of the fastest laps on the track
in fourth. These guys all have to play how hard do they
run. They are battling hard. You wouldn’t know they are teammates.
>>Hamlin already has a win. Has the free pass already. To round 2 of the chase.
>>We saw the pit road for 15.>>Unscheduled pit stop for bowyer adding
to the frustration of the weekend for him. They came to pit road . Didn’t appear flat.
May have been going soft. It wasn’t completely flat. Obviously not a situation the 15 wanted
to experience. They needed to come away with a run today.
>>Kevin Harvick on a different pit strategy than Hamlin running second.>>>Take a look at today’s mobile one performance
factors.>>Kenseth and Hamlin want to apply as much
pressure as they can to make the 4 burn too much fuel and hopefully run out.
>>Kenseth has been able to get by. Hamlin has fallen back. Kenseth makes the move. Can
he reel in Harvick. We listened to÷ strategy. Here’s what they have to say.
>>The 4 car cannot make it. Cannot make it. Don’t burn up your stuff.
>>So that’s the strategy of the 11. How about the 4? This is their radio.
>>Too many laps right here.>>How many?
>>Probablile 12 total. That’s not saying anything under caution.
>>What makes me nervous is he said, how many do I need? That makes me nervous.
>>The driver doesn’t know how many laps he needs to save then how much do you know to
save in makes me nervous.>>Kenseth off the second.
>>Clearly catching the four car. He was behind Denny Hamlin and said I will burn up my tires
here. I will back up. Let them cool down and make Iran at the 11. He passed the 11. Now
he’s in the 4. Jason told him you’re doing a good job. This is really getting fun, guys.
>>Absolutely.>>It comes down to 22 laps. Does Harvick
have enough? If he does, can he still hold off Matt Kenseth who is charging to the front?>>This would be stressful if the race didn’t
hav ramifications it has. It is difficult to win a sprint cup race. Then you add the
four car runs out. No matter how good of a year he’s had, his championship hopes may
be over. You add to that and that’s why the chase adds so much pressure the four car.
Harvick. Everybody is especially nervous now.>>25 cars on the lead lap. If Harvick were
to finish 25th, he loses 24 points again.>>You call it 25 cars. No, no. 24 points
in the lead lap. Right now it’s all about points. What’s the gamble? If he makes it,
we caulk about the negatives. What if he makes it?
>>If he wins he is in the second round.>>Right around 5th. Seems like he’s in the
top two every week.>>Which would you do if you’re Kevin Harvick?
>>I love this plan. I hope he does the information. If you have the strategy which I thought was
right. You have to be willing to finish third.>>You have to say, you know what? I have
to safe enough. If Harvick had the information early enough that he feels he had to save
it, perfect strategy. If he got it late I have to finish 4, 5, 6.
>>The strategy was they didn’t want to be in a position where they had to win at Dover.
Ultimately they had to win to advance if they finished where they are now, of course they
advance. They get the win. If they win in the top two and three it’s a very good point
dais for the team. They don’t have to win. They can point their way in.
>>With 18 to go you can only save so much fuel. The decision is made. There isn’t a
switch he can flip to save enough if 18 laps if he hasn’t yet. This is something you have to do over the
whole run. You heard the radio communications earlier. This is something you need to know
from the word go. You can’t save quarts or gallons of fuel in 15lele miles.
>>We saw the leaders run out of fuel. The leaders are pushing each other so hard they
were running too hard with the fuel they had and they ran out. Kenseth handling number
11. What were they saying as they dropped back?
>>Hamlin said he got tight for some reason. More importantly it sounded likely although
it was difficult to make out he may have ab issue. The pit crew sprung into action.
>>The only guy that has an issue is Hamlin.>>.
>>You know, even though Kevin is out front leading the race and running a fast lap time
as fast as we have seen him all day long we’ve thinking he’s running fast. As fast as he’s
been. One thing is if he runs out. Coming out of turn two. Straight away and to pit
road. You’re not going to finish 24th. Maybe 30th.
>>He’ll finish in the top five or ten.>>74 plus 14 to go. Puts you at 88. They
said guys, I don’t think we’ll be in the window. Maybe they weren’t getting good gas mileage.
>>They had six laps of caution. That could save you two and a half to three laps. A corner to go. They could come down. Made
it farther an you or I could. Harvick proved he can save the fuel. Kenseth is thinking
now, forget the fuel. If I can catch him and pass him it won’t matter if he makes it or
not.>>One thing Kevin did for several years in
every practice he would go out and run and figure out how to save fuel. He set a trend
in the garage for that. You go out and see lap times and think why is Harvick slow. He’s
figuring out fuel mileage. Now a lot of people do it. All those years of understanding how
to save fuel is a down payment on having a good day like possibly having today.
>>You’re making him burn the gas.>>That’s the 20 telling him you are making
him run hard. Burn the gas. 12 laps to go. 11 laps.
>>Several times said to Matt you are making him burn that gas. You guys all heard the
one conversation about fuel. Other than that he said one time they need to take care. No
conversation since then. I wonder if they are happy with the numbers they are seeing.
They know the number they need to hit.>>You know, they trust him to handle it.
They don’t feel they have to tell him how to handle it to remind him. They trust that
he’ll do it.>>As we talk about the leader, talk about
who will win the race. We talked about how to safe points. Jimmie Johnson was a lucky
dog a little bit ago. He has fought back. Currently in the 8th position. Brad keselowski
is 17th. That’s what we talk about when we talk points. You have to recover. They didn’t
want to run 8th. One caution ago they were outside the lead lap in the 20. Great recovery. This could be the race that
moves them into round two.>>How about keselowski who has fallen back
to 17th now. The penalty. He battled back. He moved up to 17 but after the restart penalty
he’s back to 17.>>Working themselves up. He can Stille follow.
>>Those were a lot of points when it comes to the next round. Under 8 to go. The fuel
watch is on for the 4 of Kevin Harvick. Does he have enough gas, enough fuel to get all
the way around eight more times? That’s the question. Has he been saving fuel? I’m nervous
for him. Matt Kenseth hopes he hasn’t saved enough. I’m nervous for Matt Kenseth. This
is what racing is about. It doesn’t have to be door to door to have a great race. This
is a chess match. It’s a sub 30 second lap worrying about tires, fuel. They have to be
in control of the entire situation.>>They continue to work to score traffic.
That’s helping Kevin Harvick. If he doesn’t have the 20 of Kenseth all over his back bumper
still.>>He was six laps short. That’s whoo Rodney
Childers told him. We’ll see how much fuel Kevin saved here. Six to go now. They were
six laps short from the end. We’ll see how much Harvick saved.
>>Remember we had a caution in between the time he was on pit road and now. There were
a few laps under caution where you could save fuel.>>That will save you a lot of points. Every
once of fuel matters.>>Even is on the edge of their seat now wondering
if Harvick can make it all the way.>>Five to go. Kenseth in second. Hamlin third.
Logano fourth. Great day for Greg Biffle. An amazing run for Greg Biffle. He came to
pit road in lap 206. He has to save fuel if he wants to hold on.
>>Lasted farther than Kevin Harvick.>>We don’t know if he saved enough fuel.
Has Greg Biffle saved enough? Can he hang on for the top five or ten finish?
>>Nothing’s easy. The 4 is dominating. Now you have to manage fuel. You have all the
things going on. That’s why racing is difficult and it’s so hard to win.
>>Three laps to go. Three miles of fuel is what he needs fluchltz slow through the turns.
He’s out of gas. You heard it. We ran out of gas. Not enough fuel saved. Harvick will
come to pit road. Matt Kenseth out in front now. Big, big points implications for the
4 team. They needed a great finish. They are on pit road losing spots. And points as every
cargos by them.>>How much fuel did it run out. It can’t
leave until it has fuel pressure. Wasting time. He does get the tires. It will be least
a lap down.>>The lap down cars started 23rd. 88 of Dale
Earnhardt, Jr. Also on pit road. The white flag is in the air. One more time around.
41 of Kurt Busch could be out of gas. Matt Kenseth. Coming through the turns. One
and two down the back stretch. Kenseth coming to pit road. Lap 239. Giving him enough fuel
to goal all the way to the checkered flag. Kenseth trying to punch his ticket for the
second round of the chase. Kenseth will win at new Hampshire.
>>Let’s go, buddy.>>As we wait for the finish line. Hamlin,
Logano. Biffle ends up fourth. He was 6 laps shorter as far as fuel. Harvick runs out.
Biffle hangs on for top five. Carl Edwards, top 5. Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, martin
Truex, Jr., Kasey kahne and Ryan Newman. Top ten finishes. You see Kevin Harvick making
his way back around through three and four. We knew it would be close. It ended up being
a little too short for Kevin Harvick. Worked out perfectly for Matt Kenseth. Joe Gibbs
racing. Joe Gibbs racing has won four consecutive races. It wasn’t with four different drivers.
13 wins in 2015. An impressive list to join.
>>8 races to go.>>A lot of time and momentum behind him.
Our score sheet showing Kevin Harvick finishing 21st. You do the math. He lost 20 points.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 25th. Clint bowyer, 26th as far as chasers. Where they end up. One
race to go. Before the cut-off. The bottom four in points in the chase. Do not advance.
To round two. You win and you advance. That’s exactly what Matt Kenseth was able to do today
at new Hampshire motor speedway. When we come back, he’s in victory lane.
>>>Welcome back to new Hampshire motor speedway. Didn’t take long for Matt Kenseth to get to
victory lane. Let’s go there now.>>Kenseth unbuckling now. Just arrived in
victory lane getting out of the race car. Obviously a big celebration about to erupt
down here as Matt Kenseth has punched his ticket to round two.
>>May not have had the most dominant car today. He was there to capitalize when Kevin
Harvick ran out of fuel. You saw the 4 sputter. What were your thoughts?
>>Had to be there to win it. The dollar general guys did a great job.
>>It’s fine. Relax. Made it to the front faster than we thought. I was given Kevin
everything we’ve got. It was just a little bit short on fuel. This is unbelievable. Feels
unbelievable. Thanks dollar general, Gatorade, citizen watch. We’ve got great partners. I
really appreciate the guys a lot. I thank the lord for putting me here. It’s been so
much fun.>>What’s it like going to Dover knowing you’re
already advancing to round two.>>It doesn’t change. Thought about it a little
bit today today. We are running second. Third behind deny. Well, the first round if you
get all top tens you will advance. I said forget that. You have to work to catch them
and beat them. These things are hard to win. We’ll bring good stuff, try to run as good
as we can next week and go from there.>>Joe Gibbs racing won the first two in round
one. How do you describe it?>>It can stop at any given moment. Working
for Jason and the whole group has been awesome. We have more coming. Feels good.
>>I have a suspicion we do have more coming. Matt Kenseth in victory lane.
>>That was a lot of emotion from Matt Kenseth. You don’t see that type of celebration from
that guy. He’s enjoying every minute of it. Moments
ago, Dave burns caught up with Brad keselowski.>>Unofficially Brad keselowski picked up
13 positions as he ran there at the end. Brad, tribe your understanding of the penalty you
received on the restart.>>It’s a pretty basic understanding. Entertainment
sport, not a fair sport. We had a great car. The team, I don’t know if we could have beat
the 20 and the 11. They would have had four tires. Heck of a rebound. Proud of the guys
to come back and get a top 12 out of that without another yellow or catching the brakes.
>>How do you believe it set you up for Dover?>>Not terrible.
>>Brad keselowski made up ground at the end after having to go through the past two penalties.
The penalty came on the restart. We want to show you again what took place. Brad keselowski
was second. Biffle was the lead car.>>Stays a steady 44 miles per hour. Always
into it. Keselowski leads before Biffle we were fortunate to get new tires on the car. We had to go racing with 50 or so to go. The
car was strong. Maybe not race winning but a top five. We got inside the top ten. Sounded
like guys ran out of fuel. Got us to 6th. I’m happy. We had to deal with a lot of adversity.
Got a great finish.>>Two solid finishes. What do you think the
game plan will be headed to Dover?>>You have to go in and race. Dover is a
great track for us. Victory can be a huge shot in the arm for the team. Really get great
momentum going for us. We’ll to, give 100% and hopefully get the trophy. Hopefully advance
to the next round.>>Great recovery today.
>>Jimmie Johnson looking for his 7th championship. He’s got to get out of round one if he wants
to have an opportunity. Look at the chase grid now after two races. Kenseth and Hamlin
both with wins. You win and advance. Edwards, pretty comfortable in the point situation.
You look down at Brad keselowski after the penalty on the restart. 16 points in front
of the cut line.>>I want Johnson up. Plus 27 will fee feel
good. At Dover they can do what they need to do. Harvick loses a little bit over 20
points in the last lap of the race. Newman, Busch in the range of losing out at Dover.
>>Got to win Dover. Everybody else can race their way in. We have to see as the race involve
involves the strategy the team needs. Paul Menard only one point out. Mcmurray, two points
in. Dover will be interesting.>>The iron man of NASCAR, Jeff Gordon. 12
points in front of the cut line. Marty Snyder is with him.
>>He’s checking the chase grid. Let’s talk about New Hampshire. Once you got back to
25th it was almost impossible to get to the top 10.
>>It was tough to pass today. This place is tough to pass. We started further off than
expected. I have to give everybody on the drive for hunger team credit. They brought the car to life. We just needed
long green flag runs. Hat a couple of restarts. Didn’t go well. You know, maybe pit stops,
maybe the sequence wasn’t great. At the end the last one. That really helped us a ton.
We had a long green flag run, a decent restart. Able to pick off cars. A couple of them ran
out of fuel as well. Good way to close out the day.
>>What race do you think we’ll see at Dover and how does it set you up for the first cut
race?>>Harvick will be on a tear and maybe Kyle
Busch. Nef had unfortunate circumstances. They’re fast and capable of winning at Dover.
Anywhere. You know those guys want to be in this thing bad. I would love to go back. We
are fighting hard. We certainly have a little bit of a cushion. Not enough where we can
run easy.>>12 points doesn’t feel like much of a cushion.
Nice 7th place finish today for Jeff Gordon.>>Finish there for Jeff Gordon. Kevin Harvick
got out of the car. We asked to talk to him. He chose not to take our interview. Obviously
a disappointing day for him after leading so many laps here. 216 of the 300 laps. They
run out of fuel three laps before the end of the race. Dave burns moments ago was able
to catch up with Carl Edwards.>>That’s not the finish Carl Edwards was
looking for. Overall a top five. How does it set you up into the final race of round
one?>>Things are going according to plan. I can’t
thank the guys enough. It’s a good fwamable at the end that worked out. They are great
people. They really love racing. Now we’ll have fun
at dove.>>You had to fight back. Once you were the
guy that had four tires and once the fuel cam was still attached when you left the box.
How did you get through?>>The guys did a great job. Little things
happen when you’re pushing. My guys are the fastest on pit road. They put me up front.
In the end we ended up where we were. Right back where we deserved to be. Just a fun day.
Nice to qualify fist and run well.>>Confidence from the pole sitter finishing
5th today.>>And a smile as he gets the top ten finish.
We look at the unofficial results. Kenseth and Hamlin. Not only 1-2 in the race but 1-2
as they advance to round two.>>A good run by the chase guys. Biffle in
fourth and Kasey kahne in 9th.>>Tony Stewart needed a shot in the arm.
Brad keselowski, you can’t say enough about the recovery. Even Murray. Menard. They were
running behind at the start of the race. Fought hard to end up in the top 15. 21st through
30th chaser Kevin Harvick after running out of fuel. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Out of fuel.
Bowyer finish 26th, two laps down. You have to go back fut to see Kyle Busch’s name. Got
into the wall. Right front tire went down. They had damage. Were in the garage for 38
laps before they got back on track. They made up five positions by coming back on the track.
Every point is very important as we look at the chase grid. Only one race to go before
we advance to round two and the points situation as we mentioned Kyle Busch. He’s 13th. One
point behind Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Who is right there on the cut line.>>It’s going to get tight in Dover. How about
Matt Kenseth. He won the race. I feel like we are not talking about him enough. He’s
a championship caliber driver driving a fast race car. Matt Kenseth will be hard to beat
for the championship.>>What have we learned? 400 laps at dove.
Don’t turn it off. Points change a lot in the last five laps of both race one and now
race two of the first round of the chase.>>And next Sunday, the NASCAR playoffs first
elimination race live from Dover international speed way. Sprint cup series racing from the
monster mile all starting at 1:30 P.M. Eastern. Saturday, XFINITY series racing. The 200 begins
at 3:00 P.M. Eastern. Coming up more post race coverage from New Hampshire.
>>Something for everyone in the race. Blink and you will misa major chase story line.
Matt Kenseth and the team and family celebrating in victory lane which is right behind us.
We are sitting in victory lane. The team celebration continuing. You know, one car dominates the
day. That car isn’t the one that wins the race. So many things to talk about. I really
don’t know where to start. I will leave you with an incredible event. For basically every
major name in the chase today.>>That’s why we went to the playoff system.
I was on the edge myself. Two guys, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. Two of the fastest
guys may not make it to the next.>>We have said iyk next week when the chase
started. The teams make the fewest mistakes and they make liars out of us. The teams that
made mistakes today were penalized heavily when it came to points.
>>Matt Kenseth will join us coming up in the show. Moments later Kelli caught up with
deny Hamlin.>>That was moments ago. We’ll try to get
if audio problems fixed. Hamlin came back with a strong finish. Second place. Doesn’t
need the win. He and Matt Kenseth, no surprise to see two Joe Gibbs drivers are the only
two so far that are safe.>>Well, they are clearly running. We talked
about it for eight weeks.>>Exactly.
>>A lot of people said they saw the 4, the Hendrick and the guys would step up in the
playoffs. Joe Gibbs racing stepped up. It’s been Gibbs or penske racers that have won
during the NBC races. We remember what Kyle did. Just crazy.
>>One of the guys with problems. We mentioned five. I count five big name drivers. We’ll
talk about the guys with trouble. See if we can hear what deny Hamlin had to say to Kelli.
>>Backed up his win in Chicago at the second place finish here at Richmond. Looked like
you could push Harvick to run out of gas. Did you expect more?
>>That’s what I was trying to do is push as hard as I can. I thought he was in fuel
save mode when he was five or six lengths in front of me. When I got to him he had to
drive harder. The goal is to try to run them out. You know, luckily our teammate had the
best car at the end. We had something going on with the right front. I don’t know. The
car faded. This is
great for jgr. Kenseth and
the guys. We’re looking forward to it.>>You finished 1-2 with your teammate in
victory lane. What to a make of the ride you’re on and jgr as a whole?
>>I’m happy. This is as good as we have run. I’m excited to go
to the track every week. When you get to drive
cars and engines from Toyota like we have. It’s just a fun experience.
>>Enjoy it. Thanks. I think he said something very key there. A sustained period of time.
>>Yeah.>>That’s what you need for the ten-week playoff
system as you see Joe Gibbs in victory lane.>>I think he said a couple of things. This
like the tour de France. Deny runs the leetder out of fuel. My man in the yej Matt Kenseth
goes to the front. It was a team effort. They combined, teamed up. The sustained effort
the guys put in. We spoke about it before the interview.
>>Over the last two, three months. It’s been a
long time since I have seen anything like it in the sport.
has been. Something else people talk

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