NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – Toyota – Save Mart 350 at Sonoma

>>Here to perform our national anthem, please
kk morgan carr from broadway under the stars in sonoma, valley.
O say, can you see by the dawn’s early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s
last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight
o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
and the rockets’ red glare the bombs bursting in air
gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?>>>always a stirring scene. The last eight
known ma winners were the winners of this track. Who will it be today?>>>today making nascar is the toyota. The
pace car will go on sail in california. We like to thank fox sports for their tremendous
work and partnership. Your commitment to the sports we love is evident each and every week.
Finally, we hope you enjoy the toyota 350.>>Aerial coverage provided by goodyear. Proudly
supporting goodyear. Go to our website. Goodyear, the official tire of nascar.
>>>Welcome to wine country. We leftles behind. Time to make some turns. Sonoma is made for
wide elevation changes. During the course of one lap the driver will have experienced
150 feet. Nearby golden state warriors. Former rainbow warrior, can gordon get one more or
will someone else be drinks the cabernet?>>I’ll be looking at your daddy. A couple
of win this year. Nascar’s defending champ. Others eyeing the big surprise today as we
get ready for the command.>>Professional climber, and assistant service
manager. Sergio rizzo! Drivers, start your engines! Drivers, fans, anxious. So are the
announce team. Welcome to guys taking you through the race. Mike?>>I’m so excited I can’t stand it. 15 years
all of these races, here we are. One of my favorite races. His grin bass bigger than
it was today. You know what it’s like when you take off in first gear? You’ll spin those
rear tires if you’re not careful. That’s where the action picks up. There will be a traffic
jam at the top of the hill. It will be a chain reaction to the back of the field. You will
have problems early. Be careful on the start. You run this race backwards, what determines
whether this is a two or three-stop race.>>There is no right or wrong strategy. Somewhere
on pit road. There’s a race strategy. Most of these crew chiefs have their strategy in
place. As jeff said, you have to be cable to adjust that strategy based on the way the
cautions fly and the car is driving. He adjusted his strategy last year by making three stops.
If you do it on two stops you better have a good driving race car.
>>We can’t wait to get this party started. In sonoma, california, we’re ready to turn
right with nascar on fox.>>>Rolling off pit road on the biggest track
this track has seen in more than a decade. Welcome to the toyota save mart 350. Still
a big line of traffic coming in from the south for jeff gordon’s final appearance from the
home racetrack. Here’s the geico starting grid from stood’s race. A.J. Allmendinger.
There’s the front row. Matt kenseth with the best start. Kyle larson set the track record
saturday. Jeff gordon. Most of all drivers, clint bowyer, 2012 winner, tony stewart at
victory lane twice. Casey meres his best start of the season. A pair of sonoma road course
winners, kyle busch and martin truex in row six. Another pair of former winners here,
jimmie johnson and carl edwards. Row seven. Denny hamlin, looking to score on the road
course and ryan newman runner up here in 2006. And
jamie McMurray, top ten last three races.
Dale earnhardt jr. Finished third here last year. That’s the top 20. Danica patrick fourth
fastest in the practice. Greg biffle. Three top tens here. Watch michael McDowell has
speed next to sam hornish.>>What do you say we dial up the poll sitter
for today’s race. You got a copy there, my friend?
>>Copy, d.W.>>You came in odds on favorites. How good
is your car today? Can you make it two in a row?
>>I hope so. Proud of everybody here back at the racetrack. Doing everything they can.
The chevy has been good all weekend.>>Got to safe your tires. Pit at the right
time. Get a lot of luck. If you do your job. I do my job. We’ll have a great shot at it.
>>A.J. You’re one of the best road racers. Good luck today. Hope it all works out for
u. Thank you guys for everything you do for our sport.
>>It’s been our pleasure. Let’s get down to pit road beginning with matt yoakum.
>>It’s been 13 years since kurt busch won back-to-back races. But exceptional pit stall
on pit road with a number of advantages we’ll discuss later. It should all boil down to
strategy. They’ll roll with a two-stop strategy. That’s when they make the final decision to
stick with two or go with three stops. Chris neville?
>>Matt kenseth admits on road courses he’s got challenges. But speaking with the crew
chief today he said the first ten laps will be so important. Matt needs to hit his march
on the racetrack and make clean shifts. After those first ten laps they will start to work
on that race char. Jamie?>>Martin truex dream season continues. As
for their chances yet again today. I talked with their crew chief. He told me the brand-new
race car exceeded their expectations. Now if they could get around kurt busch they have
a chance for win number two of the season.>>For california native kevin harvick the
numbers are shocking. 0 for 14? Sonoma. One of a few tracks kevin has not won at. Don’t
let the numbers fool you. He’s done everything but win at this race course. Today they believe
this is the day that changes with a trip to victory lane.>>Thanks, vince. Not only is sonoma different
because of right turns some of the road course car preparation rules are different, too.
Here’s andy petree.>>Cars look the same as they run every week.
There are about a dozen specifications in the book that specifically address road courses.
There are required equipment on these cars to be prepared for wet weather condition should
they arrive. Not going happen today. They have to carry the blinking right on the rear
wind doe and they allow them to run the rear sway bar where they don’t anywhere else. There’s
a lost things though to make them road worthy.>>Thanks, andy.
>>Think martin’sville but turn right. Here’s your paper club. We asked about the challenges
of road racing here. How do you prepare? I really don’t.
>>First time we have not tested heading into the road course. There’s no testing allowed
this year. Here we go.>>You’re looking from the pavement in turn
number two. Top of the first two big climbs here at sonoma. Let’s have a look around this
11-turn road course. There’s the start-finish line.
>>You come up the hill at turn two. You catch second gear. This is a really tough spot on
the racetrack then start downhill here and you take it from there.
>>Then it’s back uphill sharply. Highest course and then coming down to turn four is
where brandon McReynolds and two competitors went threewide on the final lap yesterday.>>You rub off the track you watch that wall
that sticks out right there. This goes down to what we call the chute. They go off the
racetrack down to turn seven and this, right here, we see synchronized spinning sometimes
because they try to go through their fleewide.>>You try to straighten these Ss OUT. Really
fast, tough place on the racetrack.>>Turn ten. Key to a fast lap here. It leads
to the final corner.>>You have one right here going into 11.
One right here going into turn seven. Those are your two safest places to pass. I won’t
say there will not be other places to try.>>There’s a little dogleg along pit road.
Another nuance that makes this track different and special. Nationwide is proud to announce
the 88 video series. To see new behind the scenes video every tuesday.
>>It was 97 degrees thursday, hot on friday and a marine layer of clouds came in and look
at this. It’s hard to get forward bite. You want to spin rear tires. You see 110 laps.
You don’t need a penalty here. You talk about all day long. Already been mentioned a lot
before the green flag and in the pre race.>>.
>>You sigh them going through the hair pin right there. Slowest part of the racetrack.
30 to 35 miles per hour.>>Here we come. Boogity, boogity, boogity.
We’ll see you boys in daytona thursday.>>Up to turn two. Look at elevation change.
Still double wide. Allmendinger, still at disadvantage. He had to yield a little right
there. Doesn’t surprise me.>>Turn three, the highest point on the course.
Another blind rise. Downhill to tfour.>>You can see them across the rumble strips
there using every pit of that asphalt.>>Beauty thing about the start of these races
this is where your car is at its best.>>It’s handling good, sticking good.
>>Ideally you are single file through the a ss.
>>You’ll get single file or else.>>Looks like a snake coming down through
there.>>Out of turn 10. Short shoot.
>>You’re shifting all of the way through this attorney and first gear. This is so critical.
Hout you get out of turn 11 dictates how you run a lap on this joint.
>>Kurt busch leads the first lap. Kyle larson to turn two.
>>This gives you a good idea. Gear selection. You see third gear down to second gear.
>>Right here — actually you use those curbings come down
4 and into 7. You use them to make the car turn. You see jeff doing. That loads the left
side up. Nail the throttle and go. See allmendinger back to kurt busch. Didn’t get the best start
on there of the race. But allmendinger might have a pretty good race car. He certainly
was fast in qualifying.>>These front three opened up a little distance
on matt kenseth. He had a look inside. Not much inside.
>>Think about it. Kyle larson shattered our track record in the second round
— or first round of qualifying yesterday here he is, he and allmendinger, two best
cars being held by kurt busch right now.>>Kyle larson qualified well. Then had mechanical
>>That makes you dizzy right there. That feels like it hurts.
>>He’s looking. That’s all, though. It’s hard to make a pass right there unless you
really get a run off turn three.>>Again, another pass in spot. You got to
be close. See the cars get up on the curbing. Down through here a matter of hitting your
marks. There, there. Then right here.>>He tried to make a move on kyle busch.
That did not quite work out.>>It’s hard to make a pass there. That’s
the guy in front of you. Just screws up and gets sideways or something.
>>And two wheels off. No problem there. That puts him at risk to being passed on the inside
to the corner and he is, by the 19 of carl edwards.
>>Carl has a good car. He was really happy with his car and ran good in practice.
>>A good side-by-side battle here. Jimmie johnson, that’s a battle for 48. Jimmie johnson
not had a lot of speed here this week.>>Really hadn’t. Matt kenseth running in
the 4 spot right now. Jeff gordon what I say lurking.
>>He’s back there watching these boys and sizing them up. You can get an idea how good
a car is by the racetrack. He couldn’t make the pass but he’s looking.>>Probably nowhere in nascar racing that
you are part throttling the car more than DOWN THROUGH THE Ss IN SONOMA.
>>I guess this is what you call pedaling the car a lot. Guys with a good feel know
when the tires hook up and stick. That’s something you play with all of the way down through
the Ss.>>Gordon takes the inside and he got the
spot. There’s all kind of different ways to drive these cars. As far as your foot work
goes a lot of guys do the heal and toe. A lot of guys use just the throttle. You see
him on the break. Working that gas, coming down the hill. Getting the power down. Drivers,
you see how he tabbed that brake pedal? That’s something they do. Make sure that brake pedal
is there. Those breaks are good. You see never touch the clutch as he shifts through the
gears. Jimmie johnson through 13.>>That was a nice move. That car was hooked
up good right there.>>Biggest challenge, getting the car to drive
off the corner. The driver that has better forward bite he’ll win that battle off the
corner.>>Look at the distance for brad keselowski.
>>Ryan newman got past brad keselowski. Has the longest breaking zone on the course. Kurt
busch led every lap so far. Matt?>>On an average race weekend. Teams are not
allowed to change transition. Here, they are allowed. This played to kurt busch’s hand.
The car was bogging down. They had slightly different ratios and the car came to life
and it’s paying off again today. Five of 110 laps complete. Kurt busch. Kyle larson. Jeff
gordon and matt kenseth.>>>First car in your picture kurt busch.
White car a.J. Allmendinger. Look at the battle for third as kyle larson tries to hold off
jeff gordon. Gets movers so far. Including dale earnhardt jr. From 20th up to 15th. Paul
menard. Kasey kahne, plus 7.>>Let’s get a nationwide performance report
from vince welsh.>>They got to a good point with the car in
practice this week. They were all very happy. We’ve seen a lot of smiles from junior this
weekend. Even though they qualified 20th they came in feeling like they had a top five car.
The key is 20th position. Without using up the chevrolet we’ll see if they get it done.
>>Passed ryan newman moving THEM UP TO 14th.>>Busch your leader, gordon completed the
pass on larsen. That’s why there’s a big gap from allmendinger.
>>Jeff gordon in third.>>Look at kyle larson. He was brought up
his home town close to here. He said his mom and dad would bring him to watch the races
when nascar first started coming here. And why? He was a huge jeff gordon fan.
>>He may not be right now. Though. Jeff gordon just drove by.
>>Whoa. Now. That one car looked like he got a problem. He may pitt with a tire going
down. Vince?>>Exactly right. He radioed in a couple laps
before saying he had a bad vibration in fourth gear something they didn’t have in practice.
Radioed a moment ago. It’s either coming apart but they are prepared for jamie McMurray to
pitt.>>He’s coming to pit road right now. Good
thing about it he can make the stop but this will change their strategy for the rest of
race.>>Depending what is wrong with the tire.
We had a number of tires this weekend. Tire came
— tread came unlaminated from the casing. We had tires blistered and had rear tire issues
this weekend already.>>McMurray ran as high as 15. Look to the
right of your screen. Truex, kyle busch.>>Here’s truex to the inside but right there
on his haem teammate. Truex will cost him a spot with junior if he’s not careful. He
got to let him government is that’s what we were talking about. That tire looks like it’s
that lamination problem that some guys were talking about.
>>Compoundwise is the same as far as the grip but they added tread to the tire to help
the ware. But I think that’s created a few issue.
>>The other thing if you lack the brakes up and slide. You can cause yourself problems
too.>>Kurt busch continues to pad his league
on allmendinger who has 4 seconds back of jeff gordon.
>>I always look at the trends at the beginning of a road course race. Averages of the last
10 races shows the first caution normally comes around lap 23, but four times it’s been
in the first 10 to 15 laps.>>Denny ham lip don’t show a lot of speed
in practice. Here he is all over. For 19th place. Breaking zone at turn 7. Can hamlin
outbrave keselowski? Not that time. Here’s brad.>>The tire just falls off.
>>We already tried.>>It’s tough to make adjustments on the race
car. Why? Because you’re turning left or right. You may help one direction but hurt at the
other.>>Whatever you do you have to do it yourself
with the track bar or something.>>Martin truex moved up to 13 plays. Kyle
busch, truex. We saw him in practice, looked loose there, matt?
>>That’s exactly the issue he had the car is too free. Back in daytona. He doesn’t have
any issues WITHth WEEKEND WITH THE RIGHT Leg and left foot. Using the clutch so much during
the course of the weekend. Plate and screws causing some discomfort, jamie.
>>Martin truex we saw get passed after the pass and said not good, dude. We are not good.
He was pretty good they were really optimistic that they could get that. Kurt busch, his
lead is shrinking. Now up by allmendinger, 1.8 seconds.>>>You see her every week in victory lane.
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>>Kurt busch is your leader. Clint bow career moved up into the top five. So has jimmie
johnson. He’s up to six. You’re riding on the front bumper of clint bowyer.
>>Riding with the king here. Bowyer drives into 11. I thnk it’s interesting. He likes
to take care of his rear tires right there. He didn’t pass a single car until he made
that move. He got a good car and is pacing himself early in the going.
>>It’s been a good weekend. Clint bowyer came here, remember, his father has been the
biggest help so far in the early going. He said you need to drive a little more different.
He’s a little more of that curve and I’ll be good.>>Right here. Following kyle larson.
>>You got to come in to that curb. What I mean you can’t nip it. You got to make the
car turn.>>Back up front. Kurt busch’s lead is gone.
Here comes a.J. Allmendinger. He knocked it down to about a second and a half. Matt?
>>A.J. Was tells his team. The 41 of busch. He has seen where his car leveled off. Kurt
busch is losing for front grip than rear grip.>>Mike and darryl, if you are going to do
this on three stops. Now that we completed the lap. We talk about martin truex jr. Who
continues to slide backwards. I say they should be on pit road short limit just inside the
top 15. Even though they qualified poor limit they’ve been extremely happy. They department
qualify hell. They hardly touched car in race trim this weekend. Very similar setup when
kevin led 23 laps. They believe they have a car in front getting it done.
>>Harvick now 12.>>I think the bigger shock is when they don’t
run good. I think you expect them to be up front there. Jimmie johnson is
— I tell you has looked really, really good. That 48 car is as solid as a rock.>>And closing. He got a pretty fast hot rod
right now.>>Denny ham lip come to pit road. Matt?
>>A three-stop strategy for denny hamlin.>>Denny struggled of late. 19 of 10 road
course races. Hoping to change that today. Waiting on fuel.
>>On the left of your screen. Dale earnhardt jr. Taking tenth place. Nice job by both of
the michael waltrip racing cars. Starting this race in the top ten.
>>What denny hamlin and that team will do, they split it up to 30 rins apiece.
>>That’s pretty easy to do. When you try to stretch that out to a two-stop race it
gets tough.>>I misspoke saying he showed surprising
speed this weekend. He’s an excellent road racer. He’s giving that car its ride of the
year. Closing up on david gilliland. Former tour winner here.>>>If you want to pass in the Ss IN SONOMA,
HERE’S WHAT YOU Have to do.>>Michael McDowell in the 5 car. Said I’ll
run you off the track. Yeah, you might do that but that’s good road racing there.
>>Here are the ford withiners at sonoma. Beginning with davey allison in 1991. That’s
quite a list of road race talent right there.>>Brad keselowski. What did they do matt?
>>Air pressure change for keselowski. You can hear the frustration on the radio. Just
struggling. Three of the last your years they struggled almost every year.
>>I have to believe possibly a driver, crew chief that changed their strategy because
of the way the car was driving.>>The comparison between there and watkins
glen, that is short track. Watkins glen is fast. A lot of speed.
>>David gilliland in the firewall at turn ten. This is full course caution. The tour
winner here went deep.>>Nose are in those tires.
>>He is okay. We talked about what a tough fast corner this is. Have a look. Wow, what
an incredible — that’s a sudden stop. Look how he knocked
all of those tires loose. That’s huge.>>We talked about turn 11 being the slowest
corner at 30 miles an hour. That’s one of the fastest parts of the racetrack.>>David gilliland told his crew coming in
to turn ten the left front track let go.>>He came in early. Now we find he lost a
tire.>>First caution of the day riverside, california
native. Second generation nascar star is okay. How does this play in our strategy. We already
pitted some of us have.>>Those that made the stop are golden. They
will stay out. Matt yoakum said tony gibson and kurt busch look at a two handle stop strategy.
They need to get to lap 30 to do it on two stops.
>>This is where you stay out under caution and come in under the green and say, I don’t
know about that.>>It will take a little while for the pace
car to pick up the field and then pit road to open. Our aerial coverage today provided
by goodyear proudly supporting our military for 100 years. Show your support for our troops
at goodyear.Com. Participate in the charity auction there, goodyear official tire of nascar.
>>Mike and darryl as long as it takes to clean that up even if you’re on a two-stop
strategy. That could go close to 30.>>That’s the battle of the crew chief is
fighting with himself right now. Do I stay up? Go I come in? When do I come in? You have
a two-stop strategy and you got to stick to it or it won’t work.>>I believe david gilliland is the first
car one lap down. There’s no free pass on this caution since he’s the car that brought
it out. There’s david walking away.>>Okay. See the skid marks off turn ten.
>>I know we talked about the safer barriers. This is where the tire tracks really do the
job. Absorbing impact. Goes, bit road is open. About 8 to 10 seconds we’ll have a better
picture who is on what strategy.>>I know that’s an interesting corner. I
know I’d be lobbying to pave all of that and make it like turn four so I can run out into
that area, miss that wall and not tear up my car. I’m just saying.
>>Vince walsh.>>Crew chief said we have one goal today.
That’s to win. We’ll pit as often or seldom as necessary. They’ll take advantage this
opportunity because they have to have more drive off. Jamie.
>>We just need more rear grip. Four tires and air pressure adjustment.
>>They’re going to start checking out. Saying, hey, we got a great car right now. Matt?
>>Due to the concern of five cars already pitted they felt they would get eaten up.
Significant air pressure change. All four for better grip. Similar strategy for the
47 of allmendinger.>>Thanks, matt. The first of those cars who
did not pit were clint bowyer and tony stewart.>>They were warned in the drivers meeting
about the timing line of the exit of pit road. Really close together. 24 laps complete in
sonoma. WE’RE UNDER CAUTION.>>>Under caution at sonoma. Coca-cola, official
soft drink of nascar. Let’s look how the coca-cola racing family is performing today. Tony stewart
one of only two drivers in this race that has not yet made a pit stop. Ryan newman and
joey logano. Let’s go back to the david gilliland incident as they clean up there. Let’s look
at the billboard where the corner workers are waving a blue flag. We don’t use that
in oval racing.>>That’s an advisory flag corner workers
have. They have a discretion to wave it if they their there’s a situation drivers need
to be aware of. When it comes out there’s a yellow flag on the full course. Blue flag
doesn’t mean you can’t pass. It’s just an advisory flag for the drivers.
>>This, sandy. They rolled david gilliland’s car on the rollback and replacing the tire
packs at turn ten.>>>Pretty mellow in wine country until nascar
come towns. 10,000 white flags given out as fans come in. They all salute jeff gordon
making his final race at his home track in sonoma, county. 25 down. We’re going green.
We got a correction from nascar. Alex bowman got the free pass. Gilliland was not down
a lap at the time during the incident. Clint bowyer and tony stewart are the only two drivers
not at pit road at one point.>>Everybody gets tight running up the hit.
Running out of contact most of the time.>>Kyle busch running on the outside. Battling
stewart then comes new mnt and allgaier all of who pitted early.
>>Kyle busch has pretty fresh tires on 18 car.
>>This is where the two-stop strategy will drive a driver crazy. Right now tony stewart
will get eaten up by people without tires. This is a different strategy they are on.
>>Ryan newman behind stewart and the rest of that snarling pack. Menard. Allgaier, kez
lou zi, busch, larsen, jeff gordon and more.>>It’s pretty easy, you concentrate. Focus,
hit your marks, make your shifts. When people are around you in a tight back like somebody
trying to shoot a three-pointer with somebody in their face.
is what you guys mentioned earlier. This is the seam in the tire. Tread on top is literally
chunking off. Three of four tires that came off the 24, we’ve seen this happen. This was
alaufstanson telling us what happens.>>Ours came up slightly. There’s nothing
you can do about it. If you feel a vibration that’s probably what it is.
>>There’s not a lot you can do to keep the driver making that from happen.
>>Only thing you can do is slow down. How do you win a race slowing down?
>>You’re not. That’s the dilemma you’re in. Slam the tires like we saw kyle BUSCH COMING
THROUGH THE As, You’ll abuse that tire.>>Gordon’s teammate, jimmie johnson, currently
ninth. Take a look at this that tire. This team also concerned about the bars. You got
to be easy early in the run. First 15 laps be easy on your tires.
>>You see tony stewart in the 14. You have martin truex buried in there.
>>He’s grown the tire pacts.>>.>>See what happened. He was running 19. Said
he wasn’t given any room. There’s truex coming out of 7. Reagan off the course kind of in
the dirt and hooks him. You know in other sports there’s unavoidable contact and avoidable
contact. That 0 could about been a little given and take there. That could have been
avoided. Right there.>>Daryl you talked about him in the pre race,
the man that started off 14 top ten finishes it won’t happen again today.
>>No? That’s a brand-new car that they built. This he are very happy with it. They have
to rebuild it. I’m sure they’re headed back to the garage to see what they can do to get
the car back in the race. Contact from david regan. Puts martin truex out. We’ll give you
a look riding with joey logano as they exited turn seven.
>>It’s clear. Landon cassill will get the free pass from some of that contact. There’s
damage to regan’s car. He’s about three rows deep into the tire pack there.
>>He’s moved that barrier, that’s hard lick. Mike, pit road will be open. Really the only
two drivers that I suspect may be on pit road is clint bowyer in the 15 and tony stewart
in the 14. The time they go back racing, you go back to next year. Carl edwards made first
of three stops.>>When clint bowyer won. Was that a big surprise?
That day he drove a flawless race and won that thing. That’s what it takes. Bowyer and
stewart bill pit as they bring martin stewart’s car BACK TO THE GARAGE.>>>michael waltrip. Irs meierssonoma. Martin
truex junior finished top in every race. Now this, very upset with what happened moments
ago involving davegan and we hope he’s okay. Four leaders, four lead changes under our
second caution. Kurt busch started up front. Allmendinger on the pole. He led two different
times and led the most laps. They are fixing the tire barrier. Let’s talk what happen hadded
with truex?>>Looks like reagan was outside of truex
and he ran out of room. Payback came. What I think is interesting. The first 20 laps
we saw synchronized driving. Working well with each other. Being very careful but as
this moves on we see more and more feel shoving each other around.
>>Kyle busch at the moment in front of jamie McMurray. Spotters trying to determine if
their drivers losing time so far as they continue to repair that tire barrier.>>There was a problem with his left front
tire. That’s the fastest turn on track. If you tell me any place I would not want to
wreck that’s where gilliland landed.>>Fans celebrating on lap 24. Jeff gordon
dominated this place. His last ride here I should say as a driver and caution moments
ago. Reagan in the 78. It’s truex. He hits it hard enough pushing the tires. That’s why
we stopped the action at the moment. The barrier behind the tires that cement area has been
pushed back. Cars are stalled on lap 31.>>It’s hard to pass judgment what happened.
Regan ran out of room. He didn’t like what he felt he retaliated. That’s what appeared
to happen. You see more and more aggression. We’ve taken more time and been careful so
far. That’s coming to an end now.>>Jamie little standing by with martin truex.
Jamie?>>Tough break for you guys. You made adjustments
to make the car better. What happened?>>We’ll be okay. Try not to restart here.
When you’re mid pack not a good place to be. It’s really congested. We were a lot faster
than a couple guys around us. You are trying to not get run over. Gout to make moves. Every
time I passed 55. He would, you know, just keep
— stay on the side of me and not give me three, four inches to get clear, so we had
to get going. It’s just we both ran out of room and he turned me on purpose. I ran into
the side at first. That was an accident. I thought I gave them enough roof there. He
felt like he turned me on purpose. How it happened. So, the racing will go on and do
our thing.>>Finished in the top ten. 14 of 15 races
this day is done early here.>>They return things at the track.>>Track position more important. Already
early aggressive racing from regan and truex.>>>welcome back to sonoma. Chris myers parking
place, suspended high above the raceway. Kyle busch is your leader. Matt kenseth, david
regan. Carl edwards.>>That’s how high his voice was yesterday.
>>Real concern for teammates kyle busch. Suddenly department feel quite right. He wasn’t
sure if it was a loose wheel or tire coming apart when he pitted the team. It was cording
on one of the four tires. Good news for hip. Mean while denny ham lip pitted on lap 18.
Something similar. Turns out he had a loose right rear. Damage to the studs. They brought
them back in. Wheel was still vibrating. Took a spacer out and he since pitted two more
times. Could be a long afternoon for hamlin.>>Thank you, matt the car stopped and let’s
go back to find out what put us under this delay. Watch the 55.
>>They’re right back here. Martin gets to the 55. That’s one hit. Right here, 55 of
regan. I’m going to have to knack you out of his way. That’s what he did.
>>These tire packs that absorb the impact. Five high two deep and ault bolted together
to take the impact without bouncing all over the racetrack as here when john grebs and
derek cope go for a plier and those loose tires scatter just about everywhere. A lot
of hang time. For west coaster krebs. Here’s the difference with what happened with the
tire packs backed up bye jersey barriers, similar situation for david gilliland at turn
ten.>>You see the tires come off in groups. All
bolted together like you said. Make ace pretty good safer barrier, actually.
>>We’re back under yellow. Cars moving once again. Kyle busch leading jamie McMurray,
a.J. Allmendinger and kurt busch.>>Leading the field the toyota pace car.
First hydrogen powered production car. Only emissions that it emits water. It goes on
sale in california this fall and toyota plans to expand sales to the mid eastern u.S. As
hydrogen fueling infrastructure expands. Ready for the restart.
>>Jamie McMurray, that one car running second. He made the stop on lap nine. I expect him
to run around lap 40 to 41 before he makes the stop.
>>Now the last car on the lead lap.>>This is the last race to race together
before luke lambert races in daytona. Toyota versus chevrolet in the front row. Here we
government.>>Coming up out of turn three to three a.
Top of the hill, blind rise for these drivers.>>That’s amazing. Down into four.
>>You know, mike, right now early in the race, 33 laps. If there’s an opportunity to
pass you’ll take it. There’s no time right now to push the issue. We got a log way to
go yet. Taking care of your car. Jimmie johnson side by side. Allgaier, had a chance to turn
seven. Were they side by side. Johnson backed off.>>Looks pretty darn good. Holding off the
champ right there. Not too bad. Kyle busch opens it up as they come down to turn 11.
Allgaier, peak inside McMurray. Nope. Newman on the outside and kurt busch may take advantage.
>>You all talked about kyle busch in the pre race show. 11 races before the chase after
the bad finish at michigan. What they can truly salvage is win races the rest of the
year.>>I don’t know. I felt like
— I can win races. I know we can win races. I just don’t know if he can overcome points
or not. That will be the challenge. 173 points outside the top three right now.
>>Second place, allmendinger, drives through past McMurray into second. You see newman
working hard to hold off kurt busch and move up on McMurderry
>>like that 47 car. That looks pretty solid. We know a.J. Is a great road racer. McMurray
may be at risk. His tires may be on the car since lap number nine.
>>Because they had to make that unscheduled stop. They had to run to lap 40, mike which
is six laps away. What jamie McMurray has to have here is patience.
>>Newman has the opportunity. He opens the door and kurt bush will follow through on
the 41.>>That’s what I was talking about. It’s frustrating
as a driver. Getting past — not a whole lot you can do. Run your race,
mind your manners, take care of your stuff and wait until you make your pit stop.
>>A little worried about kyle busch. He’s driving the wheels off that thing. I’ve seen
him sideways a number of times. We know there’s tire issues out there possibly. He’s using
those rear tires pretty heavily right now. Here comes johnson on theive side. On McMurray.>>Short shoot up to seven. Kurt bush past
newman there’s johnson up over the berm, side by side makes the pass.
>>That’s ha should happen earlier. It didn’t and I’m not harping on that. I’m saying as
a clean pass that’s the way do you it.>>Right now, jeff gordon in the 24 car is
all over the back of McPurry on this one. That is the battle for six.
>>Gordon gets a good launch. So does dale junior.
>>That’s great passing right there. Gout a guy pretty much going give you a spot. 88
car taking advantage of it.>>They’ve been really happen with the 88.
Dale earnhardt jr. Not a lot of smiles. Not much different today. Needed more forward
drive for this second run. They gave it to him with an air pressure adjustment. They
did van v issue with open rear tire. That slice we’ve seen amongst many cars up and
down pit road. But they don’t consider it to be serious. Have not addressed it as a
vibration against this run at all.>>What I liked. Best finish they had on the
road course. They had to change transmission. Didn’t discourage them. Talk about how good
the car is and it’s showing again today. Earnhardt to 7 moving past McMurray. How physical is
this racetrack?>>We looked better the second half.
>>First gear.>>Yep.
>>Using those gears to slow him down. Catching those to get into the corner. Second gear,
third gear. You stay right there up the hill. Roll out a bit so you don’t overrev the engine.
It’s deceiving how uphill that is. You lose ray lot of speed. Go back to second gear,
turn two to three probably going run that press far. Maybe all of the way to turn seven.
Is closing on kyle busch. Pretty good right now. So is kurt busch.>>Kurt busch trying to close in on a.J. Allmendinger.
His issue, though, opposite of the first run. The car is free on the right-handers on the
41 machine. Jamie? Ryan newman having a good run. Today, just a little bit loose, and they
adjusted with the track bar. Guys?>>For the lead, allmendinger, had a good
look inside. Back at third. Jimmie johnson working kurt busch, kyle busch, allmendinger
up front. Still 1-2, single file.>>Looks like the 18 car up in the front.
Kurt busch is hanging right in there, too.>>There’s a four-lap difference between kyle
busch’s tires and tires on allmendinger and kurt busch.
>>That could be a lot. We saw drivers in qualifying from one to the other that the
tires give up and lose grip.>>I’m just a little worried about the 18’s
tires. Sliding the car around quite a bit more than the 47 or 41. That can take toll
on the rear tires. Weave answer seen some of them with problems. Both cameras you are
seeing are mounted on a.J. Allmendinger’s car.
>>Look at kyle busch, our leader in the 18 car. He swept the road course races in 2008.
He gives all of the credit as he has his hands full with his brother, kurt busch.
>>Match them both in turn 11 there. Nice run by kurt. . He gives all his credit to
road racing when he was teammates with jeff gordon and jimmie johnson, with hendrick motor
sports doing a lot of testing.>>Speaking of jimmie johnson, he’s another
guy lurking behind these three. He got a pretty darn good car right there.
>>Now, you know, you can get under a guy coming down this hill right here. If you
— if the 18 car of kyle busch happens to go wide right here. You can get a run on him,
make the pass like we see what kurt is trying to do right here. I think he’s going to make
it. Way up on the curb. This could get interesting. Got to let him go. Doesn’t have position.
>>There’s not a whole lot you can do. THIS THROUGH THE Ss, TRY TO SET Him up and make
a run down 11. Which is a great pass in that area.
>>Kurt laid back. Trying to get a run. Down into the bottom.
>>Maybe you make it. Maybe he gives me room. Maybe he does.
>>Yes that will drive kyle busch down to third. That’s why he was trying to be so aggressive.
>>He’s coming, chris.>>He’s coming right now.
>>And he announced easy. I need you to be straight and smooth. Big, happy, high horsepower.
Straighten out the exit, straighten out the wheel. That’s going to be easier on the rear
tires.>>Chris, one of the problem us use first
gear so much. It’s easy to spin those tires. Again, position. This is where tile busch
is where a victim of the pit stop at 19. Drivers who passed him. Their tires are four laps
fresher than kyles, that’s why he’s falling back.>>That 2 car, he had his hands full. You
heard kyle say, we can’t help you. It’s all up to you.
>>Watch the two.>>Oh, man. Locking them down. Locking them
down. Safe. Slid right over the berm.>>Watch this.
>>If he department have problems now, he should. Because he’s using up that left rear
end in the right front. I think he got away with one there. From the dirt outside turn
seven.>>Just infront of his teammate. Joey logano.
Riding with joey. Down into turn three. Up the hill. Into the highest point of the course.
When you come up over the top. You can’t see anything. You have to get over that hill.
Before you can see down the bottom at turn four. Kurt busch has one second of a lead
on a.J. Allmendinger, matt?>>Now he’s saying the back of the car is
much worse. Your car won’t be good but will be better than anybody else’s.
>>They’re going go another eight to ten laps. Window is open right now to hit pit road and
make it one more stop.>>You see the right front tire locked up. You see them locking
that up. First thing you know you got a tire problem.
>>It’s just wear a tear out in that particular area. Jamie.
>>Jeff gordon, they’re not as good first time around saying he’s really loose off everything
now. So, he wants some adjustments as we go. And trying to work his way to the front, guys.
>>Had a little threewide action. Clint bowyer, austin dillon.
>>Austin got a little loose coming out of that corner. Riding with bowyer through turn
ten. . Oh, my gosh.>>Not again.
>>No, not that.>>That’s funny.
>>Somebody would have knocked those out of the way.
>>Tony stewart that 14. Bowyer just goes by him right there.
>>He had his hand out the window that that’s the two drive theories pitted under that last
caution. They are going try to go close to lap 70 before they make their final stop.
>>That gives you a little cushion in case you should have. Possibly. We have a few of
those. Kyle busch dropped five seconds off the lead and following into the clutches of
jeff gordon here. You hear the part throttling THROUGH THE Ss AND JOEY LOGANO Passed his
teammates keselowski and now gets jamie McMurray to move up to 13. That will be hard to drive
to the pits.>>If I’m one of those drivers like jamie
McMurray. I want to hit pit road in case the caution comes out. There he is, he hit pit
road.>>McMurray does that. Now he’s starting to
chunk that tire. It’s pretty much gone.>>Good thing about it. There’s a lot of area
in the dirt.>>Jamie MacGets his service.
>>More than anything. With heads-up by his spotter. That probably saw what was going
on. Window open for McMurray to come to pit road. No caution with kevin harvick passing
dale earnhardt jr. For six. Looking at jeff gordon now ahead of harvick and earnhardt.
Chris?>>Matt kenseth has all kinds of struggles.
Saiding that car is so loose. He’s getting worse and worse. He’s also saying he’s having
break issue. No confidence. You see a long stop trying to get the debris. I’m not it
sure that didn’t tear a break line off. That could have done something from the break from
the left weir there. . 45 laps complete. Top six drivers are all past nascar sprint cup
road course winners led by kurt busch as we go curb hopping in california.>>>47 laps complete. Kurt busch leading allmendinger
by one sec. Make a trip to sprint and cut your bill in half bring them your at&t wireless
bill and your old phone. Kurt busch with two or more wins this season. He led almost 700
laps this year. More than he led in the past three seasons combined. You take a guy like
kurt busch. Got a really sharpive drooer. Technically knows the racetracks. Breaks things
down really well. That’s why this car is so good.
>>Kyle now slipping behind dale earnhardt jr. And falling to 6th. JEFF GORDON 7th. David
regan. Kyle larson. Top ten. Back when we last restarted kyle busch was the leader but
as we mentioned he has tires that are four laps older than the five drivers ahead of
them. I tell you tires take abuse.>>How long does kyle busch need to stay out
there.>>He pitted on lap 19. So much depends opt
strategy this group is working on right now. You see the battle between keselowski and
almirola and matt kenseth. If he this are trying to do it on one more stop, they can
go beyond lap 60 which is another 12 lap bus that was the 18 radio right there. I feel
they may come to pit row right now.>>They could be worried about pace. Which
I don’t think I’d be worried about right now. Here he comes in to pit. Hot and heavy. 18
car coming in hot. But this definitely puts him where it makes one more stop. He’s breaking
these last two runs down at 30 laps apiece. To try to take full advantage of the tires.
Kyle busch and ryan newman. Matt? . Kyle busch started skating from position to position.
He said don’t worry about it. We’re sticking it our game plan. Needs more grip. Comes little
bit deeper in the box. Right side tire already going on. And there they are at turn 11. Then
as they accelerate on 11 on the stop watch. Allmendinger. Closing just a bit. Kasey kahne.
Past the 24 of jeff gordon.>>The hendrick boys trying to keep each over
company, checking on each other. Pit, pit, pit.
>>That’s jeff gordon’s radio what they are going to do is the same thing that kyle busch,
ryan newman and brad keselowski split this last run in the checkered flag in two segments
30 laps apiece. Reagan might have given jeff gordon a bump there.
>>I don’t know if he could have seen this out of my car or not but I’m not afraid to
use it.>>See the thank you fox sports out of david
regan’s car. Thank you, david. David is driving hard today. Very aggressive. He said at the
press conference he’s not a natural road racer.>>He’s running eighth right now. That’s a
good job for his car. He and clint bowyer had good cars all week end long. Bowyer run
this race. Car makes a difference on a road course.
>>Jeff gordon is in, jamie is there.>>23rd AND FINAL START IN THE Home town start
in sonoma. Jeff gordon, extremely loose everywhere. All over the racetrack. Four time start. Filling
up with snow cofuel.>>Jimmie johnson closing on second place
a.J. Allmendinger. Now under 2 seconds. 48 is coming. . Allmendinger is off the pace.
Jimmie johnson running quicker laps. He and kurt busch. He’s a little quicker than kurt
busch. Johnson looking to the inside. I think he’ll make a pass. Got the nose in there.
Got to let him government that’s clean. That’s allmendinger. He got position on me. No need
holding him up.>>That’s a sign much a veteran road racer.
Darryl, if you’re going to pass me. I’ll let you pass me somewhere it doesn’t upset my
lap so much like one of those slow correspondence.>>Exactly.
>>Don’t push me off the dirt when you go by me. I’ll let you guy by.
>>David regan comes to pit lane. Vince? Maybe gave jeff gordon a bump earlier. The car has
been solid throughout the course of the day today. Four-tire change as they are here on
the road course and regan is off and away. Two of the first three cars on pit road.
>>All on lap 23. 32 laps to go.>>What we’re hearing, kurt busch. A.J. Allmendinger.
47 coming this time. A lot like jeff gordon just trying to make these last two runs as
short as possible and take advantage of those fresh tires. 41 on pit road. Here comes 47.
I think that’s the 48 — no, that’s 47 de behind him.
>>Vince?>>Kevin harvick started 17. He’s pitting
from the number 4 position right here has not complained about the car at all. When
they took the tires off the first pit stop they looked good and looked good again. Matt?
2011 winner here at sonoma. Kurt busch comes to a stop. This past return, car was more
free. They are going to make a chassis adjustment almost slight air pressure change on the 41
of busch and 47 a.J. Allmendinger. Opportunity race. This is just like it was at watt sins
glen. The car much worse this run. He was complaining about know fuel pressure. He got
to take a big swing or we’ll be in good trouble. I don’t know if it fell off the jack but he
was in the pit a long time.>>Vince, what happened to harvick’s car?
>>The car fell off the jack. When it did, they had left rear damage on the tire as the
tire was right there underneath the wheel well. You see they couldn’t get the tire off
the tire. They department have the left rear on. Crew chief rodney childers shook his head
in disgust.>>When that thing fell down. You saw how
many crew members it took to get the jack back under. Meanwhile these guys at full speed
under the green.>>I don’t know if they were putting the tire
back on when actually they were trying to get it off. Mistakes in the pits. This race
goes by pretty fast. Those things really set you back. That car is good, too.
>>Casey meres is from backersfield.>>These guys leading the race. He’s climbed
a second behind johnson with the pit stops.>>You got two guys from california. A guy
from missouri. A guy from — two guys from missouri and kansas. And
you got a guy there from new york. A guy from indiana.
>>Hamlin had that issue on pit road but seemed he ran better since. Danica dives to the inside
as it gets to turn seven.>>Danica another driver on pit road as well.
Sit there in 13th spot right now. Keeping the car clean, nose clean and doing a nice
job.>>Kyle larson pitted.
>>That 38 car is solid.>>This will move carl edwards up to second
and boyer to third, matt?>>Larsen making
his way to the pit box. One reason it makes
him so good on the road course his dirt background. Gordon, stewart. Chassis adjustment for larsen.
Complaining the car was too free on the left-hander.>>So, now, of the front five, clint bowyer
on pit road at lap 30, others at lap 23. They’ll be coming shortly. Tony stewart pitting at
lap 30 so he should move up. Jamie?>>Carl edwards driving a brand new race car.
He said it’s holding on better. Longer run, more laps he can keep up that speed. He’s
a little tight in the slow correspondence. They just said on the radio. They are going
to meet around lap 68 through 70. Yard edwards is the defending winner of this race.
>>What I’m seeing with jimmie johnson, greg biffle. Four of the top five pitted on 23
like all of the other drivers that came to pit road. What they are trying to do is stretch
it to 67 or 68. That gets them to the end of one more stop. As jimmie johnson maintains
its lead it’s a no-brainer not to do that.>>You know what lap carl edwards pitted on
last year?>>Would it be 32 and 70?
>>Lap 70.>>Last year, this year, right? for 54 laps
to go in sonoma.>>>Time now for the just past halfway mid
race report here on fox sports 1. Jimmie johnson leading the eighth race. He has turned the
fastest lap during the first half of this race. Martin truex jr. Got knocked out in
a scrape with david regan. Kasey kahne moving up. Darryl waltrip who is the driver to beat?
>>I watched that 48 car work his way through the field. I like it on old tires new tires.
He got sick straight top tens. Watch that 48 go to victory circle again.
>>You got to watch the 41. He got a fast car in practice friday. Everybody in the garage
area raved about the speed of that car. He picked off position after position. What I
love. There’s so many different strategy in the end 41 winds up.
>>Carl edwards made two trips. His crew chief is quite the gamer. He might be the guy that
breaks that streak of all of these different winners over the last ten year.
>>At times they’ve fallen off a.J. Allmendinger. The concern he doesn’t have speed. He’s trying
to diagnose what the problem is. I think our day is done.
>>Clint bowyer won here in 2012 with a two-pit stop strategy he’s in second right now. The
game plan is the same. If he continues to have a flawless race. Michael waltrip racing
will win the third of the last four races here.
>>Jeff gordon racing in the home track for the last time in his career has been as high
as third. He’s trying to win for the record sixth time. Showing long green flag runs to
the finish. We’ll see which driver can protect tires to be there at the end. That’s your
just past midway race report. Let’s rejoin the guys upstairs.
>>Thanks, only two guys out of the race. P they are both okay. There are eight drivers,
one lap down but the top 33 cars are all on the lead lap here with 50 laps to go. A.J.
Allmendinger. Is on pit road. Matt?>>A.J. Trying to become the fourth poll sitter
to win in sonoma. He comes it-to-a stop. One of the engine tuners. He’s under the hood
looking to see if maybe something has become disconnected or something is amiss if they
make such a change, not miss too much time and get back out.
>>Meanwhile jimmie johnson’s run just flawless. His fastest lap 1:16.4. That ranks up near
the top of fastest laps today. Actually seventh best lap overall today.
>>Watch these guys win these races the last four, five, particularly. They run a flawless
race. 48 is running a flawless race.>>Chris neville?
>>Jimmie johnson has a little luck on his side. Running the low this weekend. This is
the fifth time they run it all year. All finished in the top ten and run twice in texas and
dover. Jimmie johnson, this has great times on the racetrack. As many tires as he has
on those tires. He’s really maintaining that gap between he and kurt busch.
>>Only three drivers on the track right now. All of them have a lot of time to make un.
Best of those, dale earnhardt jr. In eighth. 38 seconds behind.
>>Kurt busch inside of carl edwards. This is third place.
>>Hard to make that pass but was able to make position. Get up underneath the 19 car
and proceed on. Nice move.>>Mike, I mentioned
— you saw kurt wave at carl. Cutting him a little slack there. I mentioned a flawless
race. When I say that. I remember kurt busch. He won three, four years ago driving for penske.
Clint bowyer, never put a real wrong all day. Carl edwards last year never put a real on
all race. But won this race. It’s hard to government jimmie johnson so far is on the
pace.>>Johnson increasing the margin. Over clint
bowyer. Right now just under 28 second. Let’s have a look at fifth place. Joey logano’s
car. Matt?>>Every driver wants to win on every type
of layout in nascar. I put a big checkmark against to daytona 500. You put a lot of effort
in coming here to sonoma. Spent time in the forward racing similarity. Friday. Todd gordon
and two engineers in the pace car. Went to show them different parts of the race car
that’s challenging. How significant an adjustment he needs trying to put as much as he can for
a road course win. Right now running in the top five. Tony stewart. Greg biffle.
>>The biff struggled with his car. I know one thing for sure that driver wouldn’t let
you down. He give him a winning car, he’ll win you a race.
>>Logano fifth and biffle eighth. Poll sitter a.J. Allmendinger will not win in the racetrack
today as he takes the 47 to the garage. That’s sad, that’s sad.
>>You talk about greg biffle in the 16 car. You underestimate the road course racing abilities.
He’s finished in the top ten last three times here at sonoma. He come into the lap 64 with
a 28-second lead. I think what we’ll do is see him on pit road in the next two, three
laps. That will take him to the end.>>Again it’s a flawless strategy how they
are operating. Broke it down into pit stops. So far it’s working perfectly. Here into tenth
place. Moving past kyle busch.>>That pit stop where the car fell off the
jack that’s going to be hard to overcome.>>He’s 42 seconds behind jimmie johnson.
>>Upon greg biffle’s ford have turned ten.>>Inside move at 11.
>>You can’t defend that. Can you?>>That’s the safest place to make a pass.
It’s a wide corner. Give us plenty of room. Get through there without any contact and
proceed on.>>We see kyle busch’s
— greg is on the same strategy.>>I don’t know. Seems something he’s bugging
the 16 car light right now.>>He has home defense.
>>I don’t know.>>Here’s what our leaders last pitted. These
are the front five cars.>>I have to give credit to clint bowyer.
He doesn’t go much further with carl edwards and joey logano.
>>Realistically. He can go to lap 70. Once his window open us might as welcome with the
other guys. The biggest risk is if the caution comes.
>>I know you don’t want to get caught up by a caution. There’s a 51 car. Allgaier,
off the pace. He’s still moves, got power.>>ALLGAIER, WAS 16th.
>>But I think this may motivate jimmie johnson and those guys. I think the win go zo open.
You might want to hit on pit road in case he doesn’t make it.
>>It’s slightly downhill to where he is on pit road. He might be able to make it. I think
he will. He’s right in the middle of the racetrack. You don’t know he’s there. Spotters are telling
u. Blue flagsing for allgaier. That means there’s something to be aware of just ahead.
It’s not a caution flag it’s a be alert flag. He’s going to make it to pit road but not
the pits. That’s going to be the problem.>>Logano shot and made it.
>>That was close. I don’t know if he’ll make it all of the way to the pit box or not. That’s
the problem. Just what you saw with logano there. If he stopped on pit road we have to
have a caution.>>That’s why todd gordon brought joey logano
to pit road. Get around him, get around him.>>Yes.
>>What a move.>>Going work on the 22. He was tight on both
right and left-handers. There’s allgaier out of the way. There’s a
gate right where he is stopped where he can pull that car off pit road.
>>Boy, I tell you chad knaus’ heart rate had to go up. Jimmie johnson, start of the
last lap. Was stumbling that entire lap. Were they going to make it back around there? Kurt
busch able to lob seven seconds just in the last couple laps. Johnson exits pit road with
his stop completed. Kurt barb assumeed lead. Justin allgaier, here comes johnson. That’s
hornish, sorry, sam hornish and just to the left is the gate where you remove allgaier’s
car. Jamie?>>The car has gotten better as
the day goes on. That’s the same strategy
carl used last year to win this race. Stopped on last 30 and 70 to win the race. That leaves
clint bowyer running third and I have to meet clint bowyer. They have to be on pit road
with the next couple of laps.>>I tell you that third place finisher really
gave him a lot of confidence on the road course. Run much better since then. Here’s bowyer
on pit road. Following justin marks. Things cycle around. Here’s bowyer. Jamie?
>>He raised $350,000 for youth in his community. Right now his car has been good. No adjustments.
Put four second cars on. Kasey kahne up to third. Jimmie johnson fourth. Kevin harvick
fifth and justin allgaier got going as kurt busch leads with 42 to go.>>40 laps to go in sonoma, california. Here’s
your race summary of laps led today. Kurt busch 39, jimmie johnson, 14. Kyle busch,
12, clint bowyer and a.J. Allmendinger, whose car is in the garage replacing a fuel cell
for no fuel pressure, has also led a lap today.>>Let’s go to nationwide dale earnhardt jr.
Performance update from vince.>>Dale earnhardt jr. Not known as outstanding
road course racer but as d.W. Mentioned a moment ago. Aft they finished third they gained
added confidence and came into this race wanting to take another step forward. The crew chief
said I believe we can win this race and we’ll do whatever it takes to get there. We’ve already
won this season. We know we’ll be in the chase. We’ll be aggressive and be on the offensive
and dale earnhardt jr. Has been spot on currently running second.
>>You got hendrick powered cars in the first four spots with kurt busch leading. Kasey
kahne, jimmie johnson running one, two, three, four
— actually five with kevin harvick.>>Tony stewart made his second and hopefully
final pit stop of the day.>>No brake problems there. All four locked
up. I think that’s one guy when he says he doesn’t like road course, he ain’t kidding.
Let’s hear what jimmy and chad knaus are thinking.>>We’re going to be okay. We’re working at
saving tires.>>Save this caution. We will be the leader.
We want to stay with these guys the rest of the week.
>>You come in, get a little gas. Finish top ten no matter what. You’ve done a great job.
>>That’s a great crew chief. Make it up as I go.
>>Here’s why they can do that. We know everyone running inside the top 12 has to make one
more stop. Clint bowyer is 32 seconds behind jimmie johnson, he can save a ton right here.>>That’s what he needs to do. You save a
little bit of fuel on two laps out there. We should be good after that. We saw that
tire early in the race left rear looks good. Exiting turn ten. Caution is out.
>>Heavy contact. I saw the dust cloud on turn ten. You heard j.J. Say that would be
us as the spotter said somebody’s crashed in turn ten.
>>Just gets off right here. This things comes around and, bam, that is a hard lick on that
driver’s side.>>Matt? Meanwhile, also on pit road. The
18 of kyle busch. No changes for busch as well.
>>That was heads-up by our team. The window was open. They were able to get on pit road
before it was closed. They’ll be in front of everybody else that still has to make that
stop.>>Kyle wilson. David regan employing that
strategy and yalely will be able to drive most of that car away. All of our other leaders,
kurt busch, just to name a few can come on to pit road.
>>That is one car that stayed real consistent on the used tires.
>>What will it have, three, four laps versus the other guys?
>>Caution came out on lap 73. He’ll have five, six laps.>>Michael McDowell will get the free pass.
Third caution of the day. Bring your verizon or at&t bill and your old phone. By a margin.
Kurt busch led the most laps so far today with 36 to go.
>>That’s the reason right there when you’re on the strategy especially late in the race
knowing that’s when the intensity picks up. When that window opens I saw it with ryan
newman two laps before that caution. You better get on pit road and be done with that final
slop. A.J. Allmendinger back in the race after replacing fuel system components in the garage
area. Ouesitter.>>You heard them say they had fluctuation
of pressure something they could fix. He’s waiting to blend in, I think.
>>Yep. Track sweepers headed for turn number 10 for j.J. Yalely went off at the exit. We’ll
do a nationwide inside ride with dale earnhardt jr. We are going have to come down, pit four
tires on fuel to make it the rest of the way.>>It has to be really fast. That’s why.
>>I didn’t know we were that good. Pit road is open. Crew chief. Kurt busch leads them
on to pit road.>>The very first pit box, harvick gets tour
tires that last pit stop on the left. This has gone much smoother. Raced his way back
to top five. Matt? Tony gibson’s strategy trying to maintain that gap. Were they going
to make the green flag stop. No changes on the 41. A little slow on the front. Jamie?
>>That may have gotten way off. We were deep and early. This is an extra long pit stop.
It’s planned. He wants to be set up just like jimmie johnson and dile earnhardt jr. The
car has been extremely loose. Hang in there. You’re just like your teammates. It will be
faster. We have making up to do but hang in. This is disastrous.>>>Foot stomping. Racing around sonoma. Dale
earnhardt jr. Ahead of kasey kahne. That can prove pitiful in the last few races followed
by kurt busch and kevin harvick. Now, each week look for the race day advanced auto pars
driver spotlight. Today race day caught up with dale junior. And fans’ race day continues.
Catch it sunday evening 5:00 p.M. Eastern time on fox sports 2.
>>These guys are like napoleon dynamite getting some sweet air.
>>Biggest crowd at sonoma raceway at more than a decade. A lot of them from northern
california coming to see jeff gordon’s last right at sonoma.
>>You mentioned race day. This may be our last sprint cup series race as well as our
last xfinity race on fox and fox sports 1. It’s race day and the nascar camping world
truck series through homestead in november.>>We look forward to t.
>>Kyle larson in fourth place. Pretty good spot.
>>That’s our advantage. We’re good on gas. Tires. How do the tires look?
>>They look good but they are wearing.>>This is where it starts.
>>You agree this is where the caution starts, 34 latches to go?
>>Again, going to our trend. The last caution flag is lap 97 with 13 to go. Also in the
last ten races three time overtime. Green-white checkered. In ten laps they start losing their
minds.>>Up to this point this is where you let
people in. Cut them slack. You let them have it. From here on out you don’t give up anything.
If somebody is alongside of you you race alongside the car trying to get ahead you.>>A couple drivers deep in the field. Jeff
gordon. HANDLING ISSUES, 26th PLACE. They try to remedy that on the pit stop here. Join
nascar as we salute veterans and active military members. Join nascar salute or visit nascar.Com/salute.
GOT HIM IN 26th. Should have had the best car today. Jeff knows his track. Having to
come in this late to make those kind of changes I’m not sure I can overcome that. David regan’s
crew getting him on the pit road. We talked about jimmie johnson leading this race. Schclosest
driver back to him. Dale earnhardt. BACK IN 13th. Top 12 drivers stayed out.
>>A lot have not been to pit ROAD SINCE THE LATE ’70s Including jimmie johnson.
>>We’re one lap shy. With this additional caution. We’re one lap. But.
>>That puts him in the same boat. Joey logano, kyle edwards, tony stewart. I’m going to tell
you something. That car right now. The 48 car is the car to beat. Only way he loses
this race, if they bead themselves on fuel.>>Lights are out. On the toyota hydrogen
fuel pace car.>>This might be a good one to watch closely.
>>You think?>>Calamity corner it’s been all weekend.>>Jeff gordon’s team. He has to drop to the
rear for the restart. Bowyer, johnson, larsen. Logano. Has to be real careful not to make
any contact. Bowyer is hanging tough. Michael?>>You talk about needing to have a perfect
race. First three tires. They are gambling right now. Being perfect is going to include
this race ending in the scheduled distance.>>Larry said and we know, there will be another
caution. Larry nailed it. These drivers a lot of them lose their mind.
>>Regan and edwards there they go into the road hard!
>>Were you saying?>>Yes. They’ll lose their mind and in the
process they’ll lose their car.>>That’s what johnson and those guys need.
They save plenty of fuel. Look. You study trends, they study trends. Got some more coming
out on the headers.>>Wow. Ta was way more than push comes to
shove.>>That was crazy. Here’s a look at the fourth
caution of the day. Now he’s got to fight for some room. This is the same place that
the 78 and 55 had trouble. This time the 19 of carl edwards bounced over those curbs and
bounced into david regan.>>That was a battle for seventh or sixth
actually.>>Because of the odd impact or angle. They
catch it before the tire pack right there. Jamie?
>>Carl edwards said I’m find. Crew chief said if you stay in there and try to bring
it back into the garage we’ll take a look at it. Carl edwards looks like he’s climbing
from his race car. David regan climbed out as well.
>>In that same spot. One of those places where you hate to give up position. Particularly
late in the race but sometimes. You got to yield. Back at lap 29. David regan and martin
truex. Right there. At the 78. The 19 was almost involved in this. He waited it out
and was able to clear the wreck. Edwards comes across. He hit regan into the right front
tire. In that course, it’s cooler in the radiator I’m thinking he has oil in the headers and
she caught on fire. As soon as he cut the motor off most likely the fire would go out.
>>He got some fluid to clean up in david regan’s fire. Including the jersey blocks
that you’re familiar with from highways across the country. . And we’re under caution with
31 laps to go.>>>We’re here for a win, not a position.
>>Car falls offer with the rear.>>He blocked him. 30 laps to go. After contact
from david regan. Here’s the toyota race summary. Five drivers have led laps. Eight league changes.
Vince welsh caught up with carl.>>He is done early today. But what is your perspective, carl?
>>I don’t know. Everybody put so much effort in this. Fortunately we have a lot of stanley
tools to work on this. David and I were close.>>Looks like the tough. Left rear hit the
right rear. I thought worst case we’d bump doors. That’s probably my fault there. Stanley
doesn’t usually do that. I love this place. My favorite track.
>>Mike?>>I thought martin truex’s car is permanently
damaged but he’s back out there. You see the highway barriers forklifted back into position.
Tire tracks not extended no that area.>>Before we went to green. Jeff gordon was
penalized and sent to the rear of the green. Jordan had high hopes for today. Let’s see
what happened to cause the penalty.>>The crew member here, this guy right here,
he throws — what does that appear like, andy? Can you
tell?>>That’s a technicality. There’s a rule you
cannot throw equipment across the wall. I know that’s a spring rubber. Hard to distinguish
what is spring rubber or benign object. Something that’s heavy. Sometimes you can’t tell what
it is. That’s why this rule is in place.>>Gordon would have restarted 26th but instead
had to restart 28th. With the penalty also restart at the tail end. Longest line. That’s
one lap down. There’s about eight of those. But there’s still 29 laps to go here in sonoma.>>>Aerial coverage provided by goodyear proudly
supporting our military for 100 year. Goodyear, official tire of nascar. Let’s check with
vince welsh with david regan out of the care center. Vince?
>>We heard from carl and he shouldered much of the blame. What was your perspective?
>>These great starts that’s where you gain or lose a lot. If you give an inch, a lot
of guys take a mile. I really knew we were both putting ourselves in a pad situation
right there watching the replay. It’s tough through there. If I give a little to carl.
Three, four guys will get around me. We had a great aaron’s dream machine. Can’t say enough
about everybody. Michael waltrip racing, toyota for working hard to bring fast camries out
here. Thought we had a chance to win this thing today. Proud of everybody on the aaron’s
dream machine to give me a chance to win. I felt like I was in a good spot there. We
were 50/50 and just racing for a spot and it’s one of those things. I don’t regret what
I did. If I had to do it all over again I would. A lot of times I’m too conservative
and give these guys too much. I’m glad I held my own and had a good car today but it wasn’t
meant to be.>>That was the incident with carl earlier.
You got together with the 78. . I didn’t get together with the 78. The 78 ran me off the
track. I was trying to get on the racetrack. That’s a good instance where the 78 did me
wrong and I’m trying to get back on the racetrack. That’s unfortunate for him. Never good to
see anybody tear up the race car. Martin would probably not do that again if he had the opportunity
to.>>Thanks, david.
>>Candid comes. This track will bring out the mean in you at this point with six spots
for the chase open. Quick recap. We have 27 latches to go, 110 early on. First caution.
You see those tires in play. David gilliland getting involved there. Martin truex jr. Now
back out on the track. This is what david regan was referring to and truex indicated
maybe regan has one coming to him. Both drivers okay. Truex, very, very upset. Kevin harvick
went from 4th to 26th. Number one here. But he had multiple wins this season. Allgaier
running out of gas. Look at the move by joey logano.>>He’s in third place because of that move
right there. He got on pit road and took advantage of that situation.
>>You give an inch, you take a mile. You don’t have an inch or mile with the laps running
out and after this, ten races until the chase. We have had five leaders, eight different
lead changes and jimmie johnson, your leader already four wins this year. Should he get
his fifth it would be the worst ever by the 16-race mark of the season. Let’s head back
upstairs.>>Thanks, chris. Lights are out on the toyota
pace car. We’ve had two multi-car mile-ups. Two single-car crashes. Are we done?
>>Not even remotely.>>We’re now getting into the crashfest part
of the race. You’ll see more of what we saw with carl edwards in the 55 car. Let see what
the 88 had to say.>>It’s been a good one.
>>Good race car no matter where we end up here. It’s been a good car, man. I’m proud
of your race cars. Pretty awesome.>>All right. Folks, refill the popcorn bowl.
Pull up a good chair. This is about to get interesting.
>>Snug your belts, too.>>I would say pull them real tight one more
time.>>Johnson, logano, stewart. Busch, larsen.
Here we go.>>Got a nice jump on clint bowyer at 15.
Here’s logano looking for room on the inside. Not going be able to get there. Looks like
18 going to get there. And fight for that spot.
>>Every time you get it together. You lose it in the next point.
>>Larsen on the inside. A lot of crowding going on right there as they come down into
turn seven. Biffle on the outside. Look at that. Oh, my gosh. Did you see the 42 car?
I thought he was going to turn over.>>How about tony stewart behind joey logano.
I think for the first time he can see the leader in front and he’s motivated right now.
He’s had a good car. Three of the top five right now have yet to win this season. Trying
to punch their ticket into the chase for the sprint cup.
>>Kyle looked low, looked high. Tight line through turn 11.
>>Guys watch that 41 car of kurt busch. He led twice as many laps as anyone today. He’s
really fast but stuck back in the 12th spot. His tires are a little pressure but that’s
a lot of track position to make up, darryl.>>You put that 48 car up in front. I don’t
care if he got more laps than some of these other cars, bowyer, maybe, and kyle busch
but that 48 car has been mighty supreme today.>>Mike, you spoke about the driver that’s
not one of the top five. How about clint bowyer, 92 races since he visited victory complain.
>>Kyle busch with an injured leg and ankle. We know how bad he wants to win.
>>Third one is tony stewart in the top five. When is the last time we saw tony stewart
within sight of the lead this late in the race.
>>That’s a lot on the line for everybody but jimmie johnson who has four wins. He wants
to win another one, obviously, he wants to win every time you go to the racetrack. There
are guys behind him who are desperate.>>He and joey logano have nothing to lose.
>>There’s bowyer, kyle busch, there’s tony stewart. Kyle larson. Back to newman, biffle,
I mean, there’s a bunch of guys in the top ten that would give anything right now for
a win. I don’t think give is part of the equation going forward here.>>No, they’ll do anything to take a win.
How’s that?>>There you go.
>>Think about it. How many winners have we had here in the last ten races?
>>Winners?>>Ten. Ten different winners.
>>Turn seven. That was kurt busch making a pass on biffle. So, kurt moves up to ninth
in the red and black car. That 41 car is good but there’s no substitute for track position.
You’re going to wear out your stuff trying to get back to the front.
>>Mike, you asked me at the top of the show about strategy. 24 laps is eternity on a road
course. But right now, the difference could be the drivers that hit pit road before that
caution flew. That could be the difference between winning and losing this race.
>>This he were kyle busch and kyle larson, I believe.
>>But I think that all of these drivers that came to pit road even the ones prior to that,
that could be the difference.>>It was just pointed out to me. Things have
been pretty common in turn 11 today up to this point.
>>Just wait. Just wait. Keep your camera locked down on it.
>>I’m with you, brother. 23 laps to go and you’re starting stuff.
>>That’s a good place to pass and good place to wreck.
>>Didn’t vickers put tony stewart on tile barrels?
>>Kyle busch took advantage of clint bowyer in turn seven. He moves into the second spot
with that 18 car.>>Remember earlier, I was saying how much
he abused his car. He slides the car around a lot. The car seems to take it. I know he’s
one of the best drivers out there when it comes to sliding the car around. Darryl, as
good of a car he has. I would say the discomfort he’s feeling efforter is the furthest thing
from his find.>>A casual dust-up out of turn number ten.
Not enough asphalt. He’s got two tires on the road. What’s the problem? What is to get
excited about?>>You think of all of the speed that he’s
had. Right there behind ryan newman after leading 43 laps today that’s a race high.
Jimmie johnson led 28. I tell you the other thing about the 48 car. I think he
— I know he’s got a great race car. I know new jersey is so smart he’s probably not driving
at 100% right now. He’s probably saving a little bit
–>>oh, june bug.
>>Inside kyle larson.>>I’m in a bit of a hurry. I don’t know if
you know that or not. I’m going to become a supreme road racer. Fastest rush hour in
california RIGHT HERE THROUGH THE “S”s.>>.
>>All of those lead lap cars now larsen. Underneath newman. Kurt busch to follow. Seventh
and eighth. Newman kicked back to ninth. Chris?>>Mike, jimmie johnson just came over the
radio and said, I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of a rear grip that I have throughout
this race. That car a little loose off high speed and low speed sections of the racetrack.
Jimmie, all we got to do is taking care of those tires.
>>And, darryl, in a road course, we always talk about the aerodynamics not being important.
Clean air, all of the things we talk about week in, week out. You have to believe going
out front there’s no distractions out there in front of jimmie.>>On a road course there’s so many things
you have to do. Hit your marks, hit your shifts. Can’t miss a gear, can’t overdrive corners.
So many things you can’t do. You don’t want anybody around you distracting you from doing
your job. Being out front. You can really run good laps.
>>That was close for kyle larson. Another thing you can’t do. Coming out of turn eight.
That got kyle edwards and david regan into the wall.
>>Dale junior keeps working over tony stewart but has not been able to get by him, jamie.
>>It has been a good day for tony stewart. They were not sure what they 0 would have
in practice. But today has been a different story. Tony has been running in the top ten
and now top five. Remember, he hasn’t had a top five all year long. What a great finish
this would be for tony stewart who, guys, by the way yesterday took the entire team
to six flags. Won a huge stuffed animal. He’s a winner there. He had the spring in his step
the last few weeks and it’s showing on the racetrack today.
>>I can tell you one thing. Dale junior ain’t going to ruff him up to get by him. I can
guarantee you that. Smoke don’t go for that.>>He hand chad johnson had a plan today.
That’s what they stuck to. Even earlier in the race they had not panicked. By getting
fresher tires.>>Yep. It’s working out for them right now.
Kurt busch trying to move up but, does he need a caution flag to get up to the front?
He climbed to seventh. How far can he go?>>The 2011 winner on the radio, elbows up,
pacing himself. Plenty of time left for kurt to get back to the point. Thinking outside
of the box, week in, week out. These guys spend so much time and money trying to get
more speed and more weight out of the race cars. Normally they run a carbon fiber ticker.
But knowing he averages 17 a year, he went with an aluminum shifter trying to eke out
a win in sonoma.>>Danica patrick has been all over casey
mere trying to get the 15th spot.>>Danica was up closer to the top ten but
remember, she’s not pitted since the last 69. She’s one of those tires out there on
tires that she would certainly like some fresh runner on. They are hoping this will be able
to allow her to get to the end. They’ve had enough yellow flags. They are gambling, rolling
the dice fort finish. Two stops for danica is the plan.
>>Kurt busch keeps picking them off.>>Yes, he is on a mission. 6:30 off the lead.
>>I think about the job he did a few years ago in james finch’s car. Had trouble at the
end of the day. Still finished third but kurt busch won the race for penske, a good little
road racer. Let’s do a little dancing with the cars, joey logano.
>>That little key bar above his foot. Folks asked about that on social media. That so
if the throttle sticks wide open. That’s something that rarely happens anymore with ef-i. He
can lift his foot and pull that throttling back. That’s ha that t-bar is for.
>>First time I saw that. I tried to use it. It’s the weirdest throttle I’ve ever seen.
>>We have to thank joey logano and jeff gordon to allow fox to put those foot cams in the
car this weekend.>>Jeff’s is a little bigger. He needed a
place to put the decal.>>I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.
>>Look at that brake peddle. If you elect to heel and toe, use the left foot for braking
you can. These transitions are so good you use the clutch very little.
>>Kurt busch in that 41, working on tony stewart and that 14. Trying to get to the
top five.>>Company’s coming.
>>Got a little congested right there.>>Ryan newman gets right against them.
>>I don’t know if that’s enough for kurt busch in the 41 to make a run on him or not
but he’s all over him right now.>>Stewart’s tires are six laps oflder than
junior and computer busch’s tires.>>Kurt
is almost seven seconds behind leader jimmie
johnson.>>He’s lost half a second in the last three,
four laps.>>Second place. Bowyer inside busch. Two
seconds back of the lead. Clint bowyer.>>Kind of what I’ve seen with the 18 car.
He’s driving aggressively. I’m not faulting him for that but it’s hard on those tires.
>>Earnhardt just about gave tony the bumper there.
>>Kevin harvick .>>Harvick, nine seconds back of the leader.
Who is the 48 of jimmie johnson. He is up 2.3 on clint bowyer, 3:30 on kyle busch. Six
on joey logano and kurt busch.>>Probably these fans have no idea where
riverside is and where we raced. COMING INTO THE Ss IS SO Reminiscent of the old riverside
track. Dale junior had stewart pass. No in this instant you don’t.>>Tony is not going to give up that spot
in an instant.>>Riverside was nascar’s first full-time
road course twice a year on the schedule through the 1980s. Dan gurney was nascar’s first road
course expert. Won the motor trend 500 there five types.
>>We started the year there and ended the year there for a long time. Swhafrjts I saw
from the aerial view is dale earnhardt jr. Who you’re riding with. He charges turn 11.
Trying to get under tony stewart. Tony beats him off the corner.
>>What junior is trying to she him his nose and think you might let him in. Give him some
room.>>Smoke’s having a good run. He’s not going
to give up anything.>>He got completely side by side in turn
seven. Coming out of there. Stewart had the line and held the spot.
>>Got a pretty good race car. Considering where everything is. He’s hanging in there
pretty tough.>>Biggest thing with the line of cars behind.
There goes kurt busch, by joey logano. Moves him up to fourth place with 15 to go.
>>You see dale junior and tony stewart fighting it out.
>>Same song, second verse, same place.>>Yep, yep. You can get up alongside him.
We saw it with the 78 and 55. Getting a clean pass is treacherous.
>>Here’s a different angle. You see what stewart does to defend.
>>That’s where martin truex kind of shoved the 55 off the track. That’s where that fee
as coy started.>>Since the last restart, clearly, kurt busch
the biggest mover of eight spots. Kevin harvick up five. Jeff gordon, denny hamlin, jamie
McMurray. Harvick has done a nice job. They’ve been able to rally back here pretty good.
Sitting in the top ten.>>Jeff gordon riding with him and the 24
car made his way back into the top 20. 20 seconds behind his teammate, jimmie johnson
in that 48.>>Here comes harvick. 31 of newman getting
by him in turn seven. Up ahead dale junior had another look at tony stewart. Nothing
doing. 7 and 11. That’s the two safest places to make a pass if you can get position.
>>Heart throttling down through THE Ss TO TURN TEN RIGHT THERE. . Oh! He saved it. He
saved it.>>A little cultural racing. He chops joey
logano at turn 11.>>That’s not the first time he’s been out
there.>>To get off there and not wreck that’s pretty
amazing.>>You want them to pave the outside of turn
ten? Look at this and say why bother?>>That’s huge. We’ve seen almost every car
hit the wall. We saw it with j.J. Yalely, 95 of McDowell. A lot of guys have trouble.
Look how much degree bree he has on the grill. I’m worried about that. That could be a heating
problem.>>It’s covered not only the radiator but
the brake cooling.>>That’s a lot of debris.
>>Getting behind somebody with grass in your grill is not like getting behind somebody
with a piece of paper in your grill. He might have a problem before this race is over with.
>>He was making gains on jimmie johnson. He lost two seconds with everything that went
on there.>>He was trying so hard. It was paying off.
That’s the thing. You push it this hard at the end of the day. End of the race.
>>Sometimes it goes bad like it did for him. Right now, they are both about the same speed.
8.6, 8.7 seconds now 8.8. The gap remains fairly constant.>>See clint bowyer in the 15. I know clint
with so much love to win this race about you if he could hold on to the top five it will
not only be his first five of the year but michael waltrip’s racing’s top five of 2015.
>>I think they came in here with this race circled. They knew it was a race they could
win. When you go to some place and expect to do well. You need to do well. They are
performing good today.>>Listen to clint through the Ss. Here again,
dale junior looking at tony stewart. Here comes harvick under junior.
>>There’s a lot of them lined up that want to take advantage if the door opens.
>>Harvick won’t mess around.>>Smoke said, I hope you all have fun playing.
I got to go. I’m out of here. See you.>>.>>Uh-oh, casey mears lost a wheel and axle
broke. It’s still attached at the hub. Going to be a caution.
>>I saw him limping down the back straight. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. I thought
he had a flat tire but much worse.>>Not only the rear axle. It was still hooked
in but looks like the whole snout of that rear end housing broke off.
>>That’s what hoching those curbs will do for you.
>>Mears was 15.>>There she goes.
>>Wow. Haven’t seen that in a long time. But I think, mike, no kidding. Hopping those
curbs that’s what you worry about, breaking something in the suspension. That was just
coming out of turn 11.>>Casey got the car out of harm’s way. As
the wheel and axle bounce into the catch fence.>>This is a caution everybody is happy to
see probably except jimmie johnson because it gives them one more shot. Look. That is
everything to do with that side of the rear end house.
>>The brake rotor, caliper. The axle is there. Housing, hub, everything is out there. The
housing looks like it broke.>>Exactly. The snout where all of that is
fastened into. The axle slides into the gear. It just came out with everything else.
>>Wow. 11 laps to go in the toyota save mart 350 at sonoma raceway. What does this change?
>>It gives everybody from clint bowyer on back another chance. Now, gas mileage was
a concern for jimmie johnson.>>Do what you can. You’re doing great.
>>There is v now been nine caution laps total since the top three pitted. This is a fuel
issue. Now can the 48 hold off at 41? That gives the 41 a real shot.
>>Clint bowyer shoots to pit road at the last instant. Look at all of those cars coming
off pit road. That had to be a lonely feeling for jimmie johnson right there. That is
— oh, my gosh. Jamie?>>He went back and forth with his driver.
Final may li made the call and said this is the only chance we have. We need to pit. A
four-tire spot. They’re going to try to get it and win the second race here at sonoma.
Kurt busch was going to try to stay out. If he could. Since others were coming in front
and behind that was their call as well.>>Bowyer, kyle busch, logan know, kurt busch,
harvick, newman. Can kasey kahne, larsen.>>I did not see that coming. Chad knaus was
in a box. He only had choice, to stay out. If they pit. Absolutely stay out. He wouldn’t
win on that call.>>Does that not look like a lonely man?
>>Jeff gordon, matt kenseth. Stay out. Top five did not pit. Watch clint bowyer and this
late decision.>>Looks like to me he made the decision a
little bit — he saw kyle busch and 18 were absolutely
committed to the inside of him.>>What I can’t believe look at the train
that came behind him. Everybody.>>There is no commitment cone or line. It’s
that wall there. As log as they make it to that area. They’re legal. He basically did
hang jimmie johnson out to dry.>>This will be a little lengthy clean up.
When that housing, axle grease is tougher to clean up than water or motor oil.
>>Jimmie johnson hopes it takes a long time. Carl edwards had a similar situation.
>>Jeff jr. A bunch got tires. Similar situation.>>Trevor bayne will get the free pass. Elahe
be the 28 car on the p lead lap. Those cars stayed out. Think about McMurray, he’s good.
Gourdn is pretty good. And stenhouse okay, today. There’s guys out there that can hold
you up.>>Ricky stenhouse jr., Matt kenseth had a
rough day. They can hold those guys up enough to let jimmie johnson get going.
>>Lieutenant hear what team 48 is saying.>>You’re not going tolight like this.>>Definitely not.
>>I thoughtying out.>>We are staying out. We’re in good shape,
man.>>I think I agree with chad. You don’t want
jimmie to say we’re in trouble. How about it?
>>How about trying to extend this as long as possible.
>>He radioed and said it’s very dirty through turn one. That’s a tough thing for jimmie
johnson and everybody else on the racetrack. He’s lobbying to sweep up through turn one.
>>Of course he is. He wants him to repave the racetrack if he wouldn’t.>>Casey mears got off the track right before
the finish line.>>With chad naudz I want him to sweep it,
too.>>Must be something up there that no one
else can see.>>I still say chad knaus and jimmie johnson
had one choice and that’s to do exactly what they did.
>>I think he’s going to be fine.>>Time to award our five-hour energy move
of the race. Joey logano was a contender in pit road. He sees kyle busch is committed.
If you’re coming I’m coming.>>Just a freight strange of cars.
>>Wow.>>Last instant decision.
>>There goes bowyer. He’s the first car in line with tires. Behind johnson, murray. Stenhouse
and gordon. How about jeff gordon. Stuck deep in the field. Oh, woi, we have no chance.
Suddenly for jeff gordon this caution has changed everything.>>Now, jeff burton got turned around by a
track truck.>>Holy
–>>I guess when you’re trying to get into
your pit. We saw matt kenseth swing into the bit and get serviced that way.
>>Who said you have to be in your pit box. Doesn’t say which direction?
>>That’s true. That added a lap. We’ll come back around one more time which is good news
for jimmie johnson.>>I think if you think about it. You have
jamie McMurray, a good road racer. That could be the cushion jimmie johnson needs to hold
off clint bowyer and these guys that got tires.>>I’m not sure it’s jimmie johnson. Jimmie
johnson does not need, and I emphasize, need, a victory.
>>He comes in, he wants to win but he doesn’t need to win.
>>You’re siting there leading the race, sure like to walk out with that trophy, wouldn’t
you?>>Absolutely. But behind him are drivers
that need to win.>>You got ricky stenhouse junior back there.
Two times xfinity series champion, still looking for his first win in that 17 sprint cup car.
>>Jamie?>>Speak of a driver that needed a win today.
Everything went wrong. He had crew members into each other. Tony came on the radio and
said, guys, can’t we do anything right? He’s restarting 15. Matt?
>>That caution was a bigger save than he could imagine. After they pressured the tires
that came off his car. They found he had a left rear tire going down.>>And he got that grass off the grill. That’s
what I thought was going to case him a problem. He’s good to know now. STARTED THE 9th. Still
got a chance. Half of the top ten have won this season. Half have not including jeff
gordon. Here’s a look at his day. What a roller coaster.
>>Man. All of the way back to 40th at one time. Now he finds himself third and within
sight of the lead with what will be self ton go when they come back.
>>As much as we quote adjustments that they made in pit road. Maybe pay dividends now.
>>They told him he now has the same set-up as jimmie johnson. Will it be a enough to
get the four-time champion, his first victory of the year.
>>Nonetheless. Probably got a better car than before they did that. Of the top ten
looking for win number one of the season. Positions two, three, four. McMurray, gordon
and stenhouse. Clint bowyer in sixth. Kyle busch in seventh.
>>Here’s what we know. You can’t mess around. You’ve got to go. You got to knock people
out of your way. That’s going to be something that clint bowyer, kyle busch, all of these
guys i, they got to get these guys out of their way in a hurry.
>>I think clint bowyer starting in the position he’s in right there. That will put him at
a pretty good position as we get up on the hillside.
>>I don’t think it’s what they can do.>>They’re on it. Green flag.
>>Pretty good drag race up the hill here. Looked like McMurray yielded just a little
bit to jimmie johnson to let him get clear.>>First five on worn tires.>>Oh threewide, bowyer.
>>There’s one out of the way. Got the 20 car, kenseth out of the way.
>>Now on kyle busch. They’re off in the dirt, three, four wide. Look at this, you can’t
make it down here. Boys, something’s got to give. . And they made it.
>>Wow. Kyle busch to stenhouse.>>.>>These guys are doing a pretty good job
holding everybody up.>>Kyle busch is the driver that’s the closest
to the front with pressure tires.>>He’s been really good on new tires all
day long.>>A lot of smoke and dust at THE TOP OF THE
Ss.>>We got a wreck. THERE GOES DANICA IN THE
Ss.>>Danica spins. She got it cranked she’s
getting it spend.>>Beautiful’s car is wounded coming in turn
ten. They’re still going.>>Danica got going. I don’t think we get
a caution.>>SHE WAS 22nd. She falls to 28. Guys on
the new tires are not making a lot of progress. Kyle busch needs to put jamie McMurray away
in a hurry. He’s doing everything he can in turn four.
>>Bowyer gets jeff gordon. Kyle busch up to second.
>>Jamie did a good job. McMurray in one. He let 18 go. He was in bad position. 18 had
the advantage.>>I think it might be over now. He’ll chase
down jimmie johnson. He’s pretty good. Could be a race between the 15 and 18 if things
keep going like they are.>>Biffle made it to pit road. Coasts his
way through. Maybe headed for the garage.>>I thought those guys would hold the 18
and 15. But it wasn’t to “.”>>Bowyer made a couple dramatic moves to
get to where he was in a hurry. He knew he had to go.
>>He just forced his way in there.>>Threewide. Three wide you’re on the right.
>>What a power move. A bold move by clint bowyer to get up to third behind jimmie johnson
and kyle busch.>>Kyle busch is all over the rear bumper
of jimmie johnson in that 48.>>I would say this is all over but the shouting.
>>Here is where need to win overcomes wants to win right there. Kyle busch to the lead.
>>This is a big, big — that’s one of the best, most significant
passes kyle busch has made probably in his career. Now bowyer in his second inside to
johnson.>>These guys are on four tires. I’m a sitting
duck. He knows that.>>Some of the best racing we saw earlier
was clint bowyer and kyle busch battling for second.
>>Bowyer has a great race car. He’s coming. Biffle back up to speed. His car okay now.
Kurt busch to fourth. Right on the bumper for johnson.
>>Man, kyle lost time in turn ten right there.>>He’s letting it all hang out. Here’s comes
big brother.>>Bowyer is gaping on kyle busch.
>>It’s going to get good. Boys.>>Look at kyle busch leading this race with
five laps to go. Four months ago the man was in the hospital having surgery on one. Ankles
and one of his legs here he’s leading the road course race.
>>I’m sure he’ll be hurting when this is over with. But what at the job he’s doing.
He’s all heart. To make the chase he needs an average finish of 13 along with a victory
between now and richmond. Nascar made him chase eligible after he had to sit out a couple
months while he recuperated in the xfinity series into an unprotected concrete wall.>>I don’t know if he can hold that 15 off.
The 41 is there as well. I don’t know if he can hold those guys or not. Johnson fallen
to fifth. Michael McDowell goes off course and back on.
>>He is going, he’s fine.>>He’s to the outside at turn seven.
>>Watch kurt wash.>>Bowyer protects the inside takes a low
entry.>>There you made the comment I think in our
practice show. 41 and 18 finish first and last at michigan. They might finish first
and second today the way it looks.>>That’s the way it’s shaping up. We got
three laps to go now. I don’t think kurt would move at 15 over a little bit. Get a little
extra room.>>This is where you have to be so precise.
If you make a mistake here you’re done. You don’t think these guys got both hands and
feet up on the wheel?>>Michael McDowell
–>>oh, no.
>>Limping around. Looks like he picked up a little bit.
>>Yep.>>Bowyer is winding that thing out of frame.
95 needs to pull off if he can’t make it back.>>There he goes.
>>He’s fired.>>Going be a dive bomb. Right here.
>>Ah!>>Bowyer is not going to give kurt busch
an inch on the inside. He can’t.>>That’s where kurt is really good. And he’s
looking, too.>>Two to go.
>>Well, with michael McDowell, and the 95 still being out there. One of the flags while
busch really wants to see is that white flag. They are going to turn michael McDowell into
the drag strip area and off the course. He needs to get off the course. That yellow here.
>>Clint bowyer, a little shot. Looking, looking. Right at turn seven he did it. That should
have moved bowyer aside but clint saw it coming.>>If kurt times it right he’s a little better
getting to turn 11.>>Well, company is come and kevin harvick
in that 4.>>Watch him. Get a run, dive to the inside.
Dive, dive.>>Oh, baby, this is a dive bomb.
>>He’s got position. Here come kevin harvick. He may be able to get by clint bowyer. Back
to the start-finish line. White flag one lap to go track is clear. McDowell has pulled
off — all kyle busch needs to do is not make
a mistake.>>There’s samantha, his wife. This he just
had their new baby. This is a big, big, big day for this team.
>>This would be a big day for adam stevens. Took the ball as a crew chief for kyle busch
this year. It’s a first win as a sprint cup series.
>>They really looked forward to this year being together. Thought they were going to
do some great things and today they’ve proven it. Last time to turn seven.
>>I mean you have to admit. This is an incredible accomplishment for young man to come out of
the hospital. Get back in the car. He won the xfinity race m michigan. Here he is, driving
on a road course where people thought it might be his achilles heel.
>>Kurt closes the gap. Four, five car lengths as kurt wobbles off turn ten. One last chance
at turn 11.>>Watch the 4 and 15 book there. They got
a pretty good battle for third.>>And off the final turn. No crutches necessary,
kyle busch wince at sonoma and for the first time in sprint cup history, the busch brothers
finish one, two.>>First and last at michigan two weeks ago.
First and second today.>>Well, next checkmark, trying get to the
top 30 in points.>>Feel better about it now.
>>43rd LAST WEEK.>>Mom and dad will be proud.
>>Kyle busch becomes the 11th driver to win in 2015. In only his fifth start of the season.
Congratulations to big brother.>>Way to stay tough all day.
>>Fourth road course win. He becomes only the first repeat winner in the last 11 races
here.>>Mike, darryl, kyle busch said one of the
biggest motivations to get back to see other drivers in victory lane holding trophies.
>>There’s the essence of racing. Snow co, fueling victories.
>>Michael McDowell did get back out on track and finish the race as did greg biffle. Made
late stops.>>I love all of you guys. What a day! 27 cars finish on the lead lap. The bush brothers, clint bowyer
third. Kevin harvick fourth, joey logano, top five.

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